Weinstein: Hollywood's Reckoning

Weinstein: Hollywood's Reckoning

2019, Crime  -   13 Comments
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Harvey Weinstein was a brilliant studio mogul and movie producer who redefined the viability of independent cinema in America and around the world. According to dozens of accusers, he was also a serial predator and rapist who wrecked the lives and careers of countless women over the course of his career. Produced by Sky News, Weinstein: Hollywood's Reckoning profiles the brave women who first came forward to take down one of the kings of the movie industry.

The Weinstein story is one of power and id run amok. The film features interviews with a series of his accusers who all share similar stories of humiliation and harassment. His list of victims included well-known actresses, journalists, assistants and below-the-line creative talent. He often dangled employment opportunities in exchange for sexual relations. When his advances were denied, he would turn verbally abusive. He'd threaten to end their dreams of a career in the film industry, and he had the clout to do it. In some cases, the accusers claim Weinstein used his considerable physical prowess to weigh them down and rape them.

In an industry that prides financial success above all else, Weinstein was the most celebrated figure of all. As a result of his unparalleled success, his immense sphere of influence, and fear of his wrath, his reign of bullying and misconduct was allowed to continue for more than three decades.

Throughout the film, those who worked closely with Weinstein attempt to explore his deranged psychology. We learn about the tactics he employed while engaging in inappropriate and oftentimes criminal behavior. We also meet people in the industry who saw the problematic signs along the way, but chose to overlook them out of naivete, ignorance or willful avoidance. In perhaps the most compelling and convincing portion of the film, one of the accusers provides commentary over a video she recorded which captures the prelude to her abuse.

The women featured in the documentary represent the dawning of a critical and overdue movement. Whatever the end result of Weinstein's court troubles following these charges of misconduct, Weinstein: Hollywood's Reckoning is a gratifying portrait of survivorship and a celebration of victim empowerment.

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main important
6 months ago

we miss you man, since youre gone movie industry went to shit.
them holes knew what was what so shut it.

Stuart Hogan
2 years ago

Hollywood is a cesspool of immorality. This ugly gross predator got away with it for so long because he was surrounded by like minded ugly gross predators. And its still happening.

2 years ago

Including Kavanagh in this piece destroyed its credibility. What about the woman who clearly tried to frame him.

Jon Jonzz
3 years ago

All of Hollyweird knew about this Pig and said nothing. From Oprah to the msm, to the Clintons, to the entire Democratic Party. The #metoo was dropped very quickly after information came out about Groping, Slow Joe Biden.

Frances Gasparotto
3 years ago

This man just comes across as an absolute cretin! I cannot believe that he was surrounded by so many enablers and now those people are turning against him! I hope hell is hot enough for him to rot in!

4 years ago

He is so hideous I would have thrown up if he masturbated in front of me. Hope he hangs himself like Epstein did.

4 years ago

Man the comment section on this site is terrible.

4 years ago

if prostitution is suddenly redefined as rape, and the dictionary definition of force is changed then yes Harvey Weinstein was a rapist. i dont like his politics nor him as a human being but he's being railroaded, as is Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey. But if I even suggest that these women were willing, and never reported it, I suddenly become a 'rapist' too. Feminism etc.

4 years ago

I just love being lectured by the captain of the girls grammer school hockey team.

4 years ago

How many of those women offered sex before he could ask . Sorry but put a $10 million deal on the table and women can be the most immoral people on earth . A woman in his position would be just as bad just not judged as harshly

Terence O'grady
4 years ago

He's one of the most repulsive looking men I have ever seen.