Who Killed John O'Neil?

Who Killed John O'Neil?On July 3rd, 1979, the CIA gave birth to Islamic Fundamentalism when President Carter signed a directive for United States Intelligence to provide radical Islamic thinking and arms to Afghan fighters, before the Soviet Union invaded.

Traumatized by the September 11th attacks, one man struggles to dismantle official history, at the expense of his sanity and even his life. Grappling with multiple realities - and multiple personalities - he must retreat into his mind in pursuit of the truth.

In a fictional film about non-fictional events, there is a place where belief and faith will blind you, where nothing is sacred, and to get there all you have to do is ask: Who Killed John O'Neill?

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  1. Caroline Fifi

    Great information but the film itself is a bit odd and difficult to understand. This should be in the 9/11 films as well as this section I guess.

  2. mrmikemrmike

    "Who Killed John O'neil?" is one of the original 9/11 Truth films.

    Mega-moons ago when Google Video Player was a must and Google still had Top 10 & Top 100 lists, WKJO was consistently in the Top 10 under the documentary list filter. Actually many may not know this, but many found TDF as Google started phasing out top video listings and Google's own corresponding video filters. This act by Google left many seeking answers on controversial films many had heard about but could no longer find. The relentless surfing through the net eventually lead to TDF. TDF originally looked like the Full Documentary List, with links from TDF to where ever. The transition to a more professional TDF site has been a plus. Though at some point WKJO was moved to the Crime section when originally it was listed under the 9/11 section.

    In the beginning of the 9/11 Truth Movement, TDF was consider and maybe still be considered a "source". Furthermore, WKJO was and still is considered an artistic and controversial film combining the sources of the PBS Frontline episode "The Man Who Knew", 9/11 docs at the time such as Alex Jones' "9/11: The Road to Tyranny", plus works such as Anthony Hilder's "The Illuminati Millenium 2000", etc.. Ty Rauber did a wonderful job at pushing the envelope. If you like stage-type performance drama on film, WKJO will help you connect the dots.

  3. ross rossiter

    watched fight club one too many times, thinks he's edward norton... FAIL

  4. ross rossiter

    a simple documentary would have been nice, rather than this ill conceived terribly executed film school drama. Laughable

  5. Craig Stamper

    Islamic Fundamentalism invented by the CIA in 1979? How could even two people have worked on this film together without one of them laughing uncontrollably at the other? Monumentally dumb.

  6. Tj Peterson Jaggy

    i think this film is extremely well done. i have done quite a bit and will do some more research to verify what he says. it makes SO much sense! if you're having a difficult time 'grasping' this VERY POSSIBLE REALITY, perhaps you might question why the book of enoch has been removed from the bible.....
    bury your head in the sand while 'they' continue with 'their' games or die fighting for liberty! you will HAVE to choose SOON!

  7. Jon Robinson

    Too bad its horrible accustics. Should have been some furniture in the room. It is hard to bear the voice of a castrated man for that long.

  8. Jack McDavid


  9. Tommy

    might even contain facts but I had to turn this one off it was just made so badly and the high school acting was just anoying

  10. shalone

    So, to sum it all up...the government with the help of the CIA and hired private security corporations is trafficking and selling drugs so they can pay back all the money we owe to the big banks from all the wars we should have kept out of in the first place? What a cluster f@&k!

  11. GoughLewis

    I have been reading about John O'Neil. He is probably the legend he was always meant to be. Nice timing. The head of the Osama Bin Laden group investigation team - enticed to retire to a cushy head of security job making amazing money - first day of work - boom boom boom, crack crack crack, and woooooossshh - no more John, he is turned into fine pulverized dust like talcum powder.

    Not the greatest film, weird enough to watch though.

  12. Jason

    I've watched this through at least three times or listened to it as I was turning people on to it. It is freaky to watch while informative and I like the way it is filmed, for whatever my opinion is worth.

  13. blondewithtools

    this guy should probably stick to making music videos

  14. Kumamori

    This is a good documentary, a very good summary with an original touch. It could be more comprehensive, I get a bit lost with the stuff even though many names and events are familiar to me, but if you can grasp what the guy talks, which shouldn't be that hard if you can stand the style for the beginning and not mind him being an enthusiastic about it, it's a great documentary film.

    So, what can you do about it? About bankers ruling us the rest of the world? Vote, start civil wars, resort to violence against bankers? I got a better idea: lets just not use banks, and vote for folks that promise they take control of banks instead of letting banks have their way any longer. Those kinda folks usually get shot like Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Kennedy, but the other options don't look much better. I'm tired of this money system anyways, so much people making a good living by moving money around when a larger part is actually doing something useful and barely making a living out of it, because it's worth less money. Tell you what, try living without money, lets see how long you last.

    I know, just some complaining of a guy frustrated to see things going only worse year by year. The saying "All it takes for evil men to reign in power, is that good men do nothing." is so true. Well, what would you do then? I'm gonna try giving bank as little money as possible, preferrably none but that won't happen since rental companies, electric companies and employers usually demand to handle things through bank. Could fix that if had a company of my own, for a bit at least.

    1. Fred Bazzeeda

      sorry, it is a fictional film. read and learn about the film and filmaker.

  15. Sanity

    This isn't a documentary... more of a shitty indy film. Should probably be removed from server before Bill O'Riley gets his hands on it.

  16. Lary Nine

    Exactly! I felt the same way. What a horrid device---he used it to make the quantity and quality of his facts look more impressive. OMG! This guy, this writer, was shouting and screaming... how irritating. But everyone knows all the facts he builds the film around including the central one---John O'Neill, who PBS already did a 2-hour Frontline program about years ago. Called "Who Was John O'Neill?"
    I couldn't finish watching this juvenile documentary either. It was horrible.

  17. bogsy100

    @jack1952, Are you tripping dude, there aint no democratic process left in the U.S. Have you forgotten the florida vote rigging scandal already? Revolution is all you have left now. It even mentions in the constitution that from time to time Americans may need to bare arms to defend the constitution. Well i'd argue that you'd be hard pressed to find a period of time in Americas history when a revolution was more needed.

  18. jack1952

    @ Eli Webber

    The idea of a violent overthrow of the American government is horrifying. If the 9/11 attacks were an inside job there is a better way to handle it. Violence will only lead to more violence. If there is a vacuum created in American leadership, the new leadership may be worse than those replaced. The new leadership will have demonstrated a willingness to use any force to gain power. History has shown that it almost always ends badly. For example; French revolution, Soviet revolution, communist China, Cambodia. Americans can change leadership by taking a more active part in the democratic process.

  19. angeo

    The guy that put this together must have been high. I guess this must be his idea of art.

  20. ExposeNWO

    I almost stopped watching because of the first 10 minutes but I stuck it out and was glad I did. There is a lot of great information in this documentary/drama that is presented in an original way.
    I recommend sticking it out to the end.

  21. Ramus

    Yeah I cant watch 1 hour 40 minutes of this amateur cr@p. OFF!

  22. evilroy

    first off, to one of the above who said this had no original bla bla bla, I beg to differ. I concider myself a 9/11 expert(in my own mind anyways), I've seen all the documentaries and the angle this gave was very unique and very informative, how he tied all the "players" together was well done. Now how he did it was unusual, tried to be the 13th monkey I think. Many parts were 12 bananas down. But to bring out this whole other web of deception and players I never heard mentioned together with 9/11 was great. To add to the comment above about how so many Americans are so nieve and WON'T look or listen with an open mind is a shame. The evidence is clear and a new investigation is warrented and long overdue. People need to be brought up on war crimes and HIGH TREASON against the United States Of America and no one, NO ONE is above the law.

  23. johny jones

    i stopped watching.

  24. Edward

    One of the best works I have seen. Glad I didn't pay any attention to those who scoffed at the PRESENTATION.

    I can't say enough good about this film. WATCH IT all the way through.

    NON-COMPLIANCE folks...do not support the mega corporations. Get off grid as much as possible...support small business's and farms. Support your neighbors. Barter, create new local currencies. Make films, write letters to your government reps to let them know at least, that you know what is going on. Make them sweat.

    Good job Ryan....so impressed. If you don't believe what he has put in this film, research it yourself and correct him if you have to. I know what is what. I have done the research and still do, hence why I was drawn to this film. I will be sending this to everybody on my list.

  25. tjo

    Almost gave up on this in the first 10-15 minutes but hung in there and was thankful. Not only that... but I think I understood why it was presented this way. It took me a while into to it to realize that this is EXactly how my mind is taking all of this in, all the personalities and questions involved. It's artsy, no doubt made be a highly creative mind. After all is said and done, I actually love this doc - very different and different, after all, IS good.

  26. Eli Webber

    No matter what this Documentary revealed or didn,t reveal . its point i think was to wake people up to the fact that there are elements in our Gov. that, think there above the laws ,don,t take our Constitution serious .and as far as corp., don,t you think the evidence is there, to show they,ll do anything, for money and power .the other facts are our corrupt politicians and law enforcement plus a bias media .controlled by the corp. myself i don,t believe anything the Gov. says period .esp how they solved 9/11 within hours .the Gov. 9/11 report is corrupt .and for damn sure didn,t satisfy the families who lost there loved ones on that day. just for there sake the investigation should be reopened .my thoughts are i hope when all this is revealed and the truth comes out that the people who are responsible are brought to justice .and i mean anyone remotely involved , that includes someone who just heard in passing or carried a memo .to someone involved are brought to justice and hanged publicly .including the Bush Family and i,m from Maine .how him his farther or Bill clinton ever got elected is beyond me .all Criminals .maybe the American people will wake up but i see a revolution coming soon to this country .if by words protest or violent uprising its coming .something is brewing and its coming to the boiling point for the American people .its everywhere in this nation .and the politicans are in foe a rude awakening .and the greedy f---ing corp. are going to find out whats what too..

  27. Carl Hendershot

    This was just terrible. He took the Bush connection documentary and just ruined it.

  28. servicetradescom

    One of the worst 9/11 films ever made, for those of us who have truly studied all things 9/11, nothing in this film is an original thought. it's not to say the all the info provided is false it it just presented horribly and over simplifies everything. it's films like this one that turns people off, due to lack of evidence sourcing and no real narrative.
    It even makes those of us that are seeking truth look like tin foil hat batshit mouth breathers.

  29. Tripp

    This is one of the best 9/11 documentaries ever made. It is put together in a clever way and ties so many things together
    very well. Three of the four comments above are very negative towards this which leads me to believe they're gov't hacks trying to dissuade people from watching it.

    Our Air Force working in Cyberspace to protect us from terrorism! lol

  30. Ben

    At first I thought the documentary was "stupid" with a guy on the phone, but it gets better while adding character development. I've never really seen a documentary like this, I thought it was very well done- it seems to add more points by putting in different attitudes and perspectives that we commonly see when talking about 9/11 and conspiracies in general.

    On a side note, It's hard for me to believe that most people still don't know this information about 9/11. It's sad.

  31. squirrel

    Horrible beginning, couldn't get past it to watch the rest. Such a stupidly conceived treatment undermines the credibility of the rest of the presentation. Didn't the makers of this realize that by watching it? I mean, who thought the corny echo effect was effective?

  32. J

    I agree with Ali. The first 10 minutes are unbearable! Couldn't watch anymore

  33. Ali

    although the information conveyed is very interesting, I find the presentation rather comical - which in my opinion prevents a serious analysis of the topic at hand.