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When We Were Pirates

When We Were PiratesAfter the months following 9/11 two Americans and two Norwegians travel to Bangladesh to begin an incredible journey. Born from the mind of a young adventurer, Daniel Casanova, these twenty-two year olds set out to build a traditional sailboat to sail 7,000 miles to Australia.

The shoestring would-be adventurers settle down in Cox's Bazar, a sleepy third-world fishing town and begin their preparation. The crew struggles with language barriers and bargaining as they soon realize the odds maybe stacked against them. Weather, un-reliable carpenters and deportations soon plague the crew.

They become integrated amongst the fisherman/pirate community and soon become close with their 'boat guy' Kamal. He becomes their confidant and warns them of impending danger - police, pirates, etc. With the USA at the brink of war they set sail for Australia. When We Were Pirates is an inspiring tale of four young men overcoming hardship for the pursuit of a dream. Riddled with humor and drama the film is set in the most corrupt and wettest country in the world.

Ratings: 6.50/10from 4 users.

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  1. Gilbert Dalit

    Worthless!!! A sample of idiotic bunch of failures.

  2. Neverborn

    watched the whole thing. what an amazing thing you guys went through. living in bangledesh would have been very difficult. Wonderful idea and really happy you got out to sea. Not an easy feat. its the journey that matters and you guys look like you have a few stories to tell. you really should have had a mechanic to be honest and a spare engine maybe... ?


  3. Andrew Stokes

    Piece of crap, don't waste your time. I flicked through trying to find points of interest.... there were few. lucky their alive really.

  4. John

    Idiots. I really can't believe they even wanted to show this "adventure" to their closest friends. They weren't pirates, they were dumb-asses. If you want to see a good sailing adventure watch "Hold Fast." The crew of "Hold Fast" hardly had any money and pulled it off without anyone's help. These guys are just typical spoiled rich kids throwing money around- I wonder what the TOTAL money spent on this "documentary" was. Their parents must be so proud. Total waste of time unless you love sailing and want to watch a group of pompous young spawn of the rich flail miserably. Actually, watching them flail miserably at the end was the best part. At the end, when he's utters "look she's sinking, there it goes" in his little sing-songish voice I just about threw up. If I ever see that kid I swear it'll take everything I have not to punch him in the face.

  5. ranii02

    stopped watching it = cool idea tho

  6. Jo McKay

    I love adventure stories. what can I say about this one - well - it was an 'almost an adventure' story... how many days before the cyclone hit? ... somebody was wearing horse shoes.

  7. seth

    typical dumb rich sad.

  8. Rip Current

    Im fairly positive that this is the documentary that brought be to this amazing website, so, thank you for that V!

    To add, this is the BEST, most inspirational documentary Ive ever seen.

  9. charles

    Hidden Gem! a friend of mine told me about this documentary 'when we were pirates'Amazing that people this was real. They did such a good job that people actually think this is a documentary. The give away is that the two Norwegian guys are TV stars in Norway. But still it is a very cool thing to watch, although a little too long.

  10. dave

    What complete idiots. Great plan, great idea, but they succeeded only in being pathetic in carrying it out and thinking it through.

    It took them way too long to get a boat and then fix it, and then they never knew how to sail it properly.

    On top of all that - they were terrible filmmakers, shot terrible footage, and were annoying through the entire thing, especially when they were trying to be funny.

    I hated it. These 4 retards all suck a$$

  11. huskyholg

    this had the potential to be a great film, based on a great idea. however, there seemed to be no energy in the group and as mentioned in earlier comments, it was way too long and some scenes should have been completely cut out. i actually had to force myself to finish it, which is too bad, because it could have been an exciting piece. music sucked, too.
    Nevertheless i have to tip my hat to the guys for pulling through. i would have loved to be able to do something like that.

  12. Ian D

    This would even be tough to show to family and friends,very long, and unprepared with no knowledge of sailing. I'm a little surprised because the sailing would have be such a big part of the challenge. Not every adventure ends well granted, but as they said,"In the end they're tourists". Kids on a whim film. Buy an old sailing boat, prepare it barebones if you must and try again. Keep up the spirit that brought you to this. Most would have bailed sooner.

  13. gaylord

    haha, i guess you cant say tur.d on here

  14. gaylord


  15. gaylord

    couldnt watch for more then 20 minutes.. buddy filming was a annoying turd. sing your ABC's to yourself fruit-bag. dont watch.

  16. katerpult

    dont know what to say. watched it out of boredom and it killed one and a half hours of time. nothing great though... I probably would have killed the guy who did the most of the talking if I would have been there.

  17. Pyr8nvntr

    I was embarrassed I watched it, Dumb asses, it might help to know SOMETHING about the ocean or how to navigate it. to all the 21st century film student wannabes, limit your trips to the yacht club,and if you want to flex your limited testosterone metrosexual egos ,keep to your tennis courts. even the Indians faces in this "home movie" said these guys are Dumb asses!Im Flagging this "doc" they dont have a category for "Dumb Sh*ts" hope you loosers got laid.(Note: change the ending,final scene-pirates open fire on you,off camera left,camera falls and we see scuffling boots on the deck,and static fades to black,run credits,(ala Blair witch)

  18. R.C.

    A nice story, but a very dangerous adventure. They had a good idea from the beginning with this trip, only that this kinds of enterprises require more attention and planning in order to obtain a realistic possibility to succeed. From this point of view they were pretty stupid...They risked too much and they were fortunate to be rescued. The boat they purchased was almost a wrek, but even if she was new, this kind of ships are made for short legth coast navigation. Nevertheless, she would have floated more but at a less speed than a tankers┬┤...

    Overall, the film is funny and educative, especialy because of the points I mentioned above. The artistic side is also a succes, taking account of the technical means they┬┤ve had. On the other hand, I would personaly prefered a neater version, without doubles or pauses, but this is the way they conceived it, so we have to accept their message.

    One more thing that surprised me happeneds around the 42nd minute, while the guys are on a bus, and in the soundtrack is playing an old, traditional, song from the other part of the earth, from the south side of Romania...

  19. Capricious

    I completely disagree with Wayne.

    I definitely enjoyed the flick, even not knowing these guys. I thought it was a very fun and truthful documentation of their wonderful adventure and of all their characters as genuine people. Frankly, it makes me jealous that they had such an opportunity to make this trip!

    The only down side to the movie were just a few parts which were a bit too drawn out when they could have been cut out entirely. But even this is being pretty nit-picky when you realize they've put this together from live, on-the-fly footage, with only 1 camera, and by no means "professional" equipment. Considering this, I think they did a marvelous job conveying the ups and downs of their trip.

    Of course, they definitely should have done more research and planned out the adventure better, but in my opinion, this is what adds such a spontaneous feel to it.

    *** semi-spoiler***
    I just wonder if the guy in India knows what a piece of crap boat he sold them in advance or if it was an honest mistake???

  20. Wayne

    I watched it and although it looked like fun seems to me that it should be more for the people who filmed its family and friends. Would not recommend watching this to anyone.

  21. Del

    Seemed like a very nice adventure. Enjoyed this film.