World's Smart Cities: San Diego

World's Smart Cities: San Diego

2015, Technology  -   7 Comments
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Smart urban planning has transformed San Diego, California into one of the most exciting spots in the United States. Their example could greatly benefit other large cities across the globe. From the National Geographic Channel, World's Smart Cities: San Diego sheds light on their innovative efforts in every aspect of city living from energy to infrastructure to transportation.

Not so long ago, San Diego was struggling. Following World War II, the city's population was stagnant, new home building was scarce, and the downtown area was a wasteland where residents feared to tread. Today, this beautiful coastal paradise is thriving with tens of thousands of new residents and a skyscape filled with gleaming architecture.

There's the Central Library, which is comfortably nestled in the heart of downtown. A towering dome of glass and steel, the library welcomes over 3000 patrons a day, and serves as the central hub for a thoroughly engaged community. In fact, when funds ran low during the library construction, the community rallied together to bankroll its completion. That feeling of a close-knit community is what infuses this very large city with the warm intimacy of a small town.

The most talented leaders of tomorrow are flocking to San Diego. Enticed by the city's forward-thinking approach and world renowned educational institutions, they're making tremendous strides in fields like energy, biotechnology, agriculture and medicine. A third of the city's energy is powered by renewable resources. Groundbreaking research is being carried out that would allow all of the country's transportation to run on algae.

A flurry of small farms provide easy access to the freshest, healthiest foods for all residents. The coastal areas are a magnate for marine life and oceanographers alike. The city has also created a name for itself as a cultural mecca by playing host to the wildly popular Comic Con event every year.

The work being done in San Diego could elevate the lives of people all over the world. World's Smart Cities: San Diego pays tribute to the city's pioneering spirit, their commitment to creating a brighter future for all, and the quality and character of its people.

Directed by: Ditya Thayi

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ted from san diego
4 years ago

wow i live in san diego 5 years after this was made and its not at all like this, just a lot of party bros and military d-bags riding around honking their horns in jeeps and getting into fights at bars.

5 years ago

Was thinking it must have changed dramatically from when I spent a short time there many moons ago in the 1990s. Apparently not so much, reading from some locals who commented. A friend moved there and after a year or two moved to Florida due to the cost of living and that was around 2000-2001.

Algae based fuel is not a new avenue. It doesn't seem so smart to go to all that trouble to grow it and then squeeze the oil out of it and then refine the oil into gasoline. San Diego being a warm spot could easily burn the oil in diesel buses, boats, etc. Likely able to make ethanol out of the remaining vegetation. The yeast lady could develop yeasts for improved ethanol production from that type of input.

All in all I wouldn't mind living in San Diego if it was more reasonably affordable. To me, making a place affordable would be a "smart" city.

Jst Thatguy
6 years ago

This is a joke right. Is National Geographic accepting money from our mayor to make tourism videos now? There are so many items i would love to comment on but it would turn into a book. Dont get me wrong, there are a number of positive aspects of this city, many which arent even mentioned. This sugar coated hipster nonsense makes me worry we have gone past the point of return and will soon be smelling our own ass and wallowing in prideful delusions of self importance due to how "progressive" we all are. Coming from a person born here in the wrong generation and into a cost of living that is nearly unaffordable. Just like San Francisco which it seeems we will soon catch up with, this town is not this land of great opportunity and blissful living. It will become the hole you get stuck in because you are so consumed by living day to day trying to stay afloat that you will never be able to save a cent to be able to leave and will be so out of touch you wouldnt know where to go if you could. It has for everyone that i talk to which makes up the real population of this town. If those that made this video believe this nonsense, all i have to say is I dare you to walk around in Barrio Logan at night by yourself or go take a look at housing prices in what are still dangerous neighborhoods. 900sf for $750,000. Damn hipsters are out of their damn minds. So much more i would love to say. Must be nice being one of those well off enough to sit around drinking "Craft" beer all day. Anyway, have a good day.

6 years ago

You can live here on a medium salary but you will not have a very good quality of life.

6 years ago

Can people live in the city on low or medium salary or do you have to make six figures to live in it?

lettie McPherson
6 years ago

$17 mil for the library, yet the homeless have camps all over downtown SD. Don't they count?

6 years ago

Could have fooled me.