Who Built Stonehenge?

Who Built Stonehenge?

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Who Built Stonehenge?Stonehenge, located on the Salisbury Plain in Southern England, has long been associated with Druids, a group of wise men present in England more than 2000 years ago. Still today at Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, Druid celebrations are held at Stonehenge. But were they the actual designers?

Excavations underneath the stones have revealed artifacts, like antler horns, carbon dated at 4000 years ago. Bodies found buried nearby are of the same age. This rules out the Druids, as well as the Romans who followed them. This even pre-dates immigrant settlers from Europe. That leaves a primative people known as Ancient Britons, who lived at the start of the bronze age. Great precision was used in assembling the 15,000 tons of rock into circles. Did they have the know-how?

Examining the stones, the large ones come from just 20 miles away and could have been dragged there by the Ancient Britons. But what of the smaller Bluestones? Investigation shows that they are found 200 miles away in S.W. Wales. Did they have the ability to carry these stones over water for that distance? The recent discovery of an ancient boat made from a log carrying quarried stones, points to the answer. Several of these boats lashed together and covered with a platform could transport the Bluestones. Investigators using manpower and simple wooden scaffolding have shown they had the technology at the time to erect Stonehenge.

The big remaining question is why did they build it? People who study architecture say it was probably a place of worship. Towering over the people as it did, it inspired a sense of something larger than themselves. The closing segment investigated a mass grave of skeletons found in the area. Using tests on the enamel of the teeth, scientists are able to determine where these people grew up. It was in Wales, the location of the Bluestones.

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3 years ago

The wessex built Stonehenge, at least tat is what recorded history teaches us here in the uk. An interesting fact here, is that at the time stonehenge was torn apart, it was done so because someone's (god's) wife, known as Asher, was involved in a nasty ritual that I wont go into here, but on the night she was killed by the druid's for such nasty behaviour (bringing 'ahem' - an alien into this world), Jesus sat with 'A' Mary Magdelene in a place called piltoon (check the maps, it exists) and replaced the 5 pointed star with the sign of the cross (in the blue lodge), the only time he stood in england, attended by yup, EGYPTIAN preists, before going home to be crucified

7 years ago

So people believe the earth and everything in it just appeared and evolved from an explosion... So why did Stonehenge have to be "built"? Why can't it too have just been randomly built? There is no proof the earth was created... There's also no proof Stonehenge was created.
Stonehenge isn't random. It seems to have been built in an orderly way. But many things about the earth are not random. The earth is very orderly. The seasons, the tide, sunset, sunrise, dna, all these things are said to not have a creator design them, so it seems with that reasoning Stonehenge wasn't designed and made either.
My point? Stonehenge was obviously made by someone. So was the earth and all things in nature. Stonehenge was made by man. The earth was made by God.

7 years ago

Why did the documentary called them 'primitive people'? These 'primitive people' were modern humans, Homo Sapiens, exactly the same as us with the same capacity for knowledge. They were not primitive humans like heidelbergensis and calling them primitive as completely incorrect. And the Druids were an invention of the Victorian era.

10 years ago

I personally feel this documentary was a monumental waste of time and effort of all those involved,and for me watching it.They answered no real questions just raised a couple of possibilities that were almost equally unlikely. It failed to answer 'Why' Stonehenge was built but at least it didn't pretend to, and the answers to 'How' seemed rickety at best when the team was clearly using iron scaffolding, and they conveniently left out the question of how they would have developed the idea for even wooden scaffolding and not used it for anything else.
They also didn't cover the ingenuity in the design itself, and how difficult it would have been to cut and position the stones so precisely they still stand to this day. The building of Stonehenge was a great feat, rivaling any of the ancient megalithic constructions, and if they weren't going to properly address the important questions I really wish they hadn't tried.

11 years ago

Why go to all this trouble to build boats. What about just using the logs and have the rock straped to that to float on the water. What about four simple half arches straped to the rock at the four corners and have two logs in each of the two half arches at either end,this can them be pushed.

11 years ago

There is more to ancient history than we even suspect. We've been using boats, for instance, alot longer than the archaeologists care to admit. The abros of australia tell several stories. So did the ancient Celts (4,000 yrs. later). The problem is they do not fossilize, so no proof. Yet how was Ireland settled by the Gaels? How Austrailia with the indiginous? They've been there for 30,000 years. The several isles of Britain? And how would they have known to go there without previous information? Can we trust our analysis? or pretend to understand the mindset of people who lived more than 6,000 generations ago? I think it would be arrogance.

11 years ago

The Ancients knew a lot about subtle energy, Scientists have found locations of many ancient structures have something in common. High and Low frequencies wave travel in our stratosphere, at a point they cross over, when this happens humans are meant to feel a higher conscience, with other strange phenomena taking place. Not much is known but this crossover of the low/high forces happens right over Stonehenge and many other places like the Pyramids of Giza. But the establishment will tell you 'its all coincidence'.

Maybe the Ancients were trying to harness these energies? While also constructing them to make more uses, like we already know with the winter Solstice and predicting of seasons. If they couldn't harness this mysterious energy, then they still got a use out of the hard work. Its only a theory but its better than human sacrifice. The Ancient Egyptians actually experienced higher levels of conscience, they used over 200 different senses, yet we only use 5, which they called 'outputs'.

Its always rituals or human sacrifice. I think its time we starting accepting that Ancients were extremely superior to us, they were not barbarians. Its us that's the barbarians. There is proof around South American Ancient Pyramids and monuments, Giza and many other places where technology like Iron Smelting, Electricity and power cutting tools were being used but this is never confirmed but the Eduction Establishment, always referring to any of the evidence as, human bloody rituals. Look for yourself, The Pyramid Code is a good way to start.

12 years ago

i built stonehenge it wasnt even that hard stop gettin all hyped up

12 years ago

It was built by Irish navvy's, they built everything else in Britain. :-)

12 years ago

They could have been built by Druids. Maybe the Celts accepted the ancient religion of the old Britons?

12 years ago

C@#$$% documentary, just too commercial and badly made

12 years ago

I just canceled my cable and am so happy to find your website. I watch mostly documentaries, so am thrilled to see all this stuff on your site. Keep up the good work, an excellent resource.

12 years ago

Was s@#$, offered nothing in the way of a creditable explanation for the construction.

13 years ago

He keeps saying glassier for glacier. Makes you wonder how he says glassier.... like gLAYsure and reverses them :P

Accents are fine but the narrator is turning that word into another - only reason I could tell what he meant was seeing the big ice chunk and went ohhh a glacier.

13 years ago

I liked this program but I wish these people for once would get the facts right because I believe they are wayyyyy off.

13 years ago

Everyone know that stonehenge was the the first uk horsetrack... well before Cheltenham. Those druids were earning a hefty packet of dosh back then.... Then the druids got taken over by corals:))

13 years ago

Well annoyed with this so called documentary within the first 5 minutes.
England's mysterious Druids? England did not exist at the time of construction.

Those 'claiming' to follow the ancient Druid ways.
Correctly phrased would be 'Druidic' or 'Druidism'
To affront any other religious groups by the use of 'claiming' would be wholly unacceptable.

He then goes on to say "in times past these stones have 'probably' witnessed 'real' Druid ceremonies"

Steeped in monuments to now long forgotten 'pagan' religions.
The term pagan is from the Latin paganus, an adjective originally meaning "rural", "rustic" or "of the country."

Crop circles made in the dead of night by a secret network of hoaxers.
Now whereas some of these are definitely hoaxed, others have been studied by the scientific community and found to be outside of the normal ability of humans to effect a crop, I.E. 'steamed' roots, complexity of design over period of time available, accessibility etc etc

The suppositions and denouncements handed out in this "documentary" are appalling.

13 years ago

And just how BIG!!! were the damn boats to get the stones "to" stonehenge?? LOL.... no way were those gigantic stones transported by tiny little log boats. Those Big stones would have sunk most any boat in existence at that time.

13 years ago

maybe the reason why they brought the bluestones all the way from wales was because people back then have some obsession over big rocks... probably the bluestones was some sort of peace offering...

christopher brown
13 years ago

is stone henge a type of compuss.......?linked wid the .....

Amir Bengali
13 years ago

Good Doc...
Interesting Topic..

13 years ago

The astrological alignment of the stones needs further examination (in addition to the position of the sun on the summer solstice). Perhaps the monument had a meaning and purpose beyond merely a construction challenge.

13 years ago

they could have used logs tied together instead of boat.
moreover the topology of the land could have been very different than now.

nice doc

13 years ago

Nice documentary for the layman, but it lacks in depth alternative views on how and why it was build. Not much learned what I already knew from textbooks.