The Family That Walks on All Four

The Family That Walks on All Four

2006, Mystery  -   14 Comments
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The Family That Walks on All FourAn intense scientific debate has ignited around a quiet but extraordinary family living in rural Turkey-a family with five adults who walk on all fours.

Since bipedalism has long been considered one of the defining characteristics of modern humans, such a discovery raises fascinating questions about genetics, society, and the evolutionary history of our species.

Is this the anthropological find of the millennium, or simply a unique medical case? NOVA sets out to unravel the controversy and meet the individuals who have captured the imagination of scientists around the world.

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8 years ago

I wonder what their favorite position may be.. The thought of them procreating is scary enough! Lmao

9 years ago

I wish there had been more discussion on their therapy. Early on I wondered why they hadn't been given crutches. They could have started out with very short crutches so that their hands weren't far off the ground and it wasn't much different than their normal walking. Then they could have gradually lengthened the crutches until they were walking more upright. Anyway, it's good to see things might be improving for their condition. Looks so painful and awful.

10 years ago

I feel bad for them.

13 years ago

I saw this before. If memory serves me correct it blamed this trajic illness on a gene, FOXP2. If anybody is using this as a source please be aware that FOXP2 gene is NOT the gene that "caused" bi-pedalism, it is simply involved in a "balance" molecular mechanism - the gene is also found in bacteria. When I first saw this I was "up in arms" as a scientist, since they make it seem like it is a reasonable statement and communicate it as though it is close to fact. Use at your own risk.

Solomon S. Buyco
13 years ago

This brings me to the theory of creation with "Adam and Eve' that they are father and daughter... and they defy the 'Words of God'... and they are thrown out of the Paradise simply because of incest.
Worst, maybe also defying the authority of Men of Image about evolution... where the Serpent(singular cell) stands supreme...
You know, I think some of us here who still doesn't know the difference between wedding and marriage.

What matters really is what the Men of Image have given of who God was...
Like "I am who I am" ,"I am the beginning and the end", "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, no one is above the Law." and among others...
But I would really go on with Jesus words, "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes unto the FATHER but by me." and "Don't call anyone father but your own father who is in heaven."

As for the Ulas family, Jesus have said: "Be like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

13 years ago

.. over excited scientists... don't think this has anything to do with evolution.
Great docco though... was nice of the production team to take them out to the beach and to help set up a few bars so that they could help learn to walk.
If they had help from the local people during earlier ages I;m sure they would have walked on two feets by now.

13 years ago

These researchers and so called professors who have so much studied in this life have yet to understand or have any idea why these people are the way they are.

Maybe, just maybe, if these STUPID professors take into consideration the concept of vaccinations done in the past perhaps they will tell the rest of humanity why these people are the way they are.

Even watching this video one can deduce that these peoples coordination centers are perhaps damaged.

I dislike the way the so called scientific people have presented this documentary. It just shows how scientists think only "within" the confines of the CUBE (Square).

Gee - now I understand where these Monkeys come from (Scientists in this film).

14 years ago

This documentry also gives hope for those who are out cast by society and looked as being unhuman.

Please exclude me even though i am a human being it gives a great amount and stength and hope.

14 years ago

Great documentry. Science needs to investigate and reformulate the physical evolution thoeory accordingly.

But i know evolution is always from inside out and not the otherway outside in like Darwin and evolutionist. Definately nature, condition and society has a role to play but the source is always from inside.

whether we evolve from bacteria, monkey, ape or any another other species, without the inner will to evolve we wont be able to evolve no matter how hard the nature may push us, if there is no inner will i think extinction is the end.

14 years ago

Wether it is genetic or not i can't say but it makes sense for genes to resurface.

After all the enviromental conditions that required the creature to evolve might have disappeared leaving it vulnerable.

It's a bit darker on the enviromental factor i think.
Walking upright isn't something you learn which has been shown by cases of kids growing up with almost no human contact (like that russian dog girl for example).

14 years ago

their bodies are built for upright walking . deformed by miss use and neural problems probably . miss understood for quadrupedal

14 years ago

interesting documentary, i agree kaz, the scientists did treat them like lab rats. i dont know why at the end of the doco that they said they recorded EVOLUTION. they had a brain disorder, they are not neanderthals or any such thing, its just a rare case. i felt really sorry for the family. outcasts in a rural community must be v harsh and am happy that girl set up the foundation. the other guy mr humphrey is a bit of a dick

14 years ago

wow. this documentary created such a profound reaction in my. my heart was literally breaking at the way the family was being treated by the villagers for something which was simply beyond their control and their capacity to change. even by the way the scientific community just viewed them as labrats, and not as human beings with feeling and dignities.
but this ended on such a great note. it almost felt like a personal triumph for me, watching as a viewer, when the children had all made such amazing progress towards bipedalism at the end of the doco. Especially Hussain. When he was shown to be walking, albeit a little unsteady, after being predicted to never be able to, I was so happy i actually started to cry. Otherwise, it would have been far to cruel for nature (or god, if you believe) to take so much from such simple peaceful people who've never done anything wrong.
I did a tiny bit of research about this and found out that the Turkish psychologist, the one shown working and getting along with the family, Defne Aruoba, had started the Ulas Foundation to get more recognition and help for each of the children, before reaching out to other families. What an amazing woman. I hope she'll be able to create a secure future for the siblings for when the parents depart from this world.
anyway. awesome documentary.

14 years ago

wow. this documentary created such a profound emotional reaction in me. my heart was seriously breaking at the way the Ulas family was treated by the villagers, and even by that d*ckhead scientist who called them de-evolutionised (which is a ridiculous concept anyway). it was almost like a personal triumph for me when Husain was shown walking at the very end. I was so happy for him and for the progress made by the other girls I actually started to cry.
But yeah. great documentary.