World Cup's Most Shocking Moments


World Cup's Most Shocking MomentsRichard Bacon and guest presenter Peter Crouch look back on the 50 greatest shocks in the history of the World Cup, covering the last six tournaments and including moments such as Maradona's Hand of God, Zinedine's Zidane's head-butt in the 2006 final and England's penalty pain.

Featuring first-hand accounts from people who were there, such as David Seaman talking about getting lobbed by Ronaldinho, John Barnes exclusively revealing how Gazza nearly rapped on World in Motion, and Graham Poll talking about his infamous three yellow cards moment.

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  1. Irish Sweetness

    Bit arrogant of the English guy thinking the USA didn't play soccer. Probably more people play soccer in the USA than there are people n England.

  2. Dara

    Could someone please show me a list of the soundtrack. I especially like the song when the Germans are taking penalties.

    1. Axel Alejandro

      This is how it feels By Inspiral Carpets ;)

    2. A. Lab.

      Do you know the song at the very beginning of moment #1 (the thrilling kind of tune) ?

  3. Sarah Beck

    way too many moments involving England that are neither shocking nor interesting nor entertaining, it was 70% about UK and 30% about the rest of the world, very disappointing.

  4. Carl Hesselmark

    Should be Englands best fotball moment. Didnt enjoy it at all.

  5. Dawkins

    This should be in the comedy section XD

  6. Rohit

    Number 45 was very lame.. its ok to sweat in that hot weather, so what if he wore a silky shirt.. its football world cup guys, not fashion show in Milan

  7. João Jagga Fardilha

    Ok number 37, has the most biased comments yet, even if L. Blanc didn't touch Billic's face, he tried to, so it's an sport fault and misconduct, it IS a FAIR red card... what the hell? I know English football has a fame of being violent, but you brits can't actually agree that Blanc's attitude should go unpunished, do you?

  8. His Forever

    SHOCKING! . . . . that I actually watched this. And what excactly is an "ultimate cock up"?!? I was promised 50 and all I saw was soccer bloopers. Very dissappointed. "'Ballies' all around the world" love the World Cup? Hey! I watched the World Cup in 2010 (on Korean television nonetheless). Do I count? At times like this, I feel so . . . . so . . . . American! "A really nice bloke!" ;-)

  9. Teamtigerpaw

    That was fun.

  10. GoughLewis

    Funny stuff... the "hand of god" haha! I liked Crouch lol

  11. Eeuwe Bergsma

    To funny, Crouch is such a bad actor that it gets even funnier then it was meant to be. Great of him though taking part in this! And i see those english fans feel the same about the german team as we dutch do!

    1. Brian Keys

      Agreed. he is *SO* bad

    2. eugler

      Yep, and the feeling is mutual. Wenn's um Fußball geht...

    3. Jack1952

      What I thought was funny is that after the Germans I hate the English.

      Incidentally, my mother's maiden was Bergsma.

      Still smarting from that loss to Spain.

  12. Earthwinger

    Although I'm English, it seems that the football loving gene, skipped a generation in my family. I did enjoy this though, all the funny bits without having to sit through entire matches. The incident involving the American player on the sidelines is absolutely priceless. That he thought he could get away with doing *that* unnoticed at a World Cup match, with cameras everywhere, was just laugh out loud funny!

  13. Imightberiding

    I do appreciate the "Beautiful Game" but I have to say, compared to many other high level sports you could hardly call most of these incidences on this top 50 list as "Shocking". The majority seem to be regular occurences throughout daily play. Yes these things happened at the world cup but come on, excessive underarm sweating, bad hairstyles, hits, penalties & misses are considered shocking? This is all interesting historical dialogue about soccer/football but hardly shocking material.

  14. lexy677

    Two disgusting english low-lives. I hate that accent. It just ticks me off

    1. TreeClub

      low-lives? Hope your setting a good example for them lexy.

    2. lexy677

      Sorry TreeClub,
      That was thoughtless of me. I guess I was in a bad mood...and that accent
      always worsens my mood.

    3. James del Valle

      bit unfair critisism of our fellow countrymen, arrogance that England will win before they kick a ball is off putting though especially when they are time wasters, as bad as Ally McLeods lot in 1978 at every world cup.

    4. lexy677

      Yeah I admit my comment was unfair.....I was just so ticked-off with their does not excuse my calling them "low lives" though and
      I sincerely apologize to all readers and the duo in question.