You Can Heal Your Life
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You Can Heal Your Life

2008, Psychology  -   64 Comments
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You Can Heal Your LifeLouise Hay has made a life out of healing people... on their own steam. She has lead the way since the 1980s on how you can heal your own life. At the forefront of the self-help field, Hay has become a Matriarchal figure to many now in the business of self-help. In the 1980s Louise Hay self-published You Can Heal Your Life, a book that has sold over 30 million copies to date, and spurred her on to build her own publishing company ‘Hay House.'

Taking the philosophy one step further, Louise Hay has stepped along with the information age and put the theories behind her book into a complementing DVD with the same name. I think the book and the DVD would probably work best hand in hand; the book for reference once it is read, and the DVD as a frequent reminder when watched of the powerful resources we hold in our own hands. Louise Hay has gathered some of the best self-help teachers, most who have seen Hay as a guiding light in their own lives, to explain the thoughts behind You Can Heal Your Life.

Very similar in format to The Secret, this DVD is easily digestible information that is both empowering and constructive. Author of The Erroneous Zones Dr Wayne Dyer, The Angel Lady Doreen Virtue, Life Makeover teacher Cheryl Richardson, Dream Interpreter Leon Nacson, medical authority and author of Women's Wisdom Women's Bodies Dr. Christiane Northrup, and medical intuitive Mona Lisa Schulz, along with a handful of other spiritual intellectuals, all give their perceptions on the philosophy that our "thoughts and our actions can equal miracles" as Richardson states.

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6 years ago

The only people make the world dangerous is a person who possessed with evil or those who are hopelessly brain washed. In this case Mr. Charles B

7 years ago

Beautiful film! I love Louise Hay!
A real Angel! Love & light to All!

Alexandra Moorcroft
9 years ago

I tried to watch this movie for several times. And every time when started to watch this movie I felt really uncomfortable and I could not overcome this negative emotion. Today I have watched it and I know that as a result of me watching this documentary my future experience is going to change for better.

I have practised positive affirmations before but I activated the lack of what I was trying to affirm.

Last year I started to concentrate not on affirmations but on what I felt when I affirmed. When I felt that I was not comfortable to affirm some positive thought I started to give myself self-talk that I want to feel this way and I will find the way to feel the way I want to feel about this or that subject. And I think that this is "the key ingredient". Then little miracles started to happen in my life. I now see how it all works.

This movie proved me that I am on the right track.

Life is a gift and we are surrounded by abundance, love, understanding and miracles.

10 years ago

New Age philosophy addresses the void people experience while weaning off religion. Sound mental health practices relate to a higher probability of experiencing a happy life. Somehow attaching healthy mental health awareness to a god figure or celestial being makes truth more palatable,convincing, and profitable.

10 years ago

Spiritualist intellectual...That single description tells me everything i need to know about this 'miracle healer'.

Spiritualist intellectuals talk utter nonsence, and use made up words to sound smarter than they are, the truth is that they are credulous, they don't hear a theory and then examine it, they hear a theory and then they twist the word to fit around it.

I shan't be watching this documentary, I think i'll go watch a few episodes of penn and tellers bullshit instead.

Rocky Racoon
11 years ago

Hey yeah if you got a lot of loot you can beleive anything you want and people will nod their heads and agree with u lol how much crap this is so disorientating create your own reality what about the one that was already here? The one I was born into with it's own power structures already in place? I am told that it is a democracy and we are all equal and that I am responsible for my life and it's outcome......BNut I didn't even have a say in the rules...dah ba humbug.

11 years ago

Thank you for this and all the other great documentaries, I really appreciate it.

11 years ago

I loved this video,I have had the book for around 10 years now and that is better,but this was very interesting to watch. This is basically the same as "The Secret" & EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
I believe God has given all of us the power to think positive and to heal our bodies and minds. That's how he healed in the Bible. You must have faith in your self or it will not work.
Too many people spend too much time being negative and having the "Whoa is me" attitude. If you think the world is against you, it will be. Don't worry about any one else or the world and concentrate on your life,your mind,your faith.

The very worst thing you can do is listen to the poor wretched people that post on sites all over the internet their twisted views and trying to get people all worked up spouting all types of rubbish. It's ok they are everywhere. Ignore the ignorant babble and just enjoy the video's. Every one has their own interpretation of anything let them have it and go on.

11 years ago

im so ******* mad. i know all that already but can't apply it to my life because people don't want me to. they don't want me to be happy when i am confident people bring me down. im sorry but the world is not magic, people are ******* mean.

11 years ago

I really enjoyed this and have recomended to friejds and family....thanks again Vlatko

11 years ago

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6!!!

i am deeply deeply sad to see how people run to this instead of Jesus

Marie Bwc
11 years ago

I've learned a lot about this video :)
I knew I can make a difference in this world :)

I'll be better! :)

12 years ago

Thank You I feel very blessed to have seen this recording . Finding more and more love for myself can't wait to see all the changes in my world. XXXXXXX

12 years ago

this book saved my life !

12 years ago

lol sophia petrillo

12 years ago

people, why do you fight?

just let everyone love what they like when it makes them happy!

12 years ago

Religion + Ignorance = war
Everyone knows that religion has been a way to control the masses for centuries. There are many positive aspects of religion such as giving people hope, security and something to guide them through when nothing makes sense as you will find with all this new age business. People believe what they believe. Personally I believe in science and I know that is not for everyone, but who am I to go and push my way of thinking onto others (Charles B)? I totally agree that this doco as well as ‘the secret’ should not be in the Psychology section, however life is too short to get bogged down in semantics, so everyone just needs to chill out and use their energy on things that really matter.

12 years ago

It is funny how so many people that are freaked out about taking responbility for their own thoughts into motion - that is all life is..a reflection of our inner is a gift if we let it be...GOD BLESS

12 years ago

It was a great video. I watched it all. I am suprised of the negative comments made.
Even if the video is old, the message is very actual, universal and extremelly helpful with practical exercices. Especially for people who have negative reaction to this video. Maybe they are no ready yet for healing themselves but when the days comes, they should watch it again and heal themselves. It did help me. Thank you for broadcasting this video. Priceless!

12 years ago

I have no intention of trying to change other's minds or hearts. When the student is ready ... This video was terrible with stops and starts (but it was also free) so I only wish to recommend to anyone who wants more genuine joy in their lives that it provides a wealth of practical and useful exercises that 'will' work. Louise Hay wrote her first book in 1984 I think, and this approach followed (not presented as NEW and certainly not New Age - which is itself a pretty broad stereotype). Yet I have known Ms Hay's work to be excellent, empowering, and gentle. Sure some prefer healing and change with a sledge hammer; I have grown to appreciate the brush of humming bird's wings - and that's the kind of good medicine Louise Hay presents. If that sounds attractive, it is well worth the viewing - on her web site (for a fee) or purchase the DVD or book, or watch here. (There are a LOT of crack pot healers, with THE answer out there; as a result I am careful who I recommend). I recommend Louise Hay.

wow charles b
12 years ago

I was shocked to read charles B's comments... but i read the whole thread and am so glad that most people are seeing the truth in the video (As opposed to the fear of demonic possession and what not..) Coming from a home of abuse myself, and a similar upbringing to Miss Hay, I have come to respect the power of thought, and the positive affects that affirmations can have on my well being, and my relationships with others.

And really it comes down to what are you filling your head with? Do you mindlessly sit through church, movies, television commercials, news, believing in their stories, passively feeling the feelings they are conveying (mostly of lack and fear) do you realized you are under the control of those "demons" and are not actually thinking for yourself or guiding your own life? The values represented in most media, in most religions have gone so far away from what is considered "truth" - love, compassion, acceptance of differences.

This ritualistic stuff, repetition, has powerful effects on the brain. It is why for centuries it's been practiced in churches, and why media begun using the same techniques. (disney repeats an idea 3 times in a movie to make sure kids will remember) Repetition conditions peoples thinking, and how we think governs howe we act. Take charles B, and his fear of demons vs Razor, both having entirely different life experiences based on their beliefs.

13 years ago

fear... is one of the big thing charles is using as well..."dont be scared of demons but they r out there to get you.. so u canlive the rest of ur after life burning in a fiery pit in hell" o charles our faithful leader how do i live so that these terrifying things wont happen to me....fear... is one the most powerful tools of control and negativity

13 years ago

and thats all toward CHARLES and closed minded people

13 years ago

but for the fact you are talking and being negative and actually believe that your are fighting for and stand for something good and holy scares me the most.... think.... it is how u think that determines ur beavior and then inturn effects the people around you so if u or anyone is waiting and trying to get to place of peace and infinite happiness filled with postivity and love (heaven) i would think that since we're livin on earth right *now*, that we would live and treat ppl in that manner now* it seems it is what god wants peace love postive livin frm his children...and i do not know abt u Charles but that is a lesson iwould want my kids to learn frm birth... postive and ratonal thinkin is one of the best lesson to be taught.. and u should not let simple words liike evil anti christ take u away frm that...

13 years ago

so it seems like because of your thought process and views towards new ideas that you would have actually been one of those people who supported the murder and death of Jesus Christ... just take a momment and think ......... the romans and jews seen Jesus as something against their religion something evil, sent frm hell "anti-christ" in so many words whn he came with his new ideas (use rational and critical thinking to research that) so the only thing seperating you from them was the time and religion in which you were born.. primitive thinkin huh??? secondly look at the ideas and words she is promoting peace love healthy and postive thinking using your mind to create to start... and lets look at yours.. *evil hate devil hell evry religion is wrong= (confrontation) to start... frightening huh but this is what is coming frm ur mouth.. and that really makes me cringe im not sayin that u r promoting this type of thinkin purposely atleast i hope not..

13 years ago

what a waste of time

13 years ago

lost me at 00:23, mainly cos it's not streaming properly. I bought a couple of her books in the 80s but no longer into the "New Age".

13 years ago

Charles B
She never said all kids should be taught this in school at all. She said 'imagine' if kids were taught how to balance their finances and to have good, healthy relationships etc. Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

I read the book a few years ago and there's some useful stuff in there but I only got as far as the first part of the film.
The most disturbing thing to me was her sense of style really.

Bobby D
13 years ago

Charles B, please don't home school your kids.

13 years ago

The lady in the video seems almost cultish, like she is going to want me to drink purple juice. Her tone of voice was like she was trying to hypnotize me. Wierd.

13 years ago


Hate to bring you the bad news, but technically if you follow the positive thinking way of life; "your thoughts create your reality" then that is your religion.

13 years ago

this video is not streaming properly

13 years ago

Only people blinded by religion can see any harm in the words this woman is saying... I wish someone taught me this when I was a child.. I always believed in "your thoughts create your reality", but was too afraid to share it with anyone, as they could think I was insane. It was such a relief to me, a few years ago, to discover that many other people feel and think the same way.

13 years ago

@Charles- Charles I feel for you bud that this has sparked such a "violent" reaction in you. I was raised a catholic and I tell you this is Love mate. And just for the record..the "new age" is another way to either pigeon hole, manipulate or cash in on the benevolent intelligent unconditional energy of L~o~v~e.. God is Love and Love is God.. Wish you Peace Charles

13 years ago



As a side note, this website operates more like a forum than random commentary. I'm diggin it.

13 years ago

Whether you accept Hay's opinions or not, this *doesn't* belong in the psychology section.

Charles B.
13 years ago

Vlatko: That's ok. We can wait and see how many newagers come gunning for me for my assessment of the speaker. Spiritual aspects to things do evoke strong actions and reactions in people, don't they? It really was scary stuff. :-)

Charles B.
13 years ago

Vlatko, do you mind removing my comments on this thread? I haven't changed my mind about anything, but everyone need not know everything about what I think. Thanks! :-)

Charles B.
13 years ago

Deidra: Let's hope neither one of us go to Hell, seriously. But, you need not worry about me as I don't have a crappy life; I'm one of the most happy people I know, and that's God's honest truth. I'm exceedingly blessed.

13 years ago

You are not open-minded, so do not act the least bit. You have your views and I have mine. But, let me tell you something: I will not let you slander my people because of their beliefs. Now, it's my turn. You may think that your precious biblical "God" is all there is to believe in but, you're wrong. The God that I believe in does not turn his head because of the way you think or who you have sex with. My God is One who loves all and through him I am given my faith and power. You think that just because someone speaks about thoughts becoming things that the devil is possessed through them? Ever heard of Quantum Physics? Probably not. You don't seem too intelligent. Anyways, you've demeaned homosexuals, muslems, and atheists; what does your precious God think about that? Judge no one else but yourself. The crappy life you live is because of you.
*By the way, I don't care what you think of me because you don't know me so...
(did anyone else hear the wolves howl and the witches cackle?)

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Charles B.

I guess what is boils down to is mind set. Since you Charles, basically live with Demons and Devils, in your mind, and in conjunction with your God every day and believe in them, I suppose you can not help but have that uppermost in your mind. I know for myself, and most Atheists, things like that are not top priority. So we take it or leave it.

What scares you Charles, does not bother me in the least. Keep in mind, what you "want the most", what you "fear the most", what you "love the most", and what you "hate the most", may come to fruition, whether you want them or not. because the subconscious mind knows no difference.

So try not to dwell on things that are bad, but only good.

There is no Demon that is going to attack me, because it is not my mind construct. That is something I do not dwell on.


Charles B.
13 years ago

Mr. Razor: I've figured it out; I know why I felt so strongly when I watched this video.

Atheists are generally scientific and logical (mostly). I like that. Easy to deal with mostly.

Homosexuals are sometimes in-your-face angry, or just want to be who they are--they think (I've had lots of gay friends)

Muslims are passionate, but wrong. I can deal with that as I'm very passionate too.

The apathetic are worthless to everyone and hard to deal with and very tiring, but what can ya say? Not much. I dislike apathetic people a lot, but they aren't very influential as a whole.

The New Age are often the ones who are the most closely associated with actual "entities" and "beings" that I know to be demonic. They are crafty, clever, sly, cunning, deceptive, sneaky, and very very deadly with their intentions; most even know they are deceiving. I have no defence against such except to hide my soul in the care of Christ, and let Him alone deal with them. My friend, Melody (which I spent the afternoon with today at the church picnic) was into that very heavily, and it was so hard to come out of it, because of the demonic elements. She also is very discerning too, and when we met, we understood each other right away. It's the "spirit" behind the New Age that is something that must not be feared, but certainly not underestimated either; their very dangerous.

I usually don't open up that much, but I hope perhaps with your logical mind you might just understand that one part of mine that works not so much on "logic" but very much more on "intuition". When you are unsure, trust your gut, and my gut was saying "Run! Now!" ;-)

Charles B.
13 years ago

I don't mind associating with honest to goodness Atheists (I've known a lot), and I even can talk about U.F.O.'s, evolution, and the such without a twinge, but "New Age" talk, which has been around for a very long time is still really repugnant to me; it's the "original sin" from the garden of Eden that "you shall be like God". Scary stuff. ;-)

And the fact that she wants to teach this from first grade onward . . . it really is very unsettling to me. I've always been very spiritually discerning, even as a small child. Truly, Mr. Razor, have nothing to do with her teachings. An Atheist is closer to a potential heart-turning epiphany and faith in God than such as this. Her teachings are exceedingly dangerous.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

I decided to watch this because Charles B. comments piqued my interest.

I only watched the first 10 minutes, because all it is, is old,
"New Age" paradigms, something I knew since the 80's

For someone that is not familiar, I recommend a watch.

No, nothing is going to jump out of the screen and devour you,as per Charles's abominations!

Sometimes Charles, you remind me of another person most of us know.
You are as good, but much more likable, and easier to get along with! (LOL)

:D :D

Charles B.
13 years ago

Oh, God, help us! It was like listening to a demon itself hissing and spitting it's venom and trash right through this woman: "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons" (I Timothy 4:1).

I wanted to vomit, and could feel the evil so strongly from the first moment. Damnation and Hell has a voice indeed.

Reincarnate yourself at the moment of your choice? You choose your parents, sex, color and country?

Connecting to a Universal intelligence or energy without judgement or criticism?

Whatever we choose to believe becomes truth to us?

She wants to start teaching this from 1st grade? "Think how beneficial it would be to have be told how to think" as a child and to have "a whole generation of adults that manifested these things"! Run away now!

THIS is why I plan to homeschool my children. The harm this woman could do to a child's innocent mind is immeasurable.

"There is a way that seem right to man, but the end thereof is death."

13 years ago

you lost me at 00:01

13 years ago

I liked it!

The guy with the thing
14 years ago

You lost me at 00:30