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Mobile technologies have shaped our way of life, but are they also discreetly killing us? That's the question raised by the new documentary short WI-FRIED?, a thought-provoking look at the secret dangers which may lurk in the midst of our globally connected society.

Everywhere you turn, people are buried in their mobile devices and tablets. Children are also an integral part of this phenomenon as these technologies take greater precedence in the school system. As a result, users of all ages worldwide are being exposed to minute amounts of microwave radiation that they never had to contend with in years past before these devices came into being. While officials have dismissed the notion that this exposure can harbor ill health effects in the long term, many scientists and other insiders are speaking out in disagreement.

Dr. Devra Davis, a highly regarded cancer epidemiologist, is one such critic of the widespread and frequent use of these devices. Her arguments are based upon common medical sense. The heart and brain thrive on electrical impulse. When these internal mechanics absorb an influx of electromagnetic signals for countless hours, it stands to reason that a biological disturbance could likely occur as a result.

Have these technologies advanced too quickly to allow for the thorough evaluation and study of their potential dangers, or does this represent a sinister corporate cover-up? Perhaps both of these points possess more than a shred of truth. The film highlights a few factors to which the public is largely unaware. Safety protocols have been advertised for the use of cellular technologies among users with pacemakers, but should this admonition be expanded to include all users? Radiofrequency radiation - the same energy that powers our cell phones and tablets - has been classified as a possible carcinogen. In the face of this uncertain determination, should additional safety measures be adopted as a precautionary measure until further study proves more conclusive?

WI-FRIED? is a powerful example of worthy investigative journalism, because it empowers viewers to consider the ramifications of technologies the majority of us depend upon on a daily basis.

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  1. Cnit


    Punch yourself in the head and get those neurons firing again. Your comment about gluten has to be the most uneducated. You should pray that you don't have Celiac disease. For your information not just people with celiac but in most people gluten creates an inflammatory response in the body. Those minor aches and pains that people experience but shrug it off because they have had it on and off for so many years and just dismiss it as aging, is most likely inflammation due to a food sensitivity. Most likely gluten but not always the case. There are a whole host of food sensitivities that go un-diagnosed. Learning this information is what is called progress...
    If we all had your attitude we would still think the world was flat.

  2. Cnit


    I completely agree with you!

  3. TheTruth

    Read about microwaves,read about phase cancellation,read about the physics of magnetism and polarity then tell me which physical function of the body is not controlled via frequency based electrical impulse in your neural networks.Next tell me how it's not(at least) possible (if not probable)to have effects from swimming in a sea of radio waves.After that tell me about patents granted for devices designed to influence the brain externally via radio waves.Can a song put you in a good mood? can a repetitive sound of specific frequency aggravate you?,gee I wonder how?Does the military have sonic weapons?, and microwave crowd control weapons designed to heat you up to a painful state?.People are all unique in their tolerance to specific things obviously,these effects won't happen fast enough for science and will take years of study,who funds research in these areas?.DDT was safe and good too huh?.wake up,sheeple

    1. lisa

      Well said xxoo

  4. rdtree

    Oh, and as for the ionizing radiation argument: just because it isn't ionizing radiation doesn't mean it won't harm you. Cancer has multiple causes. And it isn't just cell phone radiation. Look around you.

  5. rdtree

    I can't give specifics without ending up in legal "hot water" but during the 1990's while a graduate student at an Ivy League University, the government approached researchers in various scientific fields and presented to them a single task...provide evidence that cell phone technology does not cause adverse health effects. It was insanely lucrative in terms of funding yet no "team" could provide evidence in support of the hypothesis. In our study, it didn't take long at all to see the dangers. After about eight of the eleven teams finished, the funding ceased, our research data was confiscated, and we were persuaded to sign documents of silence and to never speak of the study again. I know the "silence" stuff sounds ominous, but it is a very common practice in research. We weren't threatened and I never felt uncomfortable with the procedure. In fact, the university was hoping that we would provide evidence favoring the hypothesis and continue working on the projects based on the funding alone. Universities like free government money as much as scientists. So the data providing evidence of the dangers of cell phone use was buried. I know my account is vague, but it has to be vague., at least for now.

  6. Nieuczesany

    The only evidence provided in this program is about correlation between heavy mobile phone usage and brain cancer. It's worth knowing, but there aren't any arguments or any research mentioned about the topic - that is the effect that Wi-Fi can have on human health.

  7. That Ben Guy

    It has been proven that only ionizing radiation may cause abnormalities to the atoms in humans, which are x-rays and gamma rays. Cell phones, radios, wifi, satellite tv, etc. do not cause abnormalities. Doctors are not scientists, as much as some want to claim both titles.

  8. meep3000

    Death is all around us

  9. Michael Hilden

    a digital video re:the dangers of emf... absolutely brilliant.... where is the mass extinction event when we really need it?

  10. bungabunga

    Sharon H, you are absolutely right. too we can't more, It would be so refreshing to talk to someone who actually is paying attention to what is really going on in the world.

  11. unknown

    What is this ..i am just waiting for the Brass Eye logo to show up ....
    This reminds me of time people try to claim energy saving light bulbs was bad for your health ...or the mobile phones will make kids brains deformed ...guess what those mobile phones kids are in there 30s now and they seem normal enough if not wiser than there parent ..

  12. Tleigh

    Keiith in reply to your comment.... I'm sure people said exactly the same about cigarettes at one time. It's taken 50 odd years for people to believe what they were told by early research into the effects of tobacco. And how many people have died in the mean time?
    This is worse because children were not regular consumers of cigarettes. Better to be safe than sorry I reckon.

  13. MIke

    Is there tangible evidence that cell phones and WiFi lead to brain tumors or is this another pseudo science theory made from uneducated people slandering non-sense. Like gluten is unhealthy, marijuana cures cancer, eating this certain diet detoxifies the body (this really makes me want to punch someone)...

    1. Esmee

      Hi Mike, i have celiacs disease when i eat gluten my body own body destroys the walls inside my intestines that are absorbing the nutriens that all humans need, like minerals, vitamines, protein. so i will slowly starve while eating. hair falling our, iron deficiency, fatigue and when keep eating gluten i will just die. so no pseudo science here

  14. Katima

    Keitth - You are either in denial, or you haven't researched this topic properly, or you haven't paid attention to what this documentary is telling you? I have a 58 y/o male friend who just had an 8 hour surgery, (about 2 months ago) to have a slow growing moderate size benign tumor "Acoustic neuroma" cut out of his brain. His tumor had started within his left inner ear and it wrapped its tentacles along the base of his skull and towards his brainstem. He is also known as heavy cellphone user. (Used his cellphone for at least 1 hour every day for the last 10+ years.) And yes, the hearing within his left ear, (cellphone ear) is totally gone. As for me, I went back to using a corded phone for my longer calls, and keep my cellphone on hand for emergencies only. You can lead a horse to water but......

  15. User1

    One of the most bizarre videos I've seen from TDF. This video is 28 minutes long and stops before you can see the ending. Who knows what else this video has to say.

  16. Roisin

    The documentary is quite compelling unfortunately very unprofessional to cut off the protagonist mid-sentence.

  17. Barbara Guillette

    Especially when this technology has been discovered to be the directed energy weapons. Non lethal is a misnomer. Used on targets today, medical is now digital at the govt urging . Why? Back doors.. and all the better to control you my dear using V2K an army term and DEW. Coupled with through wall radar your life belongs to "them".

  18. ravi Govindasamy

    Very useful and cautious videos. I hope all nations especially parents should aware about wi-fi. Thanks for this documentary film.

  19. NHWCenter

    Great documentary but cut off before it finished. There have been studies for years but just as the speaker states the industry tries to belittle the research or negate the information in order to confuse the public. I have seen the damage of EMF's on my clients, and in fact myself, and limiting our exposure will only facilitate health and wellness~probably not the agenda of the telecommunications industry.

  20. Sharon H

    The worst thing all this technology has done is to destroy empathy, human contact and brain rewiring. Our children are not developing the same types of brains (i.e., neuron connections) as they did before this ridiculous tech takeover. What I have seen is appalling, even in my two nieces. And it has caused "cell phone addiction". We have gone overboard with all this technology and are losing our human components. That is something that needs to be addressed as well. Are we really better off?

  21. Nick

    .....Why the 'cut off' at the end of the video? And of course children are the most vulnerable to Wi-Fi, doesn't take rocket science to know this! Children ARE the most vulnerable to this problem. All children right now, should be on 'speaker' mode, or 'airplane' mode the moment they handle a wi-fi device and stay on this mode till finished. Better still, be using a wired device such as a tablet/phone etc. No wi-fi at all! These kids are growing up bathed in wi-fi radiation, SURE they're going to get cancers around the age of 30 or 40 yrs old, or earlier.

    1. TDF

      There are only few seconds "cut off" at end of this documentary. Nothing to worry about.

  22. Keitth

    Beautiful reporter....but the video is really a waste of time...evidence not good enough to say that mobile devices affects sperm, or cause brain tumors.