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Winged Migration

2001 ,    »  -   15 Comments
Ratings: 7.93/10 from 14 users.

Winged MigrationAn odyssey over three years in the making, Winged Migration certainly is an amazing experience to behold. Its most impressive and moving achievement is its ability to draw the viewer into an almost foreign world, traveling along with a myriad of bird species as they undertake their semiannual migrations over vast distances. Just as MicroCosmos placed the viewer into an ant-sized world where blades of grass loomed like skyscrapers, Winged Migration offers the world through birds' eyes.

We're on the ground with them as they interact, look for sustenance, and care for their young; and we're in the air with the birds as they dauntlessly fly high and low above the earth and sea. The film is also a tour of the globe that reveals gorgeous landscapes that most humans never get to see. One of the most unexpected delights of the film is listening to the many and varying voices of these creatures as they communicate with each other; it's almost like a music track all its own.

As far as the actual music and score of the film, it is a mixed bag. Some musical choices interact nicely with the visuals, while many are overwrought and distracting. Usually the most effective moments are either without music or accompanied with minimalist compositions. The thrill of flying with the birds is countered with the depiction of the disasters and impediments that they face on a daily basis.

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  1. Zoë

    the video for winged migration doesn't work. makes me sad.

  2. normal
  3. normal

    So very beautiful and yet so very sad.
    All of these birds will be gone someday thanks to humans.

  4. Superpescado
  5. Superpescado

    Enjoyed it very much thanks.

  6. Ron
  7. Ron

    Great photography but would have been better with narration to help us identify the types of birds we are seeing.

  8. edip
  9. edip

    Thanks to those who made this movie.

  10. nicepicture
  11. nicepicture

    They dont tell you where they are or what speicies. Nice to look at though, a nice picture film.

  12. Emily Stites
  13. Emily Stites

    A good doc and I enjoyed that the narration did not overpower the already natural beauty of the film. However when there was narration, it was very difficult to hear and at times I wish the narrator had provided some information of the species of birds.

  14. Emily Stites
  15. Emily Stites

    I like that the narration didn't over power this already beauty-rich production, however, when narration was present, it was very difficult to hear. I do wish that we were provided with the species of birds. But overall this was a great doc and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  16. yasir zia
  17. yasir zia

    Any bird that flies to winter from summer has got to change its migration pattern,....

  18. yasir zia
  19. yasir zia

    Awesome camera work, i would like to know how many duck cams were used.
    Brilliant work fellas!

  20. girly
  21. girly

    When I watched the film on IFC [or National Geo?], it included location and species information. Not detailed but specific. One of the most beautifully shot films ever. Can't imagine the dedication and patience it took to create this amazing reel.

  22. dangerous road
  23. dangerous road

    Fantastic work!! Undoubtedly one of the most fantastic natural phenomena, migration.

  24. YouWooky
  25. YouWooky

    Simply the best in-flight footage I have ever seen. One wonders how most of it was achieved. Sad that the filming was the only positive representation of mankind in this entire documentary.

  26. Lovro Šari? Kora?evi?
  27. Lovro Šari? Kora?evi?

    ok, this is one of the most magnificent documentaries I have ever seen. They must have sold their souls to the devil, because there is no other way for me to explain myself some of those scenes.
    And I find the comments down complaining about narration and species very disappointing, yet not so surprising. Why should we always see everything categorized and explained? I enjoyed the "child like" perspective, and the minimal approach of the narrator. If you want to see all details just go to the web page of the film.

  28. David Hall
  29. David Hall

    Wonderful close to perfection as any documentary I've seen , thank you !

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