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Before doing anything please make sure you first read the following pages in order to check if your question has already been answered:

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If you don't want to bother reading that information, then please consider these suggestions before dropping a message:

  1. If you want to use a documentary that is on this site, don't ask us for permission. We don't own the documentaries, we just curate them. Find out who's the author, producer, director, and point your question to them.
  2. If you want to submit your documentary to TDF, please make sure you own the rights to do that, make sure it's over 25 minutes in length and of course it has to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Those are the only prerequisites for consideration. However we still reserve the right to decide if we're going to publish a documentary based on few other factors (quality, bias, research, etc.)
  3. If you're not able to watch a video (black/white screen, stopping, slow buffering, etc.) check if the problem persist across several more videos on the site and also check if you're able to watch that video on YouTube/Vimeo at all. In most cases the problem is on your end so cross-checking before reporting the problem would be nice.

Having said that, if you still want to contact TDF, email us at this address, or use the form below. If your message is valid it will be certainly read but due to the number of emails received our response may not be prompt.

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