Marc Dutroux: The Monster of Belgium

Marc Dutroux: The Monster of Belgium

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Marc Dutroux - The Monster of BelgiumMarc Dutroux (born 6 November 1956 in Brussels) is one of the sickest human beings ever born.

He is a Belgian criminal, convicted of having, in 1995 and 1996, kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused six girls, ranging in age from 8 to 19, four of whom died as a result.

He was also convicted of having killed a suspected former accomplice, Bernard Weinstein.

He was arrested in 1996 and has been in prison since then. His widely publicized trial took place in 2004. A number of shortcomings in the Dutroux investigation caused widespread discontent in Belgium with the country's criminal justice system, and the ensuing scandal was one of the reasons for the reorganization of Belgium's law enforcement agencies.

The Belgium government's failure to capture him nearly caused a revolution. Did the govt prevent his capture? Was there a cover up? Watch and decide for yourself.

Warning: You may find some of the details in this documentary disturbing.

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  1. M Williams

    Sadly…in 2019, this evil is still going strong this very day, even more so. I brought my 16 year old son with me to Amsterdam, and he was almost abducted by two men. I will never forgive myself, we were at a restaurant and he went to the bathroom, they chased him out of the restaurant, and into the streets where he gave them the slip. Here I am 3 years later and I still can’t get this out of my mind. I can imagine the horror of trying to get Netherlands finest to do anything about it…there queen is more than likely complicit in most of this satanism garbage.

  2. ST Fortner

    The official in charge “Someone involved with a large & very wealthy sex-trafficking ring to sell little girls would not carry out a kidnapping in a ramshackled van just for himself”...
    Why not? These children were disposable objects & easy to procure, which is exactly why MD would do this for his own pleasure & not only for those elites he worked for. It doesn’t seem this policeman was motivated to find the truth in the end & his dismissal of Regina Louf made him seem slimily corrupt.

  3. Kevin Chamberlain

    Washington DC's streets are laid out in satanic geometry to conjure demons. Should we be surprised the elite are satanists? If course not!

    1. Richelle .Maginley

      What is satanic geometry? I'm sorry, but I never heard this before. Thank you.

  4. Mim

    " vengeance is mine", says the Lord.

  5. dj

    How about your failure to look? Never mind to find.

  6. Sls

    Did Greg and Caroline get Married?


    Several videotapes were also seized from the house that showed Dutroux constructing the secret entrance and the dungeon where the girls were then held.

  8. loulou

    Why would so many associates be working with Dutroux when they, seemingly, received no benefit from it? (i.e. had Dutroux abducted the girls for his own use). The only reason why they would have been involved was because they did receive some incentive to go along with it (i.e. acting on behalf of a larger organisation from which they benefitted financially from procuring the girls). I don't doubt that Dutroux kept Sabinee for himself - he claimed that he was protecting her from others who wanted to kill her (for a failed ransom attempt), however this was simply an embellishment. There is also something disconcerting about the lawyer for Sabine Dardenne, Jean-Philippe Riviere (yes, aside from the fact he is an lawyer). Riviere claims that it is unusual for a person working for a large and wealthy pedophile ring to travel around in a ramshackle van, but why so? It makes less sense for anyone to draw attention to themselves by driving around in a distinctive and expensive car. This is such an obvious reason, yet one that seemingly escapes an experienced prosecutor?

    1. Iris

      As I see you have an aweful lot information..your in kind of questioning????

    2. BabyJajaja

      Exactly! Well said

  9. Jay

    Not at all surprising that there would be a massive cover-up of sick, perverted pedophiles in the home of NATO and headquarters of the EU. I have no doubt that Regina Louf (and all the other witnesses) were telling the truth and that the perversion went all the way to the top echelons of government. Absolutely disgusting. I do, however, find some relief in my faith and the belief that these people will pay dearly for their crimes against children...eventually.

  10. Edwina Minner Saines

    Belgium police wtf!!! and in the 90's....omg

    1. Iris

      Why such a surprise!! Like y'all "Heaven" in Belgium???? Wake the **** up!!! Lazy turn the other cheek

  11. Lisa Covarrubias

    There is no doubt in my in mind that there is a peadophile ring in Belgium and international. The police are apalling and incompatent in everyway. They already had it in their heads that Regina was a liar and not trustworthy. I believe that the police down to the traffic cop was involved. I hope one day that the dead and the living victims and parents get some type of justice.

  12. Paul Iacono

    The reason these ppl are allowed to be protected by the police etc is ...HE Was providing children for the Peadophile rings that are not the average man on the street, but the most powerful of politicians, and police etc.

    DONT Think that this doesnt go on, look at how even with all the evidence they hid, that it very nearly caused major outcry within Europe, but unfortunately THEY are still there in Power and still murdering and abusing children, women and whoever they want to, look how many ppl go missing each year never to be seen again. I tried finding exact figures, but no one will admit them to me. WHY, you would think if so many ppl are going missing someone would want to do something about it.

    1. Sheik1950

      One thing the belgium police are extreemly good in is
      SPEED TICKETS nothing els

    2. P. H.

      If they truth ever comes out, it will shake the rafters high up in the EC, Belgian government and Belgian royal family. It's a massive cover-up. People working on the case tried to report findings to foreign papers but nothing was printed. Others working on the case who knew too much died mysterious deaths. The fact that his evil (now and conveniently ex-) wife has been released under ideal conditions and has announced she wants to study law (at age 55+) is part of the scandal. A former juvenile judge jumped in to help her. The fact she help Dutroux capture, abuse and kill the children doesn't matter. "She served her time" is the ostrich-like response of the non-thinking public. Dutroux keeps asking for his release too. The fact all these monsters have enjoyed protected prison time with all the comforts of home also speaks legions.

    3. J brock

      It goes on world wide. The U.S. is probably one of the worst offenders, with all the money at it's disposal, as well as depts such as CIA, FBI, CPS, DOJ and the State Dept working for them. This is 10 years after your post and it only gets worse and more sophisticated. It's approx about 800,000 to a million people, including children, who go missing in the U.S. alone. Per year! It only gets worse bc those who are supposed to stop it are the perpetrators. Joe Biden shut down Trump's organization to stop the sex trafficking of children. Why???

  13. Damos Abadon

    The video was taken down by fb. UPDATE, please.

  14. alain vassallo

    the girl who had information on the ring , they schould look for the reporters whom discredit her , and make them confess in telling who gave this order

  15. Rolando

    there are certain types of evil in this world which i could never forgive. i would turn into a violent person if i see any of those pedophiles face to face

  16. nino90

    What ya talking about in italy? you pay people for kill children? what explain please..

  17. Brittany

    What was the name of the movie they made of him

  18. Sanatorium

    this was very creepy even if I know that this things happen all the time. At least it's not like in Italy where first you pay and then they kill the child. Anyway this just shouldn't be done, because it's just WRONG! If I just had some names...I'd put an end with only one hand sweep like in the anime fist of the north star(hokuto no ken):P

  19. Greg

    The police are getting a little better at finding some internet pedo's and their groups but if there are people in power doing this stuff I agree a leak in their so called community is the only way to find them. Unless of course one of them screws up so bad they cant cover it up.

  20. Lillyvon


    Thanks. It makes me so angry and I really struggle gettting my head around ANYONE that causes harm to other's, especially children. Those two girls will be effected for the rest of their lives, and the poor families not knowing where their children are - what a living nightmare.

    Yes they are harder to find, but there must be leaks within the 'community' or ways to track them down. I hope there is anyway.

  21. Greg

    Well said Lillyvon
    unfortunately there is a lot of evil in the world and it is in all walks of life. Those positions of power are harder to catch because they have better abilities to stay hidden and as you said they protect each other.

  22. Lillyvon

    I am not one for conspiracy theories for the most part, but I have NO DOUBT WHAT SO EVER there are major powerful pedophile rings across the world, including major political and judicial people who are in them and protect it's members. No doubt at all. For every one child that we hear about dissappearing, there are HUNDREDS in every country that we do not hear about. Where are they? Who is taking them? And why are they never found? We have to all stop thinking everything is sunny and good - there is evil in this world and anyone that hurts, molests, rapes, beats or neglects a child is purly a monster.

  23. zardoz

    @Sumpfkraut Why do you think it is not widespread? Have you checked out the "X dossiers"? It's some pretty shocking info related to the Dutroux affair. Much of the testimony was investigated and found to be accurate (such as details of murders that were never exposed to the public) by the original detectives before they were sacked. Then there's the story of Dyncorp running giant child kidnapping rings in the Balkans reported by mainstream media; widespread sexual abuse of children in the Catholic church and other religious orgs, widely reported. It's true that the vast majority of sexual abuse takes place in homes, committed by relatives and family friends, rather than strangers in trenchcoats. I am also annoyed by the misuse of the term "pedophilia". Age related sexual philias:
    Pedophilia - prepubescent
    hebephilia - pubescent
    ephebophilia - adolescent
    gerontophilia - elderly

    @ Greg and Caroline - Happy holidays :)

  24. Sumpfkraut

    As for theories of paedophile misanthropic conspirating super networks running through society like fungus through earth, by means of personal research I can asure you that their networks do not usually have significant numbers, and are furthermore restricted to fora and social communities.

    Besides, some people need to learn to distinguish between what is classically labelled paedophilia (by those who have at least a slight clue of what they're talking about) and ("true") sadism, which are quite distinct from each other.

    You will be baffled about what you can find out if you just take your time to truly research things. It's very interesting.

  25. Sumpfkraut

    @"Reason's voice"
    >When incest becomes socially acceptable how far behind can pedophilia be?

    Those two are quite different issues only in so far related as that they are sexual preferences - albeit pedophilia is arguably a badly chosen term (though that is not the only problem with the handling of that issue).
    It would make equal sense if I were to claim that we should forbid heterosexual relationships so as to combat the rise of homosexuality.

    I am not quite sure what you consider reason, but personally I have a problem with calling completely illogical usage of informal fallacies as arguments "reason".

  26. Greg

    Thanks Vlatko and Merry Christmas to you, Caroline and everyone else on the site

  27. Caroline



    @greg: caroke[at]earthling[dot]net

    merry christmas by the way ;)

  28. Greg


    I am not very knowledgeable on the subject of all those social newtorking sites but would it not be more dangerous giving out info that could have your real name, location etc than giving out an email address that you don't use anymore. Caroline said after she got an email from me telling her my contact info on the old email address she was going to delete the address ( or at the very least not use it anymore) so bots etc can email and spam her email all they want as she wont care because it isnt an email she will ever use again. This is your site so obviously we must follow and respect your rules but I am just asking you to reconsider letting Caroline post her old email the one time. Although if it is a hard and fast rule you have then thats cool, we will figure something out I am not here to cause trouble

    1. Vlatko

      OK right... @Caroline, post your old email address like this: yournickorwhatever[at]yahooorwhatever[dot]com

  29. Greg


    I dont have an old email I can delete ( I could make up a new hotmail one probably and just use it to get yours then either close it or ignore it after that) or maybe you can try putting your old one back on here and see if it works this time. We do have a lot of unfinished French fry conversation to get to.

  30. Caroline

    greg, i gave an old email address here, so you could send yours there and i would delete the address afterwards. But they deleted that part of my comment.

    I love this website but it really bothers me you cannot contact a person in private, even when they agree to it.

    1. Vlatko


      Do not post your email on a public place (comments on blog, forum, or anywhere else where can be seen).

      If doing so your email will be collected by hundreds if not thousands of bots and placed in various mailing lists and your inbox will be spammed to death.

      So... post your twitter, facebook, linkedin or whatever social network profile you have.

  31. Greg

    I just noticed after clicking the add comment button to post my last paragragh of jibberish at the top it says "your comment is awaiting moderation". I don't remember seeing that before.

  32. Greg

    @zardoz : HAHA see told you i was better looking (easy to say when you have no clue what I look like) than him. And I don't hang out at roller rinks trying to pick up 14 year old girls, I hang out in the parking lot and hit on their moms when they come to pick them up lol. I read a bit on this Fourniret freak you mentioned he is obviously another one of those murdering pedo scumbags. We don't hear anything about European serial killers over here, i guess we have enough home grown ones to fill the newspapers and news shows.

    well i am off to eat some french Fries

  33. zardoz

    @ Caroline & Greg: Actually you guys are right. I just looked through google images for "dutroux" and he's not much to look at. I must have been thinking of particular pic I had seen that seemed flattering. I've been reading quite a bit about this guy Fourniret and I suspect he is not really who he has been presented as by the media (but then I often have suspicions like that). I think he may be more like Dutroux - another procurer for a powerful, possibly Satanic, network in the background. This stuff is actually happening all the time. I was listening to a radio show recently in which the host made the argument that the entire history of the ruling class has been more or less an excuse, an alibi for this group of "privileged" people to engage in pederasty and like crimes.

  34. Caroline

    @ zardoz: i agree, the actor that PLAYS dutroux looks ok ... oh well we all like different colors right? actually i found this path of the discussion as relevant as the previous question about wheater he was a jew or not and almost nauseating, concidering what he did :P

  35. Greg

    If you guys consider this dude to be good looking then I am a super model (nobody so far has mistaken me for Brad Pitt)lol. Seriously the guy is ugly

  36. zardoz

    Even as a non-gay male, I have to agree that he is quite attractive (as I'm sure Greg is, as well). I seem to recall reading that Dutroux's speciality was picking up 14 year olds at ice skating rinks.

  37. Greg

    Thanks Razor

    But how did a discussion on French Fries turn into love lol.

    Ok I dont know how to do this, so I will try it this way. Vlatko can you please give Caroline my email address? If she turns out to be crazier than I am who do I hold accountable? lol

  38. Achems Razor


    Ah, love in the air. Just ask Vlatko to exchange e-mail addys between you and caroline via your e-mail address, Keeps it private.

  39. Greg

    Monica34 He’s sooooo hot omg

    Stop posting comments like that Monica you will make me blush lol

  40. Greg

    @ caroline Re:
    I would love to discuss some more things with you without spamming the discussion board full of uninteresting facts like fries and such. right? :)

    How do you propose we do this? I am cool with the idea but lol I dont think either of us posting our email address so we can talk that way (if that is what you had in mind)in a public forum would be the smartest move. It clearly wouldnt be the dumbest thing I have ever done, not even close in fact lol.

  41. Greg

    @ stef re: As if she was here to enlighten us with what the media has tried to jack into our throat for years

    Caroline was telling me (not people in your country who knew the story and how it was reported) the info that seems to have pissed you off so much after I had asked her about the news coverage etc this story got over there because I dont think it ever got mentioned here in Canada and I wanted to know more about what was said over there. Just like if there was ever a Paul Bernardo (and whatever his wifes name was) documentary on here I would be able to pass on how it was reported to us in the paper or on TV.

  42. leo

    If there would be a kind of registration option here on topdocumentaries which u write ur name and password and logg in. Then if u make a comment and get a response back from it, u will be noticed by the mail.

    as like other sites, as youtube just to meantion one.

    That would be good or any other alternatives which would work.

    1. Vlatko

      I totally agree @leo. That would make things much simpler and easier. I have to include that in "to do" list on TDF. There are about 15 things on that list so far.

      Until then, you can use the check box "Notify me of follow-up comments via email."

  43. me

    There are people all over the world that are involved in this sick practice, all interconnected by a web of power, corruption, and evil... If you really want to have insomnia for a while, check out the Franklin coverup here in the U.S. Or, check out the Process Church. Or, check out the disappearance of Johnny Gosch and the Bush family association...Or, check out the ritual abuse by the Catholic church...Or, check out the book Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry. Luciferianism at its finest, in high places...Great documentary, BTW.

  44. Caroline

    GREG What would i do without you? sticking up for me like that ;)

    I would love to discuss some more things with you without spamming the discussion board full of uninteresting facts like fries and such. right? :)

  45. Caroline

    @ monica: who, dutroux??? :P

  46. Caroline

    @ reasons voice: man man... you obviously never had Duvel :D

  47. Caroline

    @ stef..... LOL disinfo??? i thought this was a place to discuss opinions :P read all posts before you react :P

    and you are right... im sorry for forgetting the German speaking belgians ;)

  48. Monica

    He's sooooo hot omg

    1. pinkloveX3

      OMG!!!!! how can you say something like that??????????????????? whats rong with u? he killed and abused children, u know what i think is even more obnoxious than mark , its poeple like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Greg

    So not only did you

    Hmmm know idea what that means or why it is there

  50. Greg

    Stef, Caroline initially said there wasn't a cover up but if you look at her next post it said this.

    hmmm now that ive seen it… it makes me wonder if the cover-up really is true. They did made a big effort to prove regina louf wrong and instable.
    i remember the tv and newspapers were full of it all.
    guess we’ll never know for sure.

    So to me it looks like she is a person who is not afraid to speak her mind but more importantly it seems like she is humble and smart enough to admit to people that after receiving further information on something she may have been incorrect in her first assessment of the situation. Plus I think the way you called her out may have been a bit harsh but hey thats just how I read it

    So not only did you

  51. stef

    Don't listen to Caroline and her disinfo spreading please. There was certainly a huge cover up orchestrated, this is a fact not even a "conspiracy theory" anymore. But rather then to believe me on my word everyone should look into it and come to their own conclusion.
    The names of some of those pigs can be found on wikileaks. I hope some real life Dexter can do the justice the justice department fails to do.

  52. Achems Razor

    Ah, Contraire! "Moose Jaw beer", as in Canada, is the best beer, 12% alcohol.

  53. Reasons Voice

    Caroline; No chance! Guinness, Harp, Kaputzinerweis, and Sam Smith are the best beers ever.

  54. sal

    corruptions are the veins of the government, more money equals more power...more power means silencing the average person or groups of which question the very existence of secret rings and society's...the problem with most people are beleiving everything that comes out of the box in the corner of their! people become the conditioned product of society what the world leaders and media portray as how one should live,eat,sleep, buy.......fight for your rights and question that of which you do not understand..


  55. Caroline

    @ Duvel: Right! michel fourniret, that was the name... thanks.
    And also now Ronald Janssens, a teacher.
    It's a wonderfull world! :)
    And btw DUVEL RULES :D best beer ever no doubt about it.

    @ Greg: Well, you are right. In Belgium we speak Dutch and French, they met with some french speaking Belgians :)

    I must say i love the dry Canadian attitude hehe... I have some canadian friends and i thought it was their character, but the more canadians i meet the more i am convinced that it is in your peoples blood... maybe i should move there :D

  56. Duvel

    Like my fellow belgian citizen mentioned earlier, an even more macabre case emerged a couple of years after the dutroux. The guy was actually french but living in Belgium. He "hunted" on both belgian and french soils. Yet again his wife was an accomplice to his crimes. You can google his name for more info: Michel Fourniret, the ogre of the ardennes.

  57. Greg

    @ zardoz
    Very interesting, I have never heard that before. Obviously various Governments keep an eye on some sites to see who is talking about what. There is nothing a Government hates more than an informed public with opinions, it makes it more difficult for them to control what we think and say.

  58. zardoz

    It seems that the major argument raised against the conspiracy claims was that Dutroux kept one girl who was rescued (Sabine) for 8 months. But that can be easily explained since the noose was already tightening around Dutroux, and the network, informed by it's contacts within the justice system, was not going to risk any transfers while things were hot. If the case broke open, Dutroux could hopefully be made to take the rap but, unfortunately for them, he ratted them out anyway.

    @0Greg I've noticed that this kind of thing happens on most politically oriented message boards. One of the Wikileaks revealed that the Pentagon runs a "parallel" internet, which can probably be used to create disruptions of this sort, so as to generally throw a wrench into "unauthorized" communications between regular people that might potentially lead to anti-establishmentarian political activity.

  59. Reasons Voice

    @ubik; I'm quite sure there are. Sad really. I think however that if one were to follow the trend of politically correct idealizm here in the states such a club might even be overlooked in the future. Just recently a professor at Columbia University was found out to have had a three year long incestuous relationship with his biological daughter. The popular opinion on campus with both students and staff is that, "since the daughter was 18 years old at the onset of the relationship. Where is the wrong as they are both consenting adults?" When incest becomes socially acceptable how far behind can pedophilia be?

  60. Greg

    @ zardoz
    Much of what you just said was in the doc but besides you none of us really mentioned it in any real detail.
    I have noticed a problem with posts on this page, I will get an email notification of a post then come to this page (usually following the provided link) only to find no such posting exists. There are a bunch of posts on here now that i can see when I scroll up that look like they were posted anywhere from 1 to 3 days ago that were not on here last night. I dont know if it the the site that has a glitch or it is my computer or ISP or whatever but it sure is annoying. People take the time to post their thoughts and opinions and if they dont show up in a timely manner for people to read them there is a good chance they either wont be read or responded to. I could spend the next hour responding to posts i can now see when I scroll up but that is time consuming where as if they had shown up when they had been posted I/other people would get to read one or two of them and reply to them quickly instead of having to read 7 or 8 new ones (that are days old) and not having the time to respond to them all or at least ones you want to respond to.

  61. Ubik

    @Reasons Voice
    Well, disturbing as it may sound, I think there ARE far more sick individuals. People we never heard of, cases never solved. Just how many childrean are disapearing every year?
    @John Adams
    I dont know what brand u re smoking, but better give us a hint to avoid it!

  62. Greg

    wow part of my last reply got censored, apparently you cannot say the word stupid on here because it is somehow offensive. Even if I was calling myself stupid I still cant do it, hmm wonder what you people reading this think the word I used is since all you see is ***** and not the word I typed. It wasnt even close to a bad word, if I called someone stupid then it would be unflattering and a bit rude but it isnt a swear word. How stupid is that lol

  63. zardoz

    I don't think anyone can see my comments but Regina Louf's testimony did check out in many respects, as mentioned in the documentary. And there were several other witnesses as well (google "X-dossiers"+dutroux to find it). The were all grown women who had been used as girls by this network. The investigators were convinced of her claims because they checked out, but then those investigators were removed from the case and hard-core corrupt ones who simply refused to believe any conspiracy claims were appointed. The honest prosecutor who was originally appointed was also sacked in favor of a corrupt one, and this led to the huge demonstration shown in the doc - 300,000 Belgians went onto the streets to protest. Just check out the evidence and testimony for yourselves if you are interested.

  64. Greg

    @ Reasons Voice
    Unfortunately there are many world wide pedophile rings, they in fact just uncovered a large one last week and arrested a bunch of Canadians including a very respected Toronto university Professor who after his arrest killed himself (no loss to humanity there). Conspiracies are always near impossible to prove (thats pretty much the nature of a conspiracy) because anyone who tries to uncover one is called a "conspiracy theorist" a term people in power have managed to associate with crazy people thereby discrediting anyone who questions the "official" story. An example of this Caroline mentioned after watching the doc and having read about this case in her local papers and news reports while it was going on may have been done to regina louf. If people in power were involved in any way they will have the power to discredit anyone who tries to incriminate them.

    @ caroline
    I like how you blamed the Americans for the French fry thing, as a Canadian we like to point out faults with the Americans lol, Just kidding we like our southern neighbours for the most part. You are a fountain of information Caroline, while I knew the French had nothing to do with French fries I didnt know you guys were responsible for them. Maybe because you guys (ok I am going to show you how stupid I really am now)either speak French or something like French it confused the soldiers (who i will never make fun of) and they thought maybe you were french or they were still in France so somehow came up with the name "French Fries". Just a theory I came up with on the spot and while not a very good one you cant blame me because I did say before I typed it I was going to show you how stupid I really am. If you know the real story of why they are called french fries please let me know because you Caroline are now my go to girl when it comes to me learning something new everyday, we are at 2 days and counting lol dont let me down now.

  65. Reasons Voice

    The subject of this documentary is disturbing. As to this man being one of the sickest in history..Not realy there have been much sicker individuals than him. The conspiracy aspect is hard to determine as well. I would not be surprised by the existance of such a ring of pedophiles. And perhapse he was once part of it but went out on his own for these crimes. If that were the case though I think that the high powered conspirators would have wanted him locked up earlier so as not to blow the whole thing open. In most organized crime if a member goes rogue and attracts attention he is illiminated as soon as possible to protect the others.

  66. Caroline

    hmmm now that ive seen it... it makes me wonder if the cover-up really is true. They did made a big effort to prove regina louf wrong and instable.
    i remember the tv and newspapers were full of it all.
    guess we'll never know for sure.

    you are funny :) well let me tell you something else you didnt know. so called "French Fries" are also typicly Belgian and not French. mistake of the american soldiers in WWII...

  67. Greg

    @ caroline

    it doesn't matter at all what this man's religion was to me, I just asked why john adams brought it up in the first place, now it has taken over the whole bloody discussion. If it was first mentioned to get a rise out of us well then it seems to have worked. While the subject matter of the doc is what should be talked about it is not a pleasant topic but sadly needs to be discussed no matter how offensive it is.
    Or we could talk about waffles and chocolate, not to mention from what I understand Belgium also has one other thing those of us not from there hear about and that is that a lot of the female population there is quite attractive. Just to be clear I am meaning females of a legal age and not in anyway refering to the sick things that happened in the doc.

  68. AndyA

    I heard something about this before. It seemed they were hot on a trail, but then all of a sudden the news went silent on it.

  69. Caroline

    i'm from belgium, just to put things straight:

    Dutroux was is not a, what does that matter anyway?

    The fact that you guys never heard about him doesnt surprise me, belgium isnt exactly the country that takes the interest of the world. The only thing people know about belgium are waffles and chocolate.hehe

    And about the high officials and royals to be involved is not true. These were rumours started by "regina louf" who claimed to be a witness of that. a lot of investigation went down, there was an independant investigation commission especially for this. Afterwards it was clear that she was just a sick person craving for attention, she wrote a book about it.... and earned some money

    i'm surprised they made a documentary about dutroux.

    A few years after he was catched the found another guy, even worse then him. Forgot his name though, he was french and "worked" in belgium and france... he was like dutroux x 10.

  70. Greg

    @ jack1952

    Exactly what I was thinking jack. I was hoping that john adams would reply as to why he mentioned it. I wondered if there was a reason it mattered that I didn't pick up on.

  71. jack1952

    @ Greg

    I'm in Canada also and I've never heard of this and I watch the news quite do my friends. If it played the news here one of them would have said something because it's quite the story.
    As for him being Jewish or not; so what? I can't believe that someone would bring such irrelevance up.

  72. Greg

    I don't remember ever hearing anything about any of this, I am in Canada and I am sure it must have been on the news here at some point but if it was I have no memory of it. And what difference would it make one way or the other if he was Jewish or not?

  73. zardoz

    @ John Adams "Marc Dutroux’s Jewish, right? Keen to see if this documentary’ mentions it."

    John Adams is Jewish, right? That's why he makes these i@#$%^& comments assuming people are Jewish if they've done bad things? What a dope you are, John Adams. What conceivable reason do you have to imagine he's Jewish?

  74. MIchael22541

    Touch a child, you just decided your own destiny. It will not be a good ending.

  75. Achems Razor

    Made my blood run cold, controversial! maybe a travesty of justice?

    Wikileaks has documents? this whole scenario may become more opaque thanks to the net.

  76. Kevin

    Meh....Pretty grim alright. I wouldn't call him one of the sickest human beings ever born. I can think of a bunch of people far worse than him.

  77. esmuziq

    no he wasn't jewish john adam
    and paola this was a major scandal in belgium
    there were very very influential people involved , and marc became the scapegoat for all of it

    they even made him escape when going to trial so that police could shoot him on sight
    but that didnt happen

    but there is a major cover up without a doubt
    wikileaks had some documents from victims that didnt came to the light of the media

  78. John Adams

    Marc Dutroux's Jewish, right? Keen to see if this 'documentary' mentions it. My bet is it doesn't. But, c'on, surprise me!

    1. Lili

      He is not Jewish, he's from Belgium-Congo back in the days when it excisted!

    2. Demenace07

      You can be born in any country on the planet AND be Jewish. It is NOT a nationality.

  79. Paolo Beretta

    Rumours are abundant in Belgium that beside people in government royals were involved too...