Salam Alaikum Sweden

Salam Alaikum Sweden

2016, Society  -   30 Comments
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Sweden has garnered a reputation as one of the most generous countries when it comes to providing sanctuary to the world's struggling immigrant population. On a per capita basis, they welcome the highest number of refugees in all of Europe. This commitment to philanthropic pursuits is admirable, as is the multi-cultural identity they have attained as a result of these efforts, but their compassion has also inspired its fair share of drawbacks.

Hate crimes have risen in Sweden as more questionable elements have entered the country, and rival gangs fight over turf. The new documentary Salam Alaikum Sweden examines this increasingly volatile situation which has many crying foul over the country's lax immigration policies, and calling for stricter border control policies.

As grave conflicts continue to grip various regions of the globe, including the unprecedented violence inflicted by the terrorist group ISIS, the refugee crisis has only grown in severity. The film takes us through the living conditions of some of those who have found refuge in Sweden, and allows them to share stories of their near-death struggles as they fought to escape from their homeland in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

The influx of refugees has had a tremendously profound impact on the Swedish landscape. Some native residents have expressed resentment over this metamorphosis; they say that they no longer recognize their own country, and they are particularly concerned about the growing Muslim population. The issue has also become a political fireball as the two parties bicker over the barely perceptible line between goodwill and intolerance.

Indeed, the fears of many of the country's natives might be solely and selfishly based on such intolerance, but there's no doubt that the refugee crisis has altered the core identity of Sweden. Just how generous can a country afford to be when its own survival and sense of community is at stake? Smartly produced by the internationally acclaimed news organization Russia Today, Salam Alaikum Sweden offers no easy answers as it engages in an even-handed investigation of this dynamic.

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1 year ago

The Swedish have been really stupid. They have shot their own foot with a bazuca.

4 years ago

WOULD RT News do an expose on the DISINFORMATION campaign the Russian government perpetrated on its' OWN people ??

4 years ago


4 years ago

BEFORE everyone decides to commit to a comment, reflect that this "news" outlet, is a genuine organ of DISINFORMATION, AND, DEFINITELY doing the Ole' mind preemption; a la GRU . . .

4 years ago

Hey EVERYBODY, don't u know that RT News is OWNED by the Russian government, AND, it is a propaganda machine ?????????

Al ikram
6 years ago

we like jesus but we like to be accurate .Nobody knows what jesus looks like espacially not like europian more like palastinian.
Is it wrong to be offended to see white mendala or ghandi?

Comment from Sweden
6 years ago

A few corrections on the documentary which is for the most part accurately portraying a general state of things.

A) Sweden is no longer neutral as we now have a host nation agreement with NATO from a false fear of Russia.

B) US still is bombing Syria because Russia is helping Syrian. Never mind the US founded and equipped ISIS.

C) Many of the so called right-wing or nationalistic "hate crimes" such as setting fires in refugee camps are later reported on as set by the residents themselves. This is never stated in media reports. Saying anything publicly about this and you risk rendering yourself branded a right wing nazi extremist.

D) The last attacker on french police in Paris turned out to be an ISIS supporter and former employee of the state controlled media SR.SE.

E) SR journalists as well as many other "established" (often extreme leftist) medias are also funding the far left agenda and groups such as EXPO, AntiFA and others. The later had a leader tossed in jail for murder of alleged "extremists" and the AntiFa-groups are screaming for his release. These groups are extreme to the border of Stalinistism.

F) The EU agenda is highly questionable throughout all of this. Especially when we have seen policy makers suggest "re-education camps" and "re-integrations schooling" for "those who do not follow public policy". Swedish politicians are more and more driving this ideology as the "prevailing solution".

Sweden has gone to hell in a hand basket and I seriously wonder why I ever returned to my native country.

john smith
6 years ago

Munna-Answer to above comment- You say'' we know nothing of Islam and to have prejudice against millions of helpless people, what if it was your grandmother's family, your family''
Ok, let me ask YOU a question-What about the PREJUDICE of the Islamic nations in the middle east that REFUSE to take even one refugee from Syria? -And you say Islam is a peaceful religion that helps others? Doesn't make sense what you say does it?

6 years ago

I am a swedish and I am so tired of those who " flied from war and for their lives" needs only and they demands everything ,more more. No thankfullness what so ever , as if it`s our obligation to support them and their families for years and years , sometimes for lifetime. our insane and corrupt govemment treats swedes as secondclass citizents by giving after and let them have extra benefits and wellfare , dentist, healthcare all for free ,driverslicens you name it! We pay for it all . And it`s not strange that we are treated like "dhimmies" by the "tolerant and rule~following" people. ha ha DISRESPECT ARE THEIR SIGNUM. It`s what they are. How ewer this devostating Sweden-story ends its going to how ever be Brutal! sorry for my "sw-english"

6 years ago

@Josie Fox: The vast majority going to Sweden is males of fighting age. They HAVE left the woman and children to fend for themselves.

7 years ago

An edgy youtuber was included in this video, really? Really RT? You couldn't find any reliable sources so you chose to include a random youtuber nobody in Sweden ever heard of as "someone who's telling the truth"? Pathetic.

Hollis Ramsey
7 years ago

unfortunately, the bad eggs ruin it for both the empathetic hosts and the sympathetic immigrants. they need hope for a viable future where they can live "normal" lives in "normal" families. i define "normal" not as sharply as the old "40 acres and a mule" ideal, but certainly more than sleeping in a street with your family members being killed right and left, and no way to breathe free.
7 years ago

I have moral obligation to my own people first . Charity begins at home and any left over goes to people who deserve help .

7 years ago

The anti-immigration comments I've read here are some of the worst right-wing fearmongoring I've seen in a long long while. I live in Sweden, I am as much a native as one can be (except for maybe the sami people) and I strongly disagree with most of the conclusions that have been made.

Lets start with "Mark"

On second thought, lets not. You cant really find a more obvious bigot in all the comments, so deluded about the reality of people other than himself and those in his closest vicinity. The scary part is that he's not alone in his views, but the majority of swedes are not that blatently racist.

As a student of history at university level I totally back Munnas statement regarding Islam. Islam at its core is a peaceful religion. But as almost all major religions, they are up for interpretation. Give a region colonialism and imperialism, and the oppression that comes with it, its going to leave a mark. Especially since the former colonial powers usually never fully let go. Regarding the reason for the many wars in the middle east, its not as simple as that, though the economic reasons surely are a part of it. The strongest catalyst for the syrian civil war can arguably be credited to climate change, just as an example.

Out of all the negative comments about the wave of immigrants, Francis is the only one that actually carry weight as a real argument. But then its up to your personal morals to decide. Are you willing to take the initial economic burden that refugees are, at perhaps the cost of a temporary lower standard of living (though most likely it would be funded by loans), to secure the welbeing of fellow human beings? Or do you see refugees as "them" and "I" dont have any moral responsability to care for these people. Thats the baseline question that needs to be answered and sadly, estimated 25% of swedes fall in the latter category

7 years ago

In about another twenty years the only swede you'll see is in a zoo.

Amir Hadat
7 years ago

bye bye sweden

7 years ago

This is a good example of a delusional mindset and generally Marxist worldview meeting a culture that is nearly completely dysfunctional in relation to the modern world economy. They don't work in their own country. You are sh*tting yourself if you think these Syrians and Somalians can take over for Swedes and build a Volvo. They are now, and will forever be, a dependent class in Sweden. They're there because its better than Damascus, even on the perpetual dole. If you dump a bunch of corn and wheat in the middle of your living room you'll get mice and rats too. Same concept.

7 years ago

You haters gotta calm down. What is Islam? Do you even know? I do. Islam has a history being peaceful, scientific-driven, charitable and a peaceful way of life for 1400 years, suddenly and only after 9/11 did Islam's name became tainted with terrorism. What the hell was going on before that? Ask someone in 1999 whats islam mate? Answer: Just another religion no harm. What else has happened since 9/11...Afghanistan taken for OPIUM, Iraq taken for OIL, Syria largest natural gas producer taken, don't you people ever follow the money and your corrupt officials? Islam doesn't have a history of terrorism for 1400 years, but America & Britain has a long history of taking native lands and extracting its resources for profitable gain.

and before you make ignorant sh*tup, NO! SHARIA LAW IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE MADE LEGAL IN A NON MUSLIM COUNTRY BY ISLAMIC LAW ITSELF! Every muslim knows that when you go to a foreign country you HAVE to follow their rules as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) did when he went to visit Byzantine, he commanded their monks and priests keep their posts..he even visited churches. You know nothing of Islam and to have prejudice against millions of helpless people, what if it was your grandmother's family, your family?

common sense
7 years ago

seriously be cool...what in their culture is cool? look at this barbara comment...i hate to say it, GO LVIE THERE an learn their culture...they have a superstiout beleif that they will win over the world....

"""Barbara Guillette

I hate to say this I really do, but if Bush had not invaded Iraq non of this would of happened, unforeseen circumstances I think they call it.

what does this barabara do? blame instead of learning what took place...dam its...democracy doesnt work with out a republic...if not mob rules...

7 years ago

This doc wants to form and build points of view, mainly acceptance of migrants, and putting muslins going to church really doesn't help. Most of them of course must be helped but there's a limit, because swedish taxpayers and even european taxpayers work hard to accomplish with their duties towards the social state.

Josie Fox
7 years ago

Gosh. No wonder you call yourself a Jackal? What about all the women, kids and elderly? They gotta f off back to a war zone as well, or what?
The milk of your human kindness is sour mate.

7 years ago

When your country is assaulted , you stay and fight, even if it means that you might die. In this particular case (Syria), you could have got all the weapons you needed, all the help you needed from the USA, from Russia. You do not give up and run when there are more of you then there is of the enemy.
In my opinion, the refugees have taken advantage of the good nature of the Swedish people, and by the looks of it, this is going to continue. This is unfortunate and should never have happened. The Swedish police and the Swedish government needs to crack down on those refugees that are creating the problems and send them back from where they came.

Barbara Guillette
7 years ago

I hate to say this I really do, but if Bush had not invaded Iraq non of this would of happened, unforeseen circumstances I think they call it.

7 years ago

the Swedish government has betrayed its ppl for many years,thats a known fact. the super ultra liberal news papers cover up the consequences that the so called refugees are bringing with them. Rape, sexual harestment, the list is long. its an invasion of Europe

7 years ago

There is something seriously wrong with some of these commentators here blaming the migrants for affecting Swedish life style. Nobody chooses to be born in a war torn country. These migrants are making desperate attempts in search of a more peaceful life, where they are not fearful of dying every single minute, and where their kids can hopefully have a better future.
I commend the majority of the Swedish people who have welcomed these refugees. Please keep up the good work.

7 years ago

I have seen enough in the last 10 years to become xenophobic and not feel bad about it.
You think these people you are letting in are not xenophobic?
They will breed and bleed you out. Tolerance and acceptance is not in the culture.
Sweden like Brussels is gone, down the toilet.

Atul Mamtora
7 years ago

Surprisingly very well made documentary from RT.

7 years ago

"the unprecedented violence inflicted by the terrorist group ISIS"

"Unprecedented"?? Do the names Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq ring a bell??

Unfortunate that BaconJihad and Kim Bruce have so little faith in compassion and kindness. I can only conclude that they are Americans where, as we all know, killing people is their countries preferred solution to many problems.

Kim Bruce
7 years ago

Muslims, most of them, will never integrate into Swedish society. Most Muslims only want sharia law to rule over them. Sharia law is very alien to a western mind as sharia law is antithetical to all things democratic.

7 years ago

Sweden has garnered a reputation as one of the most suicidal and self-hating nations on earth, and what we are currently witnessing is the destruction of Swedish society and Swedish people as we knew it. All of this is done without asking the people, or at least caring about their opinion on the matter.

Many Swedes have feelings of hopelessness and devastation as the government keeps giving away their country to the rest of the world. In particular to Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea.

According to recent polls over 70% of the Swedish people want reduced immigration, but instead the government says mass immigration is only on a temporary hiatus and the goal is to resume business as usual as soon as possible. Over the last two years (2014 and 2015) alone, over 250 000 people have arrived in Sweden. That is almost comparable in scale to the third largest city Malmö. IN TWO YEARS. For 2016 the prognosis is currently 170 000 people.

This is insanity and has to stop before Sweden and it's people ceases to exist.