Young, Nazi, and Proud

Dispatches: Young, Nazi, and ProudDispatches reporter David Modell films a remarkable six months spent in the questionable company of Mark Collett, leader of the youth wing of the British National Party, and reveals the true nature of a party trying to reinvent itself and broaden its appeal. A rising star of the party, Collet reveals to Modell his deeply held Nazi sympathies. This despite the party's claim it no longer has any association with Nazism.

It's clear why the BNP want intelligent young men like Mark, a university graduate. BNP leader Nick Griffin tells Dispatches that Collett is a potential leader of the party. But Modell is interested in trying to determine what motivates a bright young man to throw in his lot with a party which will make him reviled in public.

Modell has little in common with his subject and finds himself taking an exception to some of Collett's interests and occupations - which range through rabid anti-Semitism (Jews aren't white) to explaining how he likes to break people, in particular his ex girlfriend.

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  1. A young man with a promising future tricked and disgraced by a jew, how sad.

  2. Hmm.
    Interesting how a guy like Mark doesn't care if his views alienate him from most of his peers. He is so sure of himself at such a young age.
    After this doc, he remained with the BNP until 2010.
    There was much drama to follow, involving charges of this and that within the party. Its on Wikipedia.
    He's also on Facebook. Where I'm sure you'll find his latest updates if you care to look. (I don't do FB)
    As for the film maker, David, he has done many productions for programs like Dispatches, and has made his own successful production company.
    I read somewhere in the comments that he had been charged with some kind of crime, but I couldn't find it online.
    His list of docs is available online and they sounded very interesting.
    Now, about this doc,I can understand the frustrations the English feel about immigration. They are in a terrible economic crisis.
    It is my understanding that an employee in England loses 40% of their pay cheque to taxes. Is this correct?
    Its natural to feel pushed out by immigrants when you are virtually surrounded by them, but not to hate them en masse and wish they were dead.
    Just my opinion.

    1. 40% is the top end tax rate. People like Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard probably pay 40%, but when you're on £180,000 a week you can afford it, can't you? I work a part-time minimum wage job and so pay no tax at all. I pay about £4 a week National Insurance contribution. That's roughly 3.5% of my pay cheque.

      Idiotic to blame immigrants. The truth is that they will work longer, harder and for less money than an English worker, so naturally Managing Directors, company owners will be willing to exploit this cheap labour source. I think anger should be directed up, not down. Blame those exploiting the labour, not those willing to work it. Some of the Polish guys I work with do 12 hour shifts, 6 days a week. To me, this is depressing.

    2. Thank you so much for clarifying your tax rate.
      I know what you mean about how hard some immigrants work. They're everywhere here, often doing the worst jobs, incredibly long hours, and not complaining.
      People here in my neighborhood tend to really resent them, and hate me for speaking up whenever I defend them.

  3. doesn't seem like anybody has mentioned anything about his parents and the roll they played in his psychological development... you did see both his parents at the rally proudly smiling and supporting their young, bright nazi, did you not?! that speaks volumes... it takes a village, so they say!!!! (and don't bother commenting about my grammar or spelling, that's just a lame way to try to skirt around the issue when you don't have a better argument)...

  4. David Modell tells Mark Collett, "As a journalist I have a responsibility to report what I find." As a JOURNALIST, David Modell has a responsibility to practice the ethics of the profession.

    DM was in MC's confidence for six months, but failed to persuade his subject to say it all willingly on camera. Mark Collett is young enough, immature enough, impressionable enough, and foolishly vain enough to put that goal within reach of a talented journalist. I think it could have been done despite the coaching of MC's handlers.

    Modell should not have prevaricated when the question of his being Jewish came up. He should either have abided by his technical "no" or said "yes" and waited to see what would happen.

    Perhaps worst, Modell fails to consider the consequences of reinforcing Collett's views about "the Jews," the "left-wing media," and of course the Jewish left-wing media. The emotions of betrayal and resentment---the bread and butter of the BNP---are so easy to create, and Mark Collet proves that it's a short step from there, to getting scent of blood, to "breaking people" as thoroughly as possible.

    Shabby work, David Modell, BAFTA or no.

  5. This reporter is a pure scumbag. Lying to get an interview, secretly recording off the record conversations. How did this show get past the editor?

    1. @Pootie,

      (Quote) : -"How did this show get past the editor"?

      Dunno but I like that! Very much!
      How else could anyone gotten what this guy had in nind?

      How anybody could have expected that Hitler was gonna invade Russia after the pact he signed with Staline?
      Just by offering him a voice at a microphone maybe?

      To me, everything's for the best.


  6. the british introduced themselves to africans and indians and pakistanis first for various reasons including and not exclusive to conquest, pilage,trade,boredom whatever.These kids need to realize their ancestors created trade and endeptment to people of various nations and skin colour which is why britain looks the way it does racialy today.So dont get mad and resent the new racial hues of modern british,get pissed at the queen for all the indian diamonds, british indian tea the country lives on ,african gold in every crown they absolutely had to have.

  7. My comment disappeared?

  8. I feel so sad for him. I never feel angered or disgusted by such ignorance, just sadness. How I wish I could give him some help to rid of his heinous mentality.

  9. IQ of about 102. Not a very bright lad - he's dangerous.

  10. the r****ds listening to ja rule in his bedroom.attention seeker not racist i think

  11. it's a shame. he has so much wasted potential =(

  12. Anyone else notice the rap music (18:10) he's listening to when his mum's in his bedroom. Seems Ja rule crosses the racial divide. =)

  13. Its not about race its about the person.Zionists in Israel I agree are the worlds biggest threat and America also.Could not watch this is dumb just thought I would comment.We the people need to stand as one thats how they win forget about race or religion or anything else that seperates us from the 1 persent.Use you brains you got no brawn.You don't respect people and you will never get anywere with your train of thought.

  14. When he talks about Jew's, He doesn't add the reason to why they were denied freedom within national socialism, he says a complete lie about their skin tones and such, but the reason why they were an enemy to the national-socialism Because of the reasons of them being against 'almighty god' as Hitler once stated this true....

    "And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord." 'Adolf Hitler' this explaining my statement.

    i do believe that this kid trying to get into the grounds of being a white supremacist, doesn't show the 'strength of will' to being a nationalist because of the unintelligent statement he makes about the Jews. because they are in turn white and are not a race. but the reason to why Jews are not known as a 'friend' in this party elective is because of the statement of Adolf Hitler who in term created the the elective of the politics: national socialism. and so this kid fails to get my attention because of his disheartened thought, because he said they are a race by stating that they had a slightly different toned skin, which is a lie.

  15. @0.50 where he says they are different to mainstream political parties as they wouldn`t give all our money to Asians, they`d rather give it to British people, made me wince at his complete ignorance.
    I consider Asians to be British because they are and they pay tax and they are part of the our in our society. I have no need to hear anymore of his ignorant uneducated racist views.

  16. The point where the young Hitler wannabe was told that he was being recorded all the time and he almost sh*t his pants was priceless bwahahaha I'm gonna have to find a way and save this video. Mark Collett is an epitome of a loud chicken...speaking of which, I feel like eating some fried chicken and wash it down with cool aid bwahahaha
    I have to remember his name and keep a track of him as he grows some balls and becomes a man.

  17. Poor lad claimed that Europeans generally "stayed put" and didn't immigrate to other lands! Wow! Neglected child probably never played with a globe.

    PS. I think he's Jewish.

    PSS. He's just being used by the interests that don't want "dirty hands yet".

  18. so true to their nature jews are liers and deceivers in order to get what they want out of someone but then again the young man was very stupid to even do the interview,remember the old saying...beware of greeks with gifts or is it...beware of jews with gifts !!!

    1. Hmmm. I am contemplating between two things. 1. To act as a troll and say you most probably have the smallest willy on Earth and so on just to try and get a reaction to your own stupidity and very clear low education. 2. Ask you where do you gather your genetic information from that Jews are liars (BTW it is not LIERS, as you wrote, and English is only my third language. Without asking, first is Hungarian, second is Hebrew.) and deceivers and how do you prove it.
      I decided to grant you the choice between the two options. Please be so kind as to answer one of them.

  19. The Nazi kid is actually a f***ing idiot.. everything he said about Western Europeans is false. Europe was able to undergo a Renaissance due to cultural influence from the Arabs after the Crusades.. and Britain didn't have potato-based meals until after 1600 when the crop was brought from South America and even then it was viewed as a "slave food" for over a century.. racist moron

    1. typical channel 4 to get someone they can manipulate get you to say things which you want private i mean we all have skeletons in the cupboard,i mean there is (allthough according to the media there is not)a very intelligent good looking people who are rightwing,everybody knows there is to many immigrants in the country now,and gypsies from rumania and hungry made pickpocketing go up a 1000% its been filmed little children thieving cos their mother has made them,but no outcry by the british public poles are coming here to screw our welfare no outcry from the british public their women getting gangraped by muslim and black gangs no out cry from the british public,labour let in 2000,000 million immigrants from east europe they are forcing east european women here to be prostitutes no outcry from the british public oh yes the brave british public can only slag off the edl,you make me ashamed to be british you voted labour in power before and you stupid bastards now reep the whirlwind.

    2. Surprise surprise. The comment with the worst grammar, spelling and overall delivery is the person supporting the extremist. Go back to school, then get back to us with your views.

  20. This documentary won a BAFTA @ rtiom, so, they thought it was rather good... Unforunately Mark Collett was arrested for planning a murder attempt on Nick Griffin, so I guess he didn't learn and stewed on the idea of being 'leader of the BNP in 10 years' which never came to pass. A very sad, very aggressive so called political party; they are the ones who fuel hate.

  21. As abhorrent as his views are to me, I actually feel quite sorry for this young man. He's clearly not the sharpest tool in the box, but it seems he's surrounded by people who dote on him, and tell him what a bright young thing he is.

    Maybe one day he'll have a moment of clarity, and realise what a bloody idiot he's been.

    1. That is exactly my hope as well.

  22. P.s
    I would love to see this guy challenge Ernest Zundel the same way. Or perhaps any other real intellectual with similar views. Way to go and pic on some teenager.

    1. At least know your 'hero's' name. It is Zündel, not Zundel. Apart from being a bleeding Nazi, which is evil enough, his main offering to humankind were his own books claiming that flying saucers were Nazi secret weapons launched from an underground base in Antarctica, from which the Nazis hoped to conquer the world. Hahahaha. And another one pls. It is not 'pic' (unless you refer to a picture) but 'pick'. Thank you for listening.

    2. A) Why are you assuming he's MY hero? Is that some sort of personal attack?
      B) Is notifying me of my spelling errors make you feel better about yourself. If it does please continue I don't mind.
      C) I never read anything by Zundel related to Nazi flying saucers. I actually know about them because in the engineering field many people know the history of technology, and these saucers are just some of the technology actually developed by the Nazi's. I'm sorry to brake the news to you but it's not a theory.
      D) If you want to get cocky about your English skills, I can point out that, "his main offering to humankind were his own books claiming that flying saucers were Nazi secret weapons launched from an underground base in Antarctica," is grammatically incorrect.It should be "his main offerings" if your speaking about them in plural. I'm shocked that until now you've been using spell check and have the nerve to criticize me, when in reality you can't write. I'm not really watching mine because it not that important. And also, "pls" and the rest of these abbreviations aren't proper grammar either, so why pick at something silly unless your just trying to sound arrogant and rude.

    3. such typical leftwing shit,allways making that rightwing people are st***d,the uaf chanting allah akbah with a gang a pakis trying to make the edl is racist a black councillor went to an edl meeting he came and said nothing racist was said in there the conservatives suspended him for racism he is f****** black for gods sake,and the leader of the edl was in court last and the prosecution and police asked for a 3 year sentence and 10 year asbo,you know what he got?16 week suspended sentence for one year.the judge new that they were desperately trying to shut the edl up somebody painted a poppy on a mosque got 12 months prison someone shouted muslim bombers off our streets got 12 months prison,a muslim who spat on british soldiers and burnt union jack 50 pound fine,now does this sound fair to you?or to pakis got beat up by the edl and headlines in every paper and news racism was the scream,the next week 2 edl guys stabbed by muslims it was in no papers and a little note on the news,again is fair?to pakis getting punched is more serious than 2 edl being stabbed that tell you everything.

    4. Not too fussy about grammar but the odd full stop and capital letter wouldn't go amiss. If your going to prove your not stupid, I'd start with that :)

    5. "You're not stupid."

    6. Did you complete second grade? I can't hardly understand your grammar...:-(

    7. People like you are the reason England is sinking deeper into a cesspool of hatred and *********, yeah, the '**** pakkis' blah blah blah, 'taking our jobs' blah blah, 'all the doctors are pakkis'... I used to hear that **** everyday in England from whites that assumed I would also be a racist just because I was white...

      How about half the members of the BNP get off the ****** dole and go get a medical degree, or open up a 'corner shop' or enter into the various well paid occupations that Asians with a good work/education ethic are able to get that make all the ******** racists so jealous.

      The only racial problem in England is the lack of true integration on both sides... Admittedly, Asian communities segregate themselves to an extent, Muslim schools are a bad idea (so are Catholic ones^) but i*****nt people like you make that INEVITABLE task of integration a lot harder...

      Direct your anger to where it belongs, at the filthy, greedy politicians and bankers on all political sides, controlling you and lining their pockets with your tax money.

      - They love an ***** like you, you're so busy worrying about the nice Asian family that moved in next-door that you're ignoring the gradual removal of your civil liberties, the weakening of your education system and the growing income inequality that effects you every day. The ultimate irony is that your racist kind are the ones helping to push 'anti-terror' laws through that will also be used on the native white population in the coming years whenever somebody of any race steps out of line.

      - This post was probably pointless as I doubt you could comprehend half of what I wrote ^^ oh well. -

    8. Loved your post; but its been 2 years already!

    9. People to the far-right are incredibly stupid (there's that rare exception and judging by your grammar you're not one of them).

      Everything you've just said is a hyperbole, yes muslims (well you refer to them differently) have commited crimes, there is no denying, but the EDL is different in that it fuels hatred and encourages hate crimes and disillusions gullible fools like yourself.

  23. All these Nazi bashing docs are so stupid. They project this message that all right wing supporters are stupid, slightly confused, or immature. Which is absolutely ignorant. This documentary is a bunch of stupid propaganda defiling a political and ethical belief of certain people. Whoever made this doc is full of hate and has way too much time on his hands. It's not even worth discussion if you'd ask me.

    1. Wow, I am confused. Who is actually full of hate? Not the Nazis? Really?

    2. Ultra conservatives are Nationalists that are full of hate caused by scapegoats. Yes they are stupid, very confused, ignorant and hateful. These Nazi bashing documentaries are funny and interesting. I will say this about Repugnicons and Democraps. They know a lot of things. The things they know aren't true but they do know a lot of things nevertheless.

  24. Honestly, parts of what he say E.G a minority hold more power then the majority. This is true for anything with in a political perspective. so basically what we have to understand is that a government just wants votes and they what to be in power. its our governments that a to flaccid and bending over for everybody. But the young man is a racist and far right is as bad as far left. The reporter is meant to show you the story and not try a sway your option on the matter and this man slowly is bending the reality and acting like a snake but recoding in secrecy

  25. Im sure he will get a slap

  26. is this dude playing Ja rule....he's definetly racist.
    Nazis lies more than all races together

  27. This guy will get shot in the g20..

  28. at 18 mins I can hear Jah Rule playin in the background, pretty sure hes black :)

    So he listens to hiphop?

    Confused much mate? haha

  29. This is a brilliant tale of a narcissist with sycophants for parents and a sister struggling to find her own identity.
    I think that Modell did a phenomenal job befriending and then subsequently breaking them down, with the end goal of allowing them to commit personal character assassination; much in the same way as Mark Collett describes. Reporting at its best!

  30. Hitler must of said the right things to get a Nation to do what it did! Now we can look back at the deeds of his murderous reign and Know the truth. These Morons should be expelled from our gene pool.

  31. Whole thing is funny, world with only whites or only blacks or only yellows or only this and that... Nature or God whatever you call it, has created myraids of cultures and colors and hearts and minds, that works well only in harmony, and if we distrupt that all that happens next is war war war!! So let's not distrupt that PLEASE and listen to not only what our heart has to say but rather listen to what the humanity has to offer... If i say im a german, you'll judge me, if i say im a white you do the same, if i say im asian you'll do the same but u know what im just a guy who happened to came across this document and i didn't see love at all... Thats all i have to say, peace to you all, and spread love!!! Not logos and hate... Great documentary... !!

  32. ... why do people call the Jewish reporter a snake? Is mark not just as much of a snake? he went around saying certain things on camera that would make him look like a decent person but when the camera was off and he thought he could be himself he turned into a terrible person. The journalist did not hide the fact that he was a journalist and mark couldn't have been so naive as to think that he could spill his dark and terrible secrets to a JOURNALIST and not have it reported that's ridiculous on his part. If he was both genuine on and off camera then there would not have been an issue at all. Mark got caught with his pants on the ground and its his own damn fault. I applaude the journalist for recording the "private" conversations b/c it painted a whole picture not just the suger coated s**t

  33. lol @ listening to Ja Rule around 18:30

  34. Its not that I disagree racism exists, or that it is a problem.
    But today, any and all actual cases of discrimination based on race are insignificant next to those based on gender. That sexist discrimination's name is misandry.

  35. Did someone say 'British tea party'.
    People are crazy!!

  36. Racism is a tool used by the power structures of the world to control us . They keep us blaming one another while they sit on the hill and suck us all dry . Another tool of the power structures is religion . Check out the old testament ...good insight there . All people want the same thing , a life , food , shelter and better for their family ,we are all the same . But the media , religion, politics teach a whole different story

  37. Lets face it , racism is a tool used by the rich and powerful , they keep us fighting one another while they sit on the hill and suck us all dry. the biggest promoter of Racism is the powers . They give to one group and not the other , then the ones blame the other .......when it should be the power that is held in account and not a select group of people or culture .Every human being just wants the right to be free and live . But the power structures in the world know the best way to hide .......keep them fighting one another . I'm an Atheist or Some say A Pantheist ......Religion is used by the powers and always have been .


  39. Then, as is now, Nazis are the scum of the earth.

  40. He gets properly pwned at the end...

  41. If this is the smartest chap in the BNP, Britain shouldn't worry much. I just have seen an intelectually poor lad with great difficults to get to grips with a normal social life. His comments on white race and its definition (especially when he started ranting on about British, French and Italian cuisine) were really hilarious and childish at best. I just think he is a weak mind that had to find some ideological edifice that brought a meaning to his otherwise dull life and a way to focus his irrational hatred to some well-defined group.

  42. Ive seen more racism in the comments then I saw in this documentary. Let's face it everyones racists in one form or another.Its just human nature for people to stick with other people that look like them. I beleive that you can be proud of your race and still be intrigued with others.
    What he was saying in the car wasn't his own words!He was reciting the song in the back ground.I think the want-a-be jounalist hates the white culture which makes him no better then the subject he was trying to exploit.

    PS.His sister was hot! And I dont care if she was chinese,mexican,black,white or eskimo. I'd do her!

  43. British - Tea Party equivalent!

  44. Nice to see that jackboot stuck in his mouth near the end of the doc.


    On one hand you say a degree doesn't make you smart, and on the other hand you say there is someone out there that has a cure for cancer but has no chance for that same degree. what's the point? You may have common sense, but without the smarts, your stuck in one place and your common sense views become convoluted and repetitive, therefore ...making you a bore.

  46. Look, There are many "Whites" non-jewish, that Don'T agree with what Hitler and/or the Nazi's did, including myself. I don't even consider Hitler in my feelings towards how THERE IS reverse discrimination in this world today. If all cultures and races have a right to voice their PRIDE, than so do I. You treat me with respect, I'll do the same towards you. no matter what color or language. Do I get mad when people come into America to live and work illegaly and continue to do so? Yes I do. Why? Many legitimate reasons, one is that there is a mis-conception that these people pay taxes, most don't however, because the jobs that have pay only cash, and that cash most likely will leave this country to support their nine children back home. There is so much crime that occurs and American citizens are being victimized. If only 1 US citizen is killed by a person in this country ILLEGALY, that is 1 too many, and that person and his/her family do not deserve that grief. Why, if my grandfather's father came here from Scotland, went through the proper channels to get his citizenship, can't MILLIONS of illegals today do that? There is NO excuse.

    As far as Muslims celebrating 9-11-01, not in my neighborhood. To me that is a TREASONable offence, just like burning the flag, worse still. And no ammendment should support that kind of "right' against it's own belief system. I'm not sure if that has openly happened here in the States, but if so, those persons should be arrested and charged with
    some form of crime against the state or goverment, I'm sure there is something in the law there.

    If you want to have pride in your white culture or race or whatever, you don't need Hitler too say it, Fools. Look back in history, all the pioneers, the inventors, leaders, etc...There are many to choose from, and though not all peoples are PERFECT, they've all helped bring forth so many great things, more so than any other race of people, and thats alot to be proud of. and what is more, IT'S FACT. So get educated, stay clear of the Nazi rhetoric, and use your god given COMMON SENSE, and we will be 'all' right.

  47. This is 8 years ago..Wonder how he's doing now.

    But for the time this was filmed: this BNP Collett kid is just a completely uninformed i@#$%! He says, "A little darker" lol

    Hey matter how different any other person on this planet may look from you, they cannot be ever be farther than a 50th cousin of yours removed. And more often much closer! That is the reality. You have more in common with a dog than you can even imagine -and yet youre talking about jews and races, instead of human beings!

    Just sad. As if immigrants don't work hard and pay taxes. You happen to be born 'white' through pure chance. Its an absurd thing to care about. The entire concept of race doesn't even exist any more as he imagines it. Must suck being so ignorant and hateful. He'll probably grow up and marry a black Jewish man. (frustrated homo) and it so funny he is talking to a Jew named David! Go David.

  48. There are 3 great truths in regard to the BNP as a member, 1 IS what it said about them the TRUTH, by truth I dont mean the truth of the MSM merdoc bbc ,The so called ASOLUTE TRUTH, what I have in mind is the TRUTH ABSOLUTE= maths, this sets you free , since liberty is maths truth, not liberation(beloved by the UAF,search dark m15 seacial branch and other underlings), of the lieing 3 headed hydra westminister political whores
    2 Is what is said GOODNESS, since to be good is the most noble of all human, thoughts, GOODNESS , overrides race ethnic, religion, tribe, GOODNESS and truth are bound to maths,3 HOW USEFULL is it to me, as a human for the media( THE media is not the Greek idea of the medium, the letter M IN THE MIDDLE WITH 13 LETTERS ON BOTH SIDES , BALANCE IN ALL THINGS to attack this BNP , political party that has been elected by over 1 million ,what do I as a person gain by hearing gossip as if this was truth = maths.
    this is why you will not distroy us
    speed of light= 186,000 miles per second
    the square of 100 =is ten
    Pi, as a fraction, has no end to it
    is it possible to square a circle, cube a sphere, arrive at a perfect number.=NO
    Prime numbers have no end to them, they are only devisable, by themselves,= 1 3 5 7 9, ect ect,

  49. i thought it was rather funny when he was in the car and said that 1 day when the young folk finaly rise up to fight against the blacks and that he will be the leader .... he could never lead nothing or nobody

  50. this guy is a numpty and his mum actualy seems an even worse person than he is also id like to point out that none of these so called nazis prob even no anything about nazi germany cause if they did they prob wouldnt be acting like this as all nazis are wankers

  51. ego

  52. Well, the kid is basically a nationalist, and there's nothing wrong with that. His only problem is that he couldn't well argument his views. David (the reporter) was not fair either, but the kid exposed himself too much for publicity. Greetings from a fellow nationalist from Romania.

  53. This person's sister is the person I feel the most sympathy for in this entire video. She is clearly NOT the favourite of the household & she is burdened with a pampered brother who can do no wrong in his mother's eyes. Skinny to the point of gauntness, mother seems to be more loosely wrapped than her son. What struck me as revealing in the blatant sexism & disregard for women & their right to make decisions & choices for themselves that the subject displays. His casual chit-chat in the car about how he believes in 'breaking' a person (actually a woman!) by destroying & taking away all that is dear to her until there's nothing left & she destroys herself reveals his true colours. I would not be surprised to read one day that his sister, tragically, died by her own hand!

    He has 'mummy issues' & 'woman issues' he needs to sit down with a professional & sort out. He is too quick to refer to women using a volley of pejorative & vulgar epithets. He does not refer to men with the same vitriol.

    As for Nazi Germany being 'a great place' for a white person to grow up in, this was solely the case IF said white person actively embraced every aspect of Nationalist Socialism. Enrolling your sons in the Hitler Youth was not something one could readily refuse to do. the state had appropriated every white person's right to freedom of opinion, of speech, of self-determination, of dissent & of bodily integrity: your body was the property of the state! Woe to the white so-called 'pure Aryan' woman: her body also belonged to the state. Her role was clearly one of submission to her husband & the state.She existed to be a factory for racially desirable babies for The Reich. Her world was to consist of 'Kirche, Kuche & Kinder'. She could NOT choose to refuse a German officer, decide not to have children & become an architect, for example. Hitler came along at a time when the nation felt downtrodden & humiliated after WWI. The Jews & other minorities provided a convenient scapegoat towards whom the nation could direct its repressed rage. This was Jones Town with a different message & a different type of Kool Aid. Most of the leaders of Nazi Germany fell grievously short of the so-called 'ideal' they were promoting (including Hitler himself). Take a gander at Goebbels! That didn't matter: the humiliated masses were being told that they were not only superior to Jews & Gypsies, but that they were superior to all other human beings! That is indeed a heady brew.

    Look at the sorry people who were gathered at the festival in this video. How could that bald morbidly obese half-naked man look into a mirror & convince himself that he represents the pinnacle of human development? The leader of the movement's family home & bedroom were a lesson in slovenliness & poor hygiene. While prejudices & stereotyping are present in ALL people (most groups have a 'THEM'or two that they denigrate as filthy, stupid, crooked & lazy etc.)racism is a bird of a different feather: it relies on systemic power & enfranchisement in order to function. One person calling another a name, however unpleasant, is individual bigotry. A system that empowers & enfranchises a certain group while oppressing & limiting the opportunities & access to resources of other people(s) (based upon so-called 'race') describes racism. Regardless of the perpetrator, it is a great evil & a doomed policy.

  54. To everyone concerned with this journalists integrity, WAKE UP, it's his job to find truths sometimes through deceit. He has done exactly what a good investigator should do. He has only done what it takes to get the information. And of course his point of view is intertwined with his journalism because we can not remove ourselves from our experiences.
    Why are you even watching a documentary if you can not accept this?
    I think the real reason people dislike this journalist is because they disagree with his view point.

  55. How can I, that girl standing there,
    My attention fix
    On Roman or on Russian
    Or on Spanish politics?
    Yet here's a travelled man that knows
    What he talks about,
    And there's a politician
    That has read and thought,
    And maybe what they say is true
    Of war and war's alarms,
    But O that I were young again
    And held her in my arms

  56. Yet again the meda have shown how capeable they are of distroying someone. Because of Marks views on Hitler and 1930s Germany, SO what ??? if he has those views ??? What about the views of Muslims on Binladan ??? the extreamists of Islam who want a full take over of Europe ??? What about those views ???
    Its time the British pubic woke up ! to see that the UK is overrun by muslim racists, As mark says Racism cuts both ways. My heart goes out to Mark and the BNP. As for channel 4 it does'nt supprise me one bit. What about the manchester Racist Muslim schools ??? why does'nt the Goverment of Manchester council step in ? Manchesters Communist council does'nt care ! and the Left Wing Goverment of 13 years don't care. Infact No political UAF Party cares only the BNP.

  57. 1) The journalist sneaked up.
    2) The Nazi guy has issues with his mental health.
    3) His mother is way to proud of him, he thus became an idiocratic m@#$%.
    4) The mosque event; the Muslim's '' the future of Britain is Muslim fate'' is as ugly vomiting shit sac than the Nazis views.
    5) Evolution CLEARLY and INDISPUTABLY demonstrates that there is no such thing as race, only variation.
    6) B@#$%&*& dogs are always stronger.
    7) If such a thing as race did exist, entertaining it to the extreme is called '' f@#$ your cousin ''
    8) All of you out there supporting whatever extremist cause, don't you realize your just trying to fill the emptiness of your own lives by joining a definite group with clear values so you can then held em up and feel part of a tribe, giving a sens to your miserable, lame and repetitive lives where you are restrain to no power except paying you bus tickets so you '' passificate'' you revolt on an untouchable enemy knowing profoundly in your head that you will never succeed thus cutting at the same time the possibility of failing, you boring lives already overwhelmed by mountains of personal failure (this is called group dynamics and psycho emotional gapping )

  58. Of cause hes a jew of cause hes against all there veiws wait is needed is a person that has no marals in to weather you a nazi or if its wrong and see if nationalist or skin heads or nazis are portrade diffently cause this reporter is agaist and a jew then it one sided and there for bias 88

  59. I cringe when I watch this. How can someone be THIS dim ?

  60. I've read quite a few of the comments here, and I think it sad that there are a lot of people who feel sorry for the guy, and some who vote BNP or support EDL.
    To start with, I watched a show about the EDL where all the supporters were shouting out about they "are protecting England" or "Fighting for England". Now most of these supporters were young men who didn't have a job claiming that foreigners had taken all their jobs. If these guys truly felt the way they did they could actually join the military and really fight for England the country they truly loved, but none of them did. I served in the military and sereved three operational tours (2 in Iraq and 1 in Kosovo). The EDL claim they are peaceful protesters but they recently protested near my home, and trashed the place.

    As for the BNP, it isn't difficult to see why the title is "Young Nazi and Proud". The BNP leader Nick Griffin has on more than one occasion said that Churchill would have supported the BNP, and on many of his interviews or photos he shows off his father's medals that he received during World War II. Nick Griffin before he joined the BNP was a Neo Nazi, he was one of the people that his father and Churchill fought against.

    This reporter needed to lie about who he was so he could get the lad to open up to him. It's what journalists do, everyone knows this, and this lad should have known that. He is clearly an idiot because he opened up to a man who was there to follow and interview him. The BNP are racist, they claim they aren't but on every occasion I've had the unpleasantness of meeting one, they have acted like racists, or said racist slurs. A friend of mine is half Iranian, and also in the forces. While he was walking down a high street where the BNP were handing out flayers with his girlfriend, the two men handing out flayers stood and glared at him until he got out of their line of sight.

    So please try to tell me why we shouldn't name and shame these people who try to claim they want to save our country when all they would do is bring about another Nazi party.

  61. WOW! so much hatred towards other humans ....this guy is full of ego and no doubt not well in my opinion.
    but what continues to bother me is some of the responses, that do exactly what this guy is doing ... hating others ...example Peace wrote"He got exposed… this is how all of you idiots think. Its stupid, hands down you guys will always fail." and thier calling themselves PEACE.
    i thinkif you want to end hatred you have to stop doing the "eye for an eye " reactions

  62. Good documentary . BNP = mistake. The reporter did what he had too , get the truth out. Had it not been for the sneaky undercover to hear the man without the viel . Imagine if hitler was exposed like this before he got to the top ;) Some reporter does some undercover on hitler and bam . History would've changed . Real truth seekers go into some shit to get the story . These nazi types are some violent people . Imagine if he snapped and busted the reporter lol. This guy was balls deep at the end when he broke him the news. It was cute how he denied it typical politican lol. I wish we had people in parliment exposed like this .

  63. Wow... His sister has a huge set of convictions about party policy.

  64. David Modell was fantastic in this. He isn't lying, he is only showing us what he saw. Who'd believe David, if he had no evidence of what Mark said? He may have been lying, but mark is much worse so. Infact, I despise Mark, I think it's that accent, people always sound uneducated with that darn leeds accent.

  65. Suddenly Elmer's Glue has a nefarious feel to it - ooooooo, shudder.

  66. I completely disagree with this guy's political ideas, but one thing I am certain: the reporter is much worse. He is a liar, and fake, his journalism is garbage, and shouldn't be taken into account.

  67. i agree with all ideology ever created for any idea

  68. I found it interesting that the albino could not understand why someone might be attracted to a negro. He may have a point, but why would somebody be attracted to a pasty white albino with a small penis? You may as well fall in love with a bottle of Elmer's glue.

  69. This albino is a really dumb guy. He thinks he's the master race? LOL No. Stick to avoiding sunburns, grasshopper.

  70. And I know the 'great man' too and his teachings, but personally i prefer pre-hellenistic philosophy, except for Zeno and Diogenes. I am more tied to neo-platonism (when you are talking 300 BC onwards), but hey to each his/her own.

  71. 'BTW no offense taken, were just having a friendly debate, something that is the cornerstone of our western civilization and we often take for granted.'


  72. After what happened to the guy who wrote (Rushdie I think) "satanic verses" I think the whole issue has become more complicated, but culturally LONG LIVE EUROPA! and you can quote me on that. I am talking about cultures not races.

    BTW no offense taken, were just having a friendly debate, something that is the cornerstone of our western civilization and we often take for granted.

    I still disliked the documentary, and do not endorse it because of its lack of quality (especially for a British one), that is my opinion based on my own logic and my review of the shots and audio used. So there it is you can have the final word, nice debating. Ciao

  73. Oh and btw Peter i am much more into the ideas about sensation in the great mans teachings than the basic 1-2-3 step rules.

  74. @Peter

    'and generally do not support the BNP'

    So you support some BNP policies? Which ones? Bearing in mind that you do not live in the UK?

  75. @ Peter,

    'The guy interviewing Mark acted more like a CIA agent trying to get evidence against a terrorist than an honest broadcaster'

    What part of expose journalism do you not get? It is difficult to get inside information on a secretive organisation without it.

    'Here is food for thought though, imagine a pro-Christian rally occurring in Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. You can’t? That’s because IT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED.'

    I agree.It is a great credit to to our culture and way of life that this is true, something that we should hold on to!!

    'I support tolerance and multiculturalism'

    well said sir.

    'so youth like Mark wont feel alienated and left behind in their own countries.'

    I think that the same logic applies to youths of different racial backrounds living in England.

    An apology: I am not sure exactly how i put you in the racist bracket, my mistake on that. Possibly the torrent of previous gibberish misdirected me. Once again sorry about that.

  76. As I stated I am for multiculturalism, and generally do not support the BNP, but I just think that this was bad journalism and support the interconnectedness of Europe. Epicurean_Logic lacks quite a bit of logic. A documentary is supposed to be fair, and unbiased and this one clearly did not meet those standards.

    BTW I live in the USA in a very liberal area, so I wish people like Epicurean logic would not try to lump me into one group of people (in this case racist NAZIs) in order to further their weak arguments. Ep-log You need to study formal logic, the Socratic method, and PRIMARY history to make valid points in today's complex world, not just watch bull-@#$% docs. Remember the third step in Epicurus guide to being happy is analyzing your life!

    COME ON PEOPLE THE TITLE GIVES AWAY THE FACT THE DOC IS BIASED-"young, nazi, and proud"-LMAO this type of yellow journalism wouldn't fool a child.

  77. @ streel, oh i am sure that he had to try really, really hard to get to get Mark to spout his racist claptrap.

    'Heratbroken' give me a break. do you not consider racially abusing innocent people as 'heartbreaking'? I guess not.

  78. Journalism at it's worst! A reporter denies being Jewish, befriends this guy for a year, is sympathetic to the cause, agrees with and coerces the guy into saying stupid things and tapes it all, much without the guys knowledge of being taped. Sounds SS to me. You could see the young man was heartbroken when he was told that the friendship was a sham. Sad.

  79. Oh per-lease, when an expose is done on a dodgy plumber or a bent politition we all applaud the fact that these scumbags have been exposed and yet when it comes to your racist buddys in the BNP you play the Jewish conspiracy card or some other similar Bull.

    Is that possibly due to the fact that you are clearly racist but in denial? and using weak logic to try and disguise this obvious fact? well i suppose that when you are with your BNP buddies you drop all these pretenses!

    You cloud the real problems of immigration and the like with your racist claptrap.

    I think that it is important to say that the racist viewpoint is a minority one in Britain (although many reports suggest that it is increasing) and the likes of Peter and Anglo are not representative of the Great British public's viewpoint.

    Also, Kudos to cornervizion and white English man for having the guts to stand up to these highly objectionable and downright discusting ideas.

  80. Bad, deceptive journalism. The guy interviewing Mark acted more like a CIA agent trying to get evidence against a terrorist than an honest broadcaster. This is clearly stained with SEVERE bias. Here is food for thought though, imagine a pro-Christian rally occurring in Saudi Arabia, or Egypt. You can't? That's because IT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED. I support tolerance and multiculturalism, but am a strong advocate for defending and unifying European culture, so youth like Mark wont feel alienated and left behind in their own countries. By the actions of Mark's sister disgusted me almost as much as the reporter did. Finally I encourage everyone TO READ HISTORY FROM DIRECT SOURCES AND MAKE THEIR OW CONCLUSIONS. The purpose of a documentary is to wet the appetite for further knowledge.

  81. Agree with White English Man, Sadly most of the people who support the likes of Collett and Griffin are usually people with sub-par reading and writing skills and usually blame their shortcomings on something else..... (Usually something "Darker"), I personally don't hold a degree or have an upper-class background. I'm just someone who beleives that people should be trated Equally and without prejudice. I'm suprised that Anglo4Ever hasn't stated that he and his race are "Indigenous" yet forgetting that Australia has a Aborigine population which makes the White Australians the "Invaders" (No doubt, he enjoys a "Coon" cheese sandwich as well). I personally think that the BNP are persecuting the Muslim and Asian population of Britain no diffrently then the Nazi's persecuted the Jews. And here's a thought. once their "Problem" get's "Solved" who else would they attack? Gays, Lesibains, Bisexual and Transgender/Transexuals, Disabled People, Socialists, Liberals, Chinese People, Blacks, Sihks, Hindus, Intellectuals and Atheists and many more who don't wish to conform to National Socialism to which the BNP clearly believes in.

  82. Anglo4ever,

    You've obviously got alot of energy. Perhaps you would be better served by channeling it in a more productive way.

    I'm really sorry to tell you this, but your previous rants just made you sound a bit stupid...

    And on the subject of spelling and grammar, do you not find it embarrasing that your patriotism doesn't extend far enough for you to grasp our fine English language? I would have thought that was something you would have been proud of?

    Finally, on the documentary. Collett is clearly a confused and ignorant young man. Whilst he probably means well, he is out of touch with modern British culture and a terrible advert for the BNP.

  83. one more thing!
    There are plenty of people in our world armed with degree's etc,etc,this does not make them smarter than you or me.
    What it does say is that circumstances in life have allowed them an opportunity to study and earn a degree as a result of this.
    This doesn't make them smart!
    There are many people out there in our world with degree's but they lack common sense.
    You can have 10 degree's but without common sense you are not smart.
    Smart = common sense and you can't study common sense or improve it.
    So all you people out there with degree's posing as Doctors,Lawyers,Politicians etc,etc, DON'T think you are smart!
    Plenty of you end up in court for negligence and or in jail for STUPID things.
    If everybody had the same opportunities and life circumstances as you people out there in your plastic world of the rich and famous,with your degree's,problems like Aids,Cancer,the common cold and other things would be solved by now.
    Someone out there right now knows the cure to all Cancers but this person does not know it because he has not had,that opportunity to study,get a degree and become a medical research scientist.
    It could be anyone of you out there!
    Until then it will be like finding a needle in a haystack.
    My point is degree's don't make you smarter than anyone else!
    Don't let people with degrees try and intimidate you with fancy words to cover up their lack of common sense.
    Politicians have degrees,don't let this stop you from using what they lack,COMMON SENSE!
    as for the person commenting on grammar and spelling in forums,your one of these people I am talking about.
    You pose off with your toffee nosed attitude about spelling and grammar mistakes in a forum? that shows me how simple you are ! I bet you have a degree too?
    You come to a forum and make comments on typo's? and nothing else?
    Your a BONEHEAD ! Grow a brain! and get daddy's silver spoon out of your ass,you toffee nosed wanker/tart.

  84. The Asians and the Muslims,I hate these people more than any other race.
    These people are the rudest,crudest,arrogant,warmongering people on earth.
    These people are the scum of the earth.
    Muslims will continue to cause us problems as long as we let them.
    These people have seen our weakness and that is being nice to them,YES,BEING NICE TO THEM FROM THE START! has led them to think we are weak and now we are paying the price.
    We need leaders that can protect and fight for us and not for our enemy Multiculturalism.
    We can all fight this by way of a vote in our next elections.
    Its all about survival and if your own people are not surviving in your own backyard,then you need to take care of us before you start taking care of other countries.
    I'm sure that if a business was going broke or couldn't afford to look after its own staff,it would not go and waste money on some rival business.
    Countries are business's,feed and seed your own people before you help other countries or just like any other business you will go broke or your staff will not be happy and your business will suffer/(COUNTRY).
    NEXT ELECTION,VOTE THEM OUT! and never, ever allow them back in.

  85. Marc and the BNP are 100% correct.
    I have noticed 100% similarities with the problems faced by the Anglo British people and my own country back here in Australia.
    We here,as White Anglo Australians are also now a minority.
    This will be the next 3rd world war!
    Multiculturalism is the Devil!
    I am not a jew hater,nor am I a Nazi,but we Anglo people are now being passively conquered,without a fight and sooner or later,we will be the ones being hunted.
    Genocide of the white population.
    Multiculturalism is slowly but surely taking over,like cancer.
    The people who caused this problem of Multiculturalism and its implementation to the rest of the world are the real Nazis.
    Multiculturalism is now everywhere,except in the countries they are invading us from,because they wouldn't allow it to happen in their own countries.

  86. the nazis were yet another masonic hierarchy ruled from the top down on a need to know basis

    although hitler said he detested masons, he was basically a creature of the friedrich the great masons, which did manage to kill off the oriental french freemasons, which allowed jews membership, whereas the german freemasons did not

    the iron cross, the highest military award, was a maltese/gothic/teutonic order cross

    supposedly aleister crowley helped to tutor hitler, and may even have been a body double after one or more of the active hitlers were killed, like the one was during operation valkyrie with the suitcase bombing

  87. ps - YAVANNA - my thoughts echo yours, you make great sense to me.

  88. Isn't it interesting that everyone thinks they are right and everybody else is wrong? Not that simple folks, not that simple at all. Think deeper and think different. As for stereotypes.....if you posses the traits OF the stereotype are you NOT that stereotype?

  89. Seen this quite a few times, and as someone who has protested against the BNP on several occasions. Feel that this is an expose at it's very best. The party, it's leaders and counsellors are some of the most offensive people I've heard and/or seen. And as for Mr. Collett to brand anyone as a "Race Traitor" (In this case former Anti-Nazi League leader Julie Waterson) should take a good long hard look at himself as by supporting a long dead Ideaology like National Socialism, which in turn led to the destruction of Millions of people by means of War casualties and extermination.

    Makes him more of a traitor than anyone he accuses. After all, Allied forces successfully quelled the Tyranic regime of the Third Reich. Also, The far-right often accuses their opponents of being "Anti-British" or "Anti-White" and say that "Multi-culturalism is destroying our way of life" but myself and 99% of people in the UK disagree strongly. We are proud of our Country, Culutre and our Race to happily accept others without fear and hatred.

  90. WE ARE WHAT, WE ARE,WE BELIEVE IN WHAT IS BECAUSE IT IS,HAVE YOU FIGURED, IT OUT LET, A CLUE(XY)+2=------,the dumb remain the dumb ,while man rules the dogs.what is man, answer this if you have the balls.

    what is ===is

  91. I am a BMP, member,some answers 1 we are not nazis,we are not conservatives,banking globilists, we are not racists, we are not of the left marxists bbc, we are not of the right,we believe in the most powerful thing in western civilisation, we believe in truth ,we are of sparta, not athens,we are not of muti culture london,Lets see if you can grasp it,lets see how clever you all are? answer thses questions and you will realise our true nature,

    WHAT IS THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Lets see if you can understand

  92. yavanna i suppose cause im not a good speller and educated live on a coucil esate your so suppoirer to me. you where probelly born with a silver spoon in your mounth and if you couldnt be arsed as you say to read my point of view how come you new what i had said???i smell uaf all over ya go sit with ya suiside bombing freinds as yourself sound anti-britsh..your as bad as the scum who lied to make this documentrie..

  93. how can you have a jew do a documentary on the bnp and not be bias.The whole doc was full of fools mainly the white people standing up for the races that don't give a fu^k anyway.

  94. Sad,One Earth.One people.Just hope it isn't to late by the time people figure that out.We have to get past all the retarded ideas and work as one.As usual we'll learn the hard way.

  95. Bloody brilliant. Mark Collett is/was a poor, sad, pathetic anomaly. This was journalism at its best. Bravo! The world is getting smaller folks; get used to it. 7 Billion people have to go SOMEwhere.

  96. "A gunshot is just an explosion focused in one direction" - Fight Club

    All you have to do is tell people who to blame for their problems and they will be more than willing to shoot.

  97. Micheal Ress
    I cant be arsed to read a wall of text is so devoid of grammar, spelling or sequential meaning.

  98. i think it a zionist conspiricy and for the interver to say he wasnt jewish gos to show how anti british him and the anl/uaf are as well. it goes to show middle class do gooder's have got us in this situation to start with there wasnt any islamist standing with the anl/uef as well if there so pro islamic and anti british there should be some kind of treason law against them better still send them to the middle east with the muslim mrytres and watch them squell and plead to come back to britian that will probally change there mind's..and cause the BNP has an N in it they automaticly say NAZI thats the only thing they can come up with there so shallow. the SNP in scotland why dont they protest against them is that because they want develution from england surely thats a form of racism and they dont protest to them.and another thing NAZI GERMANY was the 1930's to 40's and what has then got to do with british politics if anything we would not build camp's to kill poeple now maybe repatriot them to they ancesters country's as we are a civilised nation and have come a long way from WW2 plus also we origanally do com from german stock angles,saxons and is it the picts plus viking from northern europe so they should rember that before calling poeple racist.there even saying the EDL is racist they dont no what there talking about the soilders and ex force that have done ther bit for britian..

  99. Yavanna, I agree with your veiws on modern journalism. But what I cannot do is believe that this cannot be changed. Yes their are olny a few examples of real and unbiased journalism, but the fact that these few examples exsist are in itself proof that the proper way can be illustrated. What this journalist don't realize is that the problems they set out to solve olny create a bigger backlash because of the tactics in which the choose to illustarate their point. They are essentially all playing the same game, but just with different teams. The game will go on forever, and the teams will take turns winning and loosing, unless the game changes altogether.

  100. Allan

    Agreed. I have no interest in the BNP either. It is an amateurish outfit and that's what this doc really illustrates. As for your desire to see raw footage since when has journalism been real or unbiased? There are very few examples of that. Where media is concerned we have to pick and choose. Much the same as the newspapers we decided to read.

    I really feel that during the huge amount of time that the journalist spent with this boy he came up with very little footage to discredit Collete. Which again goes to show modern journalism is all about sound bites.

  101. Yavanna, I don't have any interest in the BNP. My point was to show that this filmaker had no interest what so ever other then to discredit this young man, and in my opinion he didn't do that very well. 1930's Germany WAS a great place to live for white's, and their wasn't millions being exterminated, that happened the following decade. He spent weeks with this young man and all he could get against him was a few statements in which to use to discredit him. To me, I see those statements as more of a backlash towards oppression instead of something rooted in hate, murder and genocide. Like I said I would like to see the raw footage, as far as what's the lesser of two evils here, you have to understand that one of the evil's is presented by the other.

  102. Douglas

    Yes I agree it is a learned behaviour but then by that strict definition what natural behaviour isn't. I don't mean to be pedantic but for instance we consider drinking water to be natural; but in some dim and distance time in our species' past "we" learned to do so.

    Grouping into a tribe is as natural to us as drinking water. Our distant ancestors learnt that by grouping together they were stronger and had better survivability. You're sports analogy is a perfect example of our natural tendencies to form into groups and "tribes." Take soccer team fans for example.

    As for your world citizen comment, well that's not so far off the mark as it is a very potential future reality. But to me that's a chilling prospect. It would reduce conflict, well yes perhaps but at what cost? It is our diversity that brings change and progress. What you propose is a NWO state. Totalitarian states bring about stagnancy.

    Allan. The BNP is easily googled. It's leader Nick Griffin is Member of the European Parliament for North West England. This gives you some idea of how much support his party has. The boy in this doc seems to have suffered not one iota from taking part in it and seems to have become Nick Griffin's right hand man. Whenever NG is on TV Mark Collette is by his side.

  103. The tatics used in this film are transparent and disgraceful. The whole goal of the narrative was to make him out to be a bigot rather than focusing on any issue's the BNP has to deal with. I'm from Canada and have never heard of the BNP before this, and have not been educated in the least by this documentary. I would be very interested in seeing some of the raw footage, especially of the person at the start of the documentary that said he would vote for them. I'm sure he had alot more to say then "paki's and indians are dirty". Like I said, its very transparent, the editing techniques which are used to display this filmakers narrative. I also find it quite ironic that their is no mention of the motives of the protesters against the BNP. To me, they seem to be rooted in hate and bigotry much more than anyone else in that video.

  104. So sad to see this young man express these views. His lust for power is disturbing but perhaps not as disturbing as his ignorance. His parents seem like bright enough people -- how did not learn that his views on AIDS, world civilizations, etc. are completely wrong? Is the education system in Britain really that bad? Can you really graduate from university with these beliefs?

  105. And regarding the documentary, sure you could say that the journalist acted deceptively but what about his subject? The journalist, quite clearly, exposed this young chap of lying to a nation. Which is the worst of two evils?

  106. Well I have to disagree with you here, Yavanna. I don't think "tribe" is a natural thing but instead a learnt behaviour.

    As much as I love the World Cup and other sporting events all they do is serve to further promote xenophobia. Yeah sure, before we had access to this wide spectrum of information that we have now it may have been easy to believe that adopting the cultures of one's nation was natural but now we should all know that that isn't really the case. Human behaviour is learnt.

    As cheesy as it sounds, we should all be striving to describe ourselves as 'World Citizens' and not citizens of England, Malta or wherever. We might, just might, have a lot less conflict that way.

  107. Yes I do Douglas. I firmly believe we as "a species" are (just as most animals) bound by our societies and rules and we are strong in communities. National sovereignty and pride in being part of a nation is just the same as being proud to be part of a community. It's just in a bigger way. I would see no harm in a Saudi being proud to be a Saudi, a Nigerian being proud to be a Nigerian.... and so on.

    Pride in our "tribe" is a very human thing in my opinion.

  108. Yavanna, I've read your points of view across many of the comment boards for the different documentaries made availabe on this website and have agreed with you whole heartedly, however, on this occassion I do not. Well not entirely, anyway.

    I do agree with the majority of your response but it's the last two lines I have issue with. Then again, I could be wrong and be simply misunderstanding your point as a personal opinion rather than the poising of a question and so in which case I will ask a question rather than debate your answer.

    Do you think national pride is a good thing?

  109. What Britain needs is one matter, someone with the intelligence and intellect of Geert Wilders or dare I say it - a modern day Enoch Powell. Certainly it doesn't need this scumbag kiddy "politician."

    Sovereignty and a pride in one's nationality and culture is not racism and nazi-ism. It is however politically incorrect to even bring these up. Whenever subjects like these arise, or the concerns of those people wanting; fair treatment, abolition of political correctness and solid immigration laws, they are immediately met with a braying from the bleeding heart liberals. Usually those too comfortable and ignorant of the reality to have any valid opinion.

    I have seen racism AND reverse racism in it's many forms. I have seen it abused as a word, a concept and an excuse. This tiny country has drowned in its PC and let down by it's leadership in so many ways.

    When an American states his pride in being an American is he regarded as racist? To say one is proud of being British and you are immediately eyed with suspicion.

  110. He said, British people eat potato based food.
    True, but only after it was cultivated for around 10,000yrs in South America.

  111. Are people really so ignorant to try and make differences between humans through skin color or heritage?

    Are people still so ignorant and stereotype Jews to be "deceptive and sly"?

    Do people really buy this BNP bulls**t?

    Humanity continues to baffle me.

  112. I almost feel ashamed of myself for watching this stupid kid... like I'm ignorantly laughing at someone with a disability. What an embarrassing i****.

  113. Hmmm. My brother told me he voted BNP at Christmas, in front of my (incredibly handsome) half Indian son and knowing about my (gorgeous) Jamaican descended boyfriend.

    My son has grown up in Holland and doesn't realise the implications of what has been said. Luckily my 2 meter tall, 150 kilo boyfriend is not in the area and well, he's my baby brother and it's Christmas.

    I did not tackle the situation, but I did enjoy watching my boy cane his ass at poker. Completely cleaned him out.

    I had been taken in by the 'new face' of the BNP, had I just seen this docu. Christmas might have turned out quite differently.

    The problem is BNP and that rabid bunch at UKIP are the UK's only real chance to get out of the commmon market. NOW THAT'S URGENT if you want to save England.

  114. ROFL, his face when the journalist tells him he has all that stuff on camera - thats priceless, he looks like hes about to cry. People saying it's sneaky journalism are completely naive - this is how journalism works, if he had challenged his views initially, he would have been unable to complete the interview or get any of the guys real opinions apart from typical politician bull.

    People saying 'sneaky jew' are just complete retards - go on, trace your bloodline back, the guy wasn't even Jewish under Jewish law.

    Leona - what the hell are you talking about, I mean your comment literally made no sense at all, are you supporting the BNP or against them? I mean, you've got to be forgein yourself to have such poor grasp of language and syntax, right?

    And yeah, wow, I'm a girl but his sister sure was stacked.

  115. Love how he is all about nazi culture. And he wont shut up about promoting his british culture. Then they try to hide swastika's until they convert borderline racists.....oh and so beautiful how douchebag gets exposed by a jewish dude.

  116. Man what a rack on that chick, brother's a typical ignorant bigoted f***wit though.
    Show me your company and I'll show you your type.

  117. Excellent doc.

    21.50 to 22.10 is worth watching again. I think I laughed so much that there is a good case for putting this in the comedy section. Totally owned. Priceless.

    He is a douche bag among douche bags. He has the charisma of a wet follow through, and is as enjoyable to be around. He needs to lay off the blue pills.

    Really sneaky journalism tho. Loses all it's punch as a result.

    His sister is worth a romp. I would. Definitely.

    LEONA - excellent points - I so want to hear more about your Indian lion theory. Give us more information. We're thirsty for it.

  118. What he just did is why people hate jews

  119. Look this young man has been born in this world feeling that his views are right..
    i agree in some way's, American's were native americans..not white
    south america, are tanned and black hair...india (western asia) are more a dark or light brown with bolder feutures and china etc,,very pale with distinct eyes etc. and africa os more a skinny buld ..dark skin to protect from heat and there hair also..
    now as a non religeous beleiver (atheist) i know evolution very very well..we are all different because time made us evolve to make us survive in these areas..for exampe...the african lion=very built,taller,stronger,thicker maines,and hunt in the indian lion=smaller, less strength, live alone etc these were built to survive in different ares so tht what human kind is really..
    when we were austrophifilecas we were in Africa not britain etc we all came from africa!

    so i see the point of bnp...we are a white comunity (western europe) because no blacks asians etc never were thought of..and yes junkies,asians are a rip off in the society...racism this ..tht..blah blah! so i think we would vote for this group..

    AND- him saying...we were here with wooly mamoths (lies) northern america did,,,with NATIVE AMERICANS!!! and whites done what they feel tht asians are doin to us right now!!

    so Vlatko can give you my email if u want to discuss or have a go at me :)

  120. Also - could this be any more misleading? "Young Nazi and Proud"...huh? He isn't a Nazi and he distanced himself from Nazism. This is just a bunch of nonsense making something out of nothing. Amazing that there are so many non-critical thinkers out there who can't see this.

  121. Strange to see so many Brits voting against their own interests. Mark doesn't seem to be advocating violence or anything inappropriate, he has just dared to challenge the status quo of 'diversity' and related nonsense.

  122. what a twatty twat tool, although i disagree when you call him stupid, i think he is anything but, definitely twisted and misguided though.

  123. If me and a black girl (i am white) or any colour girl shagged we could make a baby. One race the human race, fool. Another thing, nationalism isn't culture. Stopping the supposed 'aboriginal peoples of Britain' from assimilating other cultures will not save the pathetic excuse most British merit they're culture. Either way the nursery rhymes and the folk songs have all but left the memories of the people of this country, but they're demise lays blame to media and electronics. The history of Britain has seen the unity of countless cultures and races, thats what the British people have to be proud of. yeah and his sister is smoking one of the best racks i've seen in a long time mostly because they look real as well.

  124. Well...his sister is pretty hot.

  125. I do agree that many Nazi identifying skinheads lack the intellectual ability to express their beliefs, moreover many lack any real concept of their "beliefs". The fact is that the extreme cases are what spark views and gain notoriety for the documentary or television program. I also believe that it is possible to love ones race, culture and heritage without casting pointless negativity on others. If someone claims to be a real political skinhead, that person should focus on loving their race and do positive things for the race they claim to defend and represent. Could we ever accept a National Association for the Advancement of White people, or a college fund for young white people? And why is it that by asking such questions the one asking is called a racist?

  126. That dude is a clown!!!! Haha, nazi scum

  127. I would have actually felt sorry for Mark Collett, on the end there when he seemed so small and embarrassed, had it not been for his horrible tirade about how he likes to "break people" and crush all they hold dear until they kill themselves, and then "you're just won" without blood on your hands.

    Such a man is not worthy of sympathy, as he would feel none if the shoe was on the other foot.

    I websearched him and found out that he's still with the BNP but perhaps not as influential as before. It will be interesting to see what becomes of him in the future.

  128. I'm mixed with African American and Italian. I've seen first hand how race cuts both ways. I completely agree with that, however, nearly all of the negative views that Collet expressed about other races were highly distorted facts . . . I found it amusing that he thought he was safe from A.I.D.s because it is a predominantly gay and black disease . . . I mean seriously? These are things that people like to tell themselves so that rationally or not they can believe in an "enemy". Who else would you blame all your problems and injustices on? From a psychological stand point I very much enjoyed this documentary. Instead of reciprocating Collet's dislike and hate, I instead feel sorry for people who think like him, black or white.

  129. Treacherous snake in the grass jew, lying and bending truths. I wouldn't be surprised if this joke of a journalist was the one to instigate all the convo's of hitler and such. I can just see him sitting in the motor egging this young naive politician into conversations of what the nazi days were like. This in my opinion is a horrible documentary because our pseudo journalist went into the project with a set agenda of befriending, manipulating and discrediting the subject. This can hardly be considered "true" reporting, cause the biased reporter already had his conclusion and just went running around dishonestly collecting "evidence" to support his story. Anybody could re-edit all the film collected to make the vicious nazi, that never said he was a nazi look like the good guy, and make the "reporter" look like a deceptive, lying jerk that would stop at nothing to complete his own disgusting agenda.

    oh and last guy, i do not recall seeing the little nazi get "intelectually" challenged. I saw him get betrayed by someone he considered a friend.

  130. All these little nazis are the same.. Once you in the slightest way, intelectually challenge them, they fall like a deck of cards. The problem is they are out to win support by ultra hype, that wins over the impulse of the titty tabloid masses..They are the sick people of a sick society and the sad thing is sometimes i feel they may be the silent majority as his nutty mothers says.

  131. Also, you reactionary lefty twits need to settle down.

  132. Great documentary! Absolutely fascinating. In my opinion, the melting pot of ethnicity in the western world is irreversible (looking at population statistics and projections will confirm this) so ideologue parties like the BNP have no place in the 21st century. The great thing about the western world is it's ability to assimilate immigrants without a government policy to do it. All the popular culture, music, TV, secular institutions generally 'de-culturalize' non-white immigrants into something close to your typical beer-drinking Joe after 3 or 4 generations. As with each generation that grows up away from it's original home, it sheds the traditional culture little by little and becomes secularized, and modernized.

  133. Nazis don't die by themselves, you need to give them a hand. We all need to oppose neo-nazism and racism actively and ferociously or it will never end! The real deceptive scum is all those right-extremist pretending they're not what they are and using bogus arguments to bring their agenda into the mainstream. No land is anybody's and all land is everyone's, let immigration be free!

  134. the BNP makes me feel sick. we think we're in trouble at the moment? just wait till the BNP get their shitty little grips on us. i hope the day never comes when they get into power. it makes me upset and angry that people actually believe this stuff is right and acceptable. we think the world has come so far since the beginning of the last century, but when you look at this documentary it makes me feel like we haven't really come as far as we should over 100 years...

  135. the shocking lack education in the BNP is never more obvious than in the doc. The idea that civilization was born in Europe and we took it everywhere else is bollocks. has he never heard of egypt and seen the skin coulor or the poeples from there. modern sciense and history agree that civilization started in the east and has spread west.
    the only emotion i now feel for any member of the BNP is pity. for they will never be happy. there will always be mixed culture and race in the world, there always has been and always will be. thats a good thing

  136. i disagree with the majority of his views, but would have at least had a little respect for him had he owned them when confronted. as an american i hear a lot of crazy extremism from the left and right but i dont know of any redneck afraid to own it publicly.

    i do agree that racism cuts both ways. it is unfair that things can be said of whites that wouldn't fly if it were reversed however to reject the concept of the melting pot society is sad. the greatest advancements in human history have come as a direct result of collaboration between cultures.

  137. I want to know what kind of man produces this kind of yellow journalism. The reporter is obviously missing something from the sound of his sepulchral voice to the endlessly petty, blatantly biased way he handles the subject. So, Collett actually ENJOYS being what he is, and dares to say exactly what he thinks? BIG DEAL, it's about time somebody said the unsayable about race and immigration in Britain! The "mainstream" press's endless name-calling and game-playing is so tiresome that I have no interface with it -- don't even own a TV. To hell with liberalism -- up with the BNP!

  138. I like how bobby says deceptive jew, deceptive or not, this kid is obviously not that smart. He got exposed... this is how all of you idiots think. Its stupid, hands down you guys will always fail.

  139. i love ignorant white ppl.they always get exposed.after the jew (lol) outed him he had no slogans or nothin counldnt answer a question.i would gladly welcome bnp to come to power as they are small and powerless

  140. Typically deceptive jew

    1. Typical response when a bigot gets outsmarted