If you're willing to advertise your site, company, product, etc. here than you should continue reading. First lets look at some stats about TDF. Below are statistics for one month period (JAN 01, 2012 - JAN 31, 2012) extracted from Google Analytics:

Probably there is nothing much to say about the stats since figures show everything, but let me just emphasize that if your ad is placed at Top Documentary Films it will be seen nearly 18.000.000 times per month.

The traffic sources are displayed above and majority of the traffic comes from USA, Canada, UK and Australia as it's shown on the map.

Also here is some Audience Demographics for TDF relative to the general Internet population according to Alexa:

Based on Internet averages, TDF is mostly visited by childless men under the age of 35 who browse from home and school and have no postgraduate education.

Top Documentary Films offers various sizes of ad blocks positioned at different places. For further details such as pricing and sizes/position of ad blocks you can contact me and we'll discuss about it.

There are some conditions though: No annoying flash animations and no pop-ups allowed. Also gambling and adult sites are excluded.

So, if this site suits your interest and if you see this site as a destination for your advertisement than contact me and I'll get back to you promptly.