Westinghouse: The Life and Times of An American Icon

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George Westinghouse is one of the almost forgotten technological leaders in American history. The electrification of the United States that we take for granted today was made possible by his engineering know-how and business acumen.

George Westinghouse changed the face of the world with his inventions, patents, business sense, and personality. Not a day goes by that we don't use something pioneered by George Westinghouse.

A respected engineer, inventor and America's greatest industrialist. He was a pioneer of the industrial revolution and played a leading role in turning the United States from a young agrarian society into a modern economic powerhouse.

A modest bear of a man, Westinghouse was one of the few American industrialists powerful enough to challenge and ultimately defeat Thomas Edison in the battle of the currents, resulting in the systems of electrical generation and distribution that continue to this day.

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  1. Stiofan

    And all thanks to Tesla!!!

  2. Timmy Poo
  3. Timmy Poo

    Another documentary of the privileged .

  4. wald0
  5. wald0

    By the time Tesla came on the scene George Westinghouse was already a household name, mainly for his contributions to the railroad industry. In fact Tesla himself was quoted to say that George Westinghouse was the man he admired most in the world. one could definitely say that if not for Tesla's polyphase power scheme he would not have won the ac vrs. dc current wars, but one cannot say that all he accomplished was due to Tesla, by any stretch of the imagination. Edison on the other hand owed much of what he accomplished to Tesla and refused to honor the contract he had with him for the inventions he ended up claiming as his own. Your comment would fit him much better than Westinghouse- in my opinion of course.

  6. bburke
  7. bburke

    Too bad Westinghouse is now owned by the Japanese.

  8. Philio
  9. Philio

    Timmy Poo

    At what point in his life did Geo Westinghouse become privileged? Working in his dad's machine shop as an apprentice, becoming a self taught engineer, discovering he was a gifted inventor, designing prototypes and hand tooling the parts, providing jobs for employees that respected him OR after he became wealthy.

    I'm just curious about your definition of privileged.

  10. EnergyWizzard
  11. EnergyWizzard

    What a man !!!!! add Tesla to that !

  12. Kimani White
  13. Kimani White

    I'm guessing he means anyone who's more successful or better of than he is :P

  14. MalOdour
  15. MalOdour

    In his days all this had to be invented, design things that an average man could do, now you need to be a scientist, computer engineer, and have mathematical skills also now buyers for all things made are few and far between hence the economy is dying.

  16. Eve Vee
  17. Eve Vee

    Funny how amazing things seem to be made by the people who try, rather than those who sit around and complain what has been done. Invention will forever need the mind of an engineer and the heart of an artist. If you cannot see potential for invention in this day and age perhaps you simple don't have either. Or maybe you do and are lacking the magic ingredient for success, a winning personality and go-get-em attitude?
    The airbrake was an invention for an invention. Even after making it he had to put in the time and effort marketing. He not only needed to invent but he needed to convince companies to buy expensive equipment they didnt want. He had to seek out buyers, people didn't just come to him in droves right off the bat.
    The average man is a scientist, an engineer, a computer technician; today more-so than ever before. You have all this knowledge simply acquired from being alive today and you are doing nothing with the information. Westinghouse tried to go to school and was told he wasn't focusing on the things that would allow him to invent successfully. Words like that won't bring you any success in life.
    How about you also start looking for ways to improve the world instead of ways of making it more jaded?

  18. Toy Pupanbai
  19. Toy Pupanbai

    The engineered financial crash of 1907 and you see who has the real power, leading as it did to the Federal Reserve Bank System, that has been the ruination of the U.S.!

  20. Irish Sweetness
  21. Irish Sweetness

    You said it yourself. Dad had a machine shop ... ergo Westinghouse had a privileged upbringing. Dad was a business owner - it takes money to make money.

  22. Irish Sweetness
  23. Irish Sweetness

    Tesla was the greatest physics genius we've had, it's what he invented that has not been credited which is most amazing. Transporting energy through the Schuman (-Fitzgerald) cavity etc.

  24. Irish Sweetness
  25. Irish Sweetness

    Inventor ??? Westinghouse is the c**t that bought all of Tesla's patents and buried the ones related to free energy .

  26. Doobie Wa
  27. Doobie Wa

    Any proof of that? Westinghouse wasn't into for the money.
    It was Edison that always looked for ways to discredit him.
    It's kind of like the difference between Republicans and Democrats. One looks for the profit and to Westinghouse he felt the profit was in helping mankind.

  28. Doobie Wa
  29. Doobie Wa

    So you think a transformer was easier to design then?
    The economy is picking back up. People are seeing results in hope. Personally, the one thing that has really stymied me is writing code. It takes a certain type to do so. What great inventions do you have? Right.
    Students need lower interest rates, The education of your country is not supposed to be a for profit endeavor.

  30. Doobie Wa
  31. Doobie Wa

    Best thing I've read on here tonight. Hope

  32. Doobie Wa
  33. Doobie Wa

    Tesla got screwed around. He died broke.
    He spoke 12 different languages, I have a hard enough time with English.

  34. Doobie Wa
  35. Doobie Wa

    It certainly is. I guess his heirs wanted cash.

  36. b5200
  37. b5200

    mate the federal reserve didn't exist until 1914

  38. Yaffa
  39. Yaffa

    He begged Tesla to break the agreement of recieving his royalties claiming that the business would fail if he didn't, and after being ripped off by Edison he appreciated westingtonhouse for not conning him and ripped up the contract that today would be worth TRILLIONS! Basically conning poor Tesla, resulting in many of his ideas never making it to fruitation as he had to now depend on investors! He was living in a crummy hotel that he could not even afford, walked into the street got hit by a taxi and only then did Westingtonhouse decide to help pay his crummy hotel room! Gee such appreciation for the man that made him billions. Tesla face was so skinny looking like he was starving. The absolute greatest genius ever to gift humanity with unfathomable ideas to advance us all to a better quality of life and dies in a slum! That not only says a lot about Westingtonhouse but humanity as a whole ?
    Rest in peace Nikola Tesla, we never deserved your greatness but thank you for all!

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