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ZOOZoo, a film by The Stranger columnist Charles Mudede and director Robinson Devor, and executive producers Garr Godfrey and Ben Exworthy, is a documentary on the life and death of Kenneth Pinyan (played by Adam T. McLain) a Seattle area man who died of peritonitis due to perforation of the colon after engaging in receptive anal sex with a horse.

The film's public debut was at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007, where it was one of 16 winners out of 856 candidates, and played at numerous regional festivals in the USA thereafter. Following Sundance, it was also selected as one of the top five American films to be presented at the prestigious Directors Fortnight sidebar at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

The film was made with co-operation of the two men who took Pinyan to the hospital, as well as other friends of his, in the attempt to explore the life and death of the man, as well as those who came to the farm near Enumclaw for similar reasons, beyond the public understanding of the media. It does contain explicit material of sexual activities, but only in the view of video footage shown on a small television screen. (Excerpt from en.wikipedia.org)

Warning: You may find some of the details in this video disturbing.

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5 years ago

There are legitimate reasons why some ideas just don't always find their way onto that 'good idea' list,I mean just cause somebody might get aroused at the idea of taking the virginity of a large male Silver-back Gorilla complete with after sex groom time,does that make it a 'good idea' to go beating your chest like your Kong at the biggest gorilla in the zoo or plan a trip to Uganda......Nah,probably no.

7 years ago

I read threw some of the comments and see how many people just dont get the whole zoo thing. Its been around since the dawn of man was in drawing back when man lived in caves. Only since religion has come into play back in the roman times was it frowned on and now today we have all the closed minded people that just dont understand and never will.

I would try to explain it but was always told dont piss in the wind. So no point you people and your short closed minds are made up you will never understand the bond some people can have with the animal they love.

But hey to the people who dont get it you would rather have the dog taken away from its loving home where it was happy (yes dogs can consent to sex a growl and reading body language goes a long way you know when a dog means "no") and have it taken to a pound only to have it sit on a cold floor in a caged cell and have it put down after 3 months. 90% of all dogs over the age of 2 are destroyed and if it does get adopted the dog will never be the same to the next owners the animal will be depressed. Then have the owner put in jail eating up tax money $75,000-95,000 per inmate.

Anyway my little rant am i a zoo nah i just did some research on it after watching this maybe you all should also. Also if you found this so disgusting WHY THE F*&^% DID YOU CLICK ON IT!?!

7 years ago

"They love and care about the animals and don't want to hurt them, so it's okay!" doesn't really wash; a lot of pedophiles will tell you that they're in love with the children they molest and don't feel they're doing anything that harms them, too. That said, I see this as less-bad. More akin to having sex with mentally retarded adults, who some also would believe cannot consent--at least these animals are sexually mature...I guess that's
something. (No I am not trying to compare mentally disabled people to animals, just saying I think it's somewhat more comparable.) And the fact that it's another species is weird, but I think that reflects emotional issues more than anything. I don't necessarily think it's "normal" but I wouldn't call it evil.

This was indeed kind of boring...but I can give them props for not sensationalizing it, which would be so easy to do.

interesting, kinda
8 years ago

The main thing that immediately struck me was how sad, lonely and isolated these men are.

Then how the stallion ended up getting gelded - Seems cruel.

I wish the doc was not so disjointed, it was quite hard to follow. Beautiful camera work, though - in places.

p.s. Ad hominems don't make Humans look so very smart after all, do they?

Alv V
10 years ago

I didn't watch this documentary, but after reading what it is about, and then looking at all the comments (it's one of the most commented one in the whole web-site), it seems that this story has struck a core in people, since so many bother to reply to it. But I'm not sure what is more tragic, someone that dies from "peritonitis due to perforation of the colon after engaging in receptive anal sex with a horse" or those that spend time writing hate-speech, ignorant garbage and jokes about it. But maybe that's the point of the movie, to stir debate and let people see for themselves their true faces and then hopefully cause some change. I can only applaud those that helped this person and I hope they did something that helped people or animals by spending time and money creating the documentary.

10 years ago

I graduated from Enumclaw High School about a month before this happened. It was shocking. What was even more shocking is that they put up a statue of a horse on main street awhile afterwards! And most of the places they're shooting in this video are not Enumclaw.

10 years ago

The horse was protecting it's self by kicking him to death .

Ralph Harris
10 years ago

Come on people.. the only really bad thing about horse buggery is that you've got to get down off the milk stool, and walk all the way around to the front to give it a kiss. Kind of breaks the 'mood,' that.

Ralph Harris
10 years ago

Hey Wilbuur!

Ralph Harris
10 years ago

I'm sure the horse was asking for it ....

10 years ago

The speech of the zoo gives blessing. The speech against the zoo does not give blessings. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good: and whoso trusteth in the LORD, happy is he.

Those against the zoo seek bad. Therefore thay say bad words. How can anyone be happy saying bad words that help no one? The zoosexual is wise to utter good words not condemning words. The tendency to not do that is why the unseen devil attacks the zoo hiding behind people with the pretext of doing good not behaving like Jesus who is good.

10 years ago

Not unhappy the m*ron died. Feel sorry for his family though. Why do these m*rons, peadophiles etc included, hide behind "love" when they really just don't care about anything other than getting their rocks off. It's simple. These id**t's selfishly will not control their weird impulses. Impulse control. Selfishness and lack of impulse control is all it is. These id**ts that involve themselves in such damaging and hurtful behaviour need to stop being so self absorbed and weak. Losers.
This doco just shows excuse after mysteriously darkened scene excuse. Time in my life I won't get back. Wiki it instead of wasting your time.

Brain Williams
10 years ago

I have no sympathy at all ! funny how one guy wanted to commit suicide and the others all panicked and knew they were headed for trouble hence

the secrecy . Why ? because they knew it was wrong . The animals had to be trained and the men splashed on a sent from a female horse that would have been in season and ready to accept a male horse, so don't tell me that the horse was not tricked or fooled and it was in a loving relationship ! FFS. I am appalled by the amount of the sick people that engage in bestiality and it does appear to be mainly females making the videos . God it makes one suspicious every time you see a woman walking a larger sized dog . Paranoid you say? well yes a little I guess as I am one of the people that just cant comprehend sex with animals . Many men that are involved in encouraging a woman to participate in such acts mainly for the $ in making these videos and would not engage in bestiality them self's and view the woman that is making such a film as the absolute filth and discussing members of our race and the degradation and the fact that they will commit such acts just puts them into the worst of the worst . To anyone that thinks different and thinks its ok , I ask you this

how would you feel if you came home from work and had sex with your partner, did your thing and gave her oral only to find out that Rover had just blown his load in her ten seconds before?! Me I would not stop vomiting for months or years and would probably cut both of there throats .So I am saying that harm will come to you if do this crap around me!.We all know its wrong same as necrophilia and nobody gets hurt there, do they?FFS !

10 years ago

I try very hard to understand the way not only how the so-called "normal" people think but, the "abnormal". This is just beyond me no matter how or what angle I use or reasoning I try, it just will not register. To have SEX with animals people! think about it. Really, the sheer differences in bacterias, and whatever it is that we as human get out of sex, even with strangers, you can't get, what-so-ever with animals. It's a kind of spiritual thing once you come, and it's good, and with a person compatible. Hard to explain. The only thing that ruins what I'm trying to describe, is being very drunk and not remembering at all the intimacy. But, most of the time, even with hundreds of partners through out the years, you get a certain closeness even for a moment, then you go on. But, with an animal is cruel and abusive. The sicko should go to jail.

10 years ago

Ok I know I shouldn't laugh but the bit at the end about the family dog. O my god that was funny. Like seriously glad I wasn't drinking when that came on. It seems like it's straight out of south park or something. Banging the family dog o no. Thought I'd comment this way instead of arguing the morality of it which is weird and weird at the same time.

11 years ago

I think the guy had some sick fetish for being with the biggest available penis, he even makes a statement about "the horse is still the biggest thing out there" , he knows it's morally wrong but uses he's in love with it to try to soften the disgust we all feel for his actions. I think it's clear how God feels about it, he took his life and made him suffer to boot.

11 years ago

....well i was told about this doc, rather i was told i should watch it. I take issues or subjects (or general debates) and put them through an analytical unbiased process in which i show the negative and positive aspects or implications.
i finished watching the...documentary, and here it goes
they're sick in the head. chemicals in their brains are not balanced right or they all suffer from profound trauma.

11 years ago

There's nothing wrong with loving animals, but LEAVE THE SEX OUT OF IT YOU SICK FREAKS!

Its sexual molestation pure and simple. Animals are like children to us mentally and you are taking advantage of them for your own sexual gratification. I would throw you in the same pot as child molesters, and I'm not sure which is worse, you or them.

11 years ago

as a man thinks in his mind so he is

11 years ago

The "soul" doesn't mean anything. If the soul you believe in is not a function of the brain, where exactly is it?

11 years ago

I don't know what's more disturbing, the video or the comment section?!

11 years ago

Come on, they gelded the bloody horse so that none of those people would adopt him. I'm sure the horse was thrilled.

11 years ago

Okay, first off, that was the worst "documentary" ever, and could hardly be classified as a documentary in MY opinion. It left out extreme amounts of information and didn't answer any of the questions one asks when hearing the story.

The most annoying part of the documentary is that it pretty much ignores the entire sexual part of zoophiles or bestiality and whatnot, and instead focuses on this supposed loving and emotionally attached relationship between the man and animal, when the main plotline is the death of man due to ANAL SEX with an animal. To not focus on the actual sexuality and sexual intercourse makes this documentary fairly useless. On the topic of this "love" between the man and animal, what really bugs me about that is that these people are assuming the animal loves them back :| It's ridiculous. This animal is not in a romantic relationship with you, it's an animal. It doesn't have the same psychology in it's brain as humans do. Which is why it is so WRONG to have sex with it.

What should also be mentioned, is that horses don't go around trying to have sex with other animals, including humans (that I know of). What would someone say if they worked on a farm and suddenly their horse was trying to have sex with them? They wouldn't assume the horse is in love with them! They'd (hopefully) realize the horse is acting on instincts and nature and etc, and is probably just unaware as to what type of animal it is trying to engage in sex with. But when a human, who has a much higher level of thinking than any other animal, tries to have sex with an animal that is not a human being, there's obviously something wrong with that human.

This fetish or whatever you want to call it is the same as pedophilia and rape, because the person is acting on this bizarre impulse they have without acknowledging the fact that the other person might not actually WANT them to be having sex with them, since the other person, or animal in this case, is somehow unable to fully vocalize it, and even when it is vocalized, it's ignored.

11 years ago

WTF are you smoking kid......your lover's cat nip!? You can't be for real. Dld you just post that Jesus doesn't mind about your animal fr**king fetish??? Ah man, you ain't right. But Ill tell ya what, I've got a Basset Hound here that you can boink! Ya..no really! you two can do that internet sex thing. Ill hold my dog's a$$ up to the web cam and you can have at it...really! You don't have any weird diseases and work in a slaughter house do ya? Because the last thing I want to do is take a bite of a T-bone steak and catch the clap! So....ah..dam your nasty!...ah so, are you allowed around pet stores?....dog groomers?....horse races?....chicken farms?...ah, pig farms -hunting trips-dairy farms-hamster wheels-bird cages-fish tanks......ah hell! the list can go on and on. What I'm trying to get at is what is your animal of choice....chickens?..monkies?..turtles?..um..donkeys? Never mind, I don't want to know. Has your sick a$$ ever molested a blind persons handicap dog! No really, whose animal are you porking??? I mean when you see a cat cross the street do you pull a condom out of your wallet and give chase?? Sick f--k!

PS. You do know that the story in the Bible about Jesus riding into town on a donkey wasn't a sex act....don't you???

11 years ago

damn it, sucked back in......and i even know its the same guy....what is wrong with me?

11 years ago

Regarding zoo sex ×ÉÄÅÏ Jesus does not go around doing what you are doing condemning videos. Knowing Jesus does not do that means the devil does that. Will you stop doing the devils work, and repent? One never knows when? God stops striving with the hearts of men. You don't Know when your life will end in this world of death.

to anybody

11 years ago

Ya, i say quit before ZOO becomes The Most Discussed Documentary on TDF
We may have to change the order to The Most Discusting.

11 years ago

let's just keep it simple.
If you want to have sex with an animal and actually crave it, and not a human...you are absolutely disgusting.
they are innocent, and by doing this you are taking control and power over an innocent being.
Disgusting, I feel sorry for you that you can't get it from a person so your next step is to abuse an animal.
You should be jailed...it's unsafe for anyone to be around you if you need to do that.
And so what if this doctor has a PHD, shes clearly into animals herself. Only someone who would also have sex with animals would say it is okay.
Every single person I know would think you're crazy & probably sit in your room day in day out thinking you are too. Good luck in the world you abnormal freak.

11 years ago

Cocktails above the door....

11 years ago

Popcorn anyone?

11 years ago

If this doc is as weird as this comment exchange it must be the wierdess of the weirdess. What does a guy have to say to get kicked out?

11 years ago

You poor, poor soul rg5. Take a breath, stop being so defensive and just get some help, ok? I bet that if any of us looked hard enough we could find someone saying they have the proper "credentials" to support our beliefs. Not gonna judge you, your doctor or your god. I love animals, but there is a divide, and it's called consciousness. They are not us, and we are not them, but I could see how one could project all of their longing onto an animal that they perceive as "innocent" or "faithful", etc, but it's all just a projection of our own needs/desires, and what better a being to project onto than another organism that does not judge? The more people I meet, the more I like my dog, because.... animals don't judge b/c they lack that level of consciousness, and maybe that's not a bad thing, but it's that exact same limitation that prevents them from having emotions/thoughts & RELATIONSHIPS on the same level of us humans. I say "on the same level of" b/c I'm making space for dolphins, elephants, primates, what-have-you that have exhibited potential conscious or relationship traits, but are in no way the same as us. A lot of that stuff has gotta be primal/instinctive/survival based. Even if you want to go the other way and say they are more advanced than us, you'd still be well advised to stay far far away and within your own species. At then end of the day, one needs to be honest with oneself and take a good hard look at what they are doing.

That is where the self-diagnosed "zoos" need support to help them to come to terms with this concept.

11 years ago

Assistant - " It looks like this animal was abused Doc"
Veterinarian- "We'll cut off his balls"
Assistant- " I think that's the humane thing to do here Doc"
Veterinarian- " Shut up and get me my scalpel already"
Assistant- " It Kinda looks like Ms.Sandros from down the street ....she has a bit of that Sarah Jessica Parker thing going on"

Veterinarian - " Shut up you , this is a one horse-face town"

- THe END-

over the edge
11 years ago

first off your "doctor " did get a diploma from a diploma mill a quick search will show that fact to anyone who wishes to actually look. but more importantly since you value a doctors opinion so much how many doctors that disagree with her would a person have to supply to you to sway your opinion? also as far as i know (did cursory search) bestiality is illegal in 32 states and falls under cruelty to animals laws in the others, so many educated and elected officials (i bet some of them are doctors) passed laws to prevent what you support. also there isn't a large push to change these laws so i suspect that the overwhelming majority agree with said laws. so at the least you support criminals and at worst are one. if all this "evidence" proven by "doctors" exists why hasn't the law been changed?

11 years ago

Ok, since I feel compelled to comment what does that say about me? And just so I have my facts straight, rowdyguy5, are you taking the position that there's absolutely nothing wrong with having sexual intercourse with animals?

I also feel compelled to say that since Mr. Pinyan was on the "receiving end" of this encounter, i.e., he asked for it, that he or anyone else who does something as idiotic as this is not worthy of sympathy.

Rowdyguy5, what are your thoughts on Mr. Pinyan and his unfortunate demise?

Dawn Thomas
11 years ago

I think a couple of things are missed in all of these discussions.
1) Comparison to children - you can't compare them to children, you can't buy children, you can't kill a child, you can't eat a child, you can't wear portions of a child as clothing, you can't hunt a child, you are not forced by the law to give aid to an animal where you are to a child. An animal is not a child - the law and society say that very clearly by what they allow to happen to a child versus an animal. So if you agree that the things you can legally and morally do to an animal are not the things you can do to a child, then you must agree animals are not children. Comparisons are apples to oranges.

2) I agree that just because we perpetrate one crime against something/someone doesn't mean we have a right to perpetrate anything at all. But you also have to agree that the larger damage to animals is done by the food industry and if you wish to change the fates of animals, there you have far clearer circumstances: living in squalor, dying in fear with your throat slashed, or having your beak burned off your face. If you want to reduce animal suffering, clearly and in large portions, arguing and fighting over inter-species sex is not a way to assuage the suffering of the largest portion of animals. It's literally shoving a pinhead in the busting Hoover Dam. Don't claim it's about the suffering of animals if you don't do anything about the meat industry, you're just being obtuse.

3) Do pet your animals? Someone spoke of the difference between petting a belly and petting just north of privates. What is the difference except to the human? If the animal enjoys it, it's the same thing, you use your dominance to do something that feels good to you and APPEARS to feel good to them, like any other pet. The only thing being violated is the sanctity of the human. I do things to my animals that if they were humans, I would be horrified to find myself doing. I would never scratch my friend's butt, I wouldn't run my hands down their backs and stroke them, yet we think nothing of doing the same thing to an animal, especially if it APPEARS to request this. I won't clean their bathrooms, and I most certainly will not wipe their butt if they have a clingon.

I wouldn't hold my friend down and pill them, nor would I pack them in a crate to visit the doctor, especially against their APPARENT wishes. I won't let my friends lie in bed between myself and my partner and I certainly wouldn't let one bite my face (no matter how gently) when she apparently felt especially affectionate. I might scratch one behind the ears, but if they expected me to feed them everyday, well they're in for a surprise. Animals are in a different category and proclaiming they are anything approaching humans is just stupid.

4) No one is ever fully cognisant of what they do, whether it's consent to sex, walking out the front door, or voting. We often make decisions blindly, often to our direct detriment even though we know what is more likely to be "good" for us. The Law seems to take some notice of this: a 14 year old girl and a 16 year old boy have no real idea of the consequences of sex, yet it's not legally punishable in many places. It is illegal for someone 4,5, or 6 years older than a 14 year old to do so in may places. What's the difference? Our perception. We THINK the older one will take advantage of the younger one. And sometimes it happens, and sometimes they are just as immature as the 14 year old, but we have to draw a line somewhere, right?

When I first started having sex I was not aware of how much it would change me, yet I dove into it willingly. Do I wish I hadn't? I don't know. Maybe it would have been better, maybe worse. No one can tell me. Even in my 40s I don't know what one act or another will really mean for me, I just have to live on trust and try to do what I was taught is good. So someone not being cognisant of the repercussions of their acts isn't specifically a good reason to make them stop doing whatever it is they are doing. What is good is to know that certain paths ALMOST always lead to large amounts of pain and anguish, and to protect others if they don't have enough information or experience. You can do this for kids and the mentally handicapped because they are likely to grow mentally and possibly end up in those bad paths even if they want whatever it is.

Animals are different here - they have no sense of shame, no self-hate, no internal language that is a blade that wounds them constantly. I promise you no female dog looks into a puddle and thinks "Oh God, I'm such a slut, everyone will hate me, I had sex with 10 males today." These are things we don't have to protect animals against, so the actions of animal can't be held to the same level as a human. They can't take those dark paths because they don't have the capacity for shame and social abuse that we do. So some guy does things with his PURCHASED (ownership...) pet that would harm a human BUT they can't harm the animal because it doesn't have the social and mental problems related to apparent self-awareness.

If Daisy Mae enjoys the diddling of her owner, she won't be in doggie therapy for years. If Daisy doesn't like it AND the owner uses physical force and causes pain, then we are talking rape. Rape for people is mental, the physical side effects are far less than the mental ones. For animals the mental problems aren't there, so the physical takes over and if in the process the animal is harmed, that becomes a physical rape. The effects of rape for humans is so devastating that the physical damage is long healed before any mental healing even starts. Rape CAN occur between a human and an animal but rape requires involuntary pain (see BDSM, voluntary pain is ok.) Since animals don't experience mental pain like we do, only the physical part can apply. Is it rape to pet an animal? You could be arrested for touching a human that way, but an animal .. bah it's just an animal.

If you cause an animal pain by cutting it's nails or pulling some barbed wire off it, we don't think any thing of it, it's for the "good of the animal". Tug on your doggies schlong till he ejaculates and he feels really good, no harm has come to the animal, in fact he may feel an overall better feeling because he gets a release, this is wrong? Doing it to further a breed of dogs that can't breed any more is ok, but making your pooch happy isn't? I know people who stick their fingers in their animals ear and run them in circles and come back with ear wax, what's the diff between wax and 'whacks'"? I know people who let animals eat in their mouths, not OFF or near, but actually reach into their mouths and take the food, already masticated, and eat it. Putting your penis in an APPARENTLY willing females vagina is as gross as that?

5. Using an animal is something 99.99% of people have 0 compunctions about, but because they have hang ups about sex in general using an animal for sexual release suddenly is worse than any other use, we just don't like to admit that it's not the animal parts, it's the sex part. Think about the places most pet owners will roam and touch their pets ... all but the privates. Sure we've been taught not to touch someone else's privates, but haven't we been taught not to grab their butt, or to squeeze their boobs, or rub their belly? What is so different about privates on pets? In actuality, nothing, it's in our heads.

6. Consent. A dead subject. We do what we want to whatever animal for whatever reason barring taping their mouth shut and lighting them on fire .. and in some places that's not illegal, sadly. Consent must be for anything or nothing. You can't have "mostly not consent, but for this consent." How screwed are we: A woman gets drunk, she and a drunk man have verbally agreed upon sex and the law now says it was rape, not because she said no, but because she was drunk. BUT drink and drive, the same amount, and suddenly the consent thing disappears. You are held responsible even if you are were 10x more smashed than the woman who had sex drunk. Where's the 'fairness'? Where's the actual protection from harm? Animal consent is one way or another, either they consent to all they do or they consent to nothing, they can't not give consent cause they are drunk, but they gave consent to drive. Either an animal has a will, and consent applies to everything, or they have none and it doesn't matter.

7. If they mount their owner after getting a belly rub, it ain't about dominance. If a male dog is humping your leg and start to splooge, which happened in most of the few times a dog has humped my leg, it ain't about dominance. In dominance humping, there's no ejaculation and they change where the penis is pointed. In MOST cases the penis never leaves it's sheath. In a way dominance humping is like the hazing of College Frat Boys. In fact if you've ever hung out with an age mixed group of boys and teens, very often the older males will actually play act intercourse with the younger ones. It is extremely rare that their parts are seen or even meet in the clothes but it's very close to the dominance humping behaviour - it's about "I'm a MALE and you aren't, you girly man." 'Jail House Sex' toned down.

8. Inter-species sex = disease. Not. There are very few diseases that can jump from animal to human. For those of you who are afraid of this, it's fairly rare for a human who has consistent inter-species sex to have sex with other humans, therefore they rarely can be a vector for these diseases.

9. Is the idea of inter-species sex icky? Yes, but so is the idea of your great-grandmother and great grandfather getting it on. Icky doesn't make something wrong or right. It is the level of harm that makes things wrong or right. Until you can prove either way that adult animals (physically adults) are harmed by APPARENTLY voluntary inter-species sex then I have to conclude that the apparent lack of harm means the whole thing is non-harmful and that people having inter-species sex that doesn't require physical force or involuntary pain is icky but but not evil.

11 years ago

May i know the title of the 'piano' background music ?

11 years ago

how bad is this to watch? im interested but also scared of being sickened?

11 years ago

i feel like im about to watch a f##$ horror movie....

11 years ago

ok this is a good example of a outsider looking in you dont know so how can you judge maybe this horse loves the human the same way why because you dont understand something you look at it like its the worst thing ever you love your husband or wife dont you and you have sex wel;l why dont you believe that this horse and man cant have this bond there are greater ways of comunication than just words what about body language just because alot of people refuse to pay attention to it doesnt mean its not there i do believe in beastiality as well as support it theres gays then theres zoos.

11 years ago

this is indeed a strange, missunderstood world we live in. people are strange enough as is. we must understand true compassion, unconditional love before making any harsh judjments.
not that inter-species relashons, are by any means acceptable but these people werent evil. they just loved their animals more than most people do.
it just bothers me how "over-exagerated" the media was. they olney portrayed things much worse than they had to be.
- R.K.

Scarlet Kinsey
11 years ago

You know what I figure? Animals can know what they want and effectively ask for sex in an informed way, at least wild animals, but you'll be hard pressed to make them trust you like a fellow of their species and not get ripped to shreds.

But domestic animals are bred to be infantile and servile so that they do whatever humans tell them to, they are also bred to have super high sex drives so that they breed as fast as possible.

Then add onto this that domestic animals are effectively brainwashed out of whatever fear of strangers or ability to defend themselves from violence they have left,no matter how abused they are they do as they will never attack because they are taught that humans are infallible and if humans hit them,starve them, whatever, then the humans are still doing the right thing.

Add onto this the fact that wild animals are educated about sex by their parents,us as humans can't effectively speak their language in order to do this; wild wolves are strictly monogamous and always know who's parents are who's,but within two generations tame they are promiscuous, hundreds of generations later we have dogs that think sex is humping your leg and males don't recognise their babies because they don't know sex could mean babies (and because for most of history the males never see their babies), stallions are also bred and taught to be sexually stupid,and also have never seen foals for hundreds of years, they are even believed to be dangerous to foals now because their father instincts are gone.
All this together makes an animal that is frankly,retarded, these aren't animals that can know what they want.

For these reasons I think sex with animals should still be as illegal as ever.
There are quite possibly those rare individuals that aren't raised that way, but they're just that, very rare.

11 years ago

What most bestiality advocates don't want to hear about are the multitudes of viruses animals have which is harmless to them, but can be quite lethal in human population. It only takes ONE PERSON to get infected to start a world wide epidemic. Gonorrhea and chlamydia are actually cow diseases; HIV originated from chimpanzees; Herpes B which causes deadly meningitis, from monkeys. SARS. EBOLA. Urologists have recently linked penis cancer with bestiality contact. They also linked people who engage with bestiality have high, high risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. Zoonotic disease are quite real which are very good reasons to ban bestiality and its porn. 31 States have some law against it but most of them are misdemeanors. There is NO Federal law against bestiality. No Federal law against bestiality porn, which is extremely epidemic in America. Though a law would not stop all bestiality practices, it would cut it down quite a bit. If anything to help safeguard the transmission of viral diseases to the human population.

11 years ago

The FBI profiled bestiality with rapists who mutilate and murder human victims. Particularly with small animals they are killed-which gets the sexual deviant off torturing and killing them at the moment they ejaculate. We live in a very sick and deviant society but I'm not sure which is worse-the practitioners of bestiality or the Federal law makers who won't do anything about it.

11 years ago

Im kind of aroused!! Haha!

11 years ago

Extremely challenging and confronting, but what a beautifully made documentary.

Brittany Bowers
11 years ago

Please do not compare what was done to the horse to rape or child abuse. The fact that you could compare the child to a horse, a horse who could have easily kicked or attacked the man to get away from him is disturbing. Yes the horse may or may not have consented but that's no reason to belittle the many rape and child abuse victims out there.

11 years ago

How do you get peritonitis from butt fukicing a horse?

11 years ago

Is the narrarator being racist @ 6:13?

11 years ago

He says @ 6:13 "unfortunately most of the people that were part of our little group were white...." Why is race brought up here?