Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?

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Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?This investigative biography examines the Kennedy assassination by exploring the enigma that was Lee Harvey Oswald. Was Oswald the emotionally disturbed lone gunman of the 1964 Warren Commission Report? Was he, as the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979, only one of two gunmen that day in Dallas? Or was he an unwitting scapegoat for the real assassins, as Oswald himself claimed when he was arrested?

FRONTLINE's investigation examines the life and enduring mysteries of Oswald. What makes Oswald so puzzling is that by Nov. 22, 1963, he had apparent links with virtually every group that had a strong motive to eliminate President Kennedy, says William Cran, the documentary's senior producer. The big question is: Were any of those groups controlling Oswald on the day of the assassination or was he simply in the grip of his own personal confusion - the eccentric mix of political passions and emotional instability that characterized his entire life?

The result of a year-long investigation by more than a dozen reporters and expert consultants, Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? draws upon hundreds of witnesses, in particular those who closely studied and observed him, as well as documents, photos, and video and audio recordings - many of which had never before been made public - to chronicle Oswald's life story: from his troubled childhood to his mysterious service in the U.S. Marines that raised questions about his possible connections to U.S. military intelligence.

The program also investigates Oswald's activities in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including his dramatic defection to the Soviet Union in 1959 and his return to the United States in 1962.

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  1. Mr.Superstar

    The government did it. From the future. They are occult. matrix. First he travels to Russia. Then the JFK killing. They are controlling the past. Worked in the military. They do this. Matrix occult style.

    The hospital/Controlled by military future. They do this! Future! They are occult!

    Future hospital doing this! They make it happen! The future!

    They also make Terminator 2 and then make Arnold mayer! That is why it`s so strange. They control the "matrix".

    They also do this. Hitler. Getting riff of all the jews.To own the thrown. Right hand on jesus. Indiana Jones Temple of doom on trueman/Dumb and dumber/Christ of...Christmas Lody..Mr. Christmas. Right hand. The claw. Jim Carey..Trueman/Christ of..CHRIST.

    Andrew LOYD webber:Jesus christ superstar. LOYD..Trueman Show. With Jesus. The future is doing all this.....They are super occult.

  2. shannon Rice

    This doc seems legit. My questions are who are some of these witnesses? The women on the bus with Oswald on the way to mexico city? I've never seen her in any other documentary concerning Oswald or the assassination. It also seems to support J. Edgar Hoover's story that Oswald was an introverted person that had illusions of grandeur. The story leads you down the road that a lonely little boy with no real home and no real friends grew into a man who wanted to make his mark on the world. It succeeds in this by filling in what little we know of Lee's life with unheard of facts and witnesses. I personally lost respect for front line and pbs for producing this documentary.

  3. fender24

    He was just a patsy, he said it himself. he got arrested so the real criminals could stay clean and who are they?

  4. msmademoiselle

    i dont know too much about the story, but i think he might have done it for the money, or perhaps the wife and comrades did it.or even his kid being kidnapped or threatened, and he was forced to Watch and take the blame. or even drugs[?eroine was big]

  5. Ben Stelle

    I liked JFK, wish they mention a bit more about him. but then an add for Christ came on and killed the mood...

  6. Michael

    Watch JFK 2 the bush connection

  7. Michael

    Where's part 2?

  8. potluckpotatoes

    Excellent doc, top notch. No conspiracy just another ***hole with a gun.

  9. RileyRampant

    when we were less of a police state, it was a lot easier for nuts like oswald and ruby to raise a ruckus. one of the virtues of a police state, i guess :(

    i could see somebody putting a bug in his ear, but no govmt would entrust him with any mission responsibility.

    the amateurishness of his attempt to infiltrate the miami anti-castro forces shows him to be very far from a trained operative.

    he was too wacky for the mob to be running. the ballistics put the right gun in his hand at PRECISELY the right time & place.

    he was a patsy of his own making. most of the critiques rely upon questionable assumptions, manipulated controversies. oswald did it, maybe with some hints from folks we dont know. thats about the extent of whatever conspiracy may have existed.

    the fact that ruby mailed a telegram 4 MINUTES before killing oswald shows how un-planned-for that act must have been.

    or its all lies by everybody. all you can do is go with what you're given, assess it, see what holds together, what doesnt.

    one last thing: helms was a lying mofo

    1. Skullomania

      Dude go read a book. I can't stand willfully ignorant smugs. Know-nothings who act all smart

    2. RileyRampant

      you are an a**.

    3. Michael

      This would be the thinking that the makers of this doc would like you to believe coming out of watching it... There was much much more going on with the whole JFK assassination than Lee Harvey dum sum

    4. msmademoiselle

      i always Wonder if a new commander comes into a scenario how are the military guys to know it is not a ploy?he could have recieved his order by one of his Superior.

  10. Gabby Johnson

    That old woman knows too much

  11. Jenny Lea

    I really enjoyed this docu, not because i believe it was'nt entirely truthful of the events but because it made me ponder!

  12. Yavanna

    THe mafia went legit . Nowadays they call it the US govmt

  13. Yavanna

    Patsy. End of!

  14. JudgeWilliamAdams

    lee harvey oswald was just a patsy.

  15. musbcrazy

    id say this is a story more than a documentary...a collection of sequential convenient events aimed at creating the state of mind and motive to carry out the kennedy assassination alone! along with removing accountability from US government departments you take some feeble attempt at condeming capitalism as a catalyst to committ murder!


    so my conclusion is what a CROCK OF S***!

  16. jbellamar

    To the novice watching this special for the first time, it seems pretty compelling, especially with Oswald's own brother saying he's guilty. But what this special did not address are some key facts: 1) Morticians who held Oswald's body said Dallas police officers came in with a fingerprint kit and took prints off of a dead Oswald; 2) A Dallas police officer (who didn't go along with the official story) confirmed to his boss he saw Oswald get into Ruth Paine's green station wagon after the assassination, not on a bus; 3) The night before the assassination LBJ's mistress of 21 years (Madeline Duncan Brown) said LBJ told her "After tomorrow those Kennedy's will never embarrass me again. That's not a threat, that's a promise." Then a few months after the assassination he told her, "The CIA and Texas oil men killed Kennedy."

    Did the Warren Commission ask LBJ about those statements? Hell no. Did they ask why the Dallas police took prints from a dead Oswald? No.

  17. Guest

    It's like conspiracy corner here today.

    1. Guest

      Right you are. I'm steering clear of this one, the grand-daddy of them all.

    2. Guest

      Me, My Sex and I it is then.

    3. musbcrazy

      Theres more chance of getting some honesty watchin that anyway!

    4. Guest

      Yeah, and I have a theory of my own about this one, the butler did it !

  18. Winston Smith

    Kennedy was most probably killed so the Vietnam war could be escalated and continued.

  19. Deejay Es

    wow that woman looks insane