What's The Score?

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What's The Score?What's The Score is a film for young people in Sheffield, looking at drugs and substance use/misuse. Interviews with young people, medical professionals and drugs advisors, including Professor David Nutt, Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, and former drugs advisor to the government. Top ten most used drugs by young people in the UK.

Part of Substances And You, an educational drugs resource for schools in Sheffield. The overall aim of the project is to help schools compile a drug misuse programme that will increase teachers' confidence in delivering substance misuse education, enable them to identify children and young people who are particularly vulnerable to substance misuse, and help them understand when and how to refer children and young people to substance misuse treatment services.

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  1. alans

    Easy to get addicted to just about anything, like watching documentaries.

  2. StegOfTheDump
  3. StegOfTheDump

    I'm addicted to TDF, It's like LSD except there's more dinosaurs

  4. Brandon Costa
  5. Brandon Costa

    I cant go to sleep at night until Ive watched a documentary

  6. Alex Scott
  7. Alex Scott

    if there isn't a new documentary that i haven't seen on the site i start to go into withdrawal

  8. geamala
  9. geamala

    I am struggling to watch this... That woman needs to brush her teeth, BADLY! Disgusting!!!

  10. Guest
  11. Guest

    @Vlatko, are we to expect a lawsuit against TDF for addictiveness causing unavoidable pleasure and neglect of partner at night time?

  12. tomregit
  13. tomregit

    Mr. Mackey "Drugs are bad, m'kay."

    Not in the least bit interesting or enlightening. But then, I'm not young and I don't live in Sheffield.

  14. James Light
  15. James Light

    why do english people have such a hard time speaking english properly!

  16. Earthwinger
  17. Earthwinger

    From time to time, I too come across accents from other English speaking countries, that I find difficult to follow. I just put it down to my unfamiliarity with their accent, rather than any deficit on their part.

  18. tomregit
  19. tomregit

    A couple of months ago I had the experience of speaking by telephone with a tech support guy who came from Alabama. I was relaying instructions and listening to another fellow I work with whose first language is Punjabi. I'm from Western Canada so I guess I have a Canadian accent. We were all speaking English but it was difficult and funny to make sense of it all.

  20. Neil Macdonald
  21. Neil Macdonald

    ohh yeah extacy has been cut with heroin,thats another urban myth, who is gonna cut a cheap drug with an expensive one?? why cant any1 make a decent documentary on drugs?? a pill costs between 50p and £2 heroins alot more expensive and u swallow pills you would need alot more than £1s worth of heroin to sweallow to give you any hit...this is a load of rubbish

  22. geo moses
  23. geo moses

    its just that ecstasy is cut with other drugs to make a prophet its simple as that ecstasy mixed wit meth or ecstasy cut with heroin would cost 20$ a hit pure molly pills same way but molly cost alot.. in its pure form pure mdma would last u 4 hours of happy times but to say the truth about drugs would make a big difference drugs actually have less deaths than tobacco and acholol tobacco kills lots of people but if the world was run in a scientific matter the world would run in a better form less pollution more money legalize all drugs and let the people choose to have treatment and be free united states say that ur a free person but ur only a free person when u desire what u approach for one example look at prohibition never works making a substance illegal would lead to more so called *crimes* in the courts law they will treat and charge u like a criminal when law enforcement should be enforcing safety which they dont , the industry is falling all apart more of earths resources are being wasted the earth will survive but we wont a supply of 200 years of fossil fuels wouldnt last its what they estimate if we dont change how would we.. more children get sucke into tvs while were leaving our first generation nature we should be more connected to nature than the city man made products. lead to more problems by solving a problem with prescription medication isnt gunna solve anything man made chemicals never go right natural substances like salvia marijuana mushrooms dmt payotte are safer than eatting 10 potatoes people get richer and we the people die faster while the so called life is fading away all about the business when stress is actually are number one killer when stressed about situations a reduced in time in living average humans suppose to live for 102-110 years after the industrial generation came everything fell apart.. blaime the government. US dumb *** ****.

  24. Brandon Moore
  25. Brandon Moore

    Lol profit, not prophet.

  26. Jibberish
  27. Jibberish

    I have done xtasy that had heroin in them.. they were called orange + -. a really intense 20 min upper hie from the mdma then then 15 min of a low numb feeling. that repeated for a good 5 hours. so ya it does happen

  28. morsie2
  29. morsie2

    This docu needs subs. Very badly made....unable to watch anymore.

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