When We Grow... This Is What We Can Do


When We Grow... This Is What We Can DoWhen we grow is a documentary about cannabis in the UK. It looks at the history of the plant, the facts, its many uses and the laws and politics surrounding it.

Follow two young filmmakers on a shoe string budget, as they try to unravel what prohibition of cannabis really means, who it affects, who profits from it and why it was prohibited in the first place.

Featuring interviews with; a cannabis activist, a hydroponic grow shop owner, a cannabis dealer, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology, who just so happens to be a former government drugs policy advisor and a medical marijuana user who would rather die than live without it.

Ratings: 8.25/10from 20 users.

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  1. coryn

    Excellent work, I think you've found your calling....... You've brought back memories of the London School of Film Technique and a few years I spent in England and Europe........ back in ancient times around 1967....... How fast it all goes by........

  2. Eugene A. Roberts

    Well done. It's evident we still have a lot of room for evolution as a people.

  3. Christian Klinckwort Guerrero

    My compliments. Thank you. One comment. What about the benefits of the industrial aspects, the producction of paper, cloth, fuel, fiber for many uses and the labor it envolves, now that we have so much unemployment.?..

  4. MoolaMails

    we can do alot with it including make stronger fabric without the need to poison our planet with insecticides.

  5. Maria Carpenter

    it can make u lose..........lol

    1. MoolaMails

      LOL, how ignorant a statement is this

  6. donnadoty

    I personally am not a user of the herb but I stronly beleive in the freedom to do so if that is what a person chooses to do for whatever personal reason. I loved this video. It is informative and just intensifies how rediculous our society has become in making such crime advancement and hardship on its citizens. Donna Doty author, grandmother and US citizen whos voice is but a squeek in the dark

  7. the555hit

    I smoked this doc stoned and i smoked it straight and i still say the music soundtrack is not very useful. It does succeed however at being at times badly played and often irrelevent, intruding badly on some otherwise interesting content. If you could just ditch it we might get to hear what your people are saying..

  8. Dan ken

    y'all might want to check out dean clifford. need to understand that some of the fundamental principles of law is that no one has authority over you unless you have harmed another, or concented and agreed to ones authority. don't expect the government to "grant" you the "privilage" of doing what you wish to do with your own body.

  9. Bill Hicks

    nothing new,blowing in the wind

  10. Alex Symons

    Really well made film!

    1. MoolaMails

      Yes it is, and it is easy to make films supporting it, not as easy to make nonsense films to down this very helpful plant.

  11. smplyn8ve

    Well damn, I sure hope the UK legalizes it than maybe the US might loosen their prohibition a bit.
    One can dream and fantasize can't they??

    1. tariqxl

      Hah must of us over here are hopin ur laws might change minds over here. Truth is our ministers would probably say, with the stiffest lip u ever saw, ''I think our allies have gone hippy on us old chum'' lol

  12. Tangata Whenua

    Excellent opinions expressed in this very level-headed documentary - especially from Dr. David Nutt

  13. Elliott Wake

    much respect

  14. raberro

    Too the Point didn't beat around "The Bush ! "

  15. Dimitri Russo

    Awesome doc, I like the perspective. It does have its more important uses and that building material is amazing. I do believe Alcohol, Cigarettes and other harder drugs are way worse. Problem is majority of people I have seen smoke weed everyday, and they smoke themselves stupid, they have no ambition or direction. Its more of an addiction I guess in their case, not just a once and a while smoke. I think some people are fine smoking it, maybe to relax or be more creative at times, but some people should just stay away from it. Anything overused and abused is bad for you.

  16. Gary V

    Great doc, worth watching even if you are not a smoker, which I have been for 32 years now.

    1. Heiðar Örn Tryggvason

      It's neccesery for the people who don't smoke Ecxpasially who have Prejudice and look down on people who choose too. See movies/docs. like this so you can see the real world around this wonderful herb. check out "The business behind getting High" "Stoned Suburbia", "Cannabiz", "Medicinal Cannabis", "Grass: The History of Marijuana" and "In Pot We Trust"etc.

    2. MoolaMails

      I have seen several of them, Medicinal Cannabis is one of my favorites.

  17. Pixi Vixi

    i think its insane that the government likes to overlook the facts about cannabis

  18. Shiv Doyle

    thanks, fantasic documentary, much more well informed now.

  19. Jagpal Sidhu

    great doc :D 10/10

    I start drinking and smoking cigarettes when i was 17, even though I knew what it will effect on me. bad hangovers, getting pissed and arguments when i go out etc. Then i started new job and met people who jst smoke cannabis and start chilling with them and start smoking at the age of 22 and honestly i didn't know much about cannabis. As i heard from my teachers at college and other people or tv that this is really harmful drug and heard a lot of myths about cannabis.I start researching on drugs and found drinking and smoking tobacco is the most dangerous drug in the whole universe, where these drugs are legal. Drinking cause most of the trouble in social places where cannabis just get you high and not even dangerous. smoking get you dangerous diseases like lung cancer where cannabis is being used to help MS patients.

    I am SIA Door Supervisor and Kickboxer and do not see cannabis making any dangerous effect on me where it gets me high so I can chill and get good sleep. I would request UK government to legalize cannabis so the users can have good quality as well as on affordable price. It can make legit money to government and save millions of pounds on police and prison services, also less criminals but more visitors in this country.

    I request to people that get to know this product before you criminalize cannabis.

    Thanks to people who stood up against cannabis criminalization and making documentaries to spread the knowledge to public as well as government people.

    I love it and will love it all my life..........CANNABIS DOES NOT OPEN GATES TO ANY OTHER DANGEROUS DRUGS LIKE COCAINE SO THINK!!!!!

  20. James Guiry

    Great documentary, might i also point out that it said the uk government didnt want to be interviewed

    1. Jagpal Sidhu

      government is made of coward geeks who cannot face facts and will not show their faces until people like us start marching front of Buckingham Place or Parliament.....

  21. Duke Cermak

    Great Job on the film. knew a few parts but not nearly enough.
    DLC from Holland

  22. Kateye70

    Thumbs up on this documentary. Considering the resources the producer had, it covers a complex situation in a well-balanced way.

    I've watched the debate over marijuana use since I was a teen in the '60's, and over the years I came to understand what this documentary points out at the beginning.

    The criminalization of this plant was primarily for political and economic reasons. By lumping the commercially viable hemp plant in with the psychotropic strain, the hemp industry effectively was shut down.

    This wasn't an accidental by-product of the legislation, it was the primary impetus for it, both in the US and elsewhere in the world. Each country had its own special interests, but there was an economic benefit behind the political motives.

    Individual's "rights" and/or "health" had nothing to do with it.

    The saddest thing is that the propaganda about marijuana lumped it in with truly destructive plant extracts like opium/heroin--and yet the medical use for opiates is well-established, as is the use of cocaine as a local anesthetic for eye and nasal surgery. Clearly, their potentially harmful effects don't prevent us from utilizing their medical benefits. The double standard here is not logical or reasonable; it's business, and therefore political.

    My personal belief is that *most* people are *moderate* users of most substances. For recreational use cannabis is at the level of alcohol/tobacco/caffeine/sugar for damage done. The worst harm to people who use cannabis is the destruction done to them by the justice system.

    I'd be interested to hear input on the political and business side of this issue.

    1. ZenD_cannabisuser

      The moneygrabbing reason why cannabis was made illegal is so that fibres made of petrochemicals could completely destroy the (decentralised) production of such fibres, even though the plastic fibres are of a much lower quality. Oil company execs and shareholders are neurotic people who only feel safe after they have cornered the market and have complete control over it in order to secure their peverse habit of getting more then their fair share and keeping it that way.
      If we had a real democracy cannabis would never have been made illegal. If we had a real democracy cannabis would be made legal right now. Recreational user's voices are NEVER heard in the fake democracy that we live with. While 99,9 of user's get inpiration from this wonderful spiritual food the fake democrats and their maffia media constantly hit the general public with stories of some absolute loser who was doomed to fail from the day of his inception, and did smoke a joint during his downward spiral. The fact is that if either political party did decriminalise cannabis for recreational use they would certainly lose the election precisely because of the scaremongering propaganda they have been spewing out for the last 40 years. Face the facts, politicians are not in the business of being democratic, they are there for the same neurotic drives that make big bis want to centralise and control the markets.
      Those same neurotic people burnt the witches and alternative religious types at the stake because they were afraid of their independant thought.
      The biggest and most important reason for those neurotics to dislike cannabis is that its use can open your third eye, as other psychcoactive drugs can do, such as mescaline, lsd, exstacy, 2cb, and DMT. When a neurotic, moneygrabbing, strictly commercial, idiot is confronted by a free thinking, third eye (partially) open individual who can see clear as day what kind of totally fake human being he has standing opposite him, the neurotic id**t cannot deal with that individual. The neurotic desires uniformity and predictability and hates individuality and spontanity.
      This psychological problem was magnificently illustrated in the movie Easyrider when the character played by Jack Nicholson says, "talk to anyone about freedom and they will agree with you, show them a free individual and they'll get their guns out."
      enough said for now, freindly greetings to all, ZenD

  23. Freddie Marquis

    Opinions have different sides, Scientific fact does not. finally a uk cannabis documentary that is, although amature, impartial.

  24. Ana Amado

    really great doc. =D

  25. flotsum

    "If you're gonna have a pro-drug argument, start the argument where it starts: I have the right to do what ever the hell I want to my own body, if it kills me slowly, happy for me, f*** you, "clack clack" stop me!" - Doug Stanhope

  26. Martin Peel

    Really well made doc. Good work.

  27. Yavanna

    Great doc. One sided? No! It mentions the UK government's "fears" that cannabis use "might" lead to an increased chance of mental disorders. It includes the testimony of Professor Nutt who IS the pre eminent authority on narcotics in the UK; quite wrongfully sacked for not toeing the government line. If governments really gave a flying flick about people's health then cigarettes and alcohol would be outlawed. Both of these are scientifically proven to be very harmful. Cannabis "might" be slightly harmful if severely abused. It's all about money.

  28. GrittyKat

    I have read a few posts and in the interest of this particular doc, that it is one sided, it seems to me that it does not hide this fact. Look at the title, "When we grow, this is what we "CAN" do. That sounded like a pro grow to me.
    The fact of the matter is that we have heard one side of the story for decades and now the other side is coming out. I know too many people that this has helped over the years and too many that alcohol has hurt, yet that is legal and pot is not.
    With that said I have seen some conspiracy theory docs that have started to rope me in and then got too far fetched and made me think "This is WAY too one sided."
    With the ability for anyone to make a documentary these days I think this young guy did an excellent job of condensing alot of what I have seen on the subject into 50 minutes of informative info, at least for the UK. I was impressed to see such a young person attacking such a contraversial subject so nicely.
    Forgive my spelling, I'm an old high woman. :)

  29. alans

    This is a good documentary, but nevertheless one-sided. There are always positive and negative aspects to any issue, and if one side is omitted, it becomes a propaganda. Imagine being in a court of law due to being accused of a crime, and having your sentence based only on the accusers testimony. Knowledge is important, but it is imperative to know how to acquire proper non-biased knowledge. That is the problem with many documentaries. As soon as the documentary creator takes a stance or a position on an issue, they look for ways to slant the point of view in their favor or reaffirm and validate their own views, thus ignoring other views. It is a confirmation bias. In my opinion, the best kind of documentary is the kind that presents both sides of the issue and lets the viewer make up their own mind. We need to be careful with information that is presented to us. This doc is entertainment, at best.

    1. TreeClub

      I'm yet to watch this yet but a comment of yours caught my eye. "Imagine being in a court of law due to being accused of a crime, and having your sentence based only on the accusers testimony".
      That sounds EXACTLY like what is happening in a lot of "possession" charges around the world. Imagine getting caught with a joint or two and being accused of being a drug addict or a criminal. When that is only the opinion of a non smoker or even worse someone who has never even touched marijuana.
      That said. I agree with your take on bias, one sided documentaries and we do need to be careful.
      Right! I need to watch this now.

    2. alans

      By the way, I am not against marijuana. Crime is anything that was made illegal by the government. If the government outlaws eating cookies, it would be a crime to eat them. Apparently, if you have power, you can set double standards, not that I think it is right. Usually, society outlaws acts that are anti-social or destructive to society. I think one of the reasons they make marijuana illegal is due to the belief that marijuana makes people lazy, forgetful and unproductive.

    3. Rhonda Henning

      If you wish to see the other side of it. Watch "Refer Madness". That was the best they can come up with. Cannabis users have been silenced long enough. Once word gets out it cures Cancer (yes in lab tests) and can reduce or heal a tumor, all without radiation, things will change. The kicker for me is the US government has known for 36 years that cannabis cures Cancer and they still, claim it's evil. Imagen a world were you don't want someone you love slowly die from cancer or the radiation they are given to heal the cancer.
      There really isn't "other side" to this issue. It heals (it's the one magic pill for all we have been begging for), it feeds, it moves our cars, it can use for plastics, hempcrete, clothing and paper. And for some it's fun.
      Cannabis business makes the most money for the drug cartels. Take aways their cash crop and the rest falls away.
      Even biased documentaries are meant to do one thing, open your mind to a topic.

    4. Alfredo Serra

      well just imagine if macdonalds would start advertising their food cures cancer...

      (dramatic pause)

      think deeper about it...

    5. Guest

      MacDonalds cannot do that...may be the opposite, doesn't require much thinking, just a dramatic tasting.


      Alans what you are saying in essence is correct. How ever would you be so kind as to point out all the things that the documentary in question has left out, you see Alans you are guilty of the same thing that you are accusing the author of this doc. of doing, omitting data. If your going to accuse the author of leaving out important data shouldn't you at least share that data with us? This is what the comment section is for Alans, the opposing point of view. Alans this is not prime time the discover channel it a reality show and your on NOW!


    7. Guest

      @alan and who ever else liked your comment.
      To put someone in jail because they carry pot/hemp, grow pot/hemp or smoke pot without a LICENCE is so ridiculous but again licences for everything and anything are accepted "so far".
      Hell you need a licence to cut hair, and if you don't the law will get you. In this world you basically need a licence for everything and anything because the GOV wants you MONEY, they don't give a Hout if you grow pot because they know that pot is not worse than alcool. Go to a party with a bunch of drunks and there will quite possibly be a fight, go to a party with a bunch of smokers and the conversation might turn into something life enhancing...anyway... So growers are going that way...they are getting the licences and the GOV is making it easy. Find someone with a prescription and then apply to grow pot for that person, then grow the allowed quantity and they will be happy.
      Alan there are more than two views on the subject, there are millions of views of people who have lost their rights because of that.

    8. Guest

      Now i just read your other comment...
      "I think one of the reasons they make marijuana illegal is due to the belief that marijuana makes people lazy, forgetful and unproductive."

      Pot makes people talkative, observant, joyful, focus on an action, artisticly open, attentive to other's different ideas, soul searching, nature loving , and tolerant towards others. Now mix alcool with that and it might make them puck.

    9. Alfredo Serra

      south park little towel FTW

    10. Nwttp

      Pot has different effects on different people. It sure does make some people lazy, forgetful or anxious, and it would probably be best for such people to stop smoking, but it is our god given right to decide that for ourselves.

      We have to stop this notion that we need to protect the dumbest of us from themselves, at the cost of everyone else's freedom.

  30. Guest

    Seriously well done!


      I agree with you, that's the underlying reason many people are oppose to marijuana, being lazy unproductive and so on. Alans i know people who work all the time and smoke pot like a wood stove burning pine. If a person is lazy there lazy period. But don't think for one moment that the gov'ts reason for outlawing pot is because it makes people lazy.

  31. Nwttp

    @ Epicurus

    You are right, forgive me for my lack of an explanation as to why "C_and_N" is an idiot, let me explain. Firstly he says he is "an uberRepublican" this is the first thing that tells me he cannot think for himself. You can not be a logic minded person and simply believe everything an organized group tells you. Especially when the difference between Democrats and Republicans is so miniscule, a 10 year old can clearly see it is nothing more than a popularity contest, but I'm really getting away from the worst part of his comment.

    Because you do not like something that other people do, that does not affect you AT ALL, does not mean it is not acceptable. Pray tell me, who put C_and_N in charge of what is or is not acceptable? Maybe if he had put it a different way it wouldn't have been such an idiotic comment. I mean have you ever smoked marijuana C n N? If not then you are hardly an expert and are clearly talking out of your ass like your beloved political party.

    Wether or not C_and_N is just still young, extremely brainwashed and will one day realize how dumb the logic that is "this thing is bad because old rich racists told me so" or "this thing is bad because I don't like that country with one of the lowest crime rates ever" is I guess we won't ever know. But god damn I hope one day him and the rest of the sheep will wake up.

    The world would be a hell of a lot better place if people would mind their own business, and stop thinking their better than anyone else. (I realize that comment is slightly hypocritical , but try and give me a LOGICAL argument to the contrary, not "because it's illegal" or "it causes accidents")

    1. His Forever

      I think very much for myself. It wasn't easy being a young Republican as most people in high school, college, etc. are not. If I weren't a self thinker, then I wouldn't have chosen to be a Republican, but I'm middle aged now anyway.

      I think it was Winston Churchhill that said that "Anyone that is not a liberal when they are young doesn't have a heart, but anyone that isn't a conservative when they are older doesn't have a brain." I liked it.

      Anyway, my professor in college (who was more liberal than I) called me a "liberal conservative" because I'm very pro-environment, not really for big business, reasonable minded, but very pro-life and pro-traditional family.

      Besides, someone who wasn't reasonable minded wouldn't have even watched this documentary, don't you think?

      And pot smoking does affect me. My neighbor's toking right NOW and I can smell it! And my brother, who's never held a job was/is an avid smoker. But, to be fair, we has in a motercycle accident and is disabled now, but not entirely so.

    2. Guest

      Now Cnc....i'd have a second look at your last paragraph (and may be edit). Are you saying that your God is fair in having caused an accident to your brother because he never worked and smoked a lot of pot?
      That could not be what the mind of a pure religious person think!
      I will also want to add i applaud the way you never get offended by impolite comments such as the one by Nwttp
      Although your actions may be narrow to some, your reactions are sociable.
      The world will change faster for the better with right reactions than right actions.

    3. Nwttp

      I will agree with Azilda and say that it is quite refreshing that you don't get upset when someone challenges your illogical beliefs.

      But saying "My neighbor's toking right NOW and I can smell it" is like me saying "my neighbor is barbecuing right now and I can smell it, and therefor barbecuing should be illegal". In either situation you can just go inside or upwind. For those of you who don't like to figure things out for yourself let me tell you that it is impossible to get high from second hand marijuana smoke. You might be tempted to say "the smoke itself is not healthy" and I could easily say "the exhaust from cars is unhealthy, and therefor all cars should be illegal, both completely ridiculous arguments in what is (kind of) a free country.

      Your brother never having held a job and was/is an avid smoker, is because your brother is lazy. I have had a job since I was 15 (11 years) and have maintained my habit throughout.

      If you take one thing from my self admittedly jerky comments, let it be that, because people have something in common does not mean that that something is the reason for all ones problems.

  32. Mario Silverio

    i am Portuguese and i miss so much Holland...

    1. His Forever

      Perhaps if I had more than one day to visit Holland, I would have been able to see something more than what was near the train station in Amersterdam. I had the same disgust for Hollywood Blvd. when I visited there as well.

    2. Guest

      than Boy ...you got to pick places more suited for your type... if you ever visit Vancouver...stay away from Hastings...you might get a heart attack.

  33. esmuziq & frames

    nice docu dude
    this kid should do more docu's well researched and very comfortable to watch

  34. wishborn77

    Amazing! Thanks so much for making this film. so many applications for this plant and we lose sight because some fools opinion on the recreational effects lol iv smoked it now for 10years plus and im fine! ;D

  35. wishborn77

    Amazing! thank you all so much for making this film :)

  36. His Forever

    Speaking as an uberRepublican, even I think this was a well-done documentary.

    If we can stop cutting down all the old growth forests and grow hemp for clothes, health food, paper, medical uses, biofuel, and "hempcrete," I'm all for it, as Oregon is my home state. I know a lot of people in the lumber industry, but if we could actually switch over to hemp cultivation, perhaps the jobs would be there too for them. If you could get the Chinese to get involved the rest of the world would follow, I think.

    As far as the smoking of it for recreational use, I still don't think that is acceptable. Been to Amsterdam--my absolute least favorite city in the world!

    1. Epicurus

      Charles, you should check out the tabu documentary and watch the section on drugs.

      its not about cannabis however it will give you a unique perspective on these things. maybe help you view them in a more culturally relative light rather than a legal one.

      just remember, just because something is illegal doesnt make it bad.

    2. His Forever

      I have to admit I'm not very sympathetic towards drug use of any kind in general. It's not even a slightest weakness of mine. Never been drunk (barely tippsy on Passover once), and if meth or any other drug was on my kitchen table, it would stay there until it molded.

      Overeating is another story, and perhaps years of sexual repression. Getting married at age 36 was traumatic in some ways. 22 or 24 I think would have been better, but perhaps I wasn't ready.

      Peace to you.

    3. TreeClub

      I think your first sentence and your last speak for themselves... haha.
      Amsterdam was one of my favorite cities in Europe.
      Perhaps my name speaks a thousand words.

    4. His Forever

      When I was 23, I think, I went to the Netherlands for one day when I was in Europe. I like to tour the old churches and see the culture. I love old buildings and ruins. When I went to Amersterdam, I was expecting nice churches, tulips, wooden shoes and pretty blond women in braids . . . . Amersterdam had empty run-down churches with no postcards, porn shops, more porn shops, did I mention PORN SHOPS!?! a gay bar, porn postcards along the way between porn shops, and finally before we got back to the train station again, a marijuana cafe. I was in a Christian mime troope touring Eurpose and that was my day off. I got propositioned from a prostitute on my way between empty churches in the middle of the day, even. If you have any weakness towards porn, sex, drugs, homosexuality, vampirism, or anything bazzare inbetween, then that that is the city for you. I couldn't even find one postcard for my scrapbook. I found one that said "Amersterday" with a teddy bear on it and my friend James pointed out it had a human errect penis on it!

      I didn't see a single windmill, let alone a tulips and wooden shoes! I'm not so sure the blondes were born female, either.

      But, luckily I was with the rest of my mime troope and we passed out Gospel track in the gay bar. All the way around I didn't like the city. Salzburg in Austria was much better! A lovely city that I really enjoyed.

    5. TreeClub

      Sorry to laugh but that sounds like a comedy film plot to me. I don't know if I wanna touch this one.

    6. Guest

      CnN...i must say you sure make me laugh even if you don't try to.

  37. Psymon Fallowfield-Cooper

    Excellent! I am in constant pain, and without cannabis, well I dread to think how I would cope... and I run the risk, like so many others of daily getting busted! What a crazy muddled up world we've created!

    1. His Forever

      I'm sorry. I have a friend who uses medical marijuana and it keeps him mellow and painfree. I doubt you'll get busted for personal use nowadays.

  38. Jamez McCall

    Absolutely inspirational, no? I'm sure when we (Canada) pass the law, you (U.K.) will too.

  39. Baxtalo

    very well done doc