The World's Future Megaprojects

The World's Future Megaprojects

2017, Technology  -   11 Comments
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What will the world look like in the next 30 years? The exciting new documentary The World's Future Megaprojects seeks answers as it examines eight ambitious initiatives that may forever alter societies around the globe.

The film begins in Turkey, where more than $400 billion has recently been allocated for expansive infrastructure projects. These structures include a state-of-the-art airport that is certain to be one of the busiest in the world, a sleek financial center that will serve as Istanbul's version of Wall Street, vastly refurbished housing, an expansive natural gas pipeline, and the longest high rail system in Europe. Political insecurity may endanger the completion of some of these projects, but their potential can have positive ramifications for millions if given a chance to succeed.

Then there's the symbiotic relationship between NASA and innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk. Both are working to advance the cause of space exploration in our lifetime. Musk vows to launch a commuter vessel around the moon for paying travelers within the next year while NASA is currently undergoing training and development missions for a journey to Mars by 2040.

Lagos, the largest city on the continent of Africa, has long been steeped in corruption and limited opportunities for its people. But thanks to its new, forward-thinking government, the city is undergoing an impressive renaissance. The film details the efforts to transform Lagos into one of the planet's leading economic powerhouses through both practical and lofty infrastructure projects.

The World's Future Megaprojects also shines a spotlight on Zambia's commitment to clean, renewable energy, the construction of a highly advanced highway system in the densely populated country of India, a project aimed at inventing the necessary resources for interstellar travel, a futuristic sports stadium currently underway in Atlanta, Georgia, and China's "One Belt One Road" initiative, which promises to bring about the next evolution in transportation, energy and global trade.

Each of these projects harbor a hefty price tag, but government and private industry has joined to bring them into fruition. In our age of modern technology and inter-connectivity, we're only limited by our imagination. It's difficult to despair over the future of our species while watching these initiatives take shape.

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4 years ago

I'd really like to see things from these socialist(rob from the middle class to buy votes from the poor, making everyone but the ruling class, equally poor) but I can't get my head that far up my backside; wow how brilliant Marx was... cough cough.

Easy for the ignorant govt school/major media indoctrinated dupes to take cheap shots at Trump while providing no evidence of their claims what so ever. Just blind unthinking socialist useful idiots, as Soviet Lenin would call them. TPP was a scam on the usa and hand over our sovereignty to others; the exact same thing the Brits got weary of: Others in Brussels screwing them and controlling their destiny into the crap hole so their favored nations could benefit from that.

Obama was a minion of the Globalists who have been pushing for one world govt where some communists will control every aspect of your life. And Trump is the fool for preventing that? Only if you are dunce who needs controlling and hates other's freedom. ....Yet reams of evidence exist on the lies and corruption of Obama and the Clintons, yet the socialista-govt-media complex never reports much negative about them nor the ever more burdensome Socialista scam; much like most of these mega projects are. Govt stealing from the poor and middle class to feather its nest of power and control. It is merely Robin Hood in reverse.

FOLLOW THE MONEY... China believes it can print money similar to the USA and get away with it. It has gotten away with it for a time and that time may be nearing an end. Many other nations have made the same mistake, spending more than they can afford. The usa will be the last domino to fall, because we CAN afford it, as long as our economy is in decent shape.

So, unless the dupes who watch the major media elect another Obama-Bush-Clinton Globalist=communist ruiner of the economy... All by design, so they can cause upheaval and sucker people into giving up more rights and freedom, for supposed security, which will be vaporware coming real soon now...Not.

This major media fake news dupe claims the oceans are rising along Africa, but provides zero evidence. And how can such oceans rise there but not along the coastlines of the usa and Europe, where actual measurements rather than flawed computer models show the BS of power grab the so called progressive = Marxist Corporations and Govt use against the people. Erosion and slightly higher waters can be from increased winds, storms, human activity, sinking lands, etc. Many non-rocky areas along the usa would be eroding if not for man made breakwaters and protective measures.

Do some actual real homework please, rather that parroting the socialista agenda fake everything propaganda.

urban dweller
5 years ago

Obama was and is still popular and Trump and his legions are bumbling fools. I must have repeated that section at least 20 times: "Where the president of the united states is a bumbling fool." So, so true. Sadly.

5 years ago

Not a single good word but plenty of bad words about Erdogan? Objectivity in question here!

5 years ago

This film completely ignores questions and issues on the lack of natural resources necessary to accomplish such projects; the high cost of fouling the land, water and air with continual deconstruction for reconstruction using manufactured materials aquired by robbing and raping the earth even more than already. It's counterproductive and short sighted fantasy. Attention should be given to how to reduce human populations so none of this exploitation and depletion of nature would be necessary. This beautiful planet deserves more balanced, thoughtful consideration than these nightmarish scenarios.

mark gaboury
5 years ago

The beginning of the video is sensible in order to reel you in to progressive propaganda about the fake news of our time: global warming. You, therefore, cunning sinner, are getting your rating slammed.

Peter John Lawrence
5 years ago

Your video is astounding. Thank you. However Obama was not popular. Trump is not a bumbling fool.

Roger Andout
5 years ago

I'd have 2 go along with OBK, no bad at all.

5 years ago

+ 1 hippie talk

5 years ago

You lost all credibility when you favoured solar and wind over hydro and nuclear powers. After that, this documentary sounded more and more like a hippie talk.

Oliver B Koslik
5 years ago

One of the better docs this year!