Are We Alone in the Universe?

Are We Alone in the Universe?

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Are We Alone in the Universe?This documentary investigates one of the most controversial questions of the past hundred years... are we alone in the universe?

This is not one those films that claims to have conclusive proof, but rather a look at the serious science of the search for extraterrestrial life.

The search for extra-terrestrial life has been going for 50 years – but there’s been a recent breakthrough. Astronomers have discovered a new planet called Gliese 581 c.

It is the most Earth-like planet ever found. It orbits a star and may have habitats capable of supporting life. NASA hopes to find 50 more Earth-like planets by the end of the decade, all of which increases the chance that alien life has begun elsewhere.

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1 year ago

the chances of intelligent life out there is minimal to say the least, it was a freak of nature that enabled life on earth, we just have to accept that we are alone.

3 years ago

We aren’t alone their every around us they have electrical currents flying around ,Everywhere .Get a IR CAM ya will see for ya self ,They are stalking every 1 of us ,Ya may think a plane flys past ,chopper fly past,They can make anything look like they want to .We are like a bunch of ants They can manipulate anything they want.

3 years ago

We are not alone

Paul Modde
5 years ago

we are not alone! never have been alone! think! wake up people! do your research!

7 years ago

as long as travelling many time faster than the speed of light is impossible, the answer is yes -we are alone!!! and noone will come to save us from ourselves, so....

bofelo yomafia king jr
8 years ago

really guys? do you mean that earth is the only place with humans?what about planet loric in am number four trail.......tell us more.....

10 years ago

Ufo TV again :)
These UFO fanatics are funny , I wonder do they believe also in Santa Claus ..

11 years ago

I have questions too. I do not however consider myself to be in to this particular theory nearly as deep as you.
Please though, take this information; the US federal government has been actively involved (on record but publicly denying) in Extra Terrestrial evidence since the mid to late (19th century)1800's. In these alien circles, the US cavalry chased into a cave out west while pursuing bandits on horseback, and gray aliens with disks were first documented here, in the US. THIS IS INFO I READ THAT I FIGURED YOU MUST HAVE, CONSIDERING WHAT YOU SPEAK SO INTENSELY ON.
***I have no first hand knowledge, and I am not confirming or denying, I am simply telling you what many alien theorists have as "basic knowledge", this predates your , "50 year" time period by quite a bit.

11 years ago

Nice movie

11 years ago

my guess is they dont want to contact because they can see what a$$holes we are

12 years ago

smugg... searching is important. But i give you absolutely right. We people should really wake up, let some search on, but let the rest do what we want to do best. Is to care for the earth.. i just wish those few people who really dont want to work with us, should be gone!

12 years ago

wow, humans are so anxious about discovering livable planets... they don't even know how to take care of this one...

12 years ago

Has anyone ever noticed that every pyramid or ancient building system for our solar system is pointing and has been pointing to Orion's belt for thousands of years?
Why don't we look their?
I think our ancient ancestors are telling us something!

12 years ago

Exciting isn't it. I wish we had some space discover race all over the world between countries that have space programs instead of wasting money on weapons that won't be used at all. Pitiful.

12 years ago

I have always been a skeptical about the existence of aliens,however,paying atention to science and watching documentaries like these,you cant at least ignore the possibility.These days im convinced that it is very likely the existence of life elsewhere in the cosmos. Its almost sure there is. Thanks for posting this great documentary.

12 years ago

mmm dr Rothschild.... something stinks here .

12 years ago

Side note, we are just now starting to understand string thoery. Which is very strange stuff indeed. It says basically that all matter is created on these tiny vibrations. So light waves and radio waves are essentially bound by the exact physics that created us. What does this mean. It means we are all connected. Every single thing you see,feel,hear,taste and touch is a part of us. So its not so far fetched to think that an alien civilization millions or billions of years more advanced than our own, would have vastly more knowledge of this. And in there understanding, would know how to manipulate these tiny strings for anything they needed to. Thoughts themselves are mearly energy waves transmitted between your brain cells. So perhaps they dont need technology at all to communicate and they simply use there thoughts. How do we detect that?

12 years ago

I think its ludacris and massively egocentric to assume we are alone. Billions of stars in our galaxy with billions of galaxies around it. That leaves an astronomicaly large number of stars to have orbiting planets ,each with the possibility of life!

Depends mostly on your view of the world I suppose. How do you see your god. If you believe in the father universe version of god(which I do), rather than the image that he sits on a throne in the sky! Then its easy to understand the possibility of life elsewhere. My own understanding of god is that he was created during the bigbang ,as a single atom. Then he created 2 more atoms in his own image and made the first cell, then they in turn combined to make 8 pairs resulting in the first protein and so on.The dogans believed this and many more ancient civilizations understood it as well,why cant we? This is what I mean when I say until science and religion come together as 1 coherent study, we will never rediscover god. I feel strongly god is in all of us, we are mearly a vessel for him to explore the physical plane. In a sense we are all gods.

They are here now, theyve been here for thousands of years. If you feel as I do, then you kinda begin to understand ,they are here to help us mature and develop. I feel strongly they came in masses around 1947 for no other reason that the atomic bomb. Killing each other is one thing, but splitting the atom (which I consider god in a sense) is the worst thing we could have ever done. Well see what happens in 2012, Im not going with the end of the world scenario. I think in some way we will be awakened to something. Maybe it has to do with the 1999 seattle incident when people all over the world stood together and said WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Thats the first time in recorded history that people from all over got to together for a common goal, Peace. This is an important time for us all and we need to learn the lesson those people taught us.

12 years ago

I for one am sure that we are not alone in the universe. If we are then we should be very humbled.

13 years ago signals ARE light. Just a spectrum of light that we cant see, because it isn't necessary for our survival to see them. in fact it would probably be fairly distracting.

13 years ago

i was born 700 years too early.

13 years ago

I think the point is that people are looking for life based on what we know is 100% fact. That is a carbon based life that communicates using one of the fastest traveling and easily generated forms of communication.

Im sure alot of people out there would like to look for something more exotic but it seems a waste of time. I mean I could go butterfly watching on the north pole... and I might even find one. But it is NOT a good bet.

Everyone talks about other technology. I would like to know what other kind of technology we should be trying to detect and exactly how it is detected. Don't forget little things like the fact that our power grid creates radio waves, even the ignition system in your car creates radio waves. So its not exactly a search for "communications", its a search for any kind of technology.

13 years ago

Masharaki - agreed.

Our physical forms have evolved, adapting to this planet. On other planets physical forms also evolve and adapt to the conditions of those planets.

There is no reason to suppose that what we call the human form is unique to planet Earth and there is no reason to suppose that people have to have the same physical forms which we currently have.

Um ... observing that the physical form which we currently use here is perfectly designed for the riding of motorcyles it is obvious that someone was thinking ahead >grin<

13 years ago

@Raymond i admire your No 3 point on 'material form' .The scientist are making a serious kind of error if they approach this issue on assumption of our technological advancement,if there are other forms of life out there do is it mean then another world might be within this like when we have waves and it cant collide with this one?
On the other hand it might be possible there are other hospitable worlds exactly like this one with say monkeys are superior and humans not realy developed like us or our lvel but below animals hehehehe

13 years ago

Too many assumptions ...

1. "Earth-like planet" - why assume an Earth-like planet is necessary?

2. "Radio Signals" - Why assume communications would be via radio signals?

3. And the biggest assumption is the Life requires a materil form (at least, as we understand 'material form') to be expressed and experienced.

These, imo, are invalid assumptions.
They could usefully think outside the box created by these limiting assumptions.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

@ TrustAcid:

Radio waves travel at the speed of light in space and in a vacuum.

I do not think we are advanced enough as yet, to transmit at multiple levels of "C".

13 years ago

im not a specialist... but isnt it a little bit credulous to concentrate on *radio* transmissions? there may be so many other ways to transfer information. It would be smarter to use the money to study receiving different kinds of information transmissions.

13 years ago

thats my point, until we as humans develop more advanced technology, i doubt that well be able to initiate contact with aliens, if alien contact were to be made in the near future, it would most likely be because they made contact with us, not vice versa

Achems Razor
13 years ago

@ trainwreck:

The point is we are probably not as far advanced as some Alien civilizations, nothing to do with how smart we are.

We are still class "0" civilization, when we get up to class "3" civilization, then we will be shooting to the stars, but that might take thousands of years.

By the way...@ akohtum: Billy Meier is a scam, Google it, I was almost taken in also.

13 years ago

the only problem i have with this is that the SETI guys are assuming that aliens will use the same technology as we do, they assume that we as humans are on the same technological levels as civilizations who have the capability to travel across the universe. So to me, this fact just shows how arrogant as humans we are to think that we are as smart as other life out there.

and why all the government hate? remember, the government is your friend ;) they only want whats best for you ;) (SARCASM)

13 years ago

Why wont anyone study what Billy Meier was told. The contact notes. It explains everything about us. Who we are, why we are here, where we came from, where we are going etc.

Just google..

Charles B.
13 years ago

Razor: Ok. Interesting.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Charles B:

Why in the world would Aliens want to have a close encounter of the third kind with us? Or Seti etc:

When we at least become a class "One" civilization from our present class "0" civilization and stop, or at least cut down, all the killings and wars then maybe they will visit us.

The Aliens are giving us subtle clues since antiquity, with the crop circles.

Your "darn tootin" I would show them around town.
I wonder what Alien females look like?, actually, I probably already took some out! (LOL) :D

Light messages are not that far fetched, there are video's of balls of light flying around farmers fields prior to some crop circles.

Government is definitely keeping a lid on Aliens and Crop Circles from us Sheeple.


Charles B.
13 years ago

Mr. Razor: Yes, actually, I think it's very possible some crop circles might have been made by demonic entities. My concept of the demonic is that they are not foolish ignorant creatures, but very intelligent enemies of all mankind whose soul purpose is to deceive and destroy.

I think wind might do some simple ones (I've seen such when I worked on a farm), others are cleverly planned out hoaxes, but some very complicated ones I'm not sure about the source.

My question is this: If the crop circles are landing sights, for ET's, ok. But what would an alien's purpose be for making them if it's not a landing sight? If they wanted to contact us, they could just radio the SETI guy! I even suspect Mr. Razor would be delighted to entertain a few ET's and show them around town.

Nonetheless, if there ARE aliens visiting Earth (which I highly doubt) and they ARE making crop circles, then they are most likely the dorks of the alien community and they're using our fields as giant Etch-N-Scetch boards after downing one too many beers on a Saturday night! How rude! ;-)

I can't see how God could have any purpose in their construction, so I highly doubt the crop circles are "divine" in any way.

Charlie: Do you really think that crop circles are made by light messages sent to Earth from outer space?

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Radio Waves travel at the speed of light in space or in a vacuum.

There are two propagation velocity's.

One is permeability, the other is permittivity.
These velocity's will cause the radio waves to travel slower,
example, "Atmosphere"

Achems Razor
13 years ago

Crop Circles:

Good idea! I know a lot about Crop Circles.

I think, they were made by Aliens since antiquity.

Charles: What do you think? where Crop Circles also made by your Demons!


13 years ago

Light travels faster than radio signals!?

13 years ago

Ridiculous! Reminds me of the joke about the drowning man who says to the two passing speedboats, 'no, it's okay God will save me' he then drowns and goes to heaven where he asks God why he didn't save him - and wearily God says, 'well I sent you two boats!'

SETI trying to make contact? er like light travels much faster than radio signals so would not ET try and send communicate by light? Now imagine the technology of your laser pen, or something similar a thousand years from now. Balls of light with which you could draw circles on distant planets?

Now go and look at some crop circles guys!

These are largely ignored by the media, on instruction from Government. THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

They made contact years ago. research the 'two most important crop circles' DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

Charles B.
13 years ago

This was a very good documentary in many ways.

Hum. I do have a question though. My question is if there are "space serpents" (see Secret Space) just at the outer limits of our own atmosphere, why the heck are we spending so much money and time looking for tiny little "star wobbles"? Let's go get one of these space serpents instead! And I felt sorry for the poor SETI guy as all the thousands of UFO's worldwide have been out of radio contact for his entire lifetime. Bummer. How rude of them.

On a funny note, they took one tiny "star wobble" and turned it into an entire "Earth Planet"! LOL That's like taking a single pig's tooth and making an entire "missing link"! Oh, sorry, they've already done that too.

Nonetheless, I really liked this documentary a lot. I love space exploration! Why are the documentaries I think are really good are the ones others enjoy whacking on the rating scale?

I'll give it a "10" because they admitted on the end they could be searching for nothing and we might truly be the only ones out here, and they admitted that the SETI bunch are doing so out of undaunted "faith". Ah faith; what a lovely word. As I've said before, even the most ardent evolutionists have quite a bit of it. ;-)

George Mathew
13 years ago

Surely there is alien life! the reason is just simple. We, on earth with other creatures, are to go may be in a few billion years by being eaten up by the expanding Sun! Well, if that ever happens and if there is no alien life, then who is to appreciate the existence of the universe? What is the purpose of the existence of the very Universe? Therefore it is worth looking for life else where in the Universe, and i am sure it is going to be successful in the near future.