Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography

Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography

2016, Biography  -   14 Comments
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What do we really know about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? We may glimpse flattering images from his own self-produced propaganda, and we may be aware of the villainous lore which has mushroomed around his identity in the West, but very few hard facts have been made available about his upbringing and the events that may have shaped his worldview. Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography seeks to fill in those gaps. It's a fascinating portrait that manages to demystify this important and enigmatic figure.

The youngest son of former leader Kim Jong-il, he received his formative education in Switzerland. His classmates and teachers - some of whom are interviewed in the film - recall him as a perfectly pleasant, yet sometimes rowdy student with a keen interest in basketball and video games.

He was ill-prepared to inherit his father's mantle of power. But upon his father's death in 2011, that's exactly where he found himself, and his ascent quickly placed him on the international stage. He was just 26 years of age. His first actions were viewed by many as a barbaric slap against tradition as he executed his father's closest advisor, and terminated many additional members of the old guard. He recruited only those who stood unquestioning and unfailing in their loyalty to him.

The film's tone becomes increasingly foreboding when portraying his attempts to escalate his country's military might. He quickly doubled down on his father's quest to become a nuclear power, enhanced recruitment and training of North Korean soldiers, and successfully implemented a series of damaging cyber-attacks upon his enemies.

In spite of these extreme courses of action, many of the dictator's countrymen view him as a deity. Could this be the result of a brainwashed population taken in by a carefully constructed propaganda machine? The United States intelligence officials who are interviewed in the film seem to think so.

Featuring candid interviews from those with first-hand knowledge, and a wealth of footage that proves revealing for what it doesn't show, Kim Jong-un: The Unauthorized Biography is a must-see for those who wish to learn more about the elusive leader who towers over this perilous region of the world.

Directed by: Anthony Dufour

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Alva Palin
5 years ago

How come no matter where the footage of North Korea comes from there is only ONE fat person. I scan all the backgrounds looking for any. Not even the so called wealthy people. This leader is such a joke, like we can't tell all this is nothing but propaganda. His body language doesn't lie. Even the people in this documentary have to spin this in his favor for fear of reprisal. The guy is a psychopath. Soon as he got in office, he had his uncle executed to show everybody he will be taken serious. The whole world knows how infantile his behavior is. He rules by fear and fear alone. I have no doubt he wouldnt have a friend on earth if he was suddenly exiled.

Paul Hodge
5 years ago

There are many arguments to the questions raised in this documentary. In the process of discerning likely outcomes a further avalanche of questions will hamper progress towards unification on North and South Korea.

I think there is a need to reflect on the geopolitical tension that were mounting before the Korean War. The Cold War between the U.S. and Russia had both superpowers jostling for superiority by persuading other nations to align with their political ideology. Both sides assessed the Korean peninsula as a point on the global map that had significant military and tactical advantage.

When one is to reflect on history it will be seen that nations/countries that are incapable of defending itself against a superpower would rather submit than do battle. During WWII the Japanese and the Russians had invaded Korea and the civilian population suffered immensely. The trauma of war was still raw in the Korean psyche. The aftermath of the war left the country in a precarious position to be exploited once again by the opposing superpowers. Korea was too weak to oppose the intentions of the power mongering between superpowers that occurred after WWII.

It is no wonder that both North and South Korea did not want a repeat of further invasions by nations that did not have the welfare and prosperity of the Korean people as their priority. Unfortunately, the competing superpowers had already decided how the Korean nation would be divided after the WWII. Throughout history the same principle of divide and conqueror was used in other parts of the world. Take for example the Middle East and Central Europe after WWI; also the annexation of Vietnam after WWII.

Look at the facts:
1. The United States was the first and only nation to use nuclear weapons on two occasions to destroy homes and kill thousands of civilians.
2. The balance of world power was checked by Russia developing nuclear weapons.
3. Other countries followed the example of the two major superpowers and thus created the arms race.

All-the- while Korea was powerless to act to become a world player and so had to bow to the demands of whichever superpower had the mind to exploit the Korean people.

Now to the present day:

Nations that have and control the leading technologies and means of production will not tolerate North Korea having a stake in the world economy. There are already a surplus of ambitious countries climbing over one another to provide consumers with goods and services. Natural resources are being exploited at a rate that is reaching a point of unsustainably. Ecosystems on land and sea are showing signs of stress. Carbon emissions are rising and keep rising.

Globalisation and the interdependence of world finance have created an environment of stiff completion between the Socialist and Capitalist states. The planet is under a growing strain to feed the appetite for power and domination. Developing countries are being suppressed by those nations that want to stay on top of the pile. Here lies the central reason that North and South Korea will not be allowed to become one nation and to reclaim the prosperity and self-determination it once had back in time.

Paul Hodge
5 years ago

The contrast between Eastern Cultures and Western Cultures has caused centuries of suspicion, distrust and military tensions that have resulted in open warfare. Both have evolved in isolation with each culture competing for dominance.

However, in 21st Century information technology has infiltrated and corrupted each culture to a certain degree. The Internet and social media have armed both sides with the means of debasing one over the other further widening the gap.

While one culture was ignorant of the other the two sides remained autonomous and able to flourish. No comparisons were made between the two and both political regimes had no concerns relating to state security.

Nevertheless, trade between the two cultures has enabled both to intermingle and profit. Desire for greater power and wealth with the goal of world domination would eventually destabilize peace and co-operation.

During centuries past each culture created civilisations and independent states of powers and control. Each culture had centralised political power that exploited its own citizens by class divisions such as the peasantry who were subject to overarching lordships and monarchical tyranny. When that was not enough the Mighty would invade and conqueror other weaker states and herd slaves to live out their often short lives without dignity and self-determination.

The divine right to rule over peoples and dominions was enforced with dire consequences to any group or individual who stood against law and order. The same law and order was constructed to benefit the privileged minority and sustain their power over the masses.

When modern day governments are examined there is evidence that demonstrate that power and wealth are still controlled by a minority whose identity is confidential and even secret.

Instead of resorting to open reprisals of death and destruction to anyone who opposes the status quo (according to their rules of governance) both democratic and non-democratic governments manage to misinform the masses to have them believe that without the wisdom of the ruling elite society would turn to chaos.
However, in the background hidden from public scrutiny, the elite are constantly devising an array of fraudulent deceptions to further increase their wealth and power. After all they are only insecure and phobic human beings with the one exception – they are becoming increasingly unconnected and have no empathy for the rest of humanity.

All of the above is the reason the world is caught up in a merry-go-round of destruction and re-construction. However, gone are the days of bows and arrows and hand-to-hand combat. You can work out the rest on your own. One final warning – there will be no place to hide.

Paul Hodge
5 years ago

Kim Jong-un has made sure that he has been politically educated in ways that are similar to Politicians of Western democracy. It takes one to know one as the saying goes. The West is critical of North Korea because they themselves have a political culture not unlike North Korea but the West has disguised their malevolent persona so cunningly. The West has promoted individualism and materialism to divide and subjugate the population using the psychology of fear and self-indulgence. Whereas North Korea has done the opposite and its beginning to worry the West. Imagine what America could achieve if its population was as united as the North Koreans. There is no denying what North Korea has achieved has come with a huge sacrifice on the part of its people but it will pay off in the long run. North and South Korea should ignore what the West wants and seek peace on their own terms.

6 years ago

I don't know why Switzerland allowed Kim Jong Un to study in their country. His family is responsible for mass deaths in N. Korea. Clearly a Western education doesn't have a positive impact on a potential dictator. Shame on Switzerland.

I also don't know why someone in N. Korean leadership doesn't just take Kim out. No one is safe around him, not even the inner leadership circle. He had his own uncle executed. He's clearly a pyscopath & megalomaniac. Even some Nazis tried to assassinate Hitler. Are there no brave heroes on N. Korea willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to eliminate the worst evil in N. Korea?

Mark Gaboury
6 years ago

High marks for the producer. He did what he could with the little that he had.

6 years ago

North Korea needs to allow freedoms, such as freedom of the press, allow Christianity into the country, free enterprise and democracy this would be better for the North Korean people!.

6 years ago

North Korea needs to allow freedom, such as freedom of the press, allow Christianity, allow free enterprise,this would be better for the North Korean people!.

6 years ago

Interesting documentary, although it goes a bit too quickly over Kim's life in Switzerland. I would have liked to hear more about that part of his life. Interesting synopsis.

sonny corbi
6 years ago

bravo well done !

Roger Andout
6 years ago

As best I could judge, an unbiased account and not too shabby at all.

Rick Rosa
6 years ago

There's scant documentarian G2 on Kim Jong-un. This one's the best I've viewed. A well-crafted, drill-down look at this intriguing fellow. One of many fascinating aspects of this recent doc: The juxtaposition of current-leader grandson to nation-founder grandfather. If you're interested in one of our world's ongoing melodramas, it's a must-see.

6 years ago

The dude is not "idolized"- "Worshipped as a god"- "Magnetically drawn to"... And I'm not certain the No. Korean citizenry is generally brainwashed. Not completely. I am convinced they absolutely terrified. They dare not show the same insane and fake 'idolatry' of this kid. Lest they be executed in some gruesome fashion. No one is immune or safe from his murderous whims. No one is safe from being reported by another desperate, fellow citizen. The people know this and will comply to stay alive. Simple as that. (left same comment on YouTube)

Charlie B
6 years ago

Trying to use the WMD scare tactic again. There is only one country who has ever used nukes on civilians and they are trying to be in control of who has nukes? Silly ass people.