A Life in Japan

A Life in Japan

2013, Society  -   52 Comments
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Ever wondered how it would be to live in Japan? In this documentary a variety of foreigners tell about their experiences, likes and dislikes.

It's not a complete picture of Japan of course. You will see the country through the eyes of a few, mostly western, foreign residents, who have stayed in Japan between a few months and several decades.

The intention was not to try to give an objective all encompassing picture of Japan, but to let you experience it through personal opinions and experiences of different people.

The interviewees had the chance to speak freely, within loose frames, about the topics of their choice.

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david walton wright
2 years ago

This may be off-topic for this space of comments but in another area many were comparing Hiroshima and Pearl Harbor, the "sneak attack," as they say. For one thing that was used as propaganda to get Americans to accept a war they didn't really want. For another, and this is more important, I think: the US does this often. But when they do they don't call it a sneak attack. They call it a "preemptive strike."

5 years ago

I've just decided to take a trip there this spring, Cherry Blossom time.

Lorenzo Jones
8 years ago

We should all be students of history. Historically there is a wide separation between the culture of ordinary Japanese and the warrior class history. No country including the USA is exempt from major mistakes in foreign policy. Lots of terrible decisions are made based on errs of understanding. (the war against Native Americans for example). From my limited experience, the Japanese People are honorable, energetic, creative, artistic, and extremely talented. Their cuisine, their bonsai, their architecture, and art is venerable.

8 years ago

Jeez who made this propaganda? I've lived in Japan over twenty years (China three) and while there are a lot of great things about Japan, it's not the paradise they make it out to be here. While the Japan bashing of the 80's/90's was exaggerated, there is of course a very black side to Japan as well that is quite real.

8 years ago

I loved this video. Thank You for posting it. Thank you for showing the variety of opinions from varied cultural and racial backgrounds as well. Very helpful !!!!!!

Yrwin Ty
9 years ago

It seems odd why the Chinese woman didn't want to have her face shown, and that she said more negative things about Japanese people than good. Conflict perhaps? I've lived in Japan for a bit and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia that I have been to! I knew basic Japanese before I went. People have language barriers there yes, but wow people there are super kind and super nice. Sometimes more than my own!

9 years ago

Is it just me or is the guy in the fedora who talks about going to the English style pub a little bit of a creep with an Asian fetish? Everytime he talks more creepy words come out.

lisa renee
9 years ago

Great film.

kieran gallagher
9 years ago

found this a great documentary it's great when they give people a free reign of what they talk about.

Julia Dufaj
10 years ago

Very well done documentary, giving what seems like a well-rounded view of living in Japan as a foreigner. I think the graciousness, the manners, the respectful way of life would be very good. I do think I would miss the acceptance of radical individualism, but everything's a trade-off. The U.S.. has many defects that get to me every day. I would like to see someone make an analysis of how the change was made from a samurai/war lord society, in which most interactions appeared to be through grunting and drawing swords, to this quiet, mannerly culture. Seems very different today.

Gordon Giroux
10 years ago

such nice people. so sad and cowardly to drop the bomb on them, nice goin yanky-doodle

10 years ago

Great documentary!! Very interesting points of view.

10 years ago

I like how this documentary gives a non-biased view of living in Japan and doesn't glorify or vilify it, which often happens. The truth is that living in Japan is entirely subjective but has both good and bad sides, many of which are accurately tackled by the filmmaker.

seamus watson
10 years ago

Their food looks disgusting.

10 years ago

I like the way the "foreigners" accept not being fully accepted. They're like, "Okay, I can have this much." And that's enough.

10 years ago

Beautiful xx

10 years ago

Very interesting video, it appears I have misjudged Japan BUT this video portrays nothing on Japanese nationalism, nevertheless Japanese culture seems superior in most ways compared to Western values. . Would still like to see a lot less over-fishing on the behalf of the Japanese fishing industry.

10 years ago

Thank you Vlatko.  

Japan is certainly a great place to live. It's beautiful, unique, efficient, clean and the people are wonderful and really look out for each other. Feel safer here than anywhere else in the world!

10 years ago

Seems they're doing good, they should keep it that way. Don't let foreigners ruin it.

John Marus
10 years ago

very good documentary, loved it!

10 years ago

living in a foreign country like this must be very exciting but also it must to be hard to use to it

10 years ago

Very nice documentary. I've met people who taught for some of the language schools there, but they never seem to feel so free to discus or portray their experiences as the people in this documentary.

10 years ago

There is a whole world of things the West could stand to learn from Japan, and the East, in general. Also... a number of things we could all stand to unlearn. If you watch this documentary (which may not be everyone's cup of tea, as it's largely just more or less ordinary folks talking about everyday things), you'll be certain to pick up on many of them. Made me miss the time I spent in the East back in the 80's and 90's, that's for sure. I really enjoyed this one.

edit- Btw, just as a silly aside, I'm listed as #2 on a Japanese language website of the world's top contributors of 3-diminsional puzzles for the game PQ2.
o/ Yay!

John Krisfalusci
10 years ago

Great documentary~! But for some strange reason, I have a feeling I've seen this before... I just can't remember where... >.<

Oh and P.S. no gun deaths here... EVER so Japan here I come ^_^