Woke Up Alive

2009, Society  -   29 Comments
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Do you have the courage to go inside of Israel and see who really lives there? If you have strong feelings about Israel, this is a must see award winning documentary movie.

The message of the diverse people of Israel is clear - the real enemy of all peoples of the Middle East is oppression and those ideologies that stress human differences and not common humanity.

Woke Up Alive is an award-winning documentary from directors Mark Blacknell and Michael Poggenburg that offers a fresh and hopeful look at the controversial land of Israel.

Looking beyond the war, death, and man-made chaos often associated with the country, Woke Up Alive follows a more natural spontaneity to find peace, music, friendship, and most all, a sense of openness in the every day lives of the diverse people of Israel.

Woke Up Alive creates a fresh sense of the beauty and spirit of the Holy Land in all of its living diversity.

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29 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Ellie S.

    You know what we all have to do, and that includes EVERYONE. Work together, share everything. This planet is about to die. We should be thinking about how to save our planet and the animals.

    Unfortunately, though, there are too many anti semites, and anti everyone else.

    But you can't blame the many races who fear hatred against them. Look at what hatred has done.

    I know what it's like to be hated, and I am truly afraid of what can happen when that devil is unleashed.

    Do you understand what it's like to be a hated race?

  2. Ellie S.

    You people will never accept Jews, will you? We are all the same. All humans. Capable of hate, love, kindness, cruelty, etc. No one can claim to be better or worse than anyone.

    So remember to walk a mile before you judge.

  3. Joe Shmoe

    @william: Good for you. Don't watch anything that doesn't fit and support your current beliefs.
    @anna: Wow, you must be an enlightened being to know the "truth". And thank you for sharing the "truth" with us lesser beings. And it's nice to know that you can know the "truth" without actually knowing the "facts" as you show so eloquently in your posts. I hope I too can come to know the "truth" in the future without having to actually know the facts of a situation, since learning facts and history are just way to tiresome. How wonderful to be able to arrive at the truth without them.
    And finally, if you call a duck a duck and the duck argues that you shouldn't automatically call it a duck just because it quacks, the duck is still a duck. The quack just adds to the preponderance of the evidence.

    1. Ellie S.

      And you are still whatever it is that you are. I wish I could say all I want to say, but it wouldn't get aired.

  4. William Wilgus

    A terrorist government, a warring government, a supremacist government. Without doing anything but reading the introductory text to this video, it's obvious that its propaganda.

  5. Daniel

    Regardless, an entertaining doc with a nice feel to it. In the end of the day with politics, power, religion, conflict, and all kinds of complicated and apparently unsolvable stuff, what it comes down to is to chill and be a nice and friendly person. Afterall, for most people, what else is in your everyday power to do? I think this film concieves that message pretty good. Good one. Love on earth!

  6. matt van den ham

    Pretty cool video but it's pretty much fluff. Talking about peace and what not is a neat idea, but tell that to the people who are being attacked on both sides. It's like the states saying after the 9/11 attack 'come on guys, can't we all just love each other and live in peace? let's just be bros, we're all human and this land was made for all of us" haha it's ridiculous right? Unfortunately there's extremists in the world and peace comes at a cost. If you think in terms of peace and harmony it's great, but you need to defend yourself when someone is attacking you--plain and simple. You can't have peace without order. You can't love a terrorist into not killing you. Humans still have a savage side that needs to be tamed, try to live in ignorance to this fact and they will conquer you and everything you have and stand for. Call me 'fearful' if you want, but it's true.

    1. Deborah Macaoidh Selim

      I don't know about all that. "War is peace", etc. I'm getting to the point where I could make a personal vow of non-violence no matter what. I don't know if I can stick to it, but I'm going to try. I can't speak for anyone else, but I can decide for myself.Someone will always want to fight. Where does it end? Is peace even possible? All I know for sure is the way things are does not work. I'd like to think I can take a bullet to the brain or whatever rather than hurt another person, even an evil person. But who knows until something like that actually happens?

      The abduct/torture scenario freaks me out. I don't know if anyone could stay peaceful after that.

    2. oklima

      That's a very paranoid attitude typical of the state of Israel which likes to portray itself as a victim of savage neighbours who are always plotting its destruction. Actually it is Israel that is the aggressor, treating the people whose land it stole like dogs, causing instability in the world by attacking its neigbours and trying desperately to drag the US and world into another war of aggression against Iran. What about Israel's nuclear weapons? It is a fanatical state whose paranoid schizophrenic aggression is the biggest danger to peace in the middle east.

      America is also culpable here, its leaders being too scared to do anything to stop Israel, instead preferring to punish Palestinians as shown recently by the Nobel Peace Prize winner (laughable, I know) Obama.

  7. Jeffrey BigDaddy Shaver

    That's cool and all, but when the barriers for your common joe anywhere in the world immigrating to israel are so high based on religion and ethnicity, i don't think the premise is honest from the get go.

  8. anna miller

    Dull, disjointed feel good pablum for the New Age post religion crowd.
    How about this Israeli's? You invaded an area that was already populated, due to your supremacist, archaic religion. Your government
    mistreats human beings on a daily basis, aggressively hoards the fresh water supply and manipulates United States foreign policy. No amount of hashish can make that go away.

    1. a_no_n

      in all fairness though, which country hasn't done all that at some point in it's history.

      Don't get me wrong, i don't disagree with you. I think the Israeli government has alot to answer for, i just think we need tokeep a broader context of the world Israel is trying to live in
      (plus as i brit i realise that about 80% of this mess is my lots fault...for which we are all dreadfully sorry.)

    2. anna miller

      I appreciate your honesty. England: the original colonial kingpin, originator of world boundaries and mapmakers
      for brown people.

    3. a_no_n

      well..Credit where credit is due I think the Romans are better suited to that particular title!
      we didn't invent the concept, we just expanded on it.

    4. anna miller

      Roman Empire, Part II

    5. matt van den ham

      Nah, England aren't the originators of this concept. It was a world effort to create boundaries and maps. Cultures define themselves and people create their own boundaries to separate their unique culture. Maybe cultures are what separate people? Pretty interesting documentary, got me thinking.

    6. anna miller

      No, culture alone does not separate people. Cultures based on religion is what separates people. Religion tells people that they are special and superior to others choosing to believe in different concepts.

    7. Davey

      I would add that Palestinians also follow a "supremacist, archaic religion".

    8. anna miller

      Agreed. All religion is based on something that can not be proven. While we are at it, Christianity is also a supremacist, archaic religion, with its roots in Judaism.
      Palestinians however, have not invaded other areas of the world and claimed it as their own, because god told them it was their land by "divine" law. That is nothing short of insane. It needs to be called for what it is. We might become involved in world war because of religious insanity because we can't say no to psychopaths.

    9. xxDarkSidexx

      I had to log in to give you a high five anna, well said, well said indeed.

    10. Schwoggle

      Where do you live, Anna? How did your leaders treat the people who lived there before your people came.

      Look at the film and get rid of your hatred by checking up on the truth. You seemed to have learned nothing from the film.

      What a comedown to watch the film and then read the prepubescent comments of the ignorant such as yourself. Come to Israel and see the truth with your own eyes if you can open them. Only then you will be qualified to to opine!

    11. anna miller

      The people who lived in my area before European invaders came were commonly called "Indians" and now
      "Native Americans". The human beings already living in what is now called the Americas, were seen as "heathens" by the invading European Christians. The native Americans were slaughtered hundreds at a time and given blankets loaded with small pox virus.
      I think you misplace who is truly doing the "hating".
      Zionists invaded Palestine long, long, after the diaspora.
      I want to feel good too, but lasting peace can only come through truth.

    12. Schwoggle

      Ms.Miller, I have read some f your previous comments about Jews and you don't hide the fact that you are an outright classical antisemite. (I'm talking about the Jewish semites. not the Muslim ones.)

      I won't go through the history of the hatred of the Muslim world to the Jews. Suffice it say that Mohammed brought his new religion to the Jews thinking they would accept him with open arms. They sent him away.

      I understand you live in the USA. Knowing a little about your views of occupation, I wonder how you can come to terms with that. Didn't the first white Americans take it by war from the British? Didn't they then proceed on a path of genocide against the indigenous natives? Didn't they then steal huge parcels of land from the Mexicans and South America? and so on and on and did they have any historical right to any of the land?

      Let's talk about the Jews whom nobody apart from the mentally blind denies that they do have at least a 3000 years of connection to their land. Even the holocaust denier, Muhmud Abbas, the President of Fatah can't deny that. Yes, the Jews, the people you talk about in other Discus commentaries referring to them as running the banks, Hollywood, the government and on and on. As I said, classical anti-semitism. You say that we stole the land from the Palestinians. Well, let me tell you a little bit of history. All verifiable. The land of Israel including what is now Jordan was allotted to Israel by the Balfour Agreement; The League of Nations; and verified by the United Nations. Great Briton was nominated to organise the transfer of the land to the Jews but Churchill took it on himself to cut off about two thirds of the allocated to the Jews to make a new country he called Trans Jordan, now called Jordan for the Arabs in the area. There was never ever a state called Palestine and there was never a people called Palestinians in all of history and that's a verifiable fact. In 1948 the nations of the world recognised the small amount of land that the British had left for us. Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel and offered the "Palestinians" a State of their own. Instead of even considering the offer and with the famous 3 "Noes" from the Arab countries they refused the offer and 7 Arab countries went to war against the nascent state of Israel. They lost that war and every war since except one and that's where you come in.

      Do you know that there are millions of Arabs living happily in Israel, not all but most. To show what I mean is a poll not long ago which asked the Israeli Arabs if they would prefer to have Israeli citizenship that Palestinian citizenship. When asked why, the answers came back, we are freer here than in our own land. Israel is a true democracy and every citizen is free to express his/her views.There are Arab parties in the Knesset (government). We are an open society and the Jewish population including myself, would do whatever we could to negotiate a genuine peace with our neighbours. What we won't accept are rockets falling on our civillian neighbourhoods. What we won't accept are suicide bombers, mostly children who have been taught that blowing themselves and taking as many Jews as possible with them so that they can get their 72 virgins when they get to heaven. What we can't accept is killing homosexuals because of their sexual orientation or killing of Jews because they are Jews.

      Let's get back to you. You obviously have a strong passion for whom you see as the downtrodden, the underdog, so I ask you why do you live in a country that did and does what you hate. I suppose you could move to Hawaii, oh, no, they have a Queen who is trying to get their land back. What about California? No, that was taken from the Spanish. Miami, well, the native Indians!Oh, it's hard isn't it. Just out of interest, why don't we here much about Tibet these days? I suppose it's not sexy enough. You may as well stay where you are and fulminate against the evil, vile, Jews and keep yourself happy.

    13. anna miller

      hit a big nerve. the truth hurts. how do you know that I am not a Jew? A typical response and exactly the reason we are in the position we currently find ourselves.

    14. Schwoggle

      Unfortunately, there are many antisemitic Jews. When you use the "facts" as written in the "Elders of Zion" Russian forgery you are antisemitic whether you are a Jew or not!
      My point is that you don't seem to be aware of the incontrovertible, historical and provable facts. I'm not saying that we Israelis are innocent in this endless conflict with the Arabs.
      Personally. I would agree to almost any strongly based peace treaty with them but draw the line at suicide. Both side of the argument have to feel safe in their decisions. Mahatma Gandhi said that the Jews should bare their necks to the German sword during WW2.
      No!!! We're not going to do that. If you are a Jew or not, you're welcome to give it a try with the Palestinians.
      I can't see anyone rushing.

    15. Schwoggle

      On second thoughts, I have to say that any further discussion with you appears to be fruitless and disheartening.

    16. anna miller

      Any person who dares speak truth to power is considered an anti-Semite. How do you know that I am not a Jew? The truth hurts...

    17. oklima

      Haha, I was wondering how long it would take you to label a critic of Israel as an anti-semite! Typical reactionary, childish, lazy tactic of smearing people, with who you are ill-equipped to debate as an adult, with ridiculous labels. Pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Very sad how Israel's citizens constantly dehumanise the poor people they are oppressing.

    18. huy

      You invaded an area that was already populated

      send us back to concentration camps anna
      history is older then you are.We are still alive and remember your "kindness"