Resonance: Beings of Frequency

Resonance: Beings of Frequency

2012, Conspiracy  -   113 Comments
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Resonance: Beings of FrequencyIn the mid eighties fewer than 3% of all people in most of the countries were using cell phones, but if you fast forward to today almost 100% of the people are using cell phones.

By the time they're 19 or 20 years old, our children will have used the phone for 10 years, and we have no idea what type of risk that's carrying. Now we live an an ocean of electromagnetic radiation.

It's all around us now, invisible, but we know it's there. Every time you lift up your mobile phone you know it's there. It is very hard to turn the clock back, in fact it is impossible, but we need to be aware of the adverse health effects so that we can have the choice of taking precautions against the exposures.

How we could have possibly thought that putting microwaves to our brain was safe. We just don't fully understand what we're doing.

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Jon Steedley
2 years ago

The description for this DOCUMENTARY says "CONSPIRACY".
It absolutely is *NOT* 'CONSPIRACY' but is scientific fact.
One thing the TPTB & the 'mobile industry' ignore is the standing wave background radiation or ELF radio wave spectrum that apparently existed before the first life on earth.
This is a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances.
Studies show that isolating people from the signal makes people sick.
The standing wave background radiation may be necessary for life, & one study claimed that genetic information was transmitted naturally via Schumman resonances.
Also, there is evidence that blocking the background standing wave may be what causes cancer.
The idea that "inonizing" radiation is required to cause cancer is actually a 'straw man' argument.
It has nothing to do w/ it but the 'mobile industry' (~$24 billion dollars per year) has gloomed onto it as "proof" that cell phones are "safe".
The cellular industry is being deliberately deceptive to hide what is actually going on.
One of their scams is using a transmitter/receiver right on the testbench w/ the device being tested.
This greatly limits the signal strength as the 'real world' situation requires the device to increase its signal strength to actually connect to the various receivers.
In short, it is a proven medical fact that cell phones cause cancer.
Not many would resist the ~$24 billion dollars in favor of protecting the health & welfare of others.
If you want to know more watch the documentary and do the research yourself.

Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

Space Ace
4 years ago

It amazes mr that most people still do not realise that they are electric beings.
It was one of the first things I was taught in school almost 40 years ago.
What the hell have they all be learning since?
I must admit though, one of the other things we were first taught was that by cutting down trees and making the land barren, rainclouds won't form... that's why deserts are... well.. deserts. Yet I'm still hearing the whining of farmers who've stripped their lands of vegetation wondering why there is no longer water coming down from the sky. lol. It's all the same thing. You have the answer in front of you... you just don't want to hear it until it's TOO LATE!!!

C'mon people... PLEASE.

Finally, I remember back in the 70's being in cinema's, in shops, on buses and even on an airplane while everybody puffed away on their cigarettes all around me without a care!! Back then you would have the same people I read here complaining that naysayers are all crazy, that it's all safe, no proof, and so on... but those people disbelieving in these comments probably wouldn't DARE to start smoking cigarettes themselves NOW.
I wonder if they even KNEW of MELATONIN until this documentary... lol... just imagine what else you don't understand about yourself.

Is it me or are young people becoming more ignorant the more information is available to them?

Have a great day. ;) - spACE

6 years ago

Some years back my brother, a very skinny dude, kept his flip phone in his shirt pocket about 13 hrs a day most days. Eventually he had a "weird feeling" in his left pectoral/breast. He bought a belt clip with a metal shield facing his body for it and the weird feeling in his breast went away. Now that may be considered "unscientific" to those who don't know my bro but it is a slam dunk to me that proximity of at least certain phones for extended periods of time can impact you negatively.

It is much the same mindset as smoking (and drinking too much, and GMOing, etc). If it doesn't kill you or disease you rapidly: What, me worry?! Not me, denial works just great ...until it doesn't.

Some nay saying skeptics tend to be irritated types. Maybe the radiation has gotten to them already!

Its just information, no need to have "the must decide now" mentality. Stick it in the unknown file to be look at again when you come across more info. Your brain has plenty of storage space despite already knowing everything. And when "they" say "does that make sense?" Respond, "Get back to me on that one -or- I'll let you know." Govt schools and universities are great at indoctrinating and teaching kids how to be emotional rather than logical. RESIST. Take the time to contemplate the other factors and possibilities. Often enough, it doesn't make sense at all and the reason instant agreement is desired you will buy into it and not think the rest of the story.

multi thoughts
6 years ago

The start of this documentary captured my interest regarding the resonance of the earth. By the end of this video it had turned into cancer caused phone use data. I found that the focus should have stayed centered on the resonance frequency and not veered off into cancer as the main issue. Science has shown a myriad of causes for a myriad type of cancers within our world today. I would have wished the conclusion of this information would be more in line with the enormous effects of the disruption of the Shumann Resonance thru the H.A.A.R.P. projects worldwide and what is killing our planet thru science of the greedy globalists. The ELF, VLF, and microwave technology is destroying our planet in huge segments and at an alarming rate.

Paul Vonharnish
7 years ago

Read the 2012 BioInitiative report, or any number of peer reviewed scientific studies regarding electromagnetic effects on biological cells. Planet Earth is dying (being put to death) at a cellular level. The film is about human slavery to an excitotoxin called radiation. The technology should be banned world-wide. The option is a slow and painful death...

7 years ago

I have never had a cell phone or ipad or ipod or any of those electronic gadgets. I have a regular landline, simple computer, that's all i need.
Now look, the car dealership market is aiming at kids now by putting video games in cars and using kids in the commercials. So now kids can now bug their parents on which car to buy. Well this ever end. We are becoming slaves to technology.

Hollis E. Ramsey
7 years ago

if the effects (cancer, i.e.) of cell phone use become apparent after only a decade or so of exposure, then cell phones are more -- much more -- dangerous than cigarettes, and second-hand effects, too. the technology is utterly ubiquitous.

Pladi K
8 years ago

The truth here is we simply DO NOT KNOW ENOUGH about the effects of man made frequencies of electromagnetic radiation such as the ones used by cell phones.. We dont know the effects well enough. Because what we call science changes for humans all the time. WE humans do not understand nature well at all and try to explain it with our science and convince people by doing some rat trials that everything is SAFE. Because it is making us MONEY. IT IS SAFE. BUT the fact is we dont know the effects at all. We dont even know well, why we sleep and yawn.. So how m I to believe that we know the effects of a specific range in frequency of electromagnetic radiation.. ?We dont know. Because any scientist will be puzzled by questions about electromagnetic radiation beyond the atomic level..why should we then trust the "science" that that radiation is safe ?.. when directed at humans or animals.

8 years ago

i blame my iphone for my overgrown genitals

8 years ago

Very interesting film about emf and cell phones

Random Bob
8 years ago

apparantly astronauts play replications of the earths harmonics cause they feel ill without them there after a short time.

anna miller
9 years ago

Good documentary correlating EMF frequencies and bee colony collapse, loss of serotonin production in pineal gland/causation of cancer and other diseases, and electro-magnetic sensitivity disorder.
Cell phones, WIFI, and microwaves being the chief culprit. But what about the new addition smart meters? That's when I noticed my own symptoms.

Marianne Granada
9 years ago

How can I access this documentary. I saw it once a few months ago and liked very much. I would like to see it again. Thanks in advance

10 years ago

yeh, its called non ionizing radiation, read a middle school science book documentary conspiracy nuts.

10 years ago

You all are wrong. For all you must blame jews , they have sick desire to control world and to make all other nation slave. Spinoza write about that 1600 . Resolve jews, take money from them hands and we will have peace.

10 years ago

HAARP as an addition to this problem anyone? (If you don't know what this is & you found this information to be interesting then I suggest you look it up as ELF waves were also mention in at lest one of the papers affecting melatonin)

10 years ago

Things that have been bad for my health have always manifested symptoms way more quickly than 15 years, which is how long I've used cell phones. I call B.S. on this one. Plus, I can always seem to tell the difference between real science and made up junk science, and this is the latter.

10 years ago

I think some very good points are made in this film. I especially appreciate the earth body connection and the fact that all life is electromagnetically sensitive. I just had my first son and he will not be getting a cell phone until he gets a drivers license and he will be taught proper use of the phone. We have removed wireless technologies from our home and have experienced a more reliable and faster connection. People do comment often on the peace they feel in our home. We are very mindful of our cell phone use and I keep it an inch from my ear and switch ears every few moments. I will happily go back to corded phones, I find that in today's world I spend less time on the phone anyways. I also connect to nature and ground my self (skin to skin contact with the earth) on a daily basis. I think it's also a really good idea to minimize electro-pollution in our bedrooms, even turning off the breaker so the wires in the wall surrounding the bed are not generating a field and making sure the room is dark. I choose to not live in fear or get caught up in too much drama or picking sides. I choose to air on the side of caution and do my best. Breeding fear and hype are the real enemies and my hope is that the creators of this film have only one agenda, to explore what is true.

10 years ago

I find the experiments conducted intriguing. The bees effected by cell phones partucularly - its an interesting idea, as my house over the past five years has given me great anxiety and high blood pressure. A cell tower literally in line of sight from my back door.

10 years ago

"We have to open our eyes and see the problem", it is so true about what is happening to our way of life. We choose to have technology over natural processes and therefor we live in a new digital world that is growing exponentially. And like it or not it's here! Soon more than 2 billion people will be using smartphones. I guess the best thing to do is get smart on how we all use our phones and reconsider where we lay our head to rest at night.

This movie should give any thinking person pause to ponder the nature of their environment....ionisphere, and the many forms of pollution and free radicals that are on the attack. What I want to know is what is the best way to balance one's frequency while in the middle of this global broadcast?

Keep it real!


10 years ago

Not a bad conspiracy vid. I dont buy all of it but one has to wonder what effect all these devices are having on large urban settings. Just about everything electric or electronic emits non-ionizing radiation. What is in dispute is the amount of energy or how much is needed to affect us and other organisms. Its still potentially lethal.
Cell towers cover a few bands, microwave bands of a high frequency (more lethal) but they send in the line of site to other towers, many many miles away, and the other tranmitters (less lethal) which carry the signal from the telephone are on a lower frequency and cover a wide neighbourhood area.(I think people know this?) What most people dont realize is that microwave technology has been utilized since the 50s to send signals across long distances, actually along continents ie Vancouver Island BC canada.
I used to beleive everything in the past was carried by wire, like land line phones for long distances, hasnt been the case in Canada anyways. These microwave transmitters are extremely powerful, weather doesnt even seem to be an issue. Is it dangerous, id say it was more dangerous in the past, emf seepage would be a bigger issue, affecting other radio sources and possibly more harmful to the environment. Other electric devices emit huge amounts of magnetic radiation, like drills, washing machines, toasters etc.. anything with a coil, the less efficient the worse it is.

This G4 network literally catapults signals from tower to tower in real-time even if you are in a bullet train moving 200km/hr. Some home routers use the same technology of honing in on the device with an antenae that changes position. Its all wonderfully cool but noone has really done any rigorous research on how these systems might affect animals that get in the crossfire.
Instead of blaming the cell phones for health issues, people need to take a look 'all' the appliances they use on a daily basis in their homes, they are probably more damaging. Do we really need all this junk anyways?

10 years ago

When the city started building these ELF cell phone towers I've researched that these towers can be used a weapons on a population. That simply means they can implant false ideas into your mind while your sleeping. You may think someone is speaking to you when no one is around. They can cause head aches, stomach & intestine problems, Also used to spy on you while your driving your car & inside your house. With the chemtrails HAARP we are in a invisible war & no one knows it. I have trouble sleeping at night because of this sound ringing in my ears. Strange dreams for some reason I have never had these problems before until these towers.

10 years ago

.... we all experiencing lapses in concentration , agitations , sleeping problems , mood swings .

I realise that people loose the ability to focus , concentrate and stick to thoughts or ideas for more than 5 min tops !

true ?

10 years ago

ALSO : Tesla and Robert O Becker warned us of these frequencies to come .

Little known fact , Tesla did NOT BUILD WARDENCLYFFE TOWER

for the reason that it could be used to manipulate the earth frequency ( as HAARP is doing now ) and cause great harm .

P.S. Tesla gave the HAARP technology in a Puzzle to 4 Nations with the idea that they would only be able to put it together if they ALL SAT DOWN TOGETHER .

Didn't happen YET the Russians managed to get it without the other 3 pieces ( US , GB and Canada had the other 3) .

Later the French with Antoine Priore's "AntiCancer" device ( reversed polarity and used by French Military ) ... that device was attested to work by Nobel Prize winner Wolff and French Prime Minister in 1959 i believe .

10 years ago

PROTECT YOUR BEE's ... this colony disorder is know to be created by Phones and wifi ( Greek Bee Farmers showed it by just walking to points where there was NO reception and no Bee's where lost .

IF you do not have that option come on twitter and add casstete1 and ask me for multiple methods of STOPPING the loss of Bee's .

Or understand how Bee's work ( funny they have flipping clue though people like Grebennikov explain it very well )

10 years ago

Any thoughts on Smart meters ? How do they compare to cell phones, cell phone twoers ? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.

10 years ago

how can we buy the dvds? or get a download and burn it onto a dvd...? thanks fr this brilliant doc...

10 years ago

i've only seen 2:50 min and this time so far it's a braiwashing setup... esa onda sinusoidal es una mezcla de frecuencias condicionantes.... "yo me dedicaba a construir este tipo de arreglos tb" .... por eso lo reconozco... dps cada quien que piense lo que quiera... sorry if you don't speak spanish (deberias aprender, asi como yo hablo ingles cuando quiero jajajaja cheers)

10 years ago

The birds and the bees and the mobile phones, a sinister and chilling documentary it seems that the cosmetic industry use animals to test there wares, and the mobile phone industry are using humans to test there wares, and the manufacturers are hiding behind governments and governments are hiding behind sponsors this is a mobile holocaust!!!

10 years ago

The planet has been awash with electromagnetic radiation since before we existed as a species. Only recently have we begun to focus that energy for our own hedonistic desires.
But in the end, is that cell phone call you are making really all that important?

10 years ago


Miguel Marques
10 years ago

too much bulls*it on this doc to rebate point by point, just wasted a lot of time, should have turned off at the stage of water memory and spontaneous dna creation

Yaver Kamer
10 years ago

Meeeh, doesn't make much sense. If melatonin is secreted only during night (and our brain infers night from the decrease in the electromagnetic fields) then all people living around the polar regions should have melatonin related disorders.

10 years ago

So many jokers and doubters, but the consequences could be dire. The microwave oven/mobile phone connection is obvious. With 5 billion of the things out there, we better watch out

peter westwood
10 years ago

Just another vast and unsolvable dilemma presented to humanity in the endeavours being made to make us feel powerless and yet angry at the same time in the critical battle for our consciousness that is underway.
This technology could give birth to a new free consciousness, or be used to steer us into a new version of the current slave consciousness.
The latter is its intent, of course, which explains how keen governments and corporations have been and are to push this stuff along, and use it in their manipulated unfolding of global chaos.
Witness the Iran "twitter revolution". Witness the use of this technology in Libya and now in Syria.
Anyone out there who doesn't see that we live in times of epochal change must be blind......

10 years ago

I've always disliked cellphones...the lack of etiquette, the production process, etc etc. Now i'm finding out that they may be resposible for the end of the world. Time to start preaching.

Sieben Stern
10 years ago

why when they mention 'water memory' they never mention the phrase 'dinosaur pee' in the same sentence?

is it just me or the fact that at 1:17:00 ish when they say they study the effects on birds and insects, etc, they don't mention sharks - animals that actually have electro receptors? wouldn't they be the first to be effected, especially ones in aquariums.

10 years ago

I cellotaped a bee to my cellphone, and the next day it was...still there!

{no bees were hurt in this attempt at humour}

10 years ago

The truth is cell phones do affect the brain. They also affect honey bees. Do you know what happens to us if the honey bees get destroyed? Albert Eistein did.

10 years ago

CONCLUSION: Terrible, fear mongering, poorly crafted pseudo science that tugs at the heart strings of animal lovers and frightens the well being of children. Watch, but please don't be suckered in or start stomping on your technology. If there is any truth to the claims, this is not the place to find it.

10 years ago

The premise here is fatally flawed, and its based on the following quote:

"Now we live in an ocean of electromagnetic radiation".

We've always been bathed in EM radiation. Visible light IS electromagnetic radiation, and so is heat (infrared). Without being constantly bathed in electromagnetic radiation we would be frozen and blind.

Whats the counter argument? X-rays and Gamma rays are electromagnetic radiation too! We evolved to handle visible light, but not other electromagnetic radiation.

Unfortunately, radio waves are the least powerful type of electromagnetic wave. Microwaves are also weak, but work in a microwave because the frequency resonates with water molecules.

Radio waves do not resonate with anything in you. In fact, the very reason we use radio is because it doesn't resonate or interact with other molecules. This allows it to travel further without interruption.

10 years ago

i'm worried, so cell phones gives you cancer which i use alot smoking gives you cancer which i smoke alot, so is it true that to much masturbation can make you blind?

10 years ago

imma gonna get me some messenger pigeons! i belive they can fly quickly about 20minutes from afew miles to there destination, about the same speed from some mobile phone networks!

sean knight
10 years ago

can i make a machine that resantates a 7.83

10 years ago

Would society give up using mobiles if this is proven ( need to be soon by the looks ) ...the answer is NO

10 years ago

Resonance-- like that old WWII description of bombs exploding in every direction you turn, it is overwhelming ... sublime. Excellent documentary.

10 years ago

good doc. thank you.

10 years ago

is this worth watching & why is this under conspiracy?

10 years ago

I wonder if anyone commenting is truly willling to give any of these slave labour people a % out of their paycheck? Because if they were treated fairly we would be doing just that. And you know the corperations and indivduals that are making the profit from this intend to make as much money as they can and would never part with a single penny they they were not bound by law to give. Unrestricted Capitalisim at its best Oh what a tangled web we weave buy this cellphone we will give you a Thneed. (dr. Suess FTW) If you use the product YOU ARE PERSONALY RESPONSIBLE!!!! so stop puling and do something about it if not live with your choice buy an islave and rationalize it any way you want

10 years ago

besides the 'unknown' effects there are actual effects that cause slave labour by mining scarce metalls for making these gadgets which are so life imperative for our social life-slash-status.but who cares,we can pick while others have to work the pick.