What in the World Are They Spraying?

What in the World Are They Spraying?

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What in the World Are They Spraying?By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze.

Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: WHO is doing this and WHY. With the release of this video, all of that has changed.

Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called Geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water - all supposedly for the betterment of mankind.

Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 - and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health.

We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

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  1. Once righteousness dwelled in her land. Now rotteness and cold, gray skies.

  2. A documentary was released in 2010 entitled "What In the World Are They Spraying?" It was all about this topic.

  3. Las Vegas gets sprayed nearly every day. They spray in layers to the east, crisscross over the top and v-shaped from the southeast and northeast. They like to spray heavy over the desert to the north and west, then a wall of "cloud" will drift over the city. By afternoon the entire valley is covered. I recently cleaned my pool filters. The runoff water was all milky. When some dried on my brick walkway, it left a silver-blue residue. When I tell people what's happening over their heads they think I'm crazy. But, keep talking to everyone and it may get to someone who can and will do something about it. God bless those seeking the truth.

    1. US Air Force hand picks these individual pilots & according to several whistleblower pilots, including one woman, they are basically brainwashed & their lives are threatened if they divulge anything. One pilot's (aka BlueJay1) admitted each plane is rigged with a self-destruct detonator controlled by government! Among, black coal ash, barium, aluminum, last two years government & Gates have added COVID virus particles & lots of graphene oxide... to name a few Genocidal aerosols sprayed into the air we breathe, water we, fish & animals drink & ground where our crops are grown!

  4. If you want to know what's in that chemtrail why don't you get up there and get a sample as it's spewing out behind the jet? Duh????

    1. Geoengineeringwatch.org has the known ingredients that are being sprayed. however, there is nothing stopping them from spraying anything they want including viruses, poisons, drugs, you name it. They answer to no one. It is being done by the military and NASA.

  5. Several years ago scientist were in the north west coastal states and found unusual and very high amounts of aluminum on the soil surface. Non was found below.

  6. They are spraying crap on us and I want answers why and who, and who gives the authority to do it with out permission

  7. this would be much more impactful without all the cacophany of DISTRACTING NOISE in the background

  8. What I noticed is that they’re spraying all over the world. Why we would trust them to injection us with RNA altering jabs is amazing. People are in denial about what is painfully obvious. The skies are now filled with rectangular nano size particles that act like little mirrors all over the sky. Then they fall onto the planet get in the rivers end up in our blood. We cannot stop them because they’re compulsive liars and deny it. But how can they when we have eyes to see? Not to believe what you see is a choice. I wish they would stop with the sociopath behavior in the name of government.

    1. When truth was cancelled, that is when we faded away.

  9. Im in Ohio and am sick of it as well. We don't have but a small personal airport have never had much traffic in the sky by but the last 5yrs or so our sky is full every single day of these trails and jets planes what have you. It is disturbing to say the least and we know its not contrails we're not ignorant. I grew up seeing contrails when it rained they might stay around a cpl hrs these are huge and don't leave. What about the ppl spraying do they not have famalies breathing this poison in??? I'm in lancaster Ohio and its fairly small. If there's meetings on this where it might make a diff i would like to be there, i have bunches of pictures and video of these things going on. They need to stop playing God and they are the cause of climate change.

    1. yup. This has been going on for YEARS. EVERYDAY. Usually right before children get out of school.

  10. Wish you had a link to gab

  11. We have documented chemtrails up to 28 a day since March. Some look like commercial jets while others are obvious military. Knowing that Aluminum Dioxide causes respiratory issues, attack the central nervous system, and cause cancer. One can only conclude that they are trying to kill us. They poison our air, our water, and our food system. We are at war with the world elite, governments, and chemical companies.

    1. Look to monsanto/Bayer. This is their mo to forcing sales of their com chemicals, seeds Nd fertilizers. They should be forced out of business. AND BAN GLYPHOSATE.

    2. There's always a nazi troll to explain everything idiotic.

    3. Antisemitic fool.

    4. Yes your right we need more people to actually just look up for a min and see the difference from Chem spay verses con trail big difference what can we do this is beyond bad

    5. Well put across 😊 👍 🙏 😎

  12. Hi, after reading some of your comments I cannot believe it's a mystery to some, it's the same group who control the US financial system with endless money they can do anything they desire if you are outside of their group which is most of us we are no more than an animal worthy of culling or to be their servant. They have infiltrated most governments and most big business including main stream media, legal courts all political parties are controlled. You can do anything, and have anything when you can make your own money. I could go on day and I could tell you exactly who these groups are but you need to investigate it for yourself because you learn so much more..Use search engine Yandex. There is no truth in US search engines.

    1. Hello from here in the future 2022. Once truth died in America, we were doomed. I know who they are as well.

  13. I read a comment about Perth, Australia being or having clean air. Not anymore, since our government allowed more activity at the US base in the northern territories Perth has been covered in spray almost everyday. Because Perth is very windy they spray far out a sea and also at all parts of the coast heading north. I witnessed this while on my travels. Organic farms are losing their certification from containinated soil, making fires more intense and causing resperiory problems. Not good.

  14. Nazi my foot. The Germans Russians and all of the world suffer under the Russian jew mob.

    1. Well said and precisely correct too👍

    2. The Russian Jew mob? Losers always have to blame someone for their own inadequacies. Not sure what your excuse is other than ignorance.

  15. Just to let you know what I heard from a real MD . He said that a virus has never been known to cause a disease . People are saying that this corona virus causes an acute respiratory infection . From what I got from that was , what can cause a respiratory infection could only come from above and always has , Are they are using the corona virus to cover it up . Just like he said some people might be affected . This would be criminal in my book . We got sprayed so bad 2 days before the corona virus showed up....

    1. Yes, right before xmas holidays, biden said pandemic will effect all not vaccinated, it will be a dark winter or some demented comment. Then everyone i knew, including myself were sick with short lived flu like symptoms. All around the holidays. My point, is you're probably correct, they can control when and where people get sick, etc....😡😡

  16. Well I will just add that right before Oregon got the corona virus they sprayed us so bad that the sun was blocked . Worse than I have ever seen . This is crap . Was the corona virus part of there experiment. Kinda weird that we were already prepared here before it ever showed up , II'm sick of getting sprayed ...

    1. We've been sprayed worse in oregon. I have been following and tracking this spraying since 2017. A day or two later sometimes the same day my entire family ends up with stomach issues become lethargic to name a few. You can also taste it in your mouth it taste like raid. Im sick of being sprayed too and being told its nothing just contrails. Contrails dont linger in the air then mesh together and create mass amounts of clouds when its cloud free and sunny. I havent even watched this doc yet i was literally searching the internet hoping to find that someone in oregon was finally writing about it for once other then conspiracy theorists since no one ever listens to people labeled as such. Its sad but ive gotten to the point where i feel as though its something i just have to accept.

    2. Same in this corporate state. Everyday they SPRAY. Right before convidaids they sprayed a crap ton and MANY people were VERY sick with something respiratory.

      P.S. People also had "something" three months before the wonderful govern.ment announced their plan de mic. smh...people are BLIND!

  17. So from what I am reading this is taking place all over the world. My husband is obsessed with this and has called many many people in local government to ask what is going on. Every time he get the feeling that they all think he is crazy. He implores them to go outside and look up! Asks why they are not concerned. No one seems to care. He points them out to strangers in parking lots and they seem amazed that they are there. Others tell him he is crazy that it is only vapor trails from jets. I do not know what to think I am an old lady that can remember when these things were not in our skys. I read all your concerns and thoughts of what this could be. But what can we do? How do we stop it? Who exactly is doing this? is it our government? Some shadow world government? Logic tells me that the FAA at least must know what is going on as they regulate our airways in the USA...dont they? Some say it takes place only over popoulated areas but other say that is not the case. WHere do these flights take off from? is it possible to track them and go to the place they take off and land and start asking questions?

    1. The Rothschild family is definitely involved. Evelyn Rothschild bought up Weather Central and ALL of the private weather forecasting services to deliver the scheduled weather. Look it up. He says he bought it because they can provide the best forecast.

    2. Protect yourself best you can they won’t stop till they reach their racist agenda.

  18. Who can I sue for the poisons I'm breathing and my animals breathing that's in my bloodstream

  19. This is happening every day in Connecticut, I’m so sick and tired of this criminal activity against us, I noticed all that crap in the sky many years ago, almost everyone in my family is getting sick, my mom died of cancer, she got twice, she was only 45, I had my thyroid removed at 30 do to cancer, that was insane! My son has autoimmune disease, we all have season allergy. My dog likes to eat the snow, and starts vomiting 5 seconds after, unacceptable!!! Here in Connecticut we are lucky if we get 20 days of sunshine in the entire year, that’s beyond unbelievable!!! People have to wake up and do something!!!!!

    1. I live in CT too. 2021 is the rainiest, cloudiest summer I EVER remember in my 59 years of life. It's now fall, and the rain is continuing. I have been starting to look at the sky often, and am seeing big long airplane trails that are really thick. I've seen them actually falling down so they are almost vertical. Just yesterday I saw this long thick trail that had tendrils coming down. Today it's raining and thunderstorms(which are getting fierce). Also seeing everywhere, that criss-cross, web-type pattern. I wish I knew what we could do about it!

  20. Its depopulation agenda21 look GMO foods fluoride water chemtrails vaccine war abortion drugs alcohol cigs famines economic warfare mind control warfare BPA plastic 3g4g5g radio microwaves radiation etc. WAKEUP God is comming soon be ready.

    1. don't worry you are safe and protected keep the faith and know god is in you and not out side of you look up angel number 844 by Joan scribes. I love you and thanks for being a light on earth WE NEED YOU.

    2. You can also be sure, eugenicist, has a hand in this. He needs to be put down asap. I saw a video just a few days ago with different planes being loaded with large canisters for chemtrail spraying. One was in Germany and Angela Merkel was there. This must be stopped.

  21. poor chemtards


    1. YES! This is driving me crazy! Who said this is ok? Did we vote on this? I love to be out in the Sunshine and become upset, angry and sad at this BullSh..!

  23. Heavy Chemtrail spraying in Arizona Spring and Fall 2019. People need to wake up and look up! This is disgusting! Our blue skies are full of chemicals! And it's really pissing me off!

    1. Luckily, Perth, Western Australia, it is so rare to even see a comtail... Let alone a Chemtrail.

  24. Since when do we not care about the air that we breathe , the food that we eat , our health, the children , when did that take place ? why isn't anybody protesting in the streets ? That's what has to happen . It's probably already too late ..They've been doing it now for well over 10 years . It's a terrible thing and needs to be stopped t I know there's environmentalists out there that know how to get the ball rolling. When is enough going to be enough ?when are we going to start carrying about the Earth and each other? I saw a documentary that said the temperature in the climate has risen only a half a degree over the last 2000 years .Is that a natural occurrence or a huge problem . I don't know I don't even know if it's true but nobody seems to mention how many degrees the climate has changed in the last 2000 years or the last hundred years or at all .
    There's never a mention of how the temperature has changed over the years . I'm not talkin the last 10 years I would like to know how much in the last 2000 years that's a good question don't you think . This could be just a naturally occurring event . This planet was perfect . What are we doing ? Remember the old saying " never mess with Mother Nature " People need to act now now or it will be too late !

    1. Just say when

  25. We are being poisoned with Toxic Chemtrail and 5G.. the end game is depopulation and who is doing this?.

    1. Ask Dr. William Deagle

    2. Same has been happening here in the Hudson Valley,NY. Just want to know what are they spraying? Tree tops are dying, crops failing. This is not good! Understand that the UN condoned this Spring 2019 spraying! We The People need to KNOW

    3. The Rothchilds are behind a lot of this stuff.They also own all the central banks in all countrys except three.North Korea,Iran and one other I cant remember.Sobthey control about 95% of all the money in the world.Globalists for sure.

    4. Covid is to hide the affects of 5g wich is for the androids to communicate and machines to monitor all we do. Thats my theory.

  26. This is one of the reasons why the US will soon be completely destroyed, may god have merci with the good and honest people. Ezechiel 25:17

  27. If it is in discussion phase, every city United States should not be sprayed daily. Auto immune diseases are at an all time high.

  28. 11/11/19 - Hot Springs, AR. Witnessed random jets flying everywhere. It was supposed to be a clear sunny day, and the blue skies were covered in a haze from jets observed flying everywhere. I was wearing Maui Jim polarized sunglasses and could see odd rainbow colors in random areas of the haze, like an oil slick in the sky. Also, the glasses showed the jet trails as a reddish color. Very strange. I witnessed this while my wife and I were canoeing Lake Quachita in Arkansas. She also thought it was very bizarre to observe planes flying all over. It was also very upsetting that we dedicated our day to enjoy the outdoors in what we thought we be a nice clear sunny day and turned out to be hazy. This is just not right and needs to be stopped immediately.

  29. we will suffer greatly before this is mainstream and the culprits are exposed if any ever will be. I live in florida and this past couple years birds are disappearing in huge numbers and it's only gonna get worse until they completely mess up the balance and have gone past the point of no return

  30. With our intelligence and the grace of God...we are one race the human race...let us all stand together to fight the evil forces that are distroying our planet and all that exists...this is a war that most do not know we are in...we are losing this war people...please stand all stand and together defeat these enemies...god speed

    1. It's amazing that whom ever is behind the spraying of the world's sky s is still in denial. I have been talking to countless people for many years and at least 90% of every person I speak with all agree the obvious fact they are all ready doing this. The horrifying part is as I myself have been aware sense 1995 till Nov. 2019 the weather has ever increasingly become worsened by their efforts. So when you consider the worldwide consequence from loss of lives and properties my advice would be they really should stop this insanity. I bet if they had to be held acountable for ever person who has died then that would be one way to make them stop. Too bad they get to hide behind their lies and anonymity.

    2. I'm with you. I pray people will wake up before its to late.

    3. The evil and wicked only are quickening the permanent date with Hell eternal. Be watchful of the signs and use discernment, people lose their lives for lack of truth.. many many are deceived, remember fallen angels can guide themselves as angel of light, but are only here to cause chaos confusion destroy and devour us. We fight not man but spiritual war; wickedness in high places. Pray, and find comfort in that we already know the one and only True God , Creator of Heaven and Earth, his Holy Spirit and Only Son of God Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has already placed our end destination with him and NOTHING shall keep us from HIM!

      Hell was created for satan that old serpent & his followers fallen angels; nephilems, their evil offspring; men of renown/giants/raphim/demons and their hybrids .. not for humans unfortunately those who have mark of beast and/or rejected God/Christ will be destroyed & thrown in Hell as well for eternity. People forget and/or don’t realize their life spans varying but merely 70-80yrs at best (now shortening again) is very short But just a moment compared against an eternity.. our conscience now in physical body is but a veil, foggy mirror of true reality in the spiritual realm... I hope people still have capability of searching their heart for God and can find their gift of salvation thru Jesus before it’s too late.

  31. This article on what we've been filling the atmosphere with and were it goes. It doesn't go anywhere. It stays. Now spraying god knows what to protect earth from sun's rays. That stuff won't go anywhere either.

    1. Those doing the spraying are usually from South America. The USA is a cloak, and false flag. The silent heads are afraid and we are taken by non political entities. They have eyes to make us ill, and then put weather right on top of us. The volcanic activity also is artificial, just like China's islands. Earth is weaponized weather. As these rulers do it, the last group all have property in South America, and are not treated like spies. Meanwhile a female, remaining nameless has been helping all of S.A. to come here, and C.A., and they now have many who are in the W.H., and many cannot do a thing. There is going to be a lot of bad weather, and many are lying to us. There are virus, and contagions found in plenty of that. No one can do anything. Did you see how many died in the FIRE BOMBINGS in Cali? That is all artificial. Many of us know WE ARE DOOMED TO BE ONLY A HEADLINE 90 years late.

  32. To future video makers. If you think drum beats enhance the message you're wrong. Almost 22 minutes of monotonous drum beats at the beginning of this video, most of the time making it difficult to hear the speaker. What were you thinking?

    1. I have found when the music beds are loud underneath almost distracting there is neurolinguistic programming in them. Closed caption without sound is recommended when available. As many of these videos look like they are average people, but there is a lot more diabolical intent to the music underneath. Give us have truths and negatively impact us while finding those truths through the media we consume. That is why many times after watching a youtube video with production value you do not feel quite right afterwards. One must be diligent and discerning when evaluating the origins of these films and media. I am not saying this film has this intent, I just agree with you that there does not need to be an ominous drum beat or piercing flashes of light or quick sounds for the duration of the film, clip or sound bite. All the Best!

  33. Aerosol spraying starting already at 7:17 am 7/1/2019 over Yuba County Northern California. SOS, Help! Please God, no more toxic chemicals in our air and water soil and plants and insects and our lungs and mouth. Please God, can’t we do something to stop this. Why doesn’t anyone know where these planes come from and where do the go and land??? This secret government of the USA is a worse evil than Adolf Hitler, why is this evil regime here now? When will it end?

    1. Simple answer...Revelation 11:18, "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." Pay particular attention to the last part.

    2. I know, you're right to be alarmed and upset. I'm crying right now because I left USA for my other country Iran, and now I could become homeless here because I cannot make it here financially ... Yet if I return to USA, ,I cannot breathe and my lungs and nose bleed and I feel sick in AMerica. I'm crying because I don't understand WHERE DO I GO IN THE WORLD TO ? TO BREATHE/?? YOU ARE NOT ALONE....

    3. and 90% of the population believes the 'contrail' lies ! Real contrails disapate within minutes ! But a chemtrail spreads and turns a bright sunny day into a hazed cloud covered day ??? How do we get the truth ??? Even the dam 'investigative journalists' on our news programs are saying it is all a hoax and it is only contrails :( ,,want to take these idiots out behind the barn and give them a "lil lesson in reality" . . . . imo it is a mixture of Ridlin and other stuff to turn people into "sheeple" so they can control us more easily ! ! ! LOOK AT THE CRAP THAT IS GOING ON IN AROUND THE WORLD - - not just in this country ! ! ! !

  34. Please, please lets see REAL PROOF. So far all I see and hear are stories that the sky is white and aluminum is falling. Is there any PROOF, REAL, positive, in-your-hand physical PROOF? The independant research does not find PROOF of atmospheric chemical spraying so to have a case against spraying, REAL PROOF is needed. Bring on the PROOF!

    1. Why don’t you spend time outside like I have for 45 years and observe nature intensely and you will see proof in your own eyes, mouth, nose, ears , and the touch of the tree leaves candy coated with aluminum?

    2. @Jacob, so no tangible proof. Sounds pretty sound to me.......

    3. Wow. There is plenty of proof. Just open your eyes and look up! Or join the Stop GeoEngineering, Chemtrails & Weather Control group on Facebook. You can read the files, the air and soil testing, and other evidence like pilots coming forward with the chemicals, pictures, etc. Not to mention the government has admitted to this spraying to “block out the sun”. Wake up!!! I would do anything to join the fight to save my children and future grandchildren. It’s our only hope to save ourselves and this planet. What a shame some can’t see it.

    4. Go to geoengineeringwatch.com. You will find all the proof you need and then some. If you YouTube watch Dane Wigington.

    5. Why are so many people now dieing with cancer? Why are so many stricken with respiratory and autoimmune diseases? We're just a number to this government!

    6. Dearest Frank Francis, and other readers,

      Please the only evidence you need is yourself to simply look up and watch your own sky from day to day.

      You will notice some days clear and blue and others full of these trails.

      If the trails are from planes, then is the sky empty of planes when it is blue?

      Think back to your childhood looking at the sky. Sure you can easily recall the short and quick to dissipate condensation trails but I promise you never seen the long unnatural condensation trails like today (unless you are under 25 years old). Ask anyone over 50 how they recall their childhood skys.

      Just because no one can explain exactly what the government is spraying/releasing over us to breath and absorb and you cannot understand why, please do not dismiss those that can recall a clean atmosphere.

      Things are indeed being sprayed.

      What they do, I do not know.

      But they do.

      Watch your own sky daily and note any changes.

      Condensation trails are short, dissipate quickly and a natural part of airlines.

      Chemical trails spread and linger over states. Not natural at all. Ever.

      Who is doing this? Don't know but they are.

      Why are they doing this? Don't know but the are.

      What does it do? How long?

      Don't know.

      If it were good for us wouldn't there be lines and lines and lines of people bragging how great this is for us?

      Want your own proof?

      Look at any pictures of the skies in 1960. I dare you to find one just one chem trail. If this was natural nearly ever picture would have them.

      Can't find any chemtrails berfore 1990s? It is our same sky? Same planes? Then I guess this question should be asked to your government.

      Good luck getting an answer. They haven't responded in over twenty years.

    7. All you need is a pair of binoculars, if the trail is coming from the engines, it's a condensation trail , if it is coming from the wing tips, its a chemical trail!


    9. Go to Chemdome.com if you want proof! 100% Proves the Validity of Chemtrails and the resulting Chemdome.

    10. There is proof

    11. I'm quite sure we would love to prove all this.I am a sane and intelligent person and I totally believe this is going on.Its in my gut and I can't explain it but I'm certainly not alone.You can't prove God is real either...you just have faith or some feeling...you just know things sometimes.I hope I'm wrong
      ID LOVE TO BE WRONG!Also I grew up in the 80s and I do not remember the skies looking like that until the 90s...think about it.

    12. I noticed the crazy stuff on my trees too, I has 5 beautiful oak trees, sad I had to cut them down 4 years ago because they got really damaged, the branches were coming down every day, I’m talking super big oak trees, how could this happened??? We here in Connecticut don’t see the sun anymore, every morning we start with a beautiful sunrise and 3 minutes later the plains start dumping something white, a year ago they started dumping something black, anyway right after the plains does the job that’s it, the sky is covered and the beautiful sunshine is gone, every day it’s the same thing, it has to be something really bad because around the sunset the sky looks so red and yellow and even purple, it’s like the sky is on fire, sometimes look super scary, every year is getting worse and the liberals keep pushing new taxes to help the global warming scam!!!

    13. It's simple. You can chose to believe what you see in the skies, or stay within the confines of the nose on your face and suffer the consequences of disbelief that our illustrious and honest people of government could trick or harm us because they love us more than the money they would get to kill us off slowly. Or money they make by making us sick in some way in which we would seek and pay our last penny for medical care. Government loves us too much, they love us more than money! And they aren't cowards to spray us at a distance we cannot reach to knock the shit out of them if we wanted to for harming us. No, our government wouldnt do that! But satan would. Many who believe government is poisoning us by spraying the skies with plague are called conspiracy theorists, kooky, and it's all reported by the elites that are doing the poison spraying, their money paid for it, and they pay for the report to deceive us, you hear only what they want you to know, leaning in their direction. Do you follow? Might just have to chalk it up to the proof you already have.. and that is all the unusual white lines and stripes in the sky that dissipates into to the clouds and falls to the ground. Notice the wildlife is scarce, the tree tops are dying, and vegetable plants are not blooming well. The health of all is failing with sicknesses, new ones, heightened old ones, people are dying.. anyone notice there are no cases of flu until after the first flu shot is given in advertisement of flu shots before the season starts.. or is it more like , get your flu shots now before you die of the killer flu! To get the flu out there among the people, so to bring in the cure , which will fatten the wallet of the industry of health care, and those that reap those benefits. Theres your sign, for those that want proof. Look at the skies, we say they spray, you see the spray long lasting, dissipating, things dying.. and you cannot see past the nose on your face and want more proof? But you do believe just words of a failing and bickering government when they say, no we are not, they say dont listen to conspiracy theorists. Did you ask for proof? From them? I have found that if they call something a conspiracy theory, more than not, the theory is the truth. Satan is not accustomed to the truth, he is the opposite of a conspiracy theory, it is the lie. Believe what you want, theres nothing we can do about it but pull out your bible and seek God, because all this shit going on.. has already been told to us, it's written. There is a happy ending though.. better find it. Good luck and God speed.

    14. I guess your in a decent spot.

    15. If you see them spay get a sample of river water a few hours later and have it tested for chemicals. Nano test would be better but I’m not sure the lab you bring it to would be capable.

    16. look up geoingineeringwatch.org

  35. I am so sorry for us. Someones has been spraying us for years 1980's or so they need to be Stopped.

  36. This morning I saw the chem trials again cross our blue sky, 6/26/2019 and now it's white. It's time to wear the charcoal mask. Our poor livestock animals who have to breathe this every day. The Chem planes are killing us and our planet silently. We can't confront our killers. HOW do we stop the Deep State/Elite/Illuminati/Globalists from doing this to us? HOW???

  37. And this was 9 year's ago wonder what the data on it is now.

  38. These are patterns over the skies above my town not simply planes just passing by. I have been watching the skies all my life and i know when something changes an is not normal. Im not blaming anyone but i want answers not more disinformation that is easily debunked!

    1. People are testing and yes it’s poison called Dew, Harpp weather modification. They used this in Vietnam! Look up frankenskies I watch them everyday doing this and then the sky is white and weather changes. Tesla inventions! While your at it look up Gwen towers and emp waves, 5G towers, Cern, Mandela effect need I go on?

    2. Remember the sun was yellow at one time and we had fluffy clouds with blue sky’s now the sun is white.

    3. I remember when I was about 12 years old I was out on my bike it started to rain,I remember the rain running down my face and it tasting like metal,now I'm 37 and I would say it tasted like aluminium,I've been researching this and other topics for years now also watching the sky's,and its quite scary that its not main stream,I know the elite control the media news etc but why aren't people taking notice,I try explaining to friends family but get laughed at ,I think there trying to hide something or they trying to slow down the heating of our planet

    4. I live in Montana and it is an every single day occurrence of criss cross lines over my skys i remember when i was a kid i use to have blue skys all summer long hence "the big sky country" now its nothing but white haze im so sick of it i would fight to take our lives back into our own hands and not in our government's

  39. Kennett Komonski.....this has nothing to do with President Trump! Chemtrails have been going on long before Trump....so get a clue!

    1. It has EVERYTHING to do with EVERY President who have taken office in this Country. Yes, I agree. It has been going on for years. But NEVER this prevalent.

    2. And trump knows we are being poisoned. HE SHOULD HAVE A PRESS CONFERENCE AND ADMIT IT TO THE WHOLE NATION!!!

  40. Greetings to all. My name is Olga and I have been lived in beautiful San Diego since 2016. Weather was the main reason why we decided to moved to San Diego. Starting from 2018 plains are spraying aluminium and you can see chemtrails every day . We do not have anymore clean blue sky as usual, but cold weather and a lot of rains. How can we stop this? God help us.

    1. Olga, Hi
      I go by the handle.."Antispiderman"!. I've have been aware of these Chemtrails in our world's skies for a long time now. Many, many times I have brought it to the attention of work colleagues,friends and even strangers, how these toxic clouds are far from natural and are rapidly destroying our oceans,land,air and all forms of life. Many, many people believe and have published various articles on the damage caused by artificial, chemically constructed clouds upon all life ie., plant,animal, human etc. but how these cloud cocktails destroy out minds!. A byproduct of chemically engineered clouds is the irreparable damage it causes to our very DNA... Sadly the vast number of people that I've talked to on this subject seem to have already been brain damaged. Maybe 5% talked to go on to do their own research. Hopefully passing their own newly found knowledge to others. Other than outright worldwide massive demonstration's against those responsible for our world's demise, the poisoners of all that should be sacred,to force change,other than that I see no solution. Noam Chomsky, a very brilliant man, whom I believe more importantly to be a humanitarian, said during a television interview that, (paraphrasing)! In order for the world to change for the better it must always, and,inevitably be, driven by peaceful demonstration's. Only when the people drive change will change be forced upon governments.
      Chemtrails, I believe now, to be the reaction to global annihilation of our once intact Ozone layer,our outer shield!, our protective armour against Solar Radiation. Because of our, and we're all complicate here, destructive nature that we all unleashed upon Earth, through mismanagement of the planets reserves and pollution of it's resources we are now reaping what we have sown.
      I hate beyond hate the still further damage we're continuing to do to our Earth. However,in our righteous indignation of the destruction of our planet, .... "THINK"...Where was my hand in this????.
      Chemtrails, Pollutants from our cars, industry, animal consumption, plastics...?
      Chemical's now rain down upon us and not just us, every living thing!
      Particles of poison so fine you don't even have to breathe them in to be poisoned. No!...They can simply be absorbed into the skin.
      Please feel free to share my thoughts here.

    2. I believe it to be a sun simulator and smart dust micrscopic robotic technology

  41. I noticed strange patterns in the clouds for the first time this week in Ontario, Canada. There is severe flooding in various parts of Ontario. After I saw these linear clouds, there was more rain here. May was sunny & warm in the past, but not now. They speak of global warming but this month of May is very cold. I wonder about these linear clouds beause I heard a plane overhead during one night last week.

    1. Same thing is happening in Connecticut, last summer we only had 2 months warm, June and July, that’s it, after July it got super cold, I spend most of the time during summer outside in my pool, so I have seen a lot of changes in our sky, it makes me so mad, this is criminal!!!

  42. For some reason, they're not spraying over the Omak, Wa. Area hardly at all. This is a small, rural town. I visited my mother there on 5/9/2019 and saw a couple of tiny chemtrails, the rest of the skies looked good. My mother reports to me regularly on this and says that the skies there are 90% untouched most of the time. I suspect they're spraying areas that are more heavily populated.

  43. I have seen a snow like substance on the ground before, 4 to 6 inches of it, coming from the sky. It wasn't snow. It had a chemical scent to it and was gritty. The stuff was stuck to my truck in the fender well.

    1. it will probably catch fire.

    2. I've heard /read a few other people had the same "fake" snow fall all over the place. When they spread it on the table/counter/car hood it smeared like grease, Not snow, just like you seem to indicate. It's terrifying wondering what our skin and Lungs are /have been breathing in against our will and without our consent. It's ridiculous. You are not alone. Save this stuff in a bag and send it to a lab? DOn't touch it with your bare hands though, who knows what it really is.

  44. Hi. Reporting from Pennsylvania. Chemtrails daily. Some rare days I'll see clear skys much of the day and think wow not today but then it begins again late afternoon. And have seen spraying at night too. This has certainly been going on for several years in fact for I recall being aware of this back in 2014 & 2015 but then got away from the realization somehow. Now it is much more prevalent. Hope everyone is doing alright and hope we can turn this thing around.

  45. Has anyone noticed how it smells after they spray? It leaves a heavy musty sewer gass type of order. I'm on the mid to west side of NC. I watch them go right over my house. It's genocide no kidding. It's our government believe it or not. It's not helping us. It's making us sick and killing us. Population control. The prophecies are out there...

  46. I live in South Louisiana. Our sky's are getting sprayed every day here. You start with a beautiful clear day, and they waste no time to start the spraying. It goes all day long into the night until the sky is totally covered. And for all i know they could be doing this all night or well into it. I have lost almost all of my family on my mother's and father's side to cancer. My personal opinion is they are depopulating us and buying some time for the rest of them!

  47. They have been spraying frequently over Los Angeles. I took a water sample after a chemically induced and much predicted rain in a sterile container. I want to see if the lab can detect aluminum oxide or perhaps barium and if so what is the content. I realize that California experiences droughts and that is why they want rain but after all this land was considered desert until Mullholland brought water via aqueducts from other regions like the mountains. Funny how the global warming or climate change elitists aka scientists are actually speeding up the erosion of our atmosphere one would think. I guess they know what is best for us but me personally I don't want to live under this chemically induced but ignored cloud. Everyone looks down to their I-phone instead of above their head to the sky. Oblivious idiots I suppose and entirely controllable. They have lost the ability to "question".

    1. I have to use an umbrella, it’s chunks here., and look out they using tiny needle like prongs that act like slivers god knows what they mix them with. When tv lies and Americans are terrorists somethings really wrong. They are peeping to use military, playing war games right now

  48. Chemtrails, vaccines, GMO foods, drugs approved that harm, , tainted bottled water....wake up folks, the elitists are depopulating us.

    1. Your words are pure truth. Why didn't Steve Jobs let his kids have I phones? Because he knew they were wicked. It's all to keep us complacent, distracted and passive and it is WORKING! Wake Up!

  49. Is there a way that you can share the information with me, so that I may take on our government here in Canada?

    1. Spraying is bad here in Cinti, but we see sun sometimes. One year I logged 11 days straight of spraying/chemical clouds and rain. They like to do a lot at beginning of season. I just witnessed a baby bee, wasps and a boring bee all confused just yesterday. If they die, prevents pollination to a degree, not allowing produce or flowers to grow as they should. I’ve been watching and evaluating for 10 years now. After the spray settles, my asthma increases, insects such as bees are confused and found dead on sidewalks, my strawberries died out ( those under trees protected lived better than those in open). It is as if they are killing off the good insects who keep pests down. And killing our beautiful oxygen and food producing plants, as well as spreading sickness. My theory is there is mold sprayed-we have people who get stomach viruses, in different parts of the city. People who have not been around other people to get infected. I am praying people wake up to the truth that chem trails exist.

    2. geoengineeringwatch.com

  50. We need not wonder why our wildlife is dying off in mass amounts! I'd be curious to see if deer CWD would be linked to this!

  51. Can't we all band together and lauch a law suit against them all? Just to make a point!

    1. I would think so because it is a "crime against humanity"

  52. Well sums up all the sonic waves the crazies complain about before shooting up the neighborhoods. Lasers and electronic warfare being tested on America. Wasn't microwaving Iraq enough? Well squeeze your ass cheeks and hope for the best cause most smell sh*t lol. Love the sting right! Revelation is here...

  53. I bet its something to do with sulfer taking out population lol.

  54. Never Underestimate the Shills; And Don't Ignore Them:

    The "Shill" pattern on here and other world wide public forums regarding this topic is interesting. I read with great interest their in-put and look into every point they make. And, I pay close attention to the timing upon which they enter these thoughtful public conversations. Shame is their primary weapon whether it is blatant or not -mostly they start out "kind and gentle" then move into passive aggressive (where they prefer to hold it) and then into down right nasty when they are consistently told by the writers they're wrong and why. They are more transparent than a jelly fish - even more transparent than their dirty sky trails. Would we ignore a jelly fish....nope - too dangerous to ignore a jelly fish. Don't make the mistake of ignoring these writers either. They are practicing deceptions first in writing. Later, they will produce a nerdy Point Dexter fake scientist who has the Charisma of a politician (take your pick from that type Cast) who will publicly but politely discredit you to your face through the protective media. Don't ignore these people; for every nonsense fake science justification they make, these disinformations must be systematically answered, recorded and available for world wide public debates which are coming People; they are coming.

  55. I suggest there are weed seeds as well. Billions of dollars in profit as consumers attempt to rid landscape. We are taught nature spreads weeds...and we believe it. Yes, some. But seriously, why no spontaneous appearances of desired plants?

  56. Its not just climate control is population control criminals

  57. Its here in Scotland :( every day ...I see younger people dying from CANCER AND SEPSIS WEIRD VIRUSES ....the people carrying out these crimes against humanity are incredibly STUPID

    1. Do you have systematic and patterned spraying in Scotland?

      For example; do they spray just before a weather system and do they criss cross each other's spray to concentrate in an area before moving on to another assigned grid? We live in the US - in the Rocky Mountains. They are spraying the hell out of these mountains with a pattern of regularity. I am retired so have all kinds of time to watch patterns formulate.

    2. My mother died of at 45 and I had my family do to cancer. I know many people had died from cancer in their early 40s, this really is on purpose and with the only desire of killing humanity!

  58. This is occuring everywhere with increased levels of aluminum, barium and strontium making the soils change pH making crop yields decrease. Look at Monsanto, GMO and Roundup. All about the money and power while decreasing the life expectancy. This is all tied together. If it seems wrong it probably is. Don't let others make you feel stupid. You are not. This is real.

  59. It was done again yesterday over Ontario Canada watched them do it cant see the sun this morning

    1. William,
      Are there any Politicians in your Country who are/have acknowledged the spraying?

  60. Over the past year (2018) the intensity of aerosol atmospheric spaying has overwhelming increased. No more blue skies over N J. It's distressing to see the relentless aircraft spaying the sky all day. This is insanity. Its not hard to imagine that we are close to the end of life on Earth as we know it.

    1. I live in brick. I see the jets nearly everyday hazing the blue sky. I call Representative Kim. The person that took my call said "it's only Chem trails" and if I was concerned I should submit an email. Any ideas on how to stop the insanity?

    2. They spray beautiful Arizona 24/7 HEAVILY, it’s a devastating tragedy!! ?

  61. I'm in Ohio and they do this to us every morning and 3 hours later a white hazy sky appears fully. I just tried contacting the mayor to see if he has an answer, and got a quick " I don't think so, let me take your number. I'M NOT BLIND Mr. Mayor. I have children. I am sick of this. It has to end before we destroy are earth more and more everyday. Are children are counting us c to survive!

    1. Everyday the jets are spraying the sky over NJ. What can we do to stop this madness

  62. It's real big time! I live in Missouri, pretty much everyday they are spraying, some days really heavy. Since the first of the year we have only had 2 full days of sun! I'm keeping track of our weather. Tons of rain, and very heavy clouds. Everything is gonna rot at this rate. So if you don't believe they are doing it too control population, there is no hope for you! Every day somebody I know or my family,or friends know is getting cancer. Everybody is foggy in the head, nose barely dripping, dizziness, etc. They are holding the heat in, in the summer. I could go on and on, but this is killing people, trees, animals, so wake the hell up people!

  63. Its real but its also true not all are chemtrails. The sign if chemtrail is huge number of aircrafts are required to modify weather.

    In India i notice some days huge number of jets go and weather becomes different. This aircraft traffic then disappears. What kind of activity is this? occasional airshow, war practice, extraordinary number of people travelling or too much cargo?

    1. I count 4 to 6 unidentified aircraft hazing the sky over NJ. They are not military or commercial passenger jets. It's weird and depressing. We need to a movement to stop the insanity. However no politicians want to be denounced as a crackpot for investigating "chemtrails".

  64. Thank you so much for all the information, finally I know what it is they are dumping on us. Now to know who is doing it and let everyone know so we can stop it. Thank you for all your work.

    1. Let me know who contact to resist .

  65. If the crosshatching seen in the sky here is MO is “normal” wouldn’t it be there everyday, as we have regular aircraft going to and fro all the time? I see it every once in a while, not everyday!

    1. I think no one is telling the facts. I have a friend who monitors ham radio and he said every time there is a large crisscross contrail pattern, the chatter at Mc Dill soars. He believes the checkerboard pattern is somehow related to a heightened security risk.... I read somewhere, and it might be all lies, that certain chemicals are sprayed to somehow increase the ability to detect objects, substances or communications. After 9/11 I saw these pretty regularly. Recently, hardly any, so I was surprised when I woke up today to see a checkerboard sky..wonder what is REALLY happening in this world.

    2. Them chemtrails have visible for a decaids or so.. I also noticed these chemtrails are smudging out the somewhat visible solar coresl that's the real reason for spraying...to hide them from the public

  66. Dropping Aluminum, boron etc on California since 2010 was not only unhealthy for the people, but also made our homes and forests more flammable. They drove the famers off the land by cutting off water; the will burn the rest of us out of our homes.

  67. Chemtrails = nano bromium = droughts!

    Chemtrails = flammable materials ie nano particulates of aluminum saturating the forest = more intense forest fires

    Droughts + flammable materials = more intense forest fires!

  68. The chem trails are for injecting nano particles (Morgellon's disease) into everyone. The nano junk forms in all parts of your body especially all areas of the brain. With what they have in the sky as far at satellites and AI involved all of it communicates with each other and allows "root access" if you will, to the conductor. Stimulating if your hungry for something while shopping for food allowing the product to be purchased would be one example. Or just the one in charge of this happens to be married to a large woman and if anyone says "fat" they are damned. So "fat" simply gets written out of all dialect. Right when your thinking of saying it, its rerouted to something else and eventually would not even need to be addressed anymore. Lots of money involved in the whole thing obviously. Pharmaceuticals, etc. They use your eyes as the way to get your bio, or "ping" you. This all new wonderful white light or halogen is the way they prefer or maybe even have a need to for it to work. Perhaps to fully upload a program to the nano crap in you on standby. Havent got details on that yet but its definitely not the only way they use. It just seems to me that they are thinking as far as effectiveness. Their lengthy routines they have outlined is what has me thinking this. Its maybe the primary way but not only way. Its only the beginning. The talk of the "144,000" is part of their war strategy. Distraction and "dumbing" down. They are people that would see the nonsense and whichever group of people or internet game or chat room or whatever they had going for them, they were flagged as a threat. AI says so. Being a targeted individual for whatever reason they have told everyone to participate, these people also deny everything your all discussing and even if they admitted it, your consent isn't an issue. With these new tactics(patriot act), something went wrong. this should be to better us and not ruin the core of who we all are or represent. This thought alone should have been more than enough reason to ever allow such negative actions to occur. So many "cooler" things could have been done. Its been over ten years for me and all I can say is I am one. They are many. Lots of years have passed and I have changed nothing as far as my thoughts or feelings on any subject that has came about. They just choose to waste their time and efforts, as many. They think mind control consists of putting someone in a situation that cannot be avoided and making someone choose with the choices being all in their favor. Well officially I suppose it could be considered "primitive" mind control but saying its complete control or anything at that level is a joke. More like top notch grades K-6. WiFi altering DNA, perhaps, but the new DNA would never be working DNA. LOL. Therefore making a mess is more tuned for the subject. Human DNA via WiFi. Hope they stocked up on routers on E-Bay. Even with Nano injection and anything else brought into the picture its still an outside source creating for another outside source. Once that is gone, its back to reality, life, teaching ones own, etc. If running out ones time on the planet is set as a fallback plan, like I said, I am one. They are many, gray haired, now wrinkly, some even dead since this started. I am one. Which by the way it sounds like just another arrogant move made by the power invested. So arrogant that one would think its just some foreign third world close-minded/simple minded buffoon up to bat :) Enough of that, here in Mesa,az they launch a fake Moon at about 6:00pm nightly into the sky. A projection, hologram, balloon, whatever the hell it is. One reason being is to have that light over the town to be able to ping all night at will. These people are very serious about this and seam to get personally offended when discussing the situation. Just because the flaws and comments exist after every intelligent sentence I'm assuming. That was one other small reason i left out above on thinking why they seem to take the lights as their entry point. Gaining control of whoever or whatever they want with the current amount of Nano-Tech over us, in us, under us, etc. The future is scary. 5G WiFi, whatever the hell that's going to do. My thoughts are since they know their weakness is the DNA attempts through WiFi, they are beefing it up. The are getting better people. Tuning their system. Exterminating their weaknesses. Our food supply is completely compromised, look it up. There is a Youtube clip on 20-30 major food suppliers in the USA and the rest of the world not putting Nano in the ingredients or labels. Your poultry,dairy,breads all exposed. Lowering prices so EVERYONE buys it and becomes polluted. Hi-End is covered as well. Organic is farthest from the name. Notice how all your fruits are enormous like some kinda Costco membership amenity. Ive seen Trader Joes the same way. Hydroponics isnt to blame as this was main stream for some time and the fertilizer is the same (at its best and has been) for years. The increase in yields are the nano injection methods that are taking place. Soil or without. Organic :( . So many subjects to cover. This is the true mark of the beast. We are all tagged and have been for some time. Consideration is the past. The story is right in front of us now. Its a great thing to see people concerned about our plants and wildlife. I just would like to add; be aware of yourselves. Consider the future and what your children will have to go through if we don't start now. They may have no a chance to rise out above this mess in the shadows.

    1. Thank you for this. The Vegas sky is so full of them today, more than ever before. Way too much to say in this forum but all I can say is I’m ultra sensitive to the seasons and the sun, and I feel like our beautiful sun is being being destroyed and villianized when it has so many healing answers. Everyone will think we are crazy and that’s fine but I do know how I feel and I have to fight with every fiber to stay positive and hope love and awareness somehow prevail


    1. You are bang on, Brother! How to be.

  70. California is the elites main target for the on slot of chemical trais you see we here in California feed the world with our many fruits and vegetables if you wanted to kill let say over 6billon people taking away there air and killing there environment would really be a good start and right in front of our faces it's so sad but I feel when the people finally realize what is happening and decided to try to do something about it IT WILL BE TO LATE

  71. It's sad that people are so cought up in just there lives that they don't even take the time to just stop what they are doing and just take a really good look around if one really wants the truth they can find it but the don't they would Rather just believe what they are told by the as media that is controlled by the very same elite evil people who is doing it to us in the first place and all I here from people is 'what a beautiful day " 80degrees in the middle of October when in fact it is anything but beautiful what they are doing and they beeing the elite evil so called people of the earth (Is killing our trees one of the most important living thing on this planet)you see the seasons are not for us it's a natural cycle that has been taking place on this planet long way way long time about 4billon years long with the killing of the one most important thing to us on this planet in order to survive (the trees) we can not go on living with out them . remember the trees and plants where the very first living organism on this planet they were first cuz the trees had to absorb the bad gases out of the air and fill the planet with oxygen we only exist because of them

    1. Exactly. Thank you for seeing.

  72. You people are addicted to fear, chem trails would be easily proven but yet all the evidence is hear say and “eye witness” testimony from people engaged in pseudo science

    1. Your a fool!Open your eyes a jet trail is a small tail the chemical trails go all the way across the sky and then spreads open!Its you who are the fool!

    2. They bring up a pretty good point. Stratospheric injection is said to stay up for atleast 6 months to a year and a half. Whatever they are spraying now comes down in 72 hours.

    3. You are going to get exactly what you have chastised others for noticing the obvious extreme changes that are occurring on a daily basis.

  73. We must all ban together to fight Geoeningernening.
    & put a stop to those behind it.
    & GOD*Bless Us All

    1. Here it is after Christmas & the same thing has happened as every other year. Around Christmas time and Thanksgiving when they know that a lot of people are going to be out and about breathing in the air they start spraying chem trails and then about a week after Christmas everybody has the flu. Now if you really think that the chemtraild spraying in us getting bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiole infections and the flu. The hospital was so full of people with the flu today it makes you wonder what the stuff is in the sky that were being sprayed with.

    2. If we can't go after our Millitary for what they are doing to our Mother Earth & Her Air.
      Then if we can go after them news reporters for lying to us all this time. I bet that would make the top of the news I get some real ride tension to this matter.

  74. In California the spraying of who knows is being done at night.

    I observe on hours on end. I have categorically distinguished variable naturally night sky horizons to those that raise the hairs on my body and irritate my throat.

    The newly replaced PG&E neighborhood street lights will dim and shift to a slightly upward position.

    This is to mask the haze of the sprayed "chemical" which is clearly evident to one that has a sharp vision, keen for details and time to observe, not glance.

    One can witness the entire 10-15 blocks of neighborhood completely pitch black with only house lit and streets lit by passer bys of driving vehicles.

    The sky quickly turns from a blue starred gazing panorama to a noticeable hazy grey above the pitched black horizon.

    The haze is followed by a stinge in the air that is obviously a smell of some chemical. As I smoke a cigarette, my throat reacts to the irritable inhaled toxins.

    There is no doubt what I see and the affect it has on me. Im appaulled and dumb founded the public is blinded by such nightly activity.

    1. I have been trying to educate select people about the same thing. I have been highly unsuccessful...??️?? Dragons ???.??.....

  75. I just keep seeing it. I live in New Jersey.

  76. I see alot of trees that have silver bark and they are being cut down all around where l live, plus I have a metallic taste in my mouth at all times. They spray the sky here pretty much every day. This video was produced in 2010, it is now 2018!!! And nothing has been done about it ? ? so sad.. Everyone must do there share ? or if not, you are part of the problem. Too much greed in this world. TOO MUCH! IT should start with meetings in the churches around the world, not just about the money ?. As caretakers of this planet earth we have a responsibility to protect it. Properly. Enough is enough ?

    1. I am seeing silver bark on our trees too. They certainly arent producing as many leaves either. The metallic taste in your mouth sometimes.......I have had that a few times as well.

    2. Let get organized. Are there any leaders in government? I don't see anyone that would even acknowledge this is unproductive and foolish . Any ideas?

  77. Anyone that does not believe in chemtrails is is either very stupid or a government tool what is surprising to me you can watch the Chemtrails being sprayed all day over my home in Central Indiana but then the next day there's planes and there's no chemicals so what are they doing turning their engines on and off if it's supposedly plane exhaust? You have to be the most naive person in the world to think the government would not spray us without our consent even president Trump made it one of his policies before election to eliminate chemtrails this is one policy has failed on it's too bad we are being poisoned every single day of the year and paying for it with our taxes and if you don't believe me you're a fool

    1. Amen to that!! Coriander helps to cleanse most of the heavy metals out of your body...

    2. We need a change in leadership. Let's just admit Republicans are a problem. We need real leadership. Choose leaders that will not kill you to satisfy their greed for power. We are better than this.

    3. Both parties suck and this is all part of agenda 2030.

    4. It s not Trumps fault ok So Stop that now

      I reported this in NE Az in 2001
      Everybody thought I was nuts

      Now what I want to know if everywhere is geyting sprayed Where do tbe people live that are doing this ??
      They have to live some where right !
      So are they getting poisoned also !

      How do they keep from getting sick

      N E Arizona is really getting bad
      Used to be only 12 days a month
      Now its 3 / 4 times a week alday long
      We need to keep journals
      On days of Chemtrails write it down
      Write down dates times and if the weather changed after be it rain or snow or wind ?
      Keep notes pictures
      Write down when a Normal blue sky appears and when date etc
      If a normal day no chems write down temp morning and night

      So if you all want to help start a journal we can gather our own data
      Please be as diligent

      Ps also write down if you got sick on those days if you went out side
      Like if your thoat feels thick or tired
      Please we can gather this information
      And Do something but we need these facts
      Thank you
      Also we have find out where on this earth they live because they must be getting sick etc also


  78. I wish I could say or do something positive about this all, but it has all been said in millions of comments around the globe online. Of course, if I wanted to actually do something about it, I would go to Geoengineeringwatch.org and get involved. But, I feel I have so much more to do than that, yet I also feel we are at war, very similar to the plight of Germany and the Jewish, helpless as they squirt our pure atmosphere with tons of aluminum (which I can taste in my mouth, and anyone with mercury fillings can taste, too, and my fair skin just burns in the sun, never tans anymore, just burns from UV Ray particles in excess from the obvious bouncing off the aluminum). I am just an organic farmer, and now, as soon as I am able, must change everything I do about farming to counteract the aluminum in the soil. May God Bless Us All and may we send Peace and Harmony Prayers to our evil wrongdoing brothers and sisters working, for some reason, for the “geoengineers” and their bosses. Please Mr Aerosol Plane Pilot understand you are making some bad actions spraying chemicals against the consent of the will of another, in due time, you will be sorry for your treachery.

    1. Here here! Soros must be standing in the thick of it cause that bast..d looks like a diseased mutant he is exuding all that evil out his pours and he is being eaten alive. GOD will make you pay for killing the Jewish, HIS ANOINTED.

    2. very informative and I wonder why any pilot would follow through with poisoning us.

  79. So for the last year I've been dealing with what they call these Nano threads that enter your body that's bad I have to deal with this on a daily basis I detox my body I have to do is crazy sh*t and I'm okay for a few days now where I can't even remember what I did yesterday. I am battling with demons. I am almost dead I think. My cat is lossi g his har also his fur is parking. I give up am barly live

  80. We are in 2018 and the consistent behavior of these maniacs are still going strong. First the earth warms up then they spray then it rains the next day. And the same goes day after day. I am sick of the government. I am sick of the weather. I am sick of the cold. Lord help us.

    1. I’m here in West Virginia it starts to get cold and they come and spray and then it gets warm 50 or 60 degrees. They need to be stopped. The government needs to be shut down for good no more spraying our skies or anything no more Chemtrails. My son has a cough that he can’t get rid of. I have President Trump makes these Chemtrails stop. They are making global warming. Like I said it gets cold here they spray our sky And it feels like Texas. And text this is getting more snow so people wake up something is not right it’s what their spraying in our sky. You can’t even see the stars anymore

  81. To all the naysayers...explain one thing: why is this occurring in a grid or matrix pattern, and why does it disperse horizontally...that is not 'normal' exhaust from random jet planes flying from NY to LA.

    1. We can stop this. Let your leaders know that you are aware. They will dismiss your observations but keep on pointing what you see. Maybe they will see this is a poor solution to climate change. But can we just admit that Republicans are more supportI've of Georgia engineering andesign fossil fuels than democrates.

  82. To the ones who think these are jet engine exhaust, do mf’s be able to cut off their engines in mid air, I’ve seen this with my own eyes. They cut the trail off and on, also I’ve seen them spraying and then another plane without s trail, which kills your theory of atmospheric conditions bring right to show the exhaust trail . epic fail on your part. Dk

  83. Thanks Christo, if people were not so lazy - they can find all sorts of photos, documentaries, and testimonies from all the people including military personnel who are ordered to spray this crap on those they are sworn to protect.

    The doctors who have to treat the flight crews are even now coming forward in an attempt to raise awareness of this atrocity.

    For all the documentary bashers:

    The last place I would look for the truth is from any government. They did not want you to know about it in the first place... think they're just going to say: yes we admit we did this without asking the voters how they might feel about it?

    Look up monsantos patent for growing crops in soil contaminated with high aluminum concentrations. I guess they just spend millions in development just in case aluminum concentrations in soil suddenly skyrocket for no apparent reason.

    Most of this nano-particulate is from toxic coal-ash because after the failed " Let's put wind generators everywhere" green project. More coal is used now due to being the only viable back-up system for wind generation. The coal-ash is free, they just add a few more goodies to it for population control. This is Human crop-dusting.

    Shipped from coal generation plants by train-car to airport. Lots of photos and videos showing the whole process you did not vote for, then you complain there is no evidence of the entire process because you're too dam lazy to look it up.

    People invested a great deal of their time, and put themselves at severe risk to try to inform you and help you to begin to put a stop to this.

    Your response to lazily barf all over them simply reflects your wealth of ignorance. In the end; it will be your undoing. Keep waving that flag, I'm just trying to survive, and compile all the overwhelming evidence that you are in fact being sprayed.

    First documentation of chemtrails came online 15 years ago, but I guess you were still in diapers then, because you are not old enough to know what a deep blue sky looks like either.

    A flag in one hand, and your little penis in the other... how long have you worked flipping burgers now? lol

    Any other UNEDUCATED statements you want to make?

    Barium by the way is a radio active isotope, but since some of the high school drop outs in here think it is harmless: perhaps they should pour some on their cereal.

    Look up the word spatula, if you're not already using one; it will become a big part of your future in your next career move, it is your destiny. I can't save everyone. lol

    Maybee yer prowe foot-ball scollership dint werk owt du waye yoo plannded it. lol

    Before you yet again walk into another street lamp while looking down texting - try looking up at the sky, and put some thought (I'm trying to compliment you with the assumption you are capable of independent thought, although there is little evidence presented to convict you of such amazing feats) and let us know how evenly spaced streak clouds are formed in nature.

    I will enjoy your defensive lazy comments, as I enjoy the fact that the only viable purpose for your existence is to be at my disposal for my amusement.

    Yes, I will have an apple pie with that, thanks !

    1. It reminds me of agent orange aerosol spaying in Vietnam. All Vietnam Vets have been poison but agent orange including myself. Fight the power.

  84. A little bit of global warming never hurt anything though.. more heat = more life and uncovered snowy continents that dinosaurs once roamed about on xD. Besides any depletion of anything will rejuvinate in due time. ITS NOT LIKE WERE ALL GONNA DIE FROM SOMETHING ELSE OTHER THEN THIS EVENTUALLY OR EVEN SOON OR RANDOMLY :O. Such vags. We live and we die, and sure this might not be a right thing for them to be doing IF they are doing it but is it really going to fuck you up that bad? The answer is no no it is not. Unless you like eating dirt in certain areas maybe it will.

    1. Here in the UK it's virtually constant spraying every day, one of the effects must be to make us all dumb, nobody seems to care that we are being slowly poisoned to death!

  85. People are retarded. Believe what you want. Government officials have confessed that they are spreading this shit in the air, you breath it what do you think happens? It all moves to a safe place, the clouds filter it. Haha. People have collected it, this is not a new thing. Look at our history of how corrupt this world is. Please just research for yourself. Im sure everyone would love to think that the world is perfect.

    1. Dump Trump and the Republican Bums. We need intelligent leaders.

  86. Aluminium is 100% bad for lungs and the health and longevity of humans and other living creatures. They ( Whoever they are)are creating warming not cooling the reflection of the metals. Bounce UV Rays back many times from the clouds to the earth in effect creating a global warming. The misuse of nanotech for this application is absurd. All points verify agendas not as good but bad. One thing is for sure just because they are at the top of the money pyramid does not make it beneficial in fact just the opposite. It is a shame that in the long run, they (The top percenters)will die them self and leave a legacy for their offspring that they are not equipped to navigate. If all is dead they themselves will die. The simplest things in life the sun on your face a deep breath of fresh air is the richest gifts anyone can be bestowed. Health, Love, and Happiness.

    1. No more blue skies in NJ. We are in real trouble.

  87. This is feb of 2018. They are spaying all over stanislaus and sanjoaquin valley. Cosistintly. Im not a conspiracy theorist. But just 2 weeks i looked at weather for tracy and said 3 days rain 2 days sunny then 6 days rain. In that time we had a night of a few sprinkles. And now weather says all clear. So my question is how did almost 9 days worth of rain just vanish from the ca. Valley. And now now newspapers are printing we are having a dry spell. We are just asking for the truth what is going on. People need to work together to solve a problem.

    1. Yeah I looked at the weather yesterday and it said two days of snow in West Virginia, they sprayed the skies, and now it says going to be 50°. They are making global warming t yeah I looked at the weather yesterday and it said two days of snow in West Virginia, they sprayed the skies, and now it says going to be 50°. They are making global warming with these chemtrails. Wake up people. The pallets that are doing this for the government Remember you were breeding this to you. Please President Trump stop them from doing this anymore , they are ruining our weather. Global warming is false please President stop them from spraying the sky Global warming Is a false flag. They are trying to make global warming.

  88. these internet agents trying to troll people in comments but not all are brain dead like they are if these trails hang around for 2 hours and u gonna tell me I’m seeing things ? Today started as clear day I’m driving truck Arizona toward Cali and literally it’s littered with planes and so called contrail that sky turned from blue to white

  89. The Congress Men and Woman don't look they really care about this problem, but in the long run the spraying will effect their family too, if the spraying effect human health.

  90. Think of it this way, their are fireworks in every city in america, on the 4th of july and new years, can you see the fireworks from the next town over? No maybe hear it off in the distance... but doesnt light up your sky.

  91. I hear people talking about how there now trying to use chemtrails not only for that geoengineering there reporting on, but to go as far as to block out our sight to the sky for some reason or another, in what way is this even remotely possible?! How many fly overs would it take to lay a "checkerboard" pattern in the sky? no multiply that by every angle that people are viewing from >..< so your talking hundreds of thousands of locations they would need to run this "checkerboard" pattern, just in the USA!! So some people think that they are spraying the skies with this checkerboard pattern not only in the USA but around the entire world?! How much fuel would they have to waste to pull this off? And how many planes do they have in this massive fleet? Yeah im just done hearing this psychobabble and the fact that these people are talking with each other and spreading there nonsense they need to be rounded up and locked in a rubber room with no internet access or outside contact. Hell just do us all a favor and lobatmise them.

    1. I’m sorry you are not correct Kyle. Who do you work for? Come to California. Drive out to a nice spot in Vallejo and watch all the Air Force plans taking off from Travis Air Force base and spewing out Chemtrails that Never dissipate.

    2. Or you could just read Wikipedias claim that All modern jet aircraft do not produce contrails. There is no such thing as contrails anymore. We are being lied to. Top secret understand? Plus The US states that they will completely control the weather by 2025. How can you postulate that unless you already doing it and experimenting every day?

  92. If they are just "vapors", then why are there photographs of chemicals tanks seen on aircrafts with no passengers?

  93. I thought my brother was Wacko, but Yes , the more you research it , the more you find it ain't no joke. There is a Fed-Ex jet video cam (you tube) where there are supposed to be no Planes in the area. They almost hit the fed-ex jet, like 2 jet flying opposite way clearly spraying large fumes, watch it for yourself. Even jet pilots say condensation clears quickly. Then go research HAARP for yourself, it's REAL. The government is not your friend. Watch Kevin Shipp on you tube, ex CIA whistleblower, he ain't doing it for the money. The more you learn the more you know, see ionispheric heaters , they exist. 3 bad hurricanes in 1.5 weeks this year in Carribean, Houston floods, Puerto Rico destroyed, wake up folks, something is UP !

    1. The name of the video is TWO CHEMTRAIL TANKER JETS ALMOST COLLIDE WITH FED-EX COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT. Very interesting conversation from the pilot. The also see a third plan that is in their flight path.

  94. I love chemtrails. They are like art in the sky and you never know what new pattern you will see next. The idea that there might be something bad in them is pretty hard to believe. I mean scientists make all these substances and scientists and science is always the greater good. Scientists are people of the highest moral character and would never do anything to harm us for mere money or prestige. Not possible. Now go back to sleep.

  95. I'm not convinced on the chem trails yet from the many things I've read and watched. So I can't support or deny them as being engineered for some nefarious reason. Two things I think people should be more concerned about for their immediate well being are:

    1. Are you old enough to remember all the news about tumors and cancer being caused by cell phones in the 80s and 90s? Did you know that the technology hasn't changed to somehow prevent or shield us from these same detrimental affects? Or that the threat has never been downgraded and is still held as a serious threat by the WHO? The technology just became so integrated into our lives that people no longer report on the fact that the cellphones, pads, laptops that we use every day are also vastly increasing our chances of cancer and tumors. Why do you think pancreatic, intestinal, prostate and cervical cancers are on the rise in the past decades? Where do most people put their phones? Right next to these locations in their pant pocket all day every day. The very technology we have become so inseparable from is killing us slowly.

    And the number 2. greatest threat, Agriculture. There have been studies recently that show that the abnormal early development, and youth obesity in girls, and an increase in obesity and effeminate nature in boys is directly connected to the meat people are consuming. And no, it's not hormones fed to the animals. It's their treatment and death. The studies show that animals that are kept and killed in terror release specific chemicals into their meat. These specific chemicals released due to prolonged fear, when metabolized by the people that consume them, cause a spike in estrogen production in humans. So the way industrial farmers keep and process the meat they feed the masses is causing this phenomena. But the greatest means by which they are destroying people is GMO's. Back in their inception these foods where supposed to the "cure for world hunger" they were supposed to bring food prices down and make it available the world over. Instead, they produce masses of plant product to just feed an ever expanding meat market. The prices have continued to rise rather than decrease or stabilize. While much of that meat and extra produce is all just going to waste. They would rather throw it in the garbage than sell it for less. In the United States alone, 40% of all agricultural products go into the waste and rot. Some of Monsanto's corn product was shown to cause infertility in men, but they got around taking it off the market by saying that it was for animal consumption rather than human. But still much of this feed stock was detected in human supply that was tested. Vegetable Oil is actually mixed waste oils that they would have to pay money to dispose of, but instead they decided it'd be better to use human bodies as waste disposal. Vegetable oils contain oils taken from cotton seed. Cotton isn't considered a food product, so they are able to use any herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides on the cotton, but these chemicals have been detected in high concentrations in vegetable oils. The list of food crime s is massive, and believe me they aren't found in the fridges of those who produce them. Monsanto employees demanded their canteen provide only organic produce, because they know the poisons they sell aren't fit for human consumption. Now, to try and hide the crimes that are linked to their name, Monsanto is selling out to Bayer, the producers of Aspirin. The same Bayer that knowingly took HIV tainted drug products that the FDA had caught them selling to Americans, and sold them overseas until they were caught peddling the HIV virus tainted products to Europe. They knew that the fines and lawsuits would be less than the fortune they could lose by having to just destroy the product, so they willingly infected people for their bottom line. These are the real monsters, with real proven acts of atrocity and worst yet is that the governments protect them. Obama pushed forward the Monsanto protection act, that basically made Monsanto above the law for a duration during his presidency. Members of the FDA retire from government work into high paying positions in the Monsanto corporation.

    I boycott any products that I know come from the USA, even their organic and non-gmo products have shown traces of tampering now. And there have been lawsuits in the USA and Canada against non-GMO farmers that have had their crops infected by GMO pollin drift. So basically farmers that didn't want Monsanto's products are getting sued by Monsanto for having their crops polluted by the neighboring farmers using Monsanto products. They're slowly destroying anything that isn't GMO. They're spending tens of millions to keep the government from forcing them to label products as GMO. They're spending tens of millions more to get European farmers to force their governments to allow GMO products to be grown overseas. So far the Europeans have been smart enough to keep the US corporations from polluting their soil with their products. They that control the food supply, control the world. We will all be nothing but slaves if they day comes when all food is the intellectual property of utterly unscrupulous corporations. This is war, the only war that matters. Americans have already lost, and they've rolled over on their backs cowering in fear of the corporations that own every single inch of them. Don't let this be you next.

    1. He who owns the seeds owns the world. Everyone should buy some heirloom seeds. Its like gold. Monsanto wants to take down the farmer that doesnt use their products. I saw videos of a crop being burned in france because of evil gmo blow over. Thanks for your post!

  96. right now in Spartanburg sc eastmain street starts in the morning and has those rainbow effects by mid day like four almost every day

  97. To try and understand chemtrails and how anyone could be getting away with them, you have to try and understand who the dominant figures in the world are and how much power they have. When in control of the worlds goverments, currency, media etc. There is not much you can not do!

    To people asking how they do it, I have seen leaked pictures of inside the planes, all seats are removed and replaced with metal barrels/kegs with hoses running off them and somehow spraying whatever is in them out, I should think its activated on a button when in the air.

    I cant tell you 100% that it is happening , but I can tell you not to just dismiss the idea like @Waldo and make your minds up for yourself, after all anything is possible.

    As for science, I dont get how they can come out with all these 'facts' when science is based on theory?? Confusing.. And how can they have facts about space? Nothing in space is relative to anything on earth

    1. Science is not *based* on theory. Definition: "Science is bringing order out of chaos." The result of the scientific method is *FACT.* Fact or 'truth' are also illusive items these days. However, even as the dawn of human civilization occurred, facts or truth were determined by witness, much as they are in today's court of law. One might say, "It must be true if so many people have seen it with their own eyes, and have honestly related what they've seen!" Oh boy... *Honesty.* As a social race, we humans used to actually VALUE honesty. For now, it seems a quaint tradition from the 'old days' when people could actually trust on another and what they said.
      Truth: The U.S. government is participating in the spraying of airborne chemicals that harm nearly every form of earthly life - That is a FACT. It is not the worst fact about our government or society. The worst thing is that the entire human race has been lied to, and the majority of them, they are believing it!
      For YOUR education, EVERYTHING in space is relevant to Earth, even things that are hundreds or even thousands of light years away. All of the substances in your body were made inside of something called a 'Supernova' or a very large star exploding at the end of its life. It's the only way that elements like iron, (in your blood, for example), were ever created.
      Seek real truth and real knowledge!

  98. @Waldo you spelt quiet wrong :O

  99. Hey chemical trails are real and they make us sick they may even make people die 2016 year we lost lots of people i believe due to to much toxic crap in our air that the government is doing thats why if you ask them they will be like what ch you talking about Willis

  100. For decades, we have known that heavy metals and chemicals can cause grave physical harm. Going back to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring,” we have known and been amply warned of the serious consequences of using or being exposed to these poisons in our daily activities. Thousands of these are well-documented carcinogens.

  101. Since money is the motivation of our failure of a system,disseminating motives is as easy as saying"it's good for buisiness,let's not forget our U.S. GNP is comprised of war and healthcare

  102. Funny I came across this documentary because I was actually looking for information on a specific job description. You people want to know more about this? Maybe you should look into or ask crop duster pilots who also take jobs doing chemtrails ....... I found out about this because I wanted to know what they were talking about when discussing a particular job. Just ask some crop duster pilots and you will find that it is true. The problem with Americans is that most will not look into the topic, they will just call BS on anything. Like I said do your research and ask the right people. You will find that it is indeed real.

  103. I was a kid in the 60's, and used to lay on my back in Nebraska watching the jets overhead and the trails they left. So to say they are new, is totally incorrect. "but how do you explain the abundance of aluminum in the soil/air/etc" .... I don't believe there was as much aluminum in use as there is now... not as much recycling of aluminum (grinding it up and such, which would release some to the air as well as the soil)... but hey, if you all want to believe some stupid conspiracy thing, that's your prerogative...

    1. What is WRONG with you?!

  104. What has to happen to open your eyes, Is to lose our world to greed. People we are really really behind , My thought s we are being fooled lied too . Control the people control the world control the news . They are far far ahead chemically biologically controlling the elements that give us life , water sky , air , light. Greed and control weather. And on top of that they feel like gods , thinking they are gods until they fall . Its all about Controlling the stupid.

  105. If you study the technical drawings of a B-1 bomber, such as drawn by Flight International and other top aviation magazines, you will find a small tank in the fuselage used to store CFCs. These are (or were) used to inject CFC into the engine exhaust when in a contrail environment over enemy territory, to stop the trail developing and giving the bomber's position away visually. This is the ONLY chemical used in flight and only then in extremis. Any visual trails are ordinary contrails (con = condensation, so water vapour). It is difficult to get more information about any air force's use of CFC in this way, unless someone fancies trying a freedom of information request. Since I saw this drawing many, many years ago, CFCs have become world news in global warming, have been banned from aerosols and fridges, and so on, so their use in bombers would be highly contentious now. But as for a conspiracy to spray metals, oh please, come on! This would involve every airline in the world as no airliner can avoid making trails. An 11 year old taking school chemistry knows the cause of these trails.

    1. What part of "crisscrossing" and "horizon to horizon" do you NOT understand?!

  106. History show that the masses are usually kept in the dark. That said I thought 15 or so years ago that a better solution to global warming might have been build a 3 mile high conduit near the north pole & release sulfer - at least that wouldn't leave heavy metals in our air/water/soil. Who in Ireland approved this?

  107. These trails are different from con trails. They do not dissipate. Con trails do. I do ont understand the people who insist that they are condensation. Condensation evaporates. So if you are a chem trail denier, I insist you are either blind, ignorant or a shill.

    1. Let me know what political leader I can contact. I have experienced indifference and denial in government. This insanity must be checked.

  108. I see very few even know why the jets create these clouds, yws they are clouds. Just like clouds nature makes some are very short lived and some last a long time and spread over a larger area making them near transparent.

  109. I don't understand why people find this hard to believe. You know.. is it because our government has always been forthright .. right.

    1. I found political and government agencies deny or marginalize "Chem trials". How can we protest this abuse when leaders and much of the populace areally not concern. Let's organize.

  110. Yeah..how convenient..blame it all on made up s*** like 'chemtrails' and the like when your all killing yourselves anyway. Why SHOULD your government respect you? You need babying? Keep popping them out

  111. I been noticing these for the passed 5 years

  112. For people who wear tin hats.

    1. The average American is not College Educated. The average American has only self interest at heart. The average American has been taught since preschool to follow and accept whatever Government says as the sole and absolute truth. So, when that average American becomes an adult, real and valid and proven truths will not be accepted. This type of programming of the masses of people here in America has been ongoing form many generations. We have learned to accept, and not really question anything at all. The surprising thing is that over the years I have come to see the average college graduate has no more education, and understanding about the life they are leading than a person who comes here from another country has understanding basic English. I may not be college educated, however I am not asleep in my life insomuch that I don't have a clue as to the realities of the horror show that is continuing to be perpetuated on us here in America. Getting us sick, and keeping us sick is what brings in the money. I once saw a newscast asking a customer if she would mind if the price of gasoline went to $5.00 per gallon? Her response was " Oh no, I don't mind if they really need the money"! I was floored!! Doesn't she even care to have a clue as to who is making the profits off of those gas sales?! If anyone knows "and please, don't say my local congressman, they do nothing if they aren't going to make a profit" who we should be contacting to really and truly make some of these horrible things come to an end, please let me know, and I will
      write and or e mail them too! I too got sick of the chemical taste in the burgers at McDonalds, and smelling it in the air everytime they do that chemcloud spraying! So while I wait for the $8,000 dental appointment to get the mercury removed from my mouth, and wait for my immune system to try and recover from all of the autoimmune disorders that the heavy metals, and the gluten (due to the man made modified protein in wheat) have done to me, I guess I can continue to wait for help getting pointed into the right direction as in who to contact that could really make a difference! Thank you

    2. Great piece thank you!!!

    3. No one but you can make the difference my friend!
      And I salute you for an excellently written comment, you nailed it.
      Take care and don`t give up, we`re gonna make it! :)

  113. One thing hindsight is good for is highlighting mainstream's poor track record for accepting hindsight when it's happening before we see the body bags stacking up. I wonder if the people living in Germany around the concentration camps wondered what was up. That there was unusual smoke. What's that awful smell? Could it be? No, it couldn't possibly be true. They would tell us if that was what was happening. It's not people being burned. Who would do that? Why? Maybe the questioners were called conspiracy theorists and nuts back then, too. I don't know. Nor did science. Or scientists. Maybe there were scientists who chimed in saying there's no proof just scare tactics by alarmists. Show me the studies proving that the smoke and smell are from incinerated people. Would you have sided with the conspiracy theorists, the nut jobs believing the buildings with chimneys were actually crematoriums? How about with asbestos? Scientists and doctors confidently stated it was safe. DECADES passed as did many people before their time. Would you have been on the right side of asbestos when it was happening? How about DDT? Have you seen the public service announcements from the time, one showing a picnic table of kids eating their lunch in a fog of DDT sprayed right on them? See how safe it is? How about cigarettes? Four out of five doctors smoke Camels. Ashtrays on the tables at the AMA meetings filled to the rim with the butts from the free packs of cigarettes handed out at the tobacco company booths right outside their meeting room. Smoking must be safe if the experts on health do it. Science at the time said it was safe, too. It took decades before vitamin C was finally accepted as the cure for scurvy. Millions were dying despite the answer being right there. Native americans knew to crush evergreen needles to cure what was wrong with the sailors. They didn't have lab coats. There was no placebo controlled double blind blah, blah, blah. And yet, they were right. Millions still died before it was accepted into the mainstream that it was a deficiency in Vitamin C that caused scurvy. How about the dangers of radiation? Certainly one of the most respected scientists of all times, the mac daddy of scientists - if that's all it takes to make something believable and true - as Madame Curie (known to carry test tubes of radium in her lab coat pocket), died from the very radiation that she emphatically claimed was so safe and effective it could even be used for acne! Shoe stores had X-ray machines and kids stuck their feet in front of it to see their bones. Isn't that cool! Totally safe. Wasn't just the fact that well respected scientist Madame Curie said it was true enough proof that it was safe? She would know, wouldn't she? Would you have been the quack who was sounding alarms against her and her totally safe product not letting your kids stick their feet in front of the cool X-ray machine? Would you have seen the hindsight when it was in front of you then? You sure that this chemtrail, contrail business isn't another hindsight moment in front of you and you can't see it? Do we cover ourselves up too willingly under the cozy blanket of scientific proof and respected experts at the expense of our lives? That is the question I'm interested in.

    1. We leaders not political hacks. We need organizers. I want to connect with others to protest this stupidity and get real solutions for combating climate change

  114. For me, it is enough to look at NASA/FAA/NOAA/EPA files on contrails,
    and how they describe chemtrails as contrails, and then look in the sky
    and see carefully orchestrated patterns and criss-crosses in repetitive
    formations across the sky which can only be interpreted as preplanned
    and pursuant of some sort of objective. If they were just contrails then
    what is with the overwhelming prevalence of them and especially the
    manner in which they seem carefully patterned?

    I will not deny
    that contrails and chemtrails may be difficult to discern from one
    another, and that yes, perhaps some chemtrails are often mistaken for
    contrails. But the fact remains the same: the patterns and residual
    atmospheric exhaust left in the wake of these flight paths, are too
    frequent and organized to be denied as a means to some sort of end. Just what is the end?

    teaches people proper logic. A lot of these organizations are saying
    that it is for the benefit of mankind and the aims are to control the
    weather and offset negative weather effects, and that these aims are
    logical deductions from the given facts. This may very well be true,
    however, is it the only aim of these operations? That is a question with
    high deniability, as they can always fall back on the "weather control"
    ticket. They can say: " These compounds being released in the
    atmosphere are for weather manipulation purposes only," however, they
    can use this claim as a red herring to draw attention away from other
    possible uses of the compounds. The fallacy however is that these facts
    are coming from humans, and humans are only as trustworthy as their
    reputation. Logic can be chopped. If people actually studied how
    "logical deduction" is carried out, they would see that a valid
    deductive argument may be based on fallacies, so long as the fallacies
    are consistent with the conclusion. Thus "these operations are for the
    purpose of beneficial weather manipulation" (conclusion) plus the
    premise of "such and such compounds released show such and such
    beneficial weather effects" (premise/evidence) may be combined to give a
    valid logical argument. However this argument is only as valid as the
    premises are true representations of fact. The facts we are dealing with
    are for determining MOTIVES. How do we determine logically consistent
    motives? Especially in such an eloquent liar as Man. Usually fallacies
    are proven wrong in "science" and this is due to "scientific laws" which
    can be tested. However, how do you disprove human motives? How do you
    test motives? Reputation may be a good start.

    So the issue is a
    matter of discerning how trustworthy these people and the organizations
    they are affiliated with are. We know that the airspace is regulated by
    the military for the most part. That right there is a red flag for me,
    especially in light of the various FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act)
    investigations and reports digging up covert operations by the
    government and it's affiliated intelligence organizations (with military
    funding) conducting "mind-control" experiments on various human
    populations without their consent. Another frightening factor is the
    vehemency with which these investigations are fought, and the exhumed
    "classified" documents resulting from them are buried and constantly
    postponed for declassification.

    The fact is that these sorts of
    documents would be indisputable proof of a government which has no
    respect for citizens constitutional rights, and which works
    surreptitiously to undermine these rights and cover up the violation of
    them. It gets more complicated when you connect the "global conspiracy"
    dots however. Ultimately, these people are the best of the best. The
    most trained and intelligent threat to mankind to have surfaced in a
    long time. The truth, is that they are constantly moving, constantly
    working and rearranging themselves. The truth is that unless you are or
    have been directly involved with them, the degree of your knowledge on
    their organization will be minimal at best. Even the people within this
    vast network are kept in the dark. Our only hope is to wake up and
    realize that THEY EXIST, and they DON'T LOVE US. And by the way, they
    are all human all the way, though they are augmented with a hidden
    scientific community which never rests. They don't hire, they breed
    their geniuses and plant them in society. They have the benefit of
    eluding genetic experimentation laws.

    1. So evidently, you know nothing about aviation. They are in a pattern because just like driving on a highway, airplanes follow pre-panned routes for navigation. They have intersections, entrance patterns, exits, etc, just like driving on an interstate. As a pilot, this is literally the dumbest s*it I've ever seen.

    2. I Believe the point he is trying to make is more important than the mere
      understanding of air traffic control. The "toxins", seen and documented
      by multiple commercial airliners, have been dumped on both regulated
      and non-regulated fly zones. Crafts that have no regard for commercial
      fly zones and don't even appear on radar. There is more than enough
      information discussed among individuals, with good intentions for the
      planet and the people who live on it, to know that something is not right. You can pretend that there really is no threat and all the "tinfoil hat wearing" theorists
      are just paranoid and delusional. Let me ask you this. If the holocaust
      was possible so many years ago, why wouldn't it be possible again with
      70 years of planning and technological advances? We should be so lucky
      to have a means of communication that is virtually instant. Before we
      are silenced on the web through censoring, we must spread awareness on
      what we understand about the health and well-being of the planet and
      it's inhabitants. It's time to break this cycle of entrainment of
      compliance. We have the numbers. It's time to take back the planet for
      the love of all humanity!

    3. Isaac are you either a Jet Pilot who flys this missions or your are in denial and are a sheople blinded and conditioned to be a complete blind moron.....Wake the hell up you jack-in-the-box.... LMAO

    4. What does "Sheople " mean out of curiosity?

    5. what a sock puppet


      "broken chemtrail pics" in google

      & check out the images
      then tell us all how chemtrails can instantaneously
      disappear & then a spit second or two later
      re-appear! Go sell your lies to the Scruffington post
      you Al Gore wannabe.... :-)

  115. I would not dismiss this issue as something benign! Our government no doubt is poisoning the air to eliminate us! I do not go outside anymore, just dash to my car and go where I have to go. Don't forget we have some really horrible people ruling in America now!

  116. The signs are all around us of major neurobiological upset, pan-species. More chronic human diseases, mass unexplained wildlife die-offs, some overnight. Why not have an open mind to the answers? These investigators are purely grass roots.
    There are facts which may or may not be related, but deserve consideration.

  117. In the documentary, there was few facts, but over all I had impression of somebody trying 'to make' me, emotionally, think that there is an issue. I don't like that.

    1. If you cannot be convinced through logic, then people will always try it through emotion.

    2. Maybe the reason emotion was used is because the average American has been so "dumbed down" they don't even know how to do their own research, or will not grasp the content even if they did. Think for yourself my young friend. Question everything. But the legal documentation is there for all to see. Take the time to educate yourself.

    3. Um. I do think for myself. I also tested the claim using a correlation spectrometer. Given no unusual findings, we reasonably concluded that instances of "Spraying" were in fact the result of atmospheric moisture being pushed into its condensation point by injection of more water vapor which acted as a catalyst for cloud development.

      We literally found nothing out of the ordinary.

    4. You must have tested on the wrong day.

    5. Quite sad that you resort to smug ignorant answers when confronted with a properly constructed comment. Says a lot about you really. Kind of person that has to have the last say even if it is nosensical

    6. It really doesn't matter if you tested the composition of anything...

      The fact of the mater is, the pattern, scope & breath of the purported Chemtrails
      can not be explained when you look at the basic facts.

      FORGET THE COMPOSITION of any chemtrail & look at It's physicality...
      It's impossible to break a contrail then start again without a flame out, then break it again & so on. IT IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE.....!!!!!
      Don't bother with it increased in altitude & Bla, Bla, Bla,

      So called smart people are using engineering laws to BS you as to why it's this way or that way, then trying to tell us don't believe our eyes, then not use the same engineering
      laws to explain why hundred of planes (chemtrails/contrails) don't flame out
      & crash per week...
      Please see how stupid that is, come-on!

      IT BREAKS ALL physical laws
      as to why it started (or formed) in the 1ST place. DUH.!

      "broken chemtrail pics"
      in google
      You simply can not have broken contrails without flame outs
      Also, you can't have one contrail from the center of a plane with 4 turboprops

      these ALLOWED actions by our Government.

  118. This fact makes me so depressed. My entire family has adhd and or has gotten or is showing symptoms of Alzheimers. I live in the very middle of America and I see chem trails all the time. These trails last for hours.

    1. Well, better watch this documentary - The age of Aluminum. That could explain much better than these trails.

    2. You get your information from opinions on the internet? If you want accurate information on the state of the atmosphere, look for peer-reviewed research. Try "Nature", Journal of the AMA, Physical Review Letters, Icarus, etc. Or, talk to several aeronomy experts with PhDs from respected institutions. Of course, you won't do that. You think it means you won't have something to fear. Don't worry, lIfe is full of real problems. Go find a real one to fear.

    3. Interesting…the AMA owns the patent to chemo.

    4. I have fibromyalgia. I believe this is one of many neurological and muscular disorders brought about by the toxins of geoengineering. My grandson has ADHD, and my children suffer from various levels of anxiety disorders. I feel your pain.

  119. Anonymous has now joined the international fight on chemtrails. Please Google the Global March on Chemtrails, to be held tomorrow, August 25th, 2PM, Greenwich time.

    1. Wasted time and effort. What's next, the march against antibiotics? How about the march against electricity? Hmm, maybe a march against refrigeration? Things you don't understand can be feared. That doesn't mean they should be.

    2. Bruzote, Did you actually watch the documentary? Please restrain your zeal to ridicule others before actually watching the documentary. To make such a statement that others don't understand geoengineering has in fact, been an established study at our highest institutions of learning for decades, shows your own level of arrogant ignorance. Science for profit, with no consideration of its affects on nature, is not good and might possibly be our specie's undoing.

  120. Scaremongering again.
    I've been a pilot in aviation for forty plus years, and if there was "spraying" I would know about it.
    I have flown with pilots from almost every Air Force in the world, and so I beg you all, get real.
    Worry about some of the real issues in the world, you don't need to invent them.

    1. I'd love to take your word for it but your argument isn't fit for a 4th grade debate club. I wonder where these massive levels of toxic metals in the soil are coming from? I wonder, when I look up from my farm, why there are dozens of criss-crossing "con trails" that amazingly turn on and off like the clean stroke of a paint brush in the sky? I wonder just where all these commercial jets might be going? Maybe you can put a call in to your pilot buddies and find out....

    2. Well for one they aren't toxic, for another, you can do an easy test:
      1. light a match roughly 30 minutes after a plane flies over, if you blow up, then yes, chemtrails. Why? Most of the metals alleged in chemtrails are highly oxidative and easily flammable.
      2. Ge cospec, do sky analysis, compare spectrum reading of chemicals, post results (Protip, there will be no anomalous readings. We tried this once to calibrate then I told the group about the chemtrail theory, so after a number of jets flew over, we tested each reading. The result, nothing out of the ordinary)
      I like chemtrails because they make a falsifiable claim. You can easily test this claim and examine the results.

    3. But wouldn't that be really silly to do that anyway, to spray all that stuff in the stratosphere. That is way to risky, unpredictable experiment.

    4. That's kind of the point. You can do a simple test to determine if these claims are true or not. In every such test, you find the claims to be different than what you see in reality.
      It's like this:
      The question:
      Are they spraying stuff from jets? Aka doing chemtrails?

      Well, how can we check to see if they are?
      Well, turns out that's not hard. Do an in situ analysis of the material aloft and see if there is anything you would not normally see (This boron aerosol and other such chemicals) if they are there ONLY after a plane flies over, then you actually investigate the planes.

      Conversely, Boron is INCREDIBLY oxidative. So it actually ignites on contact with Oxygen at the pressures you see at 5000 feet (Yes, that low) so, if there is actually boron being sprayed, then you would be able to see this in brilliant flaming trails.

      Conversely, if they are bonded with other chemicals, then the introduction of temps higher than 451 is a surefire way to determine this.

      See, you can test this claim rather simply. But the easiest way, is to look at Correlation spectroscopy. If the wavelength return matches the normal pattern for boron or any chemicals that would only be there due to humans intentionally spraying people, then you have a case.

      So far, nobody other than college students who actually wanted to see if this was true, have tried these simple tests. Instead, they are basically making their claim on the weight of zero evidence for their theory and a bunch of circumstantial evidence that requires them to actually be spraying chemicals in the first place. If they are not spraying chemicals, then the evidence for chemtrails is pointless.

      Take from that what you will, but the experiments I have suggested, require zero risk from a person other than a stubbed toe as they offload a cospec from a plane or onto a plane.
      Further, the stratosphere is at 40K feet. Just above where all major jets fly. So, since you can tell instantly (Cloud movement or shear) then you are looking at tropospheric based planes.

      I can make one hell of a claim for contrails from a plane flying in a super saturated atmospheric environment though... If you want to hear what actual observation has told us...

    5. They won't do that - these neurotics need something onto which they project baseless fear. Funny thing, scam artists should be flocking to this field. Look at the "Finding Bigfoot" show (or NOT finding bigfoot). Check out the viewership, Suckers for a scam abound, and this issue will now attract scam artists selling "proof". Watch.

    6. What I find funny is the silence that follows a logical rebuttal. I would like to think that its because a bit of sense has been applied but I doubt it. More likely just information bias on their part

    7. So then snorting metallic dust into your lungs is nothing to worry over?

    8. Ah! An assertion! Where did that dust come from? Does it make it past the sinuses? Does it not get trapped, wrapped in mucus, then expelled like all other particles? Is there even dust in the first place? These are all testable claims that you just made by asking that simple question. As noted before, I was able to demonstrate that there was no secret government spraying program just by testing the claim.
      Do you actually have evidence of spraying and increased metallic dust that can only be explained through spraying?

    9. Amy, how much to they pay you to do this?

    10. Who are "they"? Are you seriously claiming that the previous poster is getting paid by some unknown shadowy force? How do you know that,are you a mind reader? Can you predict the future? Do you posses special powers?

    11. YOUR "argument" is all hearsay. Give us evidence - collected in a demonstrably unbiased fashion - or nothing. Otherwise, you're just another shill for the atmospheric version of alchemy claims.

    12. you are sooooo uninformed it's not even worth addressing such a closed-off-stuck-in-the-box mindset you exhibit,...good luck with >your< limitations.

    13. Like clockwork here in Denver the day before a big front moves in, they are spraying like crazy. It will be normal contrails with normal skies a few days before and then 24 hrs before a front is supposed to move in, it looks like a spider weaving a web back and forth until all you see is grey chemical clouds. As a matter of fact, It just happened today, and tomorrow we're supposed to get snow. Gee what a coincidence.

    14. No. It is NOT coincidence. If you had half a genuine care about learning about reality, you would understand how low pressure storm systems work, and how moisture is advected ahead of the storm in the upper atmosphere. You would understand that "mixing clouds" from exhaust and ambient air are formed more readily when the air is humid. But you will never take on that kind of learning adventure. You would rather cluck and run in fear, like all the idiots here. You might have found like-minded people here, but I can find like-minded people for you who think idiots should be euthanized. That doesn't mean that such a group opinion is justified, no matter how much support your foolishness gives their argument.

    15. Ok - All due respect, but explain then what exactly these sky grids created by aircraft are? Why is it that they shine a prismatic effect?

      Also, look up more often from the ground. Pay attention to the patterns created by the sky grids. These are not normal flight paths for training missions or ordinary commercial air traffic.

      Just because you don't know about something doesn't make it impossible.

      There is far too much evidence of geo forming, it both physical evidence and in documentation. I am pretty sure that just because you have the certifications to fly, it doesn't give you Omniscience.

    16. Do you have evidence that this sky grid is even something outside of the ordinary? It's already been demonstrated that contrails, when created in a moisture laden environment, tends to linger for a while, further, the simple atmospheric movement associated with known and understood wind patterns, and the concept of sun dogs also being a known phenomena, results in all three of those things you speak of, are rather definitive as the main phenomena observed in the sky...

      So, given the facts of the matter as it is, it would take some serious evidence to actually say "no this is not contrails" despite a wealth of information that shows that the "chemtrails" are simply moisture heavy contrails formed in a moist environment aloft.

      The question then, becomes what evidence do YOU have that these are somehow nefarious in origin? Does your explanation account for more details than what physics and atmospheric dynamics explains about these phenomena?
      If so, how?

    17. Ok, I just tapped my Unicorn to fly into the atmosphere and collect air impurity samples by using carmel lollipops attached to his wings. I strapped on my tin foil helmet and we climbed to about 20,000 feet...

      Let's suppose that:



      3. PROJECT HAARP has been fully explained as a simple antenna array.

      4. ODD and UNEXPLAINABLE weather phenomenon are not on an increase & never occur, and have never occurred.

      5. NOT one meteorologist thinks anything like sky dust, chemtrails, metal particles are being or have ever been sprayed (or otherwise dispersed) into the atmosphere.

      6. YOU are not a disinformation dispensationalist... (everything I see is wrong or has a more simplistic explanation.)

    18. And those are great things to suppose:

      1. Who said I even asserted you could? In fact, my suggestion requires no government support and just the slightest level of critical thought.

      2. Actually they have back in the 70's with silver iodide. They found that no matter the particulate size, precipitation was unable to be incited reliably every time. So, the drawing board, so to speak, was hit multiple times. TO this day, there has yet to be one good experiment reliably done to produce cloud dispersal for example. There's been ideas floated, but they have yet to be viable.

      3. HAARP WAS an HF study platform. The fact that you could go there yourself alone is enough. Nevermind that the recorded Signals that HAARP has emitted have been at: 2 HZ, 2Mhz, 7Mhz, and 14Mhz, are enough of an indication for one. (Further, you could do wideband spectrum analysis using a couple of arrays with harmonics for the multiple bands and still you'd have found nothing. ) HAARP operated at HF and below. If you wanted to modify the weather in any way, you would broadcast in accord with the resonance frequency of the atmosphere. The problem is, of course, that you would have to generate wattage that would outshine the sun in order to produce a measurable effect and even then, it would be local as everything over HF is strictly line of sight (This is basic physics now...) So, unless if you have a broadcast that originates from HAARP before may 15th 2012, I suggest you just go read a book before you make yourself seem foolish...

      4. Do you have an example? That's a broad statement right there....

      5. I can't say. If you dig deep enough you will always find someone who claims to be one thing or another who supports your beliefs. Though, let's face it, you can still explain the contrails in the sky better using simple atmospheric dynamics. So, your point is moot.

      6. You're right, I'm not. I'm a geology student who worked 8 years in RF engineering for the Army who had to learn a thing or two about the atmosphere and RF propagation methods in order to do my job.
      I like how you even included this because to you it's like: "This person intentionally makes a note to point out the flaws. I obviously am not wrong even though I just demonstrated I know f--k all about physics, radio, and the weather, therefore he is a disinformation agent"

      Tell you what, do the experiment. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

    19. thanks so much for this Amy, I think there is no shortage of people looking for the boogie man in this chem trail stuff. Not to say there aren't issues and boogie men in the world, like The Fed, and a pending US currency collapse. so many other real issues to worry about other than the normal by product of airplanes flying around.

    20. Chris,
      I have seen them spraying with my own eyes, and I'm not blind. Are you? Just because you're in the Air Force, doesn't mean you have clearance on everything. You know, you guys always work on a "need to know basis."

    21. Have you the eyes of an eagle or something Carran? Im sorry but some random nobody on a documentary website saying that he has seen the unbeliveable with his own eyes is not incontrovertible proof in my opinion. You have dismissed a pilot with 40+ yrs experience over your own.

  121. I can testify to this, today we've seen around 20 trails in Stavanger (Norway- a founding member of NATO)!!! We've seen three trails one right by the other and as the last one was being sprayed there was actually another normal plane flying in front of the one that was
    spraying, so you could clearly see the difference in the trails, the
    normal plane was leaving a small trail that was diss disappearing after a few lengths of the plain and the other was leaving a trail from horizon to horizon. We've seen an A pattern and some random ones. And haw you can guess how the sky looks now. In the morning it was absolutely clear after the rainy yesterday and now you can see a hazy horizon and greyish sky.

    It's so sad and outrageous! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
    Firstly educate your family and friends to begin with, because nobody seems to know or notice or care.
    Good luck with spreading the word :)

    Live in peace

    1. You do realize that contrail formation depends on fuel mixture and ambient moisture and temperature? These differ for each airplane. Moisture and temperature can vary sharply substantially by altitude, even at the same AGL when gravity waves are taking place! Bet you didn't know that. Regarding patterns, why don't you draw patterns for all the routed planes in your area (try FlightAware for a sample map). Then look at ALL of the myriad random patterns that arise. There is no meaning behind the occurrence, except you can tell where the popular flight routes are.

    2. Waste of words to reply to your comment but I´ll take the trouble.Today I could count 20 + chemtrails above my hometown (20 000 inhabitants, a small town). I am checking the flight radar every once in a while when heavy spraying like today occures. Guess what percentage of the planes are on the radar???

      Anyway as I said I think in your case it´s pointless to
      give more arguments, you seem to be the kind of person sceptical towards everything and I know people like you all too well.

      So please start using your mind instead of your scepticism.

      Live in Peace.

    3. There is a delicous irony with the way you fringe theorists phrase your comments. A real similarity of type I have to say. All the retorts are the same boring bla bla open your mind crap etc. The Op clearly is using his mind and comes up with a reasonable opposing viewpoint to yourself. Yet just because he/she does not agree with you there by default not using their mind. Skepticism is healthy pal, its an evolved trait which helped in our survival. Mind and Skepticism go hand in hand. Keep on checking the flight radar and trying to fill your life with some sense of righteous purpose is really sad. The world is far more mundane then all you crackpots would have us think.So let me tell you to open YOUR mind and read as much as you can (I would recommend scientific and historical Literature - This will put things in perspective for you) and BE Skeptical of what your fed. Granted there's an element of excitement in guessing your in receipt of this obscure hidden knowledge that the govt all over the world are trying to suppress, And i guess it become addictive in a way - but its flawed logic and ultimately is a waste of your time. What happens with all conspiracy theorists is clearly happening to you, which is a shame. They become completely intolerant towards anyone who does not agree with their viewpoint and resort to labeling as some form of one-upmanship. Next is ego-inlfation and feeling of superiority to all others (Who Do not agree with you). For yourself your handle is some variance of "Enlightened". Sounds cool does nt it. Probably makes you feel superior to others aswell eh? Not unlike fundamentalist religions. In a way you guys have all the attributes to make wonderful suicide bombers. You have that unwavering conviction that belies all forms of logic and reasoning. Hopefully you will grow out of it and if you want to make a real difference go out into your community and do plenty of charity work.. Better than staring at shapes in the sky.

    4. Kuko, these people are paid shills. The world government will go to any lengths to hide their crimes. Do not waste your time with these people.

    5. So if someone does not agree with you they are a paid shill? Ive never heard of anything so ludicrous.

      You shoud BE encouraging healthy discourse not dismissing it because it offends you. Which is where the problem lies. You seem to take it far too personally when anyone challenges your outrageous claims. Take your ego out of the argument and you should be able to maintain a more objective viewpoint. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and all this crap about "Do not waste your time with these people" blablabla is just a cop out and quite frankly cowardly and rude. This is nt the 'Chem-trails appreciation site" so if your looking simply for people to validate your view then jog on.

    6. After watching the planes make these cemtrails in the early morning. We watch them turn into clouds and overcast sky's during the day. That night we got home from a drive sitting in the car talking. It sounded like it started to rain slightly. We got out of the car. the stars were out and bugs were falling out of the sky onto the car like rain. dead. Hundreds of them. All over everything. There is definitely
      Something bad going on in our sky's
      And we don't know what we can do about it . Nw ohio....please HELP !

  122. We have allowed psychopaths funded by the obscenely wealthy, to take control of our planet. With all this artificial engineering, seems like a genetic test for psychopathy could have been established. How much longer will we allow our species to be manipulated by genetic psychopaths? Please research psychopathy. The majority of psychopaths are not serial killers. Psychopaths make up 1-4% of our
    human population. Interesting correlation between the 1% who dominates our financial markets, religions, and now, science.
    Psychopaths on Prozac, what a wonderful combination.

    1. You realize that all of your hypothesis about this are not just wrong, but bats*it insane. The correlation between 1% sizes of two groups, one defined by wealth concentration and another by a psychiatric condition, is insulting.
      As for Prozac, what on Earth is your problem with it?

  123. I have noticed more chemtrail sprays lately. Bill Gates is funding the privately owned geoengineering corporation of David Keith, Alberta.
    Do we really want our planet to be sprayed with aluminum and barium?
    It is happening now, were you consulted?

  124. click on "loop" to see the NOAA radar. Our military dumping huge amounts of aluminum. You can see on this radar screen...happens about every day now. Big blue blossoms show up on the screen.

    1. Are you sure? i wondered what that was…thought it was local moisture or something.

    2. The only aluminum they dump is chaff. It's aluminum foil used to confuse enemy radar. It falls out of the air soon enough. The only other major source of aluminum are solid rocket boosters used for space launches.

    3. If this stuff is landing on my garden, it is having an effect. It is not doing as well as it has for many years. The garden is organic. The bees are definitely on the decline. If they are using chaff to confuse the enemy, that is a good basis for an argument that they are doing it everywhere. I live under a military flight path. The Chesapeake has these blue blooms all of the time..wondered what that was.

  125. well,scary...welcome to the zombie apocalypse started by some yahoo scientists that gave the entire population early onset dementia due to exposure to aluminum from experimental weather control procedures. See it happens like this...aluminum is one of the elements believed to increse incidences of dementia...since they spread it in the atmosphere and so many are exposed, suddenly people start getting dementia... to the point that they're wandering around looking forsomething they forgot and deteriorating and the situation gets worse and worse until...

    1. I thought it was caused from smoking too much weed.
      (sorry, please forgive)

    2. You're on to something. It's marijuana smoke. Their goal is to mellow everyone out. Everyone's too dam uptight!

    3. Read Huxley's "Brave New World." Soma was the drug of choice, as were 'pneumatic' women, which I take to mean a more modern rendering of the term Rubenesque.

    4. Absurd growth of Dementia, Alzheimer's, Asperger Syndrome, Asthma, and the explosion of countless allergies both airborne and food related and other diseases and conditions. Although it's virtually impossible to determine the roots cause of any or all of these, the dramatic increases in afflictions is incredible. I am on the fence as to if it's ONE ingredient, or a combination of genetically modified foods, medications, products, and genetic damage caused by any of the above.

  126. by the way to all of those that live in states that started a ritual of recycling aluminum cans in the early 1990's. stop recycling.

  127. i have said it since i was a kid. this is hell this place we live. we are all stuck here , get out of hell is no small task. i think they are trying to find someone that has come to stop the hell. and they are trying to find him before he finds them.

  128. someone that is immune to their cancers and diseases ?

  129. are they trying to find someone ?

  130. this is beyond anything i ever exoected to see in my life. and noone is knocking down anyones doors killing them b4 they kill all of us. keep in mind what they are doing is killing our farms = food our health = you we are supposed to be constituionally protected from genocide in our own governmental instituion.

  131. by the way take a look at the cancer rates in your areas. on the line of being exsterminated.

  132. why is this being led by the military if it isnt consumed with the depths of war. the usa military last i knew wasnt allowed to do scientific testing on a communal basis.

  133. if its for the good of us why are they lying about it .

  134. Wait, I thought Aluminum LOWERS pH, not raises it? He says that soil will have a higher pH with aluminum...but it's the other way around. Al3+ is acidic. Masters in zoology my ass...

    1. Aluminum does low pH.. but for gardening you will want a more acidic soil environment.. so an excessive addition of Aluminum will be detrimental. Not to mention Alumium absorbed by the body via consumption through drinking water, snow on mountain tops, skin absorbtion in anti-perspirants or baths.. showers.. etc is bad anyway. This whole situation is bad..

      I've seen the difference between contrails and chemtrails.. contrails--like they said, will disappate after 10-20 lengths of the plane as the plane moves along.. these chemtrails however do not. they stretch from one horizon to another and do have gridlike patterns and leave a nasty filmy haze in the sky. Its gross. I'm looking out my window at the moment watching a chemtrail plane complete a pass.. ugh.. its bad.

      It makes me just cry inside that there are people out there who don't care about the average joe and only with lining their pockets with as much gold as they can.. and seriously don't fully research their ideas.. =/

    2. Contrails do NOT disappear on some fixed ratio to aircraft length, no matter what your self-important think of this bizarre notion you seem to have created. Contrails can never form, form but quickly dissipate, or form and last for many hours. Contrails disappear when the contrail (a mixing cloud) achieves a loss of visual contrast of roughly 2% within an *angular* distance that is at the limits of your personal vision resolution. That exact number depends on persons visual acuity. This drop in contrast usually happens when the contrail has substantially evaporated. It can also happen due to dilution (mixing over a greater volume thus thinning the cloud) or a drop in light hitting the cloud or an increase of light from outside the contrail (ambient air clouds around the contrail or in front of it or behind it). That you don't understand this only goes to prove how poorly your own uninformed opinion is serving you.

    3. Contrails are not metallic particles dumped into the sky to reflect or refract sunlight. They do fall down, and we eat and breath them. What exactly is the precise reason for geoforming?

  135. One reason that this is definitely a conspiracy is the way senators and representatives are all running away and pretend to know nothing about this issue! These are not representative of the people; they are representative of the corporations. By the time sheep find out what they are doing to this planet, everything is contaminated and if there is anything left, is monopolized by few corporations and all the people are enslaved for the rest of their lives.
    Sorry folks, I am a pessimist. I Hope next asteroid coming towards us is the size of the Moon and come straight head on to Earth because it's all hopeless on this planet! The world has been metastasized by GREED and it has spread so much that no cure seems possible. The only way out is the total annihilation of this planet, though good and bad will all go together, but at least, Good people won’t suffer any more!

    1. Yes - and the senators and representatives also know nothing of the mind control ray developed by the Martians, therefore that means it must be true that such a thing exists! Brilliant logic - if nobody knows anything about it, it must exist. Genius stuff, that.

    2. I know a guy on the National Academy of Science. He believes in geoengineering. Many companies are involved, like Raytheon. He likely thinks he's really smart and he is in a way. Don't put anything past people who think they know what is best, because they imagine they are smarter than every one else. Some kinds of intelligence can figure out money and science, but can't walk across the street and chew bubble gum at the same time. They can be really good at disconnecting with things they find to be in their way of their very smart ideas.

    3. To add to my reply, it is not so unusual for our corporations in tandem with government, to make decisions that consider most people as expendable or collateral damage. They have certainly done it in the past. Paranoia is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about what has happened historically and could be happening now. It is too easy to make fun of people with genuine concerns.

    4. yes, you are undoubtedly a genus

  136. One reason that this is definitely a conspiracy is the way senators and representatives are all running away and pretend to know nothing about this issue! These are not representative of the people; they are representative of the corporations. By the time sheep find out what they are doing to this planet, everything is contaminated and if there is anything left, is monopolized by few corporations and all the people are enslaved for the rest of their lives.
    Sorry folks, I am a pessimist. I Hope next asteroid coming towards us is the size of the Moon and come straight head on to Earth because it's all hopeless on this planet! The world has been metastasized by GREED and it has spread so much that no cure seems possible. The only way out is the total annihilation of this planet, though good and bad will all go together, but at least, Good people won’t suffer any more!

  137. Fear is the sleeping Giant here. I too am frightened of the truth about the stage of our polluted world. I am shocked at the reluctance to accept this as the factual data that it is. Do the bebunkers not know there is a department one can go research and write to called Geo Engineering?! The Polar Bears are disappeariing, ice caps melting. There is scientific data for all of it linked to ozone destroyers that we were warned about in the 1970's. And now it's "too late". We are at the 11th hour. It's horrifying and we "knew better". That is a big deal to process. It's easier to say that it's not real.
    I am here to say it is very real in my clinic. I daily am treating client symptoms that range from stomach pain to dizziness for unexplained reasons. They cleanse out heavy metals and healing occures. I know from 10 years experience as a nurse and nutritient therapist that this is from the frequent spraying for the past 22 years. In my tests Heavy metal levels are increasing in amounts and in types. This is rapidly occuring. I am fearful that We The People will let the debunkers keep people asleep because we are afraid to speak up and stand in our own power.

    1. Hey cleanser - show us the last twenty years of blood level metals from randomly selected people in the U.S. population. Please, some data from peer-reviewed research. It should be easy to find this research if a simple clinician as yourself can find it.

  138. From Gasland: What is done with the wastewater from the fracking process?
    Evaporators evaporate off VOCs and condensate tanks steam off VOCs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The wastewater is then trucked to water treatment facilities.
    Since the industry is freed by the Halliburton loophole regarding the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts - I suspect one way they dispose of the wastewater (trillions of gallons used in the process) is to evaporate it by dumping it directly over our heads.

  139. Why are we still using petrol, coal, nuclear, fossils for Energy ?
    Because We have to buy it !
    Who sells it ?
    Government !
    So What happened to Sun Energy ?
    It's a free energy!
    So if you can't see the Scenario
    You are just another Dumbed down Human believing everything they say & do.
    Wake up from your sleep walk !

    1. Susyq...
      please educate yourself on the effeciency of solor, and ROI (I suggest you read findings from NREL and the infrasturcture of our current state of distribution in the US and for that matter the world... also, 7 of the top 10 corporations of the word are public energy companies that you can purchase shares of... Also, are you an infiant? solar nor any other energy is free...stop partying and start researching before you "Blurt"

    2. Now this is what I am talking about. The ID I ot factor.
      troll invasion of a hybrid genetic cultivar, a special zombie. Stupid people becoming ever more obnoxious.
      geoengineered to get on that last nerve. nerve gnats

    3. If you believe so strongly in it, develop your own successful solar company. If it's so easy to generate solar energy, you'll be richer than anyone. Please, lead the way.

  140. If you believe this you will believe anything. Fools.

    1. Really fool Look at the north west toxic reports on water sheds and killing confers up and down the north west reason is high levels of aluminum 60% hiher then ever before, causes health problems.

  141. Hate to burst your bubble lads but if any of these conspiracy theories were true,American news is the last place you'd see it mentioned!Was a fine piece to dose off to though.

  142. I know a lot of people are skeptical, as I probably would have been, had I not experienced this first hand. They were flying over us on Oahu, especially the windward side this summer (2012). I awoke to planes flying back and forth, on and on they flew over my residential area. It was so loud and frequent that it began to cause a stir in our community, no one had any idea what was going on. Our local news reported they were doing experiments with tracking the weather. I had never heard of these experiments before, but that day I started to feel an itch in my lungs , I along with my family began experiencing respiratory problems and headaches. I then started to see my local friends on FB complaining about the same symptoms: intense coughing and congestion, headaches, and a feeling of extreme lethargy, I coughed constantly even at night (my daughters and husband had not gotten the effects as badly as me), after two visits to my internal medicine doctor and one appointment to the ENT doctor, left me without a real diagnosis, I started doing google searches to see if anyone else was having problems like me and my family, and thats when I started hearing about the adverse effects of the chemicals they sprayed into our atmosphere. It took about two and a half months for the worst of the symptoms to go away, I had to use a nebulizer to breath better, my doctor said the bottom part of my lungs were not functioning properly. I will never know for sure if this was the problem, all I know is that I and my family and friends was perfectly fine before the days they started to spray our skies with that chemical.

    1. Scientific literature has *proven* that people can induce their own genuine symptoms like yours just through neurotic fear. Prove to us that wasn't the cause. Are you somehow a different person than all those who have developed self-generated symptoms? What makes you superior to them?

    2. Best way to deal with bruzote is to ignore. You are not the only one, it seems to have experienced the itching, etc. I have not suffered that, but my kids had breathing problems growing up, especially my youngest who had asthma for a good long time.

  143. WOW! - I just found this video because I was curious of what my son and I saw on Thursday November 8th 2012 at approximatley 5:00 pm in Toronto. I was looking up and saw a jet in the sky that left a little wide streak in the sky which I thought that the streaks were long, then all the sudden I see another one exacty the same near each other, and then two identical normal airplanes around them. I knew something was wrong because jets leave long streaks in the sky, and these one did not... I was always curious about this, and now after watching this video and seeing these two jets just woke me up even more. What the real freaky thing is, I had trouble breathing about 1/2 to hour later. Why doesn't someone stop them!!!! We pay taxes, we have rights! and I would love to participate in anything that would help them to stop this air polluted thing that they are doing. ANY SUGGESTIONS?????

    1. Madam, contrails can be ANY length and last for seconds to hours or more. In some cases, they can slowly change shape and last for a day or more! A contrail is simply a mixing cloud. It is nothing more. It is moist, clear air of one temperature mixed with moist, clear air at another temperature that results in a combined air parcel that is moist enough to form a cloud. This non-intuitive event occurs because evaporation depends on the air temperature in a non-linear fashion while the temperature varies simply linearly when it is mixed with another parcel of air. Depending on the conditions, the contrail mixing cloud will form, and maybe even last for a long time. Most jets don't leave a contrail at ALL due to insufficient humidity! Did you know that? That means MOST jets have a contrail length of ZERO meters. Contrary to your arbitrary and wrong assertion, that means most aircraft do NOT leave long contrails. To educate yourself, find a group of established scholars to learn from or at least respectable scientific publications. If you're getting your science from internet trolls and neurotics, you're in for a wildly inaccurate education. By the way, sea cucumbers are taking over the world's governments. It must be true, because it's on the internet. Right here. Silly, right? No sillier than the jibber-jabber tossed about in this forum. Like-minded fools have taken you in. Realize that MOST planes give off exhaust in relatively dry air. In sufficient moisture you get a contrail. It might evaporate quickly. If the moisture is really high or if the contrail is not mixing much with the drier ambient air, it will last for a while. It's really all very simple. Don't overcomplexify life. It's got enough real problems for you to worry about.

    2. What I've observed, is that it doesn't matter what the weather is, these tic tac toe or regular patterns of stripes, etc always create the same phenomena of cloud formation. I grew up under a flight path. I know what jet exhaust looks like. I live under a flight path right now for the Navy. The Navy flies over routinely. Actually they have my entire life. So that's 65 years. I have half burned jet fuel on my house and eventually attaches to my windows that have to be scrubbed off with abrasives. It is not mold. It is fuel. It doesn't stain, but is sooty and greasy and when fresh, wipes off easily in a little moisture. If by some remote chance, what I'm seeing are contrails and not chemtrails, then there are a lot of unusual flight patterns out there. if it belongs to the Navy then they are everywhere I travel. I've been observing this for years, as my living is dependent on the kind of light that I can use. The light has gotten worse and worse. I tried to do more work In Vermont, as they have cleaner air, but they have this stuff up there now. There seems to be no escape. The patterns become white and hazy, bleaching out color. If you are correct, we have way more jet traffic then is healthy for our atmosphere. And I can't imagine why this stuff would be over Vermont. It doesn't make sense. Either way it is a terrible thing. I don't fly in general. It makes me feel guilty. I drive a car with high fuel mileage and do what ever I can to use less, period. But the world is a mess and we made it that way. You and I both did it. If there is something going on, like spraying to control what ever, it is highly arrogant or just plain stupid. If it isn't anything but jet traffic, which common sense tells me isn't likely or possible, then we should get down out of the air.

  144. Thank you for sharing! Want to know some interesting things happening around us? If do, can visit my blog, you may find sonething you want to know.

    1. What is your blog? I am interesed in checking this out

  145. well Alaska has trees FULL OF CANCER FROM ALUMINUM. UAF is studying why the trees in ALASKA have so many nots. Some nots very very big.

    1. Wow - completely unrelated ideas tossed about, somehow implying a relation just because you mentioned them together. Traffic in New York is bad today. There was an earthquake in Indonesia today. It must be that the earthquake is related to traffic in New York, because I mentioned them in the same paragraph!

  146. K guys ~ here it is. All you need is PHQ-9, or Public Health Questionaire - 9. A federally mandated list of 9 questions that you will be asked to fill out whenever you go to the doctor, for anything. This pink piece of paper (disguised as a depression screening) will ask you if you feel depressed, but the questions are weird. "Do you feel worthless" quickly moves onto "Do you feel you have let your friends and family down" to "Do you feel you are moving faster or slower than the people around you?" Aerosol technology for the delivery of psych drugs has been perfected for over 50 years. There are days when I look up and see what looks like 50 gallon drums of liquid being dumped over and over again over my great country. They are not controling the weather my dears, they are controlling your mind. To make you feel worthless, ineffectual, and suicidal. Same diff. Sleep tight, loves. ((-_-))

  147. Might have contributed to my childhood's town having dozens of children (and so far it's children only) dying of brain cancer for years. State and Federal environmental studies have found "nothing" that would cause this in the area. Nothing found in air, industries, soil, water proved the cause. And they are still dying.

  148. Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson is a true american hero, everybody who does not know him should check him up, RIP.

    Are they poisoning us or not?

    "The last years of Ted Gunderson's life were spent warning people of what he called Chemtrails and of planetwide Satanic and New World Order conspiracies. Gunderson had identified military bases he said were responsible for dumping unidentified poisons around the world from unmarked aircraft which he indicated killed wildlife and perhaps even humans. Gunderson spent years speaking on this and has made a number of videos. He also claimed, at a 1995 conference in Dallas, that a "slave auction" in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, and that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year. He also claimed that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the United States government and that the events of 9/11 were perpetrated by the United States Government as well.[9]"

  149. 1) We are still having global warming and the effects from it so why are they still spraying if it is not working?

    2) The government has always denied global warming exist and even paid scientist to say so and falsify data to prove it so why are they spraying for something they do not believe in?

    One can only wonder if it is for alternative reasons. No food - we must rely on Monsanto (GMO foods) controlled by the government. Bad health - we would focus on our health and not what is going on and they could control us easier.

    They are apparently too stupid to realize if you kill off the population there would not be enough people around to buy things and keep them rich.

    1. I've listened to someone say that you can't stop it now, or the weather would spiral out of control now with heat. That would be really terrible if true.

  150. Please provide English SUBTITLES on all of your important documentary DVDs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing viewers as we want to learn as much as others do. I'm interested in "What In The World Are They Spraying" in particular. Let me know when it's subtitled. Use yellow fonts with black outline, it's the best hues to use.

    1. If you are talking to TDF. we do not tamper with the vids, we are third party only, we put the vids on for your enjoyment for free, you have to talk to the owners/producers of the films themselves if you would like to have any changes done.

  151. This white layer they're adding to our sky while denying they're doing it is also blocking many of the stars we could once see in the night sky. As well, after they're now ongoing regular morning sprayings, about a half hour to an hour after they've started spraying, we're now experiencing local haze conditions as they're particulates fall towards the ground.

    I'm a non smoker and my lungs are still forming mucus if I stay out during the haze-out conditions.

    My bewilderment gets the best of me when I see so many people being totally oblivious to what's happening right directly above them. When I see so many people walking around yet totally oblivious or "sleep walking", this concerns me. As well, when I asked the authorities what and why these planes are spraying, they pretend that they don't see it too.

    Inadvertently, from their outright denials, their strong and clear message to us is we don't have to tell you and you have absolutely no right to know...

    1. I also have difficulty understanding why people are not aware.
      "We don't know what we don't know, because we don't want to know, what we don't know." quote from a former CIA official

    2. Recent automated telephone interview of 1247 registered American voters, carried out by Public Policy Polling.
      4% believe David Icke is right and lizards rule the world, 7% are unsure.
      29% believe aliens exist and 21% that a ufo crashed at Roswell and was covered up by the government.
      13% believe Obama is the antichrist and the same percentage are not sure.
      28% believe we are ruled by the New World Order,
      5% think con trails are chemicals sprayed for reasons unknown, by the government.
      9% believe Flouride is added to water to control population or minds.
      15% think the government add mind controlling technology to tv programmes.
      20% think vaccines cause autism.
      37% think global warming is a hoax.
      14% believe the CIA distributes crack to inner city kids.
      28% believe Saddam Hussain was involved in 911.
      5% believe Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced with a looky likey in 1966.
      A conspiracy to suit just about everybody, take your pick or make your own ;)

    3. TV, radio, and newspapers, are owned by five corporate conglomerates, censoring useful information to the average person. In addition, our public school system does not encourage critical thinking. Our cultures continue to enforce the influence of an archaic religious system that does not apply to the 21st century. Given the human preference for concept over reality, the wide variety of conspiracy theories are not surprising. I tend to trust common sense, and fact.

    4. People believe what they want to believe, what their culture tells them to believe, what their past experiences tell them to believe. It is amazing how tightly humans hold on to beliefs, such as statistics which they read from an elite controlled newspaper or mainstream TV network.
      for example: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. I imagine you follow mainstream media just fine, and believe everything they feed you. Nice and safe that way, all the thinking is done for you, by the experts of course. Where did you get your statistics and who owns the outlets? Ever bother to check the ownership of who educates you? all propaganda free I am certain of course.

  152. I live in Mississauga Ontario Canada in a penthouse condo on the 27th floor and I sit out on the balcony reading all of the time. I've taken photo after photo and high definition video after after video of them spraying our skies pretty well almost every day now. I can clearly see the 2 towers of our airport and I can clearly see planes taking off and landing all of the time.

    The planes used for spraying our skies are totally different in both appearance, altitude and flight path than the normal passenger jets. The chem-trail jets have white underbellies so as to probably make them less visible as the whiten our skies with their pollution. They also fly much higher and leave very long and thick trails that now dissipate and whiten the skies.

    1. I also live in Mississauga and I am absolutely shocked. I think everyone in the country should protest at their nearest government building. This is disgusting.

  153. I didn't watch this doc. yet, but just a thought about the subject.. I do believe in certain conspiracies but why even the most ambitious people would want to spray bad chemicals into the air, when not only innocent people would be affected but them also as they breath the same air as everyone?
    I think this one went too far..just read the comment of Giacomo della Svezia. There is nothing hidden behind this trails more than the behaviour of gases on the atmosphere..

    1. There are the normal jet trails, then the discussed chemtrails. Normal jet trail lasts a few minutes, and if you watch it you can see it dissipate. The chemtrails that worry us are a totally different thing. They do not dissipate, and are clearly not composed of the same chemicals.

  154. Should be filed under the "Conspiracy" catagory.

    1. maybe you should see it first, just saying

  155. I want to watch this documentary as soon as I have the opportunity. Before I do, I'd like to add a comment and see if my view will be changed by the documentary.
    I may be no expert on jet engines, but what I learned at school and afterwards and what I have seen since childhood concerning the trails left behind by airplanes does not in the least support any conspiracy theory, as far as I'm concerned.
    The amount of trails has (more or less) steadily risen in the decennia I have watched them, corresponding - I suppose - with the increase of commercial air traffic. As far as I can make out the trails haven't changed in the way they linger or not. On some days they dissappear almost directly, on others they linger and may spread out gradually by (lateral) winds. Some trails linger and others don't, as planes fly on different hights. As far as I can tell, all this has to do with temperature, moisture levels and winds at the height the planes pass by, nothing more. The explanation of exaust gases being mostly condensating water vapour is the most acceptable I have seen here.
    What on earth makes people suddenly think there is a conspiracy? Is misinformation spreading faster and more easy on the web than real news?

    1. Nope. This documentary cannot convince me. The way data are connected while there may be no real connection has nothing to do with science. And some of these people have PHD's?

      Also, good journalism and legal systems have a golden rule that is not applied here: hear both sides (for latinists: 'Audi alteram partem'). No sceptics are interviewed.

      There is reason enough for concern when abnormal concentrations of poisonous metals are found anywhere, and their origin must be investigated, so the demand for information is more than justified, but research should be done seriously.
      Maybe the changing climate is responsible for many phenomena mentioned in this documentary. I am concerned about climate, because there is more and more scientific proof that it is changing.

      The dying trees remind me of the acid rain panic of decennia ago. Maybe trees are still dying because of it.

    2. you are just ignorant and unwilling to believe.

    3. I will admit I know very little (especially when compared to what there is to know).
      Unwilling to believe - which I would take as a compliment - I am not, but I need good proof before I start believing in something.

    4. Do you believe in God?

    5. No, I consider myself to be agnostic. What about you?

  156. I live in France, well away from any flight paths. On a daily basis I watch planes fly back and forth in a criss cross formation creating long trails across the sky. In a matter of hours the trails have combined together to form what we now call 'white out'. The planes seem to have been concentrating on this area for the past month, I assume once they have given all this wonderful farmland a good coating they will move on to the next alotted grid.

    I have contacted our Member of European Parliament for the Green Party and they say they no nothing about this problem. Strange when so many members of the general public are wondering what is going on but our representatives are apparently clueless, they need to get their heads out of the sand.

  157. This stuff is bad folks. The more they research it... the more they find... even patents for the aerosal sprays, planes, equipment. Because the government has not outright let the public know about what they are doing... greatly concerns me... and should concern every living, breathing person on the face of the planet. These two documentarys have enough proof... and enough of a paper trail... to nail these companies being contracted out to do this. Give these 2 documentaries out to as many people as you can... they said you can make free copies... and give them away. Also try and give them to your local Meterologist or Weatherman. They are getting on board to stop these very harmful daily worldwide sprays. Because they are respected... law makers will listen! Also send the DVD to your law makers!

  158. Well, I watched most of the documentary, until my computer conked out at halfway through the 4/7 episode. I was disappointed in the production, as it appeared to be mostly woo-woo, amateur science, and speculation. I was hoping for some real scientific and professional investigative work. I am amazed that, to my knowledge, no one appears to have actually flown up into the vapor trails, collected some of the evident pollution, and had it professionally analyzed; please correct me if I'm wrong. Similarly, I am amazed that no one has apparently contacted any of the ground and flying crews supposedly involved, nor possible industrial manufacturers of the alleged chemicals, to get some credible information and data about these trails. Finally, I am disappointed that at least one of the protagonists seemed to repeatedly get confused by the difference between ppm and ppb data.

    1. I watched another video where the guy did go to the hangers where the planes were. But I wouldn't know how to verify what I watched. I only know what I see with my eyes and have observed over time, compared to when I was much younger. The light is definitely different and that I am not making up. These sky formations are not natural, and neither are the weather patterns.

  159. used to see those "get lines" in Israel as a kid but they stopped maybe a decade ago.

  160. Just because vapor trails seem different than they were in previous decades..doesn't implicate planes or even their emissions for this new difference. Maybe the atmosphere has changed and the vapor trails are reacting in a new way according to these changes.

  161. He did it whith 9/11, owner of the oil, they will do what ever

  162. OH, see, comment must be approved. Why doesn't this surprise me anymore. Anyone who is complient with these monsters has to remember, that in the end, satan doesn't like to share and you too will not be protected ;)

  163. I have never seen this documentary, yet. Don't know if I will watch it or not.

  164. "no clouds in my storms
    let it rain, I hydroplane into fame
    coming down like the dow jones
    when the clouds come, we gone

    we roc-a-fellas
    we fly higher than weather
    and she flies it better

    you know me, in anticipation for precipitation
    stack chips for the rainy day
    jay, Rain man is back with little miss sunshine
    Rihanna, where you at?"

    In summer 2007 it was known as the Rihanna curse, much due to the large amount of rainfall over Europe. Having peaked the previous year, financial markets were heavily affected and set for downturn into what we now know as the global financial crises.

    Events happen for a reason, naturally we beleive them to be uncontrollable but where the technology exists, strange things happen.

  165. just yesterday I decided I would trip to the beach in the early morning as it is well known where I am from (Ireland) that clear blue skies do not last for long.

    by 10 am I was prepring to pack up and leave as heavy clouds began to build out of what where just simple contrails.

    it really amazed me how quickly the chemical/vapour clouds began to expand and the entire sky within 2 to 3 hours.

    this is no joke... weather manipulation is indeed possible and perhaps even applied knowingly or unknowingly. Regardless of the this fact, the scientific community have the responsability to present both government and public with factual/un bias information.

    the extent to which this subject has been researched by government/private agenices is rather unknown.

    WE can either do things right ourselves in life or pretend they are been done right by others. In which case they rarely ever are.

    Political pressure from the mass public is pretty much reduced to nothing thanks to years of cultural softening and trivial entertaiment. Without a demanding public, politicians are free of accountability and hence the government/corporate mergers and scams. To which the public must pay the price.

    IS this important?

    IF history is to repeat itself, which it always has, throughout human history. Mad men will come to power, cluessless to human suffering and sensitvity they will direct nations and armies under the guise of god (the sentiment to which all hold dearly).

    Nothing is new under the sun, human behaviour is as simple as knowing for which the bird can only tweet about.

    And as the old childrens story proved, concrete homes are just better built homes yet here we all are still huffing and puffing.

  166. Congratulations to Barry_Joseph and Earthwinger for their civil posts.

    Congratulations to Achems_Razor for his dignified response to Barry-Joseph's comment.

    Congratulations to Stuart Howe for his dedication and commitment.

    Congratulations to SigneInId Account for being a complete dick.

    Webmasters; Some filtering is long overdue.

  167. these senators and representatives arnt going to talk on camera because they get harassed all the time from crazy people they should have put them away or covertly filmed them im sure they would have been willing to cooperate

  168. All you chemtrail idiots should learn to PROVE your comments. You would NEVER make as quality journalists or scientists or crime investigators. If you can't back up your claims with genuine reproducible evidence, please just go away.

  169. You apparently do not HAVE innate intelligence. Why don't you design a combustion engine that does NOT leave contrails, then and only then will you be able to argue that condensation trails are not left by high altitude aircraft operations.

    SERIOUSLY. Meanwhile, see a doctor for these symptoms you have that impel you to write nonsense that shows in internet searches for serious topics, ruining other people's searches.

  170. I am a licensed aircraft engineer and this is 100% bs. The vapor behind a plane is 80% moisture and 20% co2, which forms a temporary cloud due to hot exhaust air suddenly contacting ambient cold air the trail lasts for different amounts of time depending on ambient conditions humidity etc. You cannot mix anything with jet fuel it has to be completely clean without even moisture in it as this would freeze at altitude, so i don't think mixing anything in the fuel will work especially aluminum as this would melt in the core of a jet engine causing catastrophic results where temperatures reach in excess of 2000? C (3632? F) hence the core of a jet engine is not made from aluminum. furthermore aircraft fuel is constantly analyzed by third party companies who would defiantly alert someone if they found discrepancies i could go on but the main reason this is bs is the documentary is very badly made they are obviously using stooges as experts i only watched the first segment and turned it off you're waisting your time watching it.

    1. @Barry_Joseph:

      Temporary clouds? not where I live, I wake up on a beautiful pristine morning not a cloud in the sky, sure enough here come the planes, only because it is a blue sky morning.

      Do not know were the planes all come from, no airports close by, and then criss cross patterns almost like tic tack toe, till the blue sky is overcast and lasts all day does not dissipate. Then the planes leave.

      Composition of jet fuel. Jet fuel is a mixture of chemicals such as hydrocarbon compounds, kerosene and the highly toxic chemical benzene. Several additives are mixed with jet fuel to increase its efficiency, including icing inhibitors, antioxidants and ignition controllers...( and who knows what else?)

    2. hi achems, contrails can create clouds naturally as that is all they are in affect is a cloud nothing is added to fuel or anything else to cause this.

      i would imagine you live over a flight plan thats why there is such heavy traffic in your area you do not have to be near an airport, planes have to stick to strict flight plans which are in a criss cross fashion like roads in the sky.

      your dead right there is loads of nasty chemicals and carcinogens in jet fuel this is no secret however an aircraft engine is efficient 80% efficient, which means you get 80% work 20% waste in the form of co2 which is pretty good considering a car engine is only 30% efficient which means nasty toxins from a jet engine are very low.

      commercial aircraft fuel is very similar to kerosene (home heating oil) except it has a higher flash point it does not have ice inhibitors instead moisture is kept completely out of the fuel, antioxidants in fuel? is that not something you take for a hang over. ignition controllers? never heard of them ignition is controlled by the engine through atomizers and ignition plugs. the main properties of aircraft fuel is that it is completely clean and free from any contaminants as it is not only used for combustion but also for lubrication and hydraulic action so you do not want it dirty and clogging up components or failing to light nor do you want water in it as it can freeze at altitude outside air temp - 54? C. so basically what im saying is aircraft fuel is just that aircraft fuel you cant go adding stuff to it to control people or make it rain.

    3. You of course know more about what we are discussing, I am not completely convinced, but what you have said does make sense, so thank you for your posts.

    4. You're right and who knows what else?

    5. Yes, who knows what else?... and I will stand by that, but does not mean they are trying to poison us, if they do that they poison themselves, actually Epic put on some good links that you should peruse.

    6. WHo say they get poisoned? just one theory. when THEY already is aware of what is raining down on us they already made sure they don't get poisoned. KNowledge is power they are prepared and they make sure they call people who suffer from this heavy metals delusional psychos!??! just so they can get away with it. Yea that is you're government who loves u! :D

    7. I don't think they are trying to poison us, i think they are poisoning us. I also think "they" don't believe what is being sprayed is poisoning anyone. The same way they don't think certain pharmaceutical drugs can harm a large part of the population, or that tempering with our food may cause cancers, or that packaging shite(stuff) to the extreme is bad for the environment, ot that creating wars abroad (for petrol) kills civilians and many kids, or that emprisoning people for pot growing is a social crime on their part.


    8. Ah cool, an aircraft engineer. Just the person that I wanted to talk to about this. :)

      Don't worry, I don't buy into this theory for one minute. ;)

      I was wondering if perhaps it's true that con trails seem to hang around longer than they used too, and if that is the case, could it be explained by some of the newer more efficient engines that are being used? Another thing that I've considered is the climate these days, as it's certainly changed here in the UK.

      Or maybe it's just a phantom memory, and they're not hanging around longer at all, but because there's a lot more air traffic these days, we notice these things a lot more. :)

      I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts. :)

    9. Hi earthwinger, to be honest i wouldn't have the patients to stand there observing a con trail :) i think its one of those things you only notice when your aware of it like when a theory like this arises.

      however there is a lot more traffic in the sky these days and con trails can create clouds naturally which in turn could affect climate especially with traffic in the london area and other busy airspace. not sure about engine efficiency as contrails are mainly water vapor (in the form of ice crystals) they will be formed no matter how efficient. the main thing is ambient humidity if it is low con trails evaporate if its high they can stay and form clouds.

      i can say with confidence they do not spray anything into the atmosphere through a jet engine thats not supposed to be there which i believe you know already.

    10. Your point about the weather over large conurbations reminds me of an article that I read somewhere a while ago. Apparently, some environmental scientists noticed that in the days following 9.11, when all the air traffic was grounded, there was a marked difference in the weather, which they attributed to the lack of contrails.

      I suspect that there may be a viral type effect at play here, in that it only takes one person to get an idea in their head, post their thoughts online, and before you know it, suddenly everyone's watching the skies like never before. ;)

      Anyway, thanks for your input. :)

    11. While "marked results" is a poorly-defined (one might say
      "loaded" phrase), it is fair to say a slight but detectable change in temperatures was expected. And such results were published in peer-reviewed journals. These are not hidden or secretive results - just do some work and you will find the results.

      Contrails (which are a result of high altitude aircraft operations occurring within a reasonable range of typical atmospheric conditions) scatter sunlight, thus they cause some solar energy to go back to space instead of warming earth. When you remove enough contrails, a sufficiently greater amount of sunlight reaches earth to make a measurable difference in temperature.

      Additionally, water *vapor* (which you cannot see) is created during fuel combustion (including aircraft engine combustion). Water vapor is highly absorbing in the IR spectrum, so it can modify the energy budget of the airspace where it is exhausted from the engine.

    12. If contrails are affecting the weather, we definitely have too much air traffic.

    13. do you really think they are going to tell someone as small as an aircraft engineer what they are really doing? just because you THINK you know whats going on doesn`t make you a proffesional .. I was born in the late 60`s, I grew up with beautiful summers, bright blue skies mostly, untill the 90`s when ALL OF A SUDDEN, they turned my area into a flight plan?.. NO WAY, I`ve even seen these planes doing U-turns (did he forget where he was going?).. plumes of chemicals soon block out the lovely morning sun and cake my car in dust... well if your happy with whats happening then obviously you dont give a crap about mankind, but what would you care, you probably wont be around by the time the damage cant be reversed, same as me.

    14. Someone as small as an aircraft engineer?? do you have any idea what it takes to become an aircraft engineer? May I ask what you do? I don't think I know whats going on when it comes to aircraft I know whats going on because I sat my trade and passed the very hard exams to get me my license which enables me to legally certify aircraft which in turn makes me a professional at my trade. Also apart from your crack pot idea why don't you take some of the crap on your car and get it analyzed and get some proof rather then coming on the internet with your bulls**t ideas and insulting people and then come up with a structured argument dis proving what I have said in other comments. No, they wouldn't tell an engineer because they know an engineer can think for themselves and don't just jump on the band wagon for every conspiracy theory out there. They also know there is nothing what so ever stopping an engineer or pilot or baggage handler from taking fuel samples and getting them analyzed do you really think they (whoever they are) would in thrust such a hair brained idea into what this documentary is. Maybe they are spraying stuff out your way that's why you're thinking like this. Why wouldn't wales be a flight plan? just because people aren't going to wales doesn't mean they wont fly over it. Also there are apps you can get for smart phones like plane finder which will tell you what plane's are flying in your area in real time, who owns them, their route, height and speed they are flying at is displayed you can also get this software for your computer I would suggest you download this software and that will tell you what the planes are doing then you can report them to the civil aviation authority if you find a problem but as your probably going to say there in on it as well you could just sell your bulls**t to the sun or star newspaper. Im worried for mankind because of the likes of you believing in these idiotic ideas.

    15. actually I do have an App on my smart phone and when I check to see which flight is going over head, funny enough, it doesn`t say anything... no planes saturday morning, nice bright blue skies all day... Sunday morning, 6 planes within a space of 15 mins going overhead leaving a nice trail behind them, so what happened?.. did they take the day off Saturday morning, and where are they now?... no planes in sight... I know what I see and I know when I see it and when it isnt natural, and when I said "someone as small as an aircraft engineer" it wasnt a personal poke at you.. oh and thanks for pointing me to the plane finder online, just proved myself correct... 3 planes went over, not a sign of them on the plane finder thanks, but I suppose you have a reason for that?

    16. I think you should watch the entire video.

    17. Great! An aircraft engineer that has no concept of grammar or spelling. Yeah, I'm going to believe you! HAHA
      You also said "the main reason this is BS is because the documentary is very badly made"? ROFL!! REALLY? Are ANY documentaries "well made". It's not a Hollywood production, it's some guys with cameras trying to explain to the public what's going on without our knowledge. Geez!

    18. Good man, everyone knows not to thrust a man with bad grammar, but to thrust some crack pot who gets a notion into his tiny little head, you gullible i****. Yes, loads of documentaries are well made, they should be informative, none biased and most importantly researched and truthful, but as you said they're just two guys running around with a camera spreading their crazy, non researched, i*iotic ideas.

    19. It is not sprayed through the exhaust, maybe the difference.

  171. This is not to control the wearing, but to control our population, and our very own government sits behind the wheel Everything from our food and water to the clothing we wear, the very air we breathe...it is tainted with a nasty chemical cocktail bent on one goal: reduce the world's population. The side effects? Sterility in men and women, increased risk of breast and testicular cancer, promotion of homosexuality, and decreased sex drive, among other things. They are putting it in jet fuel, yes...in fact, it is nearly impossible to avoid. Plastics, clothing, money, you name it. DO NOT be fooled into thinking that we are safe or that we can trust what we hear from the media. Look it up, hell, look outside. There is proof everywhere. (and no I am not some conspiracy theorist or anything other than a pissed off US citizen).

    1. I live statesboro Georgia there are tiny white flacks stick that melt on everything outside it settled on everything what is this sediment?

    2. aluminum and barium, the theory is to reflect sun back into space, see global dimming on Wiki.

  172. ANyone believe its just the vapor of fuel coming from jet engines and falling to earth?

  173. Has anyone considered the incredible amounts of liquid that would have to be mixed and carried up in order to spray? It's a ridiculous paranoid conspiracy theory.

  174. I think this is made up. Not sure why but some facts from the documentary don't add up. Just look the details up. It is not making sense.
    For one thing - the clouds they were showing looked fairly normal to me. Look up clout types on wikipedia.
    And if you are not scared to confront your thoughts look up 'chemtrail debunked' on youtube. You also get a different perspective. Then think about it all for a while.

    1. I am an artist and just today was hoping to have a great day with clear skies. There were the trails in a grid when I looked up this morning..against beautiful blue sky. You could see up higher more grids and streaks from trails. Ten minutes later, the grids had dispersed into hazy whitish skies. It bleaches out the color and makes it hard for me to paint. The day turned cloudy and my light was gone. I turned on the lights in the studio which I hate to do.

  175. interesting doc, but where are the pilots that fly these jets and where are the boeing manufacturers that build these poison planes? or is it commercial airlines at all that spray this out in the air. a pilot could easily tell you if the trails are normal vapour or something else..

    1. Where are the Pilots? Well they are bribed, acting under duress, dead or in hiding. Where are the Boeing Manufacturers that build these poison planes? Rich is where they are and there workforce like the military is heavily compartmentalized they don't know wht they are spraying or what they are making. Plus they get paid two to three times the living wage plus benefits so why rock the boat.

    2. Another person making comments because they feel free to speak whenever an unsubstantiated idea enters the head. Fortunately, not everyone in the world is so vain to think they need to share every nonsensical thought they have.

  176. 1. What makes people think that isn't simply water vapor? General distrust of the gov't combined with general ignorance.
    That is not evidence of chemtrails.
    2. If the government wanted to poison us, why would they be so stupid to do it out in the open, high in the sky, when it would be so easy to do it in much less conspicuous ways?
    3. Do you think all the pilots flying these "spraying" planes have no conscience and would ruin the world they and their children have to live in too? Why have none come forward and blown the whistle?

  177. Wait a minute!! The arguments going back in forth on this comment page all seem to be about one thing: Are they contrails or chemtrails?? The "pro-contrails" people laughingly accuse the "pro-chemtrail" people of being dumb and conspiracy theorists for believing in this. BUT! Let's leave aside the argument of whether these are contrails and chemtrails and focus on the ONE subject in this Doc that cannot be argued: the fact that there scientists that ARE currently considering doing this type of research using chemicals in the sky for weather manipulation. You CAN"T argue that fact. You can't. Now, combine that, with the fact that the lead scientist for Geo-Engineering admitted that they would use Aluminum, and COMBINE that with the scientific evidence MT. Shasta aluminum measurements, going up and you just can't COMPLETELY ignore this subject. Atleast be worried that they MIGHT start doing this, if you don't believe that they already are. Thank you for reading this.

    1. I dont see where your getting with this. So you want discuss the name of the crossing flick flack white trails in the sky, and with this
      discussion, diminish the rest of the data being presented? The fact that 50x ''respected dosis'' of alumium is being found in plants, snow, rain, dirt and in our bodies?

      ( i wrote this, then decided to read your comment again)

      - I interpreted the energy you wrote your words in. And
      therefor missed out on especially the word Comment. So my first drastic
      conclusion wheir what i previously wrote.

      My apoligiez. Namaste.
      Have a wonderful day! :-)

    2. Im getting dizzy reading all these comments lol
      Lots of valid arguments here. But people are seeing these trails and the crazy patterns, that are not just airplanes flying in the sky, but spraying something that lingers in the air much longer than an airplane exhaust lingers. What we want to know is, what are they spraying and why is happening with so much frequency.

  178. God.. if you're out there......... all i want for christmas is an armada of 1,000+ mobile rocket launching systems with 3 full reloads.~ Today I smoked my first cigarette of the day, still fighting the nightmares that haunt my normal sleeping life, to see not one or two- but a dozen planes leaving behind more "emissions" than if they'd been on Fire. That giant X in the sky is a target- it says quick shoot here before he shoots himself, because he's realized he's in hell and there is no mystical exit from this pit.

    1. I wonder what level of poisonous emissions the millions of cigarette smokers like yourself are pumping into the air we breath. In major cities it must be substantial.

  179. That's right....Good thing you took your head out of the sand to sound off..

  180. You americans are all alike. You believe anything. Conspiracy theory this, conspiracy theory that. Just get on with life and accept things for how they are.

    Fergus, Eire, Europe.

  181. You americans are all alike. You believe anything. Conspiracy theory this, conspiracy theory that. Just get on with life and accept things for how they are.

    Fergus, Eire, Europe.

    1. It's "sheeple" like you who just go on with life when all around you things are happening that could affect your life and other peoples' lives in a negative way. Yes, maybe Americans are 'conspiracy theorists' but that's because we keep our eyes on things and when they seem to be strange, we're not afraid to point them out. Be glad we are because it just might save your life someday. Oh and by the way, enjoy la-la land AND those chemtrails....they're really nothing at all. LOL

    2. I'm afraid the sheeple are those who think chemtrails exist.

  182. Wow, John below here seems to have all the answers ..let's elect John! This mentality is EXACTLY why this type of activity Can continue..

    1. I'm with you. Better yet we can rename all our reps "john". They'll do anything for a good f%#&.

  183. Ok, been wathcing this whole thing while researching what BS I could find on the web...Lets say that there is aluminum in jet fuel...if that is so, then the time when the most "exhaust would be released is at take off. This is also when the engine is least fuel efficient, so while it is accerating and emitting fumes, much of those fumes are full of unbrunt fuel and of course, this aluminum that is allegedly in the fuel. So the number one place to test for aluminum would be the take off area of the runway...

  184. Plus people, haven't "they" been telling us that clouds from co2 are whats causing the global warming? RAys come thru and can't get out? Greenhouse effect? Wouldn't this cloud making have the same effect? This is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Who is telling you clouds form from co2? Clouds form from water vapor.

  185. And the guy in the second video, looks like the guy in the pirates of the caribbean movies. No for real, look liks him like it is him.. this is BS. I lived in a very populated and environmental sensitive area of south florida with the everglades, lake okeechobee and the florida keys, the atlantic and the gulf as well are all right here. Never have I heard or seen any such a thing. More propaganda to try and scare people...the sky is not falling people.

  186. This is ridiculous. Nothing the government would try would surprise me, but seriously. The shear weight and cost of trying to fly and spray aluminum particles in the air is just stupid. The whole thing does not make sense. I remember as a young boy in the early and mid 70's seing these same streaks of white smoke behind the planes, but only the ones way up in the air, that you could almost not see because they were so high. NOthing has changed. This is not aluminum, its plane exhaust in the much thiner air up there, and the temparature is much different as well, and in some cases the "wind" is different, thats why the planes fly there, to reduce drag and increase stability for the passengers. People wake up, the sky is not falling.

  187. @Top Documentary Films...
    What is the point of having a "reply" button included in our comments when our replies just get shuffled in with the "New Comments"? Is there a difference between a "reply" and a "New Comment"? Makes having a discussion somewhat awkward.

    1. I see no one has replied yet, so i'll give you my opinion. TDF used to put the reply under the comment concerned but it got to be difficult to follow the every day posts. Some of the docs have hundreds of comments so to find a reply would mean one would have to scroll down pages sometimes. Every one here prefers this way. The new comments are always at the top or bottom depending how you choose to view the comments such as "Sort by newest first".
      It is not enough to write @....., instead hit reply and if you want start with the @...., it will direct that comment to the person's email. When you read a comment it will say at the bottom if it was a reply to someone, click on that and you will see that comment in question.
      Hope this answers your question.
      Welcome on TDF...the best doc site on the net!

  188. @ pheldespat:
    OMG! You think contrails are "jet engine exhaust"?!?
    What do you think "contrail" means? When you can correctly answer that, come back to the conversation. As someone said, "Educate yourself."

  189. Friday 13th Jan 2012 in the UK was just one of many days here when contrails were abundant.On this day I counted about 20 at one time and more kept appearing .The sunny day turned hazy then dark clouds and a red sky at sunset seems to be what follows .

  190. HEY this is not normal and why are you the only ones explaining it as if it was ok the people doing it sure as hell dont WHY? Pull your head outta yer *** this sprying is bull**** and those that come here to defend it are just ******* st*pid ITS WRONG ITS REAL AND Nobody from the goverment wants to talk about it DUH !

  191. The people who put this documentary together should be ashamed of trying to create public alarm over a hoax. You should be arrested and put on trial.

    1. When the time comes where people do not question things happening in their country is the time when I will be ashamed of people. You want to arrest people for evaluating something happening in their own country, right under their noses? Unbelievable...

    2. I question everything. I also read everything I can to keep informed. At the top of my list is EDC's, PCB's, BPA's, PBDE's, and phthalates, poisoning just about everything in an average household. Next is the carbon sulfides and hydrogen sulfides poisoning our clothes in rayon mix fabrics. And I could cite dozens of more examples but I won't. But I think I know the difference between the benefits of natural calcium flouride vs.hexafluorosilicic acid and its toxicity.
      So, when I watch a documentary with pseudoscience prevalent all through it, and go the extra mile to research it before commenting,I think I'm fully capable of recognizing a hoax.

    3. Debra, hope you are right. But WHY? are these things going on? I've observed it almost daily where I live, regardless of the temperature or humidity.

  192. Do NOT believe what you see with your own eyes, believe what the powers thet be tell you. Oh yeah, and call people that do believe what they see 'idiots'.

  193. It's not a chemtrail, it's a contrail.
    I just saved you 1 hour and 37 minutes of lies.
    Get educated so things like this don't make you believe crazy things.
    Oh, and writing your congressman makes a huge difference, just don't write him about conspiracy theories like ancient aliens who built the pyramids or 9/11 being an inside job. Educate yourself on world history. Educate yourself on the physical sciences. Most of the docs on this site are hooey, so YOU have to be able to tell the difference.

  194. Devastating Doc! This is CRAZY. Considering since this film, it has been "officially" announced that this is going on... and it started as a G20 & UN global operation in 1995, and went fully operational in 1997.

    The term "chemtrails" or newly officially called "Geo Stratospheric Engineering" is being conducted on a global scale. Just unbelievable! We greenies got to stop this spraying in our atmosphere. The worst environmental disaster in history.

    Write your Congressman.

    1. I wish writing to Congressman made a difference. lol!

    2. Ha-ha-ha! "Officially". You are officially a fool, who doesn't understand how to evaluate nonsensical claims (or valid claims, for that matter).

  195. It sounds more like they are trying to control the population, this is so scary & it sucks. Our government is really out of hand.

    1. You'd think they'd come up with a more efficient method than spraying something 30,000 feet in the air. Like something in the water supply. Or something.

    2. They been doing it to our water supply for years why you think bottle water is so popular.. its also on toothpaste, you can go online & research it.

    3. The five-headed aliens that run the Red Cross to collect our blood are also scary. What's that? Oh, you mean I shouldn't just spout off nonsense because it feels good? I agree. And perhaps you should follow that advice instead of making up your own fantasies and then talking like they are real.

  196. Trust me, it's the people who dont believe this sort of stuff who are the i*****. Americans are so proud and lazy they have not taken the time to see what kind of pain and destruction we are spreading overseas. When empires care so little about other countries it's all a matter of time before the tyranny comes home. Poetic Justice really.

    Look around you; there is aluminum in Mt Shasta, mercury in half the high fructose syrup on our shelves. Fluoride has no health benefits and destroys children's teeth and bones! Most this **** is banned in other countries! Wake the **** up.

    1. I hate to wreck your "it's America's fault" theory but chemtrails are happening all over the world.

    2. You mean it is people like you who are the problem, people who need drama and focus on a few stray comments without educating yourself. Educate yourself and learn about something called 'skepticism'. It's in the dictionary; look it up. While you're at it, look up the words 'gullible' and 'sucker'.

    3. Also while you are right about fluoride being toxic and having no health benefits it is crucial to the development of young adolescent teeth. Especially in low income areas where the kids do not eat properly and drink corrosive soft drinks. Fluoride at young age replaces an ion in your teeth and changes the chemical make up of your teeth permanently. Before this experiment was conducted children suffered from brittle teeth that eventually had to be replaced.
      No one knew trace amounts of fluoride would store in our pineal glands
      and they still don't fully understand the adverse effects it is having
      on our health. Its annoying spunyuns such as yourself that believe the
      government is trying to stop your transcendence to a higher
      consciousnesses. If you don't believe in the framework of our government
      and country then do everyone a favor and leave. But since I know you
      will not, why don't you try to raise awareness and actually witness the
      magic of checks and balances when the collision of divided ideals forms a
      genuine solution to this desperate situation you find yourself in. I
      can tell you from personal experience it is much more alleviating than
      just cursing off your fellow man for having a different opinion.

    4. FOR SHAWN.. While you are right about fluoride being toxic and having no health
      benefits it is crucial to the development of young adolescent teeth.
      Especially in low income areas where the kids do not eat properly and
      drink corrosive soft drinks. Fluoride at young age replaces an ion in
      your teeth and changes the chemical make up of your teeth permanently.
      Before this experiment was conducted children suffered from brittle
      teeth that eventually had to be replaced.
      No one knew trace amounts
      of fluoride would store in our pineal glands and they still don't fully
      understand the adverse effects it is having on our health. Its annoying
      spunyuns such as yourself that believe the government is trying to stop
      your transcendence to a higher consciousnesses. If you don't believe in
      the framework of our government and country then do everyone a favor and
      leave. But since I know you will not, why don't you try to raise
      awareness and actually witness the magic of checks and balances when the
      collision of divided ideals forms a
      genuine solution to this desperate situation you find yourself in. I
      tell you from personal experience it is much more alleviating than just
      cursing off your fellow man for having a different opinion.

  197. This is getting ridiculous. How do some of you continue to exist with such a lack of basic science knowledge? Why have you not been selected against? Perhaps, if we (society) removes a few warning labels off certain things, then maybe we can stop you from procreating and passing on your ignorance.

    "Chemtrails" are not real, only condensation trails are. Please try to be less idiotic.

    After all, your ignorance and stupidity is not just hurting yourself, but society as a whole.

    1. Right and I guess they must be lost or just having fun up there because they make criss crosses all over the sky and the trails stay in the sky...

    2. Our school system teaches little science, so losers like these people ending up feeling good about believing whatever they want. They do not feel accountable for their opinions about what they observe in nature. Our schools seem to be teaching them that opinions of fact can be based on feelings and not reality.

    3. I only write about what I've observed. I'm 65 and the trails are obviously not natural. I've watched the trails happen with more and more frequency lately. They don't go away, but turn into cloud cover.

  198. You know the dictionary does not recognize chemtrails? Which is very strange because there are example of planes with chemtrails. Trails full of chemicals. Examples. Agent Orange ring a bell ? Planes were used to spray chemicals? Perfect example of a chemtrail. Why is it not recognized? Because they don't want it to be.

    How about geoengineering of clouds ?

    How about firefighters using planes with special chemicals to put out fires?

    There are many examples of planes using chemicals for multi purposes and sprayed in a trail .

    To say all chemtrails are contrails is blatant cover up of the obvious .

    Now for the chemtrails of harmful substances for humans that are being sprayed. One only need to go rent an airplane get a pilot , fly up get some samples and prove your case.

  199. could it be possible that the chemicals are present as a result of decades of pollution; and the vapor trails are not dissipating because they are spiked with man-made pollutants that have been known to cause SMOG and also ACID RAIN?

    1. This really could be the case. Pollution is killing us. I high lighted certain examples of pollution in previous posts.

      As George Carlin once said..."the planet is fine, we're all screwed" (paraphrased)

  200. To those who believe this rubbish: you are beyond dimwitted and should invest in credible, post-secondary education (preferably in the sciences... 'political science' does not count -- I am sure Poli-Sci majors can attest to this, lol).

  201. I've lost all faith in mankind, but holding out for one last hope: we get Ron Paul for president in 2012. Maybe he can turn things around.

  202. laugh now cry later

  203. its no joke man, I used to think it was until they started spraying here.You can see these trails actually starts spreading the sky and starts to fall down. Now when I look out my window the whole town is in fog except the day after it rains. My mouth tastes metallic and my throat hurts when I'm out side. They have loads of people calling the US Military(never picks up) now they spray in short length so it doesn't show as much, they also try to camouflage in the clouds. These are not water nor contrails I know what contrails look like and I have never seen these in my life.

    1. Web MD says: Paranoia and Allergies !

    2. MY MD said:

      shhhhhh, go back to sleep.

    3. Seriously, see a doctor. You have anxiety problems, not chemtrail problems.

    4. It seems to me that chemtrail theorists are not looking at all of it. I've noticed lately (necro!) that I've been getting headaches, a jar in my room popped when I opened it(not for the first time) which has never happened before, people have been more ornery, that I've woken up feeling short of breath. These coincide with sometimes long but shallow gusts of wind that go on for minutes or more. Like the air is getting sucked away in a swoosh. Around these times, whatever you want to call them (I think contrails), hang in the air more often, just like the clouds tend to be wispier. People's moods are effected.

      Low air pressure would make these contrails hang in the air more frequently and also could also cause the changes in mood, especially when the air pressure is changing rapidly. The weather has been changing from extremes, and more violent storms. These all happen with rapid pressure changes. During these times, thinking clearly becomes more difficult, especially when it is something that takes concentration. People get depressed and moodier. (gloomy weather if you will)

      Low air pressure is also definitely correlated with the brains ability to think well, and is well documented to increase joint pains, headaches, etc (and jars that make the popping sounds in my case). Check out studies on these things. I think it is just a very disturbing indicator or climate change creating more rapid weather change (air pressure).

      Not to mention the difficulty in secretly getting all of these planes (I'm talking about 'chemtrails' from commercial jets) fitted with these chemicals without people knowing. I've read of airplane pilots expressing the same view about the contrails hanging in the air more often.

      Not good.

  204. This is a joke doc, right? How could anyone take anything said in this doc seriously when not one source is credible, nor one term?

  205. pilots would be fired for slight deviations from a flight pattern, that and jets would be scrambled, so they're obviously up to something. BTW even dumping fuel doesn't spread like that in the sky nor does it linger, and exhaust is gray/black and also doesn't linger and spread like that in the sky. If it lingered and spread similarly, downtown during rush hour would create a fog that nobody could see through... Also you'll never see a commercial/fighter jet leave contrails of the like, and quite often, the planes that are leaving these massive 'contrails', are flying lower than the altitude needed for the air to be cold enough to leave contrails. You can easily notice this if they switch on/off w/e they're doing, the contrail will mysteriously start and end, which also never happens with commercial flights.

    1. Steve - PLEASE try to invent an engine that does NOT create bright white exhaust when the atmosphere is not dry. Oh, wait, you can't. But apparently you are still free to post B.S. comments that have not basis in truth, claiming that exhaust is gray/black. As for your other claims, just TRY to come up with numbers justifying your arguments. Find the altitudes of the aircraft, determine the ambient temperature and water vapor pressure at the altitude at which they are flying, and then show us the stochiometric calculations you get for the burning fuel and the resulting exhaust. If you can't do that, just shut up and stop making false claims.

  206. @pheldespat - I understand your skepticism. Let's put aside whatever might be in the trail, whether it is a spray or just jet engine exhaust...and let me ask you, why would the planes be making grids, X's, and U-turns in the sky? Why are they not following normal flight paths? Why did I never see these things till about 6 years ago? Why can you see them from space? Lastly, you say some trails are persistent because the conditions are right, but how do you explain the fact that I can find multiple films that show both regular (disappearing) contrails, and persistent trails being laid down simultaneously by different planes? You can often see regular jets flying right through or very near to a chemtrail. Their trail will disappear and the chemtrail will stay. How exactly is that working?

    It's obvious to me that you, and several others commenting here, did NOT watch the documentary. Some of the questions you ask in your posts are answered in the film. I suggest you actually watch it.

    Also, for some others who said to get a small plane and go up in the air to sample it - that's impossible since the trails are higher than small aircraft go. Someone would need to hire a JET, and rig up some kid of testing device, since you can't exactly stick your hand out the window at that height. You got money to hire a jet? I don't.

    1. ROFL I think pee just ran down my leg. You know why we didn't watch it. BECAUSE ITS A FEAR MONGERING DOCUMENTARY. Kinda like what our politicians do to pass bills like the patriot act. Do you think some crackpot no name dude would be the one to release this info that would be DEADLY obvious to a chemist ?? Who studies it?

    2. Dumb ass - the 'X' patterns are from different airplanes. Good luck trying to NOT create them. That's like claiming roads form 'X' patterns at intersections so they must be conspiracy-related. As for U-turns, high-altitude trails (especially when distorted by wind) can present deceptive patterns due to perspective. Two parallel contrails can appear to converge, just like rails on a railroad going into the distance. Curving lines can be harder to interpret, and human beings can be amazingly stubborn and unwilling to self-acknowledge that their interpretation of a pattern has not properly accounted for perspective.

    3. Oh how intelligent of you to call me a derogatory name, I'm sure that makes you look so much better than me. I have always lived near airports, I grew up by LAX in Los Angeles, and now I live near the San Diego airport. I'm 49 years old. I have always watched the sky, and watched airplanes. I know about their flight patterns around airports. Anyone who is a sky watcher can plainly see what a normal flight pattern is, and see which way the wind is blowing, and see how high the planes are flying. It's not that hard to see that part of it. Near airports, there are no crossing paths like an intersection, flights for my nearby airport approach from only a very specific places. I know what I should be seeing, as opposed to what should not be there. It's also common knowledge, and also my observation, that lasting trails such as these have turned up only in the recent past. I never saw them in the 60s, 70s, or 80s at all. I dare you to find a single photograph of the sky taken during those years that shows the type of trails we are talking about here. You will not find a single one, I would bet anything on it. And I know, because I was there. Were you? The type of grid patterns as I was discussing before, not just simple Xs, would never be made by regular air traffic. I've seen giant checkerboard patterns across the sky so many times. And the U turns I saw were directly overhead, not like train tracks off in the distance. I know the difference. I'm not stupid. I wouldn't stand up for something without lengthy observation. How much time have you spent observing I wonder?

  207. To the makers of this video: It is very sad to observe how you set off against something which you take part in causing yourselves. You drive by car, fly by plane halfway across the world, the moderator can be seen constantly fuss around with his cell phone, which he must eventually recharge at times, the depicted giant houses and apartments, which must be air-conditioned or heated. You consume so much energy, but what do you give back to nature? Actually nothing, or just garbage, a video, which I can only see through the use of electricity.
    We should all ask ourselves: what have I done to combat global warming, what have I contributed to the preservation of biodiversity, what have I desisted from doing to protect the environment? Everyone will come to the conclusion that we have done nothing except talk. Since the 1970s, scientists warn against the consequences of our Western way of life. At that time they have been declared insane. In our days, their worries are the bitter truth. Remember the Cree wisdom:
    "Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we can not eat money"
    Suddenly, the military and the industry is evil, but when you were protected from the evil inhuman communists, it was just wonderful and their secret operations the right way to defend your unique West.
    That an evil force wants to destroy your livelihood and nature (there is no real diverse nature any longer) is obviously all nonsense, you by yourselves destroy your own livelihood, you are the evil force yourself. And because you are not able to change your lifestyle the chemicals have to be sprayed now. You are willing beneficiaries of the last industrial revolutions and deeply dependent on their achievements, respectively, nobody will be able to give it up. You are slaves of your own modern life. The world is dying and mankind is the nail in the coffin.
    Mankind will become extinct like dinosaurs because it behaves like dinosaurs: eating up too much and returning nothing into the natural cycle but waste and shit. People: don't go to work, leave your car alone, go back into the tepee, into the cave, stop giving birth to too many children, plant trees, plant brushes. But this is too late anyway!
    A few groups of Indians in the Amazon will even survive the disaster of the next 10 to 100 years, I'm sure about that. They've earned it honestly!

    1. I suppose you're sending us this message from your teepee (using smoke signals) amongst your fruit trees and organic garden while rocking your one child in a cradle that you built yourself wearing the cotton shirt and pants that you sheared from your sheep and spun into thread that you loomed into cloth and made into a garment. Why you are just too wasteful. Why don't you live in a cave, let your hair grow, never shave, drag your women into the cave for a little fun and go forage some fruits and nuts and if you've got the guts you can go after a little meat.

    2. I know you were trying to sound all smart and everything, but I couldn't even read further then "wearing cotton shirt and pants sheared from your own sheep." I have very little respect for someone trying to be a smart a$$ when they do not have a clue themselves. Wool comes from sheep, cotton comes from plants.

    3. You got me there. I am a smart ass and wool does come from sheep. I'm glad you're here to make corrections.

    4. By the way. There is a difference between the words "then" and "than". lol

    5. Isn't it ironic that YOU yourself are driving, YOU yourself are consuming electricity and fossil fuels, and YOU yourself are on the internet posting a comment. What have YOU yourself done to combat climate change?
      At least the makers of this documentary are doing something by spreading the word about the terrible things our govt is doing!
      Your comment is a waste of time & space!

    6. . Dinosaurs died from an asteroid. They did not make a conscious decision to harm the balance of nature.

  208. I really doubt that they are spraying anything. I think the problem is that you look up and see airplanes, and think this is where it comes from. That is why it is so hard to believe this because I have seen contrails like that for years, it is only the increase in air travel with lower fares that has created the illusion of the problem. If the levels of aluminum and barium are going up in our soils, perhaps it is due to the fact that the Earth may be passing through cosmic dust made up of such stuff? After all, one fifth of all household dust trickles down from outer space each day.

    1. You haven't lived long enough to know the difference. What is happening now is strange…the cloud do not look natural.

  209. Monsanto anyone ? :-((

  210. Well, I'm glad that people are alarmed - the next step is to get it all under one direction. I'm concerned about some top environmentalists who name
    the alarmed ones as incompetent, illiterate,..., conspirasists.

    Open your eyes, stop watching your electronic screens - LOOK UP(!) and You notice the activity that takes place in the sky above your own head - let your own eyes to wittness it. Think.
    I'm from Portland, ORegon, where according to the data we have only 68 sunny days a year. Meantime, I've started my own watch : I have 4,5 years of technical college & years of life experience to tell that what I see is a deliberate attempt to shield the Sun. The only thing that's left is to research, find out who is paying for all that & who's on top. Or who wants it to look like there an authority on top.
    Whenever the cloudy days are gone, there's a new
    spraying happening.Couple weeks ago, on Saturday, driving from SE to NW Portland - I noticed one repeating pattern. This time I've noticed some new method: the areas of open blue sky were 'stitched' by a snowflake pattern, right in the middle of the BLUE. Yep, let's stitch it! We don't need the Sun!
    The last Wednesday & today, Friday,Aug.12 2011, the blue morning skies were turned into mesh of mutually perpendicular lines of jet-trails.
    The usual planes have their exhaust melt in 1-2 minutes.
    Today at 6 p.m., the skies are turning blurry, but somehow, Mother Earth
    sustaining it - for now. Let's help her to help us to survive & be healthy!
    Is there an organization of people who are willing to outlaw this practice?
    I'm IN.

    1. Your life experience proves nothing.

    2. I've seen your posts around. They are similar to this…the debunker in the crowd! The skies do look different now. I've been around a while too. You can't help but see it, if you are paying attention.

    3. You're comments make for a great example of terrible "science". Would you please quantify "looks different." Show me the the provably unbiased experiments you've done to demonstrate that the appearance has changed. You'll have to define "appearance" in a quantifiable or clearly characterizable manner. Then, please define a random means of acquiring sky photographs or at least transmissivity. These must include past and present. Have you done that? It's *hard* to do proper AND unbiased research. I can tell you this - if enough of these damn fool "chemtrails" people believe in them - and you're not just a small vocal band of kooks, then you should have no problems renting your own aircraft and going up and sample them. You'll be disappointed once you do. Meanwhile, you've got real threats to your health from too much sugar, mercury in the air and water, hormone disrupters in the environment, antibacterial resistance developing due to antibiotic use in animals, etc, yet so much bandwidth is *wasted* on neurotic group thinkers who find a problem where there is none. If you want to project your neuroses onto the external world, please choose a *real* problem. If you think your "problem" of "chemtrails" is real, crowd source some testing flights AND include well known skeptics/debunkers as witnesses to your flight. You'll get the results you deserve. If you won't do that, where is your commitment to this so-called problem you've created out of thin air?

    4. I do think the old pictures of contrails, shows us much and is somewhat reassuring. But it doesn't explain to me these patterns in rural areas far away from flight paths. It doesn't explain the aluminum, etc. on the ground. I've noticed after years of gardening, that lately things are just not as vigorous as they once were. Bees are scarce, etc. Real blue skies are seldom anymore. If these are all contrails and not chemtrails, then I worry about too much going on in the sky, poisoning our atmosphere. That's a lot of soot up there! And not just ice crystals!

  211. Although I am very concerned about this problem I don't think it can ever be solved because it is successfully being hidden from people, even if politicians knew what was happening they still couldn't do anything about it because there is no way to prove and to pin point exactly who is doing it.

  212. Maybe some waterboarding is in order or some testicle squeezing to get some answers. On a serious note can anyone get a high powered telescope to see and take stills to identify which planes are spraying and then get an inside maintenance guy to inspect the plane and more importantly the fuel. If you have the proof then you win the battle. On a side note, here on Long Island(NY) the planes that leave the chemtrails are up so high up you can not identify them. The commercial planes that fly into JFK,LGA,Newark and Islip do not seem to leave chemtrails.

  213. They are all over the skies here in Scotland!!!.'(..

  214. Interesting thing about that political map they showed.
    I have not seen chemtrails in Sweden, but in Germany and Belgium it´s clearly visible.
    As a Swede i have not seen so hazy and milky blue skies as shown in this film, ever!
    Clearly there is something suspicious going on in the US. If i lived there, i would be very concerned. Very!

    1. You're very fortunate chemtrails respect international borders. In Canada, we find them occasionally straying across but I believe that its becoming less so as passports are now required to cross the border.

    2. That is interesting Det Är Jag I live in Denmark right next door to Sweden (within eye view) and I happen to see those trails. 0_o

    3. I live Canada,Funny way that you( jack1952) put that.Because I don,t see that happening as much anymore. Two years go ,it was like there was 4 to 6 planes evey day

    4. i was recently in Stockholm and i took a photo of a huge chemtrail across the city centre on a sunny blue sky day. So unfortunately Sweden does get it as well!!!!

  215. if I enter into a state of complete denial*> chemtrails don't exist!
    *only then

  216. where are the comments? Vlatko

  217. .What happened to all the comments about this doc? Did the chemtrail perpetrators not like what we were saying?

    1. They will appear Jack1952. Hopefully.

  218. you are in way over your head my friend

    1. I'm in over my head!! These guys made the documentary. You would think they would be at the bottom of the lake by now.

  219. @ Matt

    Please post those pictures so we can all see the evidence.

  220. I have witnessed the dumping, i was in the middle of no where in newfoundland this summer driving down the highway. I looked up and boom there it was a jet with something on top and dumping a substance behind it. Then i relized it was going all over the sky in a criss cross fashion. So i pulled over and took pictures. It appeared that there was five other things that looked like rockets and a large jet dumpging in the sky. It was amazing thing to witness. I couldnt make sense of what i was seeing. But my eyes are opening to what is going on now. Luckly i had my camera.

  221. @ light

    You live in Seattle. It rains there all the time. Northwestern United States has the highest rainfall in the lower 48. Rain equals gray skies.

    1. Not true Jack,the problem with assumptions. They usually are incorrect. the rainiest city in the USA. Mobile, Alabama--67 inches average annual rainfall; 59 average annual rainy days
      •Pensacola, Florida--65 inches average annual rainfall; 56 average annual rainy days
      •New Orleans, Louisiana--64 inches average annual rainfall; 59 average annual rainy days
      •West Palm Beach, Florida--63 inches average annual rainfall; 58 average annual rainy days
      •Lafayette, Louisiana--62 inches average annual rainfall; 55 average annual rainy days
      •Baton Rouge, Louisiana--62 inches average annual rainfall; 56 average annual rainy days
      •Miami, Florida--62 inches average annual rainfall; 57 average annual rainy days
      •Port Arthur, Texas--61 inches average annual rainfall; 51 average annual rainy days
      •Tallahassee, Florida--61 inches average annual rainfall; 56 average annual rainy days
      •Lake Charles, Louisiana--58 inches average annual rainfall; 50 average annual rainy
      Get your facts straight.

  222. i've never said this before

  223. Our Gov't is capable of anything!

  224. in Seattle where blue skies are rare, we are bombarded by chemtrails on the average of every 2 to 3 days making the skies gray. Plane exhaust my ass!

    1. Now 8 years on we are very ill cancer is taking thousands health. The cancer business is booming. Fires are choking us every summer. Blood and hair tests show high levels of heavy metals. Many illness heart disease strokes high blood pressure and bacterial infections. Much more. The investments in new hospitals. I guess disease is big business.

  225. @ MDB

    You are a slave now. If that closed inbred and vague society has been in control for as long, as you believe, then not only you but your ancestors have been in bondage for generations. Did they not know, or were they too comfortable in their slavery to fight back?

    People are social animals. All animals that live in a society have a pecking order. That is the natural order. It occurs everywhere, not only in the human race. Even if you defeat this enemy, a new hierarchy will establish itself; and you may find yourself a slave again. Or one of the elite.

    Actually, I was being facetious in my previous post, as I do not believe in any of this chemtrail stuff.

    1. Obviously, you answer your own question: "...or were they too comfortable in their slavery...?" Maybe they thought the same way you do: That it's useless to fight back, because a new hierarchy will establish itself.
      First of all, we are animals to a certain extent. We may hope we've learned something through the evolution of our brain, instead of continuing to act exactly like other animals?
      Second, a hierarchy can be based on lots of things! It's not a synonym for a "pecking order", it's just a form of organising society. For instance, it could be about who is most knowledgeable, instead of who has the most money or who belongs to a certain family.
      I really don't understand your negativity, since clearly society includes every person and with enough likeminded people we can change it to whatever we like? If you think about it, we managed to do so in the past...

  226. jack1952,

    I feel sorry for you. I really do. I also have no respect for you. For to admit you'd rather live as a slave, or become one of the evil ones, which you don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of doing, for that has been a closed inbreed society for hundreds, if not thousands of years, than to fight for freedom now, and have a chance at Heaven on Earth here and now, or die trying, is shameful. I'm embarrassed for you that you would admit that.

    "Better to die standing a free man than to live as a slave on your knees."

  227. Apparently I'm a slave now. At least I'll be a slave in a new Utopia.I just hope they don't starve me although that shouldn't be necessary in this new world of plenty.

    I still think if they can do it so can I. There has to be a way. I don't want to be a thug, though.

  228. jack1952,

    You ask what cannot, and will not be granted. However there is a way for us to survive. Stop the elitist cretins before they implement their plan.

    Because of the 500-million the scum-elites have planned to survive 400-million of them would be slaves, nearly all of the remaining 100-million would be enforcers, and perhaps 2% of them would be the "ruling elites," and that club we are not getting into.

    So unless you are willing to be a slave or a thug, there is only one other choice, FIGHT THEM NOW and STOP THEM NOW!

  229. What I want is to survive this onslaught. The perpetrators have a plan to survive. They even have a population number that they think should be able to live on a sustainable planet. This implies survivors. I don't believe that they are sacrificing themselves for the greater good.
    They are planning to be part of the 500 million. So do I. Once again, tell me how they are going to do it; please.

  230. @jack1952
    Maybe you were out playing with your grandkids and missed the part about GMO crops resistant to the Aerosol? I suggest you back up a bit and watch the demolition of Building 7 and determine if that was an "accident".
    Did you bother to look up "fluosilicic Acid" - the smokestack liquor being added to municipal water?
    Have you heard of "Codex Alimentarious" the government takeover of food, farming and medicine worldwide? Evil is not logical. If you want to protect your family you might want to heed some of the warnings on this board instead of naively dismissing them....

  231. @ Cyn

    What company?

  232. We had spraying in Santa Cruz California. Everyone that went outside for lunch got sick and had to go home from work. People who had stayed inside that day didn't get sick. The whole community claimed that they were sprayed and saw a plane. They tracked the plane and at first they denied it until there was a large outcry. Then the company admitted that it sprayed a harmless chemical that was meant to kill butterflies. But this was unfounded, the butterfly they purported to be after was harmless to that community. So who were they really after, why did they use the poisonous chemical on people, if it was harmless why did they lie?

    1. Why would they want to kill butterflies?

    2. You know, BP spilled oil, so I guess that means ALL oil operations are *intentionally* spilling oil to kill all people. I'm just using your logic, that one local low-altitude spray operation should be extended to all operations.

  233. Once again; will someone, please, tell me where they are going to live after they have poisoned the earth. How do they avoid the poison they have let loose on the world?

  234. For you deniers, crimes of this magnitude can be pulled-off because they are so blatant. This isn't the only instance of eugenics programs in action. They poison our water (fluoride), our food (GMO and additives)and our medicines. They murder 2,996 of us in broad daylight.

    Now you either believe this or you don't. If you don't its either because you haven't investigated, or have investigated and refused to believe it, or worst, know the truth and still perpetuate the lie, or worst of all, condemn without investigation.

    The truth will shock you, not knowing will kill you.

  235. @ No Fluoride in San Diego

    I still don't know where these perpetrators are going to live after they poison the rest of us. Do they have an immunity to poison? If I win the lottery will I also acquire this immunity? I suppose there could be poison free zones. If you know of any such places please let me know. I have three grandchildren that I would move if there were safe zones. Over population is the number one problem on this planet. The Georgia Stones is a set of guidelines suggested by one group. It is set in an idealistic vision of how our future should be. This is a long way from the outright murder of billions of people.

  236. @ jack1952
    To the perpetrators of aerosol crimes, most of humanity is indeed the enemy. They care not about borders or hating a particular religion etc. If you look at the Georgia Stones or Eugenics papers, their goal is 90% population reduction. To the authors of these programs power and money is not enough. They have system of beliefs (like a religion) built around death. Even Bill Gates new "#1 wish before he dies" is distribution of sterilization vaccines.
    Chemtrails are real as fluoridation is smokestack scrubber water laced with heavy metals poisoning the public water supply. Look at the news or google where the chemicals for Fluoridation (hydorfluosilicic Acid) comes from and connect the dots to chemtrails and the extremely wealthy "social engineers".....

  237. @ No Fluroride in San Diego

    Fabian Maximus poisoned his enemies water supply; not his own. If you could show me how the poison these planes are spraying can be contained within a specific country's border then your point would hold some water. From what I understand the wind does not need a passport for international travel.

  238. Exhaust fumes do not spray out of the lengths of the wings. If you look at the footage, you can clearly see the spraying is happening in both the front and back wings in a random fashion thus it is not mechanical exhaust which would show a steady stream.

    Just like Fluosilicic Acid form factory smoke stacks is being mixed with municipal drinking water. AKA "Fluoridation". Chemtrails is the newer version of an older trick going back to General Fabian Maximus who poisoned his enemies drinking water instead of engaging in direct combat.

  239. so wait... chem-trails are bad for the environment, but ONE woman with 11 kids and 35 grandkids is OK? hmm... that makes sense.

    yeah, we're screwed.

  240. @ ste

    China does have chemtrails. You can't see them for the industrial air pollution.

  241. tell ya one thing for nothing,china dont have chemtrails,think on that!

  242. @jack1952

    Reynolds wrap and Jimmie/Billy Carter are the only ones who can save the human race!

  243. @ ProudinUS

    Am I ever glad you warned me about the peanut butter. I'm getting ready to go out and I like to smear some peanut butter behind my ears to attract the ladies.
    I'm already looking at ways to engineer tin foil into my skull. The big problem is being sure I don't inadvertently use aluminum foil. I would be playing into their hands then.

    @ tailwindscps

    You make too much sense, therefore no one will believe you.

  244. Wow, conspiracy theories and lots of graphs and testing atmosphere talk. I didn't watch the documentary, so I don't know if this was addressed, but I am a pilot. I can tell you there is no spraying of chemicals into the air. . Water vapor has to have particles to "adhere" to collect enough to form a cloud. Most particles settle closer to the earth's surface. The plane takes with it all the conditions for cloud formation...change in temperature, moisture and these particles. The reason you see them for so long after the plane goes through is that it is below freezing at those altitudes. You are seeing a frozen cloud in the path the airplane flew. You cannot take a small plane up and fly through the trail and sample it. As to sampling the air only weather balloons and jets collect data at those altitudes. A jet trail would be composed of jet exhaust and whatever the atmosphere already contains there. No doubt the jet is harmful to the environment, but the same trail exists behind every plane in the air. You just don't see it because the conditions are not right.

  245. @Jack1952

    When you re-engineer yourself don't forget about your tin foil! I also heard if you smear yourself with peanut butter the aliens will take this as a sign of aggresion and zap you with their native planetary fuel spray!

  246. It has to be aliens that are doing this. They need to expand to other planets. Our earth environment is lethal to them so they changing it so all life on earth dies. Then they will start to colonize our planet. There is nothing we can do to stop it. Their weapons systems are too advanced. We don't even know where they come from. I'm hoping to genetically re-engineer myself so I can live in their environment. I urge all of you to do the same.

  247. pheldespat 25

    I think it’s worth mentioning that I live in a place with heavy air traffic and contrails have been a normal occurrence all my life. When the atmospheric conditions are right, you can see the contrails, and, since there are planes going in every direction, sometimes they form a criss-cross pattern. No conspiracy, just planes flying in different directions. And then, many years later, I found that people make up all sorts of crazy stuff about this well-known phenomenon.


    Did you even watch this documentary?

    I don't know how old you are but I've been around since the beginning of jet-aircraft, and it wasn't until around the year 2000 that I started to notice something wasn't the same.

    I would challenge you to view films filmed outdoors before the year 2000 and see if you see any "chemtrails." I've witnessed planes doing patterns, are they "going some place" going in huge horseshoe flight paths? Or when I witness them turning the spray off and on, just them going through "atmospheric conditions" I suppose - huh?

    Its a matter of record that weather modification has been going on since WWII. Google; "weather weapons" and have a field day.

    There's a symptom of mental illness in which people even though they've been presented with warning that they should evacuate because a flood, or some such other disaster was coming, and they refused to move, simply because the impending coming disaster had never happen to them before in that place. They simply refused to believe it could happen to them. And they died.

    I don't know if you're one of those people. But whatever you are isn't good.

  248. Which country is doing this or is it all countries?

  249. The people disregarding the proof of the high levels of aluminium from arousal seeding of the atmosphere and forgetting the proof of difference in only 5 years going up so much are only doing so to put people off the path of truth. There is now documents and proof of these projects being about since the 60's and has continued since, but the real people the "tin hat people" as the scared shameful unawake call us! we have now awoken and are approaching it it the correct ways to have it stopped period!

    I am from london where we are very aware of the process! and has now almost become normal especially threw our summer months but now has been officially released by our parliament as a document.

    Keep fighting and good luck!

  250. Sorry. That should be our beer in the above post. Been drinking too much tainted beer.

  251. In the winter I spray chemtrails when I breath. Those cold Canadian winter mornings are ideal for the spreading of aluminum and barium into the air. I think they put into out beer. Everyone knows that Canadians are prolific beer drinkers.

  252. Once I heard the word illuminate, I quit.

  253. If this is real, there must be "aluminum dust" containers in at least some of the airplanes, right?
    Where is that kind of proof in this documentary?
    At least someone must have talked when they found some kind of a spray device, right?
    Its gona be to many people to blackmail to keep this secret.
    Where are the insiders!

  254. it's called condensation. get educated and investigate real issues.

  255. I'd be willing to bet the farm that Monsanto is one corporation behind this.

    As for the fodder, how can any one refute the numerous independent scientific tests done to prove that aluminum particulate levels on the earth are rising (from human intervention)?

  256. This makes so much sense. Put yourself in the shoes of those who are organizing this whole mess. It's control. They end up looking like they're saving the world. They're the hero's who are doing for the benefit of mankind. It keeps putting the power into the hands of a few. Why does it seem so far fetched. Why don't those people who doubt this bring their explination and disprove the science? If people laugh at this, then what hope do we have. Maybe you're the one who'll stand right behind the government in cheer when they admit to doing all this.

  257. for any doubters, they announced on cbc news that they are doing arosal spraying in order to "combat climate change." they also said one of the problems with this strategy is the left over polution from the spraying. they do not care about the risks and considering man made global warming is a fraud, they are also lieing about why they are doing this. the spraying will increase and they are using metals and chemicals. remember they are in the testing stage, they can do whatever they want and get away with it. this will weaken our imune systems and even give better accuracy to haarp considering the metal particles will make the air more conductive

  258. I@#$%&. The biggest gits I have seen in my entire life.

  259. puny human

    Good documentary,but why would people be engaging in an activity that could harm them or their families? And please don’t reply “the Almighty Dollar”.


    Answer: If you've ever been in the military or government service the one thing you find out is just how compartmentalized everything is. You get orders to fly the plane and push a button, that's what you do, asking questions gets you in trouble.

    If you should ask and persist excuses or lies about some such top-secret whether modification weapon, or some bull about "global warming," might be enough to make you go back to thinking its all for "the good of the people."

    Which of course is total bull. Nothing done in secret is for the good of the people.

    There are those of you that may wish to live in denial about the evil that resides within governments, ALL governments, including ours. And if any of you are students of history, history proves one thing, that living in a free republic is extremely rare, and that democracies when they do surface last about 250-years before they're destroyed, normally from the inside. That's about how long it takes for the control freaks to gain power. This just happens to be our time.

    And it just happens that these freaks want to reduce the population of the world (much as Hitler did, only they really have the power to do it)to a "manageable level," around 500-million.

    Now there are those of you that doubt this, or simply refuse to believe it, but again I'm just drawing from history and the elitists own words.

    Probably the best documentary on this subject is ENDGAME.

    So in ending, either those that are doing the spraying aren't aware of the implications, or they've been promised the antidote and think they and their families will survive.

    They won't. The cretins always murder their minions.

    Of course we could stop all this insanity if people would stop living in denial and face the fact that we have a problem and started demanding answers instead of being too scared and continue to look for excuses not to act.

    Insanely murderous people have gained control of nearly every facet of what it takes to have people survive and plan to shut off the valve. The elites have their underground cites and their seed vaults, and their super-science and they think themselves Gods, and why wouldn't they? Just look at some of the super-rich and how they act, multiply that a million times to the uber-rich that we hardly or never hear about. What would you do if you were the spawn of inbreed sociopaths with all the power in the world, knowing that whatever you do, you would never be held accountable for?

    And Chemtrails are only one weapon they're using against us. So we better wake-up quickly and do something before its too late - if it isn't already.

    But I have faith that enough people will do the right thing. Don't ask me why, maybe its just an innate desire to want to believe all this can't be for naught. That there is a loving God and that life will always prevail.

    But there is one thing I do know and that there are people on this planet that if not the Devil themselves come close enough to being him to make me believe in a loving God.

  260. This is exactly why people behind closed doors are able to get away with things: because of comments like whats on here. "Conspiracy Theories" and all that bullcrap. Stop living in a fantasy land. There are evil people out here doing very ugly things. People act like the idea that our government or some people in the world can do horrible things is just so preposterous, thats naive. This is the real world, with real sh!@#$ and real bad people that could care less about you or me.

  261. This is the saddest most horrible thing that frustrates me and makes me feel like I might be crazy. This and the fluoride.

    Any advise on how I could get politically active in New York city to stop this insanity? I don't even think Ron Paul is a proponent against Chemtrails.

  262. @mark
    lol well put

    that is such a non-argument considering the deliberate pollution we see, depletion of resources, gasland pollutants, ocean depletion...
    governments creating policies and starting conflicts that foster hatred around the world toward them and their citizens... sure.. they would never do that... blah blah!

  263. @puny human

    "why would people be engaging in an activity that could harm them or their families?"

    Certainly you believe that cigarette factories are totally automated and have no human workers.

  264. For me there are no conspiracy theories or facts off the bat, just assertions that must be tested by research and experimentation. Especially in a world where people are injected with Syphilis and others are sterilized without consent we cannot allow ourselves to think like that.

  265. I think it probably is true, people should be aware that the governments do things behind our backs on a daily basis, for instance, they kept hidden & denied the existence of area 51 for so long, and still deny it's existence to this very day I believe, now for the chem-trails, I have to say they're not at all unusual, I think I have saw them my entire life, just not on a large scale as shown in the DOC, now for the amount of aluminum in our soils and water, I would say is very unusual and is not down to pollution, because if it was down to pollution we would of saw those same if not higher figures about 20 years ago when pollution was at it's highest point, and the reason we don't know who is doing this or where it is being manufactured, it's because not many people knew of this and the questions are yet to be asked, but I'm sure if you be patient you'll get some theory/ or conspiracy of the where abouts in the future some time, but on a personal note, I think it's true because the governments can do whatever the hell they want, when they when they want, and how they want, and whenever they want, because there is no one to stop them.

    1. Yes now we are seeing the trail in our sky's daily and night they spray all the time. Interesting to hear weather reports. A cloudless sky they will predict clouds. And then in the afternoon the spraying planes two start the wind blows the haze across the sky as the planes start and stop the trails over certain neighborhoods. I watched on Gay pride parade day. The grid formed west and the wind pushed it into the parade goers. Aluminum caused brain disorders . Could this be behavioral control. Seattle is really dying the plants the air the animals. Birds where are the wild ducks the bees the trees. People are strange no one seems to be thinking right. The brains are getting clogged.

  266. I live in the great but imperfect country of Canada. It surprises me greatly that the govt. of The-Good-Ole U.S.A.
    regards the wellbeing of their own CITIZENS and their life-giving WATER second to the $$$ pocketbooks $$$ of elite controllers. The people cannot ever stop these people. Got That ???? CANNOT EVER Evidence is abundant that the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. Sit there and suck on it!!!

  267. @zen

    Had the same thoughts myself!

    Hire a small aircraft a fly through one of those trails, have some kind of device that can get a sample direct from the air! easy!

    It should be more concentrated too as it wouldn't have dissipated!

    1. Take a water sample get a blood test. A cheep hair sample you will get a big surprise.

  268. This is the most comprehensive documentary, to date, on geoengineering/chemtrail technology.

    This is also an excellent website for documentaries.

    Thank you for providing this wonderful service for us all.

  269. @ princeton

    Only some Muslims want to kill us. The rest just hate us.

  270. i use barium as an additive in my reef tank ... it is utilized for the skeletal structure in my stony coral. however aluminum is a great threat..... why doesn't some one go up there and take a direct sample from these chem trails themselves and THEN analyze them. you never know ... the powerful will always seek more power... and as long as they keep being on top their children will be on top..... they're heel will always be digging in your neck..... the whip will always lash.... and OF COARSE they are going to stop at nothing to assure that they win .. and they have the money and resources to do so.... HOWEVER i remain skeptical myself and would want to see a direct sample of the very chem trail they speak of ... or find out where these jets go in and come from... can we get to them? can we inspect them? do civilian jets produce this effect ever? lets not just look at the trails and test the ground and water.... lets get our asses up in the air and test the trail itself. surely someone can arrange this? science can muster resources as well get on the ball.

    1. Nowthis is many years on . The planes drop different stuff iron oxide red flecks on the cement the white powder. I think the drug manufactures also have interest in viruses and bacteria being used so many illnesses. The news media seems to allude to the coming illness and talk of deaths and cremation. Ever so carefully to suggest to a population what to expect. The local news here is in on this.

  271. I never got into the chem-trails stuff.. I think there are a lot of problems with that idea..

    lol @jack1952 "hand wringing"

    Personlly though, i don't like the term conspiracy theorist, even if the ideas are wrong.. the mainstream media and government, being the biggest conspiracy theorists we all experience, never get labelled as such (Muslims want to kill us & hate our freedom lol).

    this term seems to only be reserved for those theories aimed at the government, to make the people who propose such ideas feel $illy and/or just plain crazy. i think using that term is derogatory and just a way to insult people you disagree with. I find it much better to point them the right direction, share information and be encouraging... but oh well!

    I have come across pretty good explanations out there for contrails.. and the cause for them lasting as long as they do sometimes, but hey.. I'm still open to the idea something else may be going on.

    good post @ne171pro.. will check it out!

  272. This is conspiracy FACTS not conspiracy THEORIES !!!

  273. this is just... silly. come on, all i saw was a bunch of folks who see the trails in the sky and think 'hey those trails are hanging around for a long time, mayby its a gov conspiracy to poison our futures' but no ones thinking 'hey those trails in the sky are hanging around for a long time, mayby i might pick up a book and educate myself as to why sometimes they disappear quickly and other times they dont'. come on folks all the information to solve these questions is freely avalible to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the world in which they live.
    pollutants in your snow caps? hey perhaps its from all the decades of heavy industry around the world filling our atmosphere with crap thats causing the greenhouse effect in the first place.
    If you couldnt be bothered paying attention in science class when they explained things like meteorology or and what contrails are your on the net right now, google it!
    for all those conspiracy theorists out there talking about chemtrails, do you even know what a contrail is? is it condensation or evaporation? is it water droplets or ice crystals? is it pure H2o or is there waste from the burnt av gas? is it even possible to introduce substances such as aluminium into the fuel?
    if you knew a few of those answers you might know enough about the topic to make an educated guess instead of jumping on the band wagon with the rest of the ignorant and foolish.

    The two main reason i managed to see in this doc why these people think the gov is poisoning them are mind control and climate change. firstly the gov is doing a great job at keeping the majority as consumerist sheep so why bother?
    climate change? with the level of fear about the environment and the future thats about at the moment why would any gov hide the fact that they were doing something about it? seems like it would be in their best interests to make it public how much they about the worlds plight and what they are doing about it ect ect...

    1. The documentary said the pollution in the snow cap happened within six years I thought.

  274. @pheldespat Look up bill HR2977 107th congress, SECTION 7 clearly states they are frequency reflectors from ground and space based equipment for Ionospheric heater systems, like H.A.A.R.P.

    The white trails you see behind planes are not exhaust, they are called WATER condensation trails. Steam then cools down and then shortly dissipates. These Chem-trails do not they then expand. I work with radar systems I know chem trails are a frequency reflectors.

  275. This doco reminds me of corn nuggets within fecees,.. a surprising yet humorous condition.

    Oh my Gawd run to the hills,.. were all gonna die !!!!


    1. Are you sick yet? Ten years on. I bet you have a stiff hard tummy joint pain and cancer.

  276. Just to be clear, The mistake described above was acknowledged publicly in 2008. This documentary was released in 2010. So who's purposely disninforming who, now?

  277. I love it when old ladies with no clue try to tell me how life works. I also love it when graph charts are deliberately falsified to drive a point home. That concentration of metals that legitimate studies have found were measured in parts per BILLION, not million. 68 parts per BILLION is about the density of fecal matter left in the atmosphere of your living room, 12 hours after you farted.

  278. i am going to not watch this documentary. i like documentaries like this but i do not see the logic in worrying about the government nacking up the ozone layer when i think we can all agree that no one is doing a better job at that than us.

  279. Has my pastey whiteness started to effect the tide patterns yet or still just the air we breathe, water we drink, soil we inhabit, and the very atmosphere. I really think my pallor (accentuated by the winter months) should have started to tip the earths axis by now. Lazy lack of melanin production!!!

    1. Poignant, it's a shame to block the sun. 90% of the world's population doesn't need it, and it helps to destroy the environment.

  280. @ steve B.

    A little of topic there aren't you. Oh well, I still disagree with you completely. We have looked at human responsibility. What do you think the green movement is about? science has proven beyond any doubt in my mind that we humans burning fossil fuels have caused great damage to the earth. They have also proven we pollute the water tables and rape the soils of nutrients, etc.. Sorry Steve, but you can't take credit for things that are already in progress. But, saying we need to return to basics and put away all the technology and advances we have made is ridiculus. It will never happen, and you know it. You can not unknow what you know. The key is to use science to try and find ways to move forward without causing so much damage. Not to blame white people or talk about how science has not placed blame where it is deserved. It most certainly has identified the culprits, the problem is all the religiouse and capitalists refuse to accept the blame or admit that humans can have impact on the planet. They want to continue their selfish behaviors and making their greedy profits and say God will somehow decide the future.

    Anyway, right now we are talking about supposed chem trails not the return to innocents or the evil white man. Both of which are ridiculus, self serving cliches with no validity or use.

  281. Oh, I see- you are saying they are putting reflective substances in the air to curb global warming not cause it. Then I suppose all the meterologists and scientists around the world that sample the atmosphere and study climate change are also in on this. Otherwise they would have detected and reported such materials as being on the rise in the atmosphere. Airline execs also are in on it, they would know about additives or extra weight on airplanes caused by spraying equiptment. Pilots are also in on it as they would realise the extra weight or excess fuel needed to carry more weight to the destination or caused by additives. Mechanics are in on it, as stated above. Sounds like the only people not in on this so called conspiracy would be me and you. Amazing how they have managed to keep all these people quite, I can't even trust a couple of friends with a secret. GET REAL!

  282. @ Kim Bruce

    "Global warming cultists are behind this. I am sure of it"

    This is the kind of ignorance that allows the same big oil republicans that got us in the mess we are in to get re-elected. GET AN EDUCATION!! Global warming activists behind causing global warming? You are beyond any hope. People like you should not even be allowed to vote.

    1. I bet you are sick now I know you are feeling differently after 10 years of the spraying.

  283. Bottom line... conspiracies, science... whatever. All irrelevant. Fact is, there really are too many people here etc..

    Is there any 'safe' natural drinking water anywhere on this planet? Who'd have ever thought that would happen even 100 yrs ago? The air will be next. With all of our 'amazing' science we've still refused to look at human responsibility in general because... well, we're just 'too smart' to realize nature pretty much had things in order before we showed up.

    Makes no difference what any of us says or thinks, self included. Clear and present results beyond science and research are always unfolding. And by the time the science & research has concluded anything... its usually too late. lol

    Time to get back to basics... if we (all of us) can even remember what that is...

  284. @ jack1952

    well said, but you are wasting your time. These people will use whatever justification they can find to believe in this garbage. It makes them feel like they are smarter than the average Joe (something they need desperately to believe) Anyone that could equate the scientific process with conspiracy theory is beyond any logic or hope. This type of needy confusion, not even bothering to check the meaning of a word when you are already online is a prime example of just how badly they need to justify these kinds of wacky claims.

    I suppose they fail to realize that every plane is inspected thoroughly between flights by a mechanic that has to sign off on its readiness to fly again. This is federal law and these logs are checked periodically, non compliance resulting in grounding of the air plane and loss of thousands of dollars by the airline in question. This means every mechanic at every airport would have to be part of the conspiracy as they would identify any foreign equiptment used to spray toxins or suspicious additives added to the fuel in seconds. Of course even better proof is what the resonable people in this thread have already mentioned, we all breathe the same air. No villian would be simple enough to poison the same air they breathe or cause harm to the very atmosphere they live underneath. And what of planes that crash and are examined in tediouse detail. Are these guys all so in on this conspiracy, they have never identified any spraying equiptment or additives to the fuel, and they do check the residue the fuel leaves behind after burning. Many times the fuel doesn't burn up completely and they have raw fuel to test, no additives found then either.

    I have heard of some crazy conspiracy theories before, but this one is the most simple to debunk of all. If you guys really want to find some conspiracies that are real and do harm to the American public look into the relationship between big bussiness and government, the Senate is a great place to start. Here you will find some real conspiracies that harm the future of this country and its inhabitants. They are not as erxciting as the crazy villian trying to take over the world stuff you are usually after. But they are real and do real harm. Spend your energy and efforts here, and maybe something good will come of your overblown sense of paranoia.

  285. @ Kim Bruce

    Are you seriouse? You have severely misinterpreted the meaning of the word conspiracy. Here is the definition, "a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act". It is not always used to describe an unlawful act but it is always used in the context of something that is known by two or more people and kept secret purposefully. Science in no way has a single thing to do with your desperate fantasy. You should be ashamed for trying to legitimize your need to believe in garbage in such a way. Science makes hypothesis about things no one knows about or plans, this is the very reason they have to hypothesize about it.

  286. @ Reasons Voice

    Well done with the laugh, its not so easy your first try. You will now start recieving the news letter and be invited to the bi-anuall meetings. We will teach you the secret handshake as well, welcome brother. Oh, by the way you need to choose a villian name. Mine is Waldo, you have no doubt heard of the massive campagn to find me "Where's Waldo". I have to run now, "Assemble the minions!!"

  287. @puny human

    No one would poison themselves and their families to make money. That would be sheer lunacy. That these lunatics would then organize and intentionally create an industry to poison themselves just so they could make money, really makes no sense.

    This is not a good documentary. A good documentary would have convinced me to at least investigate their claims. What it is, is an endless parade of hand wringing and videos of contrails. It is lacking in logic and evidence. It is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I have ever encountered.

  288. I have been wondering for years now, how can I get myself involved in a plan for world domination and depopulation of the globe. But now I know that my light skin tone automatically enrolled me at birth. Thanks @Steve B. I'm living the dream MuaHahaha. (how was that? Was my first attempt at the pateneted menacing laugh.)

  289. Only time will tell. But history of the 'whiteman' is littered with litter in every manner possible. All the signs of an unruly, spoiled, selfish, lost, respect-less child are present. What will be... will be. No sense in being scared. If we destroy a world due to curiosity, what can ya do about it? Just live... we've all allowed 'power' to get out of control by giving that very power away. We are all responsible, so blaming does little but one feel helpless and victimized. Sanction money in general - and it all tumbles from within. Easy. But is it?

  290. @Kim Bruce:
    Please kindly refer to comment 10 by dice. Depending on weather conditions, the contrails will stay and expand or quickly disappear.

    I watched the video and I'm criticizing people who believe this kind of baseless nonsense. You feel criticized? It's your problem for believing baseless nonsense. If you are a fool and happy with it, that's fine. But then don't complain if you're called a fool.

  291. dissipated...correction

  292. pheldespat

    Did you even watch the whole video or are you just criticizing everyone and claiming we're all conspiratorialists or whatever word it was that you used?

    I live in an area where there is heavy air traffic as well.
    I remember as a kid watching the vapor trails. They were just vapor trails and they dissapated rapidly afterwards.
    These trails do not. The sit there for hours and then spread, forming clouds. I can almost predict when it will rain or snow just by watching the trails in the sky.

  293. I think it's worth mentioning that I live in a place with heavy air traffic and contrails have been a normal occurrence all my life. When the atmospheric conditions are right, you can see the contrails, and, since there are planes going in every direction, sometimes they form a criss-cross pattern. No conspiracy, just planes flying in different directions. And then, many years later, I found that people make up all sorts of crazy stuff about this well-known phenomenon. /facepalm

    You make a lot of assumptions about me. I did "my own research" and concluded that chemtrails is totally wacky. Governments are capable of many things, but... politicians/elites poisoning the same air they breathe? Why won't the chemicals affect them? Warming up the same atmosphere they live in? For depopulation? Guns and nukes are faster and more effective than spraying the whole planet.

    Calling me a fake person sure gives more credit to your argument. Can you provide any evidence that jet planes are spraying the planet with chemicals for an obscure purpose?

    My job description doesn't include visiting documentary blogs to annoy conspiranoics. It's just something I do in my free time with the faint hope that at least some people can get out of conspiracy-theorizing and appreciate logic, reason, facts and fact-checking. :) Trying to find out how things work is a worthy endeavor, but you have to be very careful and not jump to conclusions without solid evidence.

    @Friendly Stranger
    "Are you suggesting these levels are due to natural elemental aluminum somehow “seeping” from the earth into mountain top snow?"
    No. I don't know what causes the high levels of aluminum at Shasta. Could be a natural phenomenon -remember that there's a volcano there-, could be regular human pollution. There's pollution everywhere: aluminum, mercury, etc. But it doesn't stem from an organized plan. It stems from normal human activity. No big plan.

    If you are suggesting that Shasta's aluminum comes from chemtrails, you'll have to provide the evidence.

    @Kim Bruce:
    You are beyond salvation.
    A few questions for all the chemtrail supporters:
    They are spraying aluminum and other metals to produce global warming? That's odd, since CO2, methane and water vapor seem to be doing the job very well.

    How do they spray these chemicals? Just pour them in the fuel tanks? Use some special sprayer system?

    Are Boeing, Airbus, etc involved in the scheme too?

    Also, you conspiranoics are very fond of "doing your own research", but what good is doing research without the basic understanding of how things work? How good is doing your own research when you already have the conclusions (i.e. "It's all a huge, shady scheme") before you start? How good is doing your own research when you misinterpret facts, when you confound concepts?

    I'm not saying there aren't any conspiracies out there. What I'm saying is that many of the claimed conspiracies are just not true. Sometimes, things just happen and it is us who attribute special significance to them when there's none.

    Search for the truth, strive for knowledge, but be careful not to jump to conclusions, be careful to follow all the steps, be careful to check and re-check the facts. Don't let your beliefs, ideals or preconceptions guide you, since it's extremely easily to fool yourself in the quest for knowledge if you don't act with extreme care.

    1. What in the world makes you think we have answers?!?
      I know what contrails are; I know how they're formed and how they behave.
      I have no idea what these -- other trail things in the sky -- are. They're commonly called "chemtrails" and they've become very common.
      They come from behind planes, and they're not contrails.
      Do I know what they are? Nope. Does that make me a "conspiracy theorist"? Nope.
      Do you really think people don't know where their local airports are? Do you really think several pilots a day "get lost" and have to turn around?
      I "do my research" by looking out my window, and by understanding the mechanics of contrails. I guess anyone who does that should put on a tin hat.
      But: Maybe you're so young that you think this is "normal"; you've seen them all your life. If so, this is sad.
      When older people tell you that these aren't normal, what do you think? That we're dim-witted old fogeys? That's probably what I would have thought when I was a kid. Sad.

    2. Contrail mechanics? Really, please show us your studies. Did you use formulae? Did you calculate the stochiometric balance that should exist in the exhaust? Did you sample the exhaust (in situ or remotely) to verify their contents?

      That's what I thought. You wouldn't know squat about contrails and you're full of it.

    3. @SignInId Account,
      I don't know how old you are, but back in my day, we were taught in school that contrails and clouds were two different things. And, indeed, contrails never spread out and formed clouds, the way they do now. [If you want to laugh about my pitiful American education, well, I can't blame you there!]

      So as for me being full of education, I'm afraid not. But I *do* know that contrails aren't exhaust. If they were, why wouldn't they be continuous? Do jets run for a few minutes, then turn off their engines and coast? If not, then their exhaust should be continuous.

      I was taught, way back when, that contrails were caused by the wings moving through frigid air, the "shock" from the air pressure causing ice particles that we can see. And they *never* spread.

      Nowadays, the space-oriented arm of the Defense Department says that there's a new type of contrail that *is* from exhaust. I mean, they're *condensation* trails, not *exhaust* trails. They call them "persistant, spreading contrails". But they didn't exist in the 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's, and I never noticed them in the 90's, although some folks claim they did. So perhaps you can enlighten me as to why we decided to make inefficient jets that spew garbage out of their engines when we have (or had) the technology to make engines more efficient and cleaner. Also, if it *is* exhaust, why does it come from places on the plane other than the engines?

      You leave too many questions unanswered. I would love, however, to have this conversation face-to-face, like maybe in a bar. That way, you wouldn't be the smart-mouthed little piece of **** that you are. Honestly, is this how you feel that educated grown-ups have civilized conversations? You have a LOT to learn, child; I wish I could be there when you get your education.

  294. Wake up. People can't possibly be so ignorant. Get off that prozac and wake up. This isn't a conspiracy theory. This has been going on for real. Why isn't this doc on prime time TV?

    1. Yes you are a wise person now what have you done to try to stay with us. I have lost 5 family members and two have had cancer of the throat. People are really spaced out. Low energy or quick tempers. Toxic poisoning. I am wishing we could recover our air quality.

  295. I like to add this.

    I don't buy the aircraft as the source. In Canada a lot of our lakes are ruined because of acid rain which doesn't come from airplanes, it as far as I know from China. All this aluminum may be coming from smelters in China and the like. The other thing is it is easy enough to use a weather balloon and send it aloft and get a sample of one of these airplane trails.

    1. Awesome! I assume you've performed this easy weather balloon expirement. We're all anxiously awaiting your results!

    2. Awesome! I assume you've performed this easy weather balloon expirement. We're all anxiously awaiting your results!

  296. First off, I am anything but a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nut. I do however try my best to be an open minded person. With this said, I just wanted to add a bit more to discuss for those of you with more knowledge & info in this area. I seem to remember reading a paper on this subject aprox 7 or 8 yrs ago. My memory is vague but I do recall some studies done for this paper that included, as Reasons Voice touched on, solar radiation, specifically due to the increasing loss of the ozone layer. It also mentioned Aluminum & Barium as possible "solutions" to said problem. I certainly don't know what is happening in our skies over Canada, but as toddy mentioned "it's not like when I was a kid" up here either. Perhaps it really is an attempt to block some of the harmful radiation as a result of our earlier mistakes that have diminished earth's natural defense. Maybe this is yet still another of those mistakes.

  297. So if this was true, then your trip from New York to London should be variable, otherwise your spraying the same airspace over and over. So far I haven't heard any complaints that people aren't getting to their destinations any later than usual. Also it means that airports are going to be impacted more than anywhere else. I live in Canada, a lot of open space without jets say compared to New York or London or LA. I suspect this theory is a pile of crap but hey who knows.

  298. let me just say makes you wonder and if it's just normal jet trails why the grid patterns and how come they are lingering in the air they didn't do that when i was a kid. I'll bet you will look at them in a different light now.

  299. I have a sneaking suspicion they are spraying this to create global warming, climate change. Fine paticles of reflective materiel will create a greenhouse effect. The suns rays will filter through but will be refracted back from the clouds.

    There is much investment, billions of dollars, in "Green Schemes" and the distribution of wealth.

    I have a feeling it all points back to the Bilderbergs and their plans for one world government.
    Aluminum will make people very susceptible to brain diseases like alzheimers.

    The uptake of very large amounts of barium that are water-soluble may cause paralyses and in some cases even death.

    Small amounts of water-soluble barium may cause a person to experience breathing difficulties, increased blood pressures, heart rhythm changes, stomach irritation, muscle weakness, changes in nerve reflexes, swelling of brains and liver, kidney and heart damage.

    People can be exposed to small levels of (radioactive) strontium by breathing air or dust, eating food, drinking water, or by contact with soil that contains strontium. We are most likely to come in contact with strontium by eating or drinking.
    Strontium concentrations in food contribute to the strontium concentrations in the human body. Foodstuffs that contain significantly high concentrations of strontium are grains, leafy vegetables and dairy products.

    For most people, strontium uptake will be moderate. The only strontium compound that is considered a danger to human health, even in small quantities, is strontium chromate. The toxic chromium that it contains mainly causes this. Strontium chromate is known to cause lung cancer, but the risks of exposure have been greatly reduced by safety procedures in companies, so that it is no longer an important health risk.

    The uptake of high strontium concentrations is generally not known to be a great danger to human health. In one case someone experienced an allergic reaction to strontium, but there have been no similar cases since. For children exceeded strontium uptake may be a health risk, because it can cause problems with bone growth.
    Strontium salts are not known to cause skin rashes or other skin problems of any kind.

    When strontium uptake is extremely high, it can cause disruption of bone development. But this effect can only occur when strontium uptake is in the thousands of ppm range. Strontium levels in food and drinking water are not high enough to be able to cause these effects.

    Radioactive strontium is much more of a health risk than stable strontium. When the uptake is very high, it may cause anaemia and oxygen shortages, and at extremely high concentrations it is even known to cause cancer as a result of damage to the genetic materials in cells.

    We are being manipulated. There is no boubt in my mind.
    Thank you for this video.

    1. This was high I the blood tests taken last year also aluminum and barium.

  300. What a croc, as usuall the tin foil hat brigade is out and in force to spurr on all the conspiracy bs. Ohhh, I am so scared.

  301. @JamieJimmie

    If its in the fuel it would be easy to get some for analysis. Why wasn't it done? There are so many real dangers in the world. Why be afraid of imaginary ones?

  302. Good documentary,but why would people be engaging in an activity that could harm them or their families? And please don't reply "the Almighty Dollar".

  303. @pheldespat I completely agree with you it looks scary.

  304. All I have to say is, the people who do not take the time to actually do research on this topic, should be the people that are most affected by it...

    They want depopulation, there are many who deserve it.

  305. is it being sprayed or is it in the fuel the aircraft are burning?

    If it is there is lots of high tech facilities that make fuel :)

  306. Exactly who is doing this? Where are the factories producing these vast amounts of chemical sprays? Where are they manufacturing the sprayers that spray this stuff? Who retrofitted the planes with these sprayers? How are they transporting the stuff to the air strips? Where are these air strips? If this stuff is poisonous isn't it toxic for those who are spraying also?

    The amount of chemicals sprayed would indicate a huge enterprise. I would think the people who made this doc would have served us better by finding these places and perps. Since they didn't I will have to assume that they don't exist. I don't feel that I have been dummied down either, although if I was I wouldn't be smart to realize it.

  307. @ pheldespat, Rekar

    I'm wondering which of the highly credentialed experts in their field were lying and producing fake laboratory results of aluminum many times above levels considered safe?

    How about the snow samples from Mount Shasta, California, supposedly a pristine water source - it tested 61000 micrograms per liter of aluminum particulates (61 milligrams/L)? The government is suppose to take action at anything over 1000 and here we have 61 times that amount.

    Remember we're talking "aluminum particulates" tested, the substance poisonous to all life including plants. Are you suggesting these levels are due to natural elemental aluminum somehow "seeping" from the earth into mountain top snow?

    How about Patent #7582809 which is the recent approval of aluminum resistant genetically modified seeds? Unrelated and a natural progression of science to a common problem?

    1. Ten years on we are having big health problems. Fires big super fires.aluminum is keeping trees from carrying water becoming very flammable beyond belief.

  308. @dustin; I couldn't agree with you more. As long as people watch and come to their own conclusions, that's not a problem though. I just keep in mind there are people whose job it is to go to blogs and comment boards like this to spread defusing statements like "Conspiranoic fodder" on anything that's not on the evening news.

  309. i remember watching the weather network, and the weather guy talked about how if you see a plane trail it meens its going to be a nice day tomorrow, because it has something to do with the pressure zone your in wheather the exhaust shows a visible trail or not

  310. Conspiracy deniers are the worst kind of people. The problem is they never do their own research. They just attack the idea verbally and then deny it. It shows a real lack of understanding of how the world works. I might not understand it completely but I understand enough to know that governments are capable of anything. So to say that this chemtrail business is Conspiranoic fodder is to show that you are a fake person with no real grasp on life.

  311. @C; That is correct in regards to barium. Inhalation of excessiveamounts of barium in powdered form can clog the Alveolar regions of the lungs. It is not toxic though just the same as inhaling excessive chalk dust. However to sprinkle it in the air thousands of feet up would be a huge dispersement area. In your work place you were in a confined space so the effect would be massively different. I use barium daily in CT scanning as a contrast material for gastrointestinal studies. It is ingested in milky form and evacuated without harm. It is specifically used because it A) is Radiopaque meaning it blocks radioactive waves and B)it is biologically neutral.

    1. It is happening it is in all our air. The news talks or air pollution never mentions air traffic. Only autos and fires. Yet the planes day and night filling our air. Even taking surveys on where people sleep in there homes.??

  312. @reasonsvoice
    Barium is indeed unhealthy if you inhale the dust- I remember when i was studying and we used special colors ( mostly yellow and red contain barium)for glass. The glassworkers are always testing for barium, is the levels to high- you aint aloud to work in the hotshop for a while.

  313. People write everything off as a conspiracy theory... but my question is always when does a theory cross over into the territory of being actual truth? What is the level of proof needed to believe something? Obviously Mass Media does mislead and misinform people, you could say the whole "War on Terror" was technically a conspiracy theory being that it's still unfounded in a sense that nothing "Terrorist" in nature has happened on US soil in 10 years. But whatever... not saying i believe this but im open to watching and deciphering the truth for MYSELF.

  314. @Insomniac; I am not a big Chem-trail theorist but a good friend of mine is. He talks to me about this stuff all the time because I make a great devils advocate for him. He has told me that the 2 tested chemicals in the "trails" are Barium and Aluminum. He is not happy with my most recent addition to the conversation. Both Barium and Aluminum are radiation dampeners. So perhapse it is being done to filter out harmfull radiation levels from the sun that the gov. doesn't want us to know about. Because we can all be quite the chicken littles when we hear that the sky is falling. He is still fuming. I am aware that in large quantities alluminum can cause neurological damage. But in aerisol form a mile up? As to barium it is a innert mineral that to my knowledge has no ill effects on people.

    1. I worry about a mile up as not being harmful. We've already had too much "the solution to pollution is dilution"

    2. Now maybe it,s fuchashima nuclear reactor melt down. Trying to keep it down to a degree?

  315. Hate this media player, keeps crewing up on me for some reason..Stopped halfway through, gonna watch it later on youtube.

    Not at all saying any of this is true, in fact I barely know anything about the subject and this particular doc seems very one-sided so far, but if anyone has a different explanation for such high levels of aluminum in the soil and water I'd be very curious to hear about it.

    Go ahead TDF lurkers, give me your best ;)

  316. I agree... I watched this doc for the laughs..

  317. /facepalm

    Conspiranoic fodder.

    If people have to look for wacky explanations for the "white clouds behind airplanes" instead of the straightforward "jet engine exhaust" the future of humankind looks dark.

    1. Here in our country NZ we are experiencing every day chemtrails in our skies we know its been going on in 1990's we no longer have blue skies, our skies are just a murky haze, everyday wildlife dying bees and our native Kauri trees are dying decrease in plant life we see young people dying of cancer & adults, weird virus it is quite alarming the effects are devastating.