Why We Breathe: Yoga

2013, Society  -   13 Comments
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Shot over a half year period across the US, in a diverse circumstances and interesting interviews, this documentary was developed out of the notion to comprehend why people tend to do the things they do. Particularly, the film asks the question, why do you practice yoga? Why keep doing it? Why do you like it? The authors ask expert yogis these questions, and obtain an understanding into the potential that yoga can provide.

People are at first attracted to yoga for the physical component of it, because they want to get in good shape, look well and be vigorous, and that's certainly the reason number one that gets people interested. But what keeps them attached and what makes them keep practicing is once they get through the corporeal side of it, and they recognize the subjective, spiritual and the restorative advantages, on a much deeper level.

People are mostly exercising martial arts with the goal of disintegrating the ego and managing to clearly realize when you're in a conflict. But some became aware that you can achieve the same composure of mind and calmness through this yoga routine... which would take years with practicing martial arts. And within several lessons, they would experience it, and understand that there is something more than just the aspect of physical health of it - it is the extra capacity that is discovered in the mind and the body that just feels really good.

Our anxieties, despairs and self-doubts are actually mental creations... all the time... but not rooted in reality. And yoga helps to tone those thoughts down. On the other hand lot of people need regular physical activities to partly allow them to sleep and compose themselves. There are a lot of things that go on in our heads, and yoga is a good way to calm yourself down physically and mentally.

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  1. whoopi_goldberg

    I'm trying to find the words to describe this documentary without being disrespectful

  2. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  3. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Good music!
    ...not a yoga fan, my work has me stretching enough :-p


  4. oQ
  5. oQ

    Set up interviews not documentary.

  6. Hugh
  7. Hugh

    would love to know the two song titles and performer(s)

  8. vijay
  9. vijay

    While documenting a subject like Yoga , please show the viewer what its all about with a soft narrative in the background , rather than making it one long TV soap

  10. Nancy Vail
  11. Nancy Vail

    I like it...it's not so bad

  12. Eric Lawson
  13. Eric Lawson

    I guess Yoga will always be a middle to upper class Woman's thing . I do stretch as much as possible do not think i would feel right in a yoga class.To each his or her own just not for me !!!

  14. douglas
  15. douglas

    Nice doucumentary,as an African American Yoga Educator, I would of appreciated a more diverse group of teachers, and I believe we can make a better world by serving or bringing this wellness to underserved communities even though it's needed just as much in the suburbs as well. We are all connected.

  16. luciano
  17. luciano

    yes I would love too

  18. Phredbasset
  19. Phredbasset

    Interesting... Not sure why you think it would take years to achieve this calm & centredness with martial arts. People practicing Qigong often achieve this way of being within weeks, sometimes within their first couple of practices.
    & why would you want to disintegrate the ego? I'd think the aim might more appropriately be to "tame" the ego so it acts as the useful servant to us that it can be, rather than the domineering control freak many of us have let it become...

  20. Francis
  21. Francis

    what the hell is the yoga teacher puppy licking (36:00) all of the time !!!??? Total unfocused, sure I'm needing yoga.

  22. crystal
  23. crystal

    this was entertaining enough. I was hoping for a little more substance... got to say, lost me at the end when the Cruikshanks gal was talking on and on and not noticing her dog was repeatedly licking the air in a really strange way...... and she was completely oblivious. weird. I liked the music ;)

  24. mke m
  25. mke m


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