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Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?

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Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?There's no doubt Morgan Spurlock is a brave man. In Super Size Me, the director subsisted on junk food for 30 days and suffered the consequences. In 2006, after finding out his wife, vegan chef Alexandra Jamieson (who features in his previous effort), is pregnant, Spurlock takes action--John McCain style--to secure a more peaceful planet for his unborn child.

In Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?, he gets his shots, works out, and takes a self-defense class in preparation for a jaunt through Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to track down the Al-Qaeda fugitive (his itinerary neglects Iran and Iraq). With a child on the way, the $25 million reward holds some attraction, but video-game graphics, terrorist trading cards, and action-movie music underline the quixotic nature of Spurlock's quest.

Similarly, the movie itself is a mixed success. The humor that fueled his first film can fall flat when the stakes are higher. Pop-culture references and serious conversations with concerned citizens make for odd bedfellows. It isn’t that Spurlock disrespects his subjects, but that he tries harder to entertain than to elucidate, and his interviews merely reinforce the notion that people everywhere share similar concerns.

Unfortunately, fellow Oscar nominated filmmakers, like Laura Poitras (My Country, My Country) and James Longley (Iraq in Fragments), already beat him to the punch. Spurlock has also released a book with the same name to expand on themes explored in this somewhat superfluous documentary.

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  1. BeardHero420

    In a pineapple under the sea.

  2. RileyRampant

    providing a source of protein and fat for a variety of sea creatures. the sharks probably got the biggest pieces. that's my guess. there's probably crabs munching on the little bits that fell to the bottom. that's another guess.

  3. Joe

    looks like they might have figured it out....

  4. Michael Fedoseyev

    Soz, seems like an awesome Doc, but only if you know Arabic ...would like to understand the peoples responses to the questions... If anyone knows where u can watch this film with Subs, please let me know... I really want to see it.

  5. Michael Fedoseyev

    WTF kind of crap is this... watched 15 min, half of it is in Arabic and no translation or subtitles... Seriously irritating.

  6. terryrret

    Its a comedy , Hes talking to everyday people with kids going back to his kid . It shows they just wont what we wont . Our kids to grow up in a safe loving place and a job to suport them .
    How un Amarican

  7. john

    Looks like a good movie. Hard to say for certain not having a chance to understand most of it (no subtitles). I gave up.

  8. Dominique

    I can't find the documantery..:S

  9. Alexandrea

    Really fake Bin Laden? Is it really Hammer time though? You just gonna do the running man all over the planet, huh?

    The beginning had me laughing for like 20 minutes. Ahhh comic relief.....

    Ok back serious

  10. word

    is that your real name
    if so
    where are you from

  11. Tim

    Thank you for the warning about this video Mr. and Mrs. previous viewers. I think that I will pass on this one.

  12. josca

    this is sick....

  13. Galloway Grumblefield

    @yavanna, Ditto to that. I was very surprised that the Israeli Hassidic Jews were acting like such jerks. Of all the people in this documentary, they were the most irrational thugs. And we're giving Israel billions of dollars? I want my money back!

  14. eve

    i was waiting for someone to laugh being asked where osama was

  15. Jeff

    This is horrible without subtitles.

  16. Anthony

    Subtitles it needs them, without subtitles the only voice is the american voice; hence what the film set out to do - give the muslims a voice - is NEGATED. this is a pity. unless you understand what they are saying, then its fine. However,I don't and i am sure many others do not aswell.

  17. Ruthaford Williams

    You can never had an unbiased film about the middle east if it is produced by the Weinstein Company. Im not saying one side is right or wrong, Im just saying, that is impossible to be unbiased considering the situation

  18. matt

    Honestly Subtitles? Really.... posting this video without it.... What the hell? guess I will spend 1 year learning the language so I can understand this 2 hr doco? As much as i respect and admire his effort, I think he might have been in the sun too long.

  19. Sam I Am

    Who are these facking fairies who but vids up with no gorram subtitles. Like pissing in the wind. Whoever did this should be shot.

  20. Mooned

    I gave up. Without subtitles, this is a waste of time.... unless, of course, you're fluent in Arabic, Farsi and Kike-ish.

  21. Colly

    Needs Subtitles, I can't really watch it without them, you miss so much. Pity

  22. Yavanna

    Andrew - we the visitors are the quality control. Vlatko does his best to monitor the content but some lesser quality stuff seeps through. The lack of subtitles severely detracts from this doc and I for one agree with you. There probably is a better source out there as I cannot imagine the doc would have been released as it is here. I cant find it however.

  23. Andrew

    This site should warn us about dodgy documentary's. No subtitles so you miss half the message and no sound during 9 of 9. The do was good but not well represented here.

  24. Karen

    How did he learn the language so fast???

  25. Oletovski

    comedy :) you got to be joking ...

  26. Eric

    I wish there were subtitles, it really detracts not knowing what everyone is saying

  27. yavanna

    This video link was "blocked for my region" (UK) but i managed to watch it on youtube - rather annoying however that youtube removed the audio for part 9/9.

    Agree with Jim, out of all the cultures he spoke to you would have thought that the Israeli (Hasidic?) Jews would have been the more friendly and forthcoming being as they are so heavily supported by the US ($16,000 per member of population per year?) However they were the most alien aggressive and mob minded of them all.

  28. jim

    those guys with the hats seem to be very unfriendly. out of all the people and places explored in this film those guys were the most scary. I was more scared of those guys than Osama Bin Laden.