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World's Oldest Child

2011 ,    »  -   70 Comments
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World's Oldest ChildThe discovery of a child's bones in Morocco may change our views of the origins of humanity.

Ancient human bones are rare, so when the skull and upper torso of a child are found buried in a Moroccan cave, they raise many questions. When did he live? What did he look like? Was he one of us?

Dr. Harold Dibble and his excavation team at Smugglers' Cave on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco found the skull of the "world's oldest child." Rigorous dating techniques have determined the age of the skull to be around 108,000 years old.

Analysis of the teeth tells us that the boy died at around six years of age. Dr. Dibble named the child Bouchra, meaning "good news" in Arabic.

The skeleton promises to open a window into a pivotal time in human evolution when Neanderthals still ruled Europe, and Africans were inventing art and symbolic thought.

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70 Comments / User Reviews

    David Ewer
  1. David Ewer

    Very enjoyable and thought-provoking

  2. Stefanie Castillo
  3. Stefanie Castillo

    The "World's Oldest Child" actually lives in Portland, Oregon and drives me batsh*it crazy every day.

  4. Jeremy Hughes
  5. Jeremy Hughes

    You people raised us on television pipe dreams, horrible food, and public education... what did you expect?! lmao

  6. RickRayFSM
  7. RickRayFSM

    I wonder what YEC's (Young Earth Creationists) say when they see these documentaries? Or do they deny they even exist? Or do they make up some other rationalizations to fit their worldview? Most of my family and friends still deny evolution. I can't understand why they don't want to educate themselves about Science & Evolution !!! Still a mystery to me.

  8. Mike Schone
  9. Mike Schone

    I suppose one could claim that comment shows ignorance of the opposing view ?

  10. robertallen1
  11. robertallen1

    Which comment?

  12. Mouhcine Baz
  13. Mouhcine Baz

    i wander why did he name the child after ' Bouchra' .cz at that time(108,000 yrs) i guess the arab pp still hadn't arrived at the north of africa specially Morocco

  14. jeffroko
  15. jeffroko

    When are scientists going to realize that it's irrelevant when the world began, how long ago humans appeared, or what a computer generated kid looks like from 108,000 years ago? It's like they're hiding in some unimportant corner of study and letting others work on pertinent issues that might actually improve our way of life in the here and now. (and no, I didn't watch the doc, that would be even more of a waste of time than those who made it, if you can believe that)

  16. robertallen1
  17. robertallen1

    Who do you think you are dictating what's relevant and what scientists should be researching? If you didn't watch the doc, why are you commenting on it?

  18. Kateye70
  19. Kateye70

    I think it was in honor of the people who are there now.

  20. Kateye70
  21. Kateye70

    Actually it was really interesting. If you don't know where you come from, how do you know where you're going? If you can't see the possible applications of that knowledge, that's your own failure of imagination.

  22. jeffroko
  23. jeffroko

    Who do I think I am? Good question. Possibly a better one is why is this relevant from the perspective that this lie of a money-based society is headed down fast and taking millions along who don't deserve the negligence? Is it still entertaining when you think that you could become a victim of starvation or treatable disease as easily as the others? While those privileged enough to have the education are speculating about a world that no longer exists? Is that not a waste? What's more important? Sustaining human life today, or speculating about the origins of a species for egotistical purposes?

  24. jeffroko
  25. jeffroko

    I caved and watched a few parts.. I love the part at 29:50 where Mr. Narrator says,"Boochra's face is clearly modern." hmmm.. You sure that's her face? It looks like a dirt clod with teeth to me. MMyes clearly modern. What else will scientists say for money and attention?

  26. Malchik
  27. Malchik

    Who the heck are you to dictate anything?

  28. dewflirt
  29. dewflirt

    Understanding and teaching our origin is one way of helping to put an end to racial and religious hatred. These reasons alone would be enough for me :)

  30. Babz Rahman
  31. Babz Rahman


    There are hundreds of thousands of scientists out there researching all kinds of things including research in areas that have improved the lives of the human race immeasurably. How backwards would human civilisation be if scientists limited their research to purposes of utility only. The pursuit of knowledge 'IS' a defining human characteristic and no one has the right to stop that. The suffering of the worlds poor lies squarely at the feet of our society, our politicians, our media and big business. Don't blame scientists for that.

  32. Kateye70
  33. Kateye70

    If this isn't your area of interest, why are you wasting your time posting on this comment board when you could be out in the world, making a real difference elsewhere?

    You didn't even bother to watch to the end in order make a useful comment, although you have enough discernment to realize that a newly-excavated scull looked like "a dirt clod with teeth."

    What else will you say for attention?

  34. lakhotason
  35. lakhotason

    The flaring of the forehead in women is called bossing. Now there's an appropriate name.

  36. Kateye70
  37. Kateye70

    Bossing is what men call it when women tell them what to do and how to do it correctly, and are right. =)

    Don't confuse the flaring of the forehead with the flaring of nostrils. It usually occurs when directions are not followed and chaos ensues. O.O

  38. lakhotason
  39. lakhotason

    Yes ma'am.

  40. Jack1952
  41. Jack1952

    It looks like a dirt clod because you are an uneducated and sarcastic person who would rather laugh at those who try to enrich our lives with knowledge than add anything yourself. I, absolutely, despise the smug know-it-all attitude you demonstrate especially when you know nothing about what you are commenting on.

  42. ???????? ????????
  43. ???????? ????????

    do some americans actually take the bible literally??? !?!?!? excuse me, are you people dumb or something?

  44. Samuel Morrissey
  45. Samuel Morrissey

    If not to be taken literally, then who gets to decide which interpretation is correct?

  46. ShadowMan
  47. ShadowMan

    ....Why O why can't the world see that we were created by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that had visited this planet a few hundred thousand years ago!!! In all that is about humans is tale, tale signs of alien interference!! One day, you’ll all see I’m right, why can’t that day, be today!

  48. robertallen1
  49. robertallen1

    Where is your hard evidence? Jeremiads don't cut it.

  50. xiaohui
  51. xiaohui

    Looks to me like you are simply trolling. Who else would be capable of saying such drivel?

  52. colette w
  53. colette w

    I enjoyed watching this video, especially the artist who recreated bochra....I'm sure I spelled the kids name wrong. It is a well done documentary and a relaxing way to spend 45 minutes thinking about how
    our ancestors may have lived. Recommended.

  54. PaulGloor
  55. PaulGloor

    Modern, in an evolutionary sense can span a tremendous timeline. As you can see from the doc, 108 thousand years is still within that 'modern' time frame where the essential features that define the species as related directly to us can be readily identified.

  56. Rohitash Tewari
  57. Rohitash Tewari

    Half of them do! What a paradox!

  58. Bazdoogie
  59. Bazdoogie

    loved it, always food for thought

  60. PaulGloor
  61. PaulGloor

    Doesn't matter where you go in the world, there's some religious nutjobs that take their religious texts way too literal...

  62. Cristian Garcia
  63. Cristian Garcia

    40% to 47%, actually. :((

  64. Epicurus
  65. Epicurus

    lol if only we were in such a detrimental position that we could not afford to learn about our evolutionary history.

    you seem to think we are on the verge of some terrible collapse. typical. every generation thinks they are the last and some terrible calamity is about to befall them.

  66. robertallen1
  67. robertallen1

    As I've stated in previous posts, what really bothers me is that, like one or two others, a know-nothing such as Jeffroko believes himself qualified to dictate to scientists as to what they should and shouldn't be researching. In his world, there is no room for paleontologists, archaeologists and many types of biologists. Secondly, there is the inference that somehow scientists are accountable to him for what they decide to research.

  68. jeffroko
  69. jeffroko

    All the while there's folks like bobertallen who know it all and think aloud that we're not entitled to the freedom of expressing our opinions (uppity bullies are my least favorite people). It may be typical that SOME OF US think some terrible calamity is about to thrust itself upon us, but to some recently extinct cultures they would have been right. While science in many ways distracts those who don't want to mind the carnage, it already is befalling. @epicurus - I hope you're right that we doomsayers are just paranoid, but my theory is that those U.S. invaders who thought it'd be a good idea to give the gift of smallpox to the red men they found, are still lurking (except now in places of greater power), and as malevolent as ever.

  70. robertallen1
  71. robertallen1

    Your post is an insult to those fine scientists depicted in this documentary. Once again, you have no business dictating to scientists or faulting them for working in fields which you in you lack of education find nugatory.

  72. lakhotason
  73. lakhotason

    Yes and Rome will never fall.

  74. Kateye70
  75. Kateye70

    It's really not clear from your posts why you think that scientists should stop their research across a wide range of disciplines. Will this cataclysm you've predicted somehow be stopped?

    Do you think just scientists should stop their research? Should everyone in every field, not just science, change what they're doing to something else? If so, what? To achieve what end?

    What you've proposed doesn't make a lot of sense, to be honest. Or maybe you're just not being clear about it.

    I had a friend who, in the early 1970's dropped out of college to go live on a commune or something, to be ready for the complete disintegration that was supposed to happen within the next 5 years. That was almost 40 years ago...

  76. lakhotason
  77. lakhotason

    Yet human history demonstrates that civilizations collapse. And they collapse on a pretty regular basis. Why suddenly do we not understand this?

  78. Kateye70
  79. Kateye70

    Well, they do decline and there are occasional catastrophes. Not hard to comprehend if you read any history at all.

    But I'm really not clear what the plan of action is that jeffroko is proposing, or why it requires scientists to stop working in their chosen disciplines. Or why scientists in particular? What about people in the arts? Or humanities, or any other realm? Where should everyone's efforts be?

  80. lakhotason
  81. lakhotason

    I will be the first to admit that Jeffroko's comment is a little on the far side but within is that which rings true. Civilization will again collapse. Hard to work around that.

    Science should always keep that in mind. It should never separate itself from the human condition. After all it is the human condition that drives science.

  82. robertallen1
  83. robertallen1

    Nonsense. If someone wants to be a paleontologist, why should he have to take the so-called human condition into account? He should merely apply himself to his chosen discipline, the same with any academic field.

  84. lakhotason
  85. lakhotason

    Well this paleontogist in this doc certainly took the human condition into account.

  86. Kateye70
  87. Kateye70

    I'm really just puzzled why he singled scientists out, as opposed to any other discipline or field. I mean, look at all the people involved in the entertainment industry. Talk about fiddling why Rome burns! if that is one's outlook. Shouldn't he be exhorting them to change path? And he hasn't said exactly what everyone should be doing. Or even generally.

  88. robertallen1
  89. robertallen1

    In which way? He was simply interested in paleontology and was in a position to pursue it. If I want to study any academic discipline, I don't have to take the human condition into account in making my choice.

  90. Epicurus
  91. Epicurus

    there was only one instance in history where white-man MAY have given natives blankets with smallpox however the only evidence was a couple letters from the General (Jeffrey Amherst) saying it would be one acceptable means of dealing with the natives. no proof it ever actually happened.

    and to think the same people that MIGHT have done that are now in charge in america...? Jeffrey Amherst was a British-Canadian who fought against America in the American Revolution. in fact his full title was Governor-General of British North America

  92. Jack1952
  93. Jack1952

    Those invaders who thought it would be a good idea to give the gift of smallpox were suffering and dying from it themselves. What a great plan. They didn't care if they died from it as long as the Native Americans died more.

    Another person who believes in Satanic powers. God save us from the religious.

  94. Jack1952
  95. Jack1952

    Civilization hasn't really collapsed. Certain power structures and nations have fallen into oblivion, but civilization was still intact. It just took on new forms. It is the inevitability of change. Nothing lasts as it is. When Rome finally evaporated into history, the Byzantine Empire still existed. If America as a nation disappears, the place that was once called America will still exist and there will still be people populating the fifty states. Their political structure will just take on a different form.

    I think almost anyone realizes that all nations will finally disappear and take on new identities. It is very difficult to see the future of the nation that a person lives in from the perspective of this moment.

  96. robertallen1
  97. robertallen1

    Tell that to Obama, Bush, Billary, Michele, Condolezza and Sarah.

  98. Jack1952
  99. Jack1952

    Like them or not, creating a vision of the future is part of being a leader. I doubt that it would be an effective strategy in an election to ask the voting public to vote for you but all you can offer is the eventual collapse of the country you are hoping to lead. Most of the electorate would shake their head in puzzlement at such an election ploy.

  100. robertallen1
  101. robertallen1

    Most of the electorate would shake their heads in puzzlement at anything approaching intelligence--and no, I have no intention of running for office.

  102. Bible-believer
  103. Bible-believer

    You're all a bunch of sophomores...wise fools. "Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." 2Tim.3:7

  104. robertallen1
  105. robertallen1

    And just what do you have to offer except a quote from one of the pseudipigraphic books of the bible. You're obviously the sophmore.

  106. lakhotason
  107. lakhotason

    I swear, to call someone a wise fool has to be the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard.

  108. Jake Luttrell
  109. Jake Luttrell

    i just saw the world's oldest child disobeying his mom at wal-mart

  110. cxsistah
  111. cxsistah

    clearly, you're still on the learning quest as well if you're watching these vids...

    you're a bit of an oxymoron yourself BB...

  112. mwthomp
  113. mwthomp

    Well, to keep my comments to the documentary, "very interesting, enjoyed it, well made".

  114. Alexander Fuchs
  115. Alexander Fuchs

    Does any one take into account that every "lucy" discovery ends up being B.S. Look it up.. all of them. They come on the news at first and say oh we found it, then a year later or so scientists debunk it and it never sees the light of day. Where does evolution come from? What about the absolute Failure who created it and for what reasons with the backing of whos money? Im not a creationist but this garbage is just as bad at what they do.

  116. over the edge
  117. over the edge

    could you please explain why the " "lucy" discovery ends up being B.S." and what spacifically do you mean by " all of them."?

  118. robertallen1
  119. robertallen1

    What about Lucy was B.S.?
    You're question where does evolution come from shows that you don't know the first thing about it.
    P.S. Who was this absolute Failure?

  120. LadyLara
  121. LadyLara

    Agree....there are too many questions that our mainstream theories do not satisfy. How did they build the pyramids if they did not have the wheel? 2,600,000 blocks for the Great Pyramid were cut out of the quarries, dressed, hauled and fitted to a thousandth of an ich. Those precise measurements we can only do today with advance tools. They must have had some advance technologies or help from someone...

  122. robertallen1
  123. robertallen1

    Which mainstream theories are these?
    The earliest discovered wheel dates from 5,250 B.C., the earliest pyramid from 2,600 B.C.
    Fitted to a thousandth of an inch to what? Where are you getting this?
    You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

  124. oQ
  125. oQ

    that long word you use here is pseudepigraphic and the shorter one is sophomore.

  126. LadyLara
  127. LadyLara

    It doesn't matter what I say and what evidence one provides, your opinion will never change so this is pointless. The world was believed to be flat for decades and nobody questioned this reasoning. Once you question the norm is when you realize stuff doesn't fit together. I am saying there are too many questions about our past, and our jknown history is just a spec in the history of Earth. Why not question it?

  128. robertallen1
  129. robertallen1

    In other words, facts don't matter to you. This says everything about your intellectual development or rather the lack thereof.

  130. LadyLara
  131. LadyLara

    Bully...this says everything about you. You are the typical example of someone who hides behind screen and attacks, and the reason why people do not voice different opinions. Dropping this conversation, bc its waste of time...

  132. robertallen1
  133. robertallen1

    Your fallacious statements about the wheel and the pyramids coupled with "It doesn't matter what I say and what evidence one provides, your opinion will never change so this is pointless," render a particularly flagrant example of a wilful ignoramus. .

  134. Please God Why
  135. Please God Why

    that thing isn't necessarily millions of years old. i have seen children that look like that hundreds of times in the last year alone.

  136. hernan cortez
  137. hernan cortez

    Isn't it obvious most Americans are stupid? Why do you think they constantly murder one another?

  138. Tom Carberry
  139. Tom Carberry

    What "rigorous" dating methods did they use. I know of none that can accurately date bone that old. Carbon 14 can't do it. So what did they use?

    Dating poses the biggest problem in studying the past. We don't have reliable methods and have to "deduce" ages from other factors, such as location in strata.

    So basically we get a lot of wild guesses, which then gets called scientific "fact" after a while. When they first found Lucy, the Leakys guesstimate the age at about 500,000 years, but have moved it back and back to keep up with theories.

    Not just in the science of human origins, either. Last year scientists in China announced that after years of actual study, they had determined that the great deserts of Northern China came into being about 4,000 years ago, not millions of years ago as all the text books say.

    So many "facts" get deeply imbedded in various sciences, that progress takes much longer than it should, and often has to wait an entire generation for the people who believe the false facts to retire or die out.

    Every science has this problem, because they all become institutionalized in universities and corporations.

    Thomas Kuhn wrote about this phenomenon long ago in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions, and he called it a "paradigm shift," something that has become a part of our language.

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