Genocide: Worse Than War

Genocide: Worse Than War

2010, Military and War  -   75 Comments
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Genocide: Worse Than WarWorse Than War documents Goldhagen’s travels, teachings, and interviews in nine countries around the world, bringing viewers on an unprecedented journey of insight and analysis.

With his first book, the #1 international bestseller Hitler’s Willing Executioners (Vintage, 1997) Daniel Jonah Goldhagen – then a professor of political science at Harvard University – forced the world to re-think some of its most deeply-held beliefs about the Holocaust.

Hitler’s Willing Executioners inspired an unprecedented worldwide discussion and debate about the role ordinary Germans played in the annihilation of Europe’s Jews.

A decade later – and more than half a century after the end of World War II – Goldhagen is convinced that the overall phenomenon of genocide is as poorly understood as the Holocaust had once been.

How and why do genocides start? Why do the perpetrators kill? Why has intervention rarely occurred in a timely manner? These and other thought-provoking questions are explored in a new documentary film, Worse Than War.

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  1. Jako

    "United Nations" is a misleading name.
    The "nations", ie the actual people, have no say there, and aren't represented there in any way.
    It should be called "United Governments", as it's a place where members from various government gangs can socialize and demonstrate their power.

  2. Leslie

    In China the Falun Gong prisoners are having their organs extracted by their Gov (who openly admits this) while they are still alive and fully conscious & the UN does nothing. their organs are being sold worldwide at the highest $. North Korea is living hell for it's people, most people are aware of that situation, but nothing is being done. Africa is supposed to be 25% remaining population remaining population 10 years from 2 years ago w/o lifting a finger. The UN is corrupt and we need out of the UN and the UN out of the US. They set these people up, offer them refuge, and withdraw which ensures their death, while claiming to be peacekeepers? Any time you turn your back on human rights violations, you endanger yourself and the greater the population of people on this planet, the less value given to each life of each of it's members.

  3. Leslie

    I can't believe some people actually deny the Holocaust! We are now on the verge of something big, God Bless!

  4. Ivankos Maksimovic

    I was though that I'm going to see a list "balanced" docs, but... So empty. Tallking about preventing genocid by calculate with a wictims and support a people who lied about and make it every day? So empty, so pure, sa bad and such a westing time by watch it...

  5. cdnski12

    The world seems to forget that in 1919, the Germans transported Lenin from Switzerland to Russia; thereby causing the Russian Revolution and the Japanese demolished Chinese Society from 1925 to 1945, thereby causing the Communist takeover in 1949. These two historical disasters were caused by Fascist Militaristsic Dictatorships. The world has not recovered yet. I seldom hear any apologies from Germans or Japanese.

    1. James Naish

      I'll focus on Germany but your assertion that communism was "caused by Fascist Militaristic Dictatorships" is simply not historical. Firstly, the Russian revolution happened in 1917, not 1919.

      Transporting Lenin from Switzerland to Russia didn't "cause" the Russian revolution. There were actually three Russian revolutions - the failed 1905 revolution, the successful February revolution and the successful October revolution. Lenin only arrived back in the country in April 1917 - the mass Russian populus was already in the mood for overthrowing the Tsarist regime.

      Lenin and the Bolsheviks were a minority party in 1905 and February 1917. It was the concerns about the social democratic government which was brought to power in February, in particular a refusal of that government to withdraw from the murderous war in France and Belgium, that provided the fuel for October.

      The Bolsheviks were swept to power in October because they were seen as being the only party truly willing to challenge the established order and to bring the proletariat to power. They gave voice to the genuine concerns of the mass population - something other parties were unable to do.

      When you say the "Germans" transported Lenin from Switzerland to Russia, it's important to note that the German working class themselves were also in a revolutionary mood at that time, as events immediately after WW1 in Germany show. It was a rare circumstance in which Lenin's return to Russia was in the interests of nearly everyone. For the Russian working classes it meant an end to their slaughter in the trenches. For the German ruling class it meant the closing of the Russian front. For the German working class it meant an ally state in their own struggle against capitalism - strong links were forged after WW1 between the Bolsheviks and the German communists.

      Your assertion that Germany was a "Fascist Militaristic Dictatorship" in 1919 is simply false. It was governed by a social-democratic, elected government. Fascism in Germany didn't start to gain traction until the mid 1920s and didn't really become a serious threat until the 1930s. It grew, however, out of the sequence of revolutionary events that took place in Germany after WW1. The SDP (Merkel's party, the German equivalent of the Labour party) funded right-wing paramilitaries (the Freikorps) to put down striking workers and communist insurgents. By the 1920s, those paramilitary groups had started to ally themselves with right-wing political parties (e.g. the National Socialists). The repeated strategic failures and consequent defeat of the communists in Germany - in particular, in the aftermath of the 1923 occupation of the Ruhr - created a political vacuum that split German workers. The middle classes started turning towards nationalism and fascism - it was at this time that the Nazis first start getting noticeable political attention - while the working classes bounced between communism and social democracy.

      In other words, fascism in Germany took hold in part because of the failure of communism in Germany - not the other way around. Fascism did not create communism. In fact, it's been argued (by, for example, Christopher Hitchens), that had events in Russia gone differently, workers may well have been able to take power in Germany too, and in that scenario fascism would never have been realised in Germany; WW2 and the holocaust would have been avoided.

      Essentially, a significant point of contention inside the Bolshevik government post-October was how much aid Russia should lend to the international struggle for socialism. Stalin argued that Russia needed to build itself up first before spreading the revolution elsewhere ("socialism in one country"); Trotsky argued for the urgent need to lend support to the international working class in their own struggles and build an international movement for socialism. In the event, Trotsky was exiled and Stalin won the day. The Soviet Union never did help out the German working class in their struggles, and the German workers were defeated.

      Similarly, in China, the Communist war had been going on for decades before the final revolution in '49. It wasn't the Japanese excursions in China that allowed for a communist takeover. The communist takeover coincided with the Japanese exercise.

    2. Smig Robustus

      If communism had taken hold in germany, the holocaust would not have occurred.......and the number of people killed would have RISEN....any..ANY SUGGESTION that communism somehow takes a back seat to nazism in terms of fatalities are either IDIOTS or LIARS. THE number of deaths caused ny the NAZIS pales into comparison of communism...EVEN is you only look at the ussr. Stalin was who hitler wanted to be when he grew up

  6. jj

    all military weapons are weapons of mass destuction,why else would a gun be made to give off 50 or more rounds at a time,think.

  7. Edom Wondimu

    I say despite everyday’s personal opinion about this documentary, we should all be conscious about our world community. I am originally from Ethiopia though I have not experience extreme level of war or genocide I know what hatred and bias can do to people and to a country. We should be mindful and try to educate our self. And not say all “Jew” are bad not all “Palestine” are evil not all “Muslims” are terrorist and most Definitely Africans are human not some kind of animals who live in poverty and kill one another like animals.

  8. mac

    Is this ******* is an american? Millions of native indian americans were killed and still going on? Obviously he cann't see what's happening in their own backyard.

    1. Edom Wondimu

      I agree with you. But Genocide existed long before 20th and 21st century. In retrospect the African American had been enslaved for 400 years Native Americans and Chinese the Mexican etc… But I doubt this kind of atrocity is happening today in America. of course racism still exist in America today but you can’t compare that to a mass killing of millions of people today in countries like Palestine, Sudan, Somalia. What Daniel Jonah Goldhagen was trying to make a point was that it should be unacceptable for this kind of things to happen when we r living in a world of community. Where there is diplomacy and there is a means and ability to stop genocide. I am sure centuries ago ethnic or religion cleansing or segregation of class religion was very much normal. But we have come a long way from that.

  9. Valentin Ion

    If not, check out Norman Finkelstein's "The American Radical"...

  10. Valentin Ion

    I wonder if Daniel Goldhagen would ever say something about Gaza Strip...

    1. James Naish

      The problem with the Gaza strip is that, as attrocious as the Israeli treatment of Palestinians is, it doesn't suggest a desire or intention to eliminate the Palestinians; the plan, rather, is to annex Palestine and contain the perceived threat. It doesn't therefore, classify as a "genocide".

      That said, in my view, the definition of "genocide" is deliberately restrictive to allow diplomats, politicians and bureaucrats to worm their way out of taking action when it suits them.

  11. Lucy Saw

    I like how he says an independent body of 'democratic nations' he forgets Hitler was voted in by a 'democratic' nation.

    1. James Naish

      Hitler was voted in by a democratic nation. He wasn't voted in as supreme dictator. There was a process by which, once he had been voted in, he set about demolishing the democratic structures within Germany in order to consolidate his own power. He was actually appointed to the position of Chancellor, not elected, after elections failed to produce a strong leader. That was done at the behest of the German capitalist class.

    2. lakhotason

      Hitler wasn't voted in.

  12. Lucy Saw

    I think this scholar is very naive about military intervention and how wrong it can go. Dropping bombs is fine but what if the targets uses towns and people as human shields? What if you become imbedded in someone else's war and they begin to attack you with a growing insurgency? Foreign troops are often seen as 'occupiers'. There are lot's of circumstances where military intervention would not be an easy solution.

  13. dsrtdomme

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Muslims would kill all the Jews they could find and would do the same to westerners next. This would be genocide. I KNOW they would if given the opportunity.

    1. shadowfax6894


    2. haroon1976

      ignorant and easily fooled, fox news watching idiots you are the ones who go on to become mass murderers. following blindly the evil ideas of others. and then making excuses to yourself that it is ok to kill this child in front of you....

    3. Thesteyes

      You know this? where is your point of reference? How many Muslims have you become close to? How is this your only response to this documentary? You watched it at a kindergarten level! Wow.

  14. Joseph Downes

    Thought provoking and intersting film. However, one glaring ommission in the list of genocide perpetrators and victims: the three million vietnamese civilians killed by America in the 1960s and 70s along with a million more Cambodians and Laotians. A very telling ommission.

    1. Colin Neij

      ye, that doesn't really fit the movie's category though... if you remember the definition of genocide constantly re-emphasized in the movie, it doesn't really fit.

      1: the goal was not extermination or systematic killing of people, nor of any specific ethinc, racial, religious group or otherwise. the main goal was for to halt the spread of opposing ideology (communism) by military objectives and goals none of which had to do with killing for the sake of killing

      2: The behaviour of soldiers there, just as in the soviet push into eastern germany at the end of WW2, US marines in Iraq etc... stems from the psychological distancing and coping mechanisms these men develope, leading them capable of acting callous and inhumane in a disgusting manner. Though i must say that american "education" about other political ideas than american exceptionalism.. might have helped in making them more forgeign, and an "other" to be feared and hated

      I'm afraid i have a less than in-depth knowledge about the US campaigns in east-asia other than the generalities of Vietnam and the korean war.. so i may have missed some event that you're reffering to

  15. Ian suderman

    Its a pretty good documentary. Its conclusions come too fast. We need to look at how we are committed to things so similar. What is our policy in the middle east? Why use radio active weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Egypt? Can the measure we use against others be used against us? Where does our governments really stand when it comes to new governments gaining economic freedom within the middle east?

    The measure we use on others will be used more exactingly against us. The untold story of our military targeting schools and hospitals, clean water, and sewage treatments to cause disease and death.

    I am not sure our military isn't simply interested in the complete elimination of the middle east.

  16. Jack Seahorse

    It is sad that men still need documentaries to know genocide is wrong. even guys here are debating about it. reading these comments i see guys justifying them. you dont need to know the story behind genocides to know it is wrong; it is shameful; it is evil. who ever commits them has no honor and so too are those who could stop them but chose to do nothing and those who hesitated.. no reasoning in the world is enough to justify even the "hesitation" in beliving that genocide is evil and must be stop whoever or where ever it is being commited.

    this documentary is not about who did this or how it was done or who is right or who is the victim. this is about those who doing nothing to stop it. this is about us.

    have we lost our common sense for what is right? have our eyes gone so blurred that we have to blame whole people for the wrongs of few? or to blame the grand children of those who did you wrong? we're pathetic.

    if we think that mass execution could be justified then god help our souls, we are the embarrasment of the entire human race. we stand for hatred and evil.
    there will be future genocides because of us.

    1. avd420

      Why is Genocide wrong?

  17. johnconnolly25

    Is Goldhagen naive or deliberately stupid?

  18. Winston Smith

    this is just like his book. shocking story piled upon shocking story..
    Hitler's Willing Executioners was unreadable bc it was so over the top with graphic descriptions of horrific death scenes. After a while one gets the the same sense as when watching The Passion of the Christ. it becomes

  19. Petar Vitanovich

    this documentary is complete ludacris, I give PBS props for an expensive, fancy doc made up of wiki and google searches used as FACT. First off, this is a Jew talking to Bosnians who just happened to do a little genocide of their own to the small jewish population of Bosna I Herzegovina during the 90's, and treating what they say as fact? From one sides prespective? this is Fact? Has anyone ever had proof of all these mass graves reported? Bosnia commited more genocide on their own people than any Serb ever did. Today its even fact that they bombed the fruit market full of muslims in Sarajevo, that CNN falsley reported as Serb artillery. Some other FACTS about the Balkan Wars, in the famous story of Serb concentration camps, it was found out that some bosnians where talking to some reporters while the reporters where on the other side of a barbed wire fence, and then reported the story as a concentration camp. Another one, is the hospital attack I believe that was in Dubrovnik, where Serb forces recieved fire from a hospital where croation soldeirs where firing from, so they returned fire and the news reported that Serbs where "attacking civilians in a hospital". These types of docs, american media, and the American New World Order, are literally shaping peoples minds into what they want, lies in this country are turned into history. this is why americans across the world are precieved as dumb barbarians. It all has to do with their own system destroying them from the inside, starting with their minds. Has any American heard on the news about the 450 churches and monestaries destroyed in Kosovo i Metohija? Has the news told you that since 1998 the Kosovo Liberation Army was killing Serbs for human organ trafficking? And have they told you since America gave Kosovo its independence and control of the country to former terrorists, as labeled by the CIA in 1998 with ties to Al-Qeada, that Kosovo has transported 85% of the worlds heroin from Afganistan and Turkey into Europe and the U.S.? Didnt think so. Sorry about the out burst guys but I love history I love politics, but now im watching America going into Egypt and Libya and wonder, If they really did care about human life and genocide and this wasnt all politics, why havent they gone into Darfur yet and "KICK SOME ASS"? Because like an old Serbian Vojvoda told me, when america came to the table for Kosovo they asked who can give them what, we(serbs) told them they could open up an army base on one of our old bases, Muslim albanians said they could give them a copper mine, one of the biggest in Europe and Kosovo, land for a Military base, and free pass through kosovo so they could use it for a pit stop to the middle east. when the deal was all done, the albanians had a figure that benifited america in the cents, not even dollars. both parties shook hands and NATO and American forces began bombing the next morning, 3/24/99, my birthday, for 74 straight days. The vojvoda then proceeded to say, You see Petar, Its about pennies on the dollar, as long as their in the plus, someone is going to be in the minus, us.

  20. everforever1

    Did you happen to forget the atrocities during the genocide of the American Indians? Our ancestors slaughtered men, women and children in the worst ways possible. Look at our own mistakes before being able to understand and solve others.

  21. UtopianStrivings

    Why does he classify those under Stalin and Mao as victims of genocide? Those were political executions, not an execution of a race. My understanding of genocide was that it was a mass extermination or attempt to exterminate a racial or ethnic group, not political dissenters.

    1. Winston Smith

      its really the attempt at wiping out a group as a whole and just came into usage in 1944 (I just read)

  22. DaftAida

    The most striking example of brainwashing on a personal basis was when I met my Father's (Hungarian, Jewish lineage but individualistic, independent and brutally honest) first cousin. An incisively intelligent, multi-lingual psychiatrist. He was deeply compassionate and responsible for spearheading enquiry and closure to the Stalinist 'dissident' psycho-torture clinics in the '70s. He also had an open house for refugees of all nations whilst raising his own family and continued to do so when I became close to him briefly in 2005 after my father's death.

    However, he was an avowed Zionist and had performed with pride many circumcisions; defending the merits of this awful practice on the basis that it had 'done him no harm' (as if he coud remember) and increased libido and sexual pleasure (as if he knew the difference if not circumcised).

    He had visited Israel many times and totally upheld the PR screened experience, unaware of the realities.

    We argued, of course and he was particularly upset about my smoking; failing to recognise the relative harmlessness of such a trivial and private pursuit.

    It stunned me that even he with all his warm humanity had been brainwashed beyond reason. I don't know what became of him after his Alzheimer's took its toll but remained fond of him, if somewhat nonplussed.

    My father was different and had no truck with the jew-doctrine being closest to the Quaker religion, if any and a deeply compassionate animal lover. His brief relationship with my Irish mother produced me and his family had sought to abort me in the womb at eight months. His parents and grandparents did not leave Eastern Europe when they could have and perished. He was ferried through the rat lines into a convent and went to live a life of 'poor relative' at his cousin's house in Surrey, his inheritance lost with his parents at aged 12 speaking no English. This formed his character to be on the side of the underdog with a fondness for the Irish. He was not brainwashed and his pain, isolation, social awkwardness and loss made him a unique force who didn't much care for other's approval. I met him when I was 17 and realised that I was indeed, my father's daughter with the delightful addition of the Irish poetic, artistic and ridiculous sense of humour from my mother's side.

    I feel there is some credence to the notion that when a child is circumcised, the utter shock and horror cuts off forever, the higher heart/mind spiritual connection, imprinting a deep inner distrust of others. In addition, any residue of the greater realms from which we come vanishes and the jewish children are indoctrinated into the here and now of materialism is all there is in this one life, there is nothing beyond when we die.

    My father's cousin feared death and I hope he discovered the truth that I imparted; we live on to face and review our actions on Earth and are held accountable by our very own souls. Such awareness surely means that we live our lives from profound truths, slightly alluded to within the biblical and other texts, distorted through a huge lense of disinformation.

    Ther is no good (only a god) within the Talmud as the actions of these Zionist Khazarians demonstrate having been damaged through barbaric customs from birth. No chance to dance with the stars, no unity, harmony or co-creative co-existance. Damaged goods worshipping a damaged 'god'.

    These damaged 'gods' of the insane Elites are up for exposure anytime soon, as their 'habits' are ripped off allowing sunlight to shine on their impotent shrivelled old balls!

  23. DaftAida

    Yes, ShemIte, Semite refers to the language used by natives of that Middle Eastern locale. As the imposters use Yiddish, of Germanic origin (Khazarian) it is a dead giveaway that they are not originating from the Dead Sea regions. Semites are Arabic. Are they also the tribe of Shem? The imposters wrote the lineage of their takeover in the OT Bible. So 'anti-Semite' would translate as 'being antithical to the the Semitic language or people of that language. These are the Palastinian Arabs and we are not antithical to them or their language at all.

  24. d.e.goodman

    "Abraham's son" doesn't understand the DEPTH of what BRAINWASHING can and does do to those on whom it is perpetrated. My Father, rest his soul, was the most-honset man I have even known. Yet he WAS "brainwashed" while he was in the "Army/air-force." That's what they called it back then. All he "knew" was 'get-up, go to work, go home, eat and go to bed. Get-up, go to work, go home, eat and go to bed. Get-up, go to work...." understand? That was ALL.... he KNEW to do. He never attended church, yet he was infinitely more honest, than ANY Christian, Jewish, or Muslim preacher ON THE PLANET. Religions, were INVENTED by-the-Elite, to keep the poor, from chopping their FKG heads off! "Divide and conquer." Religion SHOULD UNITE, yet all it does is SEPARATE!

  25. d.e.goodman

    I neglected to mention, the term "AntiSemite" is moot, because the Jews of today are NOT Semites. They are what is left-over from the Khazar Empire. Or even "Huns" but certainly not "Semites." So when a Jew calls you an "Anti-Semite" you may want to ask him or her, what they are talking about?

  26. d.e.goodman

    Barbara....I'm afraid after the Iranians, it will be "we the people" of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION INC. And if the movie 2012 is any indication, and often times they are used for that very purpose by TPTB, our "last President" will be a BLACK man. Which means, Obama will be the last President. Which also means, HE will get elected again (2012) no matter WHAT "we the people" try to do to change that. Or, perhaps, THEY will want to "allow" (appoint) a woman to keep "the game" going? Lord knows, I hope I'm wrong.

  27. DaftAida

    For clarification, Psychtropic and Psychotronic weaponry is the tool this faction has perfected and deployed with increasing dexterity upon troops and the general population since Korea and certainly Vietnam. So when such know-nots expouse 'man's inhumanity to man' and 'each makes a choice to do either good or evil and is therefore accountable' they speak from ignorance. The Gods' have indeed made Man 'in their own image' or into their own image through the degrading manipulation of imagination and bodily responses to the radiation of frequencies. Thus, we have tribal warlords in the Darfur, say, openly admitting that they sacrafice babies, eating the heart prior to battle upon their defenceless brethren. They then become Christian Ministers claiming to have renounced such wicked ways, subduing the people in spiritual slavery to an 'ever loving god' haha .... Jonestown, WACO, Gulags, Concentration Camps (the British set up this term after their business with the Africaans)the laboratories, hospitals and prisons of the world unite now into one global gulag of scientific experimentation and control. Look into the 'myth' or otherwise of Atlantis and the myth or otherwise of the Bibles for clues. Also, their own peer writings contained within The Next Million Years, Ghost in the Machine, The Club or Rome writings (global climate change) Brave New World, The Technotronic Age, Plato's Republic.

    Prozac and its family are now as acceptable for the masses as popping an aspirin and there are more out of their minds than in them, not aware of any difference. It is not enough to cite 'man's inhumanity to man' for those behind such devolutionary degradation of the nature of man are NOT MAN as they quite candidly assert. What are they? Delusional enough to believe they are GODS and look at Zues for an example of such gods. Stuff 'god' and be GOOD.

  28. DaftAida

    Oh, yes, VR you may rightly point the finger at the Catholic Church but what hidden poison guided VATcity atrocities? The Jesuits, no less where we pick up the snake-trail through the Portuguese (?) Empire invasion of South America for a clue to the jew - Ignatius Layola 1556 the found of the Jesuits. There followed the global grande inquisition method of MK torture using behaviourism, extorting barbarianism and cannabalistic blood-festing in the name of 'almighty jesus christ'. Why, in 700 AD did this pustule on the arse of humanity convert to Judaism? To give a veneer of respectability of sorts to a tribe which should have been excised long before and have been exiled long since. We are confused by the term 'jew' - a deliberate obfuscation of the fact that a venemous mega-serpent entered our garden of earth. I can liken this to an unnatural mechanised sperm peircing the egg of creation through a form of scientific intervention. Just as they have followed through with their invitro fertilisation programmes.

    Yugoslavia is one example of the nauseating nature of this beast unleashed but look deeply into the historical genocide within any nation, and there lies the spawn of the Phoenicians, Venetions,Knights Templars,Jesuits - one family parading under false flags. From the eyeball extractions of YugloSlavs, to the ear-extractions of Vietnamese, disembowelling of Amerindians, British,Irish - it's all Genocide - murder of the Gentiles conducted through warfare by The Pustulant Imposters. Using forged weapons of economic, religious, racial or sexual metal, devised by sick minds from abyssmal souls contained within the sacred body of humaneIty. They say it in their books, or 'bibles' for those with eyes to see and heaven help and protect the suffering little children from 'Gods Chosen People' and what appears to me to be 'Jesus Christ' - a demonic parody of all that is good and true and courageous in ourselves as man-KIND. Jesuits are Jews, OK? The Pope is a Jew and all 'royal' families are descendants of the Pharoenic lines infesting Egypt called the Hyskos and this is why Egypt in in revolution and our European cities are festooned with Egyptian Iconography of the victors ruling every nation under their One Sun and Egyptian All Seeing Omnipresent Eye. They're all Israeli-Jews committing genocide on manKind through warfare. Sorry for the ramble but it's a long sad history culminating now in the demise of biological life on Earth.

  29. V R

    The Catholic Church in Yugoslavia during WW2 definitely condoned torture and genocide of Jews (and some other groups). What the Croation Army did (and many commanding officer's were priest's of the church) was unspeakable. Even the Nazi's could not believe the depth of cruelty use in these concentration camps.

  30. Jaak Wassmuth

    Rick_Hardly: Do some research cause otherwise you just come off sounding like some sort of anti-nutter...
    Only 6 million people were killed in the Nazi Death Camps. We all know the sad story of the destruction of the American Aboriginals: from Terra Del Fuego to the Artic Circle. We know about the struggle for self-rule in India as well as the apartied of South Africa. Some are aware of the criminal activities of King Leopold in the Congo and the near destruction of the Australian Aboriginals and the systematic murder of Canada’s Indians, the Russian Crown’s march across Asia. The destruction of the Aztec’s of Mexico, the Hawaiians, and the tribes of the Banda Islands: these people were simply brushed out of the way. The 1903 genocide in Namibia as well as the Armenian death marches were only another in a series of thefts perpetrated by the Occidental culture. The victims did not have the weapons to repel, and in some cases, the heart to hurt another living creature. We call that innocent, primitive. We have regarded these people as animals that require a corral and a task. We, in the west have made of these people slaves because we can.

  31. Ric_Hard

    Lies Lies Lies

    "Until the lion learns to speak the tales of hunting will be weak" Knaan

    History will always be written by the victors. The "Holocaust" myth is simply one version of history as told by the elite Zionists.

    Problem, reaction, solution.

    Even if the problem is a lie "Hitlers exterminating Jews" the sheeple of the world reacted and the Zionist financiers of the war machines (on both sides) profited immensely.

    The Jews then ensured no one would challenge their power ever again as to do so would label oneself and "anti-semite"

    Why is it illegal in many countries to research the "holocaust" ?

  32. Jaak Wassmuth

    Joe Blow, You are appropriately named. Are you double jointed?

  33. Joe Blow

    Once the guy in this film said 6 million Jews were killed in WW2 I turned it off.

    Anyone with half a brain knows the holocaust is a hoax.

    Damn propagand

    1. James Naish

      Pretty stunningly good hoax if you ask me. Check out the camps at Auschwitz - kudos to any hoaxer who's bothered to build those!

  34. DaftAida

    The people have never, ever, wanted war. Ask TPTB how long they have striven and in so many ways have they contrived to convince man that the proposterous was necessary. Ideologies had to be programmed in, such as national pride and now Global Green Peace warriors - here to save the planet and us from ourselves. This is how the rubber leaves the road on reason and sanity. Desertion, evasion, suicide - all were prefereable to killing another human being. The people of Britain said NO to the invasion right up until it happened; couldn't believe it went ahead anyway. The people of America never wanted either the first, second or this endless war. We are programmed to believe. To beLIEve that the eternal truths they hail to our hearts are nothing but a powerful hook to gain our heart-felt support for whatever gross atrocity they rob us to pay for. They are in vacant possession of our senses and have carte' blanche' to do what they will. Why, as you point out, we can't even be bothered to do the math. Our children's minds are hopelessly polluted with wargame technologies; we are losing our ability to survive though losing our abilities to feel and interconnect through common empathy. The media demonises those from among us and our empathy is twisted to outrage in joining condemnatory actions; the consequences of which reverberate beyond the off-switch on yesterday's news.

  35. D.E. Goodman

    What troubles me is, the American Military is doing exactly this, in Iraq, and now Afganistan. Tell-me HOW do you justify killing innocent men, women, and children that are no more "guilty" of 9/11 than our own children are? This "war on terror" is nothing more than an ILLEGAL-EXCUSE of genocide of people who've done nothing to us. IF, and I say IF, because I don't buy-into "cave-dwellers" doing what they were "accused" of; especially considering 7 of the SO-CALLED-HIJACKERS are STILL alive, then only the "19" should have been TRIED. And THEN, sentenced. Now we have THOUSANDS of Iraqi's AND Afgani's WANTING to "get-even." I can't say as I blame them. We've been "carefully MANIPULATED" into allowing the Military Industrial Complex to murder and MAIM 1.5+ MILLION innocent people! No wonder they hate us! "19" people are "to-blame" for 1.5 million deaths? Or is it our own government? Someone please explain this to me. Because I do not "get-it?"

  36. Jaak Wassmuth

    The question, follow the money was never asked here. Holohoax? On the Georgia Guide-stones is plainly stated, "five hundred million people shall live on this earth..." Poisoned food, privately owned water, government sanctioned genocide are all nothing more than cooperate funded eugenics,not to mention wars. If you think that countries have some spiritual connection to the universe, that God said that this piece of dirt belongs to the "cosmic muffin nation," then you are a patriot, a lemming. Remember, each of us create the world we want to live in.. Surf / It's a source / jaak is a verb

  37. John

    War = Genocide and Genocide = War

  38. John

    Nice coherent post DaftAida ....I like it!

  39. DaftAida

    Error - sorry, meant World-War-Too ...

  40. DaftAida

    Well, it IS PBS and zionist-backed AND parading yet another 'survivor of the holocaust'. The figure he gives for casualties of genocidal world-war-won was approaching 100m via the Anglo-American backed Soviet State.All genocide is warfare and warfare is genocide - this is a UN term, first coined, I believe by Emperor Haile Salassi. You can always tell an agenda-backed documentary, if you miss the label, by the isms and schisms such as Genocide vs Warfare. Like John Nash's Game Theory, this Jew is espousing that WE the people, are the psychopathic maniacs, ignoring the fact that vicious MK insurgents, Mossad Intel-trained are the ones wreaking havoc amidst the unarmed, unaware and largely uninvolved. This presentation is sickening, as is its presenter. How he drools over the details ...of his bretheren's handiwork.

  41. Rodrigo

    USA /UN - Mass Murderers.

    This guy is doing a documentary against monsters not seeing he is turning into one. Hoping USA intervenes militarily in countries. What a short sighted guy. Descendent of victims.
    Tha's how it happens, right here.

  42. jack1952


    Both war and genocide are abominations. However, war is carried on to gain certain objectives. The killing is done, not as the objective, but as a necessity to fulfill these goals. If you stand in the way of what I want, I will kill you. Step aside and I will let you live. Genocide is killing as the objective in itself. Step aside and I will still kill you anyway. Your eradication is my objective. There is no other goal but mass extinction. Both are inherently evil, but genocide takes hatred to a new level.

    1. James Naish

      There's another difference. War tends to take place between two groups of people who are there with the aim of killing each other. Genocide tends to be committed against innocent civilians.

    2. Jack1952

      The purpose of war isn't to kill but to subjugate. Killing is done to weaken and intimidate and when the opposition surrenders a new paradigm is enacted. The enslavement or manipulation of the surrendered peoples. Genocide's goal is eradication. There doesn't seem to be any tangible benefit to the victor except some perverse internal satisfaction and hatred. Refer to the comment of John Adams. Blind hatred. Scariest of all humanity. There is no negotiations or reasoning with this type of individual. One can always pander to the greed and the need for power of most war mongers. It may not be a preferable option but it is possible. Blind hatred will not allow it.

    3. Luis X

      War is the pursuit of geopolitical, demographic, economic or other goals through violence. Politics through other means. By your definition, all inconclusive wars or wars conducted with limited aims (Like the Sino-Indian conflict) are not actual wars since nobody surrendered and nobody was subjugated.

      Genocide is the reason why you're not competing against Neanderthals: early H. Sapiens wiped them out. So... yeah, there's your benefit. Hell without genocide America (the continent) would look very different.

      See that's kind of why historians and researchers are supposed to be dispasionate about these things. An agenda (moral, religious, political) warps perception of the facts. Genocide is common throught history, we've just gotten very, very efficient at it since the industrial revolution, and societies at large have become sensitized to it.

    4. jander half

      War is inevitable. It may morph into many different forms...maybe even into non-kinetic forms such as cyber war. But it is still a controlled violence that is inevitable in one form or another. In contrast, however, I believe that genocide (using the definition of actual murder of an entire ethnic group) is definitely preventable. We have no reason to not stop genocide from occurring. If your statement is representative of an apathetic view on the ability to prevent or stop genocide, then I vehemently disagree. If it wasn't, then my misunderstanding.

    5. Luis X

      I appreciate your polite tone, well rationed argument and commendable compassion.

      What I said was not meant as discouragement, but as a reality check of sorts. Nobody except extremists likes the idea of entire cultures or ethnicities being wiped out, but nobody but extremists likes going to war or nationbuilding either, and when it comes to stopping genocide it may come to that. Take Rwanda, most of the genocide was carried out with machetes, so an embargo wouldn't have stopped it. An army would have. And so in order to stop genocide, we might have to embrace war, at least ocassionally, much like a policeman knows he might have to kill or die in his job.

      So the question isn't "Do you like genocide?" or "do you think it's normal?". The question is "Are you prepared and willing to fund interventions, to go yourself or send your children to fight, kill and potentially be crippled or killed, perhaps to fail at the end on that principle?"

      Because if you're not, toying with the idea of "safe zones" or intervention as the U.N. regularly does only concentrates survivors and makes the job easier for would be mass murderers. The people you're trying so humanely to help would be better off if you canned the speeches and use the budget those U.N. bureaucrats waste bickering into giving would-be victims AK-74s and ammo. At least the other side will think twice about the cost of attemping to slaughter them.

  43. princeton

    I honestly do not believe there to be a difference between war and genocide.. If you look throughout history.. most wars directly cause & can be pretty much labeled as genocide because ummm.. the point of war is to kill people, whether in costumes or not it is still the same act. kill people because you want something of theirs or you don't like what they are doing.. its a large scale murder party where thousands of people are involved and without a doubt civilians do suffer, whether it be financially, emotionally or physically.
    Its kinda like the idea of "the rules of war/engagement" lol what nonsense... like there can actually be rules to going around and killing people. its all $hit-c0ckery in my opinion.. and any soldier who donates his body and mind to be brainwashed by corrupt and crooked politicians so that he may be used as their weapon for a measly paycheck.. is a vile creature that hardly deserves any sympathy.

  44. Rina Ralls

    Humanity is so bankrupt I am sometimes ashamed of belonging to the human race that does these atrocities. It makes us worse than animals. And we're all to blame. By keeping quiet and ignoring what goes on is just as guilty.

  45. krissto

    ...well....if you recalculate, you gonna see that USA is the greatest mass murderer, nation killer in our solar system.....

  46. Julio Riquelme

    Good comment by D:E: and power have made fools of us all...greed...they want trillions crazy b*stards...F*ck the wars...some day as you say it will come to an end...soon I hope...

  47. D.E. Goodman

    Someone here said, "I wonder who's next to be exterminated?" US....that's who! The soldiers that were in Iraq, and then Afganistan, are in training for when they come HERE and do to "we the people" that they've been doing to the innocent men,. women, and children in those counties. If these "boys" can be brainwashed into murdering babies in Iraq, Afganistan, and other countries we no longer read about in the "controlled media,"they will have little trouble murdering their OWN PEOPLE! Get ready American, because when they come home, and they will, WE are next!

  48. jack1952

    I can't believe that a person could watch this documentary and still not understand the difference between war and genocide. Worse yet, following a film that is trying desperately to eliminate these horrors, some people actually respond by venting their own political and racial bias. The lack of intelligence and sensitivity demonstrated by some of these posts are nothing short of unbelievable.

  49. John

    Yes yes....very sad stuff and great to see that a zionist is finally acknowledging that the jews were not the worste afflicted in this theme...but how about pointing that self righteous finger at the systematic killing and destruction of the Palestinians and their country by the JEWS..forget the cowardly killing in Iraq and Afganistan by (Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Pearle, the penguin Kissinger, Libby, Haas et al)..No international intervention here comment on this ha...Long live the SERBS...Pursecution of any people based on race is abhorent..killing of women and children appalls me in any sense for any reason....there can be no reason for this...and lets also forget how many Serbs the Jewish US ended up killing through their bombings (Albright et al)
    Catholics readily embraced Hitlers philosophies....the Serb people protected Jews in WW2 and were on the side of destroying the Nazis....forget the Croation Ustashi that mutulated Serb Women and Children in WW2...forget that the Albanian forces did the same....
    Human beings such as this reporter make me cringe for the reason that there is no balance in the reporting.. and a lack of true insight..and yet he does not realize that it is possible that his race may be promulgating alot of the hatred and despotism that exists in the rest of the world but at least he did not just harp on the holocaust (which did happen...I am not a denier or a revisionist)...Most serbian people are 'salt of the earth' types and most would never participate in the horrendous acts portrayed in this movie...I would write a coherent 10 page essay but I'm a little upset!!! Apologies to those I offend!!

  50. coyote03

    @ Abrahams Son

    While I understand what you are saying, I don't agree. This documentary continually highlighted the fact that the perpetrators of these heinous acts didn't see their victims as being human or on the same 'level' as they were, in many cases they are viewed as inferior because of their religion or culture. When you're brainwashed to believe something is true, you're far past the stage of just saying 'no'. In many cases, if you did say no, you were simply killed as well or completely shunned and segregated from the rest of society. Humans are very strongly influenced by others, what we perceive as right and wrong can sometimes be overridden in group scenarios or greatly changed by the rationalization of 'us vs them'.

    We all come from the same place, genetics have proven that with 100% certainty. Hopefully in the future people like John Adams will realize that racist, ignorant fools like himself that breed hatred and mistrust only fuel these atrocities.

  51. Abrahams Son

    Trying to explain genocide by looking at one nationality, race or religion always leads us away from the answer. These are HUMAN acts against other humans no matter what the motivation is. They cannot be blamed on the Nazi's, The Christians or the Jews. Each individual always makes a choice. No matter how "brainwashed" they are they still have the option to say no. If you disagree then you are saying no human is ever responsible for anything they do because they are always influenced by their past experiences.

  52. Brett

    @ John Adams
    It saddens me that all you got from this movie is to label Goldhagen as a Jewish researcher selling his Holohoax fable.
    One can argue about the actual numbers and who did what to who etc but that isn't the point.
    The point is that these things did & continue to happen to predominately weak & innocent people.
    As long as you miss the point and take an "us v them" adversarial position, no benefit comes from any discussion.
    I am a Christian, brought up in the Catholic Church and it is not stretching the truth to say that that Pius XII did not exercise his authority as Pope to save too many Jews facing death. It is not even argued by the church that the "Ratlines" existed during his time & with his knowledge to get nazi genocide perpertrators out of Europe.
    Converse to that, it is also common knowledge to people who study the subject that there is a strong Zionist movement that have done the world few favours in seeking their goals.

    But to make a discussion about the subject of genocide a racial issue actually highlights the point that racial intollerance is evil in itself.
    Jews, Christians, Muslims all have the same common heritage of the Bible patriarchs.
    The old enmity between Jacob & Esau continues so long as we allow it to cloud our thinking.

    Peace to all my brothers from other mothers!

  53. John Adams

    Goldhagan, the same Jewish 'researcher' who insists, in trying to destroy the Catholic church, that one of the greatest Pope’s, Pius XII, was an anti-semite. Goldhagen’s only agenda is to instill guilt into the white Europeans so that he can continue selling his Holohoax fable to keep us under the Zionist yoke. Will he talk about Lenin's willing executioners, who were almost exclusively Jews, and who have the blood of 40,000,000 Christians on their hands?

    I suggest viewers look at the video “Cole in Auschwitz” and the documentary “One Third of the Holocaust” before buying the ‘research’ of this snake oil merchant.

    1. James Naish

      You immediately make yourself out - to any thinking person - to be a non-credible commenter when you bring Goldhagen's Jewish heritage into the discussion.

  54. Barbara

    After watching this powerful and evocative film I was left wondering what people will be next to be targeted for extermination.

  55. d.e.goodman

    It has become increasingly obvious, that there are people in government, (I won'y mention the guilty) that have NO compassion when it comes to the lives of those whom they cannot profit from. If you aren't worth BILLIONS, then you are considered WORTHLESS. I would think when someone gets to a million, or even a few million, that would be sufficient? But NO, the richer some get, the more GREEDY they get. The more they obtain, the more they want. I just do not understand? Millionaires, need-to-be Billionaires. And then Trillion-aires! Makes me want to puke. Even being a Billionaire they NEED MORE "power." Power seems to be even more addictive than money? And the more powerful they become, the more heartless! But WHY? I don't believe in Satan. Thats just a word invented by the GREEDY/RICH. An excuse for their greed. "The Devil made me do it." NO....YOU made you do it. One day, all this will all come to an end. I look forward to that day.....

  56. Mike

    If we are already speaking of genocide, I wonder how one would then label what the United states military and it's coalition of the willing are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    How many innocent civilians have died there directly and indirectly from US Coalition and private contractor weapons and ammunition?

    Now what do you call that if not organized murder?

    My point is that even though it is very important to pay attention to the horrors of the PAST, I think it is even more important to pay attention to what is going on at PRESENT.

    We cannot change history, but we can change the present and that's why I encourage anyone who feels the same to make anti war comments wherever you can.

    Ideas are like seeds, once they take root, something is bound to grow out of it.