Whoa Canada

Whoa Canada

2015, Society  -   13 Comments
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The widespread prominence and popularity of viral media does more than merely entertain; it provides a valuable forum where activists and filmmakers can address key issues and affect tangible change. So it is with the new documentary Whoa Canada, a scathing but humorous look at the disastrous policies and practices of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

It all begins with "Shit Harper Did", otherwise referred to as the SHD, a self-described band of digital pranksters determined to wreak havoc on Harper's polished public image. Through viral videos and social media platforms, the SHD group has exposed many questionable and offensive practices not only of Harper's administration, but throughout the history of their home country as well. Whoa Canada serves as a culmination of their efforts in documentary form during the thick of Harper's re-election campaign.

One of the most egregious of these offenses involves the government's unprecedented surveillance program. The film contends that the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) building - housed in the most expensive government structure in Canada's history - employs thousands of spies whose job it is to hack online communications and listen in on private phone calls. The targets of many of those surveillance activities, however, are ordinary citizens who aren't afraid to speak truth to power, yet otherwise pose no legitimate threat. In fact, the citizens who dare to protest the country's surveillance tactics are usually the chief recipients of the agency's watchful eye.

As the film points out, Canada's history of surveillance is nothing new; it actually dates back to the beginnings of the practice itself during the women's suffrage movement in the early 1900's. The country's oppression of women is surpassed only by its history of racist discrimination in the form of rights denials and rigged elections.

SHD has amassed a legion of dedicated activists who yearn for a sense of empowerment on how they are governed. Through their online campaigns, and the enthralling efforts on display in Whoa Canada, they bring to light many facets of government that those in power would prefer to keep hidden, and in so doing they set the stage for a new Canada that fully represents the interests of its citizens.

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Angie Bold
11 months ago

Without oil and gas electricity plants can't run without electricity we will not have water filtration or sewage program or fresh water into our homes solar and wind are not sustainable. And they are shutting down everything and justifying it by the young ignorant protesters that don't understand this is all by design .weather warfare is common knowledge. Mainly being started to be deployed in the Vietnam War.

P Smith
3 years ago

Let us compare Harper with Trudeau Jr. Or Harper with Chretien. I for one miss Harper, who is more principled than both of them combined.

But in the end, partisan politics is killing Canada. The Member of Parliament does not represent his constituents to the government, he represents the government to them.

Until Recall (the ability for the constituents to FIRE their member of parliament) is instituted, we will continue to drop the % of Canadians voting, more policy like 1 trillion debt and mass immigration will continue to reduce the prosperity of the working & middle classes, and Canada will continue its decline. The parties are OK with this, as long as their leadership & party execs across the country do well, and people like Desmarais can buy politicians, they will not care -- they pay lip service to working & middle classes, as they increase tax and debt on them, counting on the political ignorance of working & middle class Canadians.

5 years ago

Too bias obviously these people hate the progressive conservative party in Canada, but most of the information in the program is one sided. If you want to make a real documentary you need to cover all sides not just the one you picked for personal reasons.

7 years ago

You guys are the ****. So many people are talking about what is going on and people aren't doing anything. THANK YOU. In the US we tend to think you all up North have your stuff together. That you are so kind and environmentally correct (ok...except for the whole tar sands thing) . We all talk about fleeing up there if a certain individual gets into the presidency...well, those of us with Canadian partners... But really it is more of the same up there. And it takes thoughtful, devoted, brave people like yourselves to help others see. Putting on an apron and standing behind the PM is mot a big deal...unless you are the one doing it. Then it is HUGE. Thanks for doing it for all of us, especially the ones that think NOTHING is wrong. Peace and love...

William Chalk
7 years ago

I enjoyed the story and effort and humor it took to put the project together. These folks know their subject matter first hand, unlike many so quick to judge; their action isn't in the branches, its in the roots.

Paul Maxwell
7 years ago

KsDevil, things have already changed. Our federal scientists have been told the gag order against them has been lifted effective immediately, the beginnings of an enquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women is underway and we are finding homes for thousands of Syrian war refuges. Harper and his henchmen damned near destroyed our civilized society and it will take years and much effort to repair the damage. I wish our new government the best of luck.

7 years ago

Now that Harper is "gone" it is up to the current PM to show if things will change.
I'm guessing not.

Glorianne Hesse
7 years ago

Judy West...I agree. People seem to love to talk about issues they know nothing about. Oh, well. Keeps the fingers exercised I guess.

Woman in Ottawa
7 years ago

This is the most intense documentary I have ever seen. I am a victim and need help. Thank you for creating this. Now I finally have a direction.

judy west
7 years ago

Why wasn't geoengineering addressed in this film? The comments above only show the total ignorance of people proving that mass media has made many borderline zombies.

7 years ago

Junk! Take a look at the world air pollutants scale and you will see this documentary is all BS! Have a look at China if you want o see and or witness the real cause of climate change!

Jack Fortin
7 years ago

Where to begin....? One of the most serious issues facing Canadians is the ongoing violation of their privacy. Without privacy there can be no freedom. Did you know that the national identity card which Canadians overwhelmingly opposed is now being implemented through provincial government drivers licenses, ID cards and possibly health care cards? I applaud any effort that challenges Canada's burgeoning police state. That is about the only compliment I can pay this video.
Global warming/climate change....!? Good grief. Remind us again of what percentage of the earth's atmosphere is CO2. Then remind us of what percentage of that (CO2) is manmade as opposed to naturally produced. No numbers here.... look em up if you really care. Don't forget to look at the internationalists filling their pockets with money and power over this non issue. The privilege and power they get out of this comes at the expense of our earnings and freedom.

The surveillance state always evolves into a full police state. That is the greatest threat facing Canadians today. Once the police state is in place how far behind can the machine gun pits be?

I am sure that when climate change deniers are labelled as terrorists, those behind this video will be there to stand up for their civil rights. ...... Is that the sound of crickets?

7 years ago

Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. Obviously made by a bunch of unstable people