What the Bleep Do We Know!?
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What the Bleep Do We Know!?

2004, Mystery  -   216 Comments
Ratings: 6.56/10 from 111 users.

What the Bleep Do We KnowThis hard-to-describe movie, which combines talking-head documentary footage with a fictional narrative, attempts to explain quantum physics in terms most audiences can understand.

The extent to which it succeeds will largely be the extent to which a viewer grasps the complex theories being addressed in those terms. Does matter exist? Does time flow in one direction?

This documentary is a radical departure from convention. It demands a freedom of view and greatness of thought so far unknown, indeed, not even dreamed of since Copernicus.

It's a documentary. It's a story. It's mind-blowing special effects. This film plunges you into a world where quantum uncertainty is demonstrated - where neurological processes, and perceptual shifts are engaged and lived by its protagonist - where everything is alive, and reality is changed by every thought.

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216 Comments / User Reviews

  1. I need to know a name off Theo person in the filme... The blonde woman .

  2. Our minds can. Also. Help. Us. To. "escape". To. Past. Or. Future. From. The. Finale. War. That. Is. Coming. Mind. Over. Matter. Is. Real. One. Single. Thought. For. 4 hours. Of. Thinking. &. Concentration. Brings. You. That. Which. You. Desire.

  3. I watched this when I was young, so the haters can hate, but it's a nice intro to quantum physics. For actual experts, did you actually expect it to go on depth? This film isnt for you dummies lol

  4. As a passionate Physics nerd, I felt sick to my stomach watching this "film." Its hard enough communicating real science to the general public, a film like this only harms the education of humanity.

  5. Great film, :D consider keeping an open mind. as you can see there are plenty of closed minded ppl ,, this may explain the state of the world.. but take what is relevant in your perspective of reality. As Dan Ariely gives good indication in predictable irrational, or robert wright- evolutionary psychology: we are less in control than we think..
    Buddha, 4 noble truths.. illness, root, etiology, cessation, remedy. ezy to understand, but to practice is another matter. Jung calls it the collective unconsciousness.. that's 95% of the world. Just remember to live your life, not the moral or philosophical convictions of others, you don't want to go to your death wondering why you failed to live "your own life"

  6. this is in the mystery section ,. but there is no mystery,. its just a bunch of people who dont understand the experiments that have been done.

    It was really hard to watch this, I feel bad for anyone effected by this. the thinking in this doc has many flaws,.

    1. But the thing is, nobody forced you to watch it. You watched it at your own free will. So, to exercise embarrassment was intentional as a way to freely insult the opinions of others whilst trying not to look ignorant doing so...but you still did. Bravo.

  7. I really enjoyed this documentary! Does anyone have suggestions on documentaries like this?

  8. While reading the comments from the beginning, I started to feel like I was watching the Charlie Sheen nervous breakdown all over again, and that's BEFORE I got to the "winning" and "duh!"parts. I am serious.

  9. What is mind? Never matter!

    What is matter? Never mind!

  10. then what exactly is this free electron that can manipulate dna and knows when it is being watched and decides how to behave itself a part from other electons which I heard from Professor quantum on youtube, Nasa and other physic scientits and just because there is no evidence doesn' mean it is not possible and btw science came from Phiolosophy which a set rule of science which means science can be changed, maybe phiolospy. Science knows feck all and Science is not fact.

    1. Hey the observer effect is pretty simple how can you observe something? Information must come from what you are observing, right? Like if me and you are in a room to prove you are there I would turn on the light. The wave of light bounces off you and my eye pics up the information being received, ok. So let's shrink you down to a mini you say a size of a dime. Now we ha e done this in the dark somehow but I'm certain you didn't move your just smaller. so once again, i turn on the light. The wave emits from the light source and is reflected back twords my eye. So now we have been able to record your position twice correctly by reproducing the same experiment ending in the same result I turn on the light and I can see you. Ok, so here's the part people are getting confused. If we were some how able to shrink you down to the size of an electron. Ok nothing else has changed just your amount of mass. So you havent moved since you have shrunk still standing in the same spot. This time i turn the light on to try and see you, the light wave is emmitted and hits you except your not where you should be, why? Simple enough to explain. What is light? A wave right. But also it's energy light is made up of a substance, correct? And what happens when something bumps into something else? Like a gentle breeze light cannot move a large object but shrink it's mass to a small enough size and even a gentle breeze could feel like a vicious gust. Like having a quarter fall out of your pocket and into the crease between the cushions of the seat you were sitting you know it's there and you try and reach for it with two fingers trying to push the seat apart and grasp the coin but what happens? Well if the gap in the cusions is wide enough the simple act of pushing your fingers in to widen the gap causes the coin to fall further down into the crease. If that doesn't clear that part up read up on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

  11. what about this free elctron.....

  12. @TSF:

    @over the edge: is correct. Mass is the measure of the amount of matter, the measure of the amount of "stuff" in something. So basically the word mass is used as a tool to determine volume/density, in maths matter and mass are two different things. As per Einstein.

    The correct US unit of mass is called the "slug" short for sluggishness.

  13. Oh again! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    You know... God knows every hair on your head because God is every hair on your head, as that is the only way it is and can be or there would have never been any Angles seen, as in LIVING GHOST & or SPIRIT BEINGS that we all are made in God's image, as Spirit Beings & or LIVING GHOST...that will live for all eternity in either heaven, with God or the hell, being away from God, in this God's Holodeck & or God's Matrix...where, as even Einstein had it right, as it still is today. E=Mc2... Energy = Matter and matter is 99.9999% void of anything or any kind of matter at all. FACT!

    We all are playing in this God's Holodeck of an illusion of all matter and the only things real are US, as Spirit Beings made in God's image...as where ever you have winners and losers...you have a game...The Game of Life & the most important game you or I will ever play...in and of with. Be a WINNER, don't lose your life to evil and it's way of thinking & being, as it is the great tricksters and creator of doubt within you, as it is working within you now, as to what is right and what is wrong, but...guess what? YOU have a conscience, as we all do...where both God and evil speak within US all at...who YOU listen to is who you will become...with.

    Don't be a loser...don't be without God, as He wants to be within YOU and for YOU TO BE FILL WITH THE HOLY GHOST, as to rid oneself of evil is to be FILLED WITH THE HOLY GHOST.

    Is your class half full of God, empty out evil and let God fill up the rest of your life, as to truly be filled with The Holy Ghost.

    My 24 hour of Discernment and you can be filled with The Holy Ghost, as to be right, do right, be good and do good for a mere 24 hour period or do wrong, be wrong, be bad and do bad and in how you even think, as well...as you will have to start over if you do and or be, as it is to be & do with evil and if you can't be honest with and within yourself...who can you be with?

    Try The 24 Hour Test of Discernment of mine...if you will...YOU will be amazed at just how much evil is in your life...I can assure you and once you know...then you can start to rid yourself of this evil we all have and are apart of and then to be filled with The Holy Ghost. OK? Ok, vbs

    Peace, Ron D...The Spirit Force, as we all are. vbs

    1. @TheSpiritForce
      if you are going to keep using e=mc2 please get it right. the m stands for mass not matter. it is unbelievable how sure of yourself you are while being so wrong on something a child should know


      Yeah, something a child would know...DUH! THERE CHILD LIKE BRAIN DEAD.

      You people kill me...when you act like you know something, but ARE SO FAR OFF IT ISN'T EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE. MY GOD SON...I HAVE BEEN DOING RESEARCH FOR SOME 20 YEARS NOW ON AND ABOUT ENERGY AND OUR ENERGY, AS WELL, BEING OF THE SAME ENERGY, AS WE ALL ARE CONNECTED, AS ONE...IN THIS CONNECTIVITY WORLD OF CONSCIOUSNESS INFO. You see...I do make a huge difference in what I know even you guys here have seen some of my work at work, as not only is it possible for one to create his or her own realily, but the very same reality everyone else sees and experiences, as well...and we are talking WORLD-WIDE, at that!

      So, please give me a figgin break and do grow up...PLEASE!

      Oh! Do you even know what the c2 means? I doubt it, as I know you would have to look it up...if you're not to embarrassed to come back on here & tell the truth that you had to look it up to know, if you don't EVEN KNOW THAT MASS IS MATTER...WELL, YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT THAT STANDS FOR EITHER, FOR SURE! Sheesh!

      Here's a hint...has to do with square & the speed of light. Again...Sheesh! SOME PEOPLE. :-(

    3. @TheSpiritForce
      no mass doesn't equal matter matter is mass AND volume. that is like saying hydrogen is water.please stop with the all caps that is yelling and not appreciated. ignorance cannot be overcome with volume. nice try i would hate to rely on your research if you are so uneducated in the terms

    4. Oh my God, Please...get a life there fella...an intelligent one. vbs

      Matter, Mass, & Volume — Presentation Transcript

      1.What is Matter? """Matter is everything around you! """"

      2.All matter has •Mass

      Example: Elephant = A LOT of matter = LARGE MASS Paperclip = very little matter = SMALL MASS . SHEESH!

      Now, I'll go real slow, just for you...and yes, I will HOLLER...SO YOU CAN HEAR WHAT YOU SEEM TO NOT WANT TO HEAR...



      Never say, I am but one person what can I do, because it has been a many of a one person that has changed the world for good or ill and you can too!

    5. Why don't you go believing in YOUR god and let other understand the world the way they want to. I don't mind religious people, i mind when religious people tell every one around "you don't know, i know".
      If as you claim we are all god...then what are you worried about?
      Spend every minute of your life checking on your position and change it every time it doesn't fit perfection....you'll be busy for the rest of your life.

    6. I assume you are referring to atheists as the "great tricksters". You can believe what you want but don't demonize others for choosing their beliefs differently.

    7. What are you on? And where can I buy some? get out of the echo chamber and by the way your wrong m=mass

    8. Well said Spirit Force. ; )
      Throughout my childhood and right up until my first Near Death Experience, my parents had dragged our family through every Religion and Quasi Spiritual movement imaginable, (many with totally conflicting doctrine) resulting in Religious/Spiritual Overload and Confusion.
      It didn’t help that I’d been born extremely intuitive and often saw /felt spirits growing up. They became so unnerved when I’d either say or see things that defied reality, and with no one to turn to with answers, I shut down, keeping it all to myself.
      So my first NDE at age 21 was life changing:
      Not only did it solidify that we are indeed eternal Souls inhabiting Earthly bodies in order to learn lessons/achieve goals, but that our “real home” is the dimension we refer to as “Heaven” - where God, and Jesus, and Choirs of Angels reside.
      My second NDE several years later was even more enlightening, as I was shown how how Science and Spirituality are supposed to interact. Quantum Physics plays a large part (I’ll reply separately about that topic) and it’s mans interpretation of the Bible and most Religious writings up until about the 19th Century had how they’d been edited down to the point where they now lacked crucial information as well as credibility.
      The most important take away from both?
      Simply put:
      The Simplicity of WHY we’re here
      and the fact that
      God doesn’t judge us - WE do.

      Prior to our birth, each Soul makes individual and family/group goals and lessons, to be worked on in the Earth dimension, which is filled with Good and Evil, and each Soul has their own Will..and choices.

      Each Soul is formed through the loving light energy of God.

      Souls are pure energy (and with water as the best conductor, it’s why our bodies are made of more than 90%) with a protective energetic covering surroundings our entire body. (referred to as an “Aura”)

      ALL our thoughts and actions are also energy, and each one is instantly converted to Karma: either positive or negative.
      The more positive Karma you have, the closer you are to your goals/lessons, and the ultimate goal of total spiritual enlightenment.

      Yet even the most positive people will continue to reincarnate many, many times, due to the differences in time:
      100 years on Earth is basically equal to a few days in “Heaven”.
      Ex: Because “Heaven” operates on such a high vibration, when Angels come to Earth, they have to slow down their vibration considerably in order to be seen and interact with Earthly objects.

      The more negative karma you emit or attract not only converts into Karmic Debt, but can weaken your Aura.
      Over time it can actually tear through it, and this is often where physical ailments begin, (although many are due to earthy toxins, genetics) and where dark energy has an entry.

      Dark energy attachments or manifestations can run the gamut from fatigue and illness, to depression and psychiatric issues - like schizophrenia- to suicide and full blown demonic possession.

      A lot of tools to combat Negative Energy come directly from applying Quantum Physics techniques:
      I first learned about the connection when a new neighbor moved in around 2015 and gave me a book she’d written:
      “Five Ways to use Quantum Physics to a Healthier and Happy Life”
      although the book itself doesn’t go into any Spirituality, when pairing what I’d read with my NDE’s …it was like a revelation- it ALL came together much more and made PERECT sense.

      Prayer also creates instant energy, the strength and level depend on your intentions and devotion to whatever you’re praying about.

      Why aren’t some prayers not answered, despite giving it all you’ve got?
      One, we aren’t supposed to know all the answers, if we did, we wouldn’t be here, but from my observation and intuition, it’s mostly because the Soul(s) or situation had different objectives/goals.
      Some Souls come here specifically to die, in order to make a certain impact, that end up affecting other Souls in such a way that it helps them on their journey….it’s a lot to explain.

  14. "Sex..is an invention to allow us to see into the future" ??. Hmmm,reminds me, must get my eyes tested...no idea when tho...

    1. Isn't it just amazing how even talking about Quantum Physics can turn into SEX, but that's what only the very small minds have on their very small little minds...SEX & more than likely any kind of SEX, at that. But, it's an evil world that only gets more evil, as we all are going down, as they take us all down...to their level of no-nothing. Sad, sad indeed...for us all that have to try and carry the lacking...in both mental and Spiritual means.

      Or, this one...could have the wrong message board. lol
      Never say, I am but one person what can I do, because it has been a many of a one person that has changed the world for good or ill and you can too!

  15. Oh! & you will notice...if that's even possible for some here...I only got on the ones that had bad things to say about this wonderful Doc. & set them straight, as on the right path. But fine anything to get on me about...my pic, my whatever and maybe how young I am at 61...lol. In that regards who's demeaning who?

    Again...Anything on subject matter or is it that some of you just like to try & put down people that know more than you ever thought of knowing...because you're jealous...maybe?

    Don't answer that...it was only made to get your goat...and maybe those ones that see things wrong will straighten up and fly right and not be wrong in life...as they have so aptly shown us here.

  16. Well, not much on subject matter...we must wonder why? I know! They don't know what they are even talking about and I do. How strange...indeed. vbs Laugh that off.

  17. Yes, there is nothing here, but Energy and we too are made up of nothing, but Energy and the only thing that, in fact, as I said, that can be proven, as all else is, in fact, all inside your head, as the vibrating Energy, of all 5 of your only known senses, turned into electrical signals going to your brain making up everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell, as made sense by your Ultimate Observer which is The Machine inside The Machine...YOU/The Spirit Force...of yet another Fundamental Force of Energy...made in God's image...and all proveble by I. vbs

  18. I am very sure that this is the most real documentary that I have ever seen, and it is not about the Boll SH** ts, it is a new science that is opening the world's eyes by the way it explains, fellas, I am trying some of the things and they are really giving results, as fast as I want it.... I recomend you the documentary called The Secret, it gets a little bit bigger the vision if you watch it, so, the Bob Proctor mentioned: " And you my friend that you are staying there and watching my speach, maybe you wonder: Is the World in a great need of this? Yes it IS!!!

  19. Why, in part 6, does matlin answer her phone, when it rings? She is, afetr all, deaf. Then again, why does she carry a cell anyway, (and don't say something lame about text messages if you haven't seen the film) she cant hear!

    1. Uh...SHE'S AN ACTOR...DUH...SHEESH!

    2. Yeah, really. Of course I know that they use actors, but hey, when its a DEAF actor, the question still stands. It was intended as a bit of humor, which you seem to lack, perhaps its just your young age. No blood, no foul.

    3. You care to maybe explain yourself a little bit further? I mean they use Actors that ACT LIKE THEY CAN'T HEAR & IT'S NOT SOME MAJOR MOVIE PRODUCTION...YA KNOW? SHEESH...BUT, MY HUMOR IS COMING BACK...THANKS TO YOU...at my very young age of 61, of which, is far past your lack of any kind of real knowledge on or about anything in our real world of the sub-atomic in nature & the fact that 99.9999% of all MATTER is void of anything anyway, as it all is in your head...for sure! LOL!

  20. In part 6, how does Matlin know her phone is ringing? Then again, why does she have a cell phone at all?

    1. And why do u keep asking questions about some actor in a Doc? Do you even know how movies are even made? Here's a clue...THEY USE ACTORS.

  21. I have the answer, I'm sure of it now having watched this, i need a publisher.

  22. I love people who are so intelligent that they can critique a documentary they haven't even watched. Definitely worth watching! The first part has a Monty Python style to it, which turns people off. That's only 5 min. of the movie. By the time you're 30 min. in, it becomes truly intriguing. If you're not sure, try starting part seven.

  23. I enjoyed the film. It was a lot words that made me realize that we can condition ourselves to go in a better direction. I would recommend it.

  24. Ok I managed about 3 mins. Perhaps the most hideously simplistic and reductive history of humanities quest for knowledge and meaning that I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. It was like a bad Monty Python sketch that lacked either wit or intelligence.

    1. There are NO bad Monthy Python sketches .. You're deusional !

    2. Lacking any wit or intelligence kind of reminds me of you...since you didn't even watch what you claim to know so much of...sad, sad indeed you are and a total waste of opinion here.

  25. Sorry, have not watched this but on reading the comments I HAVE to point out to THeSPiritForce that Quantum does NOT = Quantitative. Quantum Physics refers to the area of physics that deals with the sub atomic, or the very very small. I would also like to say that anyone who claims to understand quantum physics does not understand it. Can't remember who said that first, but he/she was a physicist.

    1. I understand that quantum mechanics is one of a number of mathematicians answers to phenomenon which doesn't behave as it is supposed to. I don't know if that has anything to do with the movie, or not. I stopped watching about midway through the opening cartoon. :-)

    2. The film doesn't really start until chapter 7 about an hour in. Too bad you missed out on one of the best films ever. Start at chapter 7 and then write a review, better yet watch the whole thing. The most enlightening film I have seen.

    3. Well, if you didn't even watch the friggin clip...why do you feel like you must give your 2 cents worth of none-sense? If you think that was some cartoon...you're a cartoon.

    4. I disagree. You can have a mathematical understanding of quantum physics. But the trouble comes when you try to relate quantum phenomena to the human experience.

    5. THE FRIGGIN OPENING LINES, IN THE VIDEO, ARE..."ARE SPIRIT AND SCIENCE TYING THE NOT ONCE MORE?" Yeah, is English one you understand or not...enquiring minds must want to know, as I do. lol

      Oh to be so dumb and not even know it...u r.

      Yes! Please tell us all how friggin dumb you really are...OH! BUT WAIT...YOU SHOWED US...ALL! My bad. ROTFLMAO...HA HA HO HO HEE HEE!

    6. Quantum deals with the measurement of the Physics of it all in our sub-atomic world...as in Quantitative measurement. It always amazes me when someone claims to know something, but only shows us just how little they really do know...sad, hun?
      Never say, I am but one person what can I do, because it has been a many of a one person that has changed the world for good or ill and you can too!

      Maybe, in your case, that is. vbs

    7. Nothing new under the sun...Plato already mentioned it. Physis and Eidos... where Eidos generate Phisys... Eidos = or similar to IDEA.

  26. bullshitski

  27. manipulation thru editing..hope everyone gets confused..use the word "quantum" a lot. oh and ...make sh** up... this a waste of time...just go thru the credit list and source them...we end up in BS central. new age woo-woo.

    1. Does clueless in our world come to mind here?> Does for me. lol

  28. When i bought this movie which is the follow up to the first What The Bleep,there were on the reverse side of the discs some of the full interviews of the people who participated. To me that was the most interesting part.
    I did not watch it again here, but it seems they are not shown, am i right?
    That movie did open many eyes on many subjects people had never heard of. az

    1. It has some interviews of the participants yeah not quite sure if it is the full interviews just some excerpts to me... But yes it is eye opening definitely I would also recommend The Holographic Universe I mentioned down further to someone else that is a good one. Its on youtube though.

    2. i am about to give it a try...Holographic Universe

    3. I watched it, very interesting.

    4. You really should watch this one, as it has some new takes on things, as well. Good stuff and just so true, as this is God's Holodeck where we are the only things real and can even be proven, as all else is just inside yours and everyones head, as no more than your 5 senses turned into electrical signals going to your brain of everything you see, hear, touch, taste and smell, as it all is an illusion...BUT, US & GOD are real & provable, as I have said because we all are a Force of Energy that can be combined to make a greater Spirit Force of Energy...thus and therefore...Proof Positive of who we all really are...A Spirit Being & or A Living Ghost...made in God's image. vbs

    If you are looking for an informative, credible, and scientific accurate doc this is not it.
    I wonder if we can get the admins or web masters to move this doc to the religion section, its clearly misinterpreting science to promote a clearly unproven assumptions.
    1. It interviews people with little to no credibility.
    2. Research this docu after you watch it and read the criticisms of it.
    3. Research Quantum Quackery and quantum mechanics.
    4. Research Pseudo-science.
    If you are taking medication please continue to do so at your doctor's discretion.

    1. You have to be kidding with this comment. What did you watch? clearly not what the bleep. Same planet??? I wonder

    2. Yeah & checkout this dude from some other planet than we,I am sure...right up above your post here, as it says this BS..."Have no idea what you are talking about, absolutely no quantum field science in your show of spirituality."

      Yeah & his name is Achems_Razor of with a real closed mind of no nothing.

      I would have posted this in his reply place up there, but GUESS WHAT??? NO WHERE TO REPLY TO HIM AT...LMAO

      I find that strange, don't you...Oh but wait...they don't have anything of real substance to talk about other than well and hummm and ya da, ya da, ya da, HERE'S THE NEWS...NO NOTHING...I CAN PROVE WHAT ALL I SAY AND OR CLAIM!

      Sorry there "OpenYourMindPlease" only way I might be able to reply to this hide behind sense-less remarks of his. TY TheSpiritForce Ron D.

    3. English please?

    4. Maybe better we should speak in your native tounge, as you don't seem to be able to understand English...at all.

    5. Oh! & ask, for me, if you will and or can...Does it even know what Quantum means? He sure as heck don't seem like he does...I mean it's pretty simple even for a no nothing of ignorance...Quantum = Quantitative & if that's to hard on his little brain...I have brain food for him to eat.

    6. Yeah! What the bleep planet you living on, as this was clearly a show of intelligent life out there and you are totally a waste of time and know this while I am at it & that is, You can't even prove to me you even exist, but know I can prove I exist, as everything you see, hear, touch, taste & smell is all inside your friggin head in some Aliens jar, as electrical signals made up from the vibrations of your 5 only senses run by this Alien's PC going to your little brain from it's software.

      Now...Prove to me you even exist & we all know you can't but I can, as I can prove I exist because I can prove me, as within you, as a Spirit Being & or a Living Ghost that's capable of Spirit Interaction to make a greater Spirit Force of Energy...thus & therefore...The Proof! vbs Ron D.

    7. Have no idea what you are talking about, absolutely no quantum field science in your show of spirituality. Show me peer reviewed scientific synopsis. Otherwise just meaningless words.

    8. The only "spirit force" you have is at the end of your pipe, or maybe from JD.

      This doc basically tries to delve into science, not some supernatural la, la, land from whence you sprung.

    9. Duh...It talks about our Spiritual world...another clueless one. Sheesh...watch the friggin video.

    10. Ok, nevermind the English thing. You're to lost in your own madness to be here with us.

    11. Bottomline is there is nothing here...99.99999% of all matter is void of anything, as in even Einstein had it right...E=Mc2. E = Energy and M = is Matter squared, as in all of Matter is Energy... in which, as we know, is made up of Atomic Structures of vibrating Energy in and of the many different frequencies that distinguishes all matter from all other matter...BUT, it is US...that are the only things real and that can, in fact, be proven, as all else is just inside your head, but I, myself, have devised many ways that, in fact, do prove US, as of yet, that we all are, of another Fundamental Force of Energy...The Spirit Force! made in His image.

    12. When you can show some real evidence for a God besides ancient desert scribblings by bronze age idiots in books written by anonymous authors watered down by translations of translations and no signed copies by people who lived contemporaneously in that time period then maybe your insane ramblings will be believable. Until then get used to being viewed as a nut case.

    13. YOUR REPLY is so funny I almost forgot to laugh...lol!


      Yes! I agree...I am to lost at trying to figure out someone like you that hasn't a clue one about Quantum Mechanics, but...wants to somehow school me...that is, the foremost leading authority in our world today in proving our Quantum World & in fact, how it does REALLY work because we all are, in fact, connected, Spiritually & THE ONLY THINGS HERE , that...in fact...again, ARE REAL & can even be PROVEN...BY I...no less, as The Spirit Force! of an Energy we all are & made up of and use, as a real FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH...or not, in your case, PROBABLLY SO, as nothing is impossible...even you :-(0) vbs
      Never say, I am but one person what can I do, because it has been a many of a one person that has changed the world for good or ill and you can too!

    14. Watch it again Thang Tran, you have watched it right?

    15. You need to stay on your meds...and enroll in a Quantum Physics class, if you have the intelligence to .

  30. How can anyone completely ignore the idea of addiction to emotional states and thought processes? I realize that this film sensationalized the emotional states but it was this effect really drew home the fact that we create ourselves and our perceptions.

    1. Well, we not only can create our own reality, but we can also create the reality everyone else sees and experiences, as well and it is because we all are connected, as one, in this web of knowledge we gain in life of us all swimming in an ocean of Consciousness, that we can & do, as to all info that we all are Spiritually making a real difference in & of what makes it all so, as it is all so.

      We all are Spirit Beings & or Living Ghost that can interact, Spiritually, as within each other & make that real difference, as to anothers task at hand, as in what God can do, as well, Spiritually, to Interact within us all, too, as to our Conscience where we not only hear Him, but evil too, as to be good, be right or evil that says to be bad, be wrong & so on.

    2. Wow umm that was Beautifully said.. I found this comment quite refreshing :)

    3. This doc was interesting kind of kiddy in some ways but it was very enlightening for the most part...The Holographic Universe is another good one if you have not already heard of that one or viewed it :)

  31. the most great documentary ever that open a new window into your life. great stuff. i love it so much that copy the DVD to all friend.

  32. Really happy to read most of the comments here, this film is moronic and misleading and it's good to see mostly critical reviews.

    1. this file really open a new window into my life, every thing i was new came up into this film. but this is the first a few film sure got some mistake but about the core im sure is correct. would you please be kind and tell me what is wrong with it. i really like to know. thank you

  33. Very interesting. I do feel though that they are making implications that are not necessarily true. I won't say that I, or anyone for that matter, knows all there is to know about science, religion, etc., but in my opinion the documentary seemed to be portraying false info. Yes, of course I am biased, as we all are, but I do think science should not be stretched into the regime of faith, being that science is based on facts, not on faith itself. Nonetheless, I definitely think that there were some interesting points of view in this documentary. We are never going to make it anywhere if we don't have "out of the box" thinkers.

    1. would you please be kind and tell me what part is not true? I study theosophy for 15 years, and anything I learned I find here. about the water it was true, about Atom and the core or the matter was true, please tell me something you know.

    2. Ya know...I hear this one doesn't like it and that one doesn't get it, but none that knows what to say about what they didn't like nor get?

      Here is the news for all of ya that can't seem to be able to keep up with what's really being protrayed here and that is there is nothing here, as in 99,9999% of all matter is void of anything, as in it's all just an illusion & the only thing that is real is US, as Spirit Beings & or Living Ghost, as in how in hell do you think God can & does work, as within US ALL, if not, as a Spirit Being in which we all are made in His Image able to Spiritually interact within each other, as in what God Himself does?

  34. I found it entertaining. I'm guessing I'll be accused of being an uneducated fool for it, but the truth is...something can be 100% true, and someone will swear it's not...or 100% false and millions will fall for it and believe it. Science and religion aside, i enjoyed it.

  35. I've never felt that science is striving to make me feel like "a lonely organism on a lonely planet" or whatever I just heard one of those buttholes say. Science can make you, as a human, feel small (physically) but nonetheless amazing. The doc about fractals is a lot more interesting to me.

  36. And to the health lady, consciousness is real because there is no mind-body dichotomy, and the body is real.

  37. There is something that connects us all: Causality.

  38. I was so into this movie when I was 12 (obviously because I didn't grasp about 90% of wtf they were talking about) But now that I'm seeing this 8 years later... I realize they just use a bunch of big words and flowery descriptions to make religion look like science. Bleh.

    that being said, there are some good poinst, you can ruin your life by your negative thoughts.

  39. "Pure abstract self-aware consciousness"?
    Why do they keep on repeating "consciousness"?
    There is absolutely no proof (in fact, there is not a single clue) that string level is conscious (I don't say it's 100% impossible, but there is no implication). They do present scientific facts and have some nice ways, but they obviously suffer from one of the most 'human illnesses' - the need for everything to be the way we are, for everything to be explicable in the way we perceive stuff - SUBJECTIVITY. The thing is, EVERYONE is subjective ALL the time, but the people who can't think of stuff outside the borders of 'meaning, purpose, finite, ultimate solutions, perfectness, distinctiveness' bring subjectivity to its peak.

    1. What amazes me is the amount of starry-eyed mysticism surrounding the various scientific theories. All of the "wonders", "miracles", and "possibilities", and endless "what-ifs". "Oh how glorious the future will be, with science leading the way!" Almost sounds like a religion.

    2. If the existence is infinite, then anything we might know is infinitely little, therefore, everything is so wondrous for us.
      The problem is not in science, but in the fact that people (without even noticing) are overly optimistic.
      Removing one issue (i.e. religion) will not solve many other, because we are 'doomed to ourselves'.
      But still, I will always support a science-led future (without getting too excited) rather than a faithful (limited and back-dragging) one.

    3. "the fact that people (without even noticing) are overly optimistic." Heh... Ain't THAT the truth!

  40. Since or the latest cult of Intelligent design?

    1. It depends if you are talking about a tree in a Newtonian forest or a Quantum forest.

  41. If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? YES it does it still creates vibrations and if anyone disagrees.... Tough I'll just percieve you out of existance, oh wait I can't do that.

    1. It depends if you are talking about a tree in a Newtonian forest or a Quantum forest.
      In a Newtonian forest the tree will fall and sound waves will propagate regardless of, if there was someone to hear it or not. They are simply part of a chain of casual events.

      In a Quantum forest, if there is truly no one there to listen to the event, and it is a completely closed system, then the tree is in a superposition state of both having fallen and not fallen.

      Once an observer enters the forest and opens the system to observation, the superposition state of the tree will collapse, the tree will either be fallen or not fallen, and evidence of the fallen/not fallen state will be apparent throughout the system, including any propagation of sounds waves...RE: Schrodingers Cat.

    2. Actually it doesn't... for there to be sound, there needs to be hearing.

    3. That mean...
      If i'm stranded in the middle of the forest and sream for help, the sound i'm gonna produce won't really exist?

      That mean...
      If nobody's looking at me, theoretically i'm everywhere at the same time, just like an electron is around the nucleon...

      Well, thats not the universe I'm observing.

    4. well insects animals do hear.............UH....DUH

    5. I walk in the forest a lot and i see many fallen trees. I can imagine what sound they made when they fell because i have heard quite a few fall near me.
      If a desert man (let's imagine one who has never heard of trees) was suddenly dropped in a forest, what sound would he imagine a tree to make?

    6. He may imagine a tree to fall like a man does at death, either slowly, either suddenly, either harsly, either supported, either moaning, either with his eyes closed. What may men and women think of the unknow tree?
      Who could imagine a tree to fall in such a beautiful way as a tree does?

    7. Az. I liked your comment. Very open minded perception. and speaking of perception. what you commented about is that very thing. perception.

    8. If a tree falls in the forest, and she didn't hear it, would I still be wrong?

    9. No, you will always be right for your self (if not to others) until you decide you are wrong.

  42. This is not science. It is mysticism with a vague scientific angle. It is attempting to legitimize an unscientific belief system with something that was actually tested.
    Try to make the attempt to critically analyze things, don't be made a fool by these New Age charlatans.

    1. please explain double slip experiment discussed in this documentary.
      if you cannot then...
      you shouldn't call people names out of ignorance. if you are going to hate on a solution, you should at least have your own.

    2. BTW its Double "slit".
      And I'm not in the business of explaining a diffraction experiment that is 200 years old to someone that is apparently to lazy to help themselves by reading a book on a subject that has been written about thousands of times.

    3. It doesn't claim to be about science. It is the *implications* of quantuum theories. One great big look at say, the theory of superimposition, and a rhetorical "what does this mean to US?" Asking questions and making implications is not unscientific. As Einstien said, imagination is more important the knowledge.

    4. First of all I said that "this is not science" as a warning since this doc was listed in the docs for science.

      Also it does claim to be about science the minute it tries to link scientifically observed phenomenon to mystical hokum.

      Yes Einstein was a poetic individual with a slew of interesting witticisms, but if you are suggesting that he would subscribe to some flight of fancy in the face of observed fact then you are just daft!

    5. one of the first lines of this doc tells the viewer to imagine a time when science and spirituality were one. if you had a problem with that u shoulda stopped right there. and since you decieded to "insult" rather than "teach" u are no better, u look like a "OLD age charlatan" still clinging to outdated science.

    6. Yeah your right, its my fault I didn't listen to my crap meter.

      What sort of outdated science are you be referring to? Just because the fraudsters behind films like this try to reconcile spiritual/mystical ideas with some established science to make their ideas seem valid does not automatically create some sort of new cutting-edge paradigm of thought.

    7. I read the comments before watchin any doc just to see if im gonna be wastin my time. Havin read your comments, I was against what you was sayin.... Now havin wasted 13 minutes of my life, I'm right there with ya.

  43. I think this is a great film, and go's well with what Kevin Trudeau said, you get what you think about most of the time.

  44. Open your mind be empty and silent and know your own truth.We are all one.

  45. On another note...I have seen another version of this that was a lot different!!!

  46. OK Back to the basketball theory...The ball is not in the place that you are viewing it...it is ahead of where you are seeing, mainly because of the time it takes for light to travel to the ball then travel to your eye and then compute in your mind...you are reacting first on a subconcious level to the ball before any of your senses picks it up!

  47. @ben

    I felt the same exact way...a load of talk with greek salad mixed in with no mentally edible conclusion

  48. @GodEmporerShaw,

    "How about the experiments with droplets of water? Little needs to be said about this."

    Actually, a lot needs to be said on this. If what you are implying is that what is shown in this documentary is science based, then you are showing a serious lack of skepticism. I think you are referring to the Emoto snowflakes? Those are easily explained. We don't know how many snowflakes Emoto produced, all we can see are the ones he categorized and presented for this film. Did 50% of the snowflakes form badly to negative thoughts? 20%? Only 1%? We simply don't know. The film makes it look like "negative thoughts produce malformed snowflakes." We have no way of judging, because we can only see the final snowflake examples deemed suitable to conform to the expectations of the film makers. That's not what I would call compelling proof of anything.

    1. way to avoid the tough one...
      what about double slip? no comment?

    2. What "tough one" am I supposedly avoiding? What "double slip" are you talking about? Please clarify.

  49. Ok, I've been reading these comments, and, alot of you are very quick to attack the people, and, beliefs represented in this documentary. (Perhaps, rightly so.)However, I see very few comments on the actual experiments used to support their claims. These experiments are the basis for the idea that all of us influence, and, perhaps combined, determine our perception of reality. There's the experiment where they fire indivdaul electrons through two slits. This suggests, to me at least, that, without an observer, reality consists of infinate possibilities. This being said, different perpectives, or, means of perceiving, equate to different realities. Then, there's the experiments using random number generators, where the paricipants had a measurable influence on reality, even past realities, projecting their influence backwards through time to effect generators that were switched on before they even tried to influence the results. How about the experiments with droplets of water? Little needs to be said about this. If the results are really examples of how our thoughts, feelings, and, our state of mind, can influence reality, then it is clear, to me atleast, that we certainly do have a great deal of influence over our perceived realities, whether consciously or unconsciously. Lastly, there's entanglement. If even the smallest aspects of ourselves are inseperably linked to the rest of the universe then it is unavoidable that we, and all other forms of consciousness, have influence on reality.

    Now, having said all this, I will also say that it is unlikely that any one individual can profoundly change the reality of their, or our, situation just by willing that change into exhistence. It will take a global paradigm shift from inactive observers of reality to active, conscious, responsible sculptors of reality, to enact any really significant change. I think that is the underlying message of this documentary. That it is up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. We have the power to make this exhistence beautiful, in every sense of the word, all we need to do is believe ourselves and to put our faith in our fellow man. In that sense we are truly devine.

    1. In short words... "we are all star dust", Carl Sagan.

    2. Heisenberg uncertainty principle read up on it the electron not being in the same place has nothi g to do with whether your observing it or not it's simple by trying to measure object is the reason why it acts differently if you left it alone it wouldn't do different stuff that's as simple as I can put it also did you see the the other movie they put out I can't remember which movie it was but at one point they said that these native people who saw the ships since they didn't know what they were they just disappeared from their mine which is not how Vision Works at all I understand that we should be open to opinions and different schools of thought but in the end if the science is bad or they just omit things because it doesn't fit their narrative you're doing everything that real scientist hate about pseudoscientist

  50. Enlightening.

  51. Hmmmm I watched this expecting science. It ropes you in a bit of science and special effects then nails you with the BS. Seems like the tactics used by something else.

  52. First of all, none of the above generalized statements about the similarity between Hinduism and Buddhism hold water. It's enough to bring a poor old RS prof to tears. There are certainly parallels to be drawn between these two religions, and they share a great deal (much through the concepts established in Brahmanism), but it is not as simple as one being basically the same as the other at the "core" as stated above.

    One thing is interesting to me. Quantum Entanglement seems to support beliefs that everything is interconnected. In Buddhism this is known as No-Self or the doctrine of Anatta. This is interesting to me ... the implications of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things is food for thought at least, regardless of some of the other points of the docu :)

  53. Numbers are the Supreme Court of science. However Godel proved that we may not prove everything. There are Physics Foibles!!

  54. The ugly misperception and over-the-top-evaluation speaks volumes. Watch the movie, people, and decide for yourselves.

  55. complete and utter rubbish. this horrendous misrepresentation of quantum theory had me laughing from start to finish.

  56. Don't even bother. Should really watch Sesame Street if this idiocy meets your fancy.

  57. Damn. I WAS enjoying this film. Until it got to a point when I couldn't help but be skeptical. So I did bit of research half way through and read that it's disputed by the scientific community and even scientists in it don't believe in the eventual and in your face pseudo-science message it conveys.

    There are some good messages though that ring true for seemingly logical reasons. Mainly of which is believing in yourself helps you to achieve great things.

    There are no pessimistic and successful entrepreneurs.

  58. The wedding scene was hilarious!
    Some of it was interesting but some of it was obviously "manifesting" talk. The water guy reminded me of ppl who talk and sing to plants and believe there is a reaction so I can dig that. I don't personally think we have everything figured out about this planet. Anything about the brain is interesting to me because I know I'm using my brain to process what I'm hearing and seeing while they are discussing it. The brain itself hasn't agreed or disagreed yet, but how neat would it be if you made your brain better by letting it know its ways to get the body to react, to teach it what its capable of. I don't know how to phrase that because it doesn't make sense to reread but it does in my noggin' :)

  59. D.J., While watching the first part of this movie it became clear that it was not true science. However after reading your comment I have changed my mind. If one person has used these principles and has become a millionare then I think any scientificly minded person would agree with you that the case has been proven.

  60. The experiments that have been done in this documentary have been published worldwide and are incontrovertible.
    Anybody that would disagree with this findings are steeped in intellectual materialism and under social control.It's
    time for the human race to take responsiblity for ther lives and be the gods and goddess they are.I find it funny that spiritually dead people use scientfic discoveries in there everyday lives
    from cooking breakfast to driving there car's but when it comes time to scientifically explain how reality is created they become skeptical.I have use this principlies to become a millionare case proven. Google Abraham Hicks Peace

  61. hey it's a regular 'Mahabharat' over here ..dancing spiderman to the rescue ..Vilya's right about the, can i call it Quantam Hinduism ..and everything else ..hey vilya, can i add you on facebook?

  62. Yes, Galloway, it is mystifying to me that anyone believes this silliness.

    As a species, we have been awake and aware for perhaps, 20,000 years? Recorded history doesn't begin until 10 to 15,000...

    The Universe is 14 BILLION years old. It runs just fine without human consiousness... and it will again, once we are all gone.

    Our existance is so TINY, so insignificant, it shouldn't even be factored into the equation. The Law of Significant Digits.

    Our consiousness is not even very well organized and certainly NOT the best on the planet! The meat in our skulls is really, a big mess... So give up this HUMAN-WORSHIP!

    We don't deserve it, frankly...

  63. Ok, I've seen this one before, and it's loaded with mystical quantum nonsense. I know there are such things as quantum theories, but try telling that to the brick wall I'm driving into at 90 m.p.h. Anyway, I'm watching it again just to laugh at the blond chick who fakes the channeling of a 3,000 year old warrior.

  64. Think about how many car crashes there are where people did not see something coming, this is often the case with motorbikes, the driver of a car, looks for other cars, sees none and pulls out, slap bang into a motorcycle, which he never saw..

    looking for a book or any object, you perceived it or recalled it to be red for example, looked everywhere, a friend comes in you say. i've lost my book and as they have no preconceived perception of what the book is like, other than a book, can see it right away, picks it up and says 'this one?'

    i could go on.. we see always only what we percieve..

    also as for who made the film, what does it matter, or who proved what,, what does it matter, you prove theories yourself, put it to your own tests, you will then see it is true or not .. nearly every speaker here is conditioined to their own 'cult' already, the one they are placing blind belief in ..

  65. Yeah... I don't believe in that...

  66. ... Peace & Love ... Always :)

  67. @Brett

    Great, man. I was just tryin ta warn ya's

    But when you ain't got money cuz you gave it all to these "self-help" gurus/con-artists don't be all blaming anyone else but yourself.

    And don't look to ME for help because I will step right over your uninformed and uneducated a%%...

  68. I'm sorry, the 30,000 year old warrior was named "Ramtha" And it is supposed to be the Church of Ramtha... although I am probably still not spelling it well...

    YOu know, who cares? It is silly and I took one look at this woman years and years ago and dismissed her immediately.

    You should too.

  69. GOOD TO KNOW. but people need to learn to take s!@# with a grain of salt,, not to swallow c@#$ whole. corruption is in everything and almost everyone will be willing to make a buck off another's misfortune or foolishness. t/g in our schools they teach kids that media can not be trusted.

  70. That should be be... "...suddenly CLAIMED to channel a 30,000 year old warrior from Atlantis..."

    It's 30,000 years... and she has been pulling this trick since the seventies, so, Carl knew about her...

    Is what I am saying...

  71. This doc is funded by The Church of Ramathan... which was founded by a woman who is a failed real estate hustler from southern california that suddenly claims to "channel" a 10,000 year old warrior from Atlantis, named Ramathan.

    She has a criminal record.

    IF you watch her on stage, you have to laugh.

    Carl Sagan asked, "If she was really channeling a 10,000 year old spirit, instead of giving us platitudes and bumper stickers about life, why does she not tell us, what the language from this civilization was? What form of currency did they use?"


    But, alas, nothing. A silly magic trick. A con. No proof.

  72. ok,, 1 more comment. the organized religion of atheism thinks science has proved that there is no after life lol i better re phrase some douche might take that "after life " too literal i mean a different kind of life after our bodies die and to douche proof this even further, i dont mean bacteria

  73. Before reading these, I never bothered looking up what Scientology was. I try living life without influence of organized religion or bull s!@# media, if thats even possible.

  74. Some need to start their own blogs, wow. Did I see a scientology rant in there too? lol. its all good, peace.

  75. awesome movie doc thingy,
    "sex is an invention that helps us see into the future..think about that for a while"
    i know i will.

  76. and no,, im not a creationist and im not very religious

  77. If you map out the brain well enough you can create any image you want. How do they know if the image they created was the same thing as the near death person experienced unless they have experienced it them selves? or maybe that experiment didn't go far enough. I don't think it proved any thing just because they can tweak the memory and create a bright light.

    Atheism in its self is a religion do you really think that modern science proved everything there is to prove? b/c i get the impression that you are closed minded to other possibilities. And I do consider that some of the stuff in this doc is bulls%*t with truth mixed in. it was constructed to make one believe in one truth

  78. haha sorry, I'm an ass :(

  79. Hey Brett, the 'Near Death Experience' as experienced and described by so many has been shown to be activated by an area of the brain which in turn triggers these images and experiences. Experiments using magnets have been able to activate these areas in the brain, recreating the exact same hallucinations or 'near death experiences' that those who have come close to death see.

    Snapgator, I know you wrote that message when it was late, but you've literally misspelled almost half the words; some incredibly easy words at that! No matter how late the time of day even a child in grade 5 could have done a better job. I find this kind of shocking because you have a firm grasp on complex ideas as demonstrated by the content of your rant. Anyways, if you are going to post something of that length, please, either learn how to spell first, or at least spell-check it for half a second! Sorry, not sure if I'm in a pissy mood, just the spelling mistakes were the worst I've ever seen!

  80. First off, i dont have much of a scientific back round, but do you really think that the people in this film are really out to get your money or really believe this? i know that a lot of the information derives from the 2 slot particle experiment which is questionable, but i thought most of it sounded reasonable. I am not a religious person but like a lot of people, iv seen strange things one might see after a near death experience. It could have been just a dream or a hallucination or i could be lieing, There are still mysteries in this universe that may never be solved, and b/c of that it dont mean phenomenon's dont happen, and yes i had considered that the producers had tweaked this film to make sure that no other ideas conflict with the message they are trying to send

  81. J. Miller. Ya down with all religion especially Tom Cruise. But do you have any comments on the film? Thats what this forum is for.

  82. P.S. I follow no religion and I don't feel you have to to gain from the ideas presented in this film. I also don't recall any type of religious recrutment in this film, just a presentation of ideas in a dramatic fashion. They were trying to show a connection between where physics is now with some ideas in mystical thought. Like the interconnectedness of all things. But again physics is pointing in this direction all by itself. They never said boddha said this or krishna said that or tom cruise jumped on oprahs couch so pay us money and follow us. Some of the people in the film may be questionable but I didnt feel solicited by them. Infact if it were not for this forum I wouldn't know where it is I should go to sign up.

  83. I have read many books of physics and some notable ones on phlosophy (None of which were sponcered by scientology). (I would also like to appologize up front for any spelling or grammer errors I make because it is late, I'm typing fast and I don't want to spend an hour editing this silly blog when I should be in bed). I would like to recomend to the veiwers of this film a book called the Tao of Physics it is an extreamly mind opening book. I have found that many of the concepts in this film are concepts I have found elsewere already in readings of phyisics and philosophy. If you spend a few years reading around many of these ideas might not seem like such a streach to you. However they always seem strange. I read many comments and I find many negative ones. Opinions that come from shielded minds. Though they do seem very intelegent. (And minds that I'm sure can spell much better than mine). There are some comments I would like to address.

    I find some respondents have taken totally literal veiws on many things. One being how thinking can change reality. Someone said if I had a gun held up to my head no matter how much I wish for the other guy not to pull the trigger it won't have any real effect and he will pull it if he wants to.( This is not an exact quote). I would like to respond by saying prove your point one way or the other. You critise the film for not proving things or streaching the provable foundations of science but you can get away with making statements about the certanty of reality but have no way to prove them yourself. I would agree that we all make up our reality, more accurately our veiw of the world (which really is our personal reality), just try to tell the scitozphrenac that the voices are not there. I would say in this case that if he makes a choice not to shoot you and you were hoping he wouldn't that you cant proove either way that you had an effect or not. It might come down to will and focus. It will most certanly come down to the power of him and of you or your mind and his. The universe won't pull the trigger or put the gun down for him. If he is focused enough and has a strong enough will and it is stronger than your pleas and cries and hopes and ability to reason with him then you will end up dead. If your situation is stronger than his resolve to kill you than he may put the gun down. And who knows maybe that last litte ounce of hope you can muster up will be just the last little bit needed to change his mind. Needless to say you can't prove your position. I think the real point the movie Is trying to get accross is that our thoughts affect us and everything around us to what degree is unknown. If you choose to be negative you will respond to life in a more negative way you will allow in more negative things into you life, this will have an effect on you. If you are positive and try to work with what you have and turn away as much negativity as you can you can start to move your life in a more positive direction. Try it out it can't hurt. But my point is still this, you cannot prove your statement about the gun to your head. You can't measure the effect of hope in a one off situation. You most likely would have a very hard time doing it in a laboratory too. (But those Ice crystas were interesting I want to look deeper into that).

    A big one is this thing about Colomusis ships. I don't think this was taken as an actual peace of fact from some book I think they may have just tryed to use an example from life that we can imagine. Here is how I see it. The natives had no frame of referance when they first saw the ships, before they had an understanding of what they were seeing they could not know what it was. This experience was probably short lived. Once they saw strangely dreased white men babbling in a stange tongue it probably all made scence right then and there. "Yup, It's all over" they said to them selfs. I read a book called Zen and the art of motercycle maintenance. Very good book I recomend it. In this book the author speaks of a priori knowledge, this has to do with our veiw of reality based on our experiences. (He references everything in the book to a motor cycle). Say a baby sees a motorcycle for the first time. The baby has no experience in life as to what this is, he has no a priori knoledge of what this stange object is or could be. He has no way of knowing this is a bike it is just an image to the baby. Yes he can see it but he can't comprehend it. If you take the baby out of the room, turn the bike around, put the baby back where he was sitting and now show him the other side of the bike to the baby there would be no conecting image in his mind of the bike in position one to position two, so the baby has no way of knowing that he is looking at the same object. To the child it is a different thing altogether. over time as the baby is given a chance to move around the bike to see and touch it from all angels it will build an new veiw of the world one where image one turns out to be the same object as in image two. He will build a motocycle in his mind from his expereince and in the future when he sees the bike from any angle he will then know it is a bike. But without building this foundation of connecting images and experience the baby cant know that the same bike from different angles is the same object. So back to the indians I think this is the idea here. They had no frame of reference to understand what those ships were, there was no context for it in there veiw of the world yet. But I'm sure they figured it out very quickly.

    The last thing is a comment about the multible basketball idea. Some one said that they don't believe that the basketball occupies many spaces at once when he isn't looking because many other people can still see the ball while in a stadum and it is in the same place, or something like that (agian this is not a word for word quote from the poster). Well there are a few thoughts here. 1) By them (the other people in the room) looking at the ball they are observing it for you and by confirming with them verbally the location of the ball you are now reciving information about a measurment so the ball has been pinned down.
    2), space and time are relitive it is not the same for any two observers so infact the ball might not acctually be in the exact same spot for your friend sitting next to you, maybe it is one atom out of place form where you see it.
    Anyway, any knowledge about the balls location can be seen to be a measurment of the ball and in effect pins it down. But untill that point, with no human observer, the ball could be anywhere, or no where at all.


    1. Yep!!! I belileve a lot of people should first watch "A Beautiful Mind" before making up their own minds. Or get a good reading at the works of Carl Jung.

  84. I personally found this fascinating and food for thought,5 stars! Combines science with religion/spirituality!

  85. All the negative comments but who cares...

    All who claim the "truth" be them atheist or cristian still look funky to me because there is no difference in their behaviors. (run away from those people hard as you can)!

    so run away from truth claimers and watch part two of this movie "down the rabbit hole" and look into the science behind it.

    Apparently intention works on reality and for all you (pseudo) skeptics out there if the placebo effect is not the ultimate proof i don't know if any kind of proof would be enough?

  86. This is an incredible documentary, answering a LOT of questions, giving very well thought out examples of extremely complex scenarios. Every single person on earth needs to watch this video, especially religious people, so that this new revelation of physics can be discussed in all aspects.

  87. i was forced to watch this in my high school earth science class by our long term sub. me and a friend just sat in the back and played magic the gathering cause of how bs it was.

    1. Woah! Like, in a school? Like, a federally funded school?

  88. i think.....hmmm.....most of you are to much paranoid, and i can't belive that i spent last hour reading comments.
    PS don't take it personally.

  89. While the title hinted at a scientific mindset, this assumption quickly desintegrates when you consider it's sources and subject it's featured hypotheses to scientific scrutiny.

    There is far too little known about quantum mechanics and it's variables to extrapolate on the bits that we do know. While I'm a fan of speculative docs, I'm partial to scientific conjecture, not wonderous philosophy. They shouldn't be mixed as far as I'm concerned.

  90. So if I got shot in the face by some unimaginable weapon from a million years in the future, so that I had no clue what it was, does that mean I couldn't see it or it would not have happened?Anthropic reasoning is great for philosophy but very bad for science.Shame on you Bleep.

  91. I saw this on opiates. That's where I live. Enjoyed it very much.

  92. Watch the movie it is awesome.

    focus on the positive in these here forums :)

  93. "OMG… some of these posts are so long my eyes are bleeding!! Take the movie for what it is and learn. Sheessh!"

    If we take everything we watch as something we should learn without giving it some critical analysis then we learn nothing. This is a documentary not a movie for the purpose of entertainment.

    If posts are too long for you don't read them. Whilst I don't always post, I do sometimes make long posts on subjects that are of interest to me or where I might benefit the discussion. Sometimes I don't post at all but still read what other people have to say and that often broadens my own insights. Thanks to those who have taken the time to post and if it needs in depth argument then that is that.

  94. OMG... some of these posts are so long my eyes are bleeding!! Take the movie for what it is and learn. Sheessh!

  95. I guess you might as well throw in existentialism into the cesspool with this godless trash.

  96. Alrighty then. Anyways, this "rabbit hole" reeks with blatant hinduism and certainly scientology, its derivative. In other words so many people are being misled, yet again, by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and other new age demonologists. If you look at this religious video here, try watching the movie "The Matrix" again. Remember the kid with the bald head who was "teaching" Neo to bend the spoon with his mind? No matter how "scientific" these people try to make all this sound, it always winds back up to the same 'ol satanic rituals. In this case, why don't they just come right out and say transcendental meditation? The reason is the devil just likes to use a different veil each time to fool people.

  97. Beware Scientology. It is a masquerade. Like all religions it feeds on fear. Like all cults it demands a degree of loyalty that is considerably higher than most religions.

    If you are unconvinced of its masquerade, check out the fact that Scientology condems the study and practice of psychiatry.

    Psychiatry is the study of mental disorders. If no one were to study people with mental disorders then we would have no help we could offer people with mental disorders for we would have no understanding of these disorders themselves hence no understanding of those who have them. Without understanding those with mental disorders would would come to regard people who have them with fear. We would want to distance ourselves from them. It would be a form of chaos in society if we did not help them, and in doing so help ourselves which is the gift that comes with knowledge.

    What is interesting is that Scientology condems psychiatry and yet the entire method that Scientology uses to attract, indoctrinate, then keep its memebers is by using a practice they call auditing which is structured identically to psychiatry but which inserts their own dogma and teachings into the areas which would normally be filled with legitimate research and they insert into the conclusions area their own ideas which have no basis in reality at all.

    Imagine a world where psychiatry is feared. That means that a problem has been created for now everybody runs from those with mental disorders. Scientology, which has laid the foundation for the fear of those with mental disorders in the first place comes and says that no one needs to fear, that while psychiatry is evil and everyone has no idea what to do about the problem of thoses with mental disorders, we are here. We will help. We will take these people in and do Auditing on them and save them. Oh, and by the way, if you're not sure if you have a mental disorder and need help, or even if you just want us to check you to make sure, come on in and we'll Audit you too. Then, if you're fine we'll tell you, but if we find something, even if its just tiny, we'll help you with that too. You can count on us.

    And in that manner they come to find that many people have things that Auditing can help them with. And they get people and hook them on Scientology and those people live their lives in the crazy world of Scientology and check out from reality forever. And not even realize whats been done to them.

    Beware those who define an "evil" then immdediately offer a solution that they state is the only way to handle that "evil" and, lo and behold, they are the only ones who even CAN help you handle that evil. Its a trap. Its the fundamental trap of all religions, but Scientology has used it and taken it up another notch by combining it with a brisk legal practice of taking people to court who oppose them. Using other religions as a benchmark its clear that no other religions in wide use do that today.

    In this manner Scientology preys on those who do not know they are being manipulated, and may never know, though it would appear that some find out too late. And its easy to say who, exactly, may not know that they are being manipulated, and that is an easy group to target, for that is the group of the young. Specifically young adults. Beware young people, beware.

    All religions require a foe in order to then cast themselves as the saviour. Scientology has looked around for some foe and chosen psychiatry as its foe, though there is nothing actually at all wrong with psychiatry and it is just an innocent victim of Scientologys predator plan. Now that Scientology has chosen its foe, one that was strategically chosen. One that if they can, like a virus, co-op the structure of that foe for their own use, they can eventually take over the concept of psychiatry itself by causing people to fear psychiatry , then convert it, the foe, the structure of psychiatry for its own use and force it to - where once psychiatry helped people, to be changed even in name to Auditing and begin not to help people but to poison them. Just like a deadly virus takes over a cell and begins to use that cell to crank out filth that poisons the body and also uses that cell to crank out new copies of the virus that then infects other cells, and on and on until that whole person, that whole society, has been taken over. And once infected, the virus controlls the activities of that person, causing them to do whatever it takes to keep that virus at bay. And so they must then live with it or die.

    That is what Scientology is doing now, trying to take over society with their virus. They are like the science fictional body snatchers. They are like people who instead of go to cure others, instead inject them with a poison when that person is vunerable, such as when they are young and do not know what is happening to them, or when they are sick with a real mental disorder and Scientology takes them in and infects them.

    Beware. Though its easy to see the path Scientology is on and know what the concequences of their actions will become if they achieve their goals, we only know this because of all the experience that humanity has already had with religion over the eons. Religion has always done this, define something as a foe (usually something which has done no wrong and is blindsided when they are suddenly targeted for insane reasons, just as jews were targeted by hitler for example or how the homeless are targeted for indoctrnation by the Salvation Army) for which only the religion can resolve for you.

    So, this is what is happening now where Scientology is concerned. They have begun the work of defining who their foe will be and have begun to try and convince and mislead the world into thinking that their targeted foe, in this case psychiatry the practice of studying and helping those who are ill with mental disorders, is a danger to society. For those they mislead into believing their attack on psychiatry is valid then Scientology immediatly steps in and begins to brainwash the new recruit by telling then that now that the new recruit is there, that the new recruit needs to begin counseling with them, Scientology. To become infected with Scientology's virus, Auditing. Which is simply the structure of the practice of psychiatry where all the valid research and methods of actually helping a person with a real mental disorder have been removed and replaced with their teachings and renamed Auditing. This is where they take over the person, the cell, and remove the good and replace it with bad, and infect the person. And the longer the person stays with Scientology, the worse the infection becomes. And yet Scientology then tells them over and over that they are just fine. They lie to the recruit and force them to believe that the virus is what is real and what is real is wrong, or unreal. Once that occurs the person is now completly in their power and from then on will believe anything they say. And with that, Scientology then begins its real work of transforming that person from being an individual who lives in reality to essentially a zombie who does as he is told and can never escape.

    This is the way of all religon. Scientology is just the latest one in a long line of them that goes back eons of human history.

    Beware children, beware of religion. Though you should not take just my word for it, go and do your own research. But, in doing your research don't find yourself lured into religion and then lost forever to reality. For only a very very few who have been captured by religion and turned into, essentially, a zombie, have ever been able to escape and get back to reality.

    Beware of Scientology, for as the newest kid on the religion block, they appear as if they feel like they have a lot to prove. And so they are aggressivley marketing their religion using all the classic ploys that religion has traditonally used. They want to be taken seriously and the more zombies they can create, the more other religions will come to accept them as legit. Which is funny, cause no religion is actually anything other than its own strain of a poisonious virus, and yet religion in todays society is thought of as respected and if Scientology can just get the other religions to respect them, then from then on they will be able to spread their poison with as much ease as all other religions do today.

    Remember, just because a religion gives to the poor and says all kinds of nice things that seem right, it doesn't mean that they're still not spreading lies underneath it all and still converting all the people they can recruit into zombies that they can then control and exploit and send out as further messengers of the virus they spread and in doing so poison more and more unsuspecting people. People who bring their children to these religions and the children are infected with the virus in these "sanctuarys" and those children become very hardened when they are adults to ever allowing themselves to consider they may be infected and poisoned by their religion from childhood. yet the are, and by their parents usually. parents who didn't know better as they learned it from their parents. generations of zombies who become slaves to religion and never know they are actually poisoned and that they don't actually know what is going on nor do they realize they don't understand reality correctly. they think they do.

    This is religion. Scientology wants in on this bandwagon. Religion is about nothing but power and control over the unsuspecting. And it preserves its power by manipulation and lies which keep people unsuspecting. and keeps the people as zombies and unsuspecting that they are indeed just zombies of the religion they have been poisoned by and who are being controlled as surely as anyone who is in a prison is being controlled, except those in a prison in the real world know they are under the control of the guards of the prison and either go willingly or do not go willingly, its their choice how they act. But zombies poisoned by religion don't even have that. they have no choice, they are zombies and go willingly without knowing what is happening and that they are indeed, in the prision which is their religion, nor do they know that they have been poisned by the religion and that when they spread their religion they are not actually spreading what they think they are spreading (they think they are spreading whatever the religion has told them they are spreading) and they have no idea that they are really spreading a strain of the most horrific virus to infect mankind in all the history of mankind, religion. All religions are viruses that poison and all of mankind and society has been poisoned by them for thousands of years. It is a disease, though few living today realize that.

    I hope you realize it too.

    Scientology knows what its doing. They seek power and are using the religion virus model to infect humans yet again with a virus they have carefully crafted to take control of you if you will let them. Its kind of like a computer virus too, for computer viruses are created by humans to take advantage of unsuspecting humans.

    This is what Scientology is doing. Right now. To anyone they can. To you, if they can. Beware. Beware.

  98. Yes there are some provocative ideas in this film and even help me get my mind around some things I have found in the Bible and QT has gone a long way toward validating the scriptures as well, but they head toward calling ourselves God and elevating man to the level of THE GOD, Biblically it is a bit suspect (Understatement) scientifically it is shaky as LA in an 8.9!
    It is great mind fodder though; forces you to THINK and to conversate, and for that I give it two thumbs up, it is great to be able to communicate with "THINKERS" we are a dying breed it would seem!

  99. After studying more the principles of scientology and plundering over them for a while I managed to conclude that scientology is the most brilliant basis for life: that we're all god's creatures from the smallest stone to biggest animal. Molecules are nothing but particles of consciousness, and as everything is made out of particles we are all the same. I too decided to try to follow this way, as a way to live your life this is revolutionary. Where scientology fails as a religion and turns into a cult is that it tries to explain its beliefs through science. It ends up being lots of bambo-jumbo that attacks the very science it is based upon. I don't think it should be taken as truth but rather a basis for life, and it most certanly doesn't have to be a religion to spread it.

  100. I`d be the first to admit I find QT very hard to get my head around - or believe. With matters such as higher science I tend to live in ignorant bliss because I`m aware of my limitations and as such I dont really have a choice.

    But one question seems to be obvious to me. If individual's realities are changed by their own perceptions, does this mean That "I" am the only individual and everyone and everything is invented by me? Because otherwise all the other's individuals affects on their reality would also affect my reality. To be honest this kind of science seems more based on philosophical concepts rather than observable science. Dare I say it - It seems more like a religious belief system.

  101. @zeal Absolutely there is free will! and yet there is also predestination and they somehow coexist and yet neither are sufficient to explain out journey. I agree with most of what has been said about this film and it's obvious (at least to me) agenda. However that being said science is not the end all to knowledge or understanding our existence either. As we advance farther and farther along out evolutionary journey, more and more, science and spirituality are coming together. Spirituality without science is blissful ignorance. Science without spirituality is humanicide. We cannot live apart from The Creator for long without destroying ourselves and our environment.

  102. Hmm.... this one seems to have quite a few big problems.

    The story about the natives not being able to see Columbus' ships.. Well, I can't find any sources for that story other than this film. I'd like to know where they got that anecdote from. No one seems to have any idea where it came from. And it certainly doesn't fit with all the other stories about natives encountering strange ships and men with armor and horses. They often misinterpret what they see, but they never completely fail to see them. If this were possible, we would experience it all the time. There is a first time for seeing everything after all. I've never had to try very hard to see an object that is in plain view, even if I've never seen anything like it before.

    This would be a better film if it didn't misrepresent quantum physics as well.

  103. To my mind it is a new form of brilliant religious propaganda - trying to dismiss science with science. Even the name of the film aggressive in nature: what the ... has science then given to us then? From a positive view though it does present a pretty fascinating idea that has been puzzling me for a while now - is there a free will?

  104. One of the most thought provoking and insightful documentaries ever made, when I first saw it years ago it literally blew my mind as it touched upon many themes I had previously pondered upon.

    Although I know some scientists were dismissive of it, especially the claims of how quantum physics shows how thought can influence matter leading one to create their own reality, but these views are the same as Buddhist, Taoists and pagans from the mystery religions have been saying for thousands of years.

    Within this next century I believe science will finally catch up with what religious and philosophical teachers have been saying for centuries and when that finally happens, our world will change for the better.

    For it is only when science, religion and philosophy can work together harmoniously that the world will finally come together as one.

  105. vilya, vilya, vilya....... if it is a waste of your time or not is up to you, if you so choose to think of any ideas from this and expand on them is up to you, what you do for you is up to you. i am a scientist as well, i love the exploration of ideas and knowing and finding out things, it is a large passion of mine, but i find that some ppl, including your self as it sounds from your discussion, are caught up in the idea of the word "scientifically", the truth of the matter is that everything we know is a theory, and that there will always be things that we dont know, and things that we may not even be able to answer, its called the mystery of life, this mystery is the sole driving force behind ppl like me and (mabey you, i dont know you so i cant say) being passionate about finding things out, its the mystery that drove ppl to find out what they dont know throughout all of history, its the questions of why that drives us, ask yourself, if we knew everything do you think anyone would even want to live? do you think that ppl would watch tv if they knew what was going to happen every time or that we would want to get into a relationship with some one if we already knew what every day would hold?, but luckily this is guaranteed not to happen, we will never know everything, and mabey this is one of the great things about a mortal life, that our lives will always hold mystery and imagination but what some ppl and you (by the sounds) get (dare i say), stuck in, is that there are things that are not facts things that exist only through thought and interpretation, things that ppl will always wonder about for there entire lives until the day they arnt alive as we know it, or what ever you may choose to call it, do you think that because you have picked apart the many things in this documentary that you understand its meaning any more than the next, if anything it only shows that its meaning is lost on you, or that you lack the want to try and understand the metaphors and ideas it has to offer, to be "open" to new ideas and understanding is a strength all in itself, you may not even agree with them but to hear and think about them is what it is to be "open" in may ways, i i think to truly try and understand science, or life, in general, you must not only be open to the ideas of the physical world (science), but you must in turn try to open your mind to that which we dont know(mystery, non physical), in actuality alot of our questions about science or life come form our want to understand the mysteries of the universe, do you have nay idea how much research has been done trying to understand the big bang , we have gotten up to a time lie of milliseconds before it occurred but why it occurred is something we may never find out, some say its a cycle like that of galaxies or suns, but why that cycle started or how is something very different, this is the mystery of life and the fruit of imagination, we need it to live in fact and it drives us to want to know what we dont, me included, when you think about it the art of science is very based on the imagination and the non physical or the spiritual, than is it the physically observed, because to find something out you must first have a question, science is an art of exploring questions, but the driving force for that quest is the imagination and the spiritual. discussions are the fruit of understanding and exploration, and ideas, but i warn you that if you look at things (ei this documentary) with the purpose of proving them wrong and picking them apart while not trying to look at them as a whole and think of the general ideas, even if you may not agree with them, then your missing the point of a documentay like this.

  106. I began the movie with an open mind…but left it appalled and angry at the content (and the people responsible). The movie is a vehicle for religious/spiritual beliefs under the guise of a scientific documentary. The directors of the movie are all members of the same religious school, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, founded by J.Z. Knight, a six time divorcee who channels a 35,000 year old being named “Ramtha” and first contacted him in the kitchen of her trailer park home. She now lives in a huge mansion and profits millions of dollars through her business that is registered as a tax paying corporation in the United States. J Z Knight is taking advantage of humankind’s constant quest for answers to the same old questions and profiting off them; just like evangelical Christian preachers. I would not recommend this movie to anyone because:
    1) It is filled with pseudo-scientific spiritual beliefs, kindergarten metaphysics, and quantum mysticism
    2) The “school of enlightenment” that funded the movie is just like other western religions that I find morally repugnant, full of hypocrisies and greedy leaders…what a joke.

  107. I wanted to address a point that Vilya made as well, while I would like to see some more concrete DOCUMENTED evidence of some of the concepts presented; such as the story of the Indians with Columbus's ships...they do not even cite how they came by this information, was one of the film makers present to interview the Shaman and get this knowledge from him? Did Columbus note this in his ships log? Is it divine inspiration? I have heard people quote this as though it were some infallible fact or piece of evidence. I want to know HOW they know these things.HOWEVER requiring one of the evidences of factuality to be that the researchers involved are "respected in their field" to me is illogical as the majority of the thinkers in our times who brought about the greatest changes were considered outcasts, crack pots and wackos.

    I say lay all the cards on the table and let us consider them to pieces no matter who dealt them! But be ready to present facts and to document your arguments.


  108. This is a great example of how we as humans can take such a simple thing and turn it so very complex. I am as guilty as the next person, as I love to pick things apart and find some understanding of them, but at some point we must all come to the place where as Christ said;"You must have the faith of a child"
    I am constantly in search of pieces of the puzzle that is this mystery in which we all dwell. I find solace and serenity in coming to the end of my understanding and simply resting n the knowledge that I need not "UNDERSTAND" everything, I simply need to "be" to enjoy the "now" of where I am and let my constantly questioning monkey mind rest for a time.

    This film is not a "waste" of anyones time nor is it silly or should it be dismissed as so much hokum. If you feel the need to ridicule it, it is most likely that you don't understand it. I am not affiliated with the makers of this film or their "cults" as you say they have, but I recognize truth when I see it, and I see a great deal of truth in this film, I also see a great deal that seems ridiculous to me, such as the story of the Indians not being able to perceive Columbus's ships, of course they would try to make them fit some image that was familiar to them as we all do, but surely they "SAW" something! Even if the something in their mind was some sort of huge sea monster or a conveyance of what ever deity they worshiped.

    Too call something ridiculous or to dismiss it out of hand without thorough consideration is to close the door to possibilities. Which of course is the birth of willful ignorance. Keep your minds and your hearts open, CONSIDER that someones opinion or observation may indeed be valid, place it on the shelf for consideration at a later date if you cannot accept it at this point, oft times we collect pieces of the puzzle that to us have no place in the picture we are forming, when we haven't seen the entire picture yet.

    Maybe this picture has dimensions and realities we cannot perceive or begin to understand in this NOW.

    Lastly thank you for your comments, for as Vilya said you have caused me to expand my own thoughts to consider that you too may be correct in your insights.


  109. I have watched this movie a long time ago so maybe my insights are a bit of. I must say that a lot of the things described in the film seem nuts. But when they came to the point of the wedding were they were saying we are all addicted to our emotions. That made a real impression on me because i could see so many examples of that in my daily life. A friends mom who lets him do anything he wants because she needs the feeling of gratitude of her children. This all because she had a bad childhood. An other (women) friend of mine who constantly puts herself in the role of the victim, etc etc. I'm not sure if what i say here can be disproven or linked to other factors, it just felt right :).

  110. Oh and reading other comments ^ stating it may have something to do with scientology may probably give an explanation why, a complete waste of my time.

  111. This documentary seems like a load of pseudo scientific jibber jabber, with fact and speculation jumbled together in an array of frustration

  112. yeah the basket ball thing..... could be anywhere except when you are looking..... not so sure about that one.... since when I blinked, everyone else in the stadium was looking and they saw the ball in the same place.... thousands of independent verifications of the balls position while i wasn't looking indicate the ball was exactly where i thought it was when i blinked... several cameras caught it too .... in the same place where the math said it would be while i was blinking.

    good movie for the critical thinker to pick to shreds.

  113. OUCH! when someone misinterprets that which you've spent good time, effort, thought and emotion in the attempt to convey.

    In response to the comment by “huh?”, “Vilya” DID NOT say Buddhism and Hinduism are the same. Only by skim reading Vilya’s comment would I have possibly come up with that same misinterpretation.

    If debate is to be used as part of the formulation of solutions, a much better and more effective rebuttal may be made by using as the seed the original commenter's Point Of View, instead of beginning from incorrect extrapolations of what YOU THOUGHT the original commenter's concepts meant to convey.

    Overall, the lack of positively constructive coherency of society’s collective thoughts and feelings, being the result of the hysteresis of each individual’s contribution of misinterpreted and oftentimes antagonistic Points Of View, is the reason why the World’s people currently exist in such a lack of Peace Of Mind. The same mindset cannot formulate the solution.

  114. "(If your from the west like me, you will say Buddhism, but Buddhism is basically Hinduism without the ritual, then new rituals put on top of it, with a new myth, the cores are the same, check any original teachings on Buddhism you will see its all in Sanskrit)"

    I have NEVER said that Buddhism and Hinduism are the same. the CORE is the same. In the Hindu religion, not its philosophies which can be very distinctly separated, Buddha is one of the reincarnations of Lord Vishnu on earth. Hindus believe in the teachings of Buddha as one one of the many paths of Hinduism, it is considered the ascetic path, as in the path where one give up worldly things.

    My alluding to the original texts being in Sanskrit was no claim to the religions being the same, simply a reference to where Buddhism originated from, which you seem to agree with.
    When you say Buddhism (of today) is not the same as Hinduism you are right .. and I agree .. I had no intentions of implying this. As i stated;
    "then new rituals put on top of it, with a new myth, the cores are the same"
    OF COURSE the outcome is an entirely new religion.

    Why do I tend to bring this up instead of simply saying Hinduism?
    MANY MANY, great forms of thinking, technologies, practices, ... lots of stuff ... that the people of the world are now being amazed at and say "wow! how did they know this so many years ago" are all being credited to Buddhism, I have heard people saying that Buddhists created yoga (which is ludicrous). There are no Buddhists, i know of, that say, well you know what ... we actually learned this from the people that taught us the basics of Buddhism in the first place.
    Please do not think I am in any way demeaning the beauty within current Buddhism and the many new concepts they created apart from Hinduism and Vedic philosophy.
    It is simply that I have actually gotten into arguments with people about the origins of certain things because they have only ever heard ... these are Buddhist thoughts.

    a good example is acupuncture and the understanding of the flow of energy through your body.
    Even the base word for this, your Chakra points is Hindi.
    Read up on reflexology, acupuncture is simply an extension of this system that was written in the Vedas many years before Buddha was born.
    BUT ask anyone about acupuncture and its origins they will tell you Buddhism, technically yes but the true pathology of this system of understanding the human body is all Vedic.
    Just a simple example so you understand why I try to make the distinction.
    But please forgive me for being vague on this in my previous writing but i had no intentions of implying Hinduism and Buddhism are the same religion ... they are currently far from it.

  115. Vilya:

    I would had respected your comment if not for what you say about buddism....
    It makes everything else you say seem less credible.
    Buddism sure has sprung up from hiduism but its not the same and to say so is ignorance.
    And you say that its the same because its written in sandskrit?
    How does this explain that they are they same?

    Ashame when you seem to have a point and then just lose it like that.

  116. If you note I use tested science, as my arguments, facts, where there are no complete facts, I admit it. As I said there is food for thought within this documentary but it's terribly presented and based on beliefs instead of facts. As well, again, are any of those people actual physicists or historians and if they are, are any of them respected in their fields? A major clarification would be; what do I mean by a Belief and an Idea. A belief (as I am using it) is a concept that is held without proof or very little proof that is unquestionably true to the person that holds it (the believer). For a perfectly accurate meaning I should say fanatical belief and not simply belief, and an idea is a concept that has taken form in your mind due to facts that you know off, as well, that is always ready to change due to new facts that you may learn as you grow and experience the world (whether by personal experience or the scientific research of another). That's why I am not contradicting myself. Now, as to why I am so vehemently against this film, when I am obviously coming from the corner of the of the free thinkers? These type of almost cult type films are the MAIN reason free thinkers get a bad name. Yes... Question the world... but don't bring up.. I dont even want to know what type of concept to categorize saying that American Indians could not actually see ships because they did not know what they were. What if I said, that the American Indians could not hear or see Columbus because they had no idea what white people looked or sounded like, and it was only many days after as they tanned the American Indians saw them. You cannot prove or disprove that statement, the only reason you would have to disbelieve it would be the sheer lunacy of the idea. That is NOT science, and should never be brought up as a de facto concept to prove your point. There are MANY MANY other times this so call "documentary" states ideas as science that could not be further from the truth. Such as Schrodinger's cat analogy that they partially put on the basketball court, the cat is either dead or alive, so its between life and death (very simplistically put of course). The basketball is anywhere behind you when you are not looking, thus its everywhere at once. Even so, no matter what we do our reality is affected by the world around us, we cannot live outside of this grounded fact, thus no matter what your perceiving at any one instant, the "perceptions" of all others concerned with the ball even the ground that it reacts with to bounce will hold the ball in a single place in the space time continuum.
    There is that guy who says when I wake up in the morning I can feel myself constantly affecting and changing the world around me.... OF COURSE, .. if you decide to cook an egg, you will get an egg, but if you sit there and keep thinking .. I want to make an egg I want to make an egg, unless there is a pre created reason for the egg to be made there will NEVER be an egg made.
    Either way, I enjoy, being questioned and contradicted because this helps me form even better ideas than the ones I had before and in a sense perfects them, so please tell me what you think, again I say I am all for free thinking but present facts not hearsay. Oh and If the real message and purpose of the film was simply to make people think then explain why JZ Knight thinks she is god (and all the crap that goes with that).

    P.S. A point I forgot, there are 2 sets of rules describing the world, quantum mechanics at the quantum level and Einsteinian theory for pretty much everything else, while string theory may unify the 2, it does not mean that larger masses like ourselves will suddenly act like electrons. There are many reasons behind this one of the major ones being the strength of gravity in each realm. Either way I just forgot to add this in..:)

  117. vilya i like how you say always remember believe nothing yet in that argument you had against this film you list all sorts of scientific thought and human history. What do you mean by believe nothing? This film goes into believing nothing more than your argument. You just contradicted yourself. This movie gets people to think more about their reality whether or not they agree with what the film is preaching. The basic message is to not take the world as we know for granted, that it may be very different if only we looked at it differently.

  118. :P and always remember Believe nothing, Doubt everything!, When you have no beliefs, you can come up with some great Ideas!

  119. WOW .... That, well I got to 45 minutes before deciding that, "through my perception of my reality, this was wasting my TIME". Ok, lets be less insulting and more scientific. Were any of these people scientists, they speak of Quantum physics as if its some sort of mysterious alchemy, its not, yes we have not perfected ways of say continuously accurately measuring the quanta of an electron but that does not mean that its magic. If I had the space I would rip this vid to shreds bit by bit, but lets give some examples. The eyes take in everything (like a camera, supposedly) and we only perceive what we want to. BS. Our eyes .. like cameras contain receptors that are affected by light .. and light alone .. (rods and cones are what the cells are called) and the brain uses these reactions to light to create images. As we grow up (from birth) our Brain learns by creating connections between synapses in the brain to relate experiences, and thus we "know" what we are seeing. ....The Shaman, good grief, OF COURSE all the Aboriginal Indians SAW the ships, did they know what they were seeing ..no.. but of course they saw it .. If it were true that they did not see it because they did not know what it was then we would be blind from birth. Sigh.. soo many more wrong concepts. Yes, there are many more "things" going on in the world that we cannot perceive but that is because we are not equipped to perceive them. These people have taken some base actual scientific concepts of Hinduism (If your from the west like me, you will say Buddhism, but Buddhism is basically Hinduism without the ritual, then new rituals put on top of it, with a new myth, the cores are the same, check any original teachings on Buddhism you will see its all in Sanskrit) that have been twisted to say something completely different, even stupid lol. Such as, they say perception affects reality so much.... If someone puts a gun to your head, no matter how much you "believe" that you will not die, once that trigger is pulled ..your dead. String Theory is actually an age old Hindu concept brought into scientific study, which is that Everything is energy (this is actually what everything is one means). Thus ..such as the changed water particle pictures, when the energy aura our body radiates ( this aura can actually be scientifically measured pretty much just like any other body radiates some form of energy) changes it affects the energy that makes up the water particles and thus we see a slight change of state, there is not enough energy transferred to affect say .. a physical change of state (water to steam) but you will see change at the atomic level, Its like using a low power magnet to see iron filings raise up to the magnetic field and then a powerful magnet that picks the filings of the ground. I agree with the folk below, don't watch this its pretty silly, SOME very few of the ideas are food for thought but its presented so horribly and unscientifically that there is no real sense to watching it, watch The Elegant Universe, Its simply Brilliant, though I don't totally accept it yet, due to the sheer Maths behind it having a few discrepancies, (such as NEEDING 9 other untestable dimensions to make it work) it does seem VERY likely to be sound physics and I hope one day the existence of those other dimensions can be proven.

  120. I studied both physics and psychology in college. If this movie helps you to become interested in these subjects, great.

    However, the extrapolation of quantum laws and rules to everyday life and self esteem betray the scientific method. It is never simple or intuitive how a "law" at some level of reality is expressed at another level of reality. This is why physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, etc. all have their own "laws" . To this day, no scientist has truly connected them all and this movie does no service to this task.

    Is it possible? Maybe, but to use the assumptions that this movie is making is VERY naive! Get involved in studying physics and psychology if you are so inspired but do not take these ideas as fact or even plausible. True science is about doubt, not belief.

  121. Hi David,

    Your quite right, I was aware of Rama and JZ Kight's connection to the film, it was filmed and directed by a Rama 'student'.

    But the DVD box lists ‘The association for better living and education’ as the owner of rights to the film. As I recall nether Rama or Scientology where mentioned in the film. Which is why I described it as covert propaganda.

    Considering her god incarnate status, JZ Kight appears to have had no divine control in her cosmetic surgery.

  122. its not scientology. it's ramtha's school of enlightenment which is no better than scientology. look it up, it's run by a woman (who is interviewed in the movie [don't you love how they wait till the end of the movie to give the interviewees' titles and identities as if such information is incidental]) named JZ Knight. She owns a cult, it has a website, and now a movie. its deplorable seriously google it and if you still love the movie so much why don't you just go plunk down a few grand of one of her weekend retreats.

  123. Hi m,

    You asked 'how does it hav to do w/ scientology?'

    Rights to the film, (details of which are listed on the cover of the DVD) are owned by 'The association for better living and education' a scientology subsidiary company.

    My rational is that this film was funded and produced by the church of scientology via its subsidiary company. In an attempt to promote its so called new paradigm

    Its also worth noting that some well respected academics such as David Albert, professor of philosophy and director of M.A. program in the philosophical foundations of physics, Columbia university. Have said they were misrepresented in the film.

    The film does contain some basic facts, but quickly advances into Hollywood fantasy.

    The films main theme:-
    (Quantum mechanics suggests that conscious observation can affect physical reality). This idea is fallacy.

    Valid quantum theory includes:-
    Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Sub atomic particle velocity and position can not be precisely measured at the same time. As to do so requires interaction with the particle, causing change to its energy level and so change to its velocity and position.

    A simple analogy is of child's spinning top. We can see the rapid spin but can we not determine the position of the decorations on its surface. However, we can take a high speed photo of the spinning top that shows us the position of the decorations but not the rate of spin

    Our decision to take the photograph did not bring into existence the decorations on the spinning top. Nor does concious observation bring into existence sub atomic particles.

  124. i think this is great wisdom told in great way!

  125. how does it hav to do w/ scientology?

  126. Quite true, it is not a series of pure quantum theory, but it does cover the principles. Relative to 'What the bleep', Atom is a rational production, based as it is on science and not dogma.

    The Elegant Universe. I'll take a look, thanks.

  127. Oh and if you do want a decent show on Quantum theory, or at least part of quantum theory try PBS Nova The Elegant Universe.
    p.s. I'm not trying to be rude so please don't take offense.

  128. The BBC Atom series in not about quantum theory, it is about Atomic theory. They are not the same thing. Quantum theory deals with the subatomic level(ex. string theory). Atomic theory deals with the atomic level(ex. nuclear fusion).

  129. I bought a box set of this a few years ago. Unfortunately it did not contain interviews with physicists. It is a promo for scientology, funded by a scientology subsidiary. In the box set there was one interview of a physicist that lasted 4 mins, the film makers were dismissive of his views. The rest were non scientists. It is worth a watch if only to gain insight in to the covert propaganda of scientology.

    For quantum theory try the BBC Atom series.