Future by Design

Future by Design

2006, Technology  -   156 Comments
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Future by Design shares the life and far-reaching vision of Jacque Fresco, considered by many to be a modern day Da Vinci.

Peer to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-taught futurist who describes himself most often as a generalist or multi-disciplinarian - a student of many inter-related fields.

He is a prolific inventor, having spent his entire life (he is now 90 years old) conceiving of and devising inventions on various scales which entail the use of innovative technology.

As a futurist, Jacque is not only a conceptualist and a theoretician, but he is also an engineer and a designer.

Directed by: William Gazecki

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  1. Excellent stuff.
    And for all those saying/thinking The Venus Project and are part of the New World Order or part of the UN, you're wrong.
    Fresco was about using science, technology and engineering to create better societies for all within a sustainable framework of available resources.
    Nothing to do with controlling people at all. In fact he was about freedom for all people.
    He wanted to create societies that don't use or 'need' politicians. He was very critical of them and governments that were more concerned about power and their own outdated ideologies and ways of running societies for their side of politics rather than improving societies for all people. Including the health and sustainability of the resources and environment that give us life and the good things we like.
    Seriously, do real research and don't jump to conclusions or listen to people that say things that are not true and seem to have no idea about what they're talking about and seem to have prejudices re-enforced by conspiracy theories.
    Do your own research at and their And remember, they are not the only people that think we should be using technology etc for better societies. People like Arthur C. Clarke, R. Buckminster Fuller etc also see the common sense in doing it too.

  2. What an amazing man

  3. To HELL with the NWO ,george sorass and the left controll freaks, im for smaller government, freedom of speech, pursuit of happiness,and fiscal responsibility in our government. Good luck and GOD BLESS Y'ALL

  4. This video is sponsored by the UN (NWO). He is on the Venus Project which the UN is behind. The future the NWO (New World Order) is to move us off the land into big metropolis where we will be easy to manage in a surveillance state--such as using 5G, mandatory Vax, Smart meters, eating GMOs (where they control the food supply of the dangerous food), cashless society (can control you if the control your $). Look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. No thanks.

    1. Here here!

  5. Jacque is 101 years old now and still nothing seems to have changed except for the emergence of the great Elon Musk.I do hope he make Mars , a none monetary planet and a brave new world where we can all be equal in every possible way. !!

    1. He died, my friend, I'm sorry to report.

  6. Can we start a new society like this now, rather than just talking about this? Nothing is going to change unless we start something new NOW

    1. Hi Samuel

      Yes we can and yes we are. You can help by assisting The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science and Sean Faircloth (if you are in the USA) Introduce them to others, donate money, promote in your community, lead by example, network. You can join humanist organisations, stand as a humanist candidate for your local town/city council, school board, parents committee.

      Bring it on I say!

  7. that man had one heck of a interesting life!

  8. We will never be perfect but are we going to use are knowledge to destroy the world or make it better.This man has the best ideas I've seen,also I recently read something called Wavelution and it has great ideas to.The sad part is I belive many will die in illegal unnessasary wars before we one day do whats right for everyone and not just the corrupt 1%.

  9. everyone has an opinion; few have an idea.

  10. OK, bunch of misguided opinions on here. I'm here to sort a couple of them out.

    1. Computers can LEARN, they are capable of "programming" themselves. This is well known. This makes them unpredictable!
    2. Condoms don't work - I hate using them, and so does every other man. Population control will be by either food, bombs or snip-snip.
    3. We're already very communist in our capitalist societies - We don't own our houses, we own 100 year leases, for example. The rich are capitalists, the peasants are capital.

    That's all I've got time for.

  11. wow. nuff said.

  12. damn, he is inspirational ! But how do we really create a society without a monetary system? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it.. I'm just not very optimistic for it's chances of becoming a reality.

    1. we will soon see! Money is done, the dollar is worth about a penny. 97% of all money now is digital

    2. you missed the point big time! We need to delete the monetary system.

    3. A monetary system is just a medium of exchange, the fundamental issue here is property rights. Does anyone ever deserve to own anything? Should there be absolute property rights or in some situations is it okay to steal?

      Jacque Fresco wants to play God, like any other advocate of socialism or communism. Instead of looking for someone who wants what is best for us, why don't we start looking for a system that allows each of us to decide for ourselves?

    4. Human beings in general think irrationally.
      If a system allows everybody everything there would be chaos.

      Humans should have a freedom of choice over many things but certain things which limit others' rights should be controlled.

      The important is who wrights these laws.

      Currently most of the laws are based on customs, superstition, culture, and greed.
      If all the laws were written by scientists (obviously all sorts, ranging from sociologists to phisicists) and the laws could be questioned when the law seems obsolete than we could talk about building a working society.

      Sorry for religius groups, anarchists, nationalists and all sorts of custom based organisations. But these groups have no place in governing billions of lives and controlling resources. Simply because they don't have the skills to do so.

  13. I wish we lived in that world. We are only limited by our imagination.

  14. this guy is gonna get killed

  15. Jacque seems to think we are in the transitional period between our neolithic bartering exchange system of our past ancestors, and our resource economy in the future. As if there is some "phase" we past by on our way to the future. What I find interesting though, is that those two systems (past/future by design) do not include an indirect value system like we have today, they are simply based distributing physical resources, only this time around (within about 1200 years), we now have the proper knowledge to apply it to global resource management on a live-stream, instant feedback integral system. It would be like instituting a technically driven army of robotics programmed to give people equal advantages.

    It might sounds lame for all of us to have an equal chance, but I believe that will cause the bar of human potential to raise higher, and the competition will become larger in size but narrower in succession/excellence.

  16. jaques clearly hasnt heard of the free market for the best use of resources for all peoples needs

    1. Yeah.. bud, the subject is global, its not limited to the Hay-market in Boston, or Jim's roast beef, free market is beautiful for the handful that show up to the place.. and it isn't bad for the people who own the place - but we're talking on a whole new level: 24-hr resource management. Localizing delivery distribution systems in every corner of the world that are all connected through web-based electronic inventory. Free market has that in fragments, but its unorganized and unbalanced, just like our economy and wealth. Hey, go figure.

    2. his point is everything must be based on the scientific method, and if the free market decides that one country would find it highly advantagious to exploit or invade another without regard for its citizens, then there is something fundamentally missing from the way that system operates, namely, science
      he does not at any point suggest that he wants to change that now, or infact didnt suggest any way to get to "the future" besides inevitability

    3. Probably not because that does not exist...

      Free market is just an ideological concept, like pure communism. When "applied" in real life it serves the very few of the society and exploits the many.

      Most of these ideas without proper scientific foundation and critic control are destined to be overtaken by it`s main appliers.

      Ergo, Free Market is overtaken by the practice of Capitalism and Monopolism and serves only as an excuse.

      Fundamentally today`s society is a "Democratic Slavery".

      People are born with debts and burdens all across the world (if not personal debts, than think of national debts), but they are free to choose which kind of slave they become.

    4. "Democratic Slavery", lol ...well put!

    5. LOL been calling it that for years, the concept came to me in a dream, nice to see the idea is catching on : )

    6. You understand that the free market, a true free market, is based on a negative concept of law. This means that the law only restricts people from doing certain things that interfere with other people's rights. Democracy is always democratic slavery because it allows for a positive concept of law, one in which the law is meant to provide for people. How can the law provide anything, like health care? It must steal from certain people and give to others. Is that equality?

    7. the free market is manipulated and does not work for the masses theoretically correct statement but irrelevent

    8. Lets question that Free Market Idea...... In the Clinton era and even before the regulations that were introduced after WW11 to govern monetary policy was freed up, banks began to become huge lenders as different monetary packages were designed to drive the stock market ie; futures, derivatives, sub prime mortgages, hedge funds etc.....The 90's saw the unleashing of rampant free market economics and economic rationalism was the religion of the economists. As less regulation grew, more corruption reigned....case in point Enron, and later the ponzy schemes like the Madoff investment scandal in '08. So when the rich 5% were ripping the guts out of wage earners as their real wages and salaries decreased the gap between rich and poor widened until the system snapped in the GFC. So when the economy was seen to be collapsing the Wall st end of town asked and got hand outs from the Federal government thus completing the circle of hypocrisy. When times were tough the rich scream for government intervention and when times are otherwise they yell for small government and no red tape and free market economics. Its a con job, a ruse for the big fish to feed.

  17. Thanks Mr. Jacques Fresco, you have made best use of your life and life's of others

  18. too many great minds like these go unheard by our governments. to make something of this magnitude happen i can only see war before the corporations let such a meaningful and peaceful existence come to be

  19. This is by far the BEST doc. I have seen about Jacque Fresco and VP
    Because vs some over bearing narrator who likes to hear himself speak...
    It just let's Jacque talk, explain his vision, his designs, concepts, etc
    I am in awe of how in depth and dedicated this man truly is
    An absolute must see Doc !!

    Jacque..we hear you..loud and clear
    Your words and vision will live on long after you
    Thank you

  20. thank you Jacque Fresco for this visions of future.

  21. unfortunately if computers were in charge, they would quickly realize that man is what is wrong with the planet as a system and most likely abolish the population. Not a bad thing, just the truth.

    1. Yeah right..... Will Smith will come and save us by the time that happens.

    2. We can make machine protect us... They already do. The idea of machines going bad is pure fiction and quite ret*rded when thought about.

    3. you're an i***t, computers are limited to what we program them. and that's not a bad thing. period.

    4. only if there was some conflict of objective, like a basic input of finite resources. more likely that would result in the population slowly being reduced to a prime number or simply, "1" as it would reduce 99% of the wildcard factors in calculation. in that case it would be a programmer error and could be overcome with a simple protocall, or "constitution"
      yes, all a computorised government needs is DNA, or a constitution, whatever u wana call it

  22. This guy is stuck in the 70's and the reason the sci fi theme hasn't taken off is because it is ugly to the eye and nobody wants to live in it. Moreover, their is no prestige about it and people like to have things to aspire to. Thus, beauty holds higher esteem than function and thrift.

    1. perhaps you can tell your local google computer farm to use apple macs because theyre "prettier and easier to use" and see them laugh you out of the building while continuing to use "ugly and hard to use" linux

  23. Jacque Fresco is without a doubt the most intelligent 94 year old on this planet.

    1. Jacque Fresco is without a doubt the most intelligent person on this planet.

  24. Its always so much easier to dismiss and rant than to take action and change our world for the better. And people are wondering why we dont go anywhere.

  25. Jacque Fresco is a con artist.

  26. This movie is not about some futuristic utopia. IT's about a Resource Based Economy.. learn about it and then we can implement this concept. Mr. Fresco has spent his life envisioning a world that is beneficial for all life, not just a lucky few rich humans. These designs are what we can build today if we stop worrying about making money from stocks/wars and start worrying about sustaining all life.

    "A higher standard of living for ALL people."

  27. This documentary is frustrating to watch, but I saw it through it the hope of seeing something unsettling and inspiring. While I share the ideological vision that puts our future on a pedal stool of faultlessness, Fresco’s visualisation is fantasy.
    While I am not an engineer, my understanding of the needs of the future are based around reason derived from reason.
    Fresco’s understanding falls into the trap being exemplified by Apple with their smooth ‘aerodynamic’ corners outbidding the ‘archaic’ notion of clunky corners! He see's corners as the enemy of the future! Triangles are the most stable structures, not domes.
    It is the most common prediction for cars that they will simply evolve into teardrop shapes. The probability is that cars will evolve in ways we cannot fathom and may possibly become redundant. Fresco’s explanations are just descriptions “…it will hover like this and be powered by propellers”. The research echoes a school science project. He says “We will have not waste, all things that used to be waste will become useful”…How exactly?
    Our absolute priority will be the conservation of energy as we use all our non-renewable sources. It almost feels like cheating to talk of a perfectly balanced future (which we all anticipate as perfection) with self important revelation! Tell me how, design something that works.
    While he is clearly a very clever man, I was disappointed when he claims at the beginning of the film that the film ‘Metropolis’ inspired his distaste for a machine like future. The rest of the documentary unveiled his vision as exactly that- an impersonal machine. For balance to be perfect in our society we need peaks and troughs; these don't have to be the clichéd 'global financial stability' and an 'all loving society' and 'religious communism'. Bleurgh- his values are skewed; it's uncomfortable.
    Society and mankind’s happiness relies so heavily on the mystique of life and beauty found in both nature and man made wonder. Fresco’s future greedily hurries towards the conclusion of a budget sci-fi film set and echoes the film 'Equilibrium'.
    The understanding of the far future must be considered laterally. His ideas are not new. Jet propulsions on an aircraft are not a true evolution.

    Rant over

    1. Glad you recognized it as a rant. When Da Vinci drew plans for Helicopters etc he did not have the wherewithall to conceive of a combustion engine but his designs were still sound. The technology to make it practically work wouldn't be invented for centuries. Arches/Domes are more stable hence the largest buildings in antiquity were domes and many still stand, those that don't were mostly destroyed by war or natural disasters. If you see a triangular roof truss it has cross braces to strengthen it. Domes just stand. Da Vinci was largely seen as a fruit cake and was fortunate to be patronised by Nicolo Di Medici. That still didn't save him from an appearance at the inquisition where he had to state things he knew were false to stay alive e.g. the sun rotates around the earth (Now that I think about it that was Gallileo but I hope u get my drift). The thing about genius is that your average clever person just doesn't get it so we cant tell if this guy is talking out his arse ( as Da Vinci, Gallileo and many others were accused of doing)

    2. Hi,
      It goes without saying I suppose that all comments made without a doctorate
      in Maths, Physics or engineering are perhaps a bit futile. But as a well
      educated person of average intelligence (which I would call myself) I feel I
      could recognise when something is substantiated by reason, maths or
      deduction. I was simply disappointed by the floaty, flimsy ideas this
      (albeit very pleasant) man was putting forward. I was equally surprised by
      the praising reactions and comments to his designs. Ionic theory for
      movement and using generic lighting schemes in the houses of the future are
      probable, but their realisation was fuzzy and not even talked about in the

      I was put out by his vision of a minimalist shell of a world where I believe
      it to be sociological developers' responsibility to make sure our future
      isn't a soulless vacuum. Innovation comes in many forms and this man has no
      doubt grasped some of the needs of our planet. I would never go as far as to
      call him a nut job. However as science and engineering are progressed by
      disproving theories and eliminating failed ideas, Fresco's sensationalist,
      self indulgent approach bothered me. If a scientist were to come forward
      today and say- the world is flat (but we got it all wrong due to the bending
      of light or something...!) Then we would all assume it was madness. that
      said i see your point but agree- One mans crazy ideas can be the
      future building blocks of our understanding of the world.
      Unfortunately, in this case, I felt like it was watching a set-designer as
      opposed to an engineer. This man was simply assigning properties and gizmo's
      to objects willy nilly and hoped that the majority would be satisfied at
      that. The incomparable genious laid out by Da Vinci was held back by yet to
      be discovered materials. But the theory of his ideas would have blown the
      minds of his peers as they were quite simply like nothing that has ever been
      seen before. The concept of a helicopter was beyond their grasp. He had
      conjured an idea of total origianlity from his mind using mathes, physics
      and unrivaled inteligence. This man has conjured ideas seen in many an
      examination of 'the future'.

      I could say (as an analogy): "There will be a bread bin that can extract all
      microscopic fungus so that bread will never go off. The bread bin will be
      connected to the supermarket so that it detects when you only have two
      slices left. It will read sensors in your retina that indicate whether you
      want the bread presented buttered/toasted."

      It's a fancy idea, and it's quite possibly plausible. However this doesn't
      me an inventor or a visionary for the future.

      What is most odd is that this is the first time I have ever commented on
      something I have seen on the Internet. This man has gotten under my skin!
      Thank you for replying by the way

    3. take a trip to the venus project in Florida for a tour and learn more about what this project is all about. nothing stays the same just keep that in mind.

    4. Lol, I can only see a person jamming ten-dollar words together. And poorly so, at that. "Pedal stool"? I think you meant Pedestal.

    5. oh dear. good one, franco
      love it when a tasty debate gets cold ice thrown on it's knob with a spell
      check. Expect cake in the post, iced in sarcasm with 'Well done on your
      mastery of words'


      nb- 'lol'? really?

  28. Dear CostlyMaterial-
    Are you offering to pay for it? Or construct it for free? Is there anything that doesn't take money? We have plagued the world with this failing system; we've even gone in and taken over the self-sustaining socialist small villages. I live to see this project accomplished and my children have a chance at a happy and meaningful life, yet I still need money for gas to get them to school. Or should I start digging in my yard, would that please you? If you don't have the time to do what is right for the world, then please, atleast let us with enough intelligence and motivation to do it for you. What can a bank teller; waitress; casino dealer; collection specialist barter with? I am very happy that you have figured out a better way, but what about the rest of the world? I was born into this mess, and I WILL NOT leave it for my kids, if there is anything to leave them.

    Nobody said quit working and starve your family...but partake as little as possible. Use what you can to do what you can. Buy solar panels, set up rain barrels, grow your own produce....you know, use your money wisely to help wean yourself off the system and dependency; you know, use your brain a little.

  29. It's humans like this that I hope will make the meaningful changes to our world. Unfortunately the people we put in charge do not have the insight, common sense, vision or love to bring these changes forward.

  30. I loved this doc. Jacque has become my idol, I could listen to him talk about this for hours. I share the same vision, but fear greatly that this will not be accomplished in my life time (and Im young).

    That is thanks to the greedy government that only want more and more money and power even if it means the lives of innocent people, the suffering of their own people and destruction of our world.

    In any case he is a true inspiration and his work to help create a better world for all should not be ignored but instead embraced.

  31. "But the point I am making here is that I have stepped as far away from the worthless paper as possible."
    and thats why you dont have an international movement passing on the messages that zeitgeist puts forward- unless you can swap putting up some shelves or digging someones garden for a legal teaam, budget for three films, distribution fund, promotion team etc etc.
    very noble ideals -as little money as possible- total respect to you there but you cant fight a battle this big in the modern world without such a war chest- a very very necessary evil im afraid- we shall see if mr josephs and mr fresco get corrupted by it in good time but give them some credit on this as they have opened a wonderful debate-
    if we only have their own weapons to fight with- then zeitgeist is the kind of high production value, anti brainwashing media slop we need- people gave up on actually edumecating themselves many moons ago....
    credit?, geddit?

  32. hearing mr varnsbissy make a childish bullying comment in such a childish, snidey and almost jealous manner reminds me that we must be patient with most americans for until they understand irony then all hope is lost.
    reminds me of the mn who said to me the other day "we cant get rid of the government because very bad things will happen"
    1, 2 ,3 vanslushy ....and spot the irony- sorry you probably cant count either you poor thing

  33. I think this is desperately sad. It's like watching a child rambling about the ultra-futurey city he's drawn for show-and-tell.

  34. could listen to Jacque for hours great stuff.

  35. Thunder birds are go,fantastic stuff altogether,absolutley amazing.

  36. I find it amusing that a movement that just published their newest DVD has all along talked about (including their latest) how evil the monetary system is (and I agree it is), yet even with them showing in this last movie (Moving Forward) they show people in the end of the movie throwing all of their money in piles in front of the world banks, yet...... the material on their site is $$$COSTLY$$$!
    I don't get it? I have been in leader positions. And one thing that I know for a fact works, lead by example. Yet, these people that are telling everyone to toss their money aside, and to just stop the machine by refusing to work (shut down the economy) are raking in huge truckloads of this same worthless paper in the name of making a change or rid the world of it! WAIT!!!! I just figured out their tactic! Send THEM all your money and then THEY can take it off the market FOR you! Man! What a service you guys are doing in this way! Hoorah!
    Before all you people that seem to be on this bus start flaming... let me just say that I don't work for money. I barter with people. No, it might not be the end answer. But the point I am making here is that I have stepped as far away from the worthless paper as possible. I am not just talking about doing it, trying to tell others to do it, and all the while setting up books, DVD's, and t-shirts, for sale about how great I am for it! lol

    1. Please point us to where the Zeitgeist movement or Venus Project is selling stuff; as far as I know, they are selling DVDs of the movies at cost ($5) as well as everything posted on line for free, and Fresco's books are available, also for a nominal amount. As far as I know, nearly all the material is available for free on line.

  37. Best commentary dialogue I've seen anywhere is on some of the films featured on this site. Often better than the films themselves. Would love to lock some of you guys in a room until you reached a useful understanding ;-)

    Should be a way to integrate/aggregate great forum/commentary writers. That might be the start of answering the 'what to do?' question.

  38. i like this docco.
    i've been to a few zeitgeist movement meetings and the people that attend are often misfits who just don't belong anywhere and who don't have the intellectual capacity to be an integral part of such a society, but merely users thereof. i'm sure that better education (we don't have education at this point but more correctly indoctrination) would go a long way to making such a society possible. one REALLY BIG thing that would have to be addressed is that of the bullies. i'm entirely capable of seeing another persons perspective and the merits thereof over my own perspectives if that is the case, but i know an aweful lot of people who do NOT have this capacity. and i sincerely think that is the sticking point with all these sorts of ideas. how do we protect ourselves from the bullies? i had posed this very question to a few of the other attendees to zeitgeist meetings that i had attended and the answer was "yes, we've addressed that problem" but there was NO elaboration beyond that. so what does that mean??

  39. I have not read all that this thread has had posted on it, but am throwing myself into this nonetheless. I think that anyone who takes their learning process through Bohemian means, makes a goal of ensuring that he or she understands it with an engineers use of the scientific method, and then finishes by only trying to spend his or her time and energy with inventions, ideas, and brainstorming of how to save humanity, is not
    a) A threat to humanity with their ideals
    b) Stupid
    c) establishing a new world order
    d) insane

    You tell me, with Peak Oil, we have agencies outside the law like NSA, CIA, NTSB, FBI, etc. able to take action and do it for 'the good of the country', the constitutional rights under threat through the Patriot Act, the worlds governments all buying their money from private banks at interest through non-government entities like The Federal Reserve, and have monopolies becoming the foundation of our public resources and mediums like News, Radio, Television, etc....

    Now this all sounds science fiction, like Orwellian Fiction, but it is all established fact, feel free to look it up.

    But with all this, you tell me, is his ideas mad and dangerous, or is our existing reality more mad and dangerous?

    You can find out more about these topics easily just on this website alone.

  40. @the loler

    That was a long wall of text, but I made it through, and here my response.

    If you are addicted to something, and are in the process of killing yourself with it, it's your friends, family and/or other people who care about you that will stop you from doing so.

    I don't think the computer will decide what you can or can't eat, it will probably just recommend a list of meals that match whatever preferences you put in, or just the healthiest food it can find in it's database if you didn't put in anything.
    YOU draw the line yourself with or without the help of others. You feel sick or whatever? Tell the computer(or your friends/family) and it will present you with a list of possible causes for this, for example, eating too much chocolate(or your friends/family will tell you "well, how about you slow down on those chocolate cakes").
    Or you can, of course come to the conclusion yourself. "Maybe it's because of all those chocolate cakes".

    "I like these white curves everywhere in the future cities they envisage, but what if I didnt?"
    I recommend you to watch the documentary again. Especially the part where Jacques mentions the illuminating walls in any (pattern of )color the inhabitant desires. You don't like white? Okay, I'll make it !

    "I want a toaster for my kitchen, would there only be 1 model of toaster now available to me? The ‘optimal’ toaster? What if its design, astheticly, didnt suit my tastes or my kitchen?"
    -Pay attention will you? Go watch the part where Jacques presents his scale model of a bathroom. After he's done he'll show you that he has other models of those because he accounted for the fact that different people have different tastes. So no, there will not be only 1 "best model" for stuff. Everything will have multiple models/designs that can satisfy a multitude of tastes.

    "If someone has an idea for how they would like a toaster to look, they can take it upon themselves and make that toaster, if people like it they buy it, it becomes a sucess. How does that work in the venus idea?"
    -There won't be a need for your toaster to become a "success", because your not trying to sell it. There's no money remember? If you have an idea for a toaster to look like, you can just input it in your computer, which will then have it manufactured by a machine that can do so, and give it to you. There, you have your own toaster that looks exactly the way you want it to.
    Your personal opinion is the required user input that the computer needs to give you what you want. It can't calculate what said opinion is, it can only calculate how to satisfy it after you've put it in.
    This makes the next paragraph of you comment irrelevant, because there won't be "the" style of a toaster, there will be YOUR style of toaster in YOUR house :) .

    "It comes back to Frescos comments mid doc, where he says language will evolve to be like engineers speaking, we wont be able to disagree because there will be a tecnicaly ‘right’ answer to everything, hence we cannot disagree."
    -Once again you didn't pay attention. He said language will evolve to that of, say, engineers, in a way that's NOT SUBJECT TO INTERPRETATION. As in: we won't be able to MISUNDERSTAND each other, he never said anything about disagreeing with personal opinions expressed through such a language. This man short sighted? I beg to differ.

    1. you should be programming prototypical interfaces

  41. Good Documentary!!

    It will take quite a rigorous flush of old ideas and thought process to accomplish Fresco's dream world. This new world will require the world to unify and be one people, one country, one nation, one religion and so on...

    IMO we would need to eliminate the concept of having separate countries within a continent...
    That would be a start!!!

    Now that will take away from most greedy Presidents and dictators out there...LoL

    In short this will bring a new world war. An Industrial Revolutionary World War.


  42. Jaw-dropping. Jacques is awesome. Florescent glass? Why the hell didn't I think of that?

  43. This reminds me of things I read about Atlantis. Maybe we are returning back to our beginning and a long forgotten past

  44. just wait i m aching it now.......

  45. @Usouffrir
    I understand your concern, but it'd be pointless to return now, we're only a couple of decades(ish) away from meeting our full energy needy via solar energy(output of solar energy is doubling every ca. 2 years so even if it's at 1% now it'd mean 7 doublings away=100%=14years and let's not even mention wind wave geothermal tidal etc.)
    The problem isn't in tech. but form of government and economy, The way I see it, capitalism is an infinite growth paradigm within a finite system(Terra)(don't get me wrong, communism is just as much of a failure if not more)
    I'd urge you to do some research as taking my word for it is useless ultimately.
    There is indeed nothing wrong with a horse and buggy, but there is when your kid dies of something as preventable as the flu(I hope i'm making sense here).

  46. What an amzing person no duobt. I just have this wierd feeling that we should be going back rather than forward before we kill ouselves. There is nothing wrong with horse and buggy, the earth isn't going anywhere and neither is mankind. I'll shutup now..

  47. For anyone that thinks Fresco has the answers please read the book The millennial project - colonizing the galaxy in eight easy steps by Marshall T. Savage. Despite of some may conclude from the title it is a serious work and surpasses Venus project with the first step. It is less sociologically orientated but provides solutions that could end world hunger and provide all the energy we would ever need and doing it sustaniably.

  48. This all seems so possible if we were all to work together, but the feeling of it being far from now disgusts me. This thought of the future is what I would like to see and I know it is what everyone wants to see deep down inside them. I am sure it will not happen with in my lifetime and this saddens me. If there is a heaven I thank you jacque for opening my thoughts of how I will have it creating, because I can only see heaven as being the way we want it. I truly do Hope that this way of life will occur in time for later generations.

  49. @Danby
    I think maybe the world hippies imagine is a world where the baker can run his own bakery, and is not forced to work minimum wage for a multibillion doller company that has 3000 locations worldwide. Then the baker could work to improve his own LOCAL business, and have something to work for besides 10 cent raises once every 12 months.

  50. Resourced based economy. This guy has his head in the clouds. I hate hippies.

    Stan: So it seems like we have enough people now. When do we start taking down the corporations?

    Hippie (takes a drag on his joint): Yeah man, the corporations. Right now they're raping the world for money!

    Kyle: Yeah, so, where are they? Let's go get 'em.

    Hippie: Right now we're proving we don't need corporations. We don't need money. This can become a commune where everyone just helps each other.

    Hippie: Yeah, we'll have one guy who like, who like, makes bread. A-and one guy who like, l-looks out for other people's safety.

    Stan: You mean like a baker and a cop?

    Hippie: No no, can't you imagine a place where people live together and like, provide services for each other in exchange for their services?

    Kyle: Yeah, it's called a town

  51. Sorry I made that so long I really didnt mean to.
    And thats "destroying conflict" not "destroying colfict."

  52. @doc-fan
    Most women I know are roughly the same size as most men or are slightly smaller. Unless you and your girfriend are tremendous I'm sure you will be able to fit perfectly into the same bathrooms as everybody else.

    @ everybody else

    Overall really really great.

    It looks at not only advanced technological changes, but true social changes from the bottom up, which is rare.

    I liked his concepts of reforming the way opinion fits into society. Democracy has proven that the masses can not actually be trusted to make the best choices for themselves and others(example: 2 terms of Bush).
    However it apears this idea is imcomplete. In the end of the movie he is discussing how everyone will come together at these community 'science fairs,' if you will, and contributes their opinion on what other people are working on. I do believe that opinion can not, and should not be done away with. But not all opinions are valid. Many are formed with no consideration. Somehow the utilization of opinions needs to be reformed.

    But the main problem I see with his future society is that it still appears to be based on consumption. The earth does not have enough resaources to produce the limitless supplies he speaks of. A society that is truely better than ours will produce what people need to live a basically comfortable life, and no more. We dont need amusment parks in our trains, expecially when they're travelling 3000 miles per hour, or whatever he said.
    Once society improves it will not be about achieving the maximum amount of comfort, and destroying all conflict. That sounds too much like Brave New World. Conflict makes us grow, and after the basic necessities of life are met, more objects do not increase happieness. In the future I would like to see the word 'product' despised because of its previous useage. I hope one day happyness will not be the sole driving force of people. I'm afraid it's to inconsistent. When people gain a more blanced view of the nature of life, things beyond happieness will drive them.

    There are few other problems. The spiritual nature of humanity, whatever it may be (I'm not particularly religious), can not be denied, and will hopefully find a more balanced place in future society. Perhapse science will evolve beyond the known areas of existence. Who knows what will come

    But I dont blame him for his imperfection. Overall he is fantastic, and better than me.

    P.S. I dont think this guy ever said anything about destroying colfict, I just threw that in.

  53. inspirational !! Thank you Mr Fresco -and all involved in airing this doc. That's the perfect name for someone who constantly has news ideas. Like a fresh wind that at once clears the air and the mind

  54. This is exactly the way human civilization should be evolving, and developing. These are the kinds of people that should running government.

  55. What is the solution for righteous human behavior in such society? I mean how would a society like this with deal with grid, lust and all other things that human inherited from years? In a resource based society too people will fight for more resources, will fight for sex with multiple partners. Only money based society can sustain such human behaviors. Even if a child is not thought to lie or steal but in this society too all these things will exist.

  56. I like the designs and theories this presents but our own egos will probably hinder us from ever achieving it. In a world with finite resources we should first design an energy to matter device like the star trek replicators or else there will always be a reason to attack our neighbors for materials. Sustainability can only go so far and will ultimately fail when both armies fight each other in the name of God, destroying any possiblity of keeping sustainability perpetual.

  57. Why is he not the president?

  58. I have been reading the comments and i can't help but leave a comment myself.
    Firstly, I think Jacque Fresco is a great man. What he is providing is a better understanding of our place on Earth. We are so used to all the distractions that we are forgetting the main issues (overpopulation, pollution, waste...) I think his ideas can be used as a guideline for future sustainable societies.

    I believe that the majority of us are not ready to accept his visions yet. As long as GREED overpowers us, we will never reach the full potential of our society. I am hoping that in the future, people will have an open mind to move our civilisation forward. His ideas would allow us to finally 'pursue the higher possibilities of man'.

  59. ok.. this was boring., this was nothing intelligent, he spoke like a regular person, there was nothing special, nothing genius.. its sad what you all think what genious is.. no wonder Obama is president..

  60. Brilliant mind.Everything he mentioned will happen, will take a while though because as Jacque Fresco puts 'we are not civilize yet'.

  61. And Freemasonry I might add as well.

  62. "I have no wish to upset anyone, (my apologies if I have done so), nor to do the research to back my arguments based on religion."

    The modern Dionysian cult today would be Hollywood.

    "Mystery Religions" have an inner core of beliefs, practices, and the religion's true nature, are revealed only to those who have been initiated into its secrets(Priesthood). The rest of the people are told something different. This is kind of how the Vatican operates today.

  63. @swytch
    Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself... I think that applies in the sex cult at least :P
    "polytheistic mystery school magic"
    I would think creating the earth and all its diversity fully complete in 7 days, flooding the earth, raining fire and brimstone, turning people into pillars of salt and lastly, answering prayers classifies as magic.

    In all seriousness though. I have been blasted by nonsense from religion pretty much all my life so I usually take a rather biased approach and it does little to amuse me when it finds its way into conversations. But in the long run, Pretty much all modern beliefs are structured around peace, love and understanding at the very core. I am happy with my approach and that's all that really matters anyway.

    Anyway, lets get back on topic. I have no wish to upset anyone, (my apologies if I have done so), nor to do the research to back my arguments based on religion.

  64. How is a polytheistic mystery school magic based religion(Egypt), a sex cult(Dionysus) and a monotheistic religion(Christianity) share the same core ideas?

    Remember I said Christianity or to follow what Jesus taught which is not to be confused with Pagan Roman Catholicism which made it illegal for common people to even know what was in the Bible until around the 17th century. Most likely because they are an exact opposite of the teachings of Christ. However we all know those dirty Christians started the Crusades right? or was it the Vatican? Those dirty Christians had the Inquisition and killed all those people that O wait all those people that wouldn't renounce Christ.

    Study the lie and they just make new lies up,
    study the truth and you know when the lie comes.

  65. @ez2b12
    I was referring to your plea to do something, its really a catch 22. Sure we can do something to facilitate their integration into modern society, educate, provide food and work etc. However, we have erased a culture and there's simply no turning back the clock on that.
    In Canada you see it in the native populations, they cling to their culture with admirable determination. While some have made the transition to respectable citizens in our culture, yet more caught in the middle, exploit and leach off the system established for their benefit. African Americans show the same path of integration. These methods always seem to produce hatred, violence, racism and regret.
    There is a better way, we just haven't found it yet.

    "King James Bible?"

    Does it matter ? Anything after the original texts is just a reproduction biased by the interpretations of the writer. Like a remake of an old movie, sometimes its better, sometimes you just hate it. Its one of the reasons I try to avoid religion.
    I do as ez2b12 says and take examples from everything. The core ideals of them all remain the same worldwide and are meant to strengthen us spiritually while science takes care of our minds.

  66. King James Bible?

  67. Fascinating doc. Will watch it again in case I missed something !

  68. @ Swytch

    The simularities I reffer to come directly from the bible not the church or some painter. And the sun behind the head of christ was used in ancient times as well as now. Look this does not have to shake anyones faith and it in no way proves the non existance of God. But wether we like it or not the bible lays out a picture of Jesus that has many paralells in polythiestic tradition.

    This can be proven by just studying those religiouse figures with an open mind. Not that you are going to have to read between the lines or anything. The evidence slaps you in the face if you just let it. Many saviors had the same birth day, same virgin birth, same death for the salvation of mankind, same ressurection story, etc., etc.

    Does this make the Jesus story untrue? Thats up to you to decide and each person that bothers to study these other saviors. In fact if you are dead set you are going to believe, which you seem to be, then I would not bother with it. Just believe man if you feel convicted to do so. But don't try and say that these simularities are not thier, they are.

    As far as I am concerned you are not starting a fight at all. We can disagree and still be civil, even friends for that matter. You seem a nice enough person and I am sure you do want the world to be a better place. besides just because they are right about these other gods or saviors seeming very similar does not mean they are right about everything. Even if they were how in the world would we get thier from where we are? I don't think it can be done without totally destroying everything and starting over, maybe not even then.

  69. @ Atrophy

    "The problem with your example to end poverty is flawed in a way."

    I never gave an example to end poverty. This documentary may have suggested an idea but it was not layed out by me, i.e. I had nothing to do with the venus project or the zietgiest movement. I support a lot of thier ideas but they are thier ideas not mine. All I said is we must do something. I never said what because I have no idea what to do about it really. But I do believe something has to be done. To sit here and say, "Oh no, if we help them they will never help themselves." is very callus and shows no faith what so ever in your fellow man.

    If this is the way you feel I am sorry. Not that I blame you, you must have your reasons for feeling this way. I am just sorry that you do feel that way as it seems an awfully depressing and empty way to feel. The whole point of social sciences is to figure out how we motivate these people, the less fortunate, to become better citizens and contribute to society. Well maybe not the whole point but it is a huge part of it, in fact I would say the biggest part of it. The belief that we can help the less fortunate, capable, or educated to not only take the help we give them but to create thier own opportunities is the motivating factor behind most in the field. Thank goodness they can see past peoples tendency to take the easy way and believe people can be changed.

  70. @Cliff T
    A single governing body over the whole world would posses too much power. As the saying goes, "power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    A single world govt isn't needed however, the project can happen without it. But it does require that they all get along.
    A 'United Nations' maintaining a fixed body of law by which all other powers are limited and share global rule by representation is my vision of a new world order, the same structure would persist into space colonization to form a 'United federation of planets'.

  71. I have to say, why is having a single world government so bad? It has never been done (But I'm almost certain it will happen at some point) so what is the basis on the scaremongering against a single governing body?

  72. I for one enjoy leaving urban areas now and then. Sure he has recreational areas that I am sure would be nice as well as crowded and noisy. You can plant the nicest garden in the world, but it still doesn't have the same effect as a natural forest.

  73. "The world needs more of this to make ideas like the Venus project come to fruition, but without the killing preferably."

    And Therein lies the rub.....

  74. "He fits the exact mold that we are taught in theology was applied to almost every so called savior that has ever been."

    I can go in hundreds or thousands of years after Christs death or supposed death depending on your side of the argument and paint pictures of him with suns behind his head but that doesn't have anything to do with the man himself. The Council of Nicea made a lot of claims about Jesus but that isn't evidence you can use to draw parallels. I am not saying there are none I am however saying that Acharya S. applies the same thought process that you outlined at the end of your post to support what she believes. In the film it comes out too matter of fact like she has some kind of proof.

    Anyway never meant to start a fight or hurt anyone's feelings. I think we all want to see a better world its just how we get there is where the opinions differ. Personally I like to stay far from anything involving the New Age b.c its just code for Theosophy.

  75. @ ez2b12
    The problem with your example to end poverty is flawed in a way.
    Doing something is just as much the problem as it is the solution. If you feed a generation or two of wild animals, the become dependent on you. You become a resource to them and they naturally gravitate to the simplest measures of obtaining and utilizing those resources. Ie, A population of farmers and hunters who farmed, hunted and stored food when provided a market for trade of externally produced goods will now gravitate to buying food and not storing preserves for lean times. The artisans of the society will be replaced by mass production. In essence you have destroyed the sustainable nature and social structure of that population and created a system that will produce want, and segregate the society into those that have and those that have not and it becomes impossible for them to return to their native society for one reason or another.

    Hitler is actually a good example. Hitler endorsed a unification of the people of Germany. Although, obviously, his militant approach was wrong. He rewrote the currency, provided for families emphasized science and production and provoked such passion for his concepts that it took the unified retaliation of something like 22 countries to beat him back. The world needs more of this to make ideas like the Venus project come to fruition, but without the killing preferably.

  76. Dreams and promises.... That's all it really is for the most part. For a resource driven society, everyone that has resources required MUST be on board to provide those resources. We are so damn set in our monetary system it has to be universally thrown away or the whole project is moot.
    Production does not have to be high in order to meet the needs of everyone. High production rates is, backward thinking because it creates clutter, waste and poor products (I work in retail, believe me). An automated system that can produce and distribute a custom order on demand is far more efficient on resources but requires the patience of the consumer, in a sense, time becomes a resource as well.
    I could go on and on.....

  77. On this most recent post I have to agree 100% with ez2b12, I Majored in Religious Studies and Anthropology at University and it kills me when people use Jesus and the bible as historically accurate and credible sources. It is the equivalent of using something like the story of Hercules, Gilgamesh, and so many more as proof that there is a god, while some places and people featured in these stories are historically accurate, most of it is easily fabricated. Christianity was nowhere near the first to have a hero/savior with these characteristics, it can be seen in just about every other ancient culture!

  78. @ swytch

    Whoa you lost me man. I have a degree in theology and can show you plenty of proof that Jesus is extremely similiar to many other Gods before him. He fits the exact mold that we are taught in theology was applied to almost every so called savior that has ever been. This I know for a fact as I have studied these religions very closely and for years now. No one source is going to say o.k. we thought we would model this Jesus guy after all the other savior/dieties in polythiestic traditions. If this is what you are looking for you will not find it, of couse. The fact remains though that anyone with half a brain can see plenty of correlations between him and other polytheistic gods. This does not mean he is not real or never existed or that the stories about him are made up, but it certainly suggests it. It seems an awful big coincidence to me and many other theologians. I also have a degree in history and can tell you thier is no historical proof of the exodus, the crucifiction, or even that a man named Jesus existed. Well thats not quite right. we do have two historical references to someone called christ but thats very vague. I do not mean to say you should not believe, thats your business. But we should not act like people are denying evidence that exists. This is why faith is the corner stone of religion, you can not prove any religion or god was ever valid- and never will.

  79. This man has amazing visions of a possible and achievable future. I am a fan of Syd Mead, but this guy's work is far more realistic. I wonder why 'governments' don't back the visions of Fresco and other designers instead of anyone who can make a bigger or smarter bomb.

    One day the military machine will be replaced by bows and arrows unless we stop the war mongers and weapon makers.

    A great documentary.

  80. @ez2b12

    The Venus Project was showcased in Zeitgeist Addendum a film by Peter Joseph. In the original film which is 3 parts he examines religion, the federal reserve and 9/11. His primary source for the first part pertaining to religion is Acharya S.

    The film pretty much tries to say that figures from various religions including Jesus are all interchangeable astrological archetypes. When asked to submit some form of original source material for these serious claims(serious because it pertains to a major world religion and has ramifications) she basically said that there is no original source material because they were mysteries that the priest class knew but kept from the average people.

    I can supply the interview (with her and Peter Jackson)where she attempts to defend her original claims if you would like. She does source several theosophists however. This displays that they together have an agenda and by listening its pretty clear that the agenda is to discredit the story of Jesus Christ. They seem to have a serious disdain for Christianity and believe it to be the cause of all the worlds problems.

    I might note a popular view in today's world but I would remind that Christianity and Jesus are like Apple's and Orange's. Peter Jackson is also a theosophist or supports their ideas unknowingly as you can see in the same interview I aforementioned. So you can call it New Age(theosophical) infiltration using technology to sell the idea of perfect world which will be seized upon by the Illuminati to finish their Great Work and enslave mankind using that same technology. I am sure this is the part were you laugh at me but:

    A. The Illuminati was a real organization look it up and I propose that it was around before and still is under various different names.

    B. Their stated goal was to eliminate all sovereign governments and replace them with one world government

    C. The state goal of the Venus Project is to eliminate all sovereign governments and replace them with a computer managed society one world society.

    Either Way The Illuminati, Theosophists like Acharya S. and Peter Jackson, and Adolph Hitler all believe in and worked or are working to create a New World Order. The flavor of that New World Order might vary but at the end of the day it all leads to One World Government and One World Religion.

  81. @ Vlatko I read it to understand it but yes it is nutball garbage.

  82. aww... i wanted to download a copy...

    Vlatko! It doesent seem to work anymore.....

  83. Well Swytch, enlighten us then. Don't just say that this guy is backed by evil people with another agenda. Who are these evil people and what is thier agenda? You say it is the same people that put the monetary system in place but, thats impossible as they are dead now. Besides what in the world would motivate these people to promote the demise of the hand that feeds them, i don't buy it so far. How did you come upon this knowledge? Why should we believe you have this insight or that you do not have an agenda yourself? These are seriouse questions and if you can answer them to my satisfaction (meaning that i do not decide you are full of it) I will listen

    By the way please, and this goes for everyone, stop trying to tie people or concepts you disagree with to Hitler and the Nazis. Who do you think the conservatives tried to associate Obama with during the election? Hitler of course. On another thread on this very site someone disagrees with Justinian's rule in Rome, guess who they tied him to- Hitler of course. Its everyones favorite past time these days- if you do not like something associate it with Hitler. It doesn't work that way man. This is about as far a from Nazi germany and Hitler as possible in my estimation. But maybe i do not have all the facts so again I invite you to tell us- since you claim to know.

    A lot of people think it is close to communism, which is also a invalid comparrison. Some say it smacks of socialism, closer but still not correct. At any rate guess who detested both of these systems? Hitler of course. So if he hated the two systems of government that everyone seems to compare this to how could he have supported this, which he did not as he was dead befor its conception- I think. I'm not sure when this was concieved so that may be incorrect. It doesn't matter just stop comparing all that is bad in your eyes to Hitler. The man deserves his own status as a evil, twisted, confused, amoral creep and should not be afforded the luxury of company.

  84. "and they aren’t accountable to anyone"
    Also not true do some research......everyone has a boss.

  85. More so you guys seem to think that because I am leery about this concept that I think things are fine the way they are and should stay the same. The reason I have spent this much time already explaining my side is b/c you are the type of people that care. I don't like to see your positive energy get redirected back towards the negative. If you don't think this happens please go research Climategate and see how easily things can be turned around to hurt you instead of help you.

    "Politics is an entertaining but essentially irrelevant sideshow anyway; resources are acquired, processed and distributed by companies to their employees (and of course the employees of other companies) while politicians engage in an anachronistic popularity contest and try to ease open profitable niches in industry by distorting law while they have influence. It’s performance art, not democracy."

    ^ Totally agree I just don't think the system can change until the hierarchy that has allowed things to get this way are removed. Especially since they won't ever let you have your magical little techno world were you don't have to work or be told what to do.

  86. "(Personally I think Fresco comes across as a bit of a crazy idealist, but I like him.)"
    ^ This

    @ Johnny: I agree with you man but what I am saying is that the people behind this guy are devious and have another agenda.
    That agenda has been outlined and planned long ago. They are just using this is a platform to usher in a technocratic world government.(If it doesn't work they have contigency plans) They are the movers and shakers that put the evil debt based money system in to place. Fractional reserves banking, derivatives and now carbon credits and tax coming soon. These are exactly the type of movements that get hijacked and all I am saying and was from the beginning is beware. The wolves are already in with the sheep on this one.

  87. @Swytch: As Mr. Fresco points out with the example of the scales that decide the real price of the meat by measuring its weight, the present arrangement isn't so far different. Who controls the resources now? If you're unsatisfied with the way they're being controlled (as a large number of people worldwide are), what can you do about it?

    Largely, the systems of monitoring and control (as well as the systems of power generation, manufacturing, logistics and waste management) are already under computer control, with quite a bit of automated decision making. The difference is that there are a few strategically placed individuals gaming the system at present and reaping the rewards, and they aren't accountable to anyone, while the system that puts the power in their hands makes the rest of us (relatively) miserable.

    Politics is an entertaining but essentially irrelevant sideshow anyway; resources are acquired, processed and distributed by companies to their employees (and of course the employees of other companies) while politicians engage in an anachronistic popularity contest and try to ease open profitable niches in industry by distorting law while they have influence. It's performance art, not democracy.

    (Personally I think Fresco comes across as a bit of a crazy idealist, but I like him.)

  88. cant play it either

    1. The video should be OK now.

  89. US as opposed to THEM not in the civilized west, who HAVE got nothing, in some cases not even any type of freedom?. Is bringing out your ideas about the future A TRICK?. I dont blame anyone. I would like to know how so many people can be explioted with the unknown (mainly religion). Or Modern Money Mechanics, which is EVIL by its devices through its intentions. Where will YOU be when it finally crashes out of existence.

  90. Computers.......sounds legit.
    I'm done not gonna argue either if you fall for this trick and end up in a cattle car don't blame me. This type of system won't support anywhere close to all the people on the planet with any semblance of a standard of living that Modern Westernized Civilization is used to. So I ask you what do you think will happen to the rest of us?

  91. Ok and who decides how the resources are managed? People disagree and that is fine but when you allow the mechanism that manages society to dictate how all resources are used you end up with an technocracy that has control and say over all resources. How would that enable individuals that disagree with the way the resources are being used?

    Also just so you know I watched this a few years ago when it came out with Zeitgeist addendum and have had tons of time to think about it and do research. I admit that when I first watched it "I was drinking the Kool-Aid" too at first. It is a very admirable thing to want to make the world a better place however history shows how sometimes things don't go the way they were originally planned.

  92. Fresco spends his life working on making the future a brighter place for all. Instead of support people like Swytch pour scorn & negativity on it with this diminutive opinion. Treat each other better he says.....Did swytch not listen to Fresco. The society of the future he speaks of should ENABLE people to do just that. Remember it is based upon problem solving & resource management. I could go on forever. I will take my head out of my hands & look for positive responses instead.

  93. Adolph Hitler had a design for a Utopian society and we all know how well that worked out. Also chances are that a scientific elite will rise to power in this type of society.
    Also pushing this idea on the entire world in the name of progress is called Oppression even if you think its the best idea in the world. I mention this because this plan cannot work unless the entire planet decided to use it. Just another way of selling world government to the masses. The best way to create a better world is to treat each other better. Help those of us less fortunate to become independent. Most importantly to have respect, understanding and tolerance for all people. It might not end up as organized as this model but you can't organize people without taking away their free will to some degree.

  94. @ Hesus - Cant remember where I saw the model but I found it interesting.

    It was a vertical plan to living/working arraignments. Think of a massive sky scraper. All the lower levels were devoted to building operations. The middle was devoted to housing and the top was "business". There was a subtle blinding. The interesting part was that each building was made to sit close to another building and be connected by skylines and such. so to get from the housing section of one building to the business section of a neighboring building you never needed to have access to surface streets.

    I think the reason it stood out to me was that the designer kept the business areas at the top. The giant buildings would sway so much it might make it uncomfortable to live in the upper areas.

    When i become god emperor i think i will use a similar design when rebuilding the known universe

  95. @ Cliff

    First circular designs are usually problematic for optimal use of space. Purely for practical reasons. That however is not the issue. Fresco only recycles an age old concept that for a reason rarely got put into practice. His first mistake is the obvious disregard for an actual site where a city would be. Next is the idea of dividing city into zones. It has been shown from practice that such areas do not have qualities one expects from urban life. Examples are business district which only function during working hours or only residential parts that are known as sleeping settlements. His only ?original? idea is a supercomputer in the center.

    The result is a schematic simplification that would fail in practice. This concept was surpassed by C.D. Harris and E.L. Ullman in the work The nature of cities with the theory of multiple cores in 1945...

    There have been many self proclaimed saviors of society. Especially in architecture. He tries to sell us his outdated fetish marketing it as the perfect society. That is the problem when one person thinks he has the answers to everything.

    I do think that we should shift our society to a sustainable one. It would be nice to somehow start from scratch and eradicate obvious shortcomings... however this model of urbanism is not the way forward. They might be on to something with the idea of a resource based economy but for this one would have to have an actual autonomous state.

  96. Wow.

    This is how i always thought society should function. I love how his ideas actually make sense. And he uses everything in equilibrium and sustainability. He doesn't forget about the environment, or how people behave based on their environment. He may well be the smartest person I've ever seen. Applying the scientific method and scientific organization to society and cities is genius. I like how he designed city's with a nucleus and designed things like nature. If it works in nature, why wouldn't it work in technological city's?

  97. Actually Hesus, the grid is optimised not for transport but maximising the usage of space.

    As for the video, I do believe he is a great visionary, but you can tell some of his ideas are a little dated. That is to say, why would you design everything to look the same. It's not a very organic way of thinking. One thing I noticed was how much it looked like a 60's idea of the world of tomorrow. The architecture looks so much like Thunderbirds if you get where I'm going with this.

    The Tennis courts made me chuckle though, I mean, why Tennis? Why not some other sport or leisure facility like a football pitch for example.

    I can think of so many ways this can be improved upon but it does look like a very good starting point. That said, how do you test something like this?

    Another thing, the centre of the city layout is a huge scientific research facility and university right? But is that really the best use of that space? If you have thousands of these cities all with hugely powerful supercomputers would that much extra science really be needed? Of course, increasing the knowledge of the citizens in such a utopia would be very welcome.

  98. Correction to my previous post:

    The ideal city for a Human in the name of democratic humanism
    is dictated by a grid optimized for transportation.

  99. The ideal city

    Fresco proposes a new society through design - design developed in the renaissance (15. and 16. century) by Alberti, Filarete and Martini.

    The radial design is abstract uncompromising universal geometry that was a mirror for new centralism in the hands of ever more absolutistic monarhs of the time.

    This radial pattern was to be abused countless times throughout the history of urbanism with some variations in the program of the city. At the beginning of 19. century Claude Nicolas Ledoux uses for the center of his fantasy city Chaux (instead of a church, castle or a bank) a factory with the owners apartmen.

    Even the utopical socialist like Owen and Fourier cannot get past the traditions of formalism. Strict geometric shape ensures many things : order, uniformity and equality. Uniform space, ergo equal social status for everyone.

    How naive and anahronistic! In truth it is a less and less useful recipe for a kind of universal solution of tasks that are ever more unsolvable. Failing to take into account the actual location of such a city - topography and genius loci are irrelevant... indeed why bother with such formalities?!

    In the ideal city for a Human in the name of democratic humanism the grid is dictated by a grid optimized for transportation. Architecture is just a sum of anonymous repetitive structures divided in to zones.

    Are this really the goals set before us for the future?

  100. haha ty ez2b12, I initially thought Dave was only talking about lag, which this video didn't do. I had no out of sync audio, but the video quality was worse then a lot of others, although I didn't notice as much because I didn't have it on full screen.

    Either way, I'm of the mindset that when something like this is provided for free, it's always good!

    Thanks Vlatko, this really is the best site on the net, you've got me hooked! Great community as well!!!

    I'm gonna take your advice ez and go visit Dr. Mary Jane Green now haha :)

  101. The point I was trying to make is that this has already been laid out and the claims of Zeitgeist part 1 main source Acharya S. has given no real original sources to support her claim. It is the equivalent of calling "The Day After Tommorrow" a scientific film.

  102. @ Hotice

    Come on man, Coyote03 is talking about 1080 progressive versus interlaced refresh patterns and multiple resolutions on the new youtube player. I think it is pretty safe to say he/she is familiar with DVD and Bluray technology. I think he made it pretty clear he was talking about lag not resolution.

    Don't feel bad though. I am haveing a bad day and I think i may have just jumped all over someone on another thread that meant no harm what so ever. It's easy to get upset or have a bad day isn't it, I hear you brother. I for one am just going to chill out for awhile and see if this passes, if not I may need to seek professional help from Dr. Mary Jane Green- if you know what I mean.

  103. @ezb12 Read Alice Baily's Externalization of the Hierarchy.
    Someone will always take control if you disagree site an example from history to show otherwise.

  104. Coyote03 far from perfect audio is off the sync, bad video quality. i assume you have not heard of dvd yet or seen one, there is also something better called bluray, this would have been perfect quality in the 50's seriously

    yet its worth watching every second, great doc thanks vlatko

  105. @ Swytch

    Please don't do that. If you call this communism 2.0 you are automatically closing the minds of thousands of people who, and rightly so, hate communism. This is not communism and has some very distinct and important differences. Read my above post for more info. I'm sure you did not mean any harm but, this is important. This may be what those that wanted to sell communism tried to make it look like but, it's vastly different. Mainly because thier is no one person or group in power but, their are other important differences as well. You do not see the secret police or big brother in this plan anywhere. You do not have anyone telling you where to live, what job you will have, how many children you are allowed. And finally you do not have anyone telling you that you can not come or go as you please. Try leaving the state or country in a communist regime without permission and you are dead. Try to give the powers that be negative input or feedback on thier processes or plans, your dead. This is not even close to communism.

  106. Communism 2.0
    Zeitgeist is the NEW New World Order

  107. @ Me
    Your god damn right!

  108. Man I just spent like an hour composing a truly heart felt and sincere post about this doc and all it suggests. Then I hit "add comment" and it was all flushed because I did not fill out the freakin name and email fields, AHHH!!! Any way in short this man is a genuise and his plan for the future sounds absolutedly obtainable and positive. I believe those that can not conceive of this working due to human nature forget that that very human nature was created by the current system.

    Man gave rise to religion, segregated nations or borders, the monetary economy, etc., etc.. because he evolved in a constant state of fear and need. Fear of death and predation and need for food, shelter, prompted planning for the future and eventually surplus. Surplus brought about class divisions and need for government. Then that system bred greed, corruption, segregation, etc., etc.. So man as we know him has always been molded and formed through these processes and as a consequence his nature has become dysfunctional and disagreeable to peace and prosperity.

    If we change his environment his nature will change as well. The man they claim will ruin everything will not be present, for the most part. Of course we will always have to some degree a small section of society that is dysfunctional and will have to be dealt with in some way. We will see men that murder and men that destroy despite what we do as a society. How we deal with this will be totally different than the way we do it now however. Yes we will have the need to remove them from society to stop the damage they may or have perpetrated so jails or prisons will have to be a reality.

    However instead of locking these people away and calling them evil- instead of seeking vengeance against these people- instead of building a multi-billion dollar industry around thier illness or misfortune- we would try and understand why they did what they did, how to stop others from having the desire to do what they did, or how to remove the incentive to commit the act they have committed. We will not always get answers, for instance phsycho paths- no one knows why or how they operate the way they do completely without feelings of remorse or concern for others pain and suffering. No one says this is an answer for every problem we have. But it is a ten fold improvement over the current system and it puts us in a place to start actually making progress on these problems that as of yet have been so elusive.

    Think about this for just one moment. Tonight we will brush our teeth and fluff our pillows, maybe catch a snack before bed. Somewhere out thier a child is starving, alone and defenseless he/she faces a future with no food, shelter, education, or hope. Think about that, and do not see the child as another generic face on television or another well placed plea for your money. See the child as a real breathing, feeling, needing individual just like you- see the child like it where your child. Hard to picture isn't it?

    I know you want to look away, I know it hurts to see your child like this- hungry, scared, sick- don't stop keep looking. This is real yall, it's not some plea from some retired TV star. If this hurts, if this moves you- it should. We have to do something. WE MUST DO SOMETHING!! I'm not saying send your money to some program to feed the children, though this is not a bad idea and I do it, that is only a quick fix or a band aid really. We must redesign the future to eliminate this type of pain and suffering that in the end is detrimental to us all. For it is now possible for every man, woman, or child in this world to have food and shelter, to receive an education, to have a better standard of living in general. The only thing in the way is the need to make a profit and the desire to globally dominate.

  109. No prisons? But some people will still kill other people no matter how perfect things are....I'm sure.

  110. hmmm I do see what you mean, the resolution isn't nearly as good as other videos at full size, I thought you just meant lag :)

  111. haha it's a mystery to me Dave, I'm no good with computers :) I just figured maybe it was connection issues because I know I've seen a few other people praise the quality of Google video and personally have never had any problems, it really did play flawlessly for me. If you mean resolution, then yeah, its not 1080p by any stretch of the imagination, but still very clear for me.

    I definitely love how youtube has the resolution option, watching that on 720 or 1080p will make my comp lag a bit but the image quality is nuts and worth it sometimes! Wish I could be more help :D


  113. This doc depressed me... It's like a waste bin of brilliant ideas that will never and can never happen because of human greed and indeed the nature of the universe.

    Fresco should have listened to Einstein when he was told that even the pond-water fights with itself.

    Establishing a harmonious society in such an adversarial environment, where conflict exists at the molecular level, is unachievable.

    "So was going to the moon" you say...

    Have we been back?

    All humanities greatest wonders were mere aberrations. A blip on history's radar achieved by either physical or economic enslavement of others.

  114. Nameless: Yep, the Zietgeist Movement and the Venus Project are very closely allied, partners in the same movement

  115. Really Coyote03? Well, I have a great connection (and comp) and get awesome quality with almost every other player out there (I especially like Youtube's resolution option on some of their vids, which all work for me). Is there maybe a Google video update I'm missing? Please lemme know as the pixelation is tough to bear!

  116. Very cool! Always fascinating to see someone so forward thinking.

    Doc-fan, The washrooms don't need to be cramped, they just need to be able to recycle water between the main fixtures, that was his whole idea. The small models were just demonstrating configurations, it was the principal that was important! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

    Dave, Google video is one of the best media players online, it plays flawlessly for me as it does many other TDF community members. I'm thinking the quality issue is on your connections end as their is not even a millisecond that lags or is off in this doc, perfect quality!

  117. Isnt this part of the zeitgeist movement ?

  118. @DOC FAN.....WHAT? Great video, The Book is called "The Best Money Can't Buy" by Fresco
    Check it out.

  119. I'd really like to watch this but it's hard to get the full effect from Google video as with a lot of videos on this site that are on Google, the quality really sucks.

  120. This IS the future. I can't wait for a financial collapse. Then we can pave the way for a Resource-Based Economy.

  121. Man, I'm only an hour into this and I had to stop. My brain is killing me. o my kid is at his grandmas so me and Mary Jane sat down to watch this and he is just blowing me away. He is a genius and Im not THAT easily impressed. I mean imagine - he's thought of freaking EVERYTHING!

    Environment, Advancement of Human Race and JOY, COST, etcetera. I definitely thought I knew something about being a "Futurist" but (and it's happened before no sweat) I was wrong. His ideas are so beautiful, he's so THOUGHTFUL. I WANT TO LIVE UNDERWATER!!! I've thought of it for such a long time as some sort of wish and he's worked it all out. And @docfan I'm a woman and I'm sorry you have such a narrow view on us. I'll GLADLY give up so called "luxury" to preserve the wildlife , the oceans, humanity, our souls. "A higher standard of living for ALL people". But I get you man we can be bitches huh? Besides that's exactly what you've been taught.

    Thank you Again VLATKO! You're a star , a legend. LONG LIVE VLATKO!!!

    I finally finished this - I want to live in HIS world.

  122. @regulation freak

    Though I don't want to get into it, I really can't see how what he wants is not basically what Karl Marx espoused society should look like.

    Except, ya kno, minus the 200 years(/history of civilization) of philosophy, economics, sociology and praxis behind it.

  123. If we ever hope to break-free from the socio-political and financial limitations/restrictions that enslaves us today, we will need to embrace those with thoughts that are not imprisoned by that which consumes us today.

    Mr. Fresco is one such mind.

  124. Although there are many good ideas about future inventions yet it gives me impression which it will not be tolerated by many women. In other words it's not women friendly design of the washrooms. How do I know? I can imagine my girlfriends face impression when she sees space which she can't move around :)

  125. truly an amazing person.
    this doc is kind of an answer to all the uneducated communists who are trying to make the world a better place by creating "harmonious society" but end up making it a lot worse.

  126. wow this guys amazing, we need more like him in the world!
    his demonstration of shape memory alloy ~40 minutes in is fascinating