World's Strictest Parents

World's Strictest Parents

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World's Strictest ParentsUnruly teenagers are sent abroad to live with strict families in an experiment to find out the right way to bring up a child.

These series document the journey of unruly teens from different families as they are forced to adapt to the rules and regulations of very strict host parents.

Living under different standards from their families back home, the misbehaving teens will be subject to punishment for breaking rules and skipping chores while the strict parents attempt to mend their ways.

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  1. LADY J


  2. Eddie Hale

    I remember this show. Entertaining as fu*k

  3. Tamra

    Those who study human behavior say it takes 3 weeks to learn a new habit. If these young people were only with their "strict" families for a week, the habit has only begun. They may go home having learned something, but it is probably not deeply ingrained yet. It is more difficult where Mom and Dad are not holding you accountable in a self-controlled manner, either. Difficult for the "real" parents is the fact that they are probably just re-living how they were raised. They don't like their own misbehavior either, but to see it in their children only magnifies the guilt and anger. People can and do learn new ways to live and behave, but there is always the temptation to return to old ways. Only the Lord Jesus can make a new creation that is fully forgiven and empowered by His Spirit to live a new life. Living in an evil world is no reason to avoid having children. Mankind has a penchant from evil, and was just as wicked when the apostle Paul was inspired to write 2 Timothy, and the apostle John was inspired to write Revelation. Jesus promised to be with His people even unto the end of the world; and it is He who helps us all along the way.

  4. Anonymous

    Additionally I Will never have children in a world of bad influences, the world advancing from bad to worse. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 3:13. It's not that I don't love nor hate children. The people in the world are changing. Becoming more vicious, hateful, and brutal. A world of people that can't be trusted a 100%. The government is changing and will not be the sane in 2-4 decades from now. This is why I put my whole trust in Christ Jesus and Jehovah, Revelation 21:1-5.

  5. Anonymous

    STRICT parents: I have story to tell if anyone would be interested. Some parental ways is nothing compared to my great-great grandfather Roderick Samuel Butler Nave. Back when parents could whip their children with a razor strap, paddle,belt, or switch. He was actually both cruel and overbearing strict. Once one of my great-great uncle's did something wrong and my great-great grandfather took a bob pointed wire and slashed his son 75 times, until blood gushed out of him. This is why being too overboard with strictness is wrong. It leads to child abuse and cruelty. Some strict parents have murdered their own children. Strict parents like my great-great grandfather wronged his sons. That is why I don't have children in this world where is too much wickedness and pure coldblooded evil. Being too strict can lead to rebellion and sin.

  6. Batman

    I wish that my parents had been around to raise me. I wouldn't have broken any rules. I would have been a good kid.

  7. Breae Doyle

    So... these terrible, rotten, possibly emotionally distraught kids completely turned their outlook on life around in 1 week? Sounds legit.

    Seriously, life is a lot more complicated than that, and the truth is that some of the worst teenagers grow up to be great people and have more respect for their parents as adults than kids whose respect for their parents was forced upon them by their parents.

    Still, it's an entertaining enough show.

    1. Sarah de Bree

      you made a good point there! :D

  8. Kesang Dorji

    whats the song name played at the end when the boy is on the way to his home.

  9. Lauren

    I think this is completely wrong. True many of the teens that GO to the strict households need to be shown how to live their lives successfully.
    But the strict parents' children, I feel so sorry for them. Many of them are forced to do chores that they seem to be doing the entire time they're at home.
    I think it's important for kids to have a childhood, not start working at like the age of 5!!!

  10. Alien

    These parents go into the kids' rooms, go through their stuff, control what they can download for gods sake! I couldn't stay sane in that house for a week, and I'm nowhere near as"bad" as those two teens. I realize this is all faked, and rather badly, but it sure makes me feel grateful for my parents.

  11. Jeremy

    And another thing, I grew up in a religious environment, so most of my parents friends were religious as well, AND VERY STRICT. I gotta tell ya parents, the ones that were strictly raised, ended up being total failures, most of them are now druggies and never even made it to university, I'm one of them. Strict parenting leads to a child that has no sense of self, no motivation, and no regard for healthy behavior, as they constantly feel the pressure to make their parents happy and their psychological health deteriorates greatly, a switch get's flipped, and they essentially become slaves to the parents, quietly wiping the tears from their eyes as their souls burn with hate.

    It's like what Kat William said, "why you hitting your baby woman? Don't you know that 2 year olds are SUPPOSED to want to play with bright things? What are you r*tarded b*&^%??!!" strict parents seem to be pretty stupid and arrogant IMO, every single family I have met that followed a "strict" regiment produced faulty unreliable and emotionally insecure children. In fact the only Person I have ever known that killed himself, was being raised by a "strict" father that put my own to shame (I'm talking getting beat with a belt for being late coming home from school, which was not even his fault for being late, was the bus)

    I realize that there is a difference between abuse, and strictness, but come on, you tell a kid no, over and over, they're gonna develop a psychosis surrounding a need to DO EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF what you tell them, and this desire will only grow stronger as they age. You beat them on top of that, now you've got a ready to go psychopath and his victims tend to strangely resemble the parents due to the fact that the ultimate overthrow of power is to dominate people you consider similar to your enemies.

    But then again, as GC put it, "75% of adult americans cannot pass a high school equivalency exam, they're fu*&%$# st*pid." So congratulations, dumb parents, you're the reason all us kids are messed up.

    1. ccc777

      Jeremy, it sounds as if you are referring not to strict parents, but to a parent that may be domineering. Strict parenting is healthy, full of love and appreciation for a child's character. Strict parenting is not about children feeling pressured to make their parents happy. I really don't think you understand what is meant by "strict". It's a parent who sets boundaries, loves their children, teaches them self-confidence, etc. These kids are the ones who flourish and have great relationships, and good careers, and are happy and well adjusted. Perhaps you are confusing strict with abusive?

  12. Jeremy

    I love how people are still arguing about a STAGED PROGRAM WITH PAID ACTORS. Are you guys serious? THIS PROGRAM IS FAKE. It's not even real families, PAID ACTORS... Really sad reading the comments and how many people think it's real.

  13. ProudinUS

    I believed in strick parenting when my kids were younger. But if my mom and pop put me on some show at a seregates parents house being viewed 24/7 when I was a kid...ah boy! I'd rebell and give them a real show.
    I would've done stuff like get drunk on their liquor right before supper and sh*t my pants at the dinner table......I would've shaved 1/2 of their cat and spray painted a big penis on one of it's side.....I would've grabbed their vacuum cleaner and suctioned a hickie on my neck,blaming it on the ma....ect

  14. gunk wretch

    i have only seen the first episode but these kids arent really "bad" they are just spoiled, or the girl is a latch key kid used to making her own rules.. they arent even on drugs.. stealing is no good, but they are a lot tamer then i or my friends were and i had strict parents.

  15. Rick Kiriakidis

    This is far FAR from a documentary its completely staged and the people participating are PAID. But there are valuable lessons to be learned, like you need to talk to your children, treat them with respect and DEMAND respect, don't treat them as friends but as your children, teach them discipline, etc.

    The show (this IS a show and NOT a documentary) starts out entertaining but quickly becomes a repetition of the same unrealistic pattern, kid is a sh*t most often from a broken/dysfunctional family, throws a fit and acts out to his new "parents", realizes he's a sh*t, strives to do better.

    Its far from reality when you start to realize the patterns and the staged events such as being thrown into a "working environment" or "being the star of a debate", etc.

    If you have time to waste, this might entertain you for a few minutes.

    1. Insanezenmistress

      I agree... the nice clean endings seemed too perfect, what are these super parents endowed with the Lord's graces. And I find that a week is hardly enough time to earn changes in your average human.
      I mean if I was Ms. Kir-somthing, I wonder how she over come her rage and pride so smmothly ( read what was off camera) expertly that she was able to allow the lesson to change from 'don't disobey', to 'one really ought to be respectful and mouse down instead of storm out when they need to go process'. *hope that some off as sarcasim*

      Oh and i take issue with that little fight. She had been disrespectful by trying to enforce the term dad, and they should have stopped to listen to his feelings on the matter.Becasue the Dad-dude was right you cant git respect without offing it, it doesnt matter who give it first but that it is available to anyone when needed. and kid dude needed it. But then opnions are what they are.

      But for all the stagesness, this tidy little series is providing feul for my writing.... people do like tidy stories.

      I enjoyed your oppnion about being too staged screws with the veiwers ability to suspend disbelief convincingly.

  16. Tracy

    What this series also illustrates are the pitfalls of parenting out of guilt! This often happens after a divorce where the custodial parent feels guilt-ridden over the divorce & compensates by becoming overly indulgent. This can mean spending (dispensing money or gifts)in an attempt to buy back their child's affections (appease them or take their mind off of the divorce), out-do the other parent & look like the 'good guy' who never says NO, make excuses for their child's obnoxious & inappropriate behaviour by attributing it to the divorce...We've seen examples throughout the programme.

    The loss of a spouse can also trigger similar parenting lapses. The remaining parent (similar to the divorced parent) is often in shock anguish & grief, s/he may be cash-strapped & lonely as well. Add to that a traumatized teen and one can see how things can go so dreadfully wrong.

    I don't know if anyone else agrees, but I saw evidence of classism here too. The majority of the 'strict' parents shown were also unusually well educated and affluent. There were always 2 parents present.Their children never had to be left alone while mom worked the night shift or was away driving a lorry to maintain a shabby apartment in an underprivileged neighbourhood. The children attended clean well-structured private schools with other affluent children. These parents were model citizens: confident, enfranchised & successful.

    Take away the financial/job security/ social position & how fast do you think that the Pastor (black man in the South) would become a batterer? He admits that 'lashes' are how he 'disciplines' (aka beats them into submission). Think of the religious couple in Florida: his wife's a grown adult. Why does she need a 'daily list of chores so she'll know what's expected of her'?!? I smell the stench of patriarchal domination & misogyny! Recall all those thundering "I'm the head of this household" men who were quick to grab at their troubled teen guests. How fast do you think Mr. Virk's (the Sikh in India)hand would fly in the absence of cameras? Neither parent here noticed the staggering drunkenness or stench of gin on the 2 kind in their care.

    Many of the teens had legitimate reasons to be angry & disturbed. Some had emotional/behavioural problems: not just belligerence or a 'bad attitude'. Teens are not cars that can be sent off to get repaired & returned shiny & new. They return to the same dysfunctional households & stressed-out parents. Unless the parents receive some therapy & learn new parenting skills, lasting improvement will be unlikely.

  17. Andy Facchini

    This shows how much kids think they can do everything nowadays..

  18. zaphodity

    Spare the rod, spoil the child.

  19. Imightberiding

    I think this program really is wrongly titled. Perhaps something along the line of: disrespectful or irresponsible teens would be a more appropriate title. Unfortunately it is almost always the case with a broken family, broken marriage, single parenting: broken teens.

    Strictest parents in the world? Hardly.

    @Anthony Pirtle Yes sir, I agree with your assessment. Definitely a reality show. Perhaps as Vlatko responded, some one just may learn some thing from this.

    1. a_no_n

      "it is almost always the case with a broken family, broken marriage, single parenting: broken teens."

      I assume you don't actually know any single parents, or kids from single parent houses. Otherwise youi wouldn't feel justified in making such a biased and unfounded accusation towards what is in reality a large chunk of the population.

      If you pull your head out your a55 you'd be surprised how much easier it is to see!

  20. Imightberiding

    ... and they all lived happily ever after. I think it's safe to say; the writers & producers of this program do not have teenage children of their own. Really, a one week transformation of self important, immature, delusional & spoiled, snot nosed teens? I think not.

  21. Yavanna

    Trash TV. "Reallity" TV. This is not a documentary. I can switch to one of a 100 channels and watch some sludge like this.....

    clicking my unclickable dislike button for this one.

  22. Sujeeth Jinesh

    If you want the strictest family then just send them to any Asian family.

    1. His Forever

      No doubt! Had 3 teens drown themselves in the lake by the school I was teaching in last year in Korea (fortunately not from our school) and others jumped in our city after bad grades and my best friend's 18 year old hung himself. Never in my 40 years have I been exposed to more suicides, and all young people none-the-less. I think one was just 12. If one of my students even hinted at it, I sat her down and said, "This is just high school; life gets better. Trust me, you'll get through this!"

    2. David Rice

      Are you still In Korea? I have been living in Seoul since 1999. I am not bragging. I finally got a good job working for Hyundai. Before that I was a teacher for just over 8 years... I am not bragging.. In my opinion a lot of Korean parents are not very good at the job of parenting.. and this is me being nice.. I have evidence to back this up.. Last March a boy stabbed his mother to death for being a shartty parent and did the noble thing of hiding her body in the bedroom for 8 months...And for good cause, she had been torturing him over his grades.. Animals will be animals... One can only imagine ... Sounds like "The Tell Tale heart" especially when the father finally came back...

    3. His Forever

      David: No,I'm no longer in the Korea--but I still teach them daily online. Less pay (sorta less stressful) but more family time. I do understand the grade trauma thing pretty well . . . two of my very top students were expelled after they broke into the office and stole ALL the final exams from ALL the teacher's files. Had they not been soooooo stupid to get perfect grades on all tests, they would have gotten away with it. They were already ranked as nearly perfect students, but 100% on every test is suspicious indeed, and their friend's ratted them out. My first thought was: "OMG! Going from top-raked students to expelled! They'll kill themselves!" I even sent a letter to one hoping she'd read it. Last I heard one was being treated for depression (go figure), but they hadn't offed themselves by the time I left that school. In all my years, I never worried about my students kiling themselves until I was in Korea. So stressful for them as students.

  23. Mark Mobbs

    I do believe this is bullsh*t

  24. wald0

    This show reminds me why I have no children, because inevitably they turn into hormone possessed teenagers. I remember benig one myself and I am sure I looked just as full of b.s. and ignorant as these wonder kids. What finaly snapped me out of it? LSD, believe it or not, turned me into a straight A student, a person obsessed with science and mathematics. It took one trip, I was totally different person, I was me- the real me. Don't get me wrong, I am not recommending people use LSD as a parenting tool. I have seen many people trip, some change, some don't, some change in negative ways. What i am getting at is that everyone is different and one way will not work for every child or parent. My parents make these guys look relaxed, but that just made it worse in my case, it became me against them, and I would not submit no matter what they did. It took realizing that ultimately your life is made of the experiences YOU create and, its up to YOU whether it turns out to be a positive life or a negative one. To claim otherwise is to place yourself in the role of the victim, thats something I refuse to ever be again.

    1. Guest

      very good comment....and the phrase "My parents make these guys look relaxed"...made me smile.
      ...and the part "It took realizing that ultimately your life....." is so true....something one has to repeat like a mantra throughout life.

    2. Guest

      Merry christmas Az, hope it wonderful x love to all :)

    3. wald0

      Thanx Az, merry xmas!! You always seem to have a positive out look, it's refreshing. Trust me I have the same petty hang ups as eveyone else, its easy to seem squared away, wise, insightful, etc. when all people know of you is what you post from time to time. Thanx for the reply though.

    4. Guest

      agree again...I most of the time have a positive outlook, it's my inlook that needs fixing.

  25. Rolands Jaunzems

    :D how dumb are those kids, bright future for them :D

  26. ruthslater

    WOW look at some of these natural parents and you can see why the kids are like they are ! I think the parents are poor excuse for parents too bad they had any children.

  27. ruthslater

    These kids just are attention seekers they want to be the center of attention all the time , other kids cant stand them either. spoiled brats and that comes from the parents , the parents should be going to school rather then expecting other parents to clean up the mess they created.

  28. ruthslater

    Its the usual situation where parents dont raise their children the children raise the parents and for whatever reason the parents of these kids just dont want to take the hard stressfull time of actually raising their kids. You cant let a kid rule their whole life and then when they turn 13 try and control their kids . so they send them off to another family and let them correct the problems they created in thier own kids. just like ceaser the dog whisperer says " its not training a dog , its teaching the owners.

  29. Guest

    I love teenagers, they're smart, interesting, funny and they know everything there is to know. Shame they have to grow up really.

  30. Mad

    Interestingly this is similar to what happened to me when I was younger minus the TV show & school programming. I was a young punk who moved in far away where I had to be a good person because all my relationships were voluntary at that point. I would've been screwed if I tried to act like a prick, so I learned to grow a bit & cherish my relationships with other humans.

    1. capriciouz

      Went through the very same thing in my youth. Of course, at the time, I HATED it. But now that I have grown up I recognize that it was very beneficial—if not necessary—in order for me to have any hope of living a productive life in society.

    2. Mad

      Yeah it was rough times for me too, when I ended up coming back home it was post-08 crash & the whole area (including my family) were living in absolute poverty. Still struggling you know but I was heading down a path to nowhere before then. Now I feel at least like my life has some direction, & I've learned the valuable knowledge of treating every relationship as a voluntary one, even family. Even though its much harder for family to disown you, I've found that ALL relationships work better when treated as something that is voluntary.

  31. fonbindelhofas

    i will not even start about the morals... realy made me angry in first 5 mins, cant wach any more lol

  32. fonbindelhofas

    u know they have ppl writing scenarios for this...? + acting is realy bad. this is what they put in vt to wash ya brains. real bad for u

    1. Mark Mobbs

      I have to agree. Noone changes like this. utter tosh.

  33. Savage Henry

    Thanks Vlatko...interesting stuff. "Strictest" parents they ain't...good, reasonable, principled parents...yeah.

  34. phillip wong

    This is stupid. There accent is funny.

    1. Tain_Ted


      With warmest regards,
      -Spelling Nazi

  35. Deejay Es

    wtf are they getting payed to go to mcdonalds ?

  36. Deejay Es

    its more of an experiment and they document this process to us

    but i understand anthony , still

    nice to see these ****** up kids learn sum'

  37. Anthony Pirtle

    This is not a documentary. This is a reality tv show.

    1. Vlatko

      @Anthony Pirtle,

      Well yes... but I thought someone can learn something from it.

    2. Epicurus

      i completely agree with you and i actually enjoy this.

      Im enjoying seeing the sociological and psychological differences in the way other cultures raise their children and deal with unruly kids.

      its also interesting in that we know kids respond better to advice and scolding that is not from their parents. so this is probably a healthy practice in that respect.

    3. Yavanna

      Would you like me to video you some reality TV stuff and post it for you then? How about X-factor from lots of different countries? Just to see "how culturally different it is and how it's dealt with."


    4. Guest

      If i remember well from one of your older are about to be an Uncle (if that's not already the case). A role that can have a great influence on a child. My kids always loved my bro and he them. He is often remembered for his humour, unfortunately they don't see each other very often anymore as they live in opposite direction of the country.
      Merry Xmas to you and your loved ones....