Cosmic Voyage

Cosmic Voyage

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Cosmic VoyageNominated for an Academy Award, this 36-minute IMAX production offers a state of the art, computer generated journey through the universe, and tries to pinpoint the role of human beings cohabitating within its vastness.

Among the topics included are a variety of the greatest scientific theories known to exist - some of which had never before been visualized on film - as well as a guided tour through the cosmos and solar system, and a look at the nature of black holes and exploding supernovas.

This IMAX offering presents us with not only one but two journeys - one in space (going from the entire universe to quarks) and one in time (going from the first cells to human beings).

These are both monumental enterprises, but unfortunately this half-hour movie can only offer us an inkling of either. It presents some beautiful images, although the journeys themselves lose much in the translation to the TV screen. Only recommended for those who want some relaxation.

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  1. Evangeline Behrmann

    Amazing for starters!!!

  2. ali khan

    This documentary is quite old, so you can't blame the graphics and special effect. Also its just an introductory to the Cosmic World. If you want to know Cosmos in detail i suggest watching Carl Sagan "The Cosmos" . Its packed with knowledge about the entire Universe.

  3. Rounak Gokhale

    Our math class loved this video we watch it everyday. Morgan Freeguy is really cool.

  4. james ritch

    trying to watch all of the sci docs on here.This one is fantastic,i will watch again in the near future.

  5. eduardo74

    awesome for begginers.

  6. PaulGloor

    While not jam packed with information and spectacular science like most docs, Morgan Freeman narrating makes things epic :P

  7. Si Belsi

    at last a documentary that doesnt consist of 897 episodes ,each lasting 2 hours and divided into 543 sub episodes ..but just 36 minutes lasts doc..this speciality alone make this doc worth watching..

  8. Gary V

    Not one of the best docs that I seen & only short. OK if you have got 36 mins to waste.

  9. tariqxl

    what a pointless waste of time, not just for me watchin it but for them makin it.

  10. Lex Da Liar

    Is it me or did the Darwinists forget to give Red some credits?

  11. terryrret

    To bad its so small great work

  12. gaylord

    i want morgan freemans voice in my mouth

  13. sasidhar

    excellent doc. morgan freeman's voice is really sets the mood

  14. nik


  15. Kumar Sanghvi

    Nice documentary!

  16. weed Guru

    amazing !

  17. Tyler

    Quite good. Short but sweet.