Why in the World are They Spraying?

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Why in the World are They Spraying?Since the release of the groundbreaking documentary What in the World are They Spraying?, people have woken up to the damaging effects from chemtrail/geoengineering programs.

As a result, movements around the world are being formed to address these crimes. While many who were previously unaware of these programs are now taking action, the question now that is often asked is why is this happening.

Michael J. Murphy, Originator and Co-Producer of What in the World are They Spraying? in association with Barry Kolsky have produced Why in the World are They Spraying? which will answer that question.

This is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, "weather control".

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  1. Farming has become a nightmare since approximately 1995. Totally unpredictable.

  2. Watching them spray their poisons over the Hawaii region of the Pacific every two weeks like clockwork. 15-20 Contrails that turn to hazy clouds are not Contrails. They are Chemtrails.

  3. God, eco-tards are just insufferable, aren't they? The earth is absorbing too much sun and becoming too warm and that's bad. Putting together a plan to reflect some sun and somewhat cool the earth is bad. If the sky isn't falling right on their heads they just aren't happy. Good weather is the expected, necessary consequence of climate change (bad). Horrible, destructive weather is the expected necessary consequence of global warming (bad). Excessively hot climates are the result of climate change (bad). Record setting low temps are the result of global warming (bad). The recession of the arctic northern ice cap is magnified while the expansion of the southern polar ice cap is conveniently ignored - or yet - STILL discounted as an expected product of reverse global warming (bad). Blue sky bad, non-blue sky bad, etc, etc, etc. These emotional arguments are so contradictory and self serving they're just laughable. The most hilarious part is that the scientific method has yet to support any of this stuff. People who believe in the ultimately unprovable God are sheeple, but those who do NOT believe in "climate change" are ignoramuses who want nothing more than to destroy the planet. God, eco-tards are just insufferable...

  4. This is the main Geoengineering aerosol spraying documentary available in 2014 so far. It captures the goals that the different players have and how the aerosol spraying and the resultant weather modification plays into those goals.

    The current 400+ projects that have been going on for 15+ years without our knowledge or consent are breaking out into the consciousness of the average person - as we speak. People are learning to look up and differentiate between a contrail (very rare due to engine design) and an aerosol spray trail. Soon every American citizen - and world citizen - will understand that some very egotistical, psychopathic/sociopathic individuals made the decision to spray things on them that were very toxic and that they could suffer downline health impacts for the rest of their lives.

    I have identified over 25 organizations in private sector, government, non-profit and academia that are involved in this illegal "research" in complete violation of the International Nuremburg Code. I believe there will be at least another 30 added to the list before I am done.

    (Wikipeida: ...the Nuremberg Code and the related[5] Declaration of Helsinki are the basis for the Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 Volume 46,[6] which are the regulations issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services governing federally funded human subjects research in the United States.)

    When the citizens of the United States of America realize that they have been used in a national/global set of experiments - they are going to sue. That is the one thing we do well here in the USA. This is going to be the biggest lawsuit in the history of this country.

  5. has nothing to do with the weather.... they are blocking the sun because the earth is heating on her own.. she is shifting consciousness... the chem trails are reflecting the suns light and radiation... both of which would activate our pineal gland and sync us with the frequency of the earth

  6. The reference to Cal rain in the Mis watershed is about rain that should have fallen in Cal but falls in the east. Pay attention and you can at least sound smart. Weather mod. will be in the future. Too deny this is s*upid. Are they doing it now? Don't deny that they could be. because you look ignorant. They will. They may be. Try to stay informed but remember the information isn't always correct and don't be fooled by absolutes. The only thing for sure is "nothing is for sure". The only time I'm completely sure I'm right is when I say "I may be wrong".

  7. Tomorrow on August 25th at 2pm (Greenwich time) a global March Against Chemtrails will be held. Please Google: Global March Against
    Chemtrails. Anonymous announced today that they stand behind the global movement to stop chemtrail spraying.

  8. Big ups, thanks for this!

    1. A very well made documentary with good information.

  9. I quit watching after 20min. At 16:46 I realized this doc doesn't appear to be clear on facts. When Mangels explains California's rain dumps into the Mississippi valley due to the continental divide
    and the nano particles from the water in California is responsible for
    severe weather in the east my jaw dropped. Anyone whose ever taken a
    geology or geography class should know that is false. There are several
    divides in the country and NOWHERE does rain from California flow to the
    Mississippi valley. Look it up yourself. Its a complete lie!

    1. um that's because schools is run by liars. School bad Wikipedia good!

    2. This doc. included many many Ph D's who know what they are talking about, including a high ranking officer that was part of the U.S. military & air force. How can you discredit everyone of these highly respected individuals who have the science & intellect to prove what basic science & biology already tell us? I am sure that you are joking right?

    3. So, your opinion is that PhD's never lie and cannot say things to manipulate you to think what they want you to?... Well done...

    4. look it up. Cat just dropped a bombshell and you simply ignore it. Why would do many PhDs miss this obvious fact?

  10. The Bilderberg Group is behind this. research them on YouTube and I'm not surprised that Bill Gates is affiliated with them also.how ironic.please visit youtube anyone and research The Bilderberg Group..

  11. The Bilderberg Group is behind All of this. It is all apart of their New W
    orld Order.Visit YouTube And Research The Bilderberg Group..It's not a coincidence that bill gates is affiliated with them.they hold secret meetings annually.and powerful people are only invited.and No One Ever speaks about the private meetings that's involved

  12. This documentary explains the secrets of chemtrails with induction through HAARP. According to the information presented, chemtrails are not just being sprayed into our atmosphere to ameliorate global warming, chemtrails are actually causing climate change. Experiments to control the weather date back 60 years in the aim of gaining advantage on the battlefield. Now links are being made with gains on market derivatives and GMO food company Monsanto, and the bid to control the world's food production. Are the geoengineers psychopathic, mad scientists funded by
    globalists or good guys attempting to save our world from the ravages of climate change?

  13. OK. I've been on this planet earth for 50 + years. Since I was a small child in west Texas I have always enjoyed watching the sky. I never noticed ANY lasting contrails like I first started noticing all of the sudden back in 1994-95. From there, it was an explosion of lasting contrails turning a bright blue cloudless day into a clouding day. I have eyes to see, I know what I see, don't tell me different. WHY these "contrails" are occurring, I do not know. Maybe jet traffic has grown so much and newer type plane engines cause this when the older one's didn't. Don't tell me they have always been there, THEY HAVE NOT.

    1. Exactly what i mean, i have spoken to the elders where i live as well. They tell the same thing, the sky is not the same anymore, the trails are like spider nets above you where it used to be a blue sky it's not good, could this explain some unknown diseases? i think so.

    2. I agree. I'm 30 and when I was growing up i've never seen this cr*p. Its metal particulates they drop. Youtube or google weathermen talking about random things showing up on the radar. They will tell you its "Chaff". Planes dump this and test it on the atmosphere..

  14. It's good that I've seen this, now I can rest contentedly in the knowledge that I am "..way ahead of them". I can't stop my neigbours from being loud and annoying, or some ballbag breaking into my car, or some jerk off selling jerk in my direction.. or my cat taking a s*it where he's not supposed to. But I guess I'll just go out and stop this global geo-engineering manipulation and fraud scam.. think I'll just have a wank.

    1. Well, you can do a lot of things to stop these things... just a matter of finding out what those things are and then doing them.

  15. my honest opinion about chem trails is that its a blackops project atempting to controll the weather, for what reason i do not know but they are most certainly not just passenger jets leaving vapour trails, if you really belive that then i guess good for you, egnorance is bliss, i for one think something is abit fishy about it. but i dont lose sleep over it. just gets me down that there is such a divide in knowlage with what those with power and those without are in the know of.

  16. Hopefully the next one is Who in the world is spraying.

  17. It amazes me that some people still deny this when official information on chemical cloud seeding is freely available. See my article at Hub pages, this is scientific fact not conspiracy theory.

  18. I swear this conspiracy had to start with some i*iot mistaking a contrail for something sinister, or maybe they heard the word and thought it was "chemtrail" and made this shit up, cause honestly, all the "chemtrails" look like normal airplane CONtrails to me. lol,

    1. Really? Scientists have tested what is dropping on our heads in these (in your words) CONtrails! The findings were massive amounts of aluminum, dessicated red blood cells (viruses), etc., etc., etc.! I for one am being strongly affected as I have asthma and COPD. I have a brother that now has Multiple Myeloma, his lung collapsed AND he has an enlarged heart. Where he lives there are massive sprays done every day in northern Wisconsin! Please, Nakor4Twunny; please wake up and join in saving our planet. God Bless you.

    2. can you show me the reports of scientists finding massive amounts of aluminum and desiccated red blood cells.

      What would the governments purpose be in giving you asthma? especially in countries where health care is socialized like in canada, why would the government want us sick? it just costs them more money.

      now show proof for scientists testing and finding massive amounts of aluminum and blood cells.

  19. There really is a need to increase education in the sciences in this country. Too many people lack the important skill of critical thinking. Non scientists trying to spout science should set off a warning bell to anyone watching this. Apparently not. Sad.

    1. Didn't an expert on soil give his two cents? Does that count?

  20. Those who destroy the planet we live on to create wealth, they themselves will be destroyed. Its only a matter of time. This modification of the environment is insanity. Greed at its peak.

  21. You make more money if the crop fails. When people around the globe strive you make money. That is such a awesome idea apparently, the elite of scum do NOT GET THE FOOD the people eat. How far do we go down the rabbit hole of MORE conspiracy.

  22. We have screwed ourselves, this is the governments attempt to slow down the inevitable. They are trying to replace the global dimming that has protected us from a runaway greenhouse effect. Watch "Global Dimming", its under the "Environment" category.

  23. they just open'd up a whole new global market with it via global warming and carbon credits!

  24. My tears of shame fall because I'm human and can't stop them from killing my Mother Earth......

  25. You idiots who don't believe that their is something terribly wrong with chemtrails that have become an every day event in todays world, are obviously either to young to remember the clear blue skys of my youth, or never look up at the sky at all. I grew up near an airforce base in the early sixties with jets flying around daily. Contrails where only short trails and only on the jets at extreme altitudes. Never did I see anything that remotely resembles the obvious spraying at lower altitudes, in grid patterns and clear signs of particles falling and spreading out until a crystal blue sky turns in to a haze of unatural looking clouds.
    I'm to old to argue with anyone, it is easier to fool someone than to convince them that they are being fooled. I know they exist, and they are not natural. If you believe otherwise, so be it. This world has become a circus sideshow for me, and I laugh at the clowns who don't speak out against atrocities or even pay attention to reality. Call me names or insult my intelligence, I don't care...I will only laugh at your attempts. What a backwards world we live in where common sense doesn't seem to even exist.

    1. "I will only laugh at your attempts."

      Easy (unfortunately) to believe & the very root of almost every single CON-Theory. (Notice emphasis on "CON")

      You've made up your mind that said conspiracy DOES exist, & per your own direct words, you simply will NOT accept any other possibility or opinion, from ANYONE, regardless of how thorough, detailed, documented, & well-explained they may be.

      Therein also lies a huge example of the difference between a CON-Theorist & a skeptic. I am a skeptic, which is NOT necessarily a non-believer. For instance, I DON'T believe Oswald was the only shooter, although I have yet to see 100% factual info to prove that to me.

      A CON-Theorist says exactly what you just did, i.e. "I know it's a chemtrail, absolutely nothing will convince me other-wise, and I don't care what you think about it or your opinion."

      A skeptic says, "That sure is a funny looking contrail, but there's 100 planes per hour flying over here every single day & almost ALL have trails behind them. So common sense tells me it's just a funny looking contrail. But I'll keep it in the back of my mind in case some real believable proof of something different pops up someday."

      Which one would YOU trust more? Don't tell me, just be honest with yourself. If you go with the guy who sees a blinking red light in the night sky & calls it a UFO, over the guy who says, "Betcha that's the top of a radio antennae. We'll watch it as we get closer to find out" .... then you are WAY too gullible & drama-queen'ish.

      P.S. PART of your CON-problem is most likely related to how you compare early-60's air traffic to the 21st century. In the early mornings & late evenings there can be over 10,000 planes of all types in the air-space above the U.S. During the early-60's, commercial flight was in it's infancy, the military still had a significant percentage of prop-driven planes, & low altitude commuter/private type jets were near nonexistent. And you're using THAT near uncomparable situation to "prove" that your chemCONtrails exist? Uummm .... okay.

    2. You sir, are an i**** who put words in to my mouth. I said only that it is not natural to have so much debris sraying out of jets in irratic patterns. I never mentioned the "conspiracy" word. I never mentioned UFO's. The only thing I mentioned was that common sense doesn't seem to exist in this circus sideshow.
      Thanks for the belly laugh BoZo, you clowns crack me up.

    3. "...You idiots who don't believe that their is something terribly wrong with
      chemtrails that have become an every day event in todays world, are
      obviously either to young to remember the clear blue skys of my youth,
      or never look up at the sky at all..."

      That. Can these idiots use their eyes? Can't people believe their own eyes and ears anymore? Or do they have to wait to be told by their "leaders" what exactly it was they saw or herd? (pun intended)

  26. Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with 'radioactive' particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology

    source: Mail Online

    1. This is an isolated incident and involves the spraying of specific neighbourhoods and happened a long time ago. We are talking about a world wide spraying happening right at this moment. You are taking one incident and expanding it into a comprehensive global endeavour. One does not prove the other. You have to give direct evidence of this global chemtrail spraying that is happening today. The rest is just superfluous junk.

    2. I live in Slovenia , Europe and I saw it because after the movie I gave more time to this so it means I watched the sky and it is f****** rely going on :(

  27. Good Documentary. Ive tried informing people about the chemtrails. They either don't care or think its just another conspiracy.

    Ah don't you guys see that those expanding "contrails" that last in the sky for hours upon hours is our answer to the pending water shortage? I mean really?. If I have a glass of ice water. There will be condensation on the outside of the glass. Only until the water inside the glass reaches the same temperature as the air on the outside. How people can actually believe that those "contrails" that expand and last for ever is actually condensation is beyond me.

    Yes there are really contrails. Those that follow closely behind a plane. Then they simply disappear within minutes. (If even that long) The conditions have to be just right. I have never personally seen more than 2 actual contrails in 1 day. Lucky if I see 1 a week. Never mind 3,4...12. Yes Ive seen 12. All in less than 8 hours. I'm sure I'm not the only one!

    So those trails if not condensation. Then what?. If its harmless then why not tell people what they really are?. Although I wouldn't trust anything I was told. Show me the facts and proof.

    Common Sense... Have you seen it?

    With the chemtrails and GMO foods. No wonder people are getting rich from people getting cancer.

    1. Whilst I do think the governments can and do illegal things, an explanation for contrails lasting is to do with pockets of high and low pressure in the surrounding vicinity

  28. Never knew aluminium being a heavy metal. But the experts say´d it so it must be true.
    Just learn something every day:)

  29. It depends on the bet. Millions...Billions. Depending on the bet you could earn more than the crop would be worth at harvest. That is the sad fact of the world we now live in.

    People really need to understand what derivatives really are as they are the lions share of the world debt every one of us has just taken on.

    Derivatives account for more than the total assets of the world at present.

    Does that even ring any bells? We owe more than the total value of all GDP's and GNP's in the world today.

    How did we get there? A series of 40/1 bets that went wrong started the initial collapse and nobody ever went to jail over it.

  30. Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson is a true american hero, everybody who does not know him should check him up, RIP.

    "The last years of Ted Gunderson's life were spent warning people of what he called Chemtrails and of planetwide Satanic and New World Order conspiracies. Gunderson had identified military bases he said were responsible for dumping unidentified poisons around the world from unmarked aircraft which he indicated killed wildlife and perhaps even humans. Gunderson spent years speaking on this and has made a number of videos. He also claimed, at a 1995 conference in Dallas, that a "slave auction" in which children were sold to men in turbans had been held in Las Vegas, and that four thousand ritual human sacrifices are performed in New York City every year. He also claimed that the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was carried out by the United States government and that the events of 9/11 were perpetrated by the United States Government as well.[9]"

    1. Hell yeah - just youtube the local news coverage showing the removal of 3 additional and larger bombs that were removed unexploded from Oklahoma City on the day in question. MULTIPLE LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE.

      It's live and real and I can't believe people don't even know it happened. It's like Building 7 amnesia.

      Off topic but I had to say it.

    2. interesting ill look into it.

    3. "more than one bomb at oklahoma city" will take you where you need to go in Youtube land

    4. how much do u think u could earn from crop fails?

    5. I would never, no matter who the person is, use a person who claims that four thousand human ritual sacrifices are made in New York City every year. That is an allegation that is so far out there that I am amazed that anyone would use him as a reference. He is not a real life "Fox Mulder" and definitely not a credible witness.

    6. OMG ! They just turned our planet in a living Hell !

  31. If you can control the weather you have insider trading knowledge to wield at the Chicago Commodities Exchange where you can make Las Vegas Casino style bets (otherwise known as derivatives) on the predicted price of the crop in question. That price is intimately related to weather conditions.

    Chicago is also the US home of Al Snore's carbon trading bank which depends on f8cked up weather to exist (now officially dubbed "change" rather than "warming" as that has been well and truly ridiculed thanks to their repeatedly being busted attempting evidence manipulation).

    Please do your self a favour and have a look at the bets being placed this year against crop failures at the exchange.

    They are reminiscent of the put options placed agains American and United airlines pre 911. Someone has insider knowledge and is using it to make a killing.

    Incidentally - China just officially de-invested completely from the NASDAC because they say it's a rigged game and have invested completely in gold.

    George Soros ha just pulled all of his assets from Wall Street and doubled his gold holdings, So has Paulson and just about every corporate heavyweight you can think of.

    As horrific as it may be to imagine, the whole game is rigged and we're not even guinea pig status any more.

    "Don't run , we're your friends... zap" Mars Attacks... lols

    1. But we got arnold! " I terminate u!"
      He should replace obama and save us from doom.

  32. In this documentary you will learn how aerosols are sprayed in the sky above us and is used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather like HAARP and EISCAT in Norway. While Geoengineers claim that their models are only for the reduction of global warming, that aluminum and barium particles should return the sun rays, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate a vast amount of both money and political power in the hands of a few - Illuminati - by utilizing weather it brings companies and organizations Illuminati hidden control of the earth's natural systems.

    This will of course be done at the expense of all life on the planet, and causes a lot of diseases, like morgellons, alzheimers etz, in humans and animals, beedeath, fish-/birddeath and poisoning of fauna and soils that threaten public health through the infected food we eat.

    The program is also used in warfare between states, for those who do not want to accept voluntary Illuminati New World Order.

    So if they are reducing global warming, Where is they're nobels price!??
    No one is taking credit.

    Can this explain the odd animal deaths lately? what do u think?

  33. Vlatko I apologise for posting 3 separate youtube video links. I confess to being overly passionate about this issue and just kept going. I'm done now I promise.

    1. Crap I lied. Search this youtube video "Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!"

      A local news report on chemtrails and government shenanigans proving barium found in chemtrail residues etc. Government admits contaminating urban populations with biological weapons testing and that they have the right to do it.

      Barium is radioactive. Thus not good for life..

  34. Jack , at the risk of sounding facetious I will say this: The transhumanist, scientific reductionist agenda would have us believe that the TRUTH only exists in the rules, deeds and sayings of the new high priests of their own choosing. You guys are like a very bad circular argument gone wrong. You choose the rules, the acceptable sources, experts and the jargon and expect people to abandon their basic right to common sense and to just believe that everything that goes against modern vested interests is somehow a conspiracy theory and anyone who dares to look in that direction must be nuts or stupid.

    You expect people to believe that any evidence presented from sources that you do not like is not evidence at all.

    I howl with laughter when I see the standard moronic debunking sites or Wikipedia being used to quash serious investigation by good people who simply desire the truth in a world filled with so much spin and lies in every important aspect of their lives. Have you ever followed the money trails behind those lame debunking sites?

    Science might be able to statistically prove the possibility that an elephant can hang by its tail from a buttercup but I'll keep my common sense that tells me it aint gonna happen.

    If your beloved post-industrial science wasn't so perpetually busted faking its own data, bending its own rules, and so obviously working for the benefit of industry rather than human life, more people might mindlessly believe everything it has to say or not say. But that just isn't the case anymore.

    And no I don't feel wiser for the quote. It just seemed to be a perfect description of the prevailing mindset of the diehard apologists here.

    And one final point you seem incapable of grasping. Any well oiled conspiracy is, by its very nature, designed to be compartmentalised and evidence will be very thin on the ground. For the worst case scenarios one is forced to look for tidal waves of circumstantial evidence because, quite frankly, the perpetrators never intended to make it easy or even possible to prove. This is where mankind's inherent and very powerful common sense and intuition must kick in. But this is always the point where the lab coats start hurling insults and throwing all of their toys out of the pram.

    I have noticed a clear trend here. The insults and holier than thou attitude stems almost exclusively from the scientific reductionist posse.

    The true spirit of inquiry and open debate comes from the guys looking and thinking outside the box, rather than from within the closed minded corporate/scientific agenda side of the fence.

    Just another observation I'm afraid I can't prove but don't really give a dam*

    typo edit

    1. @Daniel Jones,

      Here we go again. Thinking "outside of the box."

      What almost every conspiracy theorist assumes is that all who oppose him must have corporate/scientific agenda and that they do not think "outside of the box." (whatever that means)

      People here are ordinary folks, just like you. They don't wear white coats, they don't work in the "industry." But they're different from you in one aspect - they don't believe in the conspiracy theory you happen to believe in. And further more, they don't believe in that conspiracy theory because they're ignorant or that they're lazy to investigate, but on the contrary, they've looked up the so called "evidence" and decided that it is not enough to persuade them.

    2. Vlatko

      You make unwarranted assumptions in your first paragraph and in the second paragraph you lump all conspiracy theories together under one roof, and then assume that disagreement is the issue at all.

      I, and other non conformists are fine with disagreement.

      The pervasive problem with this site is that your "scientific paradigm" posse gets to define the game, the rules, the sources and to top it all off - they immediately resort to character assassinations and insults, intentionally obfuscate or deflect attention away from valid arguments and define their own sources as "proof" and all others as quackery. I could go on but I have already defined this problem in previous posts.

    3. @Daniel Jones,

      Well you mentioned "thinking out of the box" and "corporate/scientific agenda", not me. There is nothing unwarranted in my comment.

      Simply, you place yourself out of the box (the one who knows the truth) and we are into the box (the ignorant who have agenda). That is the shorter version of all of your comments left, so far here.

      Don't allude that my "scientific paradigm" (whatever you mean by that) is stopping you from doing something. You're free to say whatever you want as much as you can and as much as you want. The rules are the same for you and me, of course defined by the comment policy.

      The floor is yours. But please skip the moral lessons. Get on to the evidence.

    4. Ok Vlatko thanks for the floor and your patience with reviewed link posts. I'm signing off now and leaving the door open for any nay sayers who choose to discredit the circumstantial evidence presented :-)

    5. @Daniel Jones,

      You laugh at Wikipedia links, and at the same time you present cheesy YouTube links. As if they're more credible. Go figure.

    6. Vlatko you make me laugh sometimes you really do. Yeah just one second while I warm up my F-15 and I'll be back with some fresh snaps.

      Just what would you quantify as proof?

      The answer is nothing. You will accept no testimony, no video, no photograph. You are truly a *** individual.

    7. @Daniel Jones,

      I've only pointed out your bias towards sources with the same credibility. Obviously you prefer YouTube as your main source of evidence.

      Now what will you accept as proof that you're terribly wrong? Nothing. No official investigations, no NASA explanations, no debunking websites, no Wikipedia, etc... See, the same argument is applicable to you.

      Now, what kind of individual am I is none of your business. In fact you've already violated the comment policy. When out of facts just retort to good old personal disqualifications. Strike one.

    8. well all the TDF documentaries are linked to you tube. so that seems to me you're main source aswell. His you tube vid show ted gunderson speakin, doesn't that make it credible? i think people underestimate youtube :P.

    9. Thanks Fender :-)

    10. Youtube is an amazing source of entertainment and information. It is also a place where anyone can post their own views whether those views carry validity or not. Therefore, when watching a video be sure that there is corroborating proof from other sources. I would think that is common sense with any information no matter what the source.

    11. Jack I completely agree with you. Starting point on par with Wikipedia.

      BTW I responded to one of your earlier posts but never got a reply. Always appreciate an exchange with you :-)

    12. Something went awry in my gmail account. I have responded to a comment and I think it may be the one.

      Youtube is too much of an open forum. Widipedia makes the attempt to present only information that can be verified. There is no restraint with Youtube. Say what you want...verification is never required.

    13. Again you twist my words. Obviously you are cherry picking from another thread with RobertAllen1 where both he and I agreed cordially that Wikipedia is ok as long as its a starting point and not an end all and be all.

      I even admitted that my Youtube evidence was circumstantial and yet you try to make out like I'm treating it like a holly grail and I never was. But we have to start somewhere and I can guarantee you that not 1 single piece of evidence would ever be accepted as proof by you so I tried a circumstantial approach - only to be heckled by you.

      You are an arch word twister and the facts dont support your bias.

      My original question remains unanswered as per your normal operating procedure.

      Just what would you accept as evidence?

      There is no physical evidence that couldn't be faked - audio, video, textual etc. I could show you a video of Obama himself admitting to it all and you would just cry CGI forgery.

      If you think I crossed the line and earned a strike so be it. I merely descended to your level and cast aspersions against your character that I feel are perfectly warranted at this point.

      And it does make me sad. Sad for the future of the human race that may some day be conned into sitting in a pot of slowly boiling water like a frog waiting for SCIENTIFIC proof that it's getting hotter before it's too late to jump out and save his @ss.

      You have a god or genetically given common sense that should kick in in times of crisis and yet you have a default authority worship mechanism that if it was able to infect the entire population of this planet would surely wipe us out within our own lifetimes.

      I will continue to do my utmost to speak to those who still have a rational self preservation mechanism left to them until the day I die.

      PS. It's no coincidence that you lost the soul of this site (AZ) when she left after our last conflab. There are many here who are getting bored with the standard operating procedure against those here who attempt to question the status quo.

      Just a thought for you to mull over...

      (edit) What really gets me (and I mean this sincerely) is that I used to think this was a really special place.

    14. Az has not left, she is under a new profile..."oQ"

      You are talking about personal issues here with some ad hominem thrown in that really has nothing to do with the doc, please keep it on topic.

      And for your info a lot of people still think that TDF is a special place.

    15. Hmm... I was wondering where Az went. I was off-line for awhile. Now I know - thanks. And TDF is a special site - albeit with normal growing pains.

    16. @Daniel Jones,

      1. Skip the philosophy and moral lessons.
      2. Stop profiling me.
      3. Stop telling me (us) who is (were) the soul of the site. You don't know the nature of the site and you don't know what are you talking about.
      4. Don't patronize.
      5. Strike two.

      As per your original question, Jack already answered it hundred of comments ago. But you don't read do you?

      Here is the quote:

      "I have seen trails in the sky that linger for hours." That's not evidence. That someone in the government once lied isn't proof. Please learn the term "rules of evidence". Find out what it means. Understand how deep one must go to find true evidence. If just one of you could do that, I, and the others, who doubt you now, would believe you, because we do understand the rules of evidence. That's all we ask yet all we get are superficial anecdotes and interpretations of observations. Evidence does not leave itself open to interpretation. It is self revealing. Show us the planes, up close. So close you can see the sprayers. Find the manufacturers... the truckers that deliver the stuff...the mechanics and crew that work and fly those planes. Do something besides look up at the sky and say "Look at that. They're spraying us". This is nuts and bolts investigation. Confront the culprits. Show them the work orders. Ask about the paper trail. Don't automatically accuse because you don't like the government.

    17. Wow Vlatko. Strike 2? I must really be a threat here or something. Amazing. And Patronize? This place is so full of patronisation it should be carved above the door. Perhaps it is you who doesn't read...

      And you still have not clarified what you would even accept as evidence? I suspect nothing but you have dodged the answer 3 times. I only asked in an attempt to focus on that stream, but..never mind.

      Have a great day ;-)

    18. @Daniel Jones,

      I've already answered your question. What do you want me to clarify? I quoted Jack, I agree with him, but since you refuse to read let me emphasize some of his words (again):

      1. Show us the planes, up close. So close you can see the sprayers.
      2. Find the manufacturers... the truckers that deliver the stuff...the mechanics and crew that work and fly those planes.
      3. Ask about the paper trail.
      4. Do something besides look up at the sky and say "Look at that. They're spraying us".

    19. 1) Shown in youtube video and admitted could not vouch for it. Trouble is I can't take a physical plane and squish it down the internet to show you anyway so I need to resort to a video. That's just an irrefutable fact of any internet based discussion that requires proof. They guys are apparently f-15 pilots. Seemed a good place to start.

      2) Fair enough. However discrediting Ted Gunderson simply because his information is too shocking is completely duplicitous and outrageous.

      3) Paper trail clearly documented through Congressional record and Patents. SEE H.R. 2977 section 7. go to fas.org/sgp/congress/2001/hr2977.html

      4) That's patronizing. I merely posted a few links where others have done that but clearly focussed on a case of starting and stopping - thus disproving atmospheric or altitude being involved.

      It seems to me that the case will remain unprovable due to all evidence being rejected. But that means that no case can really be proven on any topic under discussion on this site.

      So the status quo simply wins the argument by default every time?

      (edit for clarity)

    20. The video is comprised of a plane leaving a trail which could be anything and may be suspicious but may not be. The narration is dubious and may be self serving. Apparently F-15 pilots but not confirmed. The entire video needs context before even being considered as evidence.

      My impression of Ted Gunderson is that of a bitter and angry individual. Bitter because he was passed by as the director of the FBI. He retired shortly after a new director was posted and it does appear it was due to his being passed by for promotion. His anger may be the cause of his losing touch with reality which manifested itself in those shocking allegations. He provided very little proof of what he was saying and thought that his career in the FBI should be enough to give him credibility. As Carl Sagan said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". Gunderson fails by this criteria.

      Your paper trail is a bill requiring the United States to never engage in space militarization and includes the use of chemtrails. Doesn't prove they exist...only that there is a potential. Bill failed mainly due to the idea that most thought that passing such a bill would leave the United States vulnerable if the rest of the world didn't have this policy as law.

      You may not be able to prove your case due to limited resources but anyone who makes a video, like the video here, should do a much better job of stating their case. All they did was talk to a few people who had their suspicions and show video of the sky. No in depth stuff anywhere like I had asked for.

      This is not "win" the argument situation. This is a "hold in abeyance" argument. In other words, when you have the proof come back and I will listen and evaluate. What you have is not enough. The start of any case begins with zero knowledge. Evidence is gathered until every hole is plugged and there is no way to deny, in a reasonable manner, the legitimacy of the case. Again, not done yet. You see, I have not completely dismissed you or your argument. You just have to get more proof that is verifiable. Until then, I do not think that anyone is spraying the planet on a global scale.

    21. If my previous post broke any rules it completely escapes me. I thought it fairly well fulfilled your criteria and demonstrates the impossibility of proving anything on the site. Quite frankly I destroyed you so why won't you post it please?

    22. @Daniel Jones,

      Don't flatter yourself. You're not a threat, you're only nuisance. You didn't destroy anything, except your credibility and reputation... that is if you had any in the first place.

      You've clearly demonstrated that when shaken you quickly retort to ad hominem, personal issues, philosophy, moral lessons, preaching, and patronizing.

      You've also showed that you don't even remotely understand science, the scientific method and the application of science. Further more it seems you don't know what the word "evidence" means. Common sense is not evidence.

      So since I've answered your "original question" your response is that it is impossible to prove anything on the site. Remarkable. If that is the case why do you even bicker with these comments back and forth.

    23. I received a "Reply posted incorrectly" message. No agenda. Not everything is part of a large conspiracy and I doubt that anyone is afraid of any message you post.

      The number one reason I like this site is the comment policy. Too often, in other sites, the comments degrade to mud slinging and name calling. It is school yard debating and I appreciate the efforts that do not allow that behaviour here.

    24. "transhumanist, scientific reductionist agenda" There's a mouthful. What the heck does it mean, though?

      You confuse science and the application of science. One is learning and the second is taking what one has learned and using it to one's advantage which can be for good or bad. Give one person a bat and he will go out a play a game of baseball with the kids. Give it to another and he may bash someone's head in for the twenty bucks in his wallet. The same goes for the knowledge gained from scientific research. It is a human issue not one of science or the scientific method. Scientific research gave us the amazing technology that allows us to discuss issues like the one we are discussing now. That is wonderful. It is not so wonderful when someone takes that technology to monitor our actions and limit our freedoms. However, that is not the computer's fault or the fault of the science that built the computer. It is the fault of the person(s) who usurp this amazing discovery for unethical purposes. Surely, you can understand that.

      It has nothing to do with the source whether I give credence to the allegations or not. It all depends on whether that source gives reliable, irrefutable evidence or not. When making allegations against someone that has the horrific implications that are being made, one must be more than sure. One has to have evidence beyond a shadow of doubt. The proof must be impeccable to the point that those who disbelieve are thought to be the wacky ones.

      The idea that conspiracies are too hidden from view prevents real evidence says that there is no evidence readily available and so intuition and suspicion will have be enough. A frightening thought. I would hate to be convicted of a crime without any evidence just the idea that I may have behaved in a strange or suspicious manner.

      Thinking outside the box has its merits under certain conditions but one should show restraint when applying this principle when making accusations of a criminal nature. My imaginative meanderings should not land someone in jail or worse. That would be displaying a lack of responsibility that is dangerous if accepted as the way to follow the rules of evidence.

      I must reiterate. You display an amazing lack of understanding of science, the scientific method and the application of science.

  35. Lol the transhumanist agenda crew here are all in a lather again and wielding their derogatory conspiracy theorist allegations as if that were something to be ashamed of.

    I am reminded of a Plato quote: "Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school and the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool."

    Nothing ever changes ;-)

    1. Who is teaching falsehoods? It is you and those like you who are making the allegations. We can't believe you because you offer no evidence. "I have seen trails in the sky that linger for hours." That's not evidence. That someone in the government once lied isn't proof. Please learn the term "rules of evidence". Find out what it means. Understand how deep one must go to find true evidence. If just one of you could do that, I, and the others, who doubt you now, would believe you, because we do understand the rules of evidence. That's all we ask yet all we get are superficial anecdotes and interpretations of observations. Evidence does not leave itself open to interpretation. It is self revealing. Show us the planes, up close. So close you can see the sprayers. Find the manufacturers... the truckers that deliver the stuff...the mechanics and crew that work and fly those planes. Do something besides look up at the sky and say "Look at that. They're spraying us". This is nuts and bolts investigation. Confront the culprits. Show them the work orders. Ask about the paper trail. Don't automatically accuse because you don't like the government. And what in the world does a quote from Plato have to do with contrails? Does it somehow make you feel wiser, or smug in your belief that you have the insight most don't have?

      I'm left just shaking my head at the mindset and the complete incomprehension of how to present a case.

  36. 30 plus years ago as a kid I used to watch jets going over. Sometimes their contrails lasted less then a minute, some days it lingered for hours, sometimes spreading out, sometimes staying quite thin. Sometimes there was no trail at all. I assumed then, as I do now, much of it was related to the atmospheric conditions (temperature and humidity, wind speed ect) the jet was flying through. Whatever it was on a particular day, all the jets that passed over left similar contrails.
    I don't know if they're 'spraying' anything now, but the contrail observations I did see years ago, seem the same as I see now, as many people report in other places. If they are spraying, they must've been for over 30 years then, going on my observations. Otherwise it's the same now as it was then, just more traffic.

    Edit- not only jets, I've seen on WWII doc's piston engine bombers leaving long contrails.

    1. These too are my observations.

  37. Anyone who believs in this **** must be a bit r*tarded. Just like the id**ts who firmly believe in the "free energy" devices on Youtube, even though the maker of the device and the video say it is driven by a motor because the scematics from the "inventor" never could work.

    Please stop posting mockumentaries about crazy stuff and start posting real documentaries set in the real world.

  38. to me these guys know what there talking about and if you refuse to believe them that is your choice but there lotsssss of people that know it is real.

    1. you mean there are a few loud people that BELIEVE it is real.

      they dont KNOW.

  39. Because WE allow it!?...Yea Foster Gamble, its OUR fault for creating fallacious need for toxic products and generating billions in personal wealth!?...Who is really externalizing the cost of business?...Why you, of course!...the(elite my ass) CRIMINAL CLASS...not US!

  40. morgellons is self asembling nano tech, i kno that for a fact, as jesus told me,

    1. LOL you are trolling right?

    2. ya according to your facebook page you are a little crazy. i hope you have the support around you to get the help you need.

    3. hah, i dont even know how to respond to that pathetic comment, as i was home educated and have not been infected by society, my mind is much more free than most, so i think help from what you would suggest would be the last thing i would need, all i require is love and respect, but most of humanity is kinda cruel and boring so i speak nonsense, its generaly a better use of my energy, rather then judging people like what most seem to do, you for example, define "a little crazy" on second thoughts, dont bother its got nothing of value to add to my life..........

      P,S i take it you dont agree with my morgellons theory then? trolololololol

    4. home educated or home schooled? what do you mean by infected by society? one could argue that you have not been acclimatized to society and thus are ignorant to the ways the world works. when you are ignorant about people and how they work in groups then you are missing a HUGE component about society.

      me acknowledging that you come off a little crazy should add something to your life. it should make you step back and consider if I might be right. have other people told you the same? or have people slowly distanced themselves from you over time?

      psychiatry is not some evil organization that is trying to hurt you. you would probably greatly benefit from speaking to a mental health professional.

    5. i just find your presumption to be insulting, i never said it was some evil organization trying to hurt me, i just dont see what they could do to help, give me lithium, great, talk to me about my childhood great, all worthwhile for people who do not realise what the problem is, i know why i feel like i do, and aside from conforming i see no other solution to my so called insanity, i know how people work very much so and that is one of my problems, and it is why i do not take much of *sociaty" seriously

      i dont see a difference in home schooled or home educated, my early childhood did not entail learning pecking orders or how to submit to authority, i skiped the most affecting parts of the education system, college i was treated like what i was, not what they wished me to be.

      by saying infected by sociaty i simply mean, my world veiw is not what most would have, i can detach from, common needs, aspiration, ideals, morals,

      and people have not ever distanced them selfs from me, unless i have challenged, i find people very unwilling to admit there own flaws, yes people have called me crazy, and i admit by your standareds i am a crazy lunatic, but this is your opinion and is based on something rather vain, i am clear and precise in what i say and do, i know what i am, and i know my own drives, to see my self is not easy, sometimes i just get so wound up that spewing nonsense is somewhat of a release, i like this website very much and have watched much of the videos on it, but i must choose what media i consume wisely, i get too fed up with contradictions and out right unwarrented attacks on underserving victims, more often than not just to boost someone elses possition,

      i am in controll belive it or not, i am far from crazy in a clinical sense, the one time i did go to see someone after a traumatic experience i left feeling worse, so whats the point? i would much rather talk to an elder, a shrink more often than not is just another money seeking simpleton with no true knowledge. breath relax look into my self and let go of the things that make me mad, been there done that, but then i open my eyes and im still here, and the evil is still there, and i think well if i had money then i could maybe solve some of these problems, but then again, am i not just adding more problems, i love the world, i love creation the universe, but i hate with every ounce of my being the petty system we humans have created for our selfs, damn right im crazy, i wish i was climbing trees and hanging out with cats, any good anyone does now is just making up for something bad thats already there, nothing good can come from this untill it all breaks down and is reformed into something worthwhile, this is a world that i would be happy in, a world where i would have a sense of pride in myself and my fellow higher consious beings, i would not feel the need to poke and joke and laugh and taunt, but the fact is, george bush was president, toni blair was prime minister, we have something called a banking system with interest, and nothing has any value other than what we can keep from others........................................yadda yadda yadda, bed time me thinks, good night.

  41. it makes me angry that something that involves so meny has been kept so quiet, who are these pilots, do they even know what they are realeasing into the air, where i live i see so meny chemtrails, and when i dont the blue sky looks so great, white skys are so unnatural, its such a shame no one seems to a give a ****. **** is **** dowg.

  42. What confounds me is that one group of conspiracy theorists say what man supposedly puts in the atmosphere affects the climate while another group of conspiracy theorists say the trillions of tons of what we know we put in the atmosphere does not affect the climate.

    I'm confused. Could these conspiracy theorists decide one way or another?

    1. different chemicals in different quantities.

    2. Yes but these conspiracy theorists say their minute amounts of chemicals cause massive changes while at the same time say massive quantities of the very same chemicals cause no changes.

    3. well trying to pin down the logic of a conspiracy theorist is like trying to herd cats.

    4. And push a string.

  43. Excellent!!! I am impressed with the research and documentation that went into this video .... and the sincerity and intellectual responses of those interviewed... Thank you for producing this documentary and making it available to the public!

    1. Sincerity does not mean that they are correct. Most of what they presented is available with a simple Google search. What they fail to do is pinpoint exactly who is responsible. Never answered any questions that would lead to the perpetrators. Did not show us a sprayer, where these planes are based, what governments are involved, who in the government is actively participating and who isn't, did not name a factory where this spray is produced, no description of the infrastructure necessary, no explanation why governments not involved are silent about it, and no explanation how the perpetrators plan to survive the poisoning of the planet that is meant to kill the rest of us. That is just a start. This is a poor investigation that doesn't begin to address the situation they are describing.

  44. can anybody tell me where to find the subtitles of these videos? thanks a lot.

  45. Supposing they were trying to make clouds leak, how would they know the rain was a result of their efforts? It's a cloud, clouds are wet and likely to rain anyway. And how would you compare the amount of rainfall from a cloud before seeding to the rainfall after seeding. Can you measure how full a cloud is? And why would I believe this anyway? They have enough trouble predicting tomorrow's weather, let alone organising it! They're just guessing, maybe looking for any excuse other than global warming and pollution? Always makes me feel better if I can blame someone else! As for the doc, someone should tell them, the plural of anecdote is not proof ;)

  46. I remember the pre-grid blue skies. I was also one of the first people to start photographing the blatant chessboard square patterns *(first appearing) over US cities like Atlanta in the early 90's. It's disturbing that anyone born after sometime in the early to mid eighties doesn't even recognise that there is any difference. They've just grown up in this toxic sludge and call it normal.

    This doc does a lot to clear up the patent, vested interests and money trails that inevitably connect to the geo-engineering elephant in the living room.

    * edit for clarity

    1. If what many consider possibly chemtrails were all contrails, they would be regular as planes have pretty regular schedule.
      But no, some day the sky does remains blue while on other days it is covers with while trails and then the whole sky becomes "cloudy" even though it is a sunny day. Passenger and commercial planes don't take brakes.
      I don't know what's going on for sure, but something ain't right!


    2. What an odd coincidence lol. I very nearly mentioned that simple test in my own post. Flights follow the same time and direction day after day. If you see a chemtrail forming at a given time it should be there at the same time and place the next day but this is almost never the case - even disregarding for atmospheric variations which might affect the length of the trail on any given day. But on days that you can see both a chem and a contrail try timing the obviously disappearing contrail and it will be there the next day at the same time.

    3. It's the travel agent in me talking....worked 10yrs as one.

    4. that is all based on the weather that day.

    5. Off course!....

    6. The dissipation of contrails is dependant on humidity. If it is humid the trails will last longer because the air is saturated with moisture. Humidity does not follow a schedule.

      These contrails are more common today because of the marked increase in air traffic in higher altitudes. Toronto, a world class city, had a terminal that could no longer handle the increased traffic and had to expand in the early seventies. Air traffic out of Toronto has increased incredibly since then and it is obvious by the amount of high altitude planes flying over my home one hundred and sixty kilometres to the east of the city. Coincidentally, contrails have increased also.

  47. Maybe one of you should build a website, and then people can report sittings of chem trails on it, creating a database of proof!

  48. Ok people, don your tin foils hats lest ye doubt or be gotten at by the anti-truth rays of the elitist lizard people. Actually Vlatko, that could be a new catagory: Tin foil hat/1-D mentality interest ;-)

  49. If i could Spray Anything it would be Deodorant.Why?

    *Point at the Person we all know who never changes clothes and lives with 30 cats.*

  50. Evidence? Let me see. The British government admitted some years back to laying chemtrails over Scotland. Airplane Comtrails dissipate at least in 90 seconds. You can watch the planes laying chemtrails bank and go back to cross the trail they've laid. Several planes crisscrossing themselves several times. Where is that flight going? Why do these trails merge then form cloud covers? There is plenty of government documentation explaining why they are doing it. For anyone to dismiss it as BS is simply not to have done any research and READING on the phenomenon. Of course, that has always been the way of the body public and exactly what the omnipotent corporate state depends upon; i.e. blind obedience without question. March in lock-step to the tune of the masters. It isn't the person on the throne in DC that is the real problem. It is the throne itself and those putting the puppet on the throne.

  51. I'm really torn on this issue. as fender24 mentions, the findings with high levels of aluminum and barium in the atmosphere are real, and there is a cause. These are good findings with serious implications.

    On the other hand, any half intelligent person initiating these programs would know its a losing battle. This would cost billions of dollars a year, require massive continuing cover-ups as the program continues, and has severe negative impacts on human health. I doubt a program such as this would be approved on a multi-national basis.

    Think of it this way. The global response to climate change has been nearly mute, especially by the big players (U.S. and China). Why would governments spend billions poisoning their citizens to fight global warming on an hour by hour (these chemtrails have a short half-life), and not spend anything on the long term solution of reducing fossil fuel use?

    I'd be more convinced if these programs didn't require tremendous double-think by the governments enacting them. Its like the government would say to itself "Hey lets risk it all to band-aid over global warming with chemtrails, but spend almost nothing on changing the CAUSE of global warming".

    I'm sure I'll get plenty of cogent responses about various aspects I didn't cover in this brief comment, and I'd love to have a discussion.

  52. Chemtrails contain barium, aluminum, micro-fibers, nano particles, and mycoplasma. In the United States, chemtrails spray's country of origin, there have been a disease called Morgellons Disease. This is created by the micro fibers in chemtrails emissions. Many people suffer from this disease and the government ignore it.

    1. no they dont. can you show me some evidence for these claims?

    2. Morgellons Disease is not recognized by the CDC and a multi year study failed to identify any organisms on any patients who claim to have the disease. The CDC has suggested that these patients may be suffering from psychiatric problems. Patients are self diagnosed and they say that a doctor who diagnoses himself has a fool for a doctor.

      How do you know that the United States is the country of origin of chemtrails?

  53. As the documentary?? clearly shows the "chemtrails" are coming from the engines of various aircraft at altitude. Coincidentally jet aircraft produce water vapor when they burn fuel and this quickly freezes.

    There are all sorts of real problems to deal with!!

    1. Were do all the aluminum come from? it is not supposed to be in the rain.

    2. How do you explain th existence of 4 to 6 parallel chemtrails when the aircraft only has 2 engines ? Are you reinventing the laws of physics ?

    3. Hey, what do I know!!

      I just flew numerous types of jet aircraft for over 40 years and observed just a few contrails. The fact that|I never saw such a thing is probably due to my ignorance and bias.

      Good luck chasing imaginary problems when the world is full of real problems you could be trying to solve.

      Captain B. Fearn

      PS: Too bad you have no name.

    4. the trails also come from wing tips. once again just go look up CONTRIALS.

      you are being tricked by conspiracy theorists.

  54. If this were true, then Iran should be seeing very unusual weather. Buit it still makes for good drama.

  55. I am curious as to why this is under Conspiracy.

    1. There is no "nonsense" category. Simple enough.

      Just looked out the window. The sky is blue. My expert opinion, anyway.

    2. Look up Global dimming then, how blue is it really :D.

    3. I just looked again and the sky is very blue, but about four percent dimmer than it was in 1960.

      I have noticed an increase in global dim-witting. A very troubling phenomena.

    4. are you serious?!?!?! its chemtrails! thats why its under conspiracy. because its bulls***

    5. Because everything that you do not know or understand is B.S....makes sense.

      I really like close minded people that always label anything that requires people to think "hmm, maybe he is right, maybe he isn't but just maybe, I should read more about the subject before I open my mouth and label everything I do not understand as a conspiracy"

      People like you still think that Oswald was the only shooter and he alone killed JFK from that impossible angle with a magic bullet, right? Aspartame is a "nutrient" right?:) and obviously so is Sodium Fluoride, I mean we should all drink at least half a cup of sodium fluoride in the morning, because some make believe doctor showed us some nice,shiny colored statistics on the T.V. commercial.

      Why we are on it, do not read, only losers read and it induces thinking, that can be soo tiresome and annoying. Instead just watch CNN and especially Fox news, I mean they are the good guys and never lie, nor does any government lie. I mean what a preposterously stupid idea is to think that the government maybe, just maybe lies to us. How dare anyone question them, quickly let us label them conspiracy cooks.

      In the age of information and mass disinformation, prematurely labeling everything as a conspiracy can have dire consequences, ever thought of that?

    6. people like you think that anyone who doesnt agree with them just hasnt done the research.

      i bet you think you KNOW who shot kennedy. you are pretending JFK was in fact a conspiracy you are pretending there is no benefits to flouride or aspartame.

      yes and the next tactic of the conspiracy theoriest is to just claim the other person watches mainstream news and doesnt read enough....then take the position that because the government has lied, EVERYTHING is now a lie.

      you are typical and have not said a SINGLE thing to support your cause. just made many sweeping baseless claims.

    7. I never claimed to know who shot Kennedy, but unlike you, I'm not a a pompous arse to call everything everyone else mentions as bs.

      I just do not consider myself that smart,educated and intelligent, but thank the heavens that there are people as smart and educated as you that always guide us in the right direction by calling everything you do not agree with as bs conspiracy theories, this of course without having any kind of proof whatsoever. Good luck on that note..

      So how many PHD's and years of research you have in this field? :)

    8. not everything. just when people try to act like they KNOW something evil is happening just because they lack the information or proper education to fully grasp it. (specifically chemtrails)

      i dont need proof to call something BS when it lacks proof to be considered true.

      this is why you people believe this nonsense. you dont seem to understand how logic works.

    9. @nosferat1,

      Why the anger? Why would you think he is a loser, close minded, and a pompous arse? He simply disagrees. Before going any further with this name calling you might want to read the comment policy.

    10. Name the segment where I called him a loser? I did call him a pompous arse on good reason. When you have no proof, no credibility, no credentials but start labeling any information that you do not agree with as bullshit.

      What does that make you? Did the comment policy mention that somewhere? I don't know, maybe I missed something.

      I like how people on the internet always think they somehow know the answer to everything. None of us has the ultimate proof whether chemtrails are actually real or not. So the verdict of a normal person would be "hmm interesting, maybe they are right, maybe wrong, still, thanks for the info" and not "what a bunch of bullshit, I know this is not real, I mean I do not really know since I have no relevant education in this field but I KNOW that this is all a conspiracy and whatever anyone says, I am right"

      Also where is the segment in the comment policy that allows people to troll continuously? How many replies has epiricus made so far?

      If anyone has anything to mention, they politely say "look, the makers of the docu made some valid points, but even though they look like people who know what they are talking about, I disagree with them and here are some links and info to support my claim, now you make your own decision and see if you believe chemtrails exist or not"

      But on the other hand you can always take out the "omg it's just a bullshit conspiracy" card.

      Oh and btw Dondon, you just made a fool out of yourself, I think for the 10'th time already. I won't even bother to fully reply to your post, not worth my time. Achems_Razor and me are maybe agreeing on some points, but same person? Yeah...right.

    11. Yeah there is a bit of bias around here that, on occasion, affects the way certain comments are received. I'm not saying this has happened in this case (I haven’t been following the discussion) and I don’t think it’s much of a problem generally but religious and conspiracy "believers" tend to be treated a little differently at times. I guess I’m sort of on the sceptic and atheist side of the divide but I like to see all comments treated equally, it’s the basis of freedom of speech. Still, Vlatko and co. do a sterling job.

      BTW, I won’t be referencing any examples of apparent bias because I have a life*** i.e. I don’t have the will or time to trawl through hundreds of discussions/slanging matches.

      Keep talking...

      ***not entirely true ;-)

    12. @nosferat1,

      Just follow the comment policy. There is no good reason for name calling.

    13. Comment policy seems to give preferential treatment to some. There is no need for name calling, but is there a need to troll continuously and label everything that does not fully relate with your thoughts as a conspiracy?

      I don't know, maybe there is a need. People with no research, posting wikipedia links that even they do not fully understand, to back up their claim calling other people who took time,money and years upon years of studies and research as conspiracy freaks.

      Nope, I can't seem to find any fault in this logic, as of fact it makes perfect sense. I mean let us label everything we do not fully know or understand as a conspiracy theory and label everyone who might have an open mind as a conspiracy freak.

      For a very long time,no one could fully prove that smoking was bad for you. Everyone who tried to link cancer to smoking was called a conspiracy freak, only after many protests, documentaries, books and a fight that lasted for decades, did people start to wake up.

      I see a fine example of the same bigoted mindset here. I mean why should we allow even the possibility of the thought that chemtrails might be real, right? Everyone who believes that is just a conspiracy freak because...because why? Because we and by that I mean you people here know better? Because all of you spend decades of your life on research and can prove without a shadow of a doubt that only you are right?

      Well, good luck to everyone on that note, I shall not waste any of my time and yours again.

    14. @nosferat1,

      You don't understand do you? Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Read the comment policy.

    15. I understood the comment policy just fine.

      Expressing an opinion is 1, calling other people names like "conspiracy freaks" and labeling and entire documentary as a bull*hit conspiracy is something else, would you not agree? or do you not see the difference between "they might be wrong" and "bwhaha bulls*it conspiracy"? are they the same to you? is that what it means to express an opinion? D*mn I did not know that, from now on everyone that does not agree with me will be called a ****** and whenever someone counters I will always reply "well you know, everyone has the right to express their opinion"

      I mean as far as I know the rules of the game, if you label something a bulls*it conspiracy, you are required to present valid,cold hard facts to support your claim. Also you can't go presenting wiki links anymore, nope, you waved to that argument goodybe the minute you called the docu a bulls*it. That means that YOU know better, and that in turn requires YOU do present proof that YOU researched, I am still waiting for those people in here to present their research, their PHD thesis on this subject, I am waiting for those documents.

    16. @nosferat1,

      No one said that you're a conspiracy freak. @Epicirus labelled the doc as conspiracy BS, he didn't say a word to you, until you came out with your insults. You started pouring out you anger and insults just because someone said that this documentary is a conspiracy. In case you didn't notice the doc is under "conspiracy" section of this site, which means I also believe this is conspiracy BS, and a lot of other people share that belief. True, lot of people believe in the contrary but that doesn't mean we should flame this thread.

    17. nosferat1
      do you know the definition of conspiracy theory? here it is "1.a theory that explains an event as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization; a belief that a particular unexplained event was caused by such a group.
      the idea that many important political events or economic and social trends are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public. "
      why doesn't this doc fit that description ? and your smoking example is a good one. when enough evidence was gathered and the relevant studies were done the claim went from conspiracy to fact. there is no reason if what this doc proposes is true the same thing can occur here. also accusing the site of bias when Vlatko includes the docs that might go against what he thinks shows his desire to give a fair chance to those who do not think as he does. wouldn't it be easier to just not include the doc at all and avoid the issue all together if he was so biased?

    18. "but is there a need to troll continuously and label everything that does not fully relate with your thoughts as a conspiracy?"

      who is trolling continuously and please give an example?

      are you saying the only people who would dare call you a conspiracy theorist are those that dont understand or dont do research. what if i told you that i was a conspiracy theorist when i was younger and believed all these silly little things also? i have read all the websites/books, watched all the documentaries. i believed in chemtrails and 9/11 and JFK. dont pretend like you are the only one who studies this stuff.

      how about you stop CRYING and start trying to use evidence to defend your position?

    19. "but is there a need to troll continuously and label everything that does not fully relate with your thoughts as a conspiracy?"

      oh the irony. i have credibility, i have credentials. and i have NO proof from your side. learn what the burden of proof is.

      "I like how people on the internet always think they somehow know the answer to everything. None of us has the ultimate proof whether chemtrails are actually real or not. So the verdict of a normal person would be "hmm interesting, maybe they are right, maybe wrong, still, thanks for the info"

      so if i told you that fairies make the gardens grow and photosynthesis is just a conspiracy would you say "hmmmm interesting, maybe you are right, maybe wrong, still, thanks for the info"?

      NO! you would want evidence or proof. and without that you would call me an idiot AND RIGHTLY SO.

      "Also where is the segment in the comment policy that allows people to troll continuously? How many replies has epiricus made so far?"

      replying is not trolling. In fact I am a moderator of the website and im pretty sure there is no rule stating how many posts you can make. I have also been on this website for a number of years now.

      now stop crying to vlatko and ACCUSING me of being a troll. that is a pretty serious claim to make against someone. could get people banned. but i guess making false claims without evidence is kind of....your thing.

    20. Refreshing, a voice of reason.

    21. I solved that in a disclaimer a few days ago.
      I am stupid and good at it.

    22. It is not up to anyone to disprove allegations. It is up to the one who makes the accusation to back up his claims with strong and convincing evidence. If he can't, then it is B.S.

    23. Agree with you completely, except on the Aspartame, in fact, someone recently linked a cool video in the comments somewhere here on this site, was a lecture by a chemist / biologist, or food expert, I believe, and he basically ran through 2 hours of chemical makeup, reactions in the human body, glucose vs sucrose vs Aspartame and other new alternative sweeteners, and by the end of the doc, had at least to me, proven that sucrose and any manufactured sweetener is straight poison to the human body. Fructose, etc, natural sugars, are fine, but he talked about how cells change when aspartame is introduced etc, I wish I could remember what it was called, something like "sugar - deadly stuff" or some such thing. Lemme see if I can drag it up on youtube, give it a watch, tell me what you think Epicurus -

      and I found it : /watch?v=dBnniua6-oM

      @ the youtube

      Please, because I respect your opinion, and have found truth from you in the past, let me know what you think of it : )

    24. Its laudable to be open minded but not to the point of being gullible. Just because a government lies does not mean that they are automatically guilty of every wild accusation made against it. Accusations should come with evidence. Not much evidence provided here. If they want me to believe that this is true they will have to do a better job in providing data to back up their claims.

      If you don't want to labelled a conspiracy kook, don't have such kooky ideas.

      Making unfounded accusations can have dire consequences. Have you ever thought of that?

    25. I would give a "like" on some of what you write, but on the rest i won't.

    26. Why is it bs? and what are they spraying then?

    27. no one is spraying anything. they are contrails.

    28. con trails....that had to be funny.

    29. Here you go, about your "Chemtrails"

      Chemtrail conspiracy theory,


    30. Is this the site that convinced you that all is normal and dandy?

    31. con short for condensed.

    32. let me ask you:
      Do you think the (airplane?) trails appearing in the sky, are caused by the augmented air traffic or by natural formation?

    33. I live on the US east coast, in the Boston-Washington DC travel corridor, near one of the major airports.

      The day after 9/11/2001, when all air traffic had been shut down, I went outside to go to work, and looked up. I was amazed and just stood there. The sky was stunning. I had been living in that area for almost 20 years and never saw a sky like that, even on the nicest days.

      In contrast, I grew up on an isolated military base in an area with little to no air traffic, in the days before airplanes became as common as buses.

      One day without air traffic made the East Coast skies as clear and pristine as the ones I remember from my childhood. Those of us old enough to remember those days marveled at how we had forgotten what the sky really looks like.

    34. Aye, the Iceland Volcano shenanigans did that for the UK in 2010. Weeks of clear blue skies while the planes were all grounded :-)

  56. Okay - I'll bite and watch it this early Sunday morning.

    Note to Vlatko - Umm, is this conspiracy month on TDF?