Everest: The Death Zone

Everest: The Death Zone

1998, Nature  -    -  Playlist 13 Comments
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Nova: Everest - The Death ZoneBecause it is there is the reason so many men and women have risked death to climb Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on earth. NOVA follows a scientific investigation of high-altitude physiology in Everest: The Death Zone, which examines the biological and psychological changes experienced by a group of climbers during their ascent. Jodie Foster's narration accompanies the team as the NOVA photographers capture the stark, alien beauty of the mountain; the drama reaches a crescendo on the descent as it becomes unclear whether or not an ill climber will make it.

Well worth watching by anyone interested in mountain climbing or the limits of human endurance, Everest: The Death Zone is at once cautionary and inspiring. Get ready for a (literally) breathtaking trek up Mt. Everest, from Base Camp at 17,600 feet; through the chilling, corpse-strewn Death Zone; to the very pinnacle of the the Earth, five and a half miles above sea level. For those brave souls who survive the harrowing climb to the top of the world, it is a transformative experience.

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Steve harding
6 years ago

This documentary channel is great,I love it,its perfecto

6 years ago

Wish my health would allow me.to do something so incredible!!

Scott McCarthy
11 years ago

Wow! What a doc! Thanks!

11 years ago

really thanx..

12 years ago

34:44 is that a bird?!

12 years ago

great docu,but i just dont see the point in climbing that mountain, and risking your life ,doing something totally useless.

12 years ago

great video!

12 years ago

fully enjoyed that. thanks

13 years ago

I definitely didn't find this dull, passing by dead bodies from the year before and even the body of a climber who had died that season, then almost losing one of their own on the decent. This was an incredible documentary!

13 years ago

Excellent documentary, very interesting! Thank you =)

Stoke City
13 years ago

a rather dull documentary but it's watchable.