Making a Murderer: Eighteen Years Lost
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Making a Murderer: Eighteen Years Lost

2015, Crime  -   15 Comments
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The highly acclaimed Netflix original documentary series Making a Murderer has riveted millions of armchair sleuths and ignited a grassroots movement around the plight of its principle character - Steven Avery. Sent to prison for a sexual assault against which he unwaveringly protested his innocence, he was later freed based on DNA evidence after serving 18 arduous years of his sentence. Law enforcement, having suffered the embarrassment of a botched case, is even more displeased when Avery decides to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Manitowok County, Wisconsin in retaliation for his unlawful imprisonment.

But on the eve of this costly legal action, police arrest him once again. This time, the charge is murder. Is Avery innocent of this crime as well - as he so vehemently claims - and do these new charges indicate a frame-up by the shamed police force? Or is he really the monster that law enforcement, and many weary residents throughout his small town, believe him to be?

The first episode of this ten-part series - titled Eighteen Years Lost - opens on Avery's triumphant return home after serving a long stint in prison. His Herculean struggles, coupled with the unusual circumstances surrounding his conviction and eventual exoneration, have made him a bit of a local celebrity. Avery appears to take it all in stride, and seems eager to put his life back in order alongside his loved ones. But readjusting to the outside world presents more challenges than he may have originally anticipated.

Like expert and cunning crime novelists, directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos begin to weave the complicated and colorful backstory of Steven Avery and his eccentric family. We learn of their outsider status within the community, and hear from townspeople who regarded them with curiosity and skittishness. When a woman survives a brutal rape and attempted murder in the black of night, and later fingers Steven Avery as the culprit in a police line-up, the news strikes some as not at all surprising.

The events surrounding his initial arrest and sloppy conviction are captivatingly detailed in the first episode. As the cops close in on Avery for a second time - this time for a heinous murder they believe was committed on his property - we've been thoroughly entranced by the unfurling of a sinister mystery, and a troubling peek inside a deeply flawed criminal justice system.

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5 years ago

Didn't own any underwear? This is indicative of behavior found by people that want to wear their buster browns all around town!

7 years ago

About the cat incident... When I was younger some of my friends at the time were throwing rocks at some poor pigeons in a barn.. I threw a rock because I wanted to fit in.. I didn't look to see if it hit.. I hoped it didn't.. I probably missed.. but I regret it to this day and feel guilty about it 7 or 8 years later. If you can intentionally harm an animal without regret you are a f**king weirdo who would probably kill anything if you thought you would get away with it just to feel superior... the people who don't see the issue with that are not really any better.

7 years ago

Guilty or innocent (innocent in my opinion) there's no denying the two of them didnt get a fair trial and the apparent experts investigating the case should be made accountable for the botched evidence. And kreepy krass makes my skin crawl

7 years ago

Once set a cat => make him guilty !
Winter Andresen, you should submit your resume to to this DA office.

Ty Davidson
7 years ago

Sometimes people do things because they are just young, immature and ignorant at the time. Those actions we did when we were young doesn't define who we are today. Him doing what he did to that cat based on the personality they presented just shows that he was dumb and foolish at the time. But if you pay attention his previous crimes were against things and people he was familiar with not random strangers.

7 years ago

winter andresen:
To be clear since you can't seem to see past it at all, cruelty toward an animal can be a 'sign' of psychopathy. A potential warning sign, and nowhere near as conclusive as you're claiming.

There's also cultural, educational, as well as generational contexts to be considered in understanding treatment toward animals as well. Not that it can excuse it as such, but so that one can understand why animals are devalued in certain peoples minds.

7 years ago

you people are stupid if you think because a person hurt a cat in there past that they are a murder. all it really says is at that moment he had it with the cat! I'm not saying it was right to do but where do you get off saying because someone hurt a cat they must of killed someone?! my 19 yr old ex boyfriend hit his cat over the head with a hammer....he IS not a killer today. JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE HAD POOR JUDGEMENT IN THE PAST doesn't mean that is who they are. enough about your stupid cat theory PLEASE!!!

7 years ago

@winter anderson. I read both yourself and Eddy's comment's and strongly just want to say "I do not want to get in to a facebook fight"...So you can obviously react to this how you want, but just letting you know there will be no repercussions from my end if that's how you want to take it.But i have to seem to be missing the main point, if not some hugely important other point's of injustice in the case. Why you would go off on a tangent about the cat incident....quiet frankly has me baffled?. What Avery did there was cruel and F#%ked up!......But last time i checked it was not against the law to be a psychopath?.

winter andresen
7 years ago

Eddy - He burned a cat alive. Probably not the first time. On average, a person who has been caught committing a crime, has already done the same thing 50 times before. People who torture and kill animals are known to victimize humans as they progress through the phases of their mental illness, where they feel supreme as they hurt others. Cats are a female symbol to them. Therefore these unfortunate creatures suffer disproportionally at the hands of The Future Serial Rapist/Killers Of America club. The only exception are individuals who are so stupid that they will commit sickening acts if others encourage them. Eddy, you want to show me that this undifferentiated bag of vomit was nothing more than a jerk. I think I need proof.

Ton in NL
7 years ago

A local jury is not working well for asociaal, not criminal, people. They are outcast in the community and that is their only crime. You need another law system to protect this people from being hanged by the crowd.

Ton in NL
7 years ago

A local jury is not working well for asociaal, not criminal, people. They are outcast in the community and that is there only crime. You need another law system to protect this people from being hanged by the crowd.

7 years ago

@winter andresen
If you lack empathy for others, you are: a jerk
If all you took away from this doc was your exaggerated version of the cat incident, youre just brain-dead

7 years ago

The more "me" people we have the more we people that do care are in trouble

ray robbins
7 years ago

how many innocent people have been wrongfully convicted and lost everything? The american justice system only works for the wealthy.

winter andresen
7 years ago

He burned a cat to death for fun. For those who don't understand why this is a problem, it means he lacks empathy for others. If you lack empathy for others, you are:


The only mistake the cops made was letting him out.