Zimbabwe: State of Denial

Zimbabwe: State of Denial

2010, Politics  -   16 Comments
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Thirty years after becoming a nation, and 30 years after Robert Mugabe and ZANU PF came to power, Zimbabwe does not appear to have fulfilled the hopes that so many had at independence.

Both ZANU PF and the MDC appear to be in a state of denial about the true condition of Zimbabwe at 30, and this cannot be the best way for the country to start its fourth decade as a nation.

A country which was meant to have buried the racism of white minority rule has once again become a place where some Zimbabweans are more equal than others. A land which once exported billions in agricultural products will, it seems, spend another year reliant on food aid.

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7 years ago

Not even going to waste my time watching this. I wish there was a documentary of African rulers prior to european interruption than what happened as a result of their lies and false hoods, then it can proceed into African rulers now and the what is going on in Africa today. Don't give half the story and not speak on the effects of colonization and what it interrupted.

10 years ago

What is known:

1) Plot the condemnation of Mugabe with time, you will see it as a semi-flat line hugging the x-axis and taking off exponentially once he took land from the handful of whites, some who had family and business connections to western aristocrats. Aristocrats with connection to every relevant person who can help shape public opinion.

2) Sanctions and every internal and external sabotage possible to make Mugabe look bad after his land policy was carried through, and they all had effect: Hyperinflation, food shortage etc...

The man put an end to a culture of servitude, where you had few whites holding to some 80% or more of the most fertile land and each having hundreds of blacks tolling away.....a semi-slavery arrangement similar to the plantations in U.S and Caribbeans during the peak of slavery. This alone Mugabe should win an award for it.

Guess who was one of the most vocal critic of Mugabe? Former Australian PM Howard, a man whose party was basically deemed racist towards the native aboriginals by the United Nations. Absolutely pathetic, these white population replica that have been shipped around the globe to displace native populations have resulted in what? Just pollution and consumption and we still inhabit the same planet.

What a waste of human diversity we lost, what if all those people had the opportunity to develop a modern society and build their modern institution. Remember Einstein, he was not an Aryan race and made the biggest contribution to humanity. At one time it was unthoughtful for a German Jew to make such an accomplishment.

10 years ago

it's hard to believe that no one in the government, on either side, knows who's getting the diamonds....how does that happen....

10 years ago

Trouble you get rid of one dictator and another takes his place.

10 years ago

Utter propaganda from the former white racist dictatorship regime in Zimbabwe.
Film bias included
-Ignoring that Zimbabwe was prosperous for decades under mugabe rule
-Ignoring that Zimbabwe is the most prosperous country in the region and has a skyline that puts places like Malawli and Zambia to shame
-Ignoring that Zimbabwe has millions of IMMIGRANTS from the neoighbouring countries fleeing worse conditions
-Ignoring that having the white dictatorship stole land and gave it to white cronies who controlled 85% of arable land by the time Mugabe took office, all of which was stolen from african people. Zimbabweans were not going to stand for this, and if Mugabe did not reform land, it would have lead to a general mass uprising that would probably see all whites killed.
-Ignoring that Zimbabwe has billions in sanctions by its former biggest trading partners.
-Ignoring that its economy is being sabtagoued by foreigners from usa, uk.
-Ignoring that Mugabe doesn't even control the economy for the last 4 years, it is controlled by the white party aka mdc and now Zimbabwe went from a bad economy to having $300 in its bank account and totally broke. The ministry of economy is controlled by the mdc and it has an mdc minister.

10 years ago

What a messed up country. Frightened emotional and greedy people all over the place and none of them wanting to make the effort to educate themselves on fact-based governance. Nothing but emotional responses of self importance.
No one can help them until they want to help themelves. They can wish until the water buffalo come home but wishes are empty dreams.

hell hole
10 years ago

before mugabe came prosperity, thirty years off mugabe's power zimbabwe economy is totally broken, obviously the man never had a clue what he was doing maybe he should have stayed in his mud hut

Antti Lauttajärvi
10 years ago

Mugabe had this socalled powershift coming,how the hell you can reform the bread basket of africa into a failed state,shameful thing that he still laches on to the power like a bloody leech

10 years ago

Reggae band UB40 played a gig to celebrate independence 30 years ago and the group told me the authorities tried to withhold payment on the night. Sadly Zimbabwe's been going downhill ever since...
PS The Zimbabweans I've met been great people.
PPS The government may claim to be Marxist but they're not.

10 years ago

I was hoping for Cairo: State of DeNile

10 years ago

I couldn't imagine someone coming and kicking me off the farm my father and I hacked out of the wilderness with our bare hands. Regardless of how their great grandfather got it or grandfather obtained the land this is their home that they grew up on, all they know. I could understand if the land was taken in a legal manner and given to the true people harmed by past colonial actions. And practically speaking this only makes sense if they agree to employee others and produce something of value for the country, but this is pathetic. The world should simply turn their back and let these mongrels rape the country if the people are not willing to stand up for what is just and works to the benefit of their country as a whole. Were are the average locals in all of this? I hear about some military veterans party, the MDC white farmer folks, and this Mugabe guy's ZANU-PF gang of thugs- where are the people? I'm not saying they are not standing up, I don't know what they are doing. I am saying this documentary kind of left that out, for the most part. What does the average Zimbawian, or whatever you say, want to see happen?

10 years ago

You know what was done to Africa and the entire people is a crime.Do not give the B.S on what Mugabbe has done for the good.He is a thief who swore on a bible and the rule of law and for that millions of people have starved to death and millions more have been murdered.The corruption is rampant and why should any country want to help liers and murderers.It makes me sick and repulsed that someone wearing a JESUS hat with a cross on it can blame the former land owners.It is their fault we are poor.B.S.It is the monsters living like fat pigs who deserve nothing but trials and death sentences.As a white man.I follow world views very c;losely and it sickens me to just want to puke at the very lies and those fat pigs who use drugs,alchohol,and weapons to kill innocent people who once made Africa one of the most beautiful continents on the planet all to go to waste and rot.Now that black man with the Jesus hat is a hypocrite and lier.He will get his reward in hell.I notice all the land,machines,gone to waste and he says he is doing good for the people.Oh a cnn post says Zimbabawe has 217 dollars in their account.Why?Corruption.I hope that the real good people of Africa who are not influenced buy all the means of power finally take hold and correct the wrong done to every good law abiding citicen.As for Mugabe he will get what he deserves.A death sentence buy the people and it will be a gruesome one he deserves.I will never ever donate a single dime to any nation again because the corruption is just so rampant and terribly terribly awful.When the second coming does come watch out all you traitors and fat,drug addicted,alchoholic politicians.There is no room for you period