Zen: The Best of Alan Watts

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Zen: The Best of Alan WattsA person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except faults, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions.

By thought I mean the chattering inside the skull; perpetual and compulsive repetition of words, of calculations, and symbols going on inside the head.

For as a result of confusing the real world of nature with mere signs, such as money, stocks and bonds, title deeds, and so forth. This is a disaster. Time to wake up.

Alan Watts (1915-1973) who held both a master's degree in theology and a doctorate of divinity, is best known as an interpreter of Zen Buddhism in particular, and Indian and Chinese philosophy in general.

He authored more than 20 excellent books on the philosophy and psychology of religion, and lectured extensively, leaving behind a vast audio archive. With characteristic lucidity and humor Watts unravels the most obscure ontological and epistemological knots with the greatest of ease.

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    Andriy S
  1. Andriy S

    Great meditation movie ! I enjoyed it when watching few weeks ago, forgot to leave review.
    pretty match about ZEN meditation and that life is all about present movie as it always was... hehe. Best if watched after meditation... Even without may offer some interesting insights. Recommend.

  2. Lisa O
  3. Lisa O

    Very good. I think Eckert Tolle must have been a fan of Alan Watts. His stuff is similar. I like Watt's style a little better. Wasn't Alan Watts friends with Timothy Leary? It'd be great to have some of his movies on here. I love his stuff!

  4. Este
  5. Este

    Very few have had a background so well developed in Eastern and Western religion so as to explain the former to Western audiences. D.T. Suzuki and Chogyam Trungpa are often compared to Watts as promulgatora of Eastern thought in the West, but they didn't have the training in Western religion like Watts. Watts' teachings about Buddhism have been partly responsible for its flowering in the West, a feat well deserved. His eloquence was unmatched.

  6. Mkenzy
  7. Mkenzy

    Watts is a confused person as you will Notice from this video, suggesting we have a purposeless exsistence. I can understand the benefits of meditation but the religious aspects of Zen (Buddhism) made me feel uncomfortable.

  8. nameless
  9. nameless

    Great and meaningful

  10. Zombi
  11. Zombi

    Mkenzy- if you can't handle people's opinions other than your own, then don't seek them.

    This is a great and informative look at Zen for people who are unfamiliar.

  12. MagicYogi
  13. MagicYogi

    Thanks so much for this video. I've been meditating on and off the last couple of years, and the last months have been such a struggle... I have made meditation so complicated, but now I've found its simple nature again,,, thank you...

  14. yo
  15. yo

    Very interesting and educating documentary

  16. Fly Poster
  17. Fly Poster

    Mkenzy's statement is misleading, and I have not even watched this yet; What I mean is, S/he offers no congruent arguement, but puts the idea in your mind that Watts is confused, This is called Weasel Phrasing.

    by all means draw your own conclusions, as I will.

  18. Jenn
  19. Jenn

    I admire Alan Watts so much. His philosophies have had such a wonderful impact on my life. This is a must-watch for anyone, really.

  20. moonstone
  21. moonstone

    sitting in a sunbeam, paiting and listening
    thank you

  22. Leonid B Basin
  23. Leonid B Basin

    This is an awesome introduction to Zen.
    Thank you!:)

  24. Germanus
  25. Germanus

    I agree with Lisa O.
    Eckhert must have see this or maybe studied Alan Watts

  26. K
  27. K

    Eckhart Tolle actually experienced Zen

  28. Bryan
  29. Bryan

    All this Zen peaceful stuff makes me ANGRY!
    j/k love

  30. C M
  31. C M

    Great film, great man, great universe. 'The paradox between the desire of our consciousness to have meaning met with the isolation and nothingness of the universe' Live in the now man, live in the now.

  32. Amy
  33. Amy

    Why would someone blast someone on here for having an opinon about the clarity of the content spoken in the film and expressing his personal discomfort wtih religious overtones by telling the person to not listen to an opinion if he cannot handle a difference in opinion from his own? Does this seem not only rude, but paradoxical to anyone? Also, it is hypocrisy to suppress an opinion by saying the one making it should handle another's opinons w/respect. What a horrible muddled and fascist message.

  34. alan_watts
  35. alan_watts

    it's " A person who thinks constantly has nothing to think about except thoughts..."
    Very different, although ones thoughts could be about faults....

  36. Guest
  37. Guest

    He found his way...there are many, some with subtle differences, some with briges, some with inconsistency and many still to be found. I "guess" he died a happy man with many happy people around him for he allowed them to be themself around him.
    Watching the world we see what we are because it shows what "it" is.
    The universe sees what itself is watching us watching it.

  38. Guest
  39. Guest

    There is nothing but a "NOW" even that is fleeting. The (unobserved) "past" is not a real thing, just thoughts, nothing that you can hold in your hand.

    And for the future, could be many, many possibilities because of probabilities, and even then tomorrow never comes, it will always be a "NOW"

  40. His Forever
  41. His Forever

    Hum. Feeling philisophical are we, Mr. Razor? I'm in a rather anti-zen mood myself. I think I have a flesh eating bacterical infection (no joking)! Two days ago I had a pimple-like bump on my calf that I pinched and now it's got a hole with white flesh in it about the size of a BB with a scarlet red ring about the size of of quarter around it and swelling about the size of a grapefruit with tight hot redding skin. No one seems to be overly concerned but me! What are the chances!?! It's painful. I'm going to see a doctor in the morning as antibiotics haven't helped at all. If you weren't an atheist I'd request prayer! Seriously. :-(

    But my search of symptoms online say that you usually have a fever with a flesh eating bacterial infection, and it doesn't seem to have progressed much today, but what else could make an actual "hole" in your leg? I've never seen anything like it.

    Anyway, I'm quite sure I'd not like this documentary. I think I'll pass.

  42. Guest
  43. Guest

    Don't think any flesh eating bacteria is eating you up Charles.
    sounds like you may have a boil.
    Check your bedding, maybe you have some wild "demon" bugs up in your area, see what happens when demons are part of your life, they appear, yes? (LOL) anyway your symptoms sound like a boil. Swelling/inflammation, is not a good sign, forget about praying, see a doctor.

    Actually I myself am not into any "Zen" stuff either.

  44. Guest
  45. Guest

    While working on building a rock wall a while back, i got bit by some spider(i suppose) and the thing got itchy, swollen, turning red and hard. They put me on an antibiotic iv at the hospital. You need treatment asap.

  46. His Forever
  47. His Forever

    A boil? I always pray, but I'll also see a doctor as well. Perhaps you're right. I thought boils had puss in them, but there doesn't seem to be any "puss" coming out. It doesn't seem to be growing at the moment. Well see what it looks like in the morning. We have a clinic litterally in our front yard where training doctors come twice a week to practice on poor people, Mondays and Thursdays, almost for free.

    If I were in the US I'd say it as a bite from a Brown Recluse (perhaps a small one).

  48. His Forever
  49. His Forever

    Mr. Razor: Most Boils and type II necrotizing fasciitis are both caused by Staph infections (one of several possible bacteria). Staph can be a flesh-eating infection. I'm on oral antibiotics now but the hole is about the size of a small pea now. I hope it's not a MRSA infection.

    I'm glad I know how to pray. It's a bit scary. I can't find any pictures on the net that look exactly like it. Even the doctor was a bit surprised at how it looked and was worried it would go septic, but I don't feel ill or feverish at all. I feel ok except for my leg.

  50. Guest
  51. Guest

    Seems like your wound is growing, apparently flesh eating disease called "Leishmaniasis" is on the rise, transmitted by sand flies, found in tropical countries and spreading, due to global warming. Since you do not have that, consider yourself lucky. Zen, and praying would not help.

  52. His Forever
  53. His Forever

    Yes, I've seen some socking pictures doing research! I certainly don't have what those sand flies transmit, and that is usually to women and children as the sand flies like to be in an enclosed area rather than in the open windy areas outdoors where the men often sleep. Utterly horrendously disfiguring. Very heartbreaking!

    This is a staff infection (boil), I'm nearly sure now. My daughter also has some on her bottom and foot and earlobe, but certainly not like mine, thankfully. Nasty stuff! But she has a fever, so we need to make sure it's not from the staff infection. Life in the Philippines is difficult sometimes!

    I have seen people miraculously healed of things that even the doctors could not help like heart disease and cancer, but I also believe we need to avail ourselves of good healthcare when and where we can. And pray as well. Never leave God out of the equation. But I agree, Zen would not help.

    P.S. The reddening in the other area seems to be lessening. Perhaps the boil will get better now, but I'm not sure how it will close that hole.

  54. His Forever
  55. His Forever

    I'm feeling much better now and the "hole" seems to be closing a bit. The antibiotics (and God's mercy) seem to be working. It was a bit scary for a while.

  56. Donald Simons
  57. Donald Simons

    At the top of this page, under Zen: The Best of Alan Watts, the first line is incorrect. You have Watts saying, "A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except faults--". It should be, "A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about but thoughts--" I have an audio tape of Watts saying this line, as proof.

  58. Angela Allen
  59. Angela Allen

    It actually says (what you said) word for word in this documentary :)

  60. Angela Allen
  61. Angela Allen

    I experience Zen daily :)

  62. Angela Allen
  63. Angela Allen

    We are made uncomfortable by things we do not understand.

  64. Roland Juergen
  65. Roland Juergen

    camping in the tao .......................my choice called DAO

  66. JohnJameson
  67. JohnJameson

    Everything comes from nothing. Modern Cosmology has just discovered this. Heisenbergs uncertainty principle says this. The energy of the Vacumn. The Eternal now. All is change. What can I say. This not it.

  68. Mona l
  69. Mona l

    Please correct the brief of this documentary.

    "A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except faults,"


    Thank you!

  70. g isaac
  71. g isaac

    i thought this was going to be funny :(

  72. John
  73. John

    Stop taking the antibiotics, and see how far "Gods mercy" will get you. If you really believe there is an invisible man using magical powers to heal you, then why bother with the antibiotics in the first place?

  74. Marino Guerieri
  75. Marino Guerieri

    he says that in the documentary also, somewhere at the beginning

  76. Marino Guerieri
  77. Marino Guerieri

    technically speaking, there is no tommorow, there is only repetitive rising and falling of the sun which also is not permanent (it's just mind established pattern, while in reality sun could be destroyed so there would be no any kind of tommorows) :D

  78. Marino Guerieri
  79. Marino Guerieri

    well if you think only about thoughts, it could be called fault just because it is meaningless. it's kind of mathematics business, where everything revolves around self imposed rules, and no real things to think about, only abstraction

  80. Marino Guerieri
  81. Marino Guerieri

    all of these "orient" teachings are actually very similar, if not the same in the essence (and the essence would probably be something like "let it be" or "non-resistance", "allowing things", etc.)

  82. martin maycock
  83. martin maycock

    Simply put, too much talk goes on....this is a disaster..... time to shut up!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Fouad Aissani
  85. Fouad Aissani

    first time in my life practised meditation through a film , and I liked it !! :-D

  86. Mahsa Yzd
  87. Mahsa Yzd

    living is not surviving! which he tried to say.amazing,I love him!

  88. Low Yaocong
  89. Low Yaocong

    I have stumble upon gold. Truely grateful of him sharing his insight. And opening my mind. Truely grateful. May krama bless this man for his selfless thought and love that will breed so much positivity

  90. Lance von Ende
  91. Lance von Ende

    If you skip to 1:52 you can go striaght? to the Alan Watts material and skip all the producer's self aggrandizement.

  92. Justin Lesniewski
  93. Justin Lesniewski

    Alan Watts has become the father I never had

  94. Corrina Cutlip
  95. Corrina Cutlip

    What the heck, I see movies that get a bad rating, that end up interesting. This movie I thought would be good from over the top ratings and I am in awe because this is so stupid, is is amazing. I need to make a movie. I am done watching this and not even going to finish it.

  96. Lucas Keller
  97. Lucas Keller

    Calling this s*upid reveals no faults in the film. only in you.

  98. Jacek Walker
  99. Jacek Walker

    Yet there is not much interest around staying in the here-and-now from what I see on a daily basis. People both young and old recur continously to all sort of tricks so not to be in the here-and-now.
    Sex, drugs, alcohol, tv, sports, shows are the most favourite ones. I wonder why...? They costs a lot of money, time and energy and yet the majority chooses those tricks rather than " be in the present moment" as E. Tolle says.
    Why so many chooses "silly distractions"" other "blissful here-and-now" ?
    This here-and-now phenomenon is nothing new btw. Jesus and Buddha, for example, thaught it long long time ago. Then many others in our times like Osho or Krishnamurti. And yet, and yet...

  100. Your Maker
  101. Your Maker

    Lol!!! "I need to make a movie" Go ahead. What would it be about? Barbies and cosmetics? Get real.

  102. jay
  103. jay

    the opening quote is a misquote. should read "A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except THOUGHTS."

  104. ralu
  105. ralu

    They're trying to numb out an unpleasant emotion...boredom, loss, grief, anger, feeling overwhelmed. That's why people "distract" themselves.

  106. LoganSquareDon
  107. LoganSquareDon

    I have seen this documentary many times, and it always new to me. I thoroughly doing a meditation while listening and watching it. I highly recommend it.

  108. Donald Buresh
  109. Donald Buresh

    This is an outstanding documentary. I have listened to it and viewed it many times. I meditate to this documentary. I give it 10 out of 10.

  110. Billy
  111. Billy

    Check out Alan Watts all over Youtube, Amazon, and Piratebay. Very inspiring and REAL.

  112. Luke
  113. Luke

    His forever , dont be a dick plsssss, you can believe wat you want but plss do not share your dogma and necro destination.

  114. Luke
  115. Luke

    So ok , God was so concerned about your pimple, meanwhile he cant save millions of murders and accidents in daily basis. Youre too unintuitive for zen you wont get it so plss dont try cause its disresectful.

  116. Luke
  117. Luke

    Only rational minded people can participate in this. Youre only disrespecting

  118. Jamie
  119. Jamie

    I discovered Alan Watts many years ago by picking up one of his books at he local Buddist temple in Perth, Australia. This was before you tube.
    Since I've discovered that he was a natural speaker having 'Gift of the Gab' but he never travelled to Japan or China, or any Asian country for that matter. I thought this was strange as he often cites examples of Japanese life as though he lived there. I was also disappointed to learn he was an alcoholic and died from cirrhosis of the liver at only 58

  120. DustUp
  121. DustUp

    From the description: "A person who thinks all the time has nothing to think about except faults, so he loses touch with reality and lives in a world of illusions." Some commenters say that is a misquote and state that it should be "thoughts" instead of "faults". Referring to "mental chatter"

    Either way, it demonstrates a choice of choosing not to control what you think about. Focus on something you think worthwhile. It is possible to direct your thoughts away from mulling things over and over again or other chatter and onto constructing something worthwhile. The choice is yours, to let yourself be controlled or to control yourself.

    Some people decide they need meditation. Others, like Tesla, honed his mind to the point he didn't need paper to work out the details of constructing his inventions. Fortunately many of them were documented for the purpose of obtaining patents. His assistants stated that his motors and such worked the very first time being built.

    Maybe meditation could be a path to honing one's mind rather than only a means to remove the mental chatter.

    People choose to drown out their conscience and conscious via chemicals when they could direct their mind to very interesting journeys without the need or expense of such chemicals. The most beneficial observation of all is to observe one's ego at work and gently observe it back into its proper place of being a clear pane of glass through which which things are observed, rather than a pain or splinter of glass in everyone's ass. Being in control of your ego and emotions rather than them controlling you is the worthwhile journey.

    Unfortunately the evil in control of the world do much to make that journey harder than ever; for you are the easiest to control and inspire to do the wrong things they desire when your ego and/or emotions are in control of you.

  122. Max
  123. Max

    closed it when I heard "the word of god"....cognitive dissonance ain't for me...he made some valid points in his life, but I'm looking for something to learn...not to trap me...cheers

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