What Hillary Clinton Really Represents?

What Hillary Clinton Really Represents?

2016, Conspiracy  -   79 Comments
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The Clintons are arguably the most prominent duo in modern political history. Given the probability of Hillary Clinton's clinching of the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, it's an ideal moment for a documentary like What Hillary Clinton Really Represents?, a pull-no-punches expose produced by the acclaimed Empire Files series. Led by ace reporter Abby Martin, the film looks beneath the election cycle rhetoric and uncovers more than a few disturbing skeletons which may be lurking in Clinton's closet.

With a bellicose and bitter tone, the film paints Clinton as the ultimate establishment candidate, and an individual who consistently protects the interests of large corporations over the benefit of the people.

She began her trek to political dominance in surprising fashion as a supporter of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964. She soon switched her party loyalty, and alongside her husband, she rose to become a major player in regional, national, and international politics.

The bulk of the film includes a complex and breathless weaving of compromises and offenses she's been accused of committing along the way. These include her long-standing alliances with the wealthiest corporations, Wall Street cronies and big banks both through her work in the political arena and the Clinton Foundation, her persistence in maintaining a U.S. presence in destabilized regions and calls for ongoing military conflict, her support of a crime bill that many view as a shameless attack on African American youth, and her profound failures of judgement in regions like Libya and Benghazi.

Much as a little-known Barack Obama did in 2008, Senator Bernie Sanders has exploited these defects in Clinton's character to his advantage. The people are listening and formed a vocal chorus of protest within the Democratic Party. This movement of the people has not penetrated the political establishment, however. The filmmakers contend that the super-delegate opposition to the will of the people is partially the result of large financial interests and lobbying powers embedded within Clinton's super PAC.

What Hillary Clinton Really Represents? is a damning indictment of a powerhouse figure in American politics, and may offer valuable food for thought for many viewers before they journey to the voting booth.

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79 Comments / User Reviews

  1. you-wish-you-knew

    look its the biggest liar on the planet Abby Martin. Im shocked that commie Abby isnt still with RT

  2. Jon Jonzz

    She and her Rapist husband represent Hate, Lies, Corruption and Betrayal of the American People. And they voted accordingly in 2016.

  3. Terry

    Everyone that keeps up with politics knows how evil Hillary Clinton is and most of the other politicians that made careers in Washington this whole country was founded on a lie and its citizens have been lied to Through The Years by its government slavery supposedly ended in 1865 except now instead of blacks it has more color in it the whole population as in blue collar workers ARE slaves to the establishment the government money printing machine is out of control and no end in sight to the debt it runs up I was told years ago by a man everything you see in this life is not exactly what it seems I think now I know what he was talkin about as in this country this nation we live in it's just that a freaking lie everything that we've been told it's basically a fantasy the wars are just started as a money making machines for the military industrial complex and to thin the population out political scientist know this but are afraid to explain it as of right now from what I've read

  4. Earl

    When being invaded and person who fights back to save their ass and country are typically called terrorists:

  5. Anthon40

    That’s why we need Bernie more than ever. A man who takes zero dollars from the globalist new world order Illuminati fascist satanist papal corporations.

    1. Jon

      Bernie is an aging Boob.

  6. HillasaurusWrecks

    How about going back to the murder of Vince Foster, Whitewater, her win only commodities trading account, the Mena Arkansas drug landing strip facilitated by the Clintons for the vp Bush1 off budget activities (Bill and Bush1 all part of the "new world order" globalist cabal) as well as all the Arkancides? Along with the many unreported more recent Hillarycides, such as the real leaker of items to WikiLeaks, lawyers, etc.

    Anyone thinking they are informed by watching the major media networks are in their own fantasy world. Fortunately there are a number of credible internet news and information sources. Wake Up! As controlled as Russian News is, the major media usa news is far WORSE. Has been for a decade now, if not since their beginning. See Church Commission Congressional hearing videos regarding CIA embedding their people in the major media.

    So we have the CIA coordinating the efforts via the major media and the Democrat party, AND the progressive so called establishment Republicans to propagandize the public against Trump and in favor of Hillary. A justice dept. that ignores all of Hillary's serious crimes and has preDawn massive guns drawn raids on people who support Trump who have done little to nothing wrong.

    One can easily see that govt has been infiltrated and taken over by the New world order Globalists (communists) ... the Deep State or Shadow Govt which Hillary is a part of. What became the CIA began as the Bankster information gathering and war mongering organization. Still is.

  7. Jay Steff

    What a shame, never would have thought any of this about her highness~~~~? She seems so honest and caring of the less fortunate~~~???

  8. general sarge

    Just a load of boring text with no pictures.

  9. Meriale

    OMG... The very fact that you opened your argument about Hillary Clinton based on money tells me just how blind you really are and how stupid the rest of these people are for listening to you. Have you forgotten that the Republican candidate is a Billionaire that pisses and shits on 24k gold toilets? You hypocrites really crack me up. I'd wager Hillary's millions against Donald's billions that he is far more corrupt and devious than Hillary Clinton will ever live to be. Abby... keep your bias, uneducated,one-sided opinions to yourself...you and people like you are the reason stupid people are getting dumber by the minute. All these people here actually believe your Trumped up BS lies. How sad for them... they elected that whack job and now he is showing that he don't give a damn about any of us, including you.

    1. HillasaurusWrecks

      What is causing the dumbing down of America, like yourself, is the govt and media indoctrination of the people to EMOTIONALISM, which the propagandists know is the short cut to skipping right on by logic, reason, facts, and evidence.

    2. HillasaurusWrecks

      Although Abbey Martin is a bitter misguided Socialist who is truly clueless about what a Conservative is versus PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN GLOBALISTS like the Bushes, Kissinger, many in Congress, which are little different than the PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT GLOBALISTS like Obama, Clintons, Soros, Multinational CEOs, High Tech CEOs, Banksters, etc. But bankers and corporations are by definition Capitalism, right? No. Not at all. Many of those see great benefit to themselves in getting rid of the competition by getting rid of Capitalism. Further, FASCISM is Corporatism, ask Mussolini who coined the term. Hitler's Fascist regime had many Corporations which benefited greatly from the war. Just like the USA does. Pull your head out of the major media and school propaganda and you will become MUCH smarter.

      Maybe you ought to watch the youtube of Hillary speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations. Another non govt organization pushing for a one world Globalist(communist) govt.

      Money doesn't make people evil. Its what they do to get it and what they do with it. Clearly the Clintons are in fact evil. Proven long before this latest expose'.

      Lets see your facts and evidence regarding Trump. For all the yelling the Marxist Media has done. They have yet to produce any real evidence. Just lies taken from HIllary and Democrat party political machine all stemming from their totally fabricated "Steele Dossier".

      The problem with far too many Democrats and most Marxists is that they believe their Desired End Result, Justifies ANY Means Necessary to achieve it. Including bashing those in the way (the opposition) over the head with baseball bats (as has happened to some in a mild street protest of open borders and Antifa thuggery) out of anger for their supposed stupidity. Soon that leads to simple outright killing as occurs in many Socialist-Marxist-Communist revolutions. The people who love freedom must be killed in order for Socialism to gain power. And before the libtards point to Sweden and other Euro countries, they are not "Socialist". They are a mix of Capitalism and Socialism or they would have already failed long ago, as Russia and China also discovered.

      So you have the indoctrinated emotionalized leftists in full hate mode of those who just want what is best for them, their children, and the country. To conserve and bring back what is and was good. The leftists would never believe they have been played from the minute they entered the govt indoctrination system called schools and universities to become Useful Idiots for the Globalist enslavers.

    3. deb

      Get a brain Meriale! you are wrong! She... your beloved hillary... Is evil at it best.

    4. Robert Morris

      Oh really? Then explain this.

      Pay close attention to the pacs Hillary For America and Priorities USA Action. Notice the 100's of millions of dollars. These are bundled donations done by professionals hired to do just that. Now, are we to believe that these 100's of millions come from grassroots donors? Me thinks not. Infact where they came from is from Big Banks, Big Oil, Healthcare Providers, Pharmaceuticals, Fracking Companies, all of whom Hillary was beholding to. Wake up.

    5. Ben

      Looks like he has done a Hell of a job. If Kilary would have won it would have been the end of the United States of America’s. The Clinton Body would
      Have hit the 100’s.

  10. Alcibiades Ramos

    Hillary Clinton should be in jail. She and Wasserman alienated a whole generation of voters.

  11. Jim Calder

    Hitlery even tells lies about her lies.

  12. Jim Calder

    Useless doc. Don't waste your time on this trash.

  13. IM1RU2

    This is sooo biased that I just want to unsubscribe. What was the motivation for trashing Hillary when Trump is so much more trash worthy? What was the intended outcome for writing something that will have negative consequences? I have enjoyed receiving these emails and being able to see quality documentaries but I can't support this kind of tabloid crap. Where's you UNSUBSCRIBE button?

    1. Miriam Lehman

      Have you ever read the Clinton Chronicles? You may have a different opinion of wonderful Hilliary. I am old enough to remember her and Bill when they were young and when he was governorof Arkansaw. I am so so disappointed in them! The EVIL deeds they did destroyed so many people's lives! Trump has done nothing compared to the hateful evil deeds of Hillary

  14. MK

    The US is not a democracy. It is a feudal state because corporations have more rights than people do. You can vote but it doesn't matter which party wins, the corporations are well entrenched in both camps.

    The only way to effect change in the US today is to protest for your rights and your communities rights. When people protest in larger and larger groups things can change in a hurry. Look at what is happening to the oil industry, people all over are protesting pipelines, fracking, newly proposed mining sites, seaport terminals etc. and some of these battles are being won. Protest is the key for people to effect change because voting republican or democrat will not change the feudal state that America is today.

  15. savannah

    who directed this??? sos please answer


    I cannot believe people are saying better then the alternative, are you people out of your mind. Trump might be a little wet behind the ears and even a dick head but he is not a PROVEN corrupt politician who tells lies over lies "under OATH" in front of the world and then lies about saying those lies in front of the world. She is slapping us in the face with all the bullshit and if people actually fall for her shit then go check yourself into an institution because anyone with common sense should know that this lady is bad news. If she gets in the first thing she will be doing is going over her IOU list from all the donors she owes from other countries.Its all bad...


    Are you Hillary groupies crazy, its time to get off her tit. She is more wicked and dangerous then this video even shows. Do the homework people . She has done nothing but insult the American people by her lies on lies to cover more lies right in front of us. She has no shame..

  18. GreatScott

    To bad her supporters cannot think for themselves.

  19. Mark Gaboury

    Goldwater, fracking, and Reagan are less evil than this narrator says. And she is an anti-Semite who I suspect to be a trans. Thumbs down, even though I am no fan, to say the least, of Hillary.

  20. trax

    lol. When a liberal like Abby Martin perfectly lays out what Hillary Clinton really represents...libs go sexist on her! Cant make this stuff up!

    Nobody knows what a Trump POTUS would look like. Everybody knows what a Hillary POTUS would look like. And that's the problem for Hillary...people know what she is now.

    Hillary is the most corrupt POTUS candidate in the lifetimes of anyone reading this post. I'm sorry if you don't like that statement...but you should appreciate on it a moment. Simple fact is Hillary actually makes Donald Trump acceptable. Without Hillary...Trump has no shot. The DNC went with the wrong woman in the biggest way possible.

  21. John Young

    This documentary has a lot of truths. But if you just close your eyes and do not listen. She's great.

  22. JJ

    I really wonder how many people that are blindly following hillary have actually read through the leaked emails on wikileaks. you can claim what you want about hillary but her emails expose her for what she really is. It's a lot of reading but you'll find out just how twisted she really is. If you dont' want to read, just go back through her political career it speaks for itself. corrupt to the core.

    as for those saying 'better than trump' there are multiple parties, it's not just hillary vs trump or are you so brainwashed by mainstream media that you had no clue there's more than two parties running. /facepalm

  23. Bfd

    Swillary Rotten Clinton must not be anywhere the White House. The woman is a morally bankrupt, lying, disgusting blob of garbage. Her stench of incompetence, dirty dealings and nonstop lying, terrible judgment speak
    KS for itself. Woman should be in prison for her crimes.

  24. Peter

    Citizens United is the real enemy. See Teddy Roosevelt's New Nationalism Speech from 1910, that's right ONE-HUNDRED AND SIX years ago, to see the scope and extent of our problems: Corporate Citizenship, Corporate financing of Public Servants, and low taxes on idle earnings (Capital Gains and Interest). Same thing in the Nineteen-teens as we have in the Twenty-teens.

  25. Peter

    Trump can do nothing, nothing without the support of the Congress which is bought and paid from by the Oligarchy. Until we suppress campaign funding by superPACS, it will never change. He will reach the same stonewalling with which Obama had to deal. Already he has modified his tax break plan to favor the wealthy and middle class at the expense of the poor.
    I want to see how his wall commitment materializes first. Is he going to send American Government workers to construct the wall? Will he expect them to work without pay, while he is waiting for reparations from the Mexican Gov't. When the Mexican gov't "refuses" to pay, will Trump stiff all the American "Wall" workers like he did his casino workers? Better yet, I'd love to see the negotiation with Presidente Nieto over how Mexico will build the "Wall" at their own expense.

  26. Peter

    This is NOT even an election about the POTUS, it's about the SCOTUS and whether we want to progress as a people or regress to a fundamentalist nation that teaches religion in schools, against the intended separation of church and state. The next POTUS will likely get to select the next two SC Justices. Hillary will at least choose moderate to liberal Justices that will protect women's rights (spelled Roe v. Wade), voting rights, LGBT rights and some form of Health Care reform. So it's a choice between 6 conservative Justices and 3 liberals (Possible 7-2, should Breyer goes as well, during the next term) if Trump wins and 5 liberal and 4 conservative if Hillary wins. It will help tremendously if the Dems could take back the Senate.

    If Trump follows his Party and has to appoint their choices, especially with a Rep Senate, then say bye-bye to AHCA, Roe v. Wade, funding for Public Schools (Charter schools are permitted to teach religion and creationism in schools, whereas Public schools are prohibited, separation of church and state, medicare, Social Security (will be privatized), etc. It would take generations to recover from a 6-3 slant, much less a 7-2 conservative slant. Thankfully, I am a Canadian citizen and have choices.

  27. Susan

    Oh please ANYONE except the braindead left understand hillary is one of the most corrupt, evil humans on earth.The clintons whole live has been scandal after scandal, rape after rape and murder after murder. The hacker from russia that hack her server, just was found dead, suicide, yea right, Some of the suicides related to the clintons shot themselves TWICE IN THE HEAD, ONE GUY WAS SHOT TWICE AND STUFFED IN A SUITCASE, AND IT WAS DEEMED A SUICIDE. Her and big ears both are devoted saul alinsky FOLLOWERS-rules for radicals-THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!

  28. Erin

    It is true that Iran's military (particularly the IRGC) has ties to terrorist organizations.

  29. Francois

    With the lobby system and the ruling of citizens united, along with a staunch two party system, the US political system continues to a be joke that is not funny. Super PACS are just legalized buying of elections. When money is considered free-speech, you know that the rich will dictate everything in America. People are either too stupid or lazy or unaware to do something about it. Or they think Trump is the solution because he speaks his mind and he is 'one of us'. So one politician is corrupt and the other is corrupt and downright nuts. Not much of a choice.

  30. steve

    If you are blind, be blind, but please refrain from your ignorant comments as if you are in the know. 20% of all politicians and good.....but 80% are not at all levels and are after their own objectives....

  31. Chain Yanker

    I thought documentaries were supposed to be unbiased. I'll be voting for Hillary because she has decades of experience in domestic and foreign policy and issues. Trump has none, zero, no political experience. With her experience there is a much better chance that decisions she makes as president will be the correct ones. And that is all one can hope, an edge in decision making. With Trump it's learning on the job, no place for that if you are the president of the USA, the toughest job in the world. Hillary has shown her diplomatic ability when she was instrumental in getting Russia, China and the EU to agree on sanctions on Iran...a very tough thing to do, Trump would have blown it, beyond his grade.

  32. Joseph

    Obama destroyed all possibilities of the US having another black president. HRC will do the same for women if she is elected.

  33. James Thomas

    If you are a genuine progressive, I suggest not even trying to relay pertient and valid information to one of Hillary's supporters. They will discount everything and simply point out how beautiful their emperors cloths are.

  34. Barbara Docherty

    I am so disappointed with this biased silly report. How old was HIllary in 1964? I guess she was born 68 years old. Really, the tone of voice is more fitting for FOX news. This soi disant documentary is as bad as the conservative hatchet job which lead to the Citizen's United decision. But you probably don't know about that. She can't change her mind - because that's pandering. If she doesn't change her mind she's establishment. Catch 22. Enjoy your Trump presidency - you silly fools.

  35. Robert

    Really good documentary! Estonian republican conservatives are with you and suport Trump!

  36. JP

    so for all to check other articles about the list of donors to the Clinton and you see that there is something really wrong, the best candidate BERNIE SANDERS, FEEL THE BERN also if youre gonna say that the documentary is just fraud, trying to manipulate people, bias...put a counter arguments and facts to prove it.

  37. Ryan

    And the Doc. she made on Donald Trump was only a minute long. Something about how he is perfect and great and has never done anything wrong. It plays that same three piano notes during the whole doc. but in a higher key to make it seem more honest.

  38. Chez.AU

    I’m from Australia, and like many Aussies & in fact many worldwide, have been following the US presidential race with interest – for me, probably more so than in campaigns gone by. No matter who is elected though, the hidden agendas and dare I say political lies will become transparent once the successful party is in power ;) & unfortunately, this is the case no matter what country we’re dealing with. So far for me Bernie Sanders would get my vote and Hillary would be my 2nd choice. However, just a pity Bernie Sanders isn’t a bit younger. Regardless though, both those candidates would be a far better option than the ‘oompa loompa’ excuse of a rational human being called Trump (God help the world if that imbecile is elected).

  39. AlwaysNeutral

    So... Trump is insane, wants to go to war with everyone, close borders, and try to turn the US back into the 1950s... Sanders wants to try to get us to become socialists which is a marxist gateway to communism--a failed government system as proven by the USSR... And now Clinton wants corporations to continue to run America and exploit the populace... Yep, I think is what we need is a revolution! Possibly a stronger Independant 3rd party

  40. Jon Anderson

    Now I'm scared...

  41. duke ponick

    Will someone please tell me specifically what is untrue about this documentary? I also await a similar documentary on the man with the orange hair from Ms. Martin concerning his business dealings as he apparently has no other real experience.

  42. George Leger

    That much of the convoluted path HRC has taken during her political career is delineated in this doc. is heavy-handed and overtly biased, it is nevertheless largely accurate and should earn more than a pause for Democrats during these primaries. Thankfully Bernie, though not quite the night in shinny armour, has little of the her negative baggage and deserves to be taken seriously as a very attractive alternate.

  43. sunny

    Hopefully she uses the same hateful, judgmental tone when she does a "documentary" on Trump. Where are the facts people - she can say anything she wants if not backed up by facts. Words can be thrown around to make a point especially if you aren't required to back it up.

  44. Stan Carlsen

    a poor attempt to manipulate people . drop the effects and tell the facts. A total waste of time...!

  45. delia ruhe

    A Hillary presidency just puts off for another 4 or 8 years the kinds of change the US needs to make if it's going to recover from the tsunami of mistakes Washington has made since the end of the Cold War. We non-Americans -- citizens of Washington's vassal states -- have no choice but to sit back and watch the decline continue. But we're in a better position than a lot of Americans to diagnose and critique their choices; that seems clear from all the defensiveness in the above comments.

  46. blaice

    Abby Martin is sexy af. She also has a serious opinion, which I don't mind, as long as it is backed up by facts rather than conjecture. Keep on preaching sexy lady. Realistically, both Trump and Hilary are POS, but that's every politician.... ever?

  47. Frank

    Ms Martin does not even begin to touch on the depths of depravity which is Hilary. No normal human being can even comprehend the blood soaked path she has plowed through this world. All the information any decent human being needs to condemn this woman would be derived from the first page of the book of a thousand pages of treachery. Anyone who defends her in any way has serious issues with comprehending the value of life on any level.

  48. Ben Legros

    Why in the heck don't you all vote for Bernie Sanders .
    At least he is level headed and honest

  49. Parade

    This is the most unbiased and anti-propaganda driven "documantary" I have ever seen. Be better than the people that made this.

  50. Deborah Moderate

    The Clinton's history is appalling. Full of lies, adultery, murder, corruption and drugs. How anyone would wish for a person with this background to run their country is beyond comprehension.

  51. Tim

    The title of this documentary should not contain a question mark. #grammarfail

  52. Gabe

    Being a life-long Democrat I will state:
    I voted for Bill Clinton in his first presidential election. I have NOT VOTED SINCE THEN.
    The corruption within the democratic party is appalling, disgusting, disturbing.
    I refused to vote when Obama ran for office......both times. Anyone who has the resources and connections to so thoroughly hide their life background as he did is AN EXTREME DANGER to our society.
    I have studied Hillary. She is vile beyond words. The information regarding her disgusting and inhuman behavior exists for all to read.......should you care to know truth. Hillary is DANGEROUS.

  53. Teresa Smith

    I will admit that Abby Martin does sound a tad melodramatic but what she says is accurate. HRC is dangerous for America because nothing is off limits to her and part of her legacy is to show the world she is every bit as bold and brazen as any man. She doesn't care two hoots about minorities and I am perplexed why black women gravitate to her. She will not get my vote even if my vote doesn't matter.

  54. MAGA

    All these angry liberals, face it your version of modality has helped destroy the west and academia is the epicenterof that corruption.

  55. Angela Ross

    Canadian, we Americans DO have a very sane, honest, capable candidate to vote for -- Bernie Sanders

  56. RITZ

    Have you read Clinton Cash . . . The Clinton's serve themselves

  57. Brock

    Hillary works for Goldman Sachs. End of story.

  58. unitedstatesofimerica

    Your vote doesn't count,and it never has.

  59. canadian

    too bad the americans dont have anyone sane to vote for...
    its all rigged the rich wont let anyone sane climb into the political world

  60. troutmouf

    abby martin sounds like she smokes 25 marble cigrits per day

  61. Justin

    Being fully aware of who Abby Martin works for, I approached this doc with a slight level of skepticism. However, after watching, I am perplexed that other commenters find it to be overly biased. I find it to be 100% on point and indicative of what HRC is all about - a self-serving, egotistical sociopath.

    I've been a lifelong Democrat, but have cut all ties with the party moving forward. Hillary is worse for America than Trump. Why? Because she knows but, but doesn't have the conscience to stand for what is right.

  62. Kemo Sabe

    Bernie Sanders has a level head but does not use it regarding Russia. Clintons cabal needs to be shattered into pieces. They need to learn that things do not go better with Coke.

  63. bluetortilla

    Americans will have a choice- vote for Hillary or Trump. The third choice- to promote the New Revolution can be done whether one votes or not. I choose to vote against a trump, and though she is a puppet, to vote for the first woman president. It's not a 'card'- that is progress. In the meantime let's begin and not end the fight against the current system of empire and oppression.

  64. pa

    Of course now she needs to do one on Tump with the same bias and it should be a doozy!

  65. acinosa

    As a dual US/Canadian citizen I agree.

  66. Richard Raymond

    As a Canadian who follows American politics to a certain degree, I would have to follow the candidate who comes across as the one who would be best for America and the world. I only wish Bernie Sanders was 20 years younger!

  67. acinosa

    Better than the alternative- - a president who IS a corporation--and a buffoon


    This is high time to lead the US by the most energetic lady Hillary Clinton
    This is need to prove US is the leading country to establish and explore the all the values and beauty of democracy.

  69. charlieb1488

    Ugh! The way that they present the "information" removes any semblance of credibility. I think Hillary is a corporate puppet and stereotypical politician. Everything this woman (narrator/host) does is slanted and done for dramatic effect. Trash.

  70. Andrea

    I like Abby Martin, but she's way too radical about politics and economies; her thoughts on war are great tho

  71. Tom

    Why are democrats in denial about her?

  72. Tom Lashbrook

    Seldom have I seen such a politically biased documentary. Shame on you all. I don't believe that Hillary Clinton is perfect, but much of this documentary are lies and negative inference.