Who's Got God's Millions?

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Who's Got God's Millions?Robert Llewellyn attempts to discover which of the world’s top four monotheistic religions has the most money. His journey takes him from Canterbury Cathedral to Vatican City and Israel, as he bids to calculate the income and assets of the Anglican Commune, the Catholic Church, Judaism and Islam.

As an atheist, I’ve always wondered how much money the faiths keep stuffed under the mattress, says Robert Llewellyn. In this time of financial crisis, when billions of pounds are being coughed up to support struggling banks, Robert feels it is time to discover the financial interests of the world’s great monotheistic faiths – Anglicanism, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam.

Robert’s first stop is Canterbury Cathedral, where he is surprised to learn that financial figures for the Church of England are readily available. Robert then travels to Westminster Cathedral to learn about the Catholic Church’s status in England. Part of the Catholic Church’s income in the UK goes to fund the Vatican, so Rome is Robert’s next destination. It soon becomes apparent that Vatican City is a financial black hole, and no one wants to admit how much money the Pope actually has.

Next Robert travels to Jerusalem to scour the finances of Judaism, only to find the Israeli government cannot even put a figure on the number of synagogues in the country. There’s one God – that’s the only figure I can think of, says Ariel Catane of the National Authority of Religious Services.

Finally, Robert heads to the East London Mosque to get a handle on the wealth of Islam. Despite the plethora of statistics available, he finds that no one has ever conducted an audit of the UK’s 1,600 mosques. And his efforts to obtain the global income for Islam founder when none of the embassies of the world’s biggest Muslim countries agree to meet him. Undeterred, Robert eventually comes up with a total figure – but which of the top religions is the richest?

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  1. Slaven

    waste of time...

  2. Linda McGuigan
  3. Linda McGuigan

    What a great wee documentary. I really enjoyed the way it was presented. Just go'es to show how much money religion generate's per year. When the pope said many centuary's ago this myth of christ has served us well he was'nt joking ;-).
    A really light hearted docu I loved it.

    Linda, ;-*

  4. Epicurean_Logic
  5. Epicurean_Logic

    Absolutely hilarious

    Although the figures he comes up with are highly speculative i have to admire the balls on this guy, to go to Rome and ask the catholics how much money they have! I actually thought that he was going to ask the pope himself at one point.

    great entertainment.

  6. Ahasuerus
  7. Ahasuerus

    It might not give the exact figures, but it does show two things: 1. religion is good business 2. no religion wants to admit their incomes.

  8. 8-4
  9. 8-4

    worthless in informative aspects.

    ill make an attempt here:

    richest institution: The Vatican. by far.

    richest per capita: jews, jews, jews (also by far)

    highest donation per capita in percent of total income: muslims

  10. aristidh koka
  11. aristidh koka

    GOD in the tend of MOSE was the chief of secret services of ancient Egypt. he was in line with the others priests and minister of pharaon when his pupet MOSE was doing miracles who him have told before and he was smile when MOSE was doing all the tricks with serpent etc in front of pharaon. after all the soldiers of secret services comanded by this person called GOD poisoned the yeast of all Egypt with a staphilocoocus and who died? all them with weak imunitary system who are the first born. the god is a secret society who eksist from the time when the humans adomesticated the animals. why not to domesticate and the humans in sellf??
    sow and Jesus was a kamimkaze in hand of this secret society and you know who use the kamikazes, the secret services.

  12. Mateus Brajão
  13. Mateus Brajão

    worthless in informative aspects...

  14. David T
  15. David T

    Who’s Got God’s Millions?
    Measures only the income of Gods in England and Wales & not of the Universe!

  16. Alexander Freeman
  17. Alexander Freeman

    Surely the question should not be about wealth which is neither good or bad in and of itself, but how it is used. I would argue the Catholic church is perhaps the biggest charitable organisation in the world (despite its many auspices) and gives charity to all in need albeit in line with doctrinal and dogmatic stipulations i.e. not funding contraception yet setting up AIDS clinics all over third world countries). Muslim zakkat is primarliy for the defence and fortification of the Ummah - other muslims. The Jewish concept of charity is a high one, much charity is given by ultra-rich Jews and as is lamented by many Orthodox Jews a majority now does not go exclusively to Jewish charites.

  18. a_no_n
  19. a_no_n

    I say old boy, i didn't realise There was a difference, what what ^^

  20. L.R.
  21. L.R.

    So, they keep secrets. Secrets are in part of darkenss....and who is the prince of that again? Now you see why it say's that the devil fooled the whole world? If it's secret, it's secret for a reason...the devil doesn't want you to know.

  22. My Asian Trader
  23. My Asian Trader

    An absolutely WORTHLESS documentary. This guy flies all over the globe only to find out that he can't get any straight answers. What should have been a fascinating film is treated like a bloopers episode, so if you're looking for real information here, don't waste your time. Besides, total religious wealth is probably better measured by the per capita income of its followers, anyway.

    @8-4, you've probably got it exactly right.

  24. ProudinUS
  25. ProudinUS

    i'm goin' to hell............who's coming with me????

  26. dewflirt
  27. dewflirt

    Can we toast marshmallows?

  28. ProudinUS
  29. ProudinUS

    Well, that all depends on if somebody doesn't steal em' first to make rice crispies. :-s

  30. dewflirt
  31. dewflirt

    I'll hide them in my shoes, let's go :)

  32. ProudinUS
  33. ProudinUS

    Ok, I'll bring the foot powder! :-)

  34. GodmanEnki
  35. GodmanEnki

    Q&A the millions would have to be split between the evil and GREEDY Roman Catholic Church (The Church of Babylon, relocated) and, or, the Jewish God named Jehovah!
    It sure aint the Hundu''s or Buddhist's

  36. GodmanEnki
  37. GodmanEnki

    for the Roman Church aka Christ/Jesus/Yahwey (father, son, holy ghost).....looks like I was wrong? But I wouldn't trust a Roman Catholic as far as I could throw one. THEY ALL LIE! And I couldn't even lift the Pope off the ground!

  38. GodmanEnki
  39. GodmanEnki

    No, no, no....Not the "Church of England. The QUEEN OF ENGLAND!

  40. GodmanEnki
  41. GodmanEnki

    RELIGIOUS FREAKS "GIVE" CAUSE THEY BELIEVE IT WILL SAVE THEIR SOULS. THE very same error Cain made. "I know a billion sounds like a lot" Well, that's because IT IS!

  42. GodmanEnki
  43. GodmanEnki

    "A PLACE OF WORSHIP?" My royal Norwegian ass!

  44. GodmanEnki
  45. GodmanEnki

    Don't you find it strange that THE POPE doesn't trust Jesus enough to "protect him" that he has Mercedes make him a BULLET-PROOF-CAR? What does THAT tell you about the Pope's faith?

  46. GodmanEnki
  47. GodmanEnki

    You can thank Mr. Holy himself...."RONALD REAGAN" for making the Vatican a "Solitary-State."

  48. GodmanEnki
  49. GodmanEnki

    After viewing the video, it doesn't surprise me at all, no one "knows" how much money the CHURCHES CON out of well meaning stupid people. And, what makes it even worse is, IT'S ALL TAX-FREE!
    And most folks are trying to "buy-their-way" into 'Heaven."
    (Remember GodFather 3 and "THE ILLUMINATI?" YES, IT DOES exist!

  50. GodmanEnki
  51. GodmanEnki

    I guess I should join the Muslims? After all, you cannot beat 72 Virgins! (Great sales pitch fellas!)

  52. GodmanEnki
  53. GodmanEnki

    I will..... Who wants to walk on gold streets and have NO sex?

  54. Betty Phillips
  55. Betty Phillips

    I would like to see him do Mormonism.

  56. smileanyways
  57. smileanyways

    That´s what they make you believe in Europe and North america,but sorry,i live in the third world and so far have not seen any free catholic installation of any kind.The local catholic high school is the most expensive in town as well as one of the worst-paying.Just keep on praying........

  58. Nicola-Jane Wiseman
  59. Nicola-Jane Wiseman

    I'm going to look at the doc now but my initial impressions are that he doesn't sound like he's too good with money.

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