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What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?

2008, Science  -   27 Comments
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What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?Particle physicist and ex D:Ream keyboard player Dr Brian Cox wants to know why the Universe is built the way it is.

He believes the answers lie in the force of gravity. But Newton thought gravity was powered by God, and even Einstein failed to completely solve it.

Heading out with his film crew on a road trip across the USA, Brian fires lasers at the moon in Texas, goes mad in the desert in Arizona, encounters the bending of space and time at a maximum security military base, tries to detect ripples in our reality in the swamps of Louisiana and searches for hidden dimensions just outside Chicago.

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  1. js

    good doc. thanks vlatko

  2. Plunkett
  3. Plunkett

    Gravity helps sub atomic particle absorb (pull in )energy. More dense something is more gravity, more stored energy, energy pulls in time, More time you have slower time passes, therefore less energy less gravity faster less time (time passes faster). this popped into my head last night b4 i saw this video i was really bored.

    or try this Gravity increases density,
    Density increases amount of stored energy
    more energy equels more time
    More time slower time passes

    or Gravity feeds on time to produce energy
    = ....

  4. Maddox 1414
  5. Maddox 1414

    A belief I'm begining to have is that the space isn't exactly space. But the universe itself is one object, twisted and turned into all the particles we know of. Gravity is the tension of the universe, like a twisted rubber band. Everything that is a twist or knot exerts force on other twists or knots. Unless the knot is tied exactly opposite in which then they untie themselves when they colide and release both their total energies...

  6. cancelyourcablenow
  7. cancelyourcablenow

    I seriously don't think we even went to the moon. Watch the docs about the moon and you'll see why. It was a huge show funded by the tax payer to make the soviets think we were stronger than they were and also to develop space weaponization programs.

  8. cancelyourcablenow
  9. cancelyourcablenow

    Have you actually seen the mirror with your own eyes or are you just believing what your told to believe. For your info I did what this doc. Have you ever thought that we could have used a probe to deliver the mirror? The government lies more than they tell the truth. Use your brain and do some research. There are way too many clues that point to a hoax. With many of the clues if just one is true that means we never went to the moon.

  10. cancelyourcablenow
  11. cancelyourcablenow

    I never said that America couldn't get to the moon and back for themselves on their own. I simply said that all the evidence points to a scam. Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of what my country can do technologically. The problem is if you can't see past what your told to believe, you might as well just graze in the field like the rest of the sheep and leave the debates to more well informed people.

  12. Epicurus
  13. Epicurus


    no evidence whatsoever points to it being fraud.

    what are these pieces of evidence that you believe show it was fraud.

    and yes i have seen the mirror myself.

    why would the soviets even admit america went to the moon?

  14. Ansar11
  15. Ansar11

    "Have you actually seen the mirror with your own eyes or are you just believing what your told to believe."

    Exactly, this is why I don't believe in oxygen. I mean, have you seen it with your own eyes? If there was oxygen how could I see my TV, it would just get in the way. They just want you to believe that oxygen is there so one day they can force you to pay for it.

  16. Snoik
  17. Snoik

    We went to the moon, you can see the debris left at the landing sites.
    I don't buy the big bang theory. I like the theory were on a 3d brane, adjacent to another, and they touched, causing the explosion. And were headed for another big bang, we know all the galaxys are moving away from us, (exspansion?), but in one direction. The energy as they get closer, is drawing everything in that direction.
    I hope you enjoy your fireworks display.

  18. iesika
  19. iesika

    Wonderful doc! Man, I have such a crush on Brian Cox. He's adorable, and SO EXCITED ABOUT SCIENCE!

  20. Carlos Santiago
  21. Carlos Santiago

    Its been said that for matter to be able to move, it must eventually dissapear and reappear in a slightly different possition, or else every movement would become infinite and impossible. Maybe matter is visiting gravity?

  22. vlboogie
  23. vlboogie

    This is exactly why you should stay away from these debates, as you choose to be informed by your own ideas or other's ideas that of which cannot or perhaps have not been proven. The trip to the Moon is not as difficult or grandiose as it may seem to some people. It simply requires the resources which when compared to other things money is spent on, is not that much. The amount of money that was spent on the Apollo program was the about the same amount of money that women spent on cosmetics! You can decide for yourself which one has done more for humanity.

    "There are way too many clues that point to a hoax." Yet, none have been tested and proven to be true. Zatarra is more accurate than you want to believe.

  24. vlboogie
  25. vlboogie

    "Its been said that for matter to be able to move, it must eventually dissapear and reappear in a slightly different possition, or else every movement would become infinite and impossible."

    Fascinating. I read an article several years ago that postulated that mass may be an illusion. Gosh, we are still trying to figure out our perception of reality.

  26. sean c
  27. sean c

    Apart from the effects of weightlessness on bones rendering them useless in a scarily short space of time, space travel is subject to an enormous amount of gamma radiation that requires substantial protection for any and all astronoughts. The space station is inside the protection of the van allen Belt but still its occupants get a lifetimes worth of radiation in a mere 6 months. Even a little trip to the Moon exposes one to a massive dose of radiation that frankly gives one pause to consider the validity of our ever having gone to that cold and unfriendly ball of rock. New technology may well have the answer to the problem but as sure as eggs is eggs they didn't have a clue back in 69. It smacks of a Hollywood production to me given the elementary nature of the science.

  28. Juraj Filkorn
  29. Juraj Filkorn

    women buying cosmetics promotes reproduction. taxes from revenues, job opportunities... hell yeah, it made the travel to moon possible. long live the cosmetics.

  30. AdamDocherty
  31. AdamDocherty

    48 minutes to explain that we still are not any closer to understanding how gravity works.... ah well hope he enjoyed his fully funded tour around the USA, glad I didn't have to pay for it!

  32. Dreedee Idish
  33. Dreedee Idish

    isnt gravity just a by-product of electro-magnetic forces?

  34. runzonkerocene
  35. runzonkerocene

    as good an answer as any

  36. runzonkerocene
  37. runzonkerocene

    the question of gravity has fasinated me for years i dont think that the graviton exists. I think that gravity is somehow intertwined with time. when you place a reference point on anything infinite it ceases to be so.Time as we expierence it is relative to velocity and mass and gravity is a bi-product of this reference point ,the beggining of the universe.

  38. Random Bob
  39. Random Bob

    The American government faked the moon landing for the same reason Hitler was searching for Atlantis... I mean really why would a country at war be spending that kind of money on a moon landing.. getting people to the moon and getting a flag to the moon are 2 different things.

  40. awful_truth
  41. awful_truth

    1) Advancements in technology, and science that occurred from the moon landings are incalculable.
    2) Only a visionary understands the need to re-direct financial efforts from war to something more profound. (unless humanity prefers America's number one economic strategy to be one of building weapons of mass destruction)
    3) The 2nd time Kennedy approached Nikita Khrushchev about a joint mission to the moon, (1963) he accepted the proposal. That was until Kennedy was shot a month later. Note: If you wish to look at real conspiracy theories, this one is a good place to start.
    4) No, it was not easy to get to the moon, and the chances they were taking then, would never be acceptable now. (Test pilots die everyday, but exploding school teachers doesn't go over very well) It should also be noted that if the last 2 moon landings had occurred in the summer of 72, instead of the spring and fall, all the astronauts would have died from a coronal mass ejection from the sun.
    5) The U.S spends more money on air conditioning for it's troops than it does on NASA's budget.
    6) The American taxpayer pays app. 1 trillion dollars a year on it's debt in interest (usury) to the privately owned federal reserve, rich families who created the money from thin air.
    7) If the U.S wished to go to the moon tomorrow, it would take them just as long to do it now, as it did then. (the knowledge and infrastructure no longer exists and would have to be replaced)
    8) The moon landings are now visible to the newest lunar orbitor. If you still question it's authenticity, we won't have long to wait and find out since the Chinese are making preparations to go within the next 10 years.
    P.S: Going to Mars is still going to occur, regardless of the cost. Note: this will be folly in it's attempt until man can go back and forth to the moon as easily as we now fly across the Atlantic. Any questions?

  42. awful_truth
  43. awful_truth

    While I agree with you regarding how much the government lies to people, the best evidence can be located in the less obvious.
    1) With America and Russia at odds with each other, don't you think the Russians would say something? (They have landed probes on the moon)
    2) Edwin Buzz Aldrin, in his mid seventies, punching a man in the face for calling him a 'fraud' at the anniversary of the 1st moon landing. (yup, that is what I would do if I strapped 5 million pounds of high explosive to my rear end, flew to, and walked on the moon, and someone accused me of lying about it)
    3) Watch interviews of all the Apollo astronauts, or hardened elderly military men from mission control, tearing up when recounting missions like saving the astronauts from an explosion on Apollo 13. (They are not that good of actors)
    P.S: I am curious. Are you a younger individual. At least that would explain your skepticism since they have not been back to the moon in 42 years. (it is still really difficult to do, that is why they call it rocket science)

  44. daveb81
  45. daveb81

    More than likely an effect caused by the emf.

  46. Random Bob
  47. Random Bob

    I don't question that man has observed and taken data from the moon and I don't doubt they have flags on it.. but I am 100% certain that the video's made were fake. The shadows defy physics.. the videos are crumby quality when they didn't need to be. The Scenery in parts of the video stays the same yet its supposed to be a different area. There is endless videos of Pro Photographers pointing out the mistakes they made. Not long after the visit, technology rapidly advanced. Why is it that you rarely see colour photos of the moon? We have equipment perfectly capable of high quality colour pictures but where are they? Why do Nasa flip images upside down so that the horizon appears to be in a different place? Its all about perspective. There is all these images and beliefs created that people just assume are true but when you think outside what is thought to be fact you can find anomalies that just don't sit with what is accepted.
    Even evolution has flaws. And I say that from an agnostic point of view.

    Kennedy was shot cause he was gonna print money that the federal reserve wouldn't have had their filthy hands on. The mafia(federal reserve) made him president and then he defied them so they got rid of him. He did a lot of things that pissed them off and this was the last straw.

    Man has probably already been to Mars. When the earth is dried up and void of natural resources the only viable place to start over is Mars assuming we can't get further. If we are indeed able to send people through space it would only make sense that they have already sent them to Mars (assuming its even possible and the technology is indeed up to it). Technology is much much more advanced than most people realise and we only get to see what has either been leaked or what we have been allowed to. The way I see it, history repeats itself.. Civilisations rise, use up all the earths resources then go into a dark age while the earth replenishes itself and then the cycle repeats.

    When Einstein and Tesla said Music is the key to understanding the Universe.. what they meant was that if you understand the laws of sound you understand the laws of nature.

    a = (c/b)

    b = c/a

    c = a x b

    This is the circular equation that all physics follow. And its basically the golden ratio in the form of an equation.. The ancient Egyptians knew this over 3000 years ago.. and yet we are supposed to believe they were a primitive civilisation with no technology? They even have pictures with this maths engraved into their buildings. The acoustics of the Pyramids use this maths. With extreme precision.. precision that our technology supposedly can't reproduce. Its a joke.. .History is a joke. That is the real conspiracy but I have no doubts that its true.

    Ps.. just realised how long ago you replied, I've not logged onto this in a while lol but honestly the whole kennedy thing is a tiny compared to the big picture. There is enough food, resources and space to go around for every single person and animal on this planet but instead there is the pyramid of society. Though it is a necessary evil because there is so much stupidity it would be way too dangerous to allow power to the vast majority.

  48. awful_truth
  49. awful_truth

    I do agree with you regarding the stupidity of humanity, the re-writing of history, technological secrecy, and the multitude of reasons why Kennedy was assassinated. (threat to the wealthy elite - federal reserve, mafia, Texas oil barons, possible withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, etc)
    With that said, I am guessing that you are much younger than myself. The conspiracy theorists regarding the moon landings have blossomed since we haven't been back in 43 years. (that we are aware of) While I can't rule out that we haven't been back in secrecy, it is highly unlikely that we have simply because it is an extremely difficult, and expensive venture. (that is why they call it rocket science) If it was as easy as you say, Richard Branson would already be in space, and the Americans would not be relying on the Russians for launching to the ISS. Many of the issues you have raised have already been soundly addressed. The shadows do not defy physics, only common sense which flies out the window when you consider no lunar atmosphere, highly reflective albedo, the characteristics of light itself, (specular, diffuse), and optics. I have seen many color pictures taken from the moon, but the apparent absence of color on the moon is deceiving.
    There is one part of your position that has left me perplexed. Man never made it to the moon, but we probably landed on Mars. (???)
    The leap in technological advancement since the 1960's is dramatic, (due mostly to military research - heavy investment) but in my opinion, you have dismissed the nature of the cold war, and the profound impact it had on Soviet, and American attitudes.
    Sometimes, the best evidence is indirect, like Edwin Buzz Aldrin (in his 70's)punching a man in the face for calling him a fraud, or the Russians not exposing the lies if it wasn't true. (especially considering U.S relations/sanctions regarding the Crimea) While Hubble is incapable of seeing the landing sites, Nasa's latest orbiter can now see them well enough, and has taken pictures of them. If you don't trust Nasa, the Russians, and Chinese have both flew unmanned lunar orbiters, and would have exposed it by now if it wasn't true..
    In reality, the risks taken for the moon landings were profound for their time, and it is insulting to dismiss their efforts out of ignorance. Sadly, many people also dismiss the knowledge necessary to build the pyramids, (primitives) yet forget how many times in history that knowledge was lost due to war. (Burning/destroying artifacts, and libraries)
    The bottom line is questioning what we are being told is a good thing, (intellectual skepticism) but it must be taken in context of the big picture. I do respect your position, but I disagree with how you have arrived at it; but that is okay. If we all agreed with one another, and didn't communicate different perspectives, then enlightenment, and greater understanding would never be achieved.
    P.S: Certain aspects of the theory of evolution (Charles Darwin) are undeniable, but it definitely has some issues that need to be readdressed, or refined. Take care Random Bob.

  50. Random Bob
  51. Random Bob

    I can't help but notice similarities between gravity/density and sound/temperature. Could well be that they are 2 sides of the same coin rather than 1 creating the other. Think about it. The denser something is the more gravity it has.. but if something has more gravity then it will be constantly pulling in more particles and getting denser. I like the idea with time though, definitely got me thinking there even if your comment was 5 years ago :D My only problem with that is that it would be observable I think as if you watched an extremely distant object you would see it move the same path twice if it went through a very gravity dense area.

  52. Will I Am
  53. Will I Am

    Flat Earth, Illuminatti biscotti, h.a.r.p., the particle accelerator, contrails, the Evil Empire...... whatever you silly "sheeple", just keep staring at your cancer causing, headache makers, your pocket computer distractions called cellphones, you arent supposed to be looking up at the sky anyways! Antarctica is not just ice and penguins....but we cant go there to see for ourselves can we? They feed us what they feel we need, and distract our questioning minds until we are just a controllable herd of lemmings so easily directed to the edge of a cliff, we have been lied to since 1st grade. I love the way its so in our faces, and we still don't question a damn thing, or think for ourselves, or wonder who really is in control?? Stay brainwashed Amerikkka, resistance is futile, or be slaughtered like our cattle! I now return you to your pre programmed and controlled freedom you call the American dream! Just a thought....

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