Weird or What?

Weird or What?We're all fascinated by mysteries and strange phenomena. But is the unexplained really unexplainable? In this irresistible new series, join science fiction legend William Shatner as we investigate all that's weird in the world and attempt to find a logical, scientific explanation. From paranormal phenomena to weird and wonderful creatures, from medical oddities to mysterious disappearances, from bizarre natural disasters to mystical monster attacks, this absorbing series has a deliberately wide brief.

Strange Survival: The mystery of a falling man, Rocks that propel themselves, Killer ice balls falls from the sky and Pacific Northwest human foot discoveries.

Ghost Ship: Mysterious lights hover over a small town in Texas. Civilians' stories of UFOs conflict with the Air Force's claims of F-16s dropping flares. A fishing boat vanishes without a trace in California, only to be found entirely undamaged at the bottom of the ocean months later. "The Bloop" is the loudest sound heard in history, that is certain. But what caused it is the mystery. A scientist notices that cows always face either north or south, can they really sense the Earth's magnetic poles?

Cocaine Mummies: When scientists run tests on mummies they find traces of cocaine in their hair. How did Ancient Egyptian pharaohs get the coca plant from South America to Egypt? The San Francisco sea lions from Pier 39 mysteriously vanish only to turn up in Oregon about a week later. A mysterious coded book that was found in Rome that has never been decoded. A Mexican tribe that can run hundreds of miles in a single day! How do they do it?

Grim Reapers: When a surfer is attacked by a Great White Shark, a pod of dolphins come over and save him. Were they protecting their young? Or were they protecting the surfer? A cat and dog at two separate retirement homes seem to be able to predict patients' deaths. How is that possible? Is time travel possible? When a woman materializes out of nowhere it seems so. A skinny teenager lifts a car off of his uncle who was pinned beneath it while working on it. How did the teen weighing about 115 pounds lift a car all by himself?

Human Popsicle: Human sacrifice in New Hampshire. A child survives being frozen solid. Mysterious mountain lights and Ice circles visible from space.

Personality Transplant: A man develops characteristics of his heart donor. Ice forms perfect circles in rivers and A woman had two sets of DNA.

Mind Control: Woman survives gun shot, People with psychic powers and Two people save each other at different times.

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  1. rashid

    well... i'll watch then comment... i cant resist being the 1st to comment ;-)

  2. ed

    no it is not just apart of univers reaction ,so we can expand our understanding towards our enviroment.if any body thinks that amoung 1000,000s of the planets,we are the only one,he should be very selfish!!!

  3. ash breaks stuff

    Interesting for the most part. This kept me entertained at work all day, so thanks!

  4. Prix


    Did you even watch the documentary?

    People, how about you comment AFTER they've watched something?

    It's so frustrating when people write "first" or something that's completely irrelevant from the documentary.

    Btw, Thank you Vlatko for the documentary. I'm half way through and so far it has kept me entertained.

  5. Rip

    This series is freakin great! I love it. I've watched all of them and it really gets the gears working. Awesome ponderage doc.

    When I can't get customer service of any sort, or to get some one to do anything outside their job description---ridiculous government red tape and 'ash breaks stuff''s comment, things start to really add up and make a whole lot of sense. Dam he's cool. Bullcrap. Attitude like that is why China makes everything now, and I have nothing against immigrant workers, but who complains about jobs being lost, and then watches freakin videos all day- first one on the picket line when in all reality, whinny win whin.
    Hey, besides, its his right to do what he wants. Thats what democracy means right? Oh no, wait, for the people, not for me. Listen up.
    \m/ That's it.

  6. Holly

    William Shatner isn't in this at all. :(

  7. Francoise

    Thanks, Vlatko. This is really good. I learned quite a few things today.

    BTW, the 3rd and 4th videos of S01E04 are inverted. The 4th comes before the 3rd.

  8. Chuck

    Awe, the gravelly voiced narrator strikes again. I'd be interested to see or hear whether a calm sounding non-gravelly voiced guy or a woman would have the same mystery effect on all of us. This was an ok video collection, less entertaining than the moon conspiracy guys arguing about whether we lit on the moon or not. I knew a guy that used to scuba dive with former astronauts and told me of diving with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and he mentioned about how Buzz was so resentful about being the second man on the moon. That alone tells me we were there. The human part of it and the resentment tells me it's true.

  9. Charles B.

    Rashid: Dang! I can't be the first to comment hardly ever! I need to search though all the boring docs and find one to watch and be the first to comment just because. Ok. I'll watch at least one! :-)

  10. futurepeople

    need to up better "top" documentary

  11. Keith

    doh! second part of the one about dolphins is missing. I was most fascinated by that one!

  12. Waldo

    I saw this a long time ago, this is old. Its worth watching, but not as miraculous as the promo leads you to believe. I think I would have died of fear if my window washer platform had of let go like these guy's did. Whats cool to me is that both of the little clips had to fail at the exact same time almost for the platform to have fallen the way it did. I guess the guys on board would have found it cooler if neither had of failed at all. Scale of one to ten, this one gets a 7 if you ask me.

  13. Imightberiding


    Not sure what you mean by old. There are stories & info in this film from as recently as this past year. Maybe you were thinking of a different program.

    At any rate, thanks for this one Vlatko. A little bit of fun & suspense mixed in with some interesting stories, some lighter, some darker at times. Makes for a lighter entertaining experience without the heated discussions to follow & all the while we might each learn something new.

    Even an obscure bit of trivia can sometimes lend itself to enhancing a rather awkward or stagnant conversation. Just think of all those parties this time of year where you can gross people out (oops, I meant enamor) with all these fabulous "Weird or What?" stories.

  14. Imightberiding

    Just took a short break. Starting episode 4. Some of this borders on the silly but overall I still think it's worth a watch. Seriously though, cows.....magneto-ception? Really? Even hyphenated magnetoception is not a word according to my computer. Yeah right & sheep are smart!

    My grandfather used to tease me when he was alive & I was much younger during my visits to his farm. One of a long list in his repertoire of jokes & lore was that you could predict the weather by the cattle's behavior. With wide eyes I would ask how, as I was always amazed by this wise old man. With a quick wink & a glance at my mother or father which at the time I thought was his way to include them in this special moment of knowledge usually reserved just for me, only later to learn he was slyly seeking a nod of approval from one parent or the other to pull his grandson's leg just a little, he would lean back, sniff the sky & then across to one of his pastures. He would then proclaim that cows new when it was going to rain. "Haven't you ever noticed when you're driving past a field & all the cows are laying down & it's raining or just starting to rain?" "Why is that grandpa?" "Well, so the can have a dry spot to stand in when it stops I suppose!"

    For years I thought it was true & it was a day of epiphanies like no other when I realized the cows were getting wet just to be able to stand in a dry spot later.

    Silly or not, I find this doc entertaining & I will watch the rest of it.

  15. Scott

    @ Imightberiding
    There are tonnes of cattle farms where I grew up and I'd say they DO lie down when it is going to rain.

  16. Imightberiding

    @ Scott

    I know. That is why it took me years to realize the premise of his joke. Why on earth would cattle lie in the rain & get completely wet just to have a dry place to stand when it was all over? Why not just go into the barn? It does seem to be true to a degree. I still notice cows laying down in the rain to this day. Doesn't mean they knew it was going to rain, it just means they are laying down & it is raining. I'm pretty sure this is one of those old tales & we see what we want to see as a result. Or maybe the local television stations need to hire some cattle for their weather forecasts. :-)

  17. Scott

    @ imightberiding

    oh yeah, I didn't quite get the joke I guess. lol

    The cows would do a better job with the weather though... at least in these parts!

  18. Imightberiding

    Well, I gave it a hero's try! For anyone interested, if you have yet to watch this series of episodes it is in my humble opinion severely lacking in critical, no nonsense scientific approaches to the subjects at hand. Oh yes, they do touch on the real reasons for the miraculous occurrences of said "Weird or What" phenomena. It is the willful disregard of intelligent discussion & research into the aforementioned phenomena that frustrates me.

    This could have been an illuminating program for the "whole family" but fell far short in that, the producers & writers greedily opted for the sale of commercials based on projected viewership due to the razz mattazz & mistique partially due to as Chuck mentioned earlier in his comments, the "Gravelly voiced narrator strikes again!" Well said Chuck! Spot on in fact! It goes much further than that however. Rather than pursuing the painfully obvious scientific & sensible route which of course would make the program much shorter, hence less advertising, it would also make the program far too reasonable & less mystical.

    Again, in my opinion if they had stuck to reality & researched & pursued the facts, it would have ultimately made for an even more dramatic presentation. I actually did watch all of the episodes. The jury is still out as to whether or not I wasted an evening. For now I think not. It was after all entertaining. Lots of interesting stories unfortunately obscured for the sake of hype. So much to learn esp for the younger generations blinded by today's media machines. (Damn, I really sound like an old man)

    OK, done. Thanks for the entertainment Vlatko. For any one else, that's about all it is.

  19. Steven

    Got to be a scientific explanation for everything. Hell if not we can invent dark matter dark energy to explain the universe. But psychics, UFO's etc. NOT. What I notice so much is people take sides. They think they know. I wish scientists and investigators would take a different attitude. Don't know. If you have the attitude that you don't know, then you are more open to possibilities pro and con. Then your not simply trying to find evidence to support your theory and ignoring other facts, you are simply looking at evidence. What I think scares scientists so much is they admit the possibility of any of this existing it means that they will have to come up with a new kind of dark energy or matter to explain it and they're pet theories will be destroyed. It's an interesting human need to have to explain everything.

  20. Imightberiding

    It appears to be a slow night for comments or maybe it's just the doc. I suspect the latter so I trust I won't put too many people off if I add yet another comment.

    Oh, let me interject before I forget, in my last post it says towards the end of my statement: "So much to learn esp for the younger generations...." the "esp" was meant as an abbreviation for "especially" not "extra sensory perception".

    @ Steven

    Could you please explain that again? :-)

  21. coyote03

    I really enjoyed this, every episode was good! Sure they added in some of the locals who were totally wrong about what they believed was happening, but those people were totally shut down when people who had some expertise in the field came. For the most part, every event had a reasonable scientific explanation. The whole point of the show is that they aren't exactly 100% positive, that's why they are carrying out experiments and trying to produce the same results consistently. To me that would be the very definition of science. A lot of cool and interesting stories!

    @ Waldo - Watching the first 10 minutes of the first episode does not entitle you to rate this entire series a 7/10. Most of these stories are in fact from the past 3 years, it mentions the years countless times, watch the damn thing before commenting people!

  22. coyote03

    @ Steven

    Many true scientists express that they would be incredibly happy, ecstatic even, if someone were to come along and completely disprove a previously accepted theory. No true scientist turns their head when conclusive evidence is presented, they revel in it! The problem is that many competing theories have yet to provide sufficient evidence that would conclusively establish one theory as ultimately accepted or more valid then the other, thus more experiments, field work and research are carried out. Humans are intelligent creatures, we want to understand the world we live in, it's a basic human need to want to understand the unknown and explain the unexplainable!

  23. tocs

    hahaha when that guy started glaring at the plant and sending angry thoughts I lost it.

  24. eetwo

    The Voynich Manuscript is more of a mystery then anything in this documentary.
    However it was pretty good.

  25. steven


    My experience is that people have a belief and they gather information to support it and disprove what they don't believe. It becomes their religion. I try and be open. I try to practice the Don't know position. Saying there isn't conclusive proof doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. And yet that is the minds assumption isn't it. And that assumption colors what you read and what you don't read, how far you will look into something or not. We look at the world through rose colored glasses regardless of our background.

  26. Charles B.

    I really like this series. Even my kids like it.

  27. Charles B.

    Vlatko: Episode 4 #3 of five is out of order (behind #4).

  28. IslamRose

    Chimerism, Psychokinesis,Ice Bombs,Magnetoreception, Synchronicity,Cocaine Mummies, The Vomeronasal organ, Hypothermia, The Voynich Manuscript, Ice Circles. WOW! That was extremely interesting, The comments are interesting too. Glad I watched the entire Documentary. Thanks Vlatko (and Tarney)!. :)

  29. Ramus

    I cant watch any more of this. "The stone table is a sacrificial table". No, its a table where they butchered the animals they hunted. "The lights are the spirits of Indian women.....". Oh give me a break. This doc is probably just aimed at Americans who always look to fantastical or spiritual answers before they consider anything scientific. Probably didn't help you had a Christian fundamentalist as president for so long.

  30. Charles B.

    I wonder if I'm a Chimera. Without extensive genetic testing you'd never know. I have a vestigial 3rd nipple and "Randy" whom I met here said it could be that it was from a "twin" that was absorbed. If such were the case, then my kids could actually be my "twin brother's" kids! Freaky, thought, eah?

    Ah, probably not.

    Thanks Vlatko for a super fun doc. My son would say "weird or what!" every time they said it on the doc. :-)

  31. Ricko

    Mythbusters is about a million times better then this and has just about the same premise.

    Interesting, but not great.

  32. Ubik

    Narrator sounds like a snitch

  33. Ron Burgundy

    Since I'm from the Vancouver area I have an Idea about the Feet. The Fraser river is a very long river, one of the longest in the world, with many rivers as tributaries. Plenty of people go missing on rafting and Canoeing trips, maybe the people drowned or were killed far upstream and their bodies washed down into the ocean and then were eaten by crabs (gross, I eat crabs I wonder..) and the shoes float up with the uneaten feet to wash up in the Vancouver area. You can't rule out foul play because there's murders in Vancouver and the bones may not show what trauma killed them in the first place. They might be murder victims that were dumped in the Ocean. There are plenty of people from India in Vancouver so the deceased may have been to or came from India.

  34. Dangboy

    Not really weird or what! i wanted people with two heads...bit of a let down :(

  35. Alex Justus

    ho hum

  36. Troy

    Please go to the youtube site and like this video as it was uploaded by me Thanks :). Sub too would be nice.

  37. Michael Davis

    I love how it is always " Probably some American liked this because..." shut the f*** up and enjoy your 3rd world country.

  38. Ryan Evans

    Well, the video is no longer available. Good show though!

  39. anuragawasthi

    not worth to watch

  40. Ryan Evans

    Yeah some of them are boring, and they never actually figure out the reason behind stuff. They just tell you about it and then say, "Isn't that weird?" It's ok when there is nothing else on, but its not my first choice.

  41. zaphodity

    With 1 in every 136 U.S. homes in foreclosure, nearly 50 million on food stamps, tent cities popping up everywhere, the collapse of Detroit into a ghetto ghost town I think YOU should shut the f*** up and enjoy YOUR 3rd world country.

  42. Richard MK

    Absolutely nothing like Mythbusters. They use science to prove or disprove. This is about as much like Mythbusters as it is like Seinfeld. Comparing apples to oranges. This is much closer to MonsterQuest and those sort of shows. Mythbusters is pure science. Man have you even watched the two shows?

  43. Robert DIxon

    HEY Guys.Take a look at this vidio.Wow.take it easy guys,rob

  44. roswell51

    I think he was the host of the Canadian version (on Canada's History Channel). My name's Holly too by the way.

  45. Lora Blondo

    LOVE William Shatner.. and for those who cont to comment that 'they never show why'.... should get that this is NOT that kind of a show, this is telling you about the weird things out there, its NOT an investigation series! I think this is a very interesting show, even if parts are 'boring', that is a personal opinion as that topic may not interest you, but may interest others. I think they do a wonderful job at digging up stories. Good Doc/TV series.

  46. hommydc2

    they just say something then repeat it like 4 times and then start over.. there is about 1 minute of content for about 5 mins of video

  47. otto E

    She falling without parachute worked really.
    Are angels when it suits them to act?

  48. Mike Thomas

    Sounds like he hit a soft spot? Tent citiies? Where the he11 do you get your information? Even if we lost 1 out of every 3 homes we'd still have your relatives pounding on the door to sneek in! We shouldn't be suprised though, you're just like kids smarting off to their parents. We still give away more to your backwater countries every year then the whole GNP of all your countries put together.

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