The Party of No

The Party of No

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When Barack Obama entered the White House in 2009, Republicans promised to turn him into another Jimmy Carter - unsuccessful, one-term Democratic President. But in order to make Obama another Carter, they needed another Ronald Reagan, and they soon discovered that Ronald Reagans don't come along every day.

Everybody wishes to be like Reagan because he was successful – during his time the whole Soviet empire crumbled, the economy created 20 million jobs, the spirit of the country went up, and it was morning in America again – what's not to like?

No Republican members of the House or Senate have been willing to work with President Obama since his appointment. Mike Lofgren had been a Republican congressional staff member for 28 years, but began to worry about the Tea Party when they declined to back up the usual increase in America's debt ceiling.

Arlen Specter was elected to the US Senate from Pennsylvania as a moderate Republican. He later became a Republican Presidential candidate, but left the Party when Republicans refused to support emergency spending at the height of the global financial crisis. Arlen Specter's defection gave democrats and President Obama an important 60th senate vote to overcome a filibuster and it made possible not just the rescue of the US economy but Obama's landmark health care reforms.

It's not just old style republican moderates like Arlen Specter that find they no longer have a home in the republican party – any Republican member of congress now who works across the aisle with democrats to try to get something done can now face a conservative challenger from the Tea Party – the result, the 112th congress elected in 2010 was officially the least productive and most partisan congress in American history – quite simply without compromise from both sides, this place doesn't work.

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Bill Charma
1 year ago

Faster forward to 2021 when we’re really f***ed

2 years ago

Obama is a media created, media supported and media protection buffoon.
He could break wind and the msm would lap it up.

2 years ago

Time to go back to the original system of no parties. After the civil war they should have gone back to the old way it was more like how we did in school .

4 years ago

Wow, the ignorance and fraud is exponentially increasing with most every new graduate from high school or college, indoctrinated by the marxists installed therein by the grants from the central banksters. Obama was one of those Alinsky weasels too; like the Clintons and all major Democrats. Their Alinsky motto: Lie, lie, lie, and lie some more. "For if you told the truth none would want that kind of change."

If you believe what your professor or your teacher told you about evil Capitalism, evil Republicans, etc. You failed to do your own homework about the agenda and lies of those you listened to. Failed to follow logic, rather than emotion, to the ultimate end game of the so called Progressives (of either party).

It is rather comical of you to be bashing those progressive republicans who support most of the same things as the progressive or socialist Democrats ...but you think they are evil while you vote for the Democrat who is pushing the same evil things... which is a march towards Globalism to your total lack of freedom in a Communist one world govt. The antithesis of what the USA was all about.

It is incremental socialism which is inherently corrupt and has caused all the things your lying teachers blame on capitalism.

You are worse than the greedy corporate CEOs if you desire others to pay for what you want... free healthcare, free education, free anything. Arrogant dupes. Anything from govt comes with socialist evil strings attached. Nothing is free and costs far more if you agree to let the govt provide it.

Voting is not the first and only responsibility of the citizenry. First they must recognize that stealing from others via govt is still stealing. Recognize that few would be able to steal EXCEPT FOR GOVT. If you got rid of govt, the economy would flourish and there would be little need to rob or steal via taxes.

What is capitalism but a name given to the natural method of trading a good or service you can provide or perform for something that you want or need. Anything else really isn't capitalism. Corporatism is NOT capitalism, it is the corruption of capitalism. Everything that IS NOT Capitalism, is a corruption of capitalism.

There is very little in school that is factual. Teach yourself something worthwhile, do your own homework. You can start here on this website, especially these docus: Why Big Oil Conquered the World. Everything is a Rich Mans Trick gNote: Mostly Rich Progressives by the way, who have never given up their nefarious evil enslaving ways. The James Holmes Conspiracy, 9/11 Decade of Deception, and many others.

7 years ago

Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the end of America. He had absolutely nothing to do will Russia, that was a polish union and the simple fool attacked air traffic controllers and began the destruction of all unions and so the middle class.

8 years ago

The party of "No" is a media doesn't mean anything...just a bumper sticker slogan for those who don't want to discuss the issues

Richard Neva
8 years ago

Democrat, Republican it makes no difference both parties are criminals and voting is a complete waste of time. Get smart!

Jacob Eagleshield
9 years ago

'Shouting at Obama" for not doing his magic? What a pant load. President Obama cannot do it alone. He actually expected Republicans to act in the best interests of the country,and submit to the will of the people,by living up to their oath of office. They are on the opposite side of the public opinion on almost every single major issue.The letters GOP now mean Get Obama Party. That is all they care about,and they do not care how many people get hurt to achieve that goal. Is it because he is black? No,it is because he is HALF black,which is an even bigger sin,down in they Valley of the Super Bigots,where Ted Cruz,Michele Bachman,Louie Ghomert,and Rush Limbaugh live.

Terry Beaton
9 years ago

Both parties are really just one party. The Republican Party. There's no left wing in America anymore. The Democratic party is simply the right wing from a time gone by. And the President has been a puppet since they killed Kennedy and took the wheel.

9 years ago

I'm so tired of ppl deciding that the Tea Party is only from the GOP! Its a group of Americans that want this Govt brought under control! Back when Reagan was in office we didn't have the craziness we do today! 16 trillion in debt?? And we can't get rid of the spending that we do? Are you kidding me? I think its quite funny that the librals believe that if you believe in the Tea Party message that your a racist! Well I'd like to know how come those of you that believe that- only believe hes a black man? Did you forget that his mama was a white woman? So knock it off already! Do you really think that calling ppl names is the way to get this country back to where we all could be proud Americans? There is corruption on both sides. And I do believe there has to be some give and take but unfortunetly the ones doing the taking is the radical left! I don't understand why those of you who are on the left that you could let your party decide what you think, feel, say, etc.... This admin is really hurting this country. And its not because I am a racist! I'm a realist! Hence the Tea party!! Even tho there are ppl who are part of the Tea party from the Right- they at least have the guts to go against the establishment and put out there what they think and feel! Rather then doing what those on the left are doing. Which is making excuse after excuse for a Adminstration they probably don't agree with either! But because the left has called it racism the left wont stand up for themselves! Stand up ppl!!! Lets become a country again and get behind our constitution, bill of rights, etc.... Quit looking for the Govt to give you your rights! You were born with them! Cheers 2 you on the opposite side of me. Lets come together and not let the thieves in office hurt us anymore then they have already! :)

9 years ago

Personally i think most of them just refuse to do business with a black man...the same way they'll refuse to do business with a woman if Hilary wins next term.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

Party of NO means to me not to vote ever again. Why? Only scum rises to the polls as wanting to be elected. They are all backed by interests other than mine or yours.

9 years ago

The party of "No"... the Democrats when President Bush was in office?

9 years ago

I get tired of the rather infantile analysis of president Obama's performance. Could Americans ever assess the performance of a president or the economy without being partisan or prejudiced? Let us assume for a minute that president Obama was a white male. How would he be seen by most Americans?

Richard Neva
9 years ago

No party is worth voting for ever, they are all unscrupulous scum bags all of them, elected or to be elected. Don't bother voting because the offices corrupt for a corrupt government. No hope. Don't even bother to tell me that if I don't vote I cannot complain, that is an old saw and does not work anymore!

9 years ago

you guys know its the hurts don't poor repubs/tea party...look what yall doing to America..

9 years ago

This kind of grossly one sided and dishonest propaganda isn't particularly enlightening. Bruce Bartlett is particularly angry, dishonest, and openly hostile. Alan Simpson looks down at notes to complete his rehearsed comments on cue.

Ron Reagan is a ridiculous talking point parrot, complete with every straw man in the army, claiming "Republicans" all watch nothing but Fox, think Obama is a Kenyan Muslim who is going to put in Sharia law, etc. It would be funny if rubbish like this weren't being taken seriously.

The high point was the bottle of Pliny the Elder on the shelf behind Matt Kibbe.

Richard Neva
9 years ago

Both parties suck, don't bother voting anymore!

9 years ago

"It's not just old style republican moderates like Arlen Specter that find they no longer have a home in the republican party – any Republican member of congress now who works across the aisle with democrats to try to get something done can now face a conservative challenger from the Tea Party – the result, the 112th congress elected in 2010 was officially the least productive and most partisan congress in American history "

Am I the only one who thinks this is a good thing?

Jutta Gyllichsen
9 years ago

Kill the two-party system!

9 years ago

It is truly amazing how stupid liberals are....let's call socialism what it is, and stop lying - steal from the middle class and grow the poor who are dependent on the government. thoughtless sheep...but as with their whole lives, they (and others) will pay for their idiocy. I've adopted 4 disabled girls who were not my race, and yet, ignorant liberals say that I am racist because Obama is incompetent... just keep voting revenge and drink your liberal coo lade as your occupiers rape and kill people.

Gabriel Forbes
9 years ago

Well, nice little documentary, but in the end, the same puppeteers are going to pull the strings of whoever gets the president job.

9 years ago

These primitive, backwards thinking and totally ignorant members of the Thea party are just really pissed off because President Obama is a black man. That's all there is to it, really!

Republicans never cared for the general public or what the people thought. They only thing that matters to that bunch of racist scum of the earth is themselves.. They don't care if people loose their jobs or end up on the streets, as long as they get what they want, when they, want, no questions asked they will crush everyone who get's in their way..

9 years ago

Take it from a Canadian when I say that it is hard enought to find left wing politicians in this country, so you won't find them in the U.S. As far as American debt goes, the day before 9 11, Donald Rumsfeld declared on t.v that the pentagon misplaced 2.3 trillion dollars that they couldn't accont for. Funny, how this issue was never raised after the economic collapse of 2008, while your government bickered over a 800 billion dollar bailout for the very banks, and Wall St. that burned the american public with unregulated derivatives, and sub prime mortgages.
Obama inherited a disaster, that started with Reagan, and Margaret Thatcher. The awful truth is the U.S has 1 political party with 2 factions that are backed by the same corporate interests, and the only reason the U.S thrived for 50 years was because they had no competition while Europe, Japan, and China rebuilt themselves. Since greed rules the day, all the jobs have moved to places where the labor rate is the cheapest. (slave labor) That is what capitlism/fascism is, and the direction it is headed, (global slavery)and until the trillion dollars a years you pay in interest on your debt to the privately owned federal reserve is adrressed, all the left/right wing politics that everyone wishes to blame is meaningless! Any questions?

iStateOfMind3 iii
9 years ago

'Everybody wishes to be like Reagan because he was successful'

You know how many members of Reagan's administration where investigated for ethics violations? 130!
The Soviet Union would have collapsed a lot sooner without the threat the US posed anyway.

9 years ago

**ck Reagan and anyone who thinks we need another... It's those policies and ideologies that have destroyed the middle class.

9 years ago

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right.

Stealers Wheel

Lawrence Dean
9 years ago

Sharia law!

9 years ago

So what is the solution?