Argentina's Economic Collapse

Argentina's Economic Collapse

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Argentina's Economic CollapseAfter many years of apathy in the country, the insurrection exploded. The spontaneous revolt of faceless people meant saucepans were being banged in every neighborhood, all the way to the city's vital centers.

What happened to Argentina? How was it possible that in so rich a country so many people were hungry? The country had been ransacked by a new form of aggression, committed in time of peace and in a democracy. A daily and silent violence that caused greater social disruption, more emigration and death than the terrorism of the dictatorship and the Falkland Islands war.

Ever since independence, almost 200 years ago, Argentina’s foreign debt has been a source of impoverishment and corruption and the biggest scandals. Since the first loan negotiated by Rivadavia in 1824 with the British Bank Baring Brothers, the debt was used to enrich Argentinean financiers, to control the finances and empty the country of its wealth.

This foreign debt always went hand in hand with big business, and with the complicity of nearly every government, from Miter and Quintana to Menem and De la Rua. The policy of indebtedness gave rise in Argentina to generations of technocrats and bureaucrats, who favored banks and international corporations over their own country. Educated at Harvard, Chicago, Oxford or Buenos Aires, their portraits hang in the official galleries.

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5 years ago

Gather together, stand up, nominate and elect the right decent people, expose the frauds. What are YOU waiting for?

5 years ago

@perplexed: WOW. You desire us all to die via meteor rather getting up off your backside, gathering together with your countrymen, and seeing to it wise, decent, honest, transparent, incorruptible candidates are running from all parties in numbers, while exposing the frauds, so no matter who the fools vote for, someone good will get in?

The people have the power. Not by military force. The weaponry of the bankster globalists is to great for that. But at the ballot box, which you would also need to monitor very closely.

From Blackboxvoting org: "modern-day voting systems are run by private, for-profit corporations, rely on a few cronies for oversight, using a certification system so fundamentally flawed that it allows machines to miscount and lose votes, with hidden back doors that enable “end runs” around the voting system. Find out why your vote might not count — and what to do about it!"

Is that how Trump was elected? Not at all. He won despite the election tampering the globalist minions and their useful idiots performed. It was a mostly non violent electorial revolt by the power of the people who were fed up with the Progressives (lazy socialists who find it easier to steal from biz and the people rather than to run everything themselves which would cause it to eventually fail due to corruption or ineptitude or both, so they just steal to buy votes with) of both major parties running the country into the ground for profit and power AND to cause it to crumble so they can transform it into the next phase of their Globalist population reduction and slavery plan. In California alone, if the 3mln less votes than Romney got, had been tallied for Trump, as they should have, he would have won the popular vote.

These banksters put countries in over-debt by simply creating the "money" loaned, out of thin air, by entering numbers into a computer. They certainly don't take money out of their pockets and loan it to a country.

Therefore a savvy honest group who won election could simply state that fact to the world, refuse to pay, and send the banksters a bill for the crimes against their country, and notice of an arrest warrant should they ever step foot in the country again.

Of course that would mean "suicide" for the leader ...or more of that group in these days of drone attacks ...or the old fashioned plane crash as has been done to get rid of several ...or various other means. The country may be attacked by seismic and weather weaponry.

A good-natured person may think that most all people can be reasoned with, however, the arrogant elite globalists have demonstrated they have no problem killing people in their way. The only way for the people of the world to be free is to educate them as to the true nature of the situation and who the real culprits are. At some point when the time is right, issue arrest warrants for them all. Use the holding pens they have built for you, to hold them. The puppet masters are few but their fellow travelers and minions are numerous.

One method to speed up the amount of time until it is right, is to cut off the propaganda bankster globalist propaganda media networks for treason and rotate independent news outlets to report actual news in between documentaries explaining the bankster globalist take over, false flag events, "War is a Racket" by Major General Butler, their plans, their possible use of seismic and weather weapons to cause disruption and panic to distract you from learning about them, what needs to be done, etc.

How would that get done? Someone willing to do it would have to get elected. Any way you slice it there is a large risk of failure due to their numerous nefarious minions causing problems. So it seems other than becoming just as bad as they are and just covertly taking them all out with the garbage... taking the long road of getting the right people elected and slowly moving away from their agenda and ways of accumulating money and power, would be the way to go. Something would have to be done with the media and the universities to get the Marxists out, to prevent their pollution of the teachers and the young. Some method would need to be devised to prevent Corporations from buying influence or inserting their people into govt.

All of this of course can be done. It wouldn't take all that long. It is just that "we the people" are too lazy. It seems people have to be starving in order to act. And then the risk of them acting in exactly the wrong way, against their best interests, is high. Which of course is why the bankster globalists want you to starve and work towards that by ruining economies, causing war, manipulating the weather, etc.

6 years ago

Romania an many contris from Europe is in same way not to long time until is in colapse!

Weyman Bussey
10 years ago

Argentina is just another victim of the oligarchs experiments on sucking the blood from a civilization/nation. Mexico in the 80's, the peso went from 22 to 3000 in 5 years, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Peru, these all come to mind as victims of the International Banking Cartel, (the Globalists) during my productive lifetime.
The megalomaniatic cleptocrat's have zero empathy for humanity. I am sorry I didn't get to see the documentary here, it doesn't work as of now, at 5 PM EST, 3/11/2013, but I watched it several times a few years ago and feel compelled to make a statement.
We need to go back to individual countries based on our original cultures and stop absolutely this idiotic control over humanity. These people are so sick, it makes me sick, and I know because I have been screwed over by them personally! I am not one of the "good Ole Boys".

11 years ago

I'm posting this because I read and have heard over the past two years many associations being done between Argentina and Greece.

Greece is very deferent from Argentina. It has a completely deferent corruption problem that led the country into debt. Greece was led into debt by a democracy that became so lax, it allowed many public sector workers to manipulate governments towards their specific union interests in expense of other population groups and the country itself. Governments over-facilitating the people in exchange for votes and voters using the "this is a democracy" card in exchange for disobeying the law and getting away with it.

Argentina run into debt because of non-democratic governments acting in authoritarian ways completely disregarding the people's will and the country's interests in order to facilitate themselves and calling the whole system a democracy.

Both are dysfunctional democracies, however in the exact opposite ways. And the historical, political, social, administrative and economical fabrics of these two countries are completely deferent. Argentina with a "soviet model" economy was overrun by corrupt capitalism that indebted the country even more (1991). Greece with a "capitalist model" economy was overrun by corrupt socialism that indebted the country to begin with (1981). And finally, when the IMF came in both countries, all hell broke loose.

The main deference between Greece and Argentina is the fact that Greece is a small, with limited resources country that has a population of which 80% belongs to the "western" middle class (daily salary >50$ per day). Argentina is a big, resourceful country with a population of which 65% belongs to the "western" poor class (daily salary <15$ per day). This is an oxymoron that also plays a huge role in this whole "debt" discussion. And explains why particularly the Greeks where able to manage and adjust more "easily" and live with an economic crisis. In Argentina things became much more violent and the response from the authorities was also intensely violent.

To sum up, Greece and Argentina are the exact opposite sides of the moon and still ended up being overridden by debt. The US is a dysfunctional democracy for years but in a completely deferent way than these other two countries and heads down the same path already. Italy. Spain. Portugal. Ireland. Even the UK and France. Food for thought. Who the hell is to blame...? Not the average citizens who follow on the path of their country's system because they live in it and have to follow this path. No way.

11 years ago

one by one everything is falling apart.....korea, thailand, indonesia, argentina, haiti, greece......why do we humans never learn? the IMF, and the super super rich, just keep abusing and raping the poor in all parts of world, and the system itself instead of protecting the people has been the root of all problems.....Democracy has failed, its a sham....again and again politicians and their rich bankers and masters have pillaged and plundered people all over the world. from South America to Africa, from Asia to Europe, America in "TODO MUNDIAL"....... i am ashamed and i hate to say this but i have given up all hope, i have no more faith and belief in anything positive.....i have lost all hopes and have given up on humans as a species... all the beautiful gifts of nature that we have as humans, we have wasted it and squandered it......poverty, sickness, disease, hunger, wars, corruption....
i wish a big comet comes and strikes earth soon so as to end "all our" misery rather than prolong it, and just wait for more "false promises" by politicians...and greedy, soul-less, twisted super rich people....who cannot be called humans because they no longer have any "HUMANITY" left in them..

11 years ago

no matter where in the world you go, whatever the continent the place, the poor always suffer at the hands of the rich. religion, politics, class, always makes people fight against each other and the ones who really benefit are-" only the super rich".......when will this ever stop, i wonder?

12 years ago

Wow, like Joao below said so many parallels between what happened in Argentina and is now happening in Europe - (Ireland - where I am from).
We are embarking on a mass sale of state assets at the behest of the IMF and the ECB at the moment. Our dim-witted (or else totally corrupt leads Cowen and Lenihan) nationalised billions of private debt and we just sit by and get a pat on the head every 3 months from the EU and IMF telling us "good boys keep up the austerity measures" while those who created the debt waltz away with their nests well feathered.
Anyway its scary to see where we are headed.
Rumours abound there are runs on French and Italian banks the last few days and Soc Gen (bastion of French finance) banned short selling today.
This thing still has legs............
Ps Backpacked Argentina a few years ago for 4 months loved every second of it!
In the words or Che "Hasta la victoria siempre"!!

12 years ago

I really would like to see the whole documentary. Anyway this is an example of what is going to happen in Europe, I feel sory for the argentinian but at the same time glad for this atrocity has happened, that way, people from countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal (where I'm from) and so on, be aware of what is unfoldind before their eyes and perversely disguised by politicians and media. There must be a global insurrection! This nightmare must be stopped! The people must unite against the elitist tyranny who wants to easily take possession of what was earned for so much effort and sacrifice by the people!

12 years ago

Big bankers and greed.

12 years ago

Tina I guess you are from Argentina.

12 years ago

I visited Argentina after the crisis and I still liked it. If it wasn't for the bank incident it really is the perfect place to live. A little farm and house and I would grow my own food.

12 years ago

they rise up..

Herding Lemmings
13 years ago

Thanks Leoagn your english is fine. Perfectly understandable

13 years ago

I meant "by Pino Ssolanas", sorry again...

13 years ago

For the ones that whants to see the entire film , the original its called "Memorias del saqueo" and it was made for Fernando Pino Solanas.

Please excuse mi bad english...

La pelicula de la cual fue tomada la hora es Memorias del Saqueo, del actual diputado Pino Solanas. Si la buscan seguramente la encontraran...

brad reynolds
13 years ago

Well escape goat I just have to agree. That dirty bastard really pulled a fast one because he probably saw the books.

14 years ago

I always thought this was only done to 3rd world countries. Or specifically I only ever heard of "white" countries doing this to "nonwhite" countries. My only conclusion is Spain's looming eminence to world power via cultural links to it's former colonies. A cartel of Europe's strongest countries smothering a one-time contender. Spearheaded by the reigning world power Estados Unidos.

14 years ago

jesus christ....

14 years ago

The movie stops abruptly...where's the rest Vlatko? Please add the rest; it stops at the most interesting part.

14 years ago

im from argentina, this is a great&sad real sroty of our land, but its not completed! the movie is not 100% available!