Hubble: Universe in Motion

Hubble: Universe in Motion

2015, Science  -   29 Comments
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The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the towering scientific and technological achievements of our age, and it has deepened our capacity for observation and discovery beyond measure. The documentary Hubble: Universe in Motion probes the revelations brought forth from this breathtaking invention, and celebrates its role in forever altering our understanding of the universe.

First launched into orbit in April of 1990, the Hubble telescope remains in operation to this day. It's captured a series of beautiful and fascinating details which may hold the key to comprehending the mysteries of an evolving galaxy. Reaching depths and realms of space never before documented or even imagined, the Hubble has enabled top astronomers tremendous insights into the history and functions of solar systems, black holes, exploding stars, planets and even the possibility of inter-galactic life.

Hubble: Universe in Motion summarizes several of the most profound discoveries made possible by the Hubble. For example, the telescope has successfully traced the violent process of star formation, and offered clues relating to the course of each star's entire life span. Armed with this knowledge, scientists can reasonably predict the future of our own Sun. In another segment of the film, we learn how the unparalleled resolution of Hubble telescope imagery has allowed astronomers the ability to pinpoint characteristics of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies in greater detail than ever before. They've also uncovered the existence of massive black holes residing in the center of the most active galaxies in the universe, examined the most obscure blemishes on Pluto's surface, and basked in the awe-inspiring intricacies of Saturn's majestic rings.

The documentary is populated by the gorgeous and revealing imagery captured by the Hubble telescope over the last quarter of a century. In that brief amount of time, the Hubble has answered many of the questions that have long plagued the most ardent astronomy enthusiasts, and inspired new queries that had not previously been considered. The film uses clear and crisp narration to explain complex scientific concepts, and offers precious insight into the origins of the universe and our place within it.

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NASA, Space, Not as you know it.
1 year ago

NASA is one of the biggest deceptive organizations created by man. All of the imagery of "space" is CGI, rendered, fake. Show the boot-leg photos oh that's right you can't, neither can they. Have any of yall seen Mars, Saturn, the Moon through your own telescope? The Bible says there are waters above and a firmament to divide the waters from the waters which is called heaven. Can man get to heaven without having passed from this life given to us by the LORD on earth?

The love of money is the root of all evil.

Follow the money. People are greedy, who knew?

3 years ago

Galileo didn't invent the telescope he perfected the telescope.

3 years ago

All this talk about what scientist call the distant stars and density gas is a bunch of bull crap. Never forget NASA murdered at least 14 Americans

4 years ago

hey David, since then we build it and it works very fine, thanks for the idea dude

5 years ago

Mark is right. Watch any doc on NDE's

5 years ago

Hahaha! The rabid forces of intolerant fools attacking someone like Mark for daring to express the obvious. Snowflakes eventually fall to ground and disappear. Kudos to Mark!

5 years ago

Nice Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. That's all it is. Real images are just pixels. So everything you see is just what people assume it'll look like. If you don't take things too serious it's an ok watch to pass some time.

6 years ago

How DARE you, Mark. I am really offended right now. Like I can't even believe it. I made an account just to tell you. How DARE you. Wow. Just wow.

God is a female.

6 years ago

I really wish Morgan Freeman narrated this one.....

6 years ago

That said, the documentary does an amazing job at showing the incredible beauty and mysteries of the universe. Regardless of one's worldview, the HD images and animations of deep space just fill you with awe and amazement of how this all came into existence. Absolutely worthwhile to watch.

6 years ago

The intolerance and arrogance of some here towards people who hold a different opinion is just disgusting. Freedom of expression goes both ways. Really pathetic.

6 years ago

Agree with you guys,forget about that God guy living in the sky watching everything do every day and every minutes...just enjoy the doc..Like george carlin said ,all my prrayers are not answer,its God will,,so its like a big wast of time then,, enjoy that,lifes easier..up there no one came back with a voucher down on chill,no god ,just bullsh*t..

dirk venema
6 years ago

great and fantastic

7 years ago

If space is really time/space as scientists assert. And if instead of an eternal expansion there is then a "big crunch" where after many billions of years of expansion the universe is gravitationally contracting. Then time of time/space would also be contracting until the past becomes again the present...

7 years ago

A-mazing! But how insignificant we all are compared to the universe all around us.
Beautiful piece of art.

7 years ago

David: To my limited understanding you can't observe an object without a time-distance factor unless there is a wormhole shortcut. Observation through a wormhole has not been invented yet and neither has speed beyond light.

7 years ago

David, The fact that i understood what your saying even though you used no punctuation is impressive

7 years ago

Well said Alex

Plat the Imvaler
7 years ago

@mark: I hope he's wearing pants!
It is beautiful though..

7 years ago

if you where on a planet 30 light years of away from earth and could capture holographic recording of space and zoom in on earth doing it this way this rather than zooming in with a telescope because if looking with a telescope the observer will travel on a observational perspective through time space that is relative too the distance of light where the space is viewed from within the beam of light that connect to the present day to a view of the past , thus looking at earth with a powerful telescope would allow the observer to view the same relative perspective we are experiencing whilst when zooming in on the holographic recording would l allow the observer to view the events taking place on earth from a point of 30 years in the past from the present time space the observer is perceiving within, with using this method and by sending a probe or using an amazing telescope you could both have a view of earth 30 years in the past and a view of the present day

7 years ago

Beautiful documentary... however I'm a little confused when they conclude that the universe will eventually expand into nothingness. If galaxies are colliding and grouping together on fillaments, maybe that is their way of surviving the expansion powers of dark energy? I highly doubt it will all just evaporate some time in the distant future, no matter how much the universe expands. Light and energy are key components to life, so it would make more sense to conclude that they will always find a way to exist.

7 years ago

Why did you have to say that mark? Why can't you just enjoy the documentary, instead of antagonise people? This is a science documentary, if you want to praise your god go to church.

8 years ago

Don't sully this with comments about an imaginary man in the sky from a fiction book written 2000 years ago

8 years ago

Really beautiful work. And God is in control of it all, from beyond in a place called heaven that makes all this beauty pale in comparison. Imagine how beautiful God himself is.

8 years ago

Great star gazing, real and animated

8 years ago

I love SpaceRip =)

Sandra C.
8 years ago

Very informative and beautiful to watch. A must see!