White Fright

White Fright

2018, Society  -   21 Comments
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Anti-Muslim vitriol has reached a fever pitch in the United States. Just ask the residents of Islamberg, a small community of African American Muslims in Upstate New York. In 2015, the FBI thwarted a planned attack against the community that was being led by a 63-year old Christian minister out of Tennessee. White Fright recaps the specifics of his savage plot, profiles the parents and children who were his intended targets, and attempts to uncover the influences that emboldened his predatory hatred.

As portrayed in the film, Islamberg is a place of peace, family and transparency. The media, particularly FOX News and other right leaning outlets, painted a much more sinister portrait. Through them, the public witnessed an onslaught of reports claiming that the community was a terrorist camp hidden in plain sight on American soil.

This coverage had a profound impact on Robert Doggart. He began to formulate a plan to annihilate the community. Utilizing his powers of ministerial persuasion, he recruited a small congregation of co-conspirators to assist him in this endeavor. There was an FBI informant among them. Surveillance recordings and email exchanges betrayed their gruesome plan. The families of Islamberg would be met with an agonizing demise by guns, machetes or a poisoned water supply.

Following Doggart's arrest, the same media outlets that labeled Islamberg a terrorist threat were curiously silent. With the assistance of a dedicated attorney, the community decided to mount a full-throated defense by generating their own press. Through press conferences, written pieces, rallies and other displays of activism, they continue to cry out for an existence free from harassment and discrimination.

This film is an extension of that mission. The community members open their lives to the filmmakers. Residents as young as seven years of age speak of their commitment to their families and their faith, and their fears of surviving in an increasingly hostile, irrational and intolerant cultural climate.

Produced by The Guardian, White Fright reminds us of the prominence and dangers of unchecked hate mongering. It also shows us how hate can be combated by urging for more empathy and understanding.

Directed by: David Felix Sutcliffe

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    So when a white Christian person does a crime, it states that the name of a person did this crime. Though when a black Muslim does a crime, it states "Muslim man did this crime." I guess for everyone saying Muslim people are criminals, there are countless amounts of white criminals who get recognized that they don't represent the entire white race, yet if Muslim people of color do the same thing, suddenly all Muslims are like this. People are so irrational. They act like anger and rage is the most logical thing, but it's akin to a 5 year old throwing a tantrum in a grown person's body.

  2. Donny

    I am friends with a white lady truck driver who has been in every state of contintntal U.S.A. and got to be online friends with Robert of Canada. When they finally met, she found he was a teacher helping Muslim people adjust to living in their new country. She was so frightened by going to meet them, all the hype learned from being an American had effected her. After several days with these people, she is now considered part of the family. The genuine Muslim is so different than what is portrade in our stupid news is what she would tell you folks. She actually knows what they are about. Do NOT judge...LEARN!

  3. Artic Circle

    I am a white Muslim from family that was Muslim for over 500yrs that I know of, and maybe more that I don't know. That being said, if I have to choose race over religion, I will seriously reconsider, because I do not want to my children grow up and live in a world where being white man more and more mean that you are constantly in need to apologize to somebody for your color of skin and be a second class citizen. In Quran states that all men are equal regarding skin color, but now more and more it seems that being Muslim are exclusive right for black and Arab people. I face problems on daily basis just because I am white, but there is no court for civil rights for white people when we are molested on racial basis (they told me " only white man can be racist"- end quote)

  4. Sandra

    Doggart got 20 years. Found guilty by a jury of 12 white people. There's hope for us after all. This fear/loathing of the "other" is not new. My ancestors (Irish) were vilified in press and society, then the Italians, the Jews, blacks, etc. This hateful attitude is like cancer -- relentless and deadly. Get over it, people. We're all in this together.

  5. A Person

    Damn, the white people here (and let me clarify that I am white and not a muslim) are so f*cking fragile.

  6. Richard

    I am not frightened! I am more frightened by Israeli terrorism and American support of them! They took down the Twin Towers and murdered many there!

    1. Sandra

      It was the Saudis, Richard.

  7. Czuch

    The real terrorist are Fox News and all the other cronies that feed dumb and ignorant people lies and fear. This holy war was started by G. Bush when he invaded Iraq so that he and his friends could make money from Iraqi oil. When will you humans realize that there is NO GOD!

    1. scott

      Interesting. I saw the visit to the compound made by a film crew riding along with these patriots. You are seriously uninformed.

  8. Mals

    Just more muslim whining.

    1. Paley Lewis

      As opposed to the beautiful racist whining, you have provided

  9. Alan

    It's interesting that somehow Fox was the villain. No mention made of CNN MSNBC Washington Compost etc etc especially since they were quiet on the subject. Then there is the other cases of Muslim communities where ritual child killing occurred and the Muslim network in the UK that was procuring children for sexual reasons that enters into the mix.

    This is clearly a leftie rant. No doubt these PPL have an enclave of peace and happiness, but Christian groups have also been attacked in years gone by, like the Twelve Tribes. The US was originally settled by religious zealots and non-conformists and consequently is still filled with these PPLs and always will be.

    1. Michael

      Right whenever non white ppl fight for their rights for life its a commie attack!

  10. jeff

    Anti-Islam sentiment is silly and unjustified. Especially when confronted with the fact that terrorism and rape rates surge wherever mass muslim migration occurs. PURE IGNORANCE!

    1. Michael

      Now that's what I like to hear, and no I don't happen to be Muslim.

  11. Chrystia

    Its not immigrants we need to fear, its our politicians and corporations who want to keep us in fear and save money with computers to render us all jobless.

  12. Czuh

    trevor, just because your mother eats camel **** everyday, does not mean that we all like it. I am sure your mother loves getting f*** by one too; for you are the result of that.

  13. Michael Ptacek

    The black, nation of Islam , Malcom X types are not the ones we need to worry about. It is the immigrants we need to worry about.

  14. Pyra

    Utter B.S. contrived narratives, strawman arguments, and blatant anti-white propaganda/ pro-Muzzie stupidity.

  15. mike m

    fox news
    enough said

  16. trevor

    White fright ? So no whites are muslim ?

    Listen you crybabies... white people as you call them don't have to bow down to your silly religion. You camel f***ers can go eat a pork dick.