Bulgaria's Abandoned Children

Bulgaria's Abandoned Children

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Bulgaria's Abandoned ChildrenThe Social Care Home - where 75 unwanted children are growing up - is the main employer in the small village of Mogilino. Few of the children can talk, not necessarily because they are unable but rather because no one has ever taught them how.

Kate meets the children in this tragic, silent world, such as Milan, the gentle giant who spends his days doing chores and watching over the others, and mildly autistic 18-year-old Didi, who is able to talk, and has plenty to say, but no one to speak to. The children that surround them suffer a variety of problems, many are blind or deaf and some are unable to leave their beds, many are literally wasting away.

Abandoned into the hands of the staff at Mogilino these children inhabit a bleak uncaring world, so devoid of normal everyday stimulus that many have taken to rocking slowly and constantly in their chairs just for something to do.

Bulgaria has more institutionalised mentally and physically disabled children than anywhere else in Europe. This film is a heart-rending and eye-opening look into the life of one such institution.

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3 months ago

I've just come back from Bulgaria and to say the people are the rudest, most inconsiderate people I've had the misfortune to encounter, none of this surprises me. These poor children are most unlucky to have been born in this most distasteful country.

2 years ago

I wish I could just hug some of these poor kids and tell them I love them and they do matter which are 2 things they've prob never heard in their miserable lives, idk how these nurses can even call themselves caretakers, look at the way they feed them they dont even give them half a second to chew whats in their mouth, im suprised they dont asperate

community member
3 years ago

This documentary is revealing in how these children, innocent human beings, are left by the wayside in a lackadaisical, "whatever," environment. The children's daily interactions and their physical and emotional reactions to their surroundings revealed the bare, tangible reality of what it means to be human, of what it means to be a human being.

There were various aspects of filming and the documentary's narrative perspective that seemed to lack proper care and appeared a bit crass or insensitive. At 32:22-32:30, when a child was violently rushed and pushed to the floor, the narrator states, "A younger boy is punched to the ground by one of the dominant teenagers, Todor," but it came off as treading a sensitive line in the overlap with the sound of the word "totalled" in context of the violent behavior.

Given the atmosphere at this type of institution and the potential for sexual abuse where male staff are the primary caretakers for female children including showering them and where children are frequently beaten by staff, the director would have made a wiser decision to wear attire that is more restrained than was exhibited in various parts of the documentary.

At 1:21:06-1:21:13, when Slavka is dancing and singing to some music, the song fades out but not before transitioning to an elderly woman who exhibits symptoms manifesting lack of muscular control. The videography presents the scene as if this elderly woman is dancing to the tunes as well. This is unfortunately not so, as the woman is in relative loneliness at an institution for the elderly which doesn't look to be all that pleasant but for the sun shining down amidst the background of trees to provide some respite for these folks.

5 years ago

Todar is very handsome what ever happen to him?

Anna Gibson
5 years ago

Hi how would u get in touch with Kate and ask how the children are doing now?is there an address where u can send a care package?

5 years ago

I watched this about four years ago. Since then, I cannot stop wondering what happened to Milan. I know there is an update video. I have seen it, but it was from many years ago. It's literally driving me crazy, and I don't know why. I'm dyingto know where he is. I want to send a donation to him. Or sponsor him. I'd even adopt him if it was an option. Probably not the best move if he is already in a more stable home, but I feel this very weird strong and ongoing nurture towards this young man. My heart breaks for him that he spent so much time there, and he is so smart. He understands so much. It just breaks my heart. If anyone knows of a way to find out where he is, email me. And for the fellow Joe who commented back in march of 2018 two comments down, I hope your legs grow together, buddy. What a miserable heap you are.

5 years ago

Makes me appreciate being in a normal country.

5 years ago

Undesirables, annoying narrator

5 years ago

I admit I couldn’t watch much * I can’t help but think pharmaceuticals (POISONS) taken by the mothers and given to there’s poor babies are the CAUSE n NEED TO END! SICK BASTARDS!

6 years ago

Can you still adopt children here

6 years ago

Oh my goodness. This literally made me sick to my stomach! Poor babies! And little Vasky tore at my heart strings. This is just so heartbreaking. I can't stand the thought of these innocent, sweet children suffering so much!!! Great, eye-opening documentary. I am looking in to how I can help, now!

6 years ago

WWJD??? Looks like he is doing nothing for these kids. Looks to me like he should step in and help!

7 years ago

All I have to say short and simple WWJD? stop talking aboout it and do something about it.

7 years ago

I watched this documentary a year or so ago, and it still taunts me now when I think about it. It broke my heart, but it also gave me the most phenomenal inspiration and aspiration to do more, to do something to help. It also helped me to gain a perspective I have never reached before. I actually emailed the producer of the documentary, Kate Blewett, just to thank her for creating such an eye-opening documentary and to praise her on her good-nature and work. She replied a short while after and was so humble and lovely. Amazing lady. Absolutely horrific conditions, the documentary honestly made my heart ache.

7 years ago

I have spent 4 days in Bulgaria recently and witnessed homeless Roma women being physically and verbally assaulted twice while nearby police and families watched and did nothing. This documentary does not surprise me, sadly.

7 years ago

I read elsewhere that very often the government took away 'less than perfect' babies from the parents because the parents had to put in 8 hours a day for the government
Also many of the children were Roma whose parents were too poor to feed them.As Bulgaria is shamed into reform, some children are being returned to their parents. For some it will be too late --too long in deprivation to thrive..I am sending money--put you routrage into action and do the same

7 years ago



This is barbaric and absolutely horrible. What the heck are these people thinking or doing? How selfish, cruel and malicious they are. They are practically torturing these helpless children who have no control over their situation. It's inhumane and I'm extremely outraged by this whole situation. How can a country allow this to happen? How can they not care for those who are defenceless? SHAME ON YOUR BULGARIA - Yes, I say BULGARIA because it's BULGARIA who has ALLOWED this to happen. Government, PARENTS ... COMMUNITIES .. Guilty in my eyes.

What the???? 8000 children in 32 buildings??? With 172 staff who do STUFF ALL and get paid for it. This is an UTTER DISGRACE!!! Fire the damn lot of them and bring in a whole new crew of people who ACTUALLY CARE and VALUE HUMAN LIFE to help rectify this situation and provide a safe environment for these children . I'm sure there are a ton of people WORLDWIDE who would VOLUNTEER to take care of this situation.

This is insane! I just can't believe that this has been allowed to continue and nothing has been done to help and assist. I applaud the 20 or so people who are doing the Granny programme but .. just 20 people? for 8000 children? C'mon! There is a lot more that can be done!

7 years ago

How DARE they! I'm horrified and disgusted. My God! WTH is wrong with the parents, the caregivers and Bulgaria? These are concentration camps for children!

odile stanberger
8 years ago

This documentary made my heart bleed. Please tell me what I can do. I am rather ancient, do not speak Bulgarian - I would LOVE to be a granny to some of these children. Can't stop thinking about the little blind boy crawling on he floor feeling his way to a door - and no one picked him up!

anne rector
8 years ago

Too much blame is being leveled at the staff. These women have far too many small, sick, helpless, children to take care of. They cannot possibly spend time with each one, as the needs are so very great with each child. I believe they do the best they can. It doesn't seem that the staff members are harming the children, other than the man who beat them in the laundry, but there is no way these women can hold and nurture each of these extreme cases. I also think the Nazis had the right idea, that those who are incapable of being integrated into society should be exterminated. All the infants in this film should be put to quick death, not left to starve. There is a very absurd statement at the end of the film saying that the babies have their whole lives in front of them. They certainly do not. They are forever incapable of learning, growing, loving, integrating. They are as good as dead in their present state. They all need to be killed.

Mrs D
8 years ago

80% of these children were gipsies; it's because they are a minority in
Bulgaria which absolutely refuses to integrate in the society; Instead
what they do is as many children as they can so that they can hopefully
live off from child benefits. Within their minority incest happens all
the time - very likely the reason why these children have disabilities
and are abandoned.

Bulgaria struggles economically, it's the
poorest EU country and still there is this minority who doesn't want to
follow the social rules - it's not hard to see why this children
wouldn't get the best care.

8 years ago

watched it a few years ago, cried the whole way through it! worth the watch though!

8 years ago

Such a cold and emotional story. These children need love, attention, education, nourishment, and interaction. Why are they not receiving it? My heart aches for them.

Workers ask them how they can help the child, but do not stop to listen for an answer. Because its is not in common language does not mean they are not reacting.

8 years ago

This home was closed down a couple of years ago, this is a very old story

9 years ago

I wish I hadn't watched that. It's heartbreaking.

9 years ago

Painfully heart wrenching! I watched this a few days ago and I can't wrap my head around it anymore than I can figure out what I can do to help. I can point out, again, how they shoveled gruel at the children or the appalling shower routine or the ignored broken leg horror or the toileting as a care substitute or the. ..... It does them no good & I feel helpless. Awareness is clearly the first step & this another "bell that can't be un-rung". On to find step two.....

11 years ago

This is by far heart breaking, I'm a 25 year old girl with a almost 2 year old son and these children will be forever in my thoughts. I'm a nurse and the so called care they were receiving was horrid. I thank you for bin this documentry to my attention. The government should be ashamed of the treatment of these children and adults. We are all human, we all deserve love. These so called carer's need to be jailed. I feel for everyone un the facility but feel for the little boy blinde and stops frozen if no one helps him. I am now very interested adoption. How can I help?

Jennifer ByeByeBelly
11 years ago

Unfortunately it takes a lot of money and resources to help people with severe disabilities get the care they need and reach their full potential. I'm a disability support worker in Australia and work in houses where people's needs are met and they are treated as regular people. Its sad not everyone can have that. But it's the same with everything in the world.. I'm sitting here on a laptop in my cosy home while people are starving, being raped, murdered, living in poverty, while billions of animals are kept in factory farms and killed every day. The world is a sad place, it's unfortunate that the world can't be fair for all.

11 years ago

This is an excelent somewhat undercover documentary of a subject that should be seen by everyone. What people are realy seeing here is the absence of empathy. Empathy,as we have learned, occurs in the prefrontal cortex, which is the most recent development in the human brain. Many of these children suffer from severe metal toxicity in addition to malnourishment. The problem is further exasperated by metal toxicity, because metal particulates will block the intestinal tract from absorbing nutrients, therefore, they do not become noursihed, regardless of how fast you shovel food down their throats. On television, when you watch histrionic personalities and narcissistic personalities gobble up all of the attention of the world around them, and still want more, you have have to ask yourself, "Where could have some of that attention gone to?" Here is a perfect example. In ADHD, autism, OCD, and histrionic and narcissitic personality disorder, empathy, introspective and retrospective perceptions, are near absent. Aluminum, lead, mercury are the three most common metal particulates responsible for neuromuscular degeneration, abnormal spinal chord development, deformities, behavorial develpment, etc.. This is already learned with warehouses of documented information supporting the knowledge. We just do not have enough people sharing it and asserting it. Kate Blewet did an excellent job in presenting this, and the documentary reveals a lot about people, in all countries, and should be seen by everyone. The one thing that people in all countries have in common, is the brain, and/or it's lack of development. What needs to happen in response to this documentary is action, not talk. We have plenty of people of people talking on the television and radio, and frankly, most of them, are full of crap.

11 years ago

Bulgaria was and still is very much a poor and underdeveloped country economically and socially. Most of it's young and educated people are forced to leave and find jobs elsewhere and contribute their resources to other more Westernised countries. The people that work there are just happy to have a job and probably earn a pittence and probably do exactly what is expected of them because they are not trained or taught to think or hope that these children stand a chance to support themselves independently in society. This is not England where benefits and carers are appointed to individuals. And DON'T emphasize the fact that Bulgaria has had 20 years to recover from communism because it is exactly the greed and pure prostitution perpetuated by capitalism which has sold out the Bulgarian people, their beautful land, beaches and resources. Years of Turkish invasions and rape of the nation has left a deep routed scar on the internal bulgarian mentality, self belief and confidence and ability to identify itself strongly as a nation. These children deserve fair and nurturing care and by God I hope they and the ones that come after them will get it, this is all I think this documentary has acheived. I hope the good doctors, psychologists and scientists whom Bulgaria has produced will one day return or contribute to their mother land because if the mentality doesn't change , it will always be survival of the fittest. It is so every where else in the world, not just Bulgaria.

11 years ago

i can not believe what i have just seen :( i have no words for the sheer anger i feel towards this disgusting display of so called help...watching those horridly fat women stuffing slop into those poor starved childrens mouths just made me sick. what the hell is that woman who runs this place thinking??? a friend of mine insisted i watch this that it will change ny life and i believe it has?? i hope with all my heart someone involved in human rights is looking into this revolting place and those revolting women running it!! i am going to do to my many other friends and family what my friend did to me and insist they watch in the hope that word gets around and someone does something about this..... i am so horrified i cant think and cant get enough words out to discribe my feelings about this.

11 years ago

the director should be sacked and never ever ever be allowed to work anywhere, what a disgusting, disgraceful human she is! caring more about getting a computer and umbrellas for the pool rather than getting more food, comfortable beds, carers, education (etc) for those poor helpless children who clearly need assistance. AND Blaming the carers for not doing a good job - i still cannot believe those words came out of her mouth - i am still just so disgusted.

poor, poor children to be abandoned by their parents and then locked up at night probably without any food or water/drinks. good on the care takers who were actually looking after them - and for those that werent doing a good job 2 things 1) God is watching and 2) karma bites you back on the arse twice as hard.

for me one of the most touching moment of the documentary was when the man towards the end said all hat he wanted was a mum.... a different mum.... made me really sad.

11 years ago

I couldn't bare watching those little malnourished stick bodies and the absolute tragedy of the abuse some of the older kids were receiving. It is heart breaking to see vulnerable children grow up without any affection or tenderness. To me it looked like a concentration camp for children and I just felt so much emotion and so helpless not knowing how one individual like myself could help change any of this. It is good to be informed but it is also hard to know the sadness of some peoples lives! I didn't see the programme from the beginning but turned on part way through so ultimately I don't really know who I feel is to blame. I just know that if I was involved in an organisation of this kind I don't know how I could live with myself if I couldn't improve these lives in some way. I could not work there and just witness the incredible tragedies of young souls in torture.

11 years ago

cant anyone do something start a charity kids r dying does no one care its the directors fault she bought umbrelas they cant even use them they cant move buy food not mush hart breaking simply discrasful

11 years ago

Possibly the most horrific doc I have watched so far.... heartbreaking, disgusting and really sad.

11 years ago

Absolute disgrace i can't say anything else but just a disgrace !

11 years ago

At least they are trying to do something with the childrens.. it looks like if they were bad care takers. and of course probably some of them, they are.. But at least they are in contact with the childrens.. no like us, just sitting here looking the video instead of go to the close orphanage and do something .. right now.
You will see how difficult is to help this beautiful childrens.. once you are there.. because you need a lot of patience a lot of more people to help you.. stop crying about this children and go to help the ones that are close in your country! ... Trust me you will find the same kind of childrens blind .. and insane... the difference is that they will understand your language and you can help them... Seriously stop.. crying and complain about what other need to do or not.. At least thats what i am going to do...
Almost all the comments are so stupid !! i am sure that neither half of the people that have comment have been in an orphanage.. or in a hospital helping a children...
Seriously dond cry and judge others.. if you are not going to do nothing..! and good for you if you are helping the childrens.. This childrens are beautiful.. i would love to help them.. but i know that i can help a lot of more childrens here... i love when Didi.. said. something like this..: That it doesnt matter if her mom answear or not.. she writes to her.. Because then her Mom is going to know exactly what she want.. (Doesnt matter if she will help her or not, she just want to communicate) And thats the only thing that this children or all the childrens that are suffering in the world need .. at least a little attention.. come on! go to help the closest children..

12 years ago

This film has really moved me! I will never forget these poor children. The men & woman who called themselves "care takers" are nothing but complete jokes! There are so many factors that I have to point out about the institute! 1. How dare they treat these children with such disgust! They are innocent children that needed the help of caring people because they were unable to care for themselves! 2. The children were put in such disgusting surroundings e.g. left on the toilet for hours! Bed ridden 24/7 with sores all over their bodies. The children were never given fresh food and the care workers would feed these poor blind children and not even give them a chance to bloody swallow the food! Just shoved it down their throats. I have never seen children so thin it is utterly heartbreaking to see how thin they were. 3. The children were beaten by these people who were meant to be taking care of them! but instead they were beating them and ignoring the fact that these children needed high standard care! 4. How dare they allow a man care taker watch the girls shower and take them naked to the shower room that was so filthy! The institute should have had a woman taking care of the girls at every shower time and dressing them! 5. The children were never given the chance to learn, or laugh and were never shown affection! My heart broke when that little boy hugged the reporter! How can the government allow such things happen to poor mentally ill children! or to any human at that! Why was there no inspections to the children why wasn't there propper help? where were the funds for schooling and to help them with their physical needs in learning how to walk and talk! The Director of the school was nothing but a pathetic piece of shit that deserves nothing! AND to the fat piece of shit nurses you deserve NOTHING! you are filthy humanbeings that shouldn't be allowed to breathe. My heart goes out to those poor children and I hope you are all in a better place. - Haylee. S

12 years ago

The difference between a concentration camp and a mental institution are the gaz chambers. I find utterly hypocritical to make a documentary of what happens to abandonned children in eastern Europe when every other capitalist government just won't allow any journalist investigation in their own country. In France, in USA and i am absolutly convinced it is the same in England, abandonned handicaped children are abused as well.
Want to help? Open and clean up your own backyard.
Other documentaries that will enlighten :
"Her name is Sabine"
"Neil Feinberg attachment therapy"

12 years ago

that was extreamley disturbing.....i wish these children an early death so they can quickly enter the presense of the Lord Jesus and his glorious kingdom where they will have perfect immortal bodies and minds and love like they have never experienced before.

12 years ago

Very good. Hard to watch the inhumanity.

12 years ago

i have a 17yr old daughter on autism spectrum who is barely verbal, seeing Didi broke my heart.

12 years ago

That's a lot more than an economic problem due to a lack of funding, it's abuse--and it is intentional.

12 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for comments we need permissions from your f***ing channel , where is the mass of destruction weapons in Iraq ,

What a f***ing news , f*** Britain f*** that dirty queen ,

12 years ago

i am f--kin outraged do them a favor and put them to sleep like the animals they are treated as! this is ashame! If I had the means i would nuke that place! (Not as hate but as a huge favor) I would go take deedee to the us with me and care for if i could. This is so sad i do not even feel the right to live myself.

12 years ago

I am a special education teacher from Singapore and this is just truly heartbreaking:'(

12 years ago

when was this filmed? I cant remember the date?

12 years ago

This is a horror film. Please everybody who watches this, please write to the Bulgarian government to express your disgust and dismay. Remember, for evil to thrive, it is sufficient that good men (and women) do nothing.

12 years ago

Thise heartless women, hwo take care of thise children should be thrown in jail for life!!! They are psychopaths!

12 years ago

This is absolutely disgraceful..It is straight out child abuse..